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The Flash: Leveling The Playing Field

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While the team tries to regroup after the events of last week, Cisco has been doing some prying. Under Wells’ wheel chair, Cisco found what looks like a four-pronged flux capacitor. Wells (reverse flash) is faster than Barry because he has been juicing himself regularly with a futuristic power source. While Cisco explains this, an alert begins to sound. The particle accelerator is powering back up.

Joe, Barry and Cisco head down to the makeshift prison thinking that Wells has been in the building the entire time. Cisco brings a cup of orange soda. Every time the Reverse Flash is around, liquid floats. Barry’s fish tank just to name one. They open the main door downstairs and as predicted, Cisco’s soda begins to float out of its cup.

Wells races out of there in a blur and Barry pursues. Meanwhile, Wells triggered an auto release function, releasing at least one of the meta-humans they caught. This particular meta-human is Shawna (aka Peek-A-Boo), the teleporter. She gets out locking Joe and Cisco inside and chasing after Caitlin. She has Caitlin in a compromised position when Iris shows up and knocks her out.

After cleaning up this latest Wells mess, Joe faintly hears something in the distance. Wells was keeping Eddie captive in Star Labs. Eddie looks bad. Not even enough strength to walk on his own. While Joe lifts Eddie out, Iris finds the engagement ring intended for her.

The nugget that in the future Iris marries Barry seems to be in the front of his mind. He’s relieved to be out, but there is something lingering that keeps him distant. He spoke of a metallic tube that Wells claimed was the key. Cisco has now found said tube. The tube is powering the particle accelerator. The new big problem is that the meta-humans will die if the accelerator powers up with them still in there. Ironheights can’t handle meta-humans. Barry gets the idea to transport them to the same island where Oliver Queen was stranded that began the Arrow story line.

Joe seeks an audience with the D.A. to hopefully get her consent to clear a route to transport these unlawfully detained meta-humans out of the city. As predicted, she did not warm to the idea. Barry arrives in a dive bar where Captain Cold just so happens to be enjoying a beverage. Barry would like to have a chat. Barry needs Snart’s help to escort these 5 meta-humans out of the city. But it’s going to cost. The price is still not fleshed out.

Iris confronts Eddie on his way to work. He’s clearly changed since his abduction. She pushes the issue as she tends to do. She even pulls out the ring box and asks if he was trying to propose when he was taken. Then Eddie tells her of the future. A future where she marries Barry, not him.

Joe is not on board with helping Snart. Snart’s price by the way is every single iota of information that creates a trail that he ever existed wiped away. Dental records, criminal records, the whole shebang. Barry feels he cannot stop Wells. Not that he hasn’t but that he can’t. Saving these five people from certain death, is something he can do.

Cisco has retrofitted a big rig with a power source that should render the meta-humans powerless during commute. The prisoners have all awakened and aren’t exactly getting along. The big rig approaches an air field. Would you like to venture a guess as to which air field. I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. Ferris Air. And in one quick thought, Barry Allen just introduced Green Lantern into the CW/DC television universe.

Snart: Ferris Air…? I thought this place got shut down?
Barry: It did. One of its test pilots disappeared.

While the team waits on the aircraft, the prisoners grow agitated around the same time Cisco’s rig begins to malfunction. The meta-humans aren’t going to be powerless for long. Just like that Marden, using lightning takes down the inbound plane before it can land. They break out of the trailer and its meta-humans vs. bullets. Two of them bear down on Barry. In the chaos Snart fires his freeze gun at one of the meta-humans. But doesn’t fire on the other two. Snart intends to let them walk.

Iris approaches Eddie again in an attempt to salvage their relationship. He’s not interested in her “I choose my own fate” mentality. Eddie’s decision has not come from one single look into the future. It’s an honest realization to himself.

Eddie: This isn’t about the future, Iris. This is about here. Now. Today. Ever since the very beginning, there’s been three people in this relationship. You. Me. And Barry.
Iris: That is not true.
Eddie: You can deny it all you want. but Barry knows it, Joe knows it, and if I’m going to be completely honest with myself…I knew. I always knew. I guess I thought I could love you enough to change things.

Wells approaches Star Labs on foot while Barry and the team watch on a monitor. Everyone warns him against it, but Barry races out of there anyway. Face to face, Wells begins monologuing about what he’s done and not done and how Barry can’t beat him. Then Firestorm descends landing on Barry’s side of the invisible line of demarcation. Wells finds this slightly humorous. Then Arrow jumps down landing on the other side of Barry mirroring Firestorm.

Barry: I don’t care how fast you are, you can fight all of us.
Wells: Oh trust me, this is going to be fun.

Wells raises his arm and from inside a yellow ring flies the actual yellow suit allowing Wells to run into it. He and Barry race around in circles while Arrow and Firestorm watch from the sidelines. Wells gets the upper hand which allows Arrow to shoot Wells in the leg. His arrow using some tech designed by Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) and is currently draining Wells of his ability to use his speed. Wells and Arrow engage in hand to hand fighting at normal speeds.

Probably due to Wells’ ability (like Barry) to heal quickly, the arrow’s effect didn’t last as long as desired. Wells makes a cheesy reference to the history books and slowly begins to kill Oliver Queen by jamming his hand into Oliver’s chest. But Barry grabs him at full speed before he can. Banking on Wells arrogance, Barry gets him to give chase. At the right time, Firestorm lights him up. Wells falls from the apex of the Star Labs building all the way down landing and crushing a car. Then Arrow hits him again with one of his tech arrows. This time Wells seems down for the count.

Barry thanks his friends for the assistance. And it wouldn’t be a comic book adaptation production without some sort of cryptic easter egg type of drop. Here’s a spoiler alert wrap inside a spoiler alert. The CW has officially ordered a pilot season for a project titled “Legends of Tomorrow”. I’m sure this is not breaking news to most of you. It will highlight Flash and Arrow along with a host of other DC Universe good guys and bad guys as the face off amidst an “Unstoppable Threat”. I say all of this to illustrate the importance of Oliver Queen’s last line of this episode.

Barry: I see we’ve abandoned our traditional green?
Oliver: Trying something different. Look, I might need a favor from you…
Barry: Wherever, whenever.

The Flash: I. Am. Grodd. Fear. Me.

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tonight we are blessed with an Iris West monologue voice over, incredible. Can you sense my sarcasm. She is certain that Barry is the Flash and is being rather snooty about it. Eddie is still missing. Iris uses this as an opportunity to lay out that Eddie was taken by the man in yellow to see how Barry will respond. He responds predictably and of course Iris does what Iris does. Takes everything the wrong way.

Someone has been stealing minted gold bricks. The man in question attempts to strike again, looking a little like Deadshot. But this is not Arrow. Or is this just another crossover? Barry confronts the man and walks closer. Suddenly, Barry experiences some sort of painful deja vu. As does our heavily armed masked man. Just then, Iris walks in acting snooty and condescending.

The ensuing conversation did not go well. As expected. Suffice it to say, Iris is completely bent out of shape because everyone close to her knew and she didn’t. She’s also pulling the “its time you all stop protecting me” card.

Eddie is strapped to a chair when Wells climbs down a ladder into that room. Wells so far, has no intention to telling Eddie what his plan is. But that will have to wait. Joe preemptively finds Iris. She stays on her soap box and eventually brings this back around to Joe knowing how Barry felt about her. As if that’s his job, like middle school kids passing notes. There are a lot of insensitive things I’d like to say about the Iris West character, but I will refrain.

The authorities (including Joe) plan to transport some of the gold bars in an ice cream truck to draw out the armed man. And it works. The masked man takes out everyone except Joe. Before Joe can take the shot, Barry shows up and tosses the man into the side of the truck. With the man incapacitated, Joe pulls back his mask. Its General Eiling. Problem is, General Eiling is played by Clancy Brown, not a small guy. Could be a trick, could be bad cinematography, but something doesn’t add up.

Eiling appears to be under some kind of trans. He looks at Barry and mutters ‘The Flash’. Then before they can ask the next question, in that very gravely voice he says, “Eiling not here. Eiling Bad.” He looks over at Caitlin and identifies her as good. This continues until the moment at least half of the viewers were waiting for. Barry asks if you’re not Eiling…?

Eiling: I. Am. Grodd. Fear me.
Barry: What’s a Grodd?

Caitlin’s theory is that somehow, Grodd is using some form of telepathy to control Eiling. There’s also the coincidence that Wells saved Grodd from Eiling. Wells’ particle accelerator exploded releasing Grodd. And Grodd shows up only after Wells/Thawne was outed. Then Iris arrives to inject herself into the situation. Illogically, Iris has an angle that will help. They are in the sewers. A prospect that Cisco is not thrilled to be a part of.

Joe, Barry and Cisco make their way through the sewers finding chalk drawings made by Grodd (he essentially signed them). Then they hear an animal sound. Whatever caused Barry’s deja vu of fear episode, is doing it again. Barry somehow gets thrown against the wall and is out cold when Joe gets pulled up and out of sight. Joe comes to and goes for his gun and he hears heavy footsteps. Then involuntarily turns the gun on himself as the massive Grodd walks in.

Grodd makes him toss the gun and says “Father hate gun”. Grodd sniffs for a moment and Joe pulls out a banana. Grodd did not appreciate that. Apparently he hates bananas. Meanwhile, Eobard decides to let Eddie in on a little of the Thawne bloodline and its future history. Eddie being the only forgotten Thawne in existence. And, to add insult to injury, informs poor Eddie that he doesn’t even get the girl. I feel the creation of a villain emerging.

Cisco and Caitlin create a device for Barry to wear over his head to prevent Grodd’s mind control powers. The flares that Cisco dropped in the sewer are releasing steam into the sewer. Hoping this directs Grodd to a specific section of the sewer, Barry plans to employ the super-sonic punch. Grodd hears Barry coming and charges. In mid-flight he catches Barry’s fist and tosses him. Barry tries hitting him fast and it doesn’t do any damage. Minus the head-gear, Grodd is having a field day in Barry’s head. Then Iris steps in and speaks to him from Star Labs. “Stand up to him. Do it for me.”

He waits for a moment, then Grodd leaps at him in a very animalist attack. Barry waits until the last possible heartbeat and runs away. Just as a subway train takes Grodd abruptly out of the picture. Barry finds Joe an instant later.

The connection that Grodd had on Eiling has since dissipated and Barry releases him. They have a short and almost impolite conversation. Eiling has known about Barry being the Flash for a while with no intention of taking him down. Now Eiling is off to hunt Gorilla.

Barry finds Iris in her special spot and they have a heart to heart. A scene I could do without considering how bi-polar Iris has been this episode. Off in the distance of the not quite love confession, Grodd climbs up a building channeling his inner King Kong. He gets to the top, turns and leaps out…

Wells finishes working on something and says out loud that he’s got it, the key. He climbs up the ladder into a dark corridor. Then he sticks this cylindrical ‘key’ into a hole in cement. The key light up the corridor. I’d say it looks like Star Labs but it kind of doesn’t. Then he looks down the long massive hallway.

Wells: Time to go home.

The Flash: Accept The Balance

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

When we last left Central City, the STAR Labs team devised a plan to separate Dr. Stein from Ronnie. The result of which was a nuclear blast. Digital read out confirms there is next to no radiation. Barry picks up Caitlin and they run back into the blast zone. Just inside the cloud we find Ronnie, clothes half burned off. Nothing like making out amidst nuclear winter, at least in their immediate radius.

Dr. Stein: Excuse me. Obviously, I’ll need a change of clothes.

The Ronnie reunion is exactly what you might expect. Broke up by Dr. Stein’s slight condescension towards the moment.

General Eiling’s men are all over the blast zone. With nothing more than two different foot prints, Eiling deduces that it was Firestorm and it has separated.

At Star Labs, the joy of a reunion has begun to wear thin. Now Ronnie and Dr. Stein are exchanging pleasantries about their respective experience as one. Barry agrees to take Dr. Stein home. Stein doesn’t know how to play it, Barry accurately predicts he won’t have to say anything at all.

Joe has something he needs to show Barry, if you remember last episode you know exactly what it is. Barry walks into his old childhood home and you can tell its been a very long time. Joe turns on the machine that Cisco set up to reveal the 3D imaging. He points out the blood spatter. He tells him about the blood and how it belongs to Barry. Adult Barry. He puts two and two together to discover that the second speedster was fighting the first speedster and the second speedster is The Flash.

At the lab, Dr. Wells tries to explain how time travel is theoretically plausible, but comes with it a myriad of hurdles. Each one of which, Cisco has to relate to a popular movie (Terminator, Back to the Future) in order for Joe to make any sense of it. Predictably, Wells is only giving up so much. Cisco suggests there is one other person they could talk to about time travel. I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one.

Iris’ mentor suggests to her that the particle accelerator was not an accident. And while he doesn’t know a thing that goes on at Star Labs, Iris knows people who do.

Barry pays a visit to the Stein’s. All is well. Within reason. Dr. Stein has been excited about pizza. A compulsion more suited to Ronnie than Stein. Side effects perhaps? Regardless, Barry asks about time travel and trips Stein’s intrigue. He takes Barry into his home office and begins to explain his theory. Long and short of it is the space-time continuum is a malleable thing that operates like a highway. All you have to do is access an on ramp. Then Stein jumps right into going back to the World’s Fair of 1893.

Stein: What about you? Would you be interested in taking a trip into history?
Barry: I think…that I already have.

The prospect is exciting to Stein, but depressing for Barry. If its true, if its possible for Barry to move fast enough to go back in time, there is only one conclusion to draw. If he was already there, and Nora Allen is not alive today as a result of his interference, Barry concludes that he is destined to fail.

At the coffee shop, Ronnie attempts to convince Caitlin that leaving Central City is the best thing they can do. As she politely pushes back, a red dot appears on Ronnie’s person. He pushes Caitlin towards the door. When the smoke bombs come in, he’s cool, calm and collected. Not in Ronnie’s wheelhouse. Simultaneously, Stein is experiencing a terrified sensation. It seems part of their respective personalities switched on the separation.

Eiling wants Firestorm and has orchestrated this to get it. Barry shows up and takes out Eiling’s team. Before he can take Ronnie out of there, Eiling dispatches a new toy. A box the releases kinetic shrapnel. Stops Barry in his tracks. A van speeds towards them. Ronnie punches Eiling, then grabs Barry and they all escape in the van. At Star Labs it is determined that Ronnie and Stein are experiencing a shared consciousness, which Caitlin believes is next to impossible. Regardless with Eiling on the hunt they need to change their settings.

Barry offers for Caitlin and Ronnie to stay at Joe’s, which Joe seems to be fine with. Then Iris shows up. Then we get that old comedy standard of a group of people trying to lie to one person without any previous practice. “Cousin Sam is visiting from Coast City”.

Wells pays Eiling a visit. Eiling knows Barry’s identity, which is a huge problem for Wells. Eiling wants both of Firestorm and he hints to the idea of ‘those two going at it’. I’m not 100% clear on who he’s referring to, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Joe and Barry have a serious conversation the next morning about the burden of truth, which eventually lead to Wells. Barry again is insisting that Wells is completely innocent of any wrong doing. I really wish Barry and Cisco would quit playing that card.

Wells and Stein meet and talk about vague impressions of their respective work when the accelerator happened. Wells and Stein are having a drink during this. Stein gets light-headed. Wells doesn’t react in the slightest. It was all a setup for Wells to deliver Stein to Eiling. Eiling enters the room to take Stein. “See, we do work well together”. Wells looks stoic and then cracks a smile.

Iris starts digging, thinking she’s seen Ronnie before. Going back into her Flash blog archives she finds a picture she used that showed a man with similar features to Ronnie, on fire. Back as Star Labs, Wells plays the victim. As if Eiling overpowered him and took Stein. Then Ronnie asks, “how do we find him?” Kind of a dumb question under the circumstances.

Connected to a machine, Ronnie has trouble sensing Stein. Then he feels a strong sensation of cold. Stein is being held in a very cold room. Eiling plans to poke the bear so to speak with electrocution. Even mutters, “the last time I did this, it was to a gorilla”. For any fans just taking the ride with no context, that was a clear reference to Gorilla Grodd. And about the fourth reference to date.

Ronnie feels every wave of pain Stein feels. When the wave ends, Ronnie asks for water. He breaks the glass and begins cutting his own arm. What he writes appears on Stein’s arm Then Stein uses Morse Code in his head to answer the question on his arm of “Where”? Army base #27. Closed down in the 60’s.

Sensing a gun to Stein’s head, Barry races in and removes Stein just as Eiling pulls the trigger. They are outside the facility for not even 20 seconds when a vehicle approaches. A man with a bazooka emerges and fires. Barry runs to catch the projectile. It then releases a chemical that begins to burn Barry’s suit. You can’t burn in a vacuum. Wait for it…

Wells: Run Barry Run!

The two halves of Firestorm are cornered. There is literally no option but to re-merge. Except this time, Wells suggests they accept the balance. Don’t fight each others presence, embrace it. They merge almost effortlessly. Now it feels more like Ronnie at the controls and Stein at mission control. This new partnership seems to work well. Firestorm takes out Eiling’s entire team. But he still has a trick up his sleeve. Another little grenade like toy. Just when his little ion bomb does its thing and before Eiling can shoot ‘him’, Barry takes him out. Ronnie takes to flight, and Barry races back to Star Labs.

At the lab, both of Firestorm are willing to attempt another separation. Not holding my breath. As it were, the separation not only worked, but with little issue. And no mushroom cloud. Now the next step is to get both parts of Firestorm far away from Eiling’s purview. And that apparently means Pittsburgh? So we have Central City, Coastal City, Starling City and Pittsburgh? In cryptic parting words, Stein suggests to Barry that he will get his second chance. The two merge and fly off.

Iris comes snooping around again, this time directly to Caitlin. Inquiring about her ‘cousin’. The next scene is Iris dropping an 8×10 of Ronnie’s head on fire. Suggesting that her ‘burning man’ may have worked at Star Labs. I really need them to come to a boiling point where Barry has to reveal his secret identity to Iris to get her to stop.

Barry takes Joe back to scene of the crime, his old house. Someday soon he believes he will be able to come back to this house, fifteen years in the past.

Barry: When I face off against the man in yellow, I won’t make the same mistake twice.
Joe: You’re going to change the past?
Barry: Joe, I’m going to save my Mom.

Eiling attempts to have a drink in his Army base #27 bunker. The lights flicker and a flash takes him away dropping him in a sewer. It’s the Reverse Flash. He removes his mask to reveal Harrison Wells. A curious thing happened next. Harrison Wells admits to being a meta-human and said, “and I protect my own”. Most of us are under the impression that the Reverse Flash is building up Barry just to destroy him later. What if the Reverse Flash really is a good guy in the end? Keep in mind, I am no Flash historian, but I am trying to keep all options open. Then Eiling keeps hearing a familiar voice. Once he does the math and Wells refers to that voice as an old friend, Eiling figures it out.

Eiling: Oh God…
Grodd: No. GRODD!
(Then Grodd grabs Eiling and tears out of there)

The Flash: Dynamics Are Changing And Bigger Bad Guys Are Emerging

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Cisco: Dude. That was insane. I mean, even I’m having a hard time getting mad at you for dirtying up my suit.
Barry: Alright, when are we going to start considering it ‘my suit’?
Cisco: I could be comfortable calling it, our suit.

A mystery woman teleports into a prison. I’d love to say it was more than this, but just a jail break for love. Or at least that’s all it looks like at this point. The next morning, Barry is in the prison doing his forensic work. He tells Joe that he found some residual organic particulates. Or in other words when this mystery woman teleports she leaves pieces of herself. Then Joe walks into the cell revealing Henry Allen (Barry’s father). Probably the first moment they’ve had together without security glass between them.

Cisco cannot part with what Hartley said last week. Ronnie is out there and suffering from something. Despite everything telling him that letting Hartley out is a bad idea, Cisco cannot help himself. The risk/reward is too great to ignore. When they exit the building, Hartley makes it RiddleFest ’15 and eventually tries to flee Cisco. A fight ensues as Cisco actually does alright. Luckily he was carrying a remote that controls Hartley’s ear tech.

There is a robbery in progress. You guessed it, teleporting Bonnie and Clyde. Barry arrives in time to see Shauna putting the money bags in the trunk of the car. She’s arrogant about her powers and challenges Barry to catch her. Which he does. Repeatedly. But she just keeps teleporting out of it. Her male counterpart arrives and attempts to shoot Barry. He’s able to catch the bullet but not before it digs into his neck a little. Then he drops in a cheesy dig at Superman, a character he has yet to encounter based on this particular show’s timeline.

Caitlin: This is a bullet wound, you’re lucky it just barely broke the skin.
Barry: Guess I’m a lot faster than a speeding bullet.

Speeding Bullet

Barry leaves to meet up with Iris and help save her job as a Flash reporter when those plans are foiled by a previous Eddie related dinner date. Barry calls up Caitlin to see what bars our bad couple used to frequent. Caitlin decides to join him. With a quirky smile. If Caitlin is to move on from Ronnie, that means looking to other men as options. Cisco really isn’t an option so the next closest option is Barry. She goes to meet Barry, and Barry notices her immediately in a way one doesn’t notice co-workers. The black outfit didn’t hurt.

Hartley is assisting Cisco in trying to discover what exactly happened to Ronnie. He keeps bringing up Dr. Stein. Eventually there is video footage of Stein at the accelerator. Stein a scientist who specializes in making two things one, merged himself and Ronnie. Then while Cisco was distracted, Hartley removed his ear tech, snapped it, and the result normally in Hartley’s head is now in Cisco’s.

After a karaoke performance that I refused to sit through, Caitlin decides to use the ladies room. Based on how drunk she seems, I’m guessing to throw up. Then “Linda” (Park-you might want to tuck that name away in the back of your mind) approaches the bar and starts talking up Barry. She even pulls out her phone to show him an app that instantly puts her phone number in his phone. Lame but effective. Caitlin didn’t go to the restroom to throw up. That came after returning from the restroom.

Side note:  Why is Linda Park giving her number to Barry Allen?  New fans of The Flash might not understand my meaning.  By all means feel free to Google it if you’d like, but my understanding is that Linda Park becomes Mrs. Wally West.  Wally being ‘A Flash’, but not the Barry Allen Flash.  It might be a small detail, but one that I hope they clarify in some way later.

The man holding the debt our bad couple is attempting to pay back is very intrigued to discover Shauna’s ability. Then Joe busts through the door with SWAT. The raid is effective until the last second. They teleport away. Again.

Barry rushes Caitlin back home who is still very drunk. Barry does the gentlemanly thing and turns on the lights making sure she doesn’t fall or anything. Caitlin does what single people do when they arrive home alone. She starts undressing. Which Barry doesn’t seem to mind. His better instincts kick in and he turns around as to not see something she will regret him seeing tomorrow. She looks up and asks for a little help. Barry undresses her and then dresses her in pajamas in about 2 seconds flat. Probably so he wouldn’t see something she would regret he saw tomorrow.

Caitlin (still very drunk): There you go again. Saving me from that evil dress.
(Barry moves her towards her bed)
Caitlin: Did you sneak a peek? At my goods?
Barry: I wouldn’t be much of a hero if I did.

Barry waits at the Star Labs entrance for Caitlin. Hung over doesn’t quite cover it. When they approach the control room, Wells sits sternly in his wheelchair and tells them that Cisco has something to tell them. The first part is the Hartley misstep. The second and much more important part is the why. It wasn’t for Caitlin, not directly. Cisco comes clean on what he did that night in the accelerator and how he has always felt responsible for Ronnie’s fate. Instead of hitting him or yelling at him or anything predictable, Caitlin does none of that. She tells Cisco that if Ronnie were here, he would say Cisco did the right thing.

After devising a plan to remove Shauna’s ability to see where she’s going, Barry gets a phone call. His Dad has been stabbed. Henry Allen asked around the prison yard for information that might help Barry and Joe. After which Barry made him swear to stop the “cop stuff”. Despite Barry’s warnings, Henry was not going to pass up an opportunity to be useful. Even if that meant taking a beating for it.

Barry convinces his Dad to tell him who beat him. He races over there and removes this ‘Julius’ from his cell taking him outside the fence line. Julius is concerned with the added years they might apply to his sentence for attempting to escape. The sirens from the prison sound and Barry decides to have a little fun with Julius. Julius spills the details of this new heist, which was happening right then. Barry takes off, leaving Julius to get caught trying to escape.

Barry finds the couple fleeing their latest score and engages Shauna. The fight doesn’t go in Barry’s favor. They begin to drive off when Wells reminds Barry to limit her field of vision. So while they are still in tunnel, Barry uses wrenches to take out all the lights. When Barry finally got to her, Shauna sat dejected in the car alone.

Shauna: He left me.

Barry and Caitlin have a conversation after locking up Shauna. But it’s not the conversation it should be. They both decide they need to move on passed the people they’ve individually been hung up on. It gets awkward and Barry leaves. But Caitlin gets that look on her face that women get when the wheels in their head start turning.

Next Barry shows up at Iris’ paper, but not to see her. Barry called Linda and set up a date. (‘Bout time Barry).

Afterwards, Barry goes to visit his Dad who is still in the infirmary. Henry shows Barry a newspaper that has The Flash’s picture on the front page. Henry tells a story about how The Flash saved Joe in front of him and Barry shakes it off as if it were a story he heard. Then the bit about Julius. Barry tries to pivot and suggest that if he were The Flash, his Dad would know it. Then their conversation becomes one in the abstract. They both know, but neither calling it out. They both get teary.

Henry: Well, if the Flash were my son, I’d tell him a few things. First off, I’d tell him its a dangerous world…so be careful. Then I’d tell him he’s a hero and he’s saving a lot of lives. But the most important thing for him to know, is that his father’s proud of him.

Two city workers venture down into the sewer for what has to be maintenance. They point flashlights on the cement walls. Where one very important “Flash” word/name has been scratched in. “G-R-O-D-D”. From the darkness, Grodd pulls these men down and out of view. The image of Grodd is still very limited. He has now appeared in two episodes for a total of maybe 30 seconds. But any Flash historian will tell you (which I am not), the appearance of Grodd is huge. Wells is a character made up for this series. Firestorm is potentially a big bad, but would peril in comparison to Grodd.

Courtesy of The CW and DC Comics
Courtesy of The CW and DC Comics