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Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

In the aftermath of Jiaying’s ploy to start a war and pin its fallout on Gonzalez, Skye tells Simmons to leave. This is about to get ugly. Simmons reports to Coulson with bad news. Gordon and an associate teleport onto a Quinjet and take out the one asset in the plane and removes another. The associate takes off in the Quinjet and hovers it over Afterlife. Then opens fire. Tempers rise culminating in a standoff between May and Skye. Both thinking the other’s side provoked this. Cue the student vs teacher fight.

After Skye and Lincoln are asked to leave Jiaying so she can rest, Skye goes straight for Raina. Raina saw this coming. Skye wants answers and Raina is enjoying this a little too much. While beating around the bush in a metaphorical sense, Raina divulges that Jiaying is “not leading our people, she’s misleading them. You’re destined to lead, not her.”

Gordon has returned with the SHIELD agent from the hijacked Quinjet. Gordon apparently knows all about Jiaying’s plan. The SHIELD agent is there to aid Jiaying in her healing. She apologizes then puts a hand on either side of his head and drains his life-force from him body.

Ward and Kara kidnapped Bobbi for the basic satisfaction of forcing a confession from Bobbi. Bobbi was directly responsible for the torture Kara suffered at the hand of Hydra. Or so they think.

Jiaying welcomes Skye after she’s had some time to heal. Skye is worried and conflicted. Jiaying is certain the only way to secure their safety is to stop hiding and take the fight to SHIELD. She then puts the gift from Gonzalez in her hand.

Jiaying (to Skye): Bring this back to me if you decide to join our fight.

Coulson has pieced together enough to know that Jiaying orchestrated this entire thing. Then Hunter and Fitz come in to explain how that was not the only example of SHIELD getting played. Agent 33 disguised herself as May and escorted Bobbi to the Quinjet. Hunter and May depart.

Ward has drugged Bobbi with a cocktail that will keep her from feeling the pain he is inflicting. Then wear off in time for her to feel all of it. She just needs to ‘confess her sins’. She gives no apology, only an explanation. She made a decision to compromise a safe house in order to save the lives of 12 agents. It’s the right call and one she’d gladly make again.

The ‘Council’ wants to dive in with guns blazing, but Coulson will not consider it until he has more information. Ironically, Mack walks into the frame and for maybe the first time, agrees with Coulson. Coulson visits Cal in their holding cell to gauge what’s really going on. Cal plays the part as we assume he was instructed to. The viles he took before being detained Simmons almost has a grasp on. A number of random ingredients, none of which belong together. She believes it is his lackluster attempt at a super strength serum. Any normal person would be in the hospital. He should be dead.

Jiaying meets with Raina in private. Raina has seen the plan play out. And to Jiaying’s dismay, she relays the information that they only way the Inhumans survive is not with either or Jiaying or Raina, but Skye. Skye is the key. Raina gets a little bold and a little too ‘matter of fact’ for what she is and what she knows for Jiaying’s liking. Raina tells her that her people will see her for what she is, even in the darkness. Jiaying says no they won’t and stabs Raina in the throat. Thinking her plan is still intact, she turns to discover that Skye witnessed the whole thing.

Following the commercial break, Skye confronts Jiaying. And in one fell swoop, all the tumblers fell into place. Skye knows that Jiaying killed Raina and then immediately pieced together that she killed Gonzalez, intentionally to start a war. Jiaying did not deny it. Instead of listening to reason, Jiaying has Skye knocked unconscious, for her own good. I was starting to like Jiaying until last week.

At the holding cell, Cal is becoming increasingly strange. The increased dosage of his serum is affecting him. After some odd discussion, Coulson comes to the realization that Cal is there to take out SHIELD Agents. Or in his words, as many as he can.

May and Hunter have tracked the stolen Quinjet to Spain. The pain inhibitor cocktail Ward gave Bobbi is wearing off and the pain is visible. The long needles Ward has run under her finger nails and down the length of her fingers is figuratively as painful to see as it might be to feel. Bobbi tries to get into Ward’s head when he leans in to say “You don’t know me”. After she says “yes I do” she breaks free from her shackles, slams Ward’s head on the table and kicks him with both feet across the room. The fight sequence is significant. Kara even joins in the fun. Gaining the upper hand, Ward clocks her in the back of the head then from the looks of it, snaps her femur.

Ward: Do you have something to say to Kara?
Bobbi: Yeah. I’d do it all over again.

With a gun in hand pointed at Bobbi, Kara hesitates. “This isn’t right”. The satisfaction of remorse is not there. Bobbi’s willing to die for the cause, which does nothing for Kara’s closure issue.

Coulson and Cal are still at it, at least verbally. Cal cannot see the deception from his wife as being a bigger monster than anything Cal can or has done. Then the serum causes Cal to flatline. They take him out of the cell (causing me to yell at my television). Fitz and Simmons try to bring him back. They give him an adrenaline shot that wakes him up in a hurry. He flips off the gurney. Then in dramatic fashion slow rises. His finger nails are black and pointy. His facial bone structure is inflated.

Cal: You were looking for a monster…?

Locked in the lab, Cal is growing his rage. Apparently, the adrenaline was the missing ingredient. It doesn’t take long for him to break through the door. Coulson, Fitz and Simmons fire night-night rounds into his torso, but it only seems to slow him down. Coulson orders Fitz and Simmons to leave.

Bobbi’s sim card in her cell phone has reactivated. It’s a trap and Hunter and May know it. Bobbi is shackled again and even muzzled this time.

Positioned behind a door and Ward has set up some sort of Gatling gun rig pointed at said door. If Bobbi has no regard for her life, they’ll take someone’s close to her.

In the secret big black magic boulder room, SHIELD has doubled the guards. That doesn’t stop Gordon from transporting two of his men to take them out. An unidentified Inhuman woman walks towards Mack in the hallway. Before she gets to him, she begins splitting into multiple clones of herself. Lincoln appears which brings our Inhuman count to 5. The moment Agent Weaver asks a colleague if they have anyone else below still fighting, we see Mack donning some heavy gear. Mack will redeem himself to me if he goes all John McClane here.

Jiaying arrives aboard the SHIELD ship. Gordon informs her that anyone left unaccounted for will be found shortly. She opens a briefcase that reveals a number of the same Diviner crystals that she used to execute Gonzalez.

Coulson is able to pin Cal to the wall with an SUV. There he decides to have a seemingly one way conversation. Suggesting that Jiaying is a monster of a soul and Cal knows it. Everything Cal did was for his family, but this monster he claims to be isn’t him. Cal eventually breaks. The monster subsides and the truth comes out. The truth is that the Hydra/Whitehaul situation changed her. He pieced her back together but she was never the same. Coulson suggests that the monster that Jiaying is, does not work with who Skye is. Then Cal, after moving the SUV with his engineered strength says something I wasn’t exactly expecting.

Cal: I promised to protect our daughter.
Coulson: Does that include protecting your daughter from her? (Cal grunts angrily) You know Skye now. Her compassion. Jiaying is out for blood and there’s no way Skye will go along with that. Think about the danger that puts her in.
(Cal moves the SUV like a heavy dresser)
Coulson: She’s not my daughter, but she’s the closest thing to family I’ve got. I will save her no matter what the cost.
(Cal grabs Coulson by his collar lifting him slightly)
Cal: Please….Let me help you.

The Inhumans onboard begin to move. Skye is locked up in a holding cell. Then barely in view Mack knocks out one of the clones. They’ve put inhibitors on her wrists so she’s powerless. But Mack is looking for a different skill set and hands her a laptop.

Hunter and May’s team descend on the building Bobbi’s held in. Ward and Kara watch on a closed circuit. Bobbi tries to get her chain in the line of fire. Ward and Kara take out a couple of agents, then May gets on the radio and sets up a trap for Kara. As Hunter opens the door Bobbi leans her chair enough to take the bullet for him. Right through the chest.

Kara, trying to be clever a surprise the SHIELD agents as May has changed her face to look like May. Ward comes out from behind a dark corner and puts four shots in her torso. That is in Kara’s torso as she only looks like May. The lights go out on Kara just as Ward realizes what he’s done and for once actually looks affected by it.

Meanwhile Skye tries to find a mainframe computer, what she finds is Lincoln. He attacks her while she tries to explain. Shooting herself after killing Gonzalez, killing Raina, and now killing unarmed SHIELD agents all lined up paints a pretty clear picture of Jiaying. Just as Lincoln spills the location of the crystals, Mack comes in and cracks his skull with what looked like a sledge-hammer.

Hunter and May return to the HQ with Bobbi barely clinging to life. Melinda calls Andrew just for comfort. Fitz gets ready for the next stage of events when Simmons walks in. She tries to spit it out and fails, but based on their new redefined relationship Fitz continues on. Then Jemma drops the bombshell that this viewer has been waiting for since the escape pod incident.

Simmons: I just saw Hunter with Bobbi and it made me realize…its just that we never spoke about what you said at the bottom of the ocean.
Fitz: This? Now? You want to talk about this now?
Simmons: It means a lot to me that we’re friends again. Maybe when you get back, we…could…finally…talk about it.
Fitz: It’s…There’s nothing to discuss Jemma.
(Fitz tries to walk past her when Simmons clutches his hand and he turns to her)
Simmons: Maybe there is.
(They both lock eyes in the moment)
Coulson: Agent Fitz, we’re on the move.

On the Quinjet, a team plus Coulson, Fitz, May and Cal, Fitz finds a pattern in the distress beacon. Skye put a code in it. The code says simple “it’s a trap”. Coulson orders all other inbound SHIELD agents to fall back. They however, press on. Jiaying is not pleased about less SHIELD agents and orders Gordon to release the mist on the ship.

Gordon goes to check on Skye’s cell. Instead of finding Skye or some hint that she’s escaped, he finds Mack. Mack is seated holding a bright red fireman’s ax.

Mack: It’s Gordon, right?
Gordon: And you are?
Mack: I’m the guy who kills Gordon.

Skye confronts Jiaying on what she’s doing but Jiaying can’t see it. She departs leaving Ms. Clone to stall Skye. Considering its five against one, Skye is actually handling the situation. For a moment. In the hall Lincoln walks in on May taking out a couple Inhumans. Skye is now getting pretty efficiently handled when Lincoln and May walk in .

In the room with the crystals, Coulson and Fitz arrive to find Mack sans Gordon. Fitz quickly sets up some tech on the walls designed to keep Gordon from teleporting. Gordon comes back before Fitz is ready, but he’s able to trap Gordon moments later. Then Coulson gives it the old Little League try to knocks Gordon down. Stunned but not out, Gordon jumps to his feet.

Gordon: I’m trapped in here, that’s not possible! What did you do?
(Fitz finds a long pipe and tosses it up in order to catch it)
Fitz: Science Biotch.

Skye confronts Jiaying as she tries to load crystals onto a Quinjet. Jiaying tries to turn this around blaming SHIELD for starting this war decades ago. Skye tries to explain that she is so consumed with hate that she can’t see this for what it is. Then Jiaying gets calm. Jiaying gets close, too close. Then puts her hands on Skye’s head and begins to drain her life-force. While Skye clings to the last moments of life, she is able to summon enough strength to shake the Quinjet. This distracts Jiaying enough for Skye to break free and send the Quinjet over the edge of the air craft carrier.

Coulson, Mack and Fitz continue fighting Gordon who can only teleport to different spots in that room. Then Gordon teleports and lands directly behind Fitz. This is the moment when I thought Fitz was dead. As it turns out Gordon by teleporting to that spot impaled himself. As he falls, the single crystal he was holding plummets toward the floor. If it breaks, everyone in the room is dead. Coulson, again channeling his inner little league baseball player dives and is, barely, able to catch the crystal. Then the mist, somehow jarred loose begins to consume his hand and move up his arm. Then MACK CHOPS OFF HIS HAND WITH THE AX! Thus, preventing the mist from spreading.

On the deck of the ship, Jiaying catches Skye off guard and tries to drain her life-force again. This time Skye is able to get her hands on Jiaying as well. Draining life-force vs. ability to move things. During this struggle, Cal walks out.

Cal: You don’t have to do this, please. Stop. You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to live with this pain.
(Cal slowly places his hands on Jiaying’s neck and shoulder)
Cal: I will.
(Then Cal snaps Jiaying’s neck)
Jiaying (barely audible): Cal, what are you doing?
Cal: Keeping my promise.
(Cal lifts her up until her light goes out)

Bobbi wakes up and in doing so wakes up Hunter who probably has not left her side. Hunter tells her to rest, there’s a long road ahead for recovery. He begins to say, “and then…” but she cuts him off. Then Bobbi looks at Hunter and says, “I can’t do this anymore”. Question is, work as a SHIELD agent or does it revolve around the relationship between her and Hunter?

May is set to take some time off. Maybe even to rekindle the lost relationship with Andrew.

Andrew hands Coulson a blue file. A thick blue file. “Recommendations for the new program”. Andrew even signs off on Skye’s readiness for whatever this is.

Cal and Skye walk down a corridor, presumably for Cal’s detainment. They have maybe the first real, impactful, emotional family moment. Embracing what he’s done, Cal doesn’t reach for the unlikely. Only asks that while he probably going away for good, that Skye might come visit from time to time. A request she seems glad to agree to.

Ward sits in a bar drinking and looking pissed. A tall bald guy comes in and gives him a list of names. The list is not long enough for Ward’s liking. He takes out the tall bald guy and informs his lackeys they now work for Ward.

Cal opens up his own veterinary clinic as if nothing ever happened. Skye walks up and he doesn’t recognize her. Even gives the pitch about free adoption days. They wiped his memory in order to re-insert him into the world. Ironically, Coulson approved of the TAHITI approach with Cal.
Whatever this new program is puts Skye in the middle of other people with abilities. This being different from the Avengers Initiative. Skye insists it be anonymous. And Coulson agrees. Ironically, Coulson is letting Skye drive Lola. How is that not the big story of the day.

The camera pans down, under water, where the Diviner crystals are seeping their mist into the ocean water. Then a quick set montage of fish being caught, bundled, and turned into Fish Oil capsules.

Fitz and Simmons are working in the new holding area for the big magic, liquefying boulder rock. Fitz is trying to breach the conversation of dinner. Simmons is reading it as going to the mess. That is not Fitz’ aim. It takes a moment but Simmons picks up what he’s putting down. During which, Fitz bumps into the case hold the big rock.

Simmons walks around the big rock and noticed that its gone momentarily. Then suddenly, the door of the case opens, knocking Simmons to the floor. It liquefies, falling out of the case, swallowing Simmons and dragging her back into the case and as a part of the now solid boulder. I think I need a moment.

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We start this week with a flashback. Both of the Koenig’s, Tripp, Skye in training from May, Fitz showing some improvement, Hunter drinking too much beer (well that’s probably true in present day as well), and Coulson visiting the special base with Billy Koenig to reveal the “Theta Protocol”. Which is dare I say massive. Inside the base, behind a special door is a helicarrier. That’s right, nothing like fitting a flying aircraft carrier in your garage. Think back to the reveal moment when Fury takes Cap down to see the helicarriers in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

In present day, Coulson stands before the new SHIELD. He throws down his clearance lanyard for the h garage and suggests something that in hindsight should have been obvious. One SHIELD. Coulson as director with Gonzalez and his high-ranking agents serving as a relative board of directors. Coulson leads SHIELD under Gonzalez’ advisement.

Skye’s been sitting next to Lincoln since they brought him into the base. He finally comes around and all seems ok. That is until he notices the SHIELD emblem Skye tries to reassure him that these are her friends. Then he says something leading.

Lincoln: You never should have come for me…
Skye: I had to Jiaying wouldn’t have allowed me if I…
Lincoln: There’s a reason for that. The only thing that’s kept us safe all these years is that we were a secret. Now SHIELD knows we exist, and they won’t stop until they find ‘Afterlife’.

Raina has embraced her gift and is using it to help those you are waiting to cross reassurance from her visions. Gordon joins her and she tells him of a vision involving a stone. Gordon already knows of this stone and it is bad news. A weapon of sorts created by the Kree to destroy these people. The Kree of course, viewing the Inhumans as abominations. Jiaying gives Raina permission to travel with Gordon to discover if this rock is a real thing and where it might be.

Gordon and Raina teleport to what looks like the inside of a helicarrier. Inside they search for a red door. Before they find it, Hunter finds them and pulls the alarm. Moments later, they find the red door. And the boulder sized stone behind it. Then they watch as it goes from impenetrable stone to black liquid and back again.

After the infiltration of the helicarrier (or base, still not sure yet) Coulson and May bring in Skye to see what she knows. Which of course is very little and it gets a little testy. Meanwhile in the conference room, Gonzalez and his lieutenants have smiles on their faces. They have found a way to trace Gordon’s transporting signature. They know where the Inhumans are.

Naturally, Gonzalez and his people want to charge in guns blazing. The typical ‘everything that isn’t like us is a threat’ mentality. Coulson tries to talk them down and suggests a meeting with Jiaying. A fact-finding mission. Bobbi suggests using Skye as a liaison. And May thinks this is a great opportunity to see where Skye’s loyalties lie.

Skye is not exactly thrilled with this idea of sending Coulson to their secret location for a sit down. Coulson wants to do things by the book. Skye tells him that Jiaying will listen. When he asks why? She tells him the thing we’ve been waiting for them to discover. Jiaying is Skye’s mother. I’m really getting tired of this recent version of May. She rejects Coulson’s lengthy apology and uses the fact that Skye is still breathing as evidence of Coulson failing the team.

Before Coulson can make his UN like visit, Raina gets a vision of a Quinjet raining fire on the Inhumans secret location. She further tells Gordon that if Jiaying meets with them it will start a war. And nobly suggests she should be the one to meet with SHIELD.

Before departing, Gonzalez questions that Coulson should be the one to go. Claiming he’s too close to the situation. Bobbi steps up in Coulson’s defense. Then Coulson puts it to May. Who once again rears her bad attitude and they side with Gonzalez. Which to me feels like a nightmare scenario. Raina’s vision might actually be accurate with Gonzalez there.

Coulson preps to quarterback the mission from the base when Mack enters his office. Mack is resigning. Having had a brush with an alien element at the end of last season, he cannot bring himself to trust in or work for Coulson. Coulson tries to talk him off the fence but is unsuccessful.
En route to the secret location and two things are very wrong. Gonzalez and Weaver are acting very shady. And May is not May, its Kara who has now pulled a gun on Bobbi and cue the girl fight. Bobbi wins the fight but apparently lost the war. She steps out of the now landed Quinjet. Looks around. Then gets shot in the head…by Grant Ward.

Raina’s plans are foiled beautifully. She’s under the impression that Gordon teleported Jiaying out of Afterlife. But what he really did was inform Jiaying of Raina’s attempt to have her removed.

Upon Gonzalez’ arrival, Jiaying turns over Cal as a good faith gesture. Really its an insurance policy, Cal’s way of protecting his family when he couldn’t before. Gonzalez presents Jiaying with what he called in the Quinjet an insurance policy of his own. This is a small trinket that Jiaying never had any chance to give Skye. Surprisingly Gonzalez has been as diplomatic as Coulson would have. Jiaying in turn goes to give him a gift, something of their history. And I’m not getting a good feeling about this.

On board the Quinjet, Agent Weaver discovers Cal’s ‘viles’. When asked about them, he plays dumb. This entire situation feels like an Inhuman first strike moment. The item is a Taragen crystal. Something gained from melting down a Diviner. However, the Diviner’s metal never really left the crystal. She drops it, it shatters, and slowly turns Gonzalez to stone. The same as Tripp. This is the killing of Franz Ferdinand. Jiaying takes Gonzalez’ gun and shoots herself in the shoulder. She departs the hut holding her wound as Skye and Lincoln run towards her.

Jiaying: He tried to kill me. SHIELD tried to kill me.

Ward and Kara bind Bobbi. She was just hit with a night-night round. They have intentions to kill her, but first one must think there is nefarious plan in the works first.

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Raina wakes up abruptly following a vision of Coulson, Ward, Skye, Lincoln and Hydra. Jiaying is sitting at her bedside. Lincoln being in this particular vision was specifically alarming. Then the sound of Gordon’s return is followed by Cal’s angry voice. Gordon departs again to retrieve Lincoln while Cal throws his hissy fit. Gordon returns moments later, this time with a fresh wound. “It was Hydra”.

Coulson waits patiently in the honeycomb holding cell. Gonzalez continues to play the “I can’t trust you” card, but Coulson wins out over the mutual goal of stopping Hydra. That and knowing that both men have their secrets, Gonzalez included. Coulson mentions one of those secrets, an enhanced person held on Gonzalez ship, and offers to open the Toolbox free and clear if Gonzalez helps.

Coulson’s team (Hunter, Fitz, WARD, and 33) are given permission to doc the Quinjet with the Bus. Agent May is not prepared for a face to face reunion with Grant Ward, and she’s not the only one. The ranking members of SHIELD on both sides, look on from Deathlock’s retinal feed as Hydra removes his eye. Ward isn’t concerned as he has Bakshi on the inside. A notion that doesn’t instill calm with the others in the room. Coulson sees this is a necessary evil. Gonzalez puts the op to a vote. Agent May is the swing vote, but she wants a moment alone with Coulson before casting her vote.

May is hurt (in her own way) that Coulson kept from her the use of Andrew (her ex-husband). It wasn’t for anything official Coulson used him as his personal therapist during the alien writing segment of this season. May is taking this very personal. Yet no one stopped to consider that May was the one that forced Coulson out, to keep him safe. In that episode, she didn’t care about any such secrets. She knew that it was necessary for the Director of SHIELD to keep secrets. But she chooses now to get on her soap box of trust. Or lack thereof.

Skye wants to attempt a rescue mission for Lincoln and is trying to get assistance or permission to do so. Gordon is against it, very possibly because Jiaying would be against it. Then Raina charges is with what she knows. “Skye can save Lincoln, I saw her do it”. Then Raina says something that brings Skye on board with her ‘gift’s’ plausibility. Why was Coulson working with Ward?

While making preparations for the mission, Fitz and Simmons chat. Simmons brings up a portable bomb that they’ve developed that will vaporize it’s victim. Fitz is intrigued by the prospect of vaporizing Ward, until he realizes she’s not joking.

The team gathers in the payload of the bus when they hear a sound (familiar to us). May and Coulson both and quickly aim their guns on Ward. Ward didn’t make the sound. Gordon did. Skye walks out onto the catwalk, alone.

Skye: Hey guys…
Ward: This is great. Finally got the whole team back together.

Coulson reluctantly turns their meeting over to Ward. He tries to do his part in this debriefing, but the tension is thick. He attempts to address the elephant in the room. And even makes a heartfelt show of contrition. Not an apology, but contrition. The idea being that not being shot, not betraying Skye, not dropping Fitz and Simmons in the ocean, but breaking up their ‘team’ is what he will regret forever.

Deep in the SHIELD base, Hunter walks in on Mack trying to set up a link to allow the rest of the team to observe the op. Hunter forgives Mack for what he and Bobbi did to him in an effort to keep the ‘new’ SHIELD from being identified before they were ready. It’s awkward but works out in the end. They may not be friends, but Hunter is willing to work towards that end.

List and Bakshi watch on monitors as their doctors experiment on enhanced subjects. Bakshi doesn’t believe they will survive past this level of the experimentation. Then List says something that should pique the interest of those anticipating Avengers: Age of Ultron. “No one’s past this point of our experiments. Well no one, except the twins”. The twins of course being a nod to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Or Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. A Hydra agent runs in to inform them a cloaked ship is on approach.

Being spotted was always part of the plan. Hydra does successfully hit the SHIELD plane (#661, not the bus). The Quinjet disconnects and May flies it in a manner that would suggest they are just falling debris. They descend on the Hydra base with minimal resistance. Bakshi leads Ward, Skye and Simmons to a room where they meet some actual resistance. List is moved out quickly.

Ward: Just like old times…?
Skye: Not exactly.

Skye moves out ahead, raises her hand, and sends out a pulse knocking out all of the Hydra agents in their path. They find Mike Peterson who shrugs off his own condition to get them focused on finding Lincoln, who is in much worse shape. Skye finds where they are working on Lincoln. It is significantly guarded. Skye neutralizes the entire room like a female Jason Bourne. Without the use of her ‘power’. Lincoln is flat lining. As time ticks, Skye focuses and uses her ability to restart his heart and hopefully nothing else.

Simmons tries to confront Ward but is intercepted by Bakshi. In the struggle she places the ‘bomb’ on Bakshi. He lunges again but before he can get there, he disintegrates to dust. What follows is a Ward like guilt trip that includes yet another person claiming Simmons has changed and ends with “I’m disappointed in you.”

Coulson has broken off and May finds him accessing a computer. May claims that this “wasn’t the plan”, Coulson looks up slowly, “or was it”? Shades of the ocean op in the beginning of Captain America: Winter Soldier where Romanoff was executing something that Cap didn’t feel was the mission at hand.

Once securely in the base, Coulson receives a phone call from Ward. Ward slipped out as to not spend any time afterward locked up or spending time in “T.A.H.I.T.I.” This call is about Kara (Agent 33). Ward is leaving Kara there, with SHIELD, like an orphan on the steps of a cathedral. She deserves better. She was a good agent for SHIELD before Hydra took everything from her. Ward lays it on thick. All of this while Kara is being informed that Ward is not coming back.

As it turns out, Gonzalez really only went along with this plan as a way to secure enhanced people including Skye. Bobbi wants to discuss Gonzalez’ plans for Skye as Coulson walks up. Gonzalez quickly transitions into Coulson honoring their agreement about the Toolbox. Coulson unlocks it and hands it over as promised.

Coulson: There you go. Unlocked and all yours. Go nuts. At least until Fury shows up and asks for it back.
(Gonzalez looks up in disbelief)
Coulson: Ooo. Spoiler alert.
(Coulson’s phone rings, he turns it over to show that it’s Maria Hill calling)
Coulson: I have to take this.

Jiaying visits Raina again in an attempt to slow her down. She’s not pleased that Raina provided the information necessary to ramp up Skye into leaving to save Lincoln. Then this is where Raina questions why exactly Jiaying is the one giving the orders. Then in mid-sentence, Raina is struck with a new vision. Loki’s scepter.

Maria Hill, via video call, appears to be sitting in a room that seems to share a view with Stark Tower (let that marinate for a moment). The intel Coulson was copying from the Hydra base was specs on Loki’s scepter. In Hydra’s hands, it could be catastrophic. It’s location is the same as ‘The Twins’, Segovia. Before the end of call, Hill asks about Theta Protocol and it’s readiness.

Coulson: Yes it is. Time to bring in The Avengers.

The scepter was not the only thing in this vision. Not be awful with the puns, but “The Vision” might have been the only thing she didn’t see in this obvious Age of Ultron foreshadowing.

Raina: I see…a scepter. Beautiful. Dangerous. It isn’t finished yet. So much destruction. It’s terrible. Consequences are upon us. Men made of metal. Tear our cities apart. And the world will be changed forever.

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tonight’s episode begins with a flashback to the day SHIELD fell. Mack is on his knees along with others in a destroyed room. A Hydra soldier is demanding to know who the engineer is, that would be Mack. One of (I assume) Mack’s guys tried to fall on the grenade, figuratively speaking, but Mack wouldn’t allow it. The other SHIELD agent was killed immediately Then Bobbi kicks in the door and takes everyone out, except the guy who starting this to begin with. He’s taken out by Hartley. Mack is clearly affected by the smaller guy that the Hydra agent took out. Maybe that’s some insight into his relationship with Fitz. Then Hartley says something that changes the attitude towards Mack and Bobbi (for the moment).

Mack: What’s the plan? What are you even doing here?
Hartley: Fury left us orders.
Mack: To do what?
Bobbi: To save SHIELD.

On the bus, Coulson lets Mack look under Lola’s hood. Supervised of course. Bobbi shows up with a lazy “no sign of Hunter” comment. This would all be fine and good except, Coulson started suspecting them of something treacherous long before now. After leaving the belly of the bus, Bobbi eludes the security cameras to insert a usb drive into what looks like the inner workings of a main frame computer.

While under the hood, Coulson gradually and verbally walks Mack into a corner. Coulson wants Mack to come clean on who he’s working for. The problem is, that Coulson is phrasing the questions wrong. So when Coulson asks, “Who are you working for” Mack isn’t lying when he says, “SHIELD”. In Coulson’s eyes, Mack prefers the hard way. Then everyone else in the belly of the bus pulls a gun and points it on Mack.

Meanwhile, Bobbi is in Coulson’s office stealing Fury’s ‘toolbox’ from within Coulson’s desk. Before she can get away, May pulls a gun on Bobbi. I sense a big fight sequence. Bobbi tries to explain that she works for SHIELD but May does not. Bobbi even gets away, but May catches up. Bobbi triggers some sort of EMP which allows her and Mack to escape.

Another flashback reveals that Fury’s prime objective with their ‘orders’ was to get Gonzalez (Edward James Olmos) out.

At the cabin, Skye decides to test drive Simmons’ glove prototypes. The internet connection seems to be lost, but Skye is able to leave Simmons a voice mail asking if the gloves are supposed to be as tight as they are. Then troubleshooting the connection issue Skye stumbles upon something. Behind the wood paneling is that honeycomb stuff that lines the bus’ holding cell. She peels away another plank to see what looks like the imprint of the Hulk’s fist. Then she hears the sound of an intruder. After she sees nothing, there is a knock at the door. It’s Gordon. The eyeless man.
She lets him in and he begins to put her at ease with his conversational tone and body language that suggests he’s not there to harm her. He even starts in on his own story. Conveniently leaving out that his ‘guide’ was her mother before asking what the first thing was that SHIELD did upon learning she was different. He eventually offers her a safe place to learn how to manage her powers with others like her. He leaves it as an open invitation before he leaves.

On the bus, Simmons is arming herself when Bobbi appears. They both lie to each other, not to incite anything further. Simmons tries feverishly to find something she’s looking for while Bobbi gets more and more anxious. Simmons puts a small item in her hand. Then finds what she’s looking for and presses it. Sending a signal to the small thing in Bobbi’s hand, knocking her out instantly.

Fitz tries to figure out what is preventing the bus from regaining its power. He discovers the usb drive just as Mack shows up. Mack approaches slowly and claims he has no intention of hurting Fitz. And only asks that Fitz trust him right then. Meanwhile, May goes through Bobbi’s locker and discovers a secret compartment. Inside is a gas mask. Which is precisely the moment the smoke begins to billow in from the air ducts. As the smoke moves through the bus, Fitz backs up. Knowing what comes next Mack pleads with Fitz to get away from the wall. When he doesn’t, Mack charges and tackles Fitz to the floor just before the wall explodes.

Following the explosion, Gonzalez and the ‘real SHIELD’ descend quickly. Everyone is restrained, including Coulson. The next move is to hopefully, retrieve Skye. In the cabin, Skye begins to slowly see the truth in Gordon’s claim that everything vibrates and she could learn to channel that. Baby steps. She’s manipulating the water running out of the faucet in a zig zag sort of way.

Coulson is escorted to his own office where Agent Gonzalez is waiting to question him. Coulson’s resurrection is the beginning of this questioning. The bigger issue is that this SHIELD doesn’t believe they should operate in the shadows. And they want to find all that do to ascertain whether or not they are a threat. That starts with Gonzalez asking Coulson to open the ‘toolbox’.

May calls Skye to warn her. Tells her how to disable the laser fence, but the power is cut before she can do so.

In another beautifully shot flashback, Bobbi decides to reject Fury’s orders and take back the ship. Regardless of the sensitive cargo it may have. Gonzalez, Hartley, Bobbi, Mack and another unidentified agent fought valiantly against steep odds to in fact, take back the ship.

Gonzalez continues his questioning but to no avail. Coulson insists that all he had to do was come talk. Gonzalez endangered Coulson’s team. Gonzalez hopes that Fitz or Simmons might figure out how to open the toolbox. Coulson questions why his team would help their captors. Gonzalez claims they as SHIELD agents can decide for themselves who to side with. Then a guard falls before May shoots Gonzalez with an icer.

May cuts Coulson free and rushes him to a corner of the room. A couple of hand movements and the brick wall opens. May pushes Coulson in it suggesting he should be safe for a few days.

Couslon: What about FitzSimmons?
May: I’ll take care of them. Without you there is no SHIELD. They know about Skye, Phil. Find her.

Gonzalez’ team including Bobbi set out to the retreat to retrieve Skye. Before she can disable the laser fence, she disposes of an agent in the conventional way. Then when Bobbi and Calderon converge, Bobbi yells out to Skye. Calderon fires a shot. Skye is able to channel her powers to stop the bullet. Instead, she knocks them back a considerable distance and leveled the immediate area of foliage. With a subtle whisper of Gordon’s name, he arrives to whisk her away. “Would you like to go home?” She gestures in the affirmative.

Coulson walks up to a bar on a beach. I’m really hoping it’s not Tahiti. As he’s about to sip from a very feminine drink when Hunter walks up. He apologizes for his tardiness. Then grabs a napkin and signs it.

Coulson: What is that?
Hunter: You offered me a permanent position. Consider that, my contract. So, what’s the plan boss?