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Legends of Tomorrow: Learning The Consequences Of Impacting The Fabric Of Time

Courtesy of The CW/DC Comics
Courtesy of The CW/DC Comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We begin tonight, still in 1975. This time Finland 1975. Despite Aldus’ passing, he did leave behind his Vandal Savage little brown book. Rip thinks Savage may be in Finland. Kendra and Carter inquire as to why they can’t simply go back in time and save Aldus. Rip seems to take some level of enjoyment giving them the ‘Doc Brown’ explanation on just how easily time can fold over on itself by messing with events they were directly involved in. His pleas fall on deaf ears and his sense of control falls apart as well once Rip realizes his deception was not a small thing.

There is a meeting of rather unsavory characters, terrorists and a like meeting with Savage. The unorganized version of the Legends of Tomorrow attempt to infiltrate that meeting. Cold leads with his by now typical flair, the door man isn’t buying it. Once he sees this, Stein walks over and using his knowledge of world history and I assume channeling some sort of bad spy movie, Stein gets in the doorman’s face and gains entry. Actually a very satisfying moment for Dr. Stein.

Heat Wave (whispering to Stein): You’re a special kind of crazy. And I like it.

Cold believes this will be a quick snatch and grab. To this point no sign of Savage. The MC of the festivities gets everyone’s attention as Vandal Savage walks onto the stage. Savage is not a buyer he’s a seller. The bidding begins for a nuclear warhead when Savage gets that tingly spidey sense that alerts him to Kendra and Carter’s presence. In the concern to maintain their cover, Heat Wave fires his gun in the air signifying a bid. 120 Million dollars. No one else bid.

A minor fracas begins when Heat can’t keep his attitude to himself. Savage comes over to defuse the situation and looks to Stein. The question of payment comes up and Stein quickly makes it apparent that he doubts the warhead is operational. He did slip up by using the term “in this era” which naturally peaked Savages intrigue. Savage mounts the stage again and offers a 25% discount to any group that takes down our team. It doesn’t take long before Heat Wave begins burning stuff. The battle cry as it were that signals the rest of the team to spring into action.

The Hawks approach Savage with their ultimatum. He activates the warhead. Atom shrinks and flies into the warhead triggering a fail-safe that drops the clock down to :30. Firestorm (merged) grabs the warhead and flies it to a safe distance then waits for it to go off so he can absorb the nuclear energy. Not all is well as a piece of Atom’s suit fell off during the fight. When they get back on the ship, Rip grandstands about the colossal damage they have already done. That one little mistake causes Savage’s men to develop a weapon and control with chaos Central City circa 2016.

Two new important details arise almost simultaneously. One, Aldus was carrying an article about an Egyptian dagger. The same dagger used to kill Kendra and Carter in their first life. Use it while reading the incantation inscribed upon it and take out Savage. Two, Atom’s suit piece is made up of a material that is easily tracked by 2016’s standards. Luckily Dr. Stein was education his 25-year-old self in just that field of study. Current Stein plans to visit 25-year-old Stein.

Cold, Heat and Atom venture out to steal the dagger. Atom thinks he knows what he’s doing until Cold and Heat inform him he just tried to hack a dummy box security system access panel. Despite the guards quick response time, they gain access. Inside they find the dagger relatively quickly. Cold and Heat’s agenda don’t exactly jive with Atom’s. Atom thought they were there to retrieve the dagger. Cold and Heat were there to steal whatever they felt like. There little tissy caused a metal cage to trap them with the ‘goodie’ they haven’t yet stolen.

Jax and Sara are blown away that Dr. Stein was ever ‘cool’. They enjoy younger Stein. After turning down a ‘hit’ from younger Stein’s ‘doobie’, young Stein leaves to secure some cookie dough. Old Stein finds the Alpha Particle Tracker just as young Stein finds him holding it. Young Stein quickly lets it be known that he and his considerable intellect don’t buy the trio’s cover story. Old Stein gives a story about a profile in a prestigious magazine. Then Sara hits young Stein over the head knocking him out.

The tracker takes Stein, Jax and Sara right to the tech. Then Sara dismantled what little defense they had and steals the tech almost literally like candy from a baby. There is a significant problem. Young Stein did not go to the mixer he was set to attend. Without going to the mixer, he doesn’t meet his future wife. Aboard the ship, old Stein notices his wedding ring vanish. Then young Stein walks onto the ship demanding an explanation.

While Heat tries to locate the fuse box to reverse the cage trapping Atom and Cold the homeowner arrives home. Its Vandal Savage. There is the witty back and forth one would come to expect with this good vs evil vs still kind of evil but playing on the side of good. Savage finds one of their coms and invites them to call their friends.

Firestorm arrives first and knocks Savage out. They meet up with the ‘Hawks’ outside. They hand over the dagger to Carter. Once again, as if they were telegraphing what won’t happen on purpose, they keep saying something to the effect of “let’s end this now, once and for all”. Which would make for a very short television series.

Savages men descend upon the property with big numbers while the ‘Hawks’ tend to Savage himself. Inside is a 2 on 1 fight that still seems to be favoring the 1, while outside is superhero destruction. Carter gets Savage in a compromised position. With the dagger in hand he recites the poem that Kendra had to translate, he stabs Savage. It doesn’t take long to discover that Savage is just toying with them. It was Kendra’s knife so Kendra has to wield it. Savage in turn stabs Carter. Carter looks at Kendra and says, “come back to me” before he dies in her arms. Kendra fights back but poorly. Savage stabs her in her side while delivering a nice monologue about the circle of death that imprisons them both. Before he can finish, he’s blasted out of the room.

The team gets Kendra back on the ship and Gideon begins working on her injury. Then that’s where Kendra goes hysterical. Rip talks her down until she falls asleep, rather quickly actually. Due to her condition, the ship cannot time jump for fear of worsening Kendra’s condition. In the meantime, Rip has something he’d like to show Dr. Stein. They return to the campus where young Stein spends his time. Rip made a call and convinced young Stein to keep his Faculty Mixer obligation, where he would inevitably meet the future Mrs. Stein.

They return to the ship and Rip puts the future of these Legends of Tomorrow in their own hands. Contrary to how the team felt early in last week’s episode, all are in complete agreement. Atom of course is on board as he can’t accept a life that doesn’t impact others. Both halves of Firestorm are voluntarily on board. And even the death of Carter seems to bring this group together. And even Cold adds his two cents with a little clever wordplay just for good measure.

Captain Cold: Look, we didn’t know Carter from Adam (Atom). But if you take out one of my crew, you’re going to pay the price.

With one strong display of solidarity, the team seems unified. And all of their mistakes not withstanding, Dr. Stein looks to Rip Hunter and as if he were speaking for the entire crew restored command control to Rip. “Where do we go next, Captain”.

Legends of Tomorrow: Heroes, Villains and Time Masters

Courtesy of The CW and DC Comics
Courtesy of The CW and DC Comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The newest inception of a Superhero narrative begins tonight with the series premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. If you’re one of the few uninitiated, Legends of Tomorrow is essentially a spin-off from both Arrow and The Flash, with what I at least hope will feed some very epic crossover episodes. The Atom-Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, Firestorm-Dr. Martin Stein and Jax, Captain Cold-Leonard Snart, Heatwave-Mick Rory, Carter Hall-Hawkman, Kendra Saunders-Hawkgirl, and Rip Hunter will plan to bounce through the fabric of time and space doing whatever they can to prevent Vandal Savage (an immortal and the bad guy) from becoming the villain he is to become.

Our story begins in London in the year 2166. Vandal Savage has journey through human existence acquiring skills and knowledge along the path of world domination. In 2166, he has conquered the known world. Our first glimpse into his terror comes at the field execution of a seemingly innocent mother and her son, Jonas. A relative Time Lord (Time Master in this realm) by the name of Rip Hunter does his level best to convince the Time Masters Council that he be granted permission to travel through time and change history when necessary to prevent Vandal Savage from reeking the havoc they know he will.

Rip boards his ship and we see our first crossover element. Rip doesn’t need a crew to fly his time ship, only a singular consciousness. Gideon. What follows is a series of short segments showing Rip ‘recruiting’ the previously mentioned team of eight. While Rip speaks with a certain gravitas, not all eight are on board.

As predicted Captain Cold and Heatwave (criminals in their own right)reject the idea of being heroes on spec. Jax, the youngest and newest hero, is logically hesitant. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are in based on their tie to Vandal Savage. Going back to a previous Flash episode, Carter and Kendra were the source of Vandal’s rage centuries ago. He must kill them, but due to a spell from Kendra’s previous self, they reincarnate every time he kills them. It begins to look grim when Rip pulls out the big guns.

Rip: I know its difficult for you to fathom but where…when I come from, the year 2166, you, everyone on this roof aren’t just considered heroes. You’re legends.

The not quite team has six hours before making their decision and meeting up with Rip, they individually try to come to grips with the weight of this venture. Ray is absolutely on board. He died once already (well, not really) and was instantly forgotten. He would like to leave an impact on the world. Kendra who can’t remember any of her previous lives, is scared. Assuming that Vandal is unbeatable, she is ready to run. Carter convinces her otherwise. White Canary and Black Canary spar while Sara explains to Laurel the proposition. Laurel convinces Sara to become take the mantle of the White Canary. Heatwave and Captain Cold were a little easier. They could bounce around time stealing things without the pesky nuisance of technology to stop them. The most difficult of all is Jax. He wants no part of this. So Professor Stein decides to go without him and offers a toast and a drink. Predictably, Jax passes out from whatever Stein slipped in his drink.

At the rendezvous point our team that isn’t yet, look around to find nothing. Ray even suggests they’ve been punk’d. Then Rip emerges and reveals his time ship. The imagery is shades of Star Trek IV when they decloaked the Klingon Bird of Prey. “It’s called the Wave Rider”. Inside, Rip explains that they cannot find or track Vandal, but they will travel to the man who can. A man with a unique connection to all of this, Dr. Aldus Boardman.

They catch Dr. Boardman asleep at his desk. He stirs awake but before he can wipe his eyes, he immediately recognizes two of the eight. Calling them by their original names, Dr. Boardman knows exactly who Kendra and Carter are. His mother and father from a previous incarnation of themselves. Dr. Boardman explains how Vandal Savage lurks in the shadows of nearly every bad event in human history. Nazi Germany, the Kennedy assassination, and on. Rip interrupts the story to suggest that Dr. Boardman is aware of Vandal Savage’s current whereabouts.

Dr. Boardman: I have an educated guess.

Sara Lance, Snart and Rory decide to enjoy a little of the 1970s. They aren’t in a bar two minutes before Sara decides to let off a little steam. Dancing alone in this dive bar, a large biker walks over and tries to ‘suggest’ she join him in the parking lot. What follows is Sara, Snart, and Rory taking out the entire bar. Outside, Jax tries to convince Gideon to take him back to 2016. As she rejects his idea, the Wave Runner begins taking on heavy fire from a bounty hunter named Kronos.

The team arrives just before Kronos gets tor breach the ship. Stein makes a move to enter the ship to merge with Jax. Kronos is getting of many shots as the team was not prepared for a fight. Kendra and Carter are the only ones in costume. Stein gets to Jax in time but now, Kronos is bearing down on Rip. At the last possible second Kronos gets tagged by a red muscle car.

Snart: We go out for one lousy drink you manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett.

Kronos gets to his feet as Firestorm and Atom emerge. Kronos is able to hit Dr. Boardman but that’s about it. On board the ship, Rip rants and raves about the colossal missteps that just occurred. Kendra ends that pretty quickly with a right cross and a demand of the truth considering her son is hurt because of this latest time jump.

It turns out that Rip ‘was’ under the employ of the Council of Time Masters. Kronos is one of theirs. The fabric of time and space is fragile. As it were, Rip lied about his standing with the council and the whole ‘legends’ part. He chose these eight because a hundred years from now, their lives will have no impact on the timeline. Still, Ray pushes further, suggesting there must be a more personal reason for this quest. Against the wishes of the council, Rip fell in love with a woman and they had a son. A son named, Jonas.

Rip shares his pain and its in abundantly clear that not everyone is willing to turn a blind eye and automatically return to their lives. It will take time. Dr. Stein suggests they weigh their options which is convenient since the ship must be repaired and a time jump would not be advised until Dr. Boardman stabilizes. Despite their initial instincts, all members of the team decide to stay on. If in some not so small measure to change their futures. Be the heroes (or villains) that would affect the timeline.

This moment is not without loss though as Dr. Boardman has passed away. Gideon plots a course to find Vandal based on a theory by Dr. Boardman. Meanwhile in Norway 1975, we see Vandal and his men secure a nuclear warhead. See how this pilot episode two parter concludes next Thursday here, at NJATVS.

The Flash: Forward

Photo Courtesy Of CW
Photo Courtesy Of CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the 2014-2015 TV season turned out to be the CW Network series “The Flash.” Show-runner Greg Berlanti created an incredibly complex universe, going deep into the world of comic-books and sci-fi to tell his tale. Combining that with a cast of characters that fans cared about, helped the show become a breakout hit for the network.

Season one concluded in a cliffhanger as Eddie Thawne shot himself to death, causing his ancestor Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells to vanish as he never existed. Although the Flash watched the man who murdered his mother disappear he didn’t have any time to celebrate, he raced up a skyscraper and then into the sky trying to keep the black-hole known as the Singularity from devouring Central City and perhaps the planet.

Our first scene in season two starts off with the Flash facing off against Captain Cold and Heatwave. Flash runs away from them and then doubles back, going after Heatwave whom Captain Cold errantly takes out with a blast of his cold gun. Cold says one of these days he’s going to kill Flash, when he’s knocked out by a blast from Firestorm flying above him. Firestorm lands and apologizes for being late, Flash smiles and says right on time.

Inside Star Labs Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon high-five over taking out both criminals at the same time. Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein have separated and Ronnie kisses his wife Caitlin. Joe and Iris West come over to congratulate Barry and then we realize something’s amiss as we see Eddie and he congratulates Barry. Then Harrison Wells rolls out in his mechanized wheelchair and tells Barry that he can no longer teach him anything and Barry’s ready to run things on his own. It’s a daydream Allen’s standing alone in a room and we hear a voiceover from him bringing us up to date.

Barry tells us that it’s six-months after the singularity occurred, he no longer works with Team-Flash in order to keep his friends safe. He does however still work with Detective Joe West in his role as a CCPD forensic scientist. Barry’s examining a murder victim when West arrives at the scene. Allen informs him the man got strangled to death by a man much larger and stronger than the victim.

Joe asks Barry if the Flash will make an appearance at the “Flash-Day” celebration the following day. The mayor’s scheduled to present the Flash the key to the city. Barry says he doesn’t think so and West reminds him that Allen loves awards, like the trophies he won when he was 12. Allen says he earned those awards and then tells Joe he’s going to check out the results on the victim.

Cisco’s now working for the CCPD as the science adviser for the Task-Force formed to fight meta-humans which West heads up. We find out that Caitlin’s now working at Mercury Labs and Barry’s referred to as a lone-wolf. Iris walks into the station and greets her father and Cisco and Joe asks her to try to convince Barry to attend the ceremony. She tries but fails to convince him, he tells her she should realize he doesn’t deserve the praise as “The Man Who Saved Central City.”

We then flashback to the Singularity and watch as vehicles and people are swept into the sky. The Flash runs counter to the way that the black-hole’s rotating and he’s stabilized it. However in order to close the hole Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond will have to go into the hole as Firestorm and then split apart. It could cost them their lives and Caitlin begs her husband not to, but he relies they’ve got no other choice.

Firestorm flies into the black-hole and the two men separate the energy surge causes the Singularity to close, but Stein and Raymond start plummeting to the ground. Barry’s able to save Professor Stein but not Ronnie, he apologizes to Caitlin. So both Eddie and Ronnie lost their lives that day.

We return to the present just in time for the “Flash-Day” celebration as the Mayor of Central City takes the podium and addresses the huge crowd in attendance. He tells the crowd that during the last year they’ve been Ground-Zero for some very weird stuff, including some evil people with super abilities. However the good they received more than overcame the bad, thanks to the Flash.

He then says he wants to present the Flash the key to the city and the crowd including Joe, Cisco, Iris and Caitlin standing in various locations wait for the red-streak to appear. Seconds later the Flash arrives to the stage and waves to the crowd and walks over to the mayor. Just then screams erupt as a trash dumpster’s hurtling out of the sky right to the spot they’re standing on, Flash rescues the mayor and looks for who threw the projectile.

Suddenly a large man with his face encased in a steel mask appears and says he’s glad to meet the man who saved Central City. The Flash tries attacking him but the man’s got super-strength and flings him like a child’s toy. West calls for Cisco to give him the Boot, the weapon Cisco invented to takeout meta-humans. Joe fires the weapon and an ankle bracelet encircles the guys foot and starts to emit energy. The man then triples in size and snaps the boot to pieces.

The Flash arrives at Joe’s side carrying two propane tanks, he tells West he’ll throw them and for Joe to shoot at them. The bullets strike the tanks causing them to explode and burst into flame, causing the giant to flee. As he’s leaving the mask disappears and Joe tells the Flash that the man’s the victim of the strangling they found the day before. Arnold Rothstein. However a check with the morgue confirms that Rothstein’s body’s still there, the villain took Rothstein’s appearance.

Back at the crime-lab Barry gets a visit from an attorney that represents Harrison Wells, turns out that Wells left Allen Star Labs in his living-will. Barry’s ignored all communication from the attorney and the lawyer tells him that Wells left a stipulation in the will that unless Allen watched the contents of a thumb drive with a message from Wells to Barry, he’d lose Star Labs the next day as the six months deadline expired. Barry tells the lawyer he’s not going to watch it and the attorney says he’s done his job and leaves. Suddenly a security alert on his computer informs him there’s a security violation at Star Labs. He arrives to find Joe, Cisco, Iris and Martin Stein using the computer system, trying to figure out where the giant’s hiding.

Cisco visited Caitlin at Mercury Labs earlier and she confirmed that the radiation badge that Rothstein wore, got drained of radiation. Hence they realized that the meta-human feeds off of radiation and Cisco’s able to track the man that Stein names the Atom-Smasher to a three block radius. Barry refuses to let Team-Flash get involved and speeds off leaving his communication device behind.

The Atom-Smasher’s drinking barrels of radioactive sludge when the Flash arrives. He greets the Scarlet Speedster by telling him he thought he’d have to track him down. Flash asks him how he feeds off radiation and has Rothstein’s face and the big guy tells him he wouldn’t believe him if he told him. The Flash starts rotating his arms at super-speed creating a wind that he tries to blow the Atom-Smasher away with, but the big man stands his ground. He then tries punching the big man and he doesn’t even flinch, then the Atom-Smasher says my turn.

He again increases his size so that he’s about five times larger and picks the Flash up by the neck and starts whacking him against a wall. The giant says that he was told his opponent’s a superhero, but he doesn’t seem worthy of the suit or the title.

Cisco’s able to hack into the warehouse’s camera system and they see the Flash getting pummeled. Professor Stein tells Cisco to setoff the alarm in the warehouse and Atom-Smasher loses focus allowing Flash to escape and head back to Star Labs. He makes it to the basement and then passes out and has a dream recalling a memory from his childhood.

We flashback to the West home six months after Barry’s mother got murdered and his father imprisoned for killing her. Joe puts out a bowl of mac and cheese in front of Barry and the boy responds no thank you. West says it’s been six months son, you’ve got to eat. Then he says he realizes how much Barry misses his parents and it’s easier to deal with the loss if he stays angry all the time. However Joe tells him that he’s got to be able to feel and says it’s okay to be sad, his parents wouldn’t be angry if he gets sad. Barry stands up and hugs Joe and starts crying and Joe hugs him back and says that’s alright, I got you.

Barry wakes up in a hospital bed in Star Labs with Joe at his side and West uses the same phrase to calm Allen down. Joe then tells him he tried giving Allen his space for six months but he’s done doing that. He tells Barry he’s shutting out the people in his life and he needs them and they need him. Joe says he’s been hearing rumors that the Flash spends nights repairing area businesses from the damage the Singularity caused. He says Barry needs to start rebuilding things that matter.

Allen goes to visit Caitlin at Mercury Labs and he apologizes for not being in contact, but he says he’s having difficulty accepting he’s responsible for Ronnie’s death. Caitlin tells Barry that she feels she’s the one to blame, that Ronnie had asked for her to leave Central City with him and she refused. She says that if they moved her husband would still be alive.

Barry pulls a hankie out of his pocket to give to Caitlin and the thumb-drive from Wells falls out. Caitlin asks what’s on it and Barry says it’s a message from Wells and he’s been too scared to look at it. Caitlin suggests they look at it together and pop it into her computer, automatically giving Allen ownership of Star Labs.

Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells appears on the screen and he tells Barry that if he’s watching this, then Wells’ died and he says that’s a bummer. He then says that he never hated Barry and Allen looks back at the screen his face showing his contempt. He says he’s about to give Barry everything he’s ever wanted, but knowing Barry he still won’t be happy. Then Wells says erase everything I just said and give this to the police.

Wells then confesses to killing Barry’s mother and gives in-depth details of the murder to prove he committed the crime. Barry gets on the phone and calls Joe and asks him to get everybody to meet at Star Labs. Caitlin hugs Barry and tells him she’ll drive.

Barry and Joe stand in the hallway as Joe speaks to the District Attorney on the phone, Allen interrupts him and asks what’s she saying. West says that she can’t say for sure yet, but it looks good. Barry then heads into the main facility to share the news that Henry Allen will soon be a free man. However they still have to figure out a way to defeat Atom-Smasher. Caitlin smiles and says if he wants radiation, we’ll give him radiation.

The Atom-Smasher’s sitting in his apartment when he sees the image of a lightning bolt projected into the night sky and says show-time. He tracks down the source of the light and finds the Flash standing next to a huge klieg light with his symbol on it. Back at Star Labs Caitlin asks Cisco how he came up with the idea and Cisco replies he thinks he saw it in a comic-book.

Flash tells his opponent that if he wants him he has to catch him first and takes off at super-speed. Monitoring the pair at Star Labs, Stein remarks how quick the Atom-Smasher is for a big man. Barry heads to a nuclear-facility and about a minute later Atom-Smasher arrives saying that Flash didn’t think he’d catch him. Flash responds he was counting on him catching him and then lowers a containment tube over his opponent. The tube fills with far too much radiation for the Atom-Smasher to contain and takes him out. By the time the tube’s safe for the Flash to open, the Atom-Smasher’s just about to take his last breath.

Flash apologizes but says he didn’t want anymore people hurt, then asks why his opponent tried to kill him. Atom-Smasher says he promised to take me home if I killed you. When Barry asks who the man gasps Zoom and then dies.

Barry goes to pickup his father at Iron Heights Prison as he gets released after serving 14-years for a crime he didn’t commit. They drive to the West home and everybody’s there for a welcome home party for Henry, hugs get shared by all and everybody’s very relaxed and happy, enjoying each other’s company.

Martin Stein asks for everybody to gather for a toast. He says he’s been thinking how far they’ve come in the last year and the folks they lost along the way. He says the occasion brings to mind a Hebrew word associated with graduations, the word’s Kadima translating into forward in English. Stein raises his glass and says forward and each echo the toast and drink up.

Barry pulls his father aside and tells him he’s planned for them to look for an apartment for the two of them the next day and Iris has looked into getting Henry’s doctor’s license reinstated. Henry says this is a party, can’t we talk about this later and Barry asks his father if he’s thinking about leaving?

Henry puts his hands on his son’s shoulders and looks him in the eye. He tells Barry if he needs him, his father will always be there for him. However right now Central City doesn’t need Henry Allen’s son, they need the Flash. He says he has to leave and he needs Barry to say it’s okay. With tears in his eyes the son nods his head and hugs his father. Joe sees what’s going on and figures things out.

Barry meets Joe back at Star Labs and West asks him if his father got off okay. Barry says he dropped him at the station and Joe realizes Barry’s heartbroken. However he pulls the key to the city out of his pocket and hands it to Barry and says well this is pretty cool. Barry smiles and says this is freaking cool and they head out to the main facility to talk to the new Team-Flash including Martin Stein and Iris.

Cisco informs Barry that he upgraded all the security measures at the lab that now belongs to Allen. Iris says nobody can just wander in anymore, when Joe and Barry sees a man in the shadows. West pulls his piece as Barry asks the man to identify himself. The man steps into the light and tells Barry his name’s Jay Garrick and Barry’s world’s in danger.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm on The CW.

The Flash: Leveling The Playing Field

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While the team tries to regroup after the events of last week, Cisco has been doing some prying. Under Wells’ wheel chair, Cisco found what looks like a four-pronged flux capacitor. Wells (reverse flash) is faster than Barry because he has been juicing himself regularly with a futuristic power source. While Cisco explains this, an alert begins to sound. The particle accelerator is powering back up.

Joe, Barry and Cisco head down to the makeshift prison thinking that Wells has been in the building the entire time. Cisco brings a cup of orange soda. Every time the Reverse Flash is around, liquid floats. Barry’s fish tank just to name one. They open the main door downstairs and as predicted, Cisco’s soda begins to float out of its cup.

Wells races out of there in a blur and Barry pursues. Meanwhile, Wells triggered an auto release function, releasing at least one of the meta-humans they caught. This particular meta-human is Shawna (aka Peek-A-Boo), the teleporter. She gets out locking Joe and Cisco inside and chasing after Caitlin. She has Caitlin in a compromised position when Iris shows up and knocks her out.

After cleaning up this latest Wells mess, Joe faintly hears something in the distance. Wells was keeping Eddie captive in Star Labs. Eddie looks bad. Not even enough strength to walk on his own. While Joe lifts Eddie out, Iris finds the engagement ring intended for her.

The nugget that in the future Iris marries Barry seems to be in the front of his mind. He’s relieved to be out, but there is something lingering that keeps him distant. He spoke of a metallic tube that Wells claimed was the key. Cisco has now found said tube. The tube is powering the particle accelerator. The new big problem is that the meta-humans will die if the accelerator powers up with them still in there. Ironheights can’t handle meta-humans. Barry gets the idea to transport them to the same island where Oliver Queen was stranded that began the Arrow story line.

Joe seeks an audience with the D.A. to hopefully get her consent to clear a route to transport these unlawfully detained meta-humans out of the city. As predicted, she did not warm to the idea. Barry arrives in a dive bar where Captain Cold just so happens to be enjoying a beverage. Barry would like to have a chat. Barry needs Snart’s help to escort these 5 meta-humans out of the city. But it’s going to cost. The price is still not fleshed out.

Iris confronts Eddie on his way to work. He’s clearly changed since his abduction. She pushes the issue as she tends to do. She even pulls out the ring box and asks if he was trying to propose when he was taken. Then Eddie tells her of the future. A future where she marries Barry, not him.

Joe is not on board with helping Snart. Snart’s price by the way is every single iota of information that creates a trail that he ever existed wiped away. Dental records, criminal records, the whole shebang. Barry feels he cannot stop Wells. Not that he hasn’t but that he can’t. Saving these five people from certain death, is something he can do.

Cisco has retrofitted a big rig with a power source that should render the meta-humans powerless during commute. The prisoners have all awakened and aren’t exactly getting along. The big rig approaches an air field. Would you like to venture a guess as to which air field. I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. Ferris Air. And in one quick thought, Barry Allen just introduced Green Lantern into the CW/DC television universe.

Snart: Ferris Air…? I thought this place got shut down?
Barry: It did. One of its test pilots disappeared.

While the team waits on the aircraft, the prisoners grow agitated around the same time Cisco’s rig begins to malfunction. The meta-humans aren’t going to be powerless for long. Just like that Marden, using lightning takes down the inbound plane before it can land. They break out of the trailer and its meta-humans vs. bullets. Two of them bear down on Barry. In the chaos Snart fires his freeze gun at one of the meta-humans. But doesn’t fire on the other two. Snart intends to let them walk.

Iris approaches Eddie again in an attempt to salvage their relationship. He’s not interested in her “I choose my own fate” mentality. Eddie’s decision has not come from one single look into the future. It’s an honest realization to himself.

Eddie: This isn’t about the future, Iris. This is about here. Now. Today. Ever since the very beginning, there’s been three people in this relationship. You. Me. And Barry.
Iris: That is not true.
Eddie: You can deny it all you want. but Barry knows it, Joe knows it, and if I’m going to be completely honest with myself…I knew. I always knew. I guess I thought I could love you enough to change things.

Wells approaches Star Labs on foot while Barry and the team watch on a monitor. Everyone warns him against it, but Barry races out of there anyway. Face to face, Wells begins monologuing about what he’s done and not done and how Barry can’t beat him. Then Firestorm descends landing on Barry’s side of the invisible line of demarcation. Wells finds this slightly humorous. Then Arrow jumps down landing on the other side of Barry mirroring Firestorm.

Barry: I don’t care how fast you are, you can fight all of us.
Wells: Oh trust me, this is going to be fun.

Wells raises his arm and from inside a yellow ring flies the actual yellow suit allowing Wells to run into it. He and Barry race around in circles while Arrow and Firestorm watch from the sidelines. Wells gets the upper hand which allows Arrow to shoot Wells in the leg. His arrow using some tech designed by Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) and is currently draining Wells of his ability to use his speed. Wells and Arrow engage in hand to hand fighting at normal speeds.

Probably due to Wells’ ability (like Barry) to heal quickly, the arrow’s effect didn’t last as long as desired. Wells makes a cheesy reference to the history books and slowly begins to kill Oliver Queen by jamming his hand into Oliver’s chest. But Barry grabs him at full speed before he can. Banking on Wells arrogance, Barry gets him to give chase. At the right time, Firestorm lights him up. Wells falls from the apex of the Star Labs building all the way down landing and crushing a car. Then Arrow hits him again with one of his tech arrows. This time Wells seems down for the count.

Barry thanks his friends for the assistance. And it wouldn’t be a comic book adaptation production without some sort of cryptic easter egg type of drop. Here’s a spoiler alert wrap inside a spoiler alert. The CW has officially ordered a pilot season for a project titled “Legends of Tomorrow”. I’m sure this is not breaking news to most of you. It will highlight Flash and Arrow along with a host of other DC Universe good guys and bad guys as the face off amidst an “Unstoppable Threat”. I say all of this to illustrate the importance of Oliver Queen’s last line of this episode.

Barry: I see we’ve abandoned our traditional green?
Oliver: Trying something different. Look, I might need a favor from you…
Barry: Wherever, whenever.

The Flash: Space. Time. Continuum.

Courtesy of the CW
Courtesy of the CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Call me crazy but, the show runners at The Flash are either running a repeat episode or this is going to be an episode about the space/time continuum. Barry arrives at the scene of the crime of last week’s episode. The dead coroner. Killed by hail. From inside the building. It takes a great deal of restraint not to go ‘Groundhog Day’ on every answer to every question.

Caitlin and Cisco chat while walking through the halls of Star Labs. That’s right, it wasn’t a typo. I said Cisco. Remember space/time continuum. In Star Labs, Barry has little reason to show restraint. Now he’s answering everything before the respective speaker can even say it. Then Wells asks Barry for ‘a moment’. Wells wants nothing to do with knowing what Barry experienced during his one day of temporal reversion. Barry is to do day 2 the same exact way he did day 1, to keep time intact.

I have a feeling we will be referencing a check list. Cisco is not dead yet, check. Now Captain Singh also not dead yet, check. Joe plans on doing whatever it takes to not rupture the space/time continuum. And just like that, Barry disregards his instructions. He races to the Marden location that Joe will be ripped from later, and snatches Marden right then. They lock up Marden at Star Labs and Wells is not happy.

If seeing Marden again wasn’t deja vu’ey enough, Captain Cold and Mick Rory are back taking down a local mafia family.

Barry is trying to replicate the speed that sent him back when Joe walks in, not looking terribly pleased. Joe wanted to take down Marden and Barry is keeping a very big something from him. Barry’s response to that, “you’re just going to have to trust me”.

At Cisco’s brother’s birthday party (to which Caitlin offered to join) things are going just as Cisco predicted. His family is… …an adjective I’d rather not use presently. Dante (the brother) apparently is a musical prodigy of some sort. So being a young, brilliant, man of science (Cisco) is underachieving.

Barry meets Linda for their lunch date and she dives right into another relationship conversation some might believe should be had in the abstract. Because Barry doesn’t “burn for her”, that seems to be that. Barry redirects his attention towards Iris. Probably to save her from finding out he’s the Flash later in the episode as opposed to just trying to steal her away from Eddie.

Cisco gets hit on by an attractive structural engineer. Cisco’s great and all, but even he’s probably thinking he’s out kicked the coverage on this one. My spidey-sense is going crazy. And as it turns out, accurately so. This woman is the sister to none other than, Captain Cold. This was all a rouse. A rouse to get Cisco to make the heat and cold guns again, and if not, bad things with happen to brother Dante. And now, even sister Snart has a Cisco original.

Wells has said repeatedly in this episode that time has a way of correcting the rift in the space/time continuum. Barry saved Joe and prevented the tidal wave. At some point in the future, something will be taken from Barry to balance the scales. We are seeing what that something is. Unlike last week, nothing has changed for Iris. The realization that she indeed has feelings for Barry, is not happening now. He’s trying to anticipate what he believes will happen. Can you feel the string unraveling?

The Snarts hit the mob run casino. Not for the money, but for a statement. Barry shows up to foil the plans. He turns the gold gun on sister Lisa. Then Cold informs Barry of the status of Cisco. Threatening to mail frozen pieces of him back to his family. Joe arrives on the scene and Barry gives him the bad news. Barry tries to leave when Eddie cold cocks him with a punch that could be seen as a cheap shot.

At Star Labs, Barry desperately needs to talk to someone about the variance between this today and the previous one. Wells eventually permits it. Iris’ feelings aren’t jarred loose because the tidal wave never came, Joe was never in danger, and Barry doesn’t have to save everyone. The more important detail here is, if all of that is altered from changing some subtle details from repeating yesterday over again, then what would the carnage look like if Barry goes back 15 years and prevents the death of his mother?

Awaiting their fate, Cisco and Dante have the kind of conversation that tends to bring siblings together. Dante lied about Cisco’s future plans in order to steal away what should have been Cisco’s future girlfriend. Even going so far to admit the favored son is really a sham. A jealous, fearful brother living a lie. Dante decides to try to make amends for living a fearful life and makes a run at Mick, which fails miserably. All culminating to the question Cisco can’t, or at least shouldn’t answer. Even if the match to the fuse is the health of his concert pianist brother’s frozen fingers. Who is the Flash?

When Cisco arrives at Star Labs he comes clean on how he’s free. Barry reassured him that he is not at fault, Barry is. Then Cisco in a manner of speaking falls on his own sword. Claiming that he doesn’t deserve to be in Star Labs, and leaves. Before he can collect his stuff and leave, Wells escorts Cisco to the very place where Wells killed Cisco in the previous version of today. Except this time, the speech from Wells is about being human. Then there comes the reference to seeing Cisco as the son he never had. Which I believe will come back up in a future episode. Also the ‘choosing between two people you love’ feels like the show runners tipping their hand.

The casino job was not intended to be a robbery. Protocol dictates that when a casino gets hit, the money needs to be moved. Snart knew that and was waiting for them to move the money and thus leave said money vulnerable away from the security of the casino. Barry arrives in time to prevent this from becoming a bad Fast and Furious scene.

Barry runs Snart into a secluded forest so they can talk. A relative stalemate. Snart has the ability to release Barry’s identity remotely. Barry is not going to permit Snart to reign free. So the compromise is that Snart and all of his people do what they do without killing anyone again, or Barry gladly trades his anonymity to take them down.

Barry heads to the coffee shop in what looks like an attempt to make things right with Eddie. To his surprise, Caitlin has been doing the heavy lifting convincing them that Barry suffers from occasional Lightening Psychosis. Or side effects from being struck by lightning. And they buy it hook, line and sinker. Here’s a random thought, as a man who is closer to his forties than his twenties, I’d like to ask why the CW thinks twenty somethings all drink that much coffee. There isn’t a single other place friends can meet? Just coffee?

The Reverse Flash pays a visit to the seasoned reporter looking to expose Harrison Wells. Pretty straight forward, he gets the guy to give up that all he knows is on his computer’s hard drive. Which gets wiped, by hand actually. Then Mason, the reporter, is killed in the same fashion as Cisco previously, but in reverse.

Barry and Wells are alone in Star Labs having a very typical conversation when Barry begins to tell Wells about Mason Bridge’s pursuit to prove that Wells is not what he says he is. Just then a news report appears on Barry’s screen that Mason Bridge is reported missing. Barry abruptly ends the conversation and leaves. This marks the first time that Barry has become skeptical of Wells. Then Barry asks Joe to meet him in his lab.

Barry: I think you were right about Wells.
Joe: Which part?
Barry: All of it…

The Flash: Priorities Take A Back Seat To Urgency

Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Welcome back into the fold. It has been 42 days or roughly 5 weeks since a new Flash episode. In that time, we at NJATVS have been doing a little digging and discovered some interesting tidbits that we will see on The Flash in the immediate to near future. Exciting stuff. If you are a diehard comic book tv/movie fan, chances are you do the same thing and are anticipating some of these plot points as we are. The short version is for those not actively looking or trying to avoid spoilers (despite the warning), our story should begin to pick up speed (pun intended) and the story you know now should begin to create and peel back some new layers. Now, it’s time to we were formally introduced to “the Rogues”.

On the familiar runway (used for training purposes) Barry attempts to improve his agility by dodging bullets that Cisco is firing remotely from a remote-controlled drone. The Amazon.com kind not the U.S. Military kind. Eventually even firing a missile in his direction. Cisco fires the missile but Barry isn’t running. As it gets closer, Wells comes dangerously close to outing himself almost standing up, as he gets lost in the excitement of the moment. At the last possible moment, Barry jumps and spins catching the missile and redirecting its trajectory making the drone the missiles new target.

‘The Rogues’ make their entrance tonight right through the garage door of a very nice garage. For anyone not familiar with the rogues or missed their first appearance on this show, they are played by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. If those names sound familiar, they should. These two played the leading brother in Prison Break. The garage break in was an attempt lure the Flash, but the Flash didn’t come in a timely fashion so the rogues left.

At the crime scene, it takes Barry less than a minute to figure out that the steel garage door was frozen before it broke and that Snart (Wentworth Miller) was back in town.

At the precinct, Iris and Eddie casually discuss the big ‘move in’. Barry enters and attempts to ignore them before asking where Joe might be. At this point in the journey, I have a significant problem with Iris, especially now. Barry opened up to her as he should have done years ago. Her response was to sit in Eddie’s lap during a Christmas party at the West residence where Iris knew Barry would attend. Now she’ sitting on Eddie’s desk and making out like the back stairwell at a middle school.

Barry runs up to his lab where Joe is going over the Snart file. Barry informs him that he won’t be actively helping on the Snart case. Barry wants to focus as much attention as he can afford on getting faster for the next encounter with the Reverse Flash. Star Labs will assist the police but Barry will be training. Barry essentially puts his foot down, which was almost cute.

Iris and Joe share a moment as she prepares to move and Joe has difficulty preparing for a home without his little girl. Barry shows up. Joe thinks he’s there to help pack. He’s there because Iris has something for him. A backpack from his past. Which predictably or ironically is about 90% varsity red and 10% yellow gold, because that in no way reflects the comic book color breakdown of the Flash’s suit. Inside is what Iris calls his ‘nerd kit’. Inside he pulls out a Space Ghost comic. Yes, I paused it in slow mo. I don’t think Space Ghost is particularly relevant, but the fact that it was a comic book is. Iris leaves for work but the awkwardness between them is tangible. The second, she’s gone Joe asks for a little clarity on the matter.

Barry: I told Iris.
Joe: You told Iris you’re The Flash?!
Barry: I told her how I felt about her…
Joe (pauses): …Oh God…

Upon Iris’ departure for work, she claimed she would clean up all the boxes later, when she got back. After Barry and Joe considered the aftermath of ‘telling her how I felt’, Joe looks to Barry and says, “now you know she isn’t going to clean up this mess anytime soon”. Barry agreed and paused. Joe tilted his head and Barry got the hint. 10 seconds or so later, there was a nice and neat pile of boxes by the door.

At the precinct, Cisco gives a resounding (as much as could be expected from Cisco) speech about what they have designed for the PD and graciously responds to the group of cops who question why they should trust anything from Star Labs. Afterwards, Joe speaks to Wells. Joe knows Barry better than anyone else. So when he put his foot down about prioritizing who he can help, Joe felt something was up. Joe let Wells know in no uncertain terms that it sounds like Wells pulling the strings.

Barry shows up at Star Labs to find Caitlin researching “Firestorm” the last thing Ronnie said to her before he flew away. Then a short conversation about the Iris thing. It dawns on Barry later that maybe Firestorm is an acronym, F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. As it were, the co-author of an 800 page paper on what that acronym stands for is a local grad student.

A private jet lands and a wealthy couple exit the plane. Along with the fire and ice painting Captain Cold is eying that they just bought for 25 million.

Captain Cold: SOMEBODY BETTER CALL 9-1-1

CCPD arrive ready to take on Captain Cold. They are not prepared for Heat Wave. The shields work brilliantly against the elements, but the villainous duo get away. Barry arrives at the precinct amidst all of the chaos. He is apologetic and Joe seems to appreciate that. But Joe wants Barry to make them pay next time. On account of two officers in the burn unit at the hospital.

Cold and Heat Wave have a bit of a stand-off after their job. Cold always the calculating type and Heat Wave the loose cannon seem to have a bit of a difference of philosophy. In the end, they come to an agreement about the Flash as the only speed bump in their way to complete autonomy in Central City.

Caitlin meets with the co-author of the paper and the mere mention of Firestorm makes him uneasy. He shares a fair amount with her. Drops Professor Stein’s name (just tuck that away for now) and the nature of the work. Skipping steps and practical simulations. This co-author is paranoid, but maybe not paranoid enough. When Caitlin attempts to get in her car, Captain Cold freezes her door. Then Heat Wave grabs her.

Barry and Wells speak. Wells hoping to squash any bad blood for convincing Barry to not help the police. Bad blood that doesn’t exist. Cisco has made a connection from analyzing the output of the respective cold and heat guns. If they cross streams, all Ghostbusters style, the guns would cancel each other out. Barry gets a phone call from Joe. We don’t know what was said, but Barry’s demeanor gradually changed and without warning, he bolted out of Star Labs. Guessing Joe told him about Caitlin.

Taking Caitlin was a mistake. One done intentionally, but now, Barry is back on the ‘take down Snart’ bandwagon. As Snart intended. While at the precinct, Joe and Barry watch as Cold has taken over all channels to show Caitlin and draw out Barry.

Joe calls Barry who is now at Star Labs to give him the green light. Then Joe impresses upon Barry the gravity of what’s about to happen.

Joe: Barry, after tonight, everyone’s going to know the Flash exists. You ready for that?
Barry: I’ll see you soon…

Barry arrives and engages the duo without uttering a single word. His strategy is to run around in a manner that will get them to cross their streams, and thus neutralizing the effectiveness of their respective guns. Meanwhile, Joe and Cisco follow a lead to Caitlin’s location. Problem is Heat Wave boobie-trapped the door. Cisco does trip the wire, but Joe is able to tackle Caitlin to safety.

Barry’s strategy is starting to work. These two are recklessly firing their streams up buildings and across streets and coming dangerously close to crossing. Until Barry gets hit with the Cold stream. This momentarily renders his leg useless. Cold and Heat Wave advance on him. They raise their guns for the kill shot when Eddie Thawne jumps in front of him with the treated riot shield. It allows Barry to use those precious moments to get away and move Eddie to safety.

New strategy. Go slower not faster. Or put simply, let them hit you. Which he does. Barry is visibly in pain, but walks in a straight line. They keep their respective streams on him. Then at the right moment, Barry runs away, leaving their streams connected. Both guns explode moments later. Cold attempts to get to his exploded gun. Barry is there to prevent that and to insist that there won’t be a second engagement. Eddie walks over just behind Barry gun fixed on Cold. Barry actually takes the time and consideration to thank Eddie. Which is saying something considering what Eddie represents on the Iris front.

The following day is moving day. Its awkward which is to be expected. When Eddie takes the final box outside, Barry ‘cheesily’ finds a way to put Iris’ mind at ease and express that he thinks she and Eddie will be happy. Thus, removing the burden of awkwardness. When they leave, the scene gets hokey. The father has to see his 20-something daughter move out of the house for the first time. In the moments that follow Joe and Barry come to the quick conclusion that all would be almost right with the world if Barry moved back in to Joe’s house.

The transport to Iron Side Prison carrying Cold and Heat Wave is intercepted. Heat Wave is sure they are finished and this is alarming. Cold is not surprised in the least. It’s all part of the plan. The rear doors swing open and Cold greets their rescuer.

Captain Cold: Hey sis.