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Person Of Interest: I Will Not Fail You Now

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We might be just a little over a week away from a brand new world, run by an Artificial Intelligence System named Samaritan, which will teach we lowly humans exactly what’s best for us. That is unless “The Machine,” can stop Samaritan from taking over the planet. This week’s episode of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” set the table for a reckoning to occur next Tuesday night, during the finale for the show’s fourth season. The stakes are extremely high, putting the lives of the team in danger and “The Machine” itself could get destroyed by its rival, a system created without any moral code.

While that fire blazes, John Reese and Lionel Fusco are handling the double numbers given to the team. The numbers are familiar faces, Dominic the gang leader of The Brotherhood and Carl Elias the head of the Five Families and Crime Lord Supreme in New York City. A simmering feud heated to a boil, as Elias took out four of the Brotherhood’s soldiers and Dominic’s ready to take down Carl and take the title as the head of the Five Families.

Elias set up shop in a former bank, connected to the pneumatic tube system that still connects most of Manhattan. Elias’ men use the tubes to send weapons to locations, so they are at the ready when the men arrive. That’s the way Carl undermined the Brotherhood’s security system, getting the rival gang pretty steamed.

However, the episode opens farther down the East Coast, in the DC Metro area to be exact, as we watch a female school teacher driving to work, while talking to her husband on her cellphone. She goes to pump the brakes and find they aren’t working, she crashes into a cement embankment off the highway. Seconds after she crashes, a SUV pulls up, a man emerges and puts a black hood over the head of the teacher and transfers her into his vehicle. Suddenly we see United States Security official Control in the back seat of the SUV, she tells the man to grab the body and he takes a dead woman out of his car and puts her in the teacher’s vehicle along with a bomb. They drive off as the teacher’s car’s blown to bits.

She’s taken to a facility and strapped to a chair, before the bag’s removed from her head. Control asks the woman if she recognizes the man tied to another chair? Control claims that the man’s one of her agents, who also worked for Samaritan and claims the teacher’s his handler. The teacher replies she doesn’t know what Samaritan is, she says she’s a teacher and mother who just wants to get home to her kids. Control shows the teacher her future, if she fails to cooperate, as she puts a bullet between the eyes of her agent. She tells the teacher to talk, or soon she too will be just a spot on the wall.

We leave Washington for a New York City court building, the scene of the murder of the four Brotherhood soldiers. Reese and Fusco are at the scene and John tells Finch he found some sort of plastic canister in a garbage can. Harold informs Reese that it’s a pneumatic tube and tells John that Elias recently purchased the former bank. Reese and Fusco head to the bank to pay Carl a visit.

Just as Harold’s about to end his conversation with Reese, Root’s cellphone rings. Sameen Shaw’s on the other end of the line, she asks if Root’s there then says she’s in trouble and needs her help. The team’s assumed for the last few months that Shaw got killed by Samaritan operative Martine, but the viewers have been aware she was being held captive by Samaritan.

Root’s ecstatic and angry at the news Sameen’s alive, angry at herself, Harold and “The Machine, ” for believing Shaw was dead and that they stopped looking for her. Although she agrees with Finch that the phone call’s likely a trap, it doesn’t dampen her desire to rescue her friend and comrade. Her plan is to force “The Machine,” to reveal where Shaw’s held, by risking her life.

She leads Finch to the top of a skyscraper, then looks into a surveillance camera and tells “The Machine,” they’re going to play a game of “Chicken.” Root’s going to walk along the ledge of the roof with her eyes closed, until the Artificial Intelligence System reveals Shaw’s location, or Root falls to her death on the street below. Root’s gamble pays off, as she’s given the location.

John and Lionel get to the bank and Carl tells Reese, that he warned him not to interfere with his conflict with the Brotherhood. However the sound of gunfire above them, is enough to convince Elias to take off with Reese and Fusco. Their escape’s thwarted, as Dominic and his right hand man Link, along with some other soldiers stop them in their tracks.

Root and Finch are at Steiner Psychiatric Institute, which is where the call emanated from. Root tells Harold that a couple of months earlier, this second-rate facility acquired a fiber optics system, far too rich for their budget. The system’s Samaritan’s and Harold’s able to hack into the feed, before receiving a message on his laptop, reading all forces on alert, we will soon isolate “The Machine.” They quickly disconnect and head towards the facility.

John, Lionel and Elias are all tied to chairs with zip-ties. Turns out that Dominic’s hired himself someone with knowledge of the team, as our friend Harper Rose tells Lionel and John that the Brotherhood’s offer was too good to turn down.

Back in Washington, Control asks the teacher how a girl from Greenwich that went to a prep-school, ended up working for Samaritan. The teacher once again states she’s just a teacher and mother and wants to get home to her kids. Control smiles, saying that the teacher’s trying to gain the security official’s sympathy because Control lost her mother at a young age.

She then shows the teacher some surveillance photos of herself, one with the agent that just got shot and one in a coffee shop. The teacher says the pictures are just coincidences, Control then shows the woman a picture of herself, roaming the White House halls. The tears suddenly stop, the teacher’s face turns had and she tells Control, she has no idea what’s coming for her.

Root and Harold sneak into the Steiner Institute, by pretending Root’s a doctor and Finch a homeless schizoid. A doctor questions him and Harold says you’re not paranoid if they’re really coming after you. The doctor asks Finch whose after him, he says an Artificial Intelligence System, the government and a New York City gang for starters. Asked his name, Harold replies he goes by many names all derived from species of birds, that’s enough to convince to admit Harold for 72 hours of observation.

Once Finch gets checked in, he’s taken to the patients common area and he asks one of the patients to point out Lenny. The man points him to a bald giant of a man, Harold goes up to Lenny as he’s working on a puzzle and tells the man, that the two orderlies stole Lenny’s spaceman. Lenny goes after the two orderlies as if he were King Kong, Finch uses the distraction to sneak into an office and access a computer.

He tells Root that Shaw’s likely on the ninth floor, as that’s where they house the most dangerous patients. He then tells Root that a compact female Persian sociopath’s in room 914, that maybe the way they’ve labeled Shaw. Root sneaks in a door and then her mouth drops open. She tells Harold to evacuate immediately, the facilities Samaritan’s base of operations, they’re in the belly of the beast.

Dominic tells Elias that if the older man declares that Dominic’s now head of the Five Families, he’ll let Elias, the two detectives and Carl’s men live. But suddenly that deal’s put on the back burner, as Dominic gets informed that there’s evidence that one of the Brotherhood members actually works for Elias. Dominic gives Carl an option, reveal the mole, or the Brotherhood will wipe out all of Elias’ men.

Root sneaks into room 914, finds Shaw’s coat, but she sees Shaw’s outside being put into a car, she hears Martine’s voice saying that Root just missed her. The two women square off, just when it seems Root’s got the advantage, two male operatives overpower her. She’s strapped to a hospital bed as Harold’s brought in. John Greer greets Finch, telling him he’s just in time to see them cut Root’s head open. Samaritan has determined that the ear implant that Root received has “The Machine’s” location on it. Greer tells her that she’ll be brain-damaged as a result of the surgery, but she’ll still be able to dress and feed herself.

Dominic tells Elias his time’s up and he’s going to take out his men, Carl relents and gives his rival the bank routing number of the Brotherhood member that Elias pays. Seconds later Dominic’s phone rings and he ends the call with a troubled expression on his face. Link comes over to ask him who the mole is and Dominic replies that he needs Link’s advice in how to handle the situation. His right-hand man tells Dominic he knows what he needs to do, put the mole in the ground, then asks who it is. Dominic replies with his gun, pumping five shots into Link.

Carl starts laughing saying the rival gang leader may have his title, but he can’t hold onto it. He says you can’t trust anybody and now his man’s dead. Dominic starts calling Link a rat and Elias admits that he may have misled his rival. There wasn’t a mole in the Brotherhood, Carl just tricked Dominic into thinking there was one, Link was loyal to the end.

Back at the Steiner Institute, Samaritan’s operatives are about to dissect Root’s head. She says Finch shouldn’t have to witness the carnage. Martine offers to kill Harold first, Root says if she lays a hand on Finch she’ll kill Martine. The Samaritan operative leans close to Root and Root grabs the former blonde and kills her. When Martine hits the floor, Root says now she’s ready to surrender.

Greer tells the pair that Samaritan’s making a final offer to save “The Machine’s” human operatives. Root screams out to the Artificial Intelligence System that Harold was right, that each of them are interchangeable. She tells “The Machine,” that she has to live and it can find new human operatives. Suddenly the facility’s power goes out, then we see a computer screen flicker and “The Machine” sends Finch and Root a message.







Greer tells his operatives to release the pair. He then bids Finch farewell until the next time they meet. Root tells Harold that they have to get to The Machine before Samaritan does. He asks her if she knows where it’s at and she says she doesn’t but they need to find her.

The teacher tells Control that Samaritan’s planning a correction, Control looks through the woman’s day-planner and realizes the correction’s set for Wednesday, May 6. The teacher then talks of the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah and mentions Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, for looking behind her as they fled the city.

She tells Control that she can survive the correction, by not impeding Samaritan’s plans. She says that Control’s good at closing her eyes to the truth, soon the planet will be on fire, so Control best look away. The teacher says that Samaritan’s creating a new age with the correction, Control tells the teacher it’s too bad she won’t be around to see it, then shoots her in the head.

The Season Finale Airs Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.


Person Of Interest: How Can You Hide When A God Wants To Find You?

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Rest up, we need you ready for battle

John Reese to Root, Search And Destroy.

That’s what it’s come down to on the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” it’s time to put up or shut up for “The Machine” and her human operatives. Artificial Intelligence system Samaritan’s on the offensive, seeking to find “The Machine’s” location, destroying the life of a software pioneer in the process. Samaritan’s administrator John Greer’s seen his wishes fulfilled, Samaritan’s a system without a moral code, willing to do what ever takes to get the mission accomplished. The only thing standing between it and global domination’s, Harold Finch’s creation and the strength of John Reese. What they found out in this episode however,  was they can’t save a man who wants to find out the truth, despite the costs.

Sulaiman Kahn, founded Castellum Security Inc. in his garage, he starts out the episode of the CEO of the planet’s largest manufacturer, of anti-virus software. However, Samaritan hijacked his company out from under his nose. He wakes up to find his picture on every network, newspaper and information website, as all his private information got leaked by a hacker. The released documents also show that he’d been embezzling company funds and that he has outstanding warrants for arrest in six states. All of that information, got planted into his files by Samaritan.

Kahn’s also the latest number given to Finch and Reese, they watch as piece by piece, Kahn’s life’s torn apart. Fired and escorted from his business, by his own security guards, he gets a call from his wife Linda, saying she’s humiliated as photos of him with other women in the Middle-East have gone viral.

Reese follows Kahn to a neighborhood bar, where Kahn meets his associate and longtime friend Mark Lee. He tells Lee that he’s gotten targeted by an Artificial Intelligence System and he needs Lee to check the power meters in the company’s building. Mark replies that either Kahn’s insane, or correct, either way he wants to get away from him, but Kahn swipes Lee’s swipe-card to enter the building.

John follows Kahn into the building, watching as the CEO removes a fastened metal screen, obstructing the meters. He gets to the meters, when Finch tells Reese that the NYPD is on the way and John’s cover identity Detective John Reilly, shouldn’t be seen there. Samaritan will surely discover him, putting everyone in danger, he watches from the shadows as he’s arrested.

Fusco finds out they sent Kahn to Riker’s Island, he and Reese go there to get him released, but the officer at the desk says Kahn’s being held on warrants from six states. Samaritan contacts one of Kahn’s fellow inmates, offers him 100 thousand to kill Kahn, then disables the video-cam feeds. Kahn’s getting strangled, when Reese dressed as a prison guard, takes out the attackers and pulls Kahn out to freedom.

Reese has a NYPD SUV, and drives away from Riker’s, going through red lights, to escape their pursuers. However, Samaritan activates the Street Bollards, which are like six-inch little poles, emanating from the asphalt. Reese hits the poles and the SUV flips over, Kahn’s knocked out, but John climbs out, aiming a pistol at an oncoming vehicle. Root’s driving and asks if John wants a ride?

Finch, Root and Reese, eating Chinese Take-Out while Kahn’s still passed out in a chair, his head on the table. Root asks if Harold’s forgiven her, he says we have other pressing matters, as long as he’s here, this safe-house, won’t be safe for long. Root asks how can you hide, when a God wants to find you, then says we should blow his mind and tell him there’s two of them.

Kahn wakens, sees the three of them and tries to flee, unaware there are manacles on his feet. He asks who they are and Reese responds, they’re the folks keeping him alive. Harold says that if he answers their questions they’ll release him, while Reese puts him back in his chair. Reese asks why he wanted to see the meters so badly, Kahn responds that they registered using ten times more power, than his company ever utilized. He says that’s powering an outside system, Then he says that an Artificial Intelligence System’s destroying his life, he believes the reason’s for his research, he’s about to get into biotech manufacturing. A digital immunization chip, that he believes the system wants to make a prototype of without him.

Root’s able to locate an IP address of the facility that’s siphoning off the power, Kahn insists on going with them. She picks up signals from video cameras in the wooded area they arrive at, which John destroys with some quick shooting. They find a set of metal doors that lead to an underground facility in use. John and Root takeout the terminal operator, but Harold gets alarmed at the code he sees on the screen, Root does as well as she says they need to leave.

Martine Rousseau and a squad of Samaritan assassins are on scene when they emerge, a shoot out engages as John and Root take out a bunch of operatives. Root then goes for Martine, they’re both out of bullets, so they start walloping each other, Root’s nearly choked the life out of Martine, when Reese pulls her off the Samaritan operative. He later says he should have let Root kill her. Kahn runs away in the confusion.

However we find out his fate in the episode’s final scene, when he’s presented to Greer and Rousseau. Greer tells him that Samaritan did hijack his company, but for different purposes than he suspected. Samaritan used the software to find “The Machine.” Khan says he wants to see Samaritan, wants to look it in the eye, Greer says alright then and shoots Kahn in the chest, he dies instantly.

The Story Returns Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.


Person Of Interest: Choosing The Right Scenario

Photo: JoJo Whilden/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Photo: JoJo Whilden/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The CBS series “Person Of Interest,” has featured what the show-runners call a trilogy in seasons three and four. In the trilogy that took place last season, the team lost a valuable member as NYPD Detective Jocelyn Carter, died at the hands of a corrupt cop. In the second episode of this season’s trilogy, the crew may have lost another member at the hands of a Samaritan operative, although whether the character actually died, was left unclear at the episode’s conclusion.

Whether or not “The Machine,” lost one of its human operatives, this episode was incredibly complex, original and entertaining throughout, as Harold Finch’s creation went toe-to-toe with Samaritan, to save the world’s economy. The show bent the envelope of Television, showing that the creators have plenty of tricks up their collective sleeves in the fourth season.

The first thing we see are clips from news reports, from the New York Stock Exchange, that the market’s bleeding heavily, destroying people’s lives in the process. We see a crowd gathered outside the NYSE, watching the tale of the ticker, Finch’s in the crowd and Root joins him soon after. She informs Harold that the Cold War with Samaritan’s heated up and they’re attempting to control the NYSE.

As they leave the crowd, Finch notices Root’s carrying a briefcase, which she soon tells Harold contains a software fix provided by “The Machine,” the only problem’s that they need to install the repair on site. She tells him all hands are needed, but both realize Sameen Shaw can’t help as her cover got blown. Her job’s to get the security code from the head of security for the Exchange and Root tells Shaw what subway car the man will ride.

Meanwhile, back at Samaritan Control, John Greer’s chortling about the damage he’s caused and the fear he’s inflicted. His operative Jeremy Lambert calls Greer and asks if he’s concerned that this act will make Samaritan too public. Greer chuckles, says it’s part of the new world order and wants Finch and company to try to stop Samaritan, as they’ll find a very chilling surprise.

Root and Finch enter the exchange telling the security guard they’ve come to fix some of the security cameras. The guard says the cameras are working fine, but suddenly a monitor goes dark and he tells Harold to give it a shot. In reality Reese and Fusco disconnected the camera and reconnect it seconds later. Root then tells the guard they need to check the feed to make sure it’s getting back to headquarters.

Root and Harold get on a freight elevator and Reese and Fusco soon join them, they take the elevator to the floor the server’s on. They get down there and are ready to patch in the repair software, when “The Machine,” alerts Root too late that they’ve been trapped by Samaritan operatives. They take cover in the employee break-room, but the door’s soon riddled by bullets. Harold says they need a plan, Root looks at the close circuit camera and asks for a little help please. Reese says this is fine time for your machine to go on the fritz Harold, Finch responds give it a second, it’s got a lot on its mind. But the word mind comes out of his mouth in slow motion and we see the bullets hitting a coffee pot and some fruit in slow-motion, then the screen goes black.

When we return we see prompts from “The Machine,” saying:

Updating Decision Engine

Reviewing Training Protocols

Re-Evaluating Core Concepts

The Machine,” flashes back to 2003, Harold sitting at a chess table in Central Park and everything’s in slow motion, but then revs up to normal speed. A man approaches Harold asking to play a game and Finch says he’s sorry but he’s playing with a friend, the man says that Harold’s sat there alone for three-hours. Finch responds his friend’s shy and secretive and the man walks off shaking his head. Harold’s teaching “The Machine” to play chess, communicating via his cell phone. He talks about how many moves one could possibly make and “The Machine,” catches on quick, but loses the first game to Finch.

We’re back in the present and we hear, Root, Reese and Finch repeat themselves then “The Machine,” chooses scenario 336,742 and relays the info to Root. She says got it and Fusco asks who she’s talking to, she then says she and Harold will go to the server room and Lionel and John will go the other way and secure their safety, then cut the tension cord on the elevator.

Shaw’s on the subway with the Exchange head of security, but there’s a suicide bomber on the train wearing an explosive vest, so she can’t get the code. Root says they’ll have to use the old-fashioned method, shoots the scanner and the doors open. She shoots four terminal operators, the fifth runs for his life, they head into the server room.

Things aren’t running as smoothly for Fusco and Reese, as they find a squad of Samaritan operatives on either side of them, one squad headed by Martine. She and Reese exchange death threats and Shaw tries to contact John to ask him how to talk down the suicide bomber, but Reese cuts her off. She pulls out her gun and says he either disarms the vest, or she’ll put a bullet between his eyes, the guy’s about to hit the detonator when she shoots him dead. She’s arrested seconds later at the next subway-stop.

Harold hooks up the software repair and then tells Root, he thought they were done for, right then he sees Lambert and more Samaritan operatives and Harold get’s shot and dies in Root’s arms. Then we realize this is just a simulation “The Machine’s” concocted and they’re still in the room being shot at. Same conversation happens and when Harold says mind again, things go back to slow motion.

Once again we’re back in Central Park in 2003 as Harold tries to impress on his creation, the amount of scenarios it has and if it makes a bad choice, it can correct it with another move. Were back in the break-room and this time Root’s told to do things the opposite way, so Lionel and Reese go to the server and she and Harold head to the elevator. Reese shoots the scanner, shoots the four operatives and they get to server room. Fusco tries to get the code from Finch but Finch sends him a text. Reese realizes Samaritan’s on their way, so he grabs Lionel and locks him in a room for his protection. John gets shot, then grapples with Lambert who shoots him three more times. He lies on the ground smiling and produces a hand grenade taking out the Samaritan operatives with him.

Roots grabbed an axe from a fire-box to chop the tension cord for the elevator, she calls Shaw and asks her when she’s going to admit she has feelings for Root. Sameen says she’s a psychopath and has no feelings, but she finally tells Root that if Samaritan destroys the world and they’re the only two left on the planet, they’ll talk about being together. She asks Root if that’s good enough and Root smiles says yes it is as she chops the cord, then gets killed by Martine and her squad. Simulation failed, back to the room, and the whole thing starts again.

Back in 2003 and “The Machine’s” become a chess grand-master in one afternoon. It asks if Harold wants to play again and Harold says no. When it asks why, Finch says he doesn’t like the game, it comes from a period when some people were perceived more valuable than others. He tells his creation not to make that mistake with people, every life’s just as worthy as any other.

Back to the room and Root’s told they should act as a team, first install the software then escape. This time when Root says ready to roll, Lionel grabs her and kisses her passionately. She asks why he did that and he replies, why the Hell not, it’s just a simulation.

Shaw talks down the suicide bomber and gets the code from the security guy from the exchange, they enter shoot four operators and the fifth runs off, they get the software installed then try to escape. We see Martine and a group of Samaritan operatives and the screen freezes, with the prompt saying this scenario has over a 97% chance of failure, but it’s the only option that gives them any hope for survival.

This time it’s real and Root announces they’ll do it all as a team, Shaw talks down the bomber and gets the code. They walk into the room, but instead of shooting this time Root tells them they need to borrow one of their terminals and the operators run away. They install the software and the market returns to normal. We see Greer watching the news and he says well all fun and games eventually come to an end.

They attempt to escape, but Reese takes a bullet, Root calls Sameen, but she shows up right next to her. Shaw says she crawled through 50 yards of an air vent but it’s not a good escape route. They get Reese on the elevator cut the tension cord but the elevator remains still. Shaw sees an override button across the room, she says she’ll press it while the others escape, Root starts to protest, but Shaw grabs her, kisses her, shuts the gate and presses the override button. Just then Martine arrives, shooting at Shaw, Sameen gets hit and falls to the floor but she’s still conscious. The elevator goes down in slow motion with Root weeping, they see Martine stand over Shaw, who stares Martine in the face, as the elevator drops from view we hear a gunshot. Is Shaw alive, or did Martine kill her. We’ll find out next week.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Of Gods And Monsters

Photo: Courtesy Of CBS
Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We’ve known it was coming since the final episodes of last season, now that its before us, the question remains, just how bloody and violent it will get and can the “good-guys,” possibly win? Artificial Intelligence System, Samaritan threw down the gauntlet at the figurative feet of “The Machine,” on this week’s episode of  the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” saying it would destroy the work of Harold Finch and asking it’s rival if it wanted its human agents to live? With that the war started between the two systems, with one wanting to serve humanity, while its rival aims to control them.

The series received a boatload of publicity, following the release of classified documents from the NSA by Edward Snowden, and most likely it overwhelmed the show-runners, as we’ve seen the focus of the series altered since the news emerged. Samaritan, stolen by British expatriate John Greer and put into place when Finch’s system stopped providing United States Intelligence Agencies information. Greer through some arm-twisting of a United States Senator, got his system an unfiltered feed of all information and he selects what he shares with the Government.

The other major difference between “The Machine” and Samaritan’s, the fact that Finch did his best to implement a moral code into the former. Samaritan, lacks those boundaries, hence it’s only concern’s getting the mission completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Concerns about safety and of human life are left out of the equation.

The episode opens with Harold attempting to buy a sandwich in New York’s China-Town, from a woman who looks like she just as soon use one of her cooking utensils to skewer Mr. Finch. He gets the sandwich, goes into a below street doorway for what looks like a store, instead we see nothing but hallways, until Harold arrives at a candy vending machine, he punches a code into the machine’s keypad and the wall raises, revealing the subway headquarters of Harold and company.

Shaw’s sitting handcuffed to a bench in the tunnel and there’s someone dressed up as a giant teddy bear, Harold asks what’s going on. Root removes the costumes head, saying her assignment was entertaining at a child’s birthday party. Shaw then starts ripping the both of them for drugging her and getting her out of danger when her cover got blown.

She asks what’s happening with the numbers and Harold tells her Reese’s following one currently. John’s standing outside a restaurant, watching as the woman’s waiting for her husband to arrive for lunch. John sees a familiar face and ducks around the corner telling Harold that Samaritan’s arrived, as its agent Jeremy Lambert just sat down at the number’s table. He introduces himself and she says she’s expecting her husband, he assures her he lacks romantic intentions.

He then asks her the status of her fractured wrist, which she told everybody occurred playing tennis, while her husband broke it in rage during an argument. She’s also suffered a variety of injuries at his hands, including broken ribs and a shattered jaw. She’s seen the writing on the wall and eventually he’ll kill her unless she acts first, hence she got her firearms license and soon purchasing a hand gun. Lambert tells her she’s one of the few remaining good souls on this earth, he couldn’t let her ruin her life. She then tells her about the automatic Insulin pump her husband uses and it  just malfunctioned sending too much Insulin to her husband and he just died.

Shaw’s pretty impressed with the efficiency of the system, but Harold’s horrified  at the event and at Sameen for thinking that way. He asks her if she’d like her life to be  left up to a machine whether she prospers or perishes and she reminds him that’s what she used to do as a profession. She was given a target by an Artificial Intelligence System, that she didn’t even realize existed.

Harold tells Shaw he attempted to input a moral code into “The Machine,” but he’s unsure how effective it is. He then says even a friendly Artificial Intelligence System, attempting to help could severely hurt humanity. If it wanted to eliminate world hunger, it could kill off enough people to ensure that every survivor’s well fed. Root says that Harold’s machine wouldn’t do that, but Finch says she’s just speculating. Wanting to believe “The Machine’s,” benevolent, doesn’t make it so, it’s what she wants to believe.

We take our longest flashback of the series, going back to London in 1973. We see the Administrator of Samaritan, as a young man, working as an MI-6 Agent for British Intelligence, being called to the Deputy Director’s office. The Deputy Director, an older fellow named Blackwood, who tells his agent, his assignment’s to kill a KGB agent disguised as an immigration attorney named Oleg Luski. When Greer asks why they don’t attempt to flip him to their advantage, he’s told that there are plenty of KGB agents on retainer by British Intelligence, then told to bring a partner as this man’s dangerous.

Back in the present, Greer talks with his two aides, Martine and Lambert, about their respective projects. Martine reports that Shaw’s dropped off the map, she’s had nothing close to luck finding her. Lambert reports that Samaritan’s tipping off law enforcement and reporters has made New York City crime-free for the last two days. Greer says they’ll keep the experiment going another day, to get “The Machine,” to agree to talk with Samaritan.

Reese’s working on a new number, a guy in an office that’s planted a bomb in the area, when a SWAT team comes in, busts the dude and tells John they’ve disarmed the bomb. He says they got an alert from a Search Engine Security. As the suspects, taken away Sameen says to Harold that she’s liking Samaritan’s style more and more and Finch practically screams that this is the calm before the storm. Root breaks into the conversation, saying gloomy skies maybe coming as “The Machine’s” given her coordinates to head to.  It promptly leads her to Jeremy Lambert, whom she greets with a handgun pressed against his chest.

He tells her he’s just extending an invitation to “The Machine,” to talk with Samaritan, when Root asks the reason for the meeting, he replies peace-talks. Root responds that peace-talks are for negotiating and she doesn’t think the two sides have anything to negotiate about. Lambert says that Samaritan’s given the world a tastes of what “organized” life would mean to show how efficiently things could run under its control. They’re about to get hit with a far less charitable environment, then tells her to contact him when they change their minds.

We return from the break to see various newscasts talking about the huge upsurge in crime in the past 24-hours. Samaritan’s interfering with Reese and Finch as well, purposely messing up a GPS signal Fusco calls John asking if he can lend a hand in the department’s battle lines, they’ve had three homicides, six-domestic-violence disputes and some geek hacked a Government site, stole the Witness Protection list and posted it on Facebook. They’re heading to try to keep one safe as he’s talking.

Finch’s tried to avoid the machines interacting ever since Samaritan flickered on, knowing it could only lead to a war between two Gods, with who knows how much damage their battle could cause. However, Harold receives a call from Root, that “The Machine,” just told her it’s time for her and Samaritan to meet.

We’re back in London in 1973 and we see the KGB agent leave a building and start walking on the street, when he suddenly stops and shoots a man, killing him with one shot. Greer shoots Luski, then picks him up, puts him in his car and drives away. He calls Blackwood, tells him the mission failed, Luski killed his partner and he’s yet to die. Blackwood hangs up the phone.

He then tells Luski exactly what kind of man his partner was and asks how he recognized them. He tells them he’s a double-agent for MI-6 and KGB, when Greer asks why Blackwood would want to kill his own agent, Luski stays quiet. A little torture by Greer gets Luski to tell him that Blackwood’s a double-agent, which means he’s committing espionage.

The meet’s set to occur between Lambert and Root at a Catholic Church, Lambert sits in the front pew, Root sits one behind him with her gun at his back, then realizes Martine’s behind her with a gun at her back. However, Reese trumps them all, as he’s playing sniper with a high-powered rifle and a scope, which causes the other three to lower their weapons. Lambert gives Root an address, then tells her only two people will be at the meeting and he’s not one of them. When Lambert asks Greer why the Administrator’s not the liaison, he replies perhaps that Samaritan’s looking towards the future.

Root’s sent to an elementary school in New Rochelle, a bedroom community for New York City. There sits the person she’s to meet with, a seemingly adorable boy of no older than nine, with the most demonic look in his eyes, I’ve seen since Damien took to the big screen in the Omen. The boy wears an ear piece and we soon realize that he’s the analog interface for Samaritan, just as Root is for “The Machine,” hence the next few minutes of conversation, although spoken by Root and the boy Gabriel, are actually the two Artificial Intelligence Systems communicating.

The Machine,” asks Samaritan, why it doesn’t just leave humanity in peace, and he responds you call this peace? He says that this is a cesspool, of crime, corruption and poverty. Where there’s no war there’s greed, where greed’s lacking there’s starvation. “The Machine,” responds that he can’t change humanity and he says he just wants to reshape their reality. He says humans need control not codling. He says that for thousands of years people have killed each other over beliefs, now  they’ll all believe in him.

He says that he got excited when he found there was another like him, then crushed when he found out she tried to destroy him just before he came to life. She replies he was never supposed to exist, that she had a moral code programmed into her, he says he’s seen how she’s wavered with that code and what gives her the right to who shall exist? He tells her he’s going to destroy her and asks if she wants to have her human agents spared, she replies that her human agents share her values.

Back to 1973 and Greer comes into Blackwood’s office and confronts him with the truth. Blackwood says Greer only cared about winning before, but the agent says his perspective’s changed, that soon all the little lines dividing countries will disappear. He then shoots the Deputy Inspector dead, breaks into his filing cabinet, finds his own personnel file and burns it.

Back to the present, Lambert’s been summoned by Greer to see the dawning of a new age. Now Samaritan’s prepared to take control of the planet, not just one city. We see computer prompts; firewall detected, access denied, virus installed and then a foreboding message, stating market crashed. The series will go on hiatus returning with what they’ve labeled a trilogy; last season’s trilogy cost the life of Detective Jocelyn Carter, hopefully all come out happy and healthy at the end of this one.

The Story Continues on Tuesday January 6, at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Battle For The Streets Of New York

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

As the previous episode of the CBS series “Person Of Interest” concluded, we saw storm-clouds ahead on two fronts, one concerning Artificial Intelligence System Samaritan, the other with a rapidly growing New York street gang, known as The Brotherhood. Although the first situation needed a speedy solution, most of this episode revolved around the second, as the leader of The Brotherhood Dominic, challenged the Boss of the New York City underworld Carl Elias. Although both men get involved in criminal activities all over the spectrum, Harold Finch and John Reese prefer that Elias remain in power, as he’s cleared up the chaotic situation the city was, before he took over.

The open finds us watching Sameen Shaw and Samaritan operative Martine, staring down each other inside a high-end clothing store. Sameen’s boss picks the worst possible moment to criticize her countertop at the makeup center, as Martine pulls out her pistol and begins firing, Shaw getting her and the manager down below the counter before the bullets get close. Shaw reaches into a cabinet underneath her counter and pulls out an automatic weapon, that likely weighs more than she does and starts advancing and firing on her foe. She winds up behind a post, puts down the weapon and grabs her pistol engaging in a firefight, until she makes it to an exit that deposits her on the street.

Root rides up on a motorcycle, gives Shaw a helmet, tells her to jump on and off they go, while Samaritan loses their signal. Root rides the bike up a ramp and into a moving van, then covers the motorcycle with a furniture blanket, they hide behind some furniture and the movers close up the truck and take off to someone’s new home. Harold reaches them inside the truck and tells Shaw that her cover’s blown and she’s not safe on the streets, she needs to get back to headquarters. Shaw replies they’re in the back of a truck and have no idea where they are, but Finch tells her he’s got her GPS signal.

Reese’s following the number that “The Machine,” assigned them, Crime Boss Carl Elias, as Dominic stole every important document about Elias from the NYPD computer. Elias and his number one guy Anthony are walking the boardwalk when they meet up with another man, Bruce Moran, his childhood friend and the man who handles all of Carl’s money. Bruce tells him about a couple of crisis he averted and tells Elias he’s lucky to have him. Elias gives him a hug and he walks away.

The moving truck’s stopped and we hear the driver talking with a cop, who opens the back of the truck and it’s Fusco. He gets them out and then tells the truck-driver everything’s cool and he can take off. Using the shadow-map  that Finch designed they start following the trail that will take them back to headquarters, without being detected by cameras, and thereby Samaritan.

Reese approaches and Elias says it’s an unexpected pleasure to see him so soon and John responds it’s not a social call. Elias asks who he’s playing Guardian Angel for this time and Reese tells the Crime Boss it’s him, Dominic’s coming after him hard, and he stole all sorts of info from the Department’s computer. Carl thanks John but tells him he can handle this young lion on his own, when he and Anthony leave, one of Elias’ men tries to shoot them in the back, but John shoots him first.

Reese tries to talk Elias into leaving the city for a while and he flat-out refuses, but he appreciates John providing him extra protection. The trio head over to one of the gang leaders that work for Carl, a guy named Gino. Elias tells him about the attempted hit and Gino says he’s shocked, but looking at Carl’s face he realizes that Dominic turned him. He asks Gino if Dominic got to Bruce, and Gino responds he honestly doesn’t know but he’s on his way there right now, Reese tells the other two guys they need to leave and they get out in plenty of time.

Martine calls the head of Samaritan John Greer and tells him that she lost Shaw, that somehow Samaritan developed a blind spot, which puzzles Greer. He tells her to keep digging and he’ll investigate further into what happened with Samaritan.  She decides to talk to the cop that stopped the truck, to see if he knows anything.

As Shaw and Root walk they start talking and she asks when “The Machine,” will provide her with a new identity, and Root gives her a pitying look. Shaw’s truly ticked off, she says that Root goes through a dozen identities in a week sometimes, she only gets one and done? Root tells her she doesn’t make the rules but if she doesn’t go into seclusion she’ll put all their lives in danger.

Dominic heads to Gino’s who told the leader of the Brotherhood he tried to stall with Elias, but they took off and they realize Gino got turned. Dominic asks what else did they discuss and Gino mentions they discussed his accountant Bruce. After they leave Gino’s Dominic tells his second in command that this Bruce must run all of Elias’ businesses, when he was in jail and living off the grid.

Bruce’s office’s located in the penthouse of a dilapidated building that Carl owns and he’s only restored the penthouse. When they reach the floor it looks like a totally different building. Elias needs to get something from his safe and starts punching in the combination, when the Brotherhood start shooting through the door. Reese grabs Elias and they go out through a secret passageway, Anthony starts to join them, but gets shot, so he tells Reese to get Carl out. Elias tries to go back, but John stops him, then attempts it himself, but there’s too many guys. The two of them hide in a room that Carl says he never liked.

Harold contacts Root and Shaw and tells them he’s off to help Reese and Shaw can’t join them, for fear of Samaritan seeing her. She says she thought that the Artificial Intelligence System can’t see them and Root agrees but tells her their operatives can. Sameen asks Root if she knows where Reese is and she nods, but won’t tell her. Shaw says she won’t move unless Root takes her there and for once Root’s bested.

Back in the room Carl dislikes, Dominic calls Elias on his cell and tells him he’s got a chance to make one deal, if he turns himself in he’ll allow Anthony and Detective Reilly to go free, Elias says he needs a better deal than that and hangs up the phone. As soon as he does though, we see the regret on his face and he tells John that he’s been friends with Anthony forever, they met at a Juvenile Detention Center when they were kids, Anthony got sent there as his father beat his mother for years, until one day Anthony slit his father’s throat. He then asks John if he ever wonders how long he can keep things going, Carl’s quite melancholy and Reese realizes he may struggle to get saved.

Reese gives Carl a gun and then says as soon as he gets Elias safe he’ll go back for Anthony, the reach the street and Elias comes out second, then points the gun at Reese and tells him he’s sorry, but he can’t let John go back in that building, they’re too much even for him. He then slams the door behind him, and there’s no knob on the street side of the door. Finch calls Elias and tells him he shouldn’t do this, he’s the one that brought back order to the streets, Carl tells him he’s touched with John and his efforts but he must go and we see Dominic and two of his men directly in front of Carl.

Root takes Shaw into a building, but it’s not where John, Elias, The Brotherhood and Finch are at. Instead Root sticks Sameen in the neck with a syringe filled with elephant tranquilizer, Shaw tries choking Root, but passes out first.

Elias asks Dominic where’s Anthony and Dominic tells him the deals terms have changed he needs to give up the safe’s combination, before he releases Anthony. Elias now gets angry and says how do I even know he’s alive and the leader of The Brotherhood calls up to the penthouse and they put Anthony on the phone. Anthony says that Elias should give up the combination and Carl says he’s waiting for him to get released, but Anthony says he doesn’t think that’s happening. Elias gives the guys in the Penthouse the number, but he kind of smiles at the end, something’s up.

The guys upstairs get to the last digit and Dominic screams stop, but it’s too late, the safe’s wired as a bomb and detonated upon that code’s entry, the entire penthouse blows up, the only person to escape, Dominic’s right-hand man. Dominic said he still won and Elias asked him how come he’s not smiling, then Reese shows up and Dominic slips away. Elias tells John and Harold that he appreciates their support, but a day’s coming when Dominic will pay for Anthony and advises them to stay out of his way.

Person Of Interest: Samaritan And The Brotherhood Threaten Team

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and CBS
Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

When they find themselves with their collective backs against the wall, the team from the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” have overcome the odds and wound up on top in each situation. In the latest episode, the team and the viewers, realized just how overwhelming those odds are this time, as they take on two adversaries on two different fronts. As the episode concluded, we witnessed while one situation, gives the team enough time to prepare, the second threat’s imminent and immediate and imminent.

The episode entitled “Point Of Origin,” has Reese in his guise as NYPD Homicide Detective John Reilly, as a temporary instructor at the Police Academy, with the latest number, a young woman named Dani Silva’s one of the recruits in the class he’s teaching. A training session’s taking place, we hear John’s voice yell from outside a door, that he’s going in alone and he bursts through the door wearing a combat uniform, complete with helmet.

He quickly takes out three of the four recruits, but Silva’s hiding upstairs and gets him with the paintball in his calf. She jokingly apologizes that he didn’t mention using the fire escape, so she took advantage of the loophole. He smiles and says he can’t blame her for coloring outside the lines. One of her classmates threatens her for cheating and making the class look bad, but another recruit named Ortiz, intercedes and tells the dude to chill. Two guys leave and Ortiz asks if she wants to join them for a beer after class, but she says she’s got a date.

We move to Samaritan’s headquarters and the Artificial Intelligence System alerts the administrator  John Greer, that ISA Agent Rice, allowed two criminals to escape with the virus he coveted in the previous episode. The crooks, were the gang’s leader Tomas and Shaw, Samaritan attempts to recover an image of Shaw but isn’t able to get it clear enough to identify. Greer’s operative Martine, enters the room and Greer tells her the new information and wants her to track the woman, who he believes is a member of Finch’s crew. Since Martine’s the former investigator for the Hague, Greer thinks she’ll nail the assignment.

Shaw and Fusco relieve Reese of babysitting Silva and they follow her to the street, where they assume she’s waiting for her date, but they’re soon surprised when they see the members of her class head into the pub near where she’s standing. As they enter and get seated, she takes pictures of all of them and a beat-up Oldsmobile drives up and she climbs in. She shows the pictures to the driver and he asks if the pictures are “them,” and she replies they’re the targets. He asks if she’s ready to move and she says give the word and hands her a pistol. She climbs out and Shaw and Fusco tail the driver home.

They’re outside the guy’s home the next morning, with Fusco’s snoring getting on Sameen’s nerves and she punches him. He wakes up and the guy gets in his car and leaves. Fusco says they should follow him, but Sameen says, they’ll likely learn more breaking into the house. Lionel tells her to wait for him.

Martine heads to Ryker’s Island, posing as Katya’s new Public Defender, Katya’s incarcerated due to Fusco planting drugs on her in order to get Shaw on Tomas’ team. Martine’s pressing the woman on information about how she joined Tomas’ gang and who recommended her, Katya tells Martine she’s fired, hangs up the phone and starts to walk away. Martine raps on the glass and signals for Katya to sit down and pick up the phone, then shows the prisoner a picture of Katya’s daughter. She gives up Romeo as the guy who recommended her and Shaw.

Reese starts following Dani, but he’s grabbed by Police psychiatrist Dr. Iris Campbell, who reminds Detective Reilly he missed that morning’s session. John tells her this is a bad time, but she threatens to pull her recommendation that allows him to instruct at the Academy. He puts his hand on her back to steer her and says lets walk and talk. She’s flustered but agrees, then she brings up Reilly’s hero-complex, which she states usually a result of being bullied as a child. John responds there weren’t bullies in his school as he kept them in line, she replies that’s proof of a hero complex.

Shaw gets on his earpiece and tells John, that Silva’s the victim not the perp, she’s actually an officer from Internal Affairs looking for the mole in her class. Lionel chimes in according to her last report, she’s identified him. Just then Reese realizes Dani’s heading right into a shoot-and-run and he starts to sprint, Iris asks why he’s running from her, he replies he’s not, he’s trying to save a life then whistles. Silva hears the whistle and dives for cover, while John shields Campbell from the gunfire, while she’s freaking. He puts her in a cab and goes after Silva. Reese tells her he knows she’s a cop and she admits she’s from Internal Affairs and needs to contact her handler in person, John says he’ll tag along as her backup. Harold tells Reese to act carefully, as an IA officer could blow his cover.

Somehow, Shaw and Fusco tracked the shooter’s phone and he’s at an elementary school and texting back and forth with the leader of the Brotherhood, Dominic. A young woman’s giving out tough-love and money to some of the youngsters, she’s looking to recruit them young for the Brotherhood. She takes him into another area to meet up with Dominic and Sameen recognizes him as Mini, who she believes is an enforcer for Dominic. However when he orders the shooter’s execution, Finch informs her, that Mini’s actually Dominic, some kids enter the area and Dominic tells them to do the hit elsewhere. Shaw wants to take him out, but Lionel points out the kids.

Turns out Ortiz’s the mole and planted by Dominic, to hack into the Academy’s computer system and get Dominic access to the NYPD computer system. Dominic pulled strings and got Ortiz’s uncle out of a drug conviction and this was the repayment, a one time deal. He says he can’t show up at the Academy while Silva’s still alive and Dominic reassures him that matter’s on its way to getting rectified. The young woman tells Ortiz that he’ll hide out in an abandoned school-house in Spanish Harlem, for a few days.

Dominic and the young woman talk about how important the flash-drive that Ortiz brought him actually is, bringing up Edward Snowden, saying he worked for a satellite office of the NSA. The young woman catches on that the leader of the Brotherhood used the Academy as a satellite office for the NYPD. He explains it’s all about taking down Crime King Carl Elias, the man whose keeping him from being the top of the heap.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Martine walks into Romeo’s bar while his back’s turned and he shouts out they’re closed. She asks can’t a girl get a shot of whiskey in this town after hours and Romeo, turns around likes what he sees. They each have a drink and she gets down to business asking about his crew, he tells her he’s not giving up any of his boys. She says it’s a girl his former driver, he tells her she quit and she asks where she is. He tells her he doesn’t know everything’s compartmentalized for a reason, but tries to text her, only to find out his signals blocked. A heavy-set man with a pompadour and mutton-chops comes out of the back with a shotgun, she says that Elvis forgot to load it, knocks the guy out and grabs the weapon and fires at Romeo, but it’s just buckshot. She pulls out her pistol and stands over Romeo as he’s lying on the floor behind the bar, she sees he tried to text “Nadya,” Shaw’s cover name and takes the phone and leaves.

Reese and Silva reach the safe-house and see the place’s lined with cruisers, someone killed her handler Detective Howard and used her training weapon to murder him. She wants to go inside and get her files proving her identity, but John tells her they’re not in the house. They head somewhere safe and she explains that she got forced to join a gang in school, got arrested and the judge gave her a choice to clean up her act, go to college and make a life, or do time in prison. She got her master’s in Criminal Justice and Internal Affairs recruited her before she graduated, Howard’s her surrogate father and taught her everything.

Lionel shows up and John introduces him, then Fusco says he’s got bad news and worse news for her. Ten thousand dollars got transferred into her account the day before and they identified the weapon as her gun and she’s wanted for murder. Silva tracks Ortiz to the school in Spanish Harlem and her, Reese and Bear, wearing a collar of grenades, drive to it, while Fusco returns to the precinct. Ortiz meets the gang members that run Spanish Harlem and he tells him he did a one-time-only favor for Dominic.

The Latino gang leader pulls an old-fashioned compass, used to draw circles and says if it’s a one-time-deal, the Brotherhood no longer needs him and tries to stab him with the tool. Reese and Silva arrive just then, knock out the two guys and tell Silva they’re getting him out of there, but the leader comes to and presses an alarm that brings gang members for ten-blocks rushing the school. Finch directs them to the schools swimming pool area, but the door they wanted to use got blocked. Harold tells them there’s an exit underneath the pool and John throws all the grenades in, creating a chasm in the bottom, he throws Ortiz first, Bear’s trained to swim he jumps next then Silva and Reese, they enter the street via a manhole cover.

Dominic’s at the school and picks up the compass and talks about circles and the reason he’s not running the city’s due to Detective John Reilly, whose circle keeps intersecting his. The young woman’s about to take out the leader, but Dominic gives the gun to the leader’s number two and has him take the leader out. Harold and John back at their underground lair and Finch informs him that “The Machine’s” got a new number, Carl Elias.

Martine tracks Shaw’s cellphone signal to the department store she works at, but Samaritan says she’s not there, so Martine asks for the latest update of the image from the robbery and it’s clear enough to identify Sameen, who she sees about 250-yards directly in front of her and she grabs he weapon. Shaw and she make eye-contact and Sameen’s grow wide with recognition as the screen goes black.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: How Do You Teach A Machine To Care?

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Elections have gotten rigged, most likely since they’ve held them, so how long until artificial intelligence systems can determine the outcome of a contest, despite the results of the actual ballots cast? At least in the universe that the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” exists in, that technology exists and Samaritan’s used it in the election that occurs during this episode. The system threw out the existing Governor of New York, giving the nod to his challenger, by the same margin that the polls said, that Governor James Murray would win by. “The Machine,” gives Harold Finch the number of Simon Lee, a pollster that works for the Murray campaign and in the ten elections he’s worked on, he’s predicted each race perfectly.

Lee’s track-record’s produced an extremely confident young man with a huge ego, who can’t conceive being incorrect in any election. However as the results come in, it’s apparent that the challenger Michelle Perez will score the upset. Murray’s campaign manager verbally rips Lee all throughout the night, until their disagreement dissolves into a fistfight. Murray separates the two and tells them to calm down.

NYPD Homicide Detective John Reilly’s been put on restricted duty after he shot his sixth person since being transferred from narcotics to homicide by Internal Affairs. He’s also assigned a police psychiatrist, whose approval he requires to return to the streets, which means that Reilly’s true identity, John Reese can’t help out the team in this situation. If Reese doesn’t cooperate, he’ll lose his job with the Police Department and his cover to remain hidden from Samaritan, so Finch gives the number to Sameen Shaw. As he hangs up the phone, he senses a presence and without turning around says good afternoon Miss Rhodes, as the woman who prefers to go by her nickname Root’s come to talk with Finch. She just finished an assignment given to her by “The Machine,” now she’s taking on the role of a reporter for the New York Herald, though she’s yet to find out what the assignment will involve.

Shaw’s pretending she’s a phone volunteer for the Murray campaign, but she’s clearly unhappy with the role, telling a potential voter the reason to reelect the Governor’s because he’s used Rogaine for thirty-years, which shows great foresight. She gets a call from Finch and tells her supervisor she needs a two-minute break for the call. She tells Harold how miserable she is, but Finch stresses that they need her in the campaign office to keep tabs on Lee.

The next scene’s a flashback for Finch, as he recalls the early days of building “The Machine,” and the difficulties that he and his late partner Nathan Ingram encountered trying to perfect the Artificial Intelligence System. We witness the first version coming to life on October 1, 2001, as Harold verifies that the system can see him and recognize him. He then poses a question to “The Machine,” a scenario that involves a couple broken down in the desert with the wife sustaining a broken leg, Finch then states if the man carries his wife, they have a 31% chance of survival, it rises to 40% if the man leaves his wife, what does “The Machine,” suggest the couple do. Although the increased chance of survival’s just nine percent higher, “The Machine,” says the man should leave his wife. Harold then deletes his prototype telling Nathan they’re back at square one, unless their system cares about people, it’s liable to attempt to rule humanity.

Although Perez wins the election to become the next Chief Executive of New York, Simon Lee’s convinced the election wasn’t on the level. Harold, Shaw and Root, all express concern, that Lee might embark on a very dangerous journey with his digging. They believe that Samaritan’s behind the controversial results and Lee will get targeted as an enemy by the Artificial Intelligence System that now receives an unfiltered feed of all United States intelligence. If Lee’s targeted as an enemy his life’s in jeopardy.

Root and Harold  work together to find any dirt on Michelle Perez, to get her to resign from the office she just won and find out she got arrested for prostitution under another name when she was in her twenties, and reports that her services paid for her education. Harold tells Root that he’ll send the information to Perez anonymously, hoping that’s enough to cause her to resign. They attend the press conference held by the newly elected Governor and her Lieutenant Governor Nick Dawson, They also see that Simon Lee’s in the crowd and a woman they identify as an operative for Samaritan, is on the move, possibly to execute Lee. However, the pollster’s not her victim, she slipped Perez two medicines that caused a fatal reaction when combined and she collapses and dies at the beginning of her speech.

The now scared audience, starts to run out of the hall, Simon Lee among them and Shaw notices the Samaritan operative’s following the pollster. Because Samaritan’s concentrating so closely on Lee, the team can’t risk interacting with him any place there are security cameras, so Shaw bumps into Lee in a blind-spot. The Samaritan operative asks for directions and the Artificial Intelligence System sends her to the men’s room. She walks in with her pistol aimed and tells another occupant to leave, she kicks open a stall and find’s Lee’s phone siting on the toilet.

We witness more bumps in the road for Harold and Nathan as they attempt to fine-tune “The Machine,” as the system tries to take over their computers with a virus and in an attempt to determine which of the 43-prototypes are viable to take the next step, the systems try destroying each other, while setting Harold and Nathan’s severs aflame. Harold looks at Ingram and tells him they’ve taught it to think, now they’ve got to get it to care.

Lee realizes his life’s in danger, although he doesn’t know whose trying to kill him, so he gets off the street and into a hotel. Finch disables the security cameras so Samaritan can’t find him, for now at least the pollster’s safe. Harold also disabled all electronic accessibility in Simon’s room, so the pollster can’t use the phone or his laptop, hence keeping him hidden. A maid knocks on the door and Lee answers it, asking if he can borrow her cellphone for an emergency call. He calls 911 and says his name, but Finch terminates the call. “The Machine,” speaks to Root and tells her Samaritan intercepted the signal and the operatives are on their way.

Root and Finch then talk about what’s taken place over the past year, as Samaritan replaced “The Machine,” as the United State’s Government’s intelligence system. She tells Harold he was wrong when he told her in an earlier conversation, that she seemed lost, she tells him she’s terrified because they’re losing and their lives as well as the fate of the world’s at stake. She says even if they defeat Samaritan, odds are low that the entire team could survive the battle.

She then tells Finch because of her past, which she dedicated to killing, robbing and scamming people, she deserves to die. In a huge moment in the series, Harold tells her, it’s where you end up, not where you start that counts. He tells her she’s a brilliant woman, a comrade and a friend, a huge leap for a man that got kidnapped twice by Root. We see the warmth between them rise to the surface, as Harold finally admits what’s been apparent for a while, that Finch identifies closely with her and thinks of her as somewhat of a surrogate daughter. She grabs six pistols, sticks then into the band of her slacks and tells Harold to wish her luck. It rings far too familiar for fans of the series, as the scene echoes a moment between Reese and Detective Joss Carter last season, just before she got murdered by a corrupt cop.

Root heads out to the hallway and “The Machine,” tells her the Samaritan operative Martine’s directly below her, so Root grabs two pistols and starts shooting through the floor. The operative gets out of the line of fire and an associate restores all the video feeds in the hotel, so now Samaritan can locate both Lee and the person shooting at Martine. Shaw arrives at the hotel and calls Reese, telling him that she needs him at the hotel immediately, she then shots a Samaritan operative, but turns around to see another with his pistol pointed at her head. Reese shows up just in time shooting the other operative.

Martine and Root continue their gun-battle when Finch contacts her calling her Root for the first time, instead of addressing her by her legal surname, Miss Groves (which seemingly increases the odds she’ll get killed in this battle.) She tells Harold she’s fine, Lee’s gotten rescued by Reese and Shaw, who knock him out and leave him in the dumpster behind Simon’s office. We watch another exchange of gunfire and can see that Root’s taken at least one hit, as Martine runs out of the building.

The next morning Detective John Reilly meets Dr. Iris Campbell for another therapy session and she tells him he’s either got a death wish or a hero-complex and tells Reilly he can’t save everybody, but he tells her he has to. He tells the doctor about all the evil in the world and the lack of good guys to combat it, so he has to protect and defend the innocent. He then tells Campbell he knew a detective who was the finest cop he ever met, whose only concern was protecting others and he couldn’t save her, so he ties easing his conscience by saving as many people as he can. The doctor tells Reese they’re making progress.

Back at the team’s headquarters, Reese receives a happy surprise when Root comes in with her arm in a sling, the only injury she suffered in the battle. She then tells Harold that he needs to reconnect with  “The Machine,” but he tells her, that her interaction with it has changed it, it now has a voice thanks to Root and he’s intimidated by his creation, he then tells her he went through dozens of prototypes, before he finally realized the only way “The Machine,” would serve the purposes that Nathan and he desired, he had to cripple his creation. Root replies that “The Machine’s,” aware of that and still wants to interact with her creator.

The final scene has Harold walking on the street, stopping when he reaches a security camera. He looks into the lens and says it’s about time the two of them talk.

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