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Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Think back to that one moment in your life when everything was perfect, we all have that moment, whether it be at a concert, or your first kiss. When all the planets were aligned and there was perfect harmony in the universe, you felt invulnerable and the moment would last forever. However, the experiences end but the memories linger, warming our souls on these cold winter nights. The latest episode of the ABC series “Forever,” explored that topic deeply, as the victim in the murder they’re investigating, was involved in a role-playing game, meant to evoke an experience that took place in 1979.

We see a tone-arm being placed on an LP, filling the air with KC and The Sunshine Band’s hit “That’s The Way I Like It.” A young blonde-haired woman grabs a dress that would have look perfect on a disco-floor, puts on her makeup, then suddenly her cell phone rings, from inside a dresser drawer. The young woman picks it up and asks the caller what’s their problem and to stop calling her, the door knob to the apartment starts to turn and she says she’s got to go, she’s holding the cell phone in her hand when the door opens and says I’m sorry.

The next morning NYPD Detectives Jo Martinez and Mike Hanson are walking through garbage to get to their latest victim, it’s the girl we saw in the apartment. No wallet or ID, but there are Polaroid pictures of her and a fondue fork next to her, apparently the murder weapon. They notice bruises on her wrists, theorizing she got held down by her killer while she bled out.

Henry Morgan’s having his coffee at Abe’s shop before heading to work, when Abe brings a box from the cellar to the showroom. Henry asks what’s that smell and Abe says it’s wet cardboard and mold, a box of what he calls useless junk got soaked by a burst pipe. Henry says these are your memories, Abe points to his head and says all I need’s in here. However, Henry finds Abigail’s cookbook and Abe says that’s not junk. Morgan says perhaps you’re right Abraham, new day, new memories, I’m off.

Henry investigates the victim and he’s blown away, she’s wearing hair-spray and nail polish from the Seventies, her outfit’s a vintage original as well. This was carefully crafted to recreate the situation as close as possible, Hanson comes in with the identity of the victim, an NYU junior named Sarah Clancy, reported missing by her roommate. Lieutenant Reece, assigns Henry and Jo to talk to the roommate and Mike to go back to the crime scene and scour for more evidence.

Martinez and Morgan talk to Sarah’s roommate Jennifer, who says they were both from small towns and they really clicked and then they became best friends, but Sarah changed over the last few months and they grew distant. She says Sarah dropped all her class schedule except for one course and seemed obsessed with it. She gives the course information to the pair and they head off to NYU.

They enter a darkened lecture hall as a female instructor shows projected images of different forms of sexual expression. When the lights come up we see that it’s our old friend, Dominatrix Therapist Iona Payne, she and Henry make eye contact and after a few brief remarks, dismisses the class.

Henry and Jo walk down to see her and Henry says Iona, she quickly stops him and saying on campus, it’s Professor Dawes, but he can call her Molly. He thanks her, says she can call him Henry, then tells her they need to talk to her professionally.

She’s clearly distraught, when she hears of Sarah’s murder, the two had a lot in common, both had sheltered childhoods and she was mature for her years. Jo then says they have reason to believe she was in some role-playing situation and Molly says, Sarah talked about it with her in her office a couple of weeks back and she asked if she was happy and felt safe? Sarah answered both enthusiastically, but she hopes she didn’t dismiss a cry for help, Henry tells her it isn’t her fault. She offers her services to help solve the crime, Martinez politely refuses.

Mike Hanson’s pulling a Tom Sawyer on Lucas, as he has him wearing the hazmat suit and poking through the trash. Lucas finds a packet of junk mail covered with Sarah’s blood, near where her body was found all from the same address. They’ve found the apartment where the murder took place.

Henry and Jo check the place out and it is like stepping back into the late Seventies, magazines, accessories, the fondue pot, an analog TV and a Technics turntable. They then see a macramé wall-hanging on floor, when they lift it up they see it’s concealing Sarah’s blood. They also find another Polaroid picture, but this one’s from the seventies and it’s the original woman that Sarah portrayed in the role-playing situation.

Henry’s telling Abe about the apartment they found and he says it wasn’t his favorite period of the 20th Century. Henry then brings up Iona/Molly and Abe says oh that’s why you got the new scarf, your domination gal-pal’s back in town. Abe says I understand you’re nervous, it’s been a while, Henry responds he’s had relations, he’s certainly not a monk. Abe replies, that Henry’s had sex with some of the world’s most beautiful women, but they never went anywhere. When was the last time you had a date with someone you cared for?

We flashback to 1982, as we see a shaggy-haired Henry trying to apply some gray to his temples. He asks Abigail if she’s ready, the restaurant they’re going to are liable to give away their table if their late. We hear Abigail off camera says perhaps we shouldn’t go out, Henry says but it’s our anniversary. Abigail comes into view, it’s not Mackenzie Mauzy who’s played the role all season. Abigail’s 62-years-old now and while still an attractive woman, she’s no longer the slip-of-a-girl Henry met in 1945, she’s portrayed by Janet Zarish.

She asks how’s it going to look, an older woman out with a younger escort, people will stare at them. Henry says we’ll look like a distinguished couple in love, we braved a war and raised a child together. I’m rather certain we can survive a night on the town, it’ll be fun. Abigail smiles and agrees.

Back at the station, Hanson tells Jo and Henry they recovered Sarah’s audition tape for her role-playing gig, she’s saying what are obviously lines written by her partner. She stops, said her roommate just got home but she’d like to accept his offer. Henry and Jo bring the video to Molly. She says it’s not domination, it’s recreation. Jo says they need to track down apartment tenant from 1079.

Martinez and Morgan track down the former tenant, a man named Neville show him the picture of Sarah and he denies ever seeing her, Henry then shows him the Polaroid of the other woman, pain quickly crosses his face but then he says he doesn’t know her. Morgan starts folding and crinkling the picture, which destroys the emulsion on the pictures and the man finally begs him to stop. He says the picture you just destroyed is when my wife first told me we were having a baby, Henry produces the picture unharmed. Three weeks later she got diagnosed with breast cancer, she died in 1981. He then says he killed Sarah Clancy.

Neville’s taken downtown and questioned by Martinez and Hanson, but he’s fuzzy on the details, he then says he stabbed Sarah with the fondue fork in a downward motion, when Henry knows the wound came from underneath. Reece congratulates Jo on solving the case, but then Henry tells her he didn’t do it. Martinez says the case’s closed if you want to see Molly again just ask her out, how long ago was it since you and Abigail split up? Henry says a while and we flashback to 1982.

Abigail’s mortified as they return home from their anniversary dinner, the hostess thought Henry was so sweet for taking out his mother and everyone stared when he took her hand. We looked ridiculous, and Henry replies ridiculously in love. She says he’s blind and he agrees from the moment he laid eyes on her. She says every time she looks at him she feels old and he tells her to close her eyes.

He says where are you picturing us and she replies at the Queensberry Officers Club when you wore that suave tuxedo and suddenly we’re there, with Abigail at her most ravishing with Glen Miller playing. Henry says well we’re there and the two start dancing.

He meets Molly for drinks and she asks him if he’s thinking about the case and he admits he is and asks if he could have suffered a psychotic break, to cause him to forget holding down Sarah while she bled out? Molly says that doesn’t fit his profile, he was about creating not destroying. So they head to the apartment to reenact the crime.

Henry notices the indentation in the couch cushion and says that’s where Neville sat, Molly sits on his lap and the two start making out and Henry drops his glass. He suddenly realizes Neville wouldn’t have allowed the stain to form on the cushion. So Henry, Molly and cushion head to the lab.

Henry discovers Ketamine got mixed into Neville’s drink and he got drugged, so likely someone else killed Sarah. The next morning everyone’s called in on their day off due to Henry’s discovery, so they bring Neville out of his cell for questioning. Mike asks if he’d agree to having his blood tested as they think he got drugged, by someone putting Ketamine in his drink. Neville says he knows what Ketamine is and he killed Sarah. Henry says he’s covering for his daughter.

Cecily Neville, was born nine months to the day after the picture of her mother got taken, ran away from home at 15 and incarcerated for possession of Ketamine. She says check with her manager, she worked the night her father’s girlfriend got killed. Henry says Jo never mentioned the woman was her father’s girlfriend and Cecily tells of seeing a woman passing by the shop wearing her mother’s coat. She trailed her to the apartment she grew up in but of course it wasn’t her mother. However it wasn’t Sarah Clancy either. They realize it was Sarah’s roommate, Jennifer.

Jennifer attends Molly’s class and then asks to talk to her about switching  majors, and Dawes invites her back to her office. Jennifer soon says that Sarah was her roommate and Molly recognizes her coat, Jennifer says when she wears it, she feels like Sarah’s with her. Molly says she’s got to go to another meeting but they’ll schedule a meeting soon and Jennifer leaves. Dawes calls Henry’s office, but Jennifer comes back and knocks her on the head.

Henry and Jo head to her apartment, but she’s not there, however there’s a printout of Sarah’s class schedule. Just then Lucas calls Jo’s cell and says Henry got a crank-call from the NYU Psychology Dept. They race to Molly’s office.

Molly’s awake and Jennifer asks why she called the police, she didn’t mean to kill Sarah, she tried to save him from that nasty old man, but then Sarah got so mad. Molly says we’ll just tell the police you had a psychotic break, we’ll tell them, I’ll help you. Jennifer starts screaming she’s not psychotic and Molly says that’s just an excuse, a defense to get her off.

Suddenly Henry and Jo start banging at the door and screaming for Molly, Jennifer covers the professor’s mouth and starts pushing a blade into her neck. Henry sees the phone’s been knocked off the counter, busts through the door, Martinez gets Jennifer up against a wall and calls for an ambulance, Henry rushes to Molly who call him her hero, then passes out.

Jo and Henry are sitting at the hospital and tells Jo it’s a long time since he felt like this and Martinez responds that’s what happens when you open up to someone, you become vulnerable. The surgeon comes out to tell Henry, Molly lost a lot of blood, but she’s going to pull through. Henry asks to see her, and Jo pulls NYPD rank to allow Henry to see her.

He walks in and she says she’s always had a fantasy of being rescued by a handsome doctor. She then says she’s the one who got stabbed but he looks terrible, he says it was a harrowing night. Henry then says he’s started to develop real feelings for her and she asks isn’t that a good thing? He says usually, but she replies you’re not a usual guy. You don’t allow those feelings to come out, I don’t know who she is, but she beat you up really bad. Henry says the wounds are still healing, she says if he ever decides he doesn’t like her so much, give her a call. Henry kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

When Henry arrives home he smells something delicious, it’s Abigail’s lasagna recipe that Abe cooked up. He has a taste and says for a moment it felt like she was here, Abe says I hear you Pops. Suddenly it’s 1955, Abigail puts down her lasagna and Abraham says it smells great Ma, Abigail thanks him. Henry says every time he smells that aroma he wants to dance with a beautiful woman and takes Abigail in his arms and they dance. She says I’m a mess and Henry says your perfect, everything’s perfect. We flash to 1982 and we see Abigail and Henry dancing and she says it can’t last and he says let’s not talk about that now.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on ABC.

Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although Henry Morgan’s lived for over 200-years, he’s still subject to the same emotions we go through, although he’s immortal, he’s still human after all. After being off last week due to the election-coverage, the ABC series “Forever,” returned with an episode that hit all the right notes, there was humor, poignancy, new and old romantic relationships and a murderer that led to his own demise. All that and we got to get a glimpse of Dr. Morgan’s first marriage and what surviving death did to that relationship. A great way to return to the airwaves and celebrate that ABC has confirmed the show will be on all season, despite mixed ratings.

The episode begins with a very well-dressed but mousy-looking man starts telling this very attractive blonde, about some new employee in his advertising firm, trying to take credit for his ideas. The woman tells him to shut-up, he sells chips for a third-rate advertising firm and to stop whining. She then says shut-up and take off your jacket, and she slips off her blouse and skirt, revealing a corset-type garment. She then puts, handcuffs on the man and a mask and ball-gag and starts whipping the man.

The next morning Detectives Martinez and Hanson and NYPD Medical Examiner Henry Morgan, examine the man’s dead body in the street. His name’s Richard Gaines and when they transport him to Morgan’s office and take off his shirt, they see the man’s chest and torso covered in whip-marks. Henry’s assistant Lucas, brings over a black-light and they detect older healed scars, showing a prolonged history of the practice. Henry and Lucas realize that Gaines got into sadomasochism. He pronounces the cause of death as asphyxiation, due to the collar marks on his neck. The two detectives and Morgan go to interview Gaines’ widow.

When they meet with Gwyneth Gaines, they awkwardly bring up the whip-marks and the widow says they’re from therapy and weren’t from her hand. She said Richard was a powerful man and afraid to show weakness and it nearly destroyed their marriage. But he went to domination therapy and he went back to being the man she married. She gives the domination-therapist’s name as Iona Payne.

Morgan and Martinez go to interview Payne and she says that Gaines is her client and she saw him the night before. Martinez starts asking about the session and the woman says she doesn’t reveal information about her clients, but Jo tells her Gaines died last night. Henry starts examining some of her equipment, focusing on a device that would choke her clients and likely left the marks on Gaines neck. Martinez says they’d like to bring her in for questioning.

At the station, Jo and Iona sit in the interview room, while Henry and Hanson sit on the other side of the one way window. Martinez says that Morgan called cause of death asphyxiation, but Payne says he’s incorrect, ruffling Henry’s feathers. She says he stopped breathing, because his body suddenly got too heavy to function properly, including his lungs. Henry slaps his forehead and says to Hanson that Gaines got electrocuted, seconds before Payne says the same thing to Martinez. When Jo asks why no burn-marks, Henry and Iona both say that an extended dose of a low-voltage electric device would, kill him without burn-marks.

That evening, Henry’s alone in the house bored out of his gourd, he’s to the point of playing with test-tubes when Abe walks in, in a wonderful mood. Henry asks what Abe did and he’s purposely vague, but Morgan notices he’s dehydrated and fixes him a tonic to replenish his electrolytes. When Henry gives Abe the drink, he smells a familiar perfume; it’s the scent Abe’s ex-wife Maureen Delacroix wears. Henry gets concerned as the couple got married and divorced twice and he’s afraid she’ll break Abe’s heart again. Abe says he knows what he’s doing and if his heart gets broken, he’ll know it still works.

The next day at the shop Abe’s surprised as Maureen shows up, as they had plans for dinner that night. The two are like teenagers and can’t keep their hands off each other and Abe closes the shop very early. Henry walks into the living quarters and sees Abe and Maureen dancing, smiles and leaves. He heads to Iona Payne’s office and she’s surprised to see him. He wants her opinion on how Gaines got electrocuted and she says she can demonstrate. Morgan says he’s afraid of giving up control, but she responds that he’s afraid of many things, but that’s not among them, and takes his suit jacket off, then puts him in some handcuffs over his head. She looks him in the eyes and she says that he’d gotten betrayed by someone he loved and trusted, which leads us to a flashback.

It’s 1815 and in front of the Morgan house Henry’s first wife Nora, weeps at his gravestone in her front-yard, but suddenly Henry walks through the gate saying he got back as soon as he could. She can’t believe its him at first, then embraces him and kisses him while she says she heard he’d been thrown over the ship. He says that now’s not the time to talk about that and they go into their home.

He returns to the present and tells her she’s correct, but she’s busy looking for something. It turns out to be the cattle prod that Hanson and Martinez found in the sewer near where Gaines body got discovered and her prints are all over it. They tell her she’s under arrest and then Jo takes a look around finds Henry in manacles. He says he can explain, but she says she’d rather not hear it.

Abe wakes up on the couch in a bathrobe, extremely disoriented when Maureen comes in and joins him. She tells him she searched her entire life for the best the world could offer and she had it all the time, him. She asks him to leave New York and travel with her and live out their Golden Years together. She then asks him why these old things are holding him back, not realizing it’s the oldest thing in his life, Henry that’s the reason.

Morgan asks Jo how the questioning with Iona’s going and Martinez responds, like everyone else she says she’s innocent, but Henry says he’s inclined to believe her. Martinez tells Henry that Payne likes him and Morgan’s a bit shocked, Jo then says how can the man who knows everything have missed that. Martinez tells Henry that she was a therapist before she went into domination-therapy, but got kicked out of the Medical Association, for having an affair with a patient. When she broke it off, he killed himself.

Martinez gets a warrant to search Payne’s office and she’s making some pretty catty remarks as she looks around. Her cellphone rings and it’s Hanson, but she loses the connection. He calls again and the call’s breaking up, but Jo asks Hanson to keep the line open and then explores the room with her phone, discovering a surveillance device under a statue. It’s police issue and last got checked out in 2002, by a retired detective, now a private investigator.

Henry and Abe talk and Abe tells Henry he’s going to take Maureen up on her offer and travel with her, she makes him feel alive. He wants Henry to meet her and Morgan’s shocked as Abe always insisted that Henry never meet anyone he got involved in. Abe says that’s because Henry never ages, but at his age, he’s worry-free. Henry will join them for dinner the next night. As Abe talks about having someone to count on, Henry flashes back to 1815, where he lies in bed with Nora. She once again asks why he won’t tell her what happened while at sea. He tells her she’ll never believe him, she looks him in the eyes and says he’s got her heart. She wants him to give her his and trust her.

Hanson, Martinez and Morgan talk to the retired detective about the device and he’s giving them nothing. He says illegal surveillance comes with a stiff sentence, but if they grant him immunity from prosecution, he’ll sing like a canary, they say yes and he tells him his client’s Gwyneth Gaines. She wanted to make sure there was no sex, but all she did was beat him. He then insults her a couple of times, and Morgan socks him in the mouth.

Jo heads back to see Mrs. Gaines and she admits she didn’t trust her husband and wanted to find out what Iona did to keep him satisfied. She felt terrible that another woman turned him around instead of her. Martinez then asks where Gaines was at 11:00 pm the night Richard got killed and she admits she was Payne’s appointment, making Iona innocent. She agrees to write sworn testimony so Payne can get released.

Henry walks Iona out to the parking lot and she says that she’s interested in him and he says isn’t that crossing the line again as a patient, she says she doesn’t want him as a patient. She then kisses him and infers she’ll be in touch. Henry smiles, then again flashes back to Nora. Now things aren’t happy, Henry’s ready to slit his wrist to prove he’s immortal, not insane. Nora stops him telling him she believes him and apologizes for doubting him.

Henry walks to his bicycle but a van pulls up, a guy gets out and zaps Henry in the chest with a cattle prod, until he blacks out then throws him in the back of the van. We switch to Abe and Maureen and Abe’s worried sick that Henry’s yet to arrive, he knows Henry’s in trouble, otherwise he’d be sitting with them. Maureen then tells Abe she realizes Henry’s Abe’s son and Abe says she’s correct. He calls Martinez who says she’ll check around, then goes outside to see Henry’s bike’s still locked up.

She and Hanson start going through surveillance footage and see Morgan get abducted, the van’s plate less, but Jo recognizes the tattoo as from one of Payne’s patients. She heads there with the picture of the tats and Iona says its Cliff Wadlow, a patient that’s been down to restricted sessions. She gives Martinez the address and says he’s likely to get violent given the issues with his stepfather.

Wadlow’s a full-blown psychotic and putting Morgan through horrific torture,  telling the Medical Examiner that Iona’s all his and he saw him kiss her. Henry says he knows what it feels like to get betrayed by someone you love and trust, then we see the end of Henry and Nora’s marriage as she has him taken to the Insane Asylum in a straight-jacket and he pleads her to stop. She says he’s sick, he hasn’t been the same man since he returned. He says because he’s not the same man.

Henry regains consciousness and Cliff says he’s going to make him more pain then Henry’s ever received and Morgan says he doubts it, but Wadlow zaps him with a car battery. Just then Hanson and Martinez arrive and Henry turns the electricity on his abuser, killing him. Abe gets a call from Martinez that Henry’s fine and Maureen realizes Abe won’t join her on the trip.

The final scene, Henry finally joins his workmates at their favorite watering hole. It’s a first step in living in the era he’s in.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on ABC.