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The Blacklist: The Writing’s On The Wall

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

“Woke up this morning my house was cold
Checked out the furnace she wasn’t burnin’
Went out and hoped in my old Ford
Hit the engine but she ain’t turnin’
We’ve given each other some hard lessons lately
But we ain’t learnin’
We’re the same sad story that’s a fact
One step up and two steps back.”

Bruce Springsteen One Step Up

Tempers flaring, patience running thin and we’re witnessing long-term relationships hitting the danger zone. That could be an accurate summary, for Season Four of the NBC hit-drama “The Blacklist,” but that level spiked in Episode Four, entitled “Gaia.” When Aram Mojtabai let’s the fur fly, we know we’re traveling in unchartered waters.

Our episode begins out in the woods as we see the speaker horn of an old Victrola and sound of Classical Music fills the great outdoors. We then see a man who appears to be in his mid-thirties and as the camera pans to a long shot we see that he lives in an old school bus and he’s raising his own potted crops. He starts looking at his tomatoes, when blood starts dripping from his nose and he goes inside the bus. He grabs a pair of surgical scissors and extracts a large wad of blood-soaked cotton gauze out of his nostril.

He then picks up a radio phone and we hear him talking to a woman named Maya, he tells her he’s got two new targets and that she has to get her and someone else out of the state. The call doesn’t last long, as she either hung up on him or he reached her voice mail.

We follow the man to a retirement party, for a man who owns a helicopter charter service. The man retiring pokes fun at his head mechanic for being a Cubs’ fan and the man from the woods, puts a beer down in front of the mechanic and says he’s from Wrigley Ville. The mechanic nods in appreciation for the free beer.

The next scene, the mechanic and the guy from the woods run into each other again and start making small-talk, but the mechanic’s unaware that the guy from the woods laced his beer with poison and he dies of what the coroner believes was a heart-attack.

Liz Keen’s sitting on the floor, scouring through documents that she hopes will lead her to the location of her infant daughter Agnes, when her laptop emits a tone informing her somebody’s attempting to contact her. She opens her computer and she’s getting a video-feed from Constantin Rostov, he says he wanted to speak to her when she was alone and Lizzie only wants to know how Agnes’ doing. Rostov adjusts the camera to show Keen her cooing daughter and though she’s relieved her child’s safe, she tells Rostov she’s on to him and his plans.

The former FBI Agent tells Rostov that she’s aware of the blood disease he suffers from and that’s the real reason he’s been searching for her and Agnes. Rostov admits that his health’s at stake, but tells Lizzie that he just wants his family reunited and he says the only way that can happen is for her to cut ties with Reddington. He then tells Masha that the link will remain open, so she can check in with Agnes at any time. There’s an unspoken agreement that she won’t try to trace the link, or he’ll cut off contact.

Rostov’s getting another transfusion and Constantin asks if he has six-months, the doctor replies possibly less. He says Rostov always realized that the transfusions were only a temporary fix and a young dark-haired woman says that Rostov’s got to use the child. The doctor vehemently disagrees, saying even if Agnes’ and Rostov are a genetic match, the procedure would put the infant in mortal danger. The young woman scoffs at the doctor’s words and says that he’s not the one who’s dying.

Tom heads back to where he’s staying with Liz and she tells him about her conversation with Kirk and the link he’s set-up so she can see Agnes. Keen immediately wants to trace the link, but Lizzie begs him not to. She says that she can play on Rostov’s ego and gain his trust and then they can rescue Agnes and ensure her safety. Tom remains silent on the issue, so naturally Liz assumed he’d follow her wishes, you’d think that after all this time she’d realize that Keen always believes he knows best.

Raymond and Liz meet and he says he’s got a kind of, sort of clue that could lead them to Agnes. Reddington says that he’s searching for an eco-terrorist known only as Gaia, which is Mother Earth in Greek. Raymond explains that the eco-terrorist disguises his attacks as accidents, so that the people force Government Agencies to fix the problem.

When Keen informs the rest of the task force, they review some of the accidents that Gaia engineered in the past and that some of the incidents took innocent lives in order to save other innocent lives. Harold sends Navabi and Ressler into the field to see what they can find on Gaia, however Aram stops Samar and apologizes that he basically blew her off the previous evening on the phone.

Mojtabai, asks Samar if she’d like for them to talk about her possible transfer later, but she informs him that she already decided to request a transfer and that its being processed. Although shaken, Aram congratulates her on her upcoming move and she says she’d better not keep Donald waiting.

As Donald and Navabi search through records trying to find some info on Gaia, Ressler tells Samar that he Googled Aram’s new girl-friend. She asks why he did that and he responds that he wanted to see if Elise was hot and Donald says she’s quite hot indeed.

The Gaia poisons a second victim an inspector for Borron Energy Service. He lambasted the inspector for allowing environmental dangers to exist, the guy replied that just about everything in this world can kill you. He takes his laced coffee back to his vehicle and shortly thereafter as the inspectors taking his last breaths, the eco-terrorist goes out to the guy’s vehicle and says that he was right about so many dangers out in the world. He then grabs the guy’s clipboard and hard hat.

We find ourselves in a shack and see Mr. Kaplan lying on a cot with a piece of cloth covering the wound on her cheek. Suddenly the door opens and we see the dog and it’s owner enter the cabin, however without Kate having her glasses the shapes are too blurry for her to identify and she falls back to sleep.

Aram tells the rest of the Task Force that he might have identified their suspect, as he’s been pretending to be an inspector doing spot inspections in energy plants. Aram’s tracked him to an energy facility he’s doing a spot inspection on at that moment and Navabi and Ressler head to the plant to apprehend the suspect. Security informs them where the suspect’s at, but he eludes them and steals a security vehicle with Donald and Samar in pursuit.

The Gaia thinks he’s made his escape but then he’s cut off by police vehicles in front of him and when he attempts to back up, he realizes he’s boxed in by law enforcement. The Gaia then goes forward and slams against the two police vehicles and escapes.

They recover his forged ID card and Keen tells Harold that Raymond’s in contact with one of his guys to track down the Gaia. Dembe and Raymond arrive at a bowling alley and Red shouts to our old friend Glen Carter, finder of lost people, that he needs his services immediately. Jelly Bean says he’s off the clock now and Dembe starts giving Glen pointers on how to improve his game. Raymond shows Glen the badge and he immediately recognizes it as the work of Ji Ming a Chinese associate of his.

Dembe, Raymond, Glen and the Asian fellow meet in the next scene and apparently the Chinese man only speaks Mandarin, which Jelly Bean happens to speak. Reddington tries to hurry the conversation along and tells Glen he just needs an address. The Asian gentleman looks at Red and then speaks in Mandarin and walks away. Glen says the guy doesn’t like Raymond, as Reddington looks like his third wife. At this point Raymond realizes that Glen’s just yanking his chain and he already acquired the address.

Liz, Raymond and Dembe head to where Gaia’s made his base of operations. They find a picture of Maya who’s pregnant in the photo and Keen starts talking about missing babies and now she’s consumed with Agnes. Raymond realizes what’s going on and tells Lizzie that they’ll soon have Agnes back safe and sound.

Tom gets in contact with a former associate named Krantz and the mercenary agrees to gather his crew and to locate Rostov’s link and help Keen recover Agnes.

They’ve identified the eco-terrorist as Owen Ayers, a highly decorated military veteran who retired for medical reasons a few years before. Ayers final mission was Fukushima, Japan, which suffered a catastrophic accident inside a nuclear plant. Ayers inhaled toxic-gas while on the mission, making him a dead man walking and he and his toddler son Skyler share a blood disease, that caused the child to be born with a disfigured face.

We’re back at the shack with Mr. Kaplan, when we finally see who carried Kate away on a make-shift stretcher. So far he’s only been identified as The Hunter, but he’s portrayed by veteran actor Leon Rippy,  who played the school janitor in 11/22/63. The Hunter resembles a retired roadie from the Allman Bros. Band, circa early Seventies, with silver hair hanging down to his shoulders.

He tells Kate that she’s been on her back for too long and he’s going to put her into a sitting position. He then puts his arm behind her neck and although she screams in pain, she’s able to sit. He asks her if she can understand him and then asks if she can nod, which Mr. Kaplan does. He then asks if the men who did this to her will be coming back and she shakes her head no. He starts feeding her some soup, but he realizes she wants to say something to him, she croaks out thank you and The Hunter smiles.

Aram and Liz realize that Ayers is planning a gas explosion in the Hudson River, dangerously close to the biggest nuclear facility on the Eastern Seaboard. Ayers intends to create a Fukushima on the Hudson and when contacted by Ressler on the radio he says there’s no way they’ll be able to stop him as he’s piloting a chopper over the Hudson.

Mojtabai attempts to hack into the helicopter’s controls but he’s unable to do anything. Cooper then asks if Aram can shut off the rotor and the Tech Guru realizes he can, but he says he’s already taken one life and couldn’t take another. Cooper then pushes the button that stops the rotor and Ayers crashes and dies in a field not far from where some kids are playing football.

Keen’s back at her home and she’s singing Rock-A-Bye-Baby to Agnes, just as Krantz, Tom and the other mercenaries are about to break into Kirk’s hideout. Unfortunately Rostov sees them before they can rescue Agnes and Constantin tells Masha that he’s disappointed in her for tracking the signal. She breaks down crying and says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, then Rostov shows Tom on one of the camera feeds. Constantin says that he’s cutting off contact and cuts off the feed.

Maya and Skyler are sitting in an ice-cream shop when Raymond and Dembe join them in their booth. Red tells Skyler that he’s been looking forward to meeting him and right then the waitress puts down three ice-cream sundaes on the table, chocolate, strawberry and caramel.  Reddington says that he’s always found caramel’s a great lubricant in awkward introductions. Turns out that Raymond just wants the name of Tyler’s hematologist, which Maya gives up willingly. She asks if Raymond also has a special-needs child and Reddington says that an infant’s life’s in danger.

When Tom returns to the place he and Liz are staying at, Lizzie gets in his face about not respecting her wishes and she says she knows Reddington’s involved. Tom says that Raymond had no knowledge of what Keen did, that he got in touch with a former associate. Liz asks him if the associate’s from his skinhead days or when he was Berlin’s goon. Tom responds that nobody’s sorrier than he is that he failed, but Liz replies their daughter feels worst of all where ever she is.

Raymond and Lizzie meet again and Reddington explains that the reason he went after Owen Ayers, was that he Skyler and Rostov have the same doctor. That they’re very close to finding him and then they’ll be able to get Rostov and rescue Agnes. Lizzie tells Raymond she lied to him earlier and that Kirk did reach out to her with the link, but in Tom’s effort to rescue their daughter, Rostov escaped with their child.

We end this episode with two quick scenes. Raymond visits Dr. Sebastian Reifler and he recognizes Reddington. He informs Red that Skyler Ayers, has done well and Red says he’s aware of that. However he needs to accompany the doctor the next time he has a house call for Kirk.

Kate wakes up in the cabin and after calling out hello, she realizes she’s alone. She gets up from the bed and realizes that one of her ankles has a shackle around it. Apparently The Hunter is not just a nice guy.

Gotham: Penguin Winds Up On Top

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

James Gordon became a marked man, in the final scene of the previous episode of the new FOX series “Gotham,” when Oswald Cobblepot, whose now referred to mainly as Penguin, showed up at Detective Gordon’s station-house, announcing the Gotham City, he’s alive and well. We found out in this installment, that there indeed was a method to Cobblepot’s madness and got a chance to glimpse just how, devious, manipulative and back-stabbing he is. If there lay any doubt, whether young Cobblepot could morph into the future Super-Criminal, seeing the Penguin playing one side against the other, with an unexpected twist at the end should put those fears to rest.

The episodes over the last few weeks, have grown more complex, making them more entertaining for the viewers, the first couple of episodes framed the story, the last few have fleshed out the characters and our understanding of how Gotham City works. New alliances formed in this episode, older ones revealed and in the words of the Penguin we saw at the episode’s conclusion “That Love Conquers All.”

As we join the action, Harvey Bullock and Gordon are in the station locker room, when Bullock knocks his partner to the ground with a punch to the jaw, then pulls out his weapon, intending to take his partner out, bring his corpse to Falcone and beg for mercy. Two uniforms enter the locker room, see what’s occurring and Bullock screams at them to just walk away, as he does Gordon kicks the gun out of Harvey’s hand and knocks him to the floor while Jim rises. Bullock tells his partner he better never see him again.

Gordon’s leaves his station-house, attempting to reach his fiancée Barbra Kean on the phone, to inform her she need’s to leave the city immediately. However, Fish Mooney’s aide Butch and an associate brandishing a pistol are keeping Barbara company in her apartment. Realizing that something’s amiss, Jim has his weapon drawn, as he enters the apartment and tells Butch to have his guy drop his gun, or Gordon will start shooting, the hood drops his piece on the rug. Butch informs the detective if he joins him and goes to talk with Fish Mooney, Kean won’t get hurt, if there’s a second trip needed she’ll get tortured, Gordon throws the two thugs out of the apartment. Jim convinces Barbara that she needs to leave the city immediately, he’s got things to wrap up and he’ll join her in a few days if all goes well. If not she’s to stay out of Gotham City. He takes her to the train and they go through their tearful goodbye.

Mooney and Nikolai meet with Falcone about Gordon not killing Cobblepot and Fish wants gallons of blood, Cobblepot, Gordon and Bullock, all dead and if necessary Sal Maroni. Falcone asks her if she’s overreacting, letting a nobody like the Penguin start a war, but Fish answers that it’s a matter of respect. Nikolai tells Falcone that he agrees, but the Crime Boss tells Mooney to talk with Maroni before they consider other options. He also tells Mooney that he’ll get his enforcer Victor Zsasz to bring in Gordon. Nikolai whispers to Fish that it’s time to take Falcone out, but she believes the timing’s wrong.

Gordon arrives at the station-house the next morning and gets met by momentary silence as everyone stares at him, then resume their conversations. Jim walks over to another detective’s desk and asks if he’s got those blank warrants pre-signed by a Judge and the detective gives him some, then Gordon walks into his Captain’s office and Sarah Essen’s shocked to see him there. He tells her he’s going to serve warrants on Mayor Aubrey James and Carmine Falcone and she responds he’s nuts, as nobody in the city will work with him. She says she wants the corruption cleaned up also, but she’s got a family.

The station-house doors open and in walks a guy looking like a young Lex Luthor on acid, accompanied by two Amazonian women in short skirts with bad attitudes. The man introduces himself as Victor Zsasz and he’s there to deal with Jim Gordon and everybody else can go about their business. He then starts calling for the detective until he and the captain enter the squad room, then Zsasz informs him he’s taking him to meet Falcone. Gordon replies he’ll meet with Falcone but not that day, Victor then says he’s sorry to hear Jim say that, as now he must get rough. Jim responds there’s 50 officers in the room and Zsasz asks them to leave, when he adds an anguished please, they scatter, leaving just Gordon and Essen, whom Jim tells to leave.

We then go through the obligatory three-on-one shootout, that the hero somehow survives, though takes a hit, he then makes it out to the garage as he attempts to elude the trio. He’s just about to get caught when Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya of MCU, drive up and rescue Jim, as they finally realize Gordon’s an honest cop.

Mooney comes to Sal Maroni’s restaurant to discuss him handing over Penguin, but Maroni’s not taken with the idea and wants to know why Mooney demands this. Fish replies it’s a matter of respect, so Maroni calls Cobblepot over to the table and has him apologize to Fish for any lack of respect he displayed. Maroni thinks that should settle the score, but Mooney tells him the war’s on, she then slaps Penguin and says she’ll enjoy torturing him. She leaves and while Sal and Cobblepot laugh, Maroni’s top aide Frankie Carbone looks less than pleased.

We see one of Maroni’s trucks hi-jacked by Falcone’s soldiers, a loss to Maroni of about $4.5 million and Sal wants to strike back hard. Penguin tells him he knows the perfect spot and Maroni sets up Carbone and Cobblepot to pull the job off. Turns out to be the headquarters of Nikolai the Russian, one of Falcone’s gang-leaders and possible threat. Carbone and his two soldiers shoot them all dead and Penguin says that he knew things would go smoothly, but Carbone decides to express his dislike of Cobblepot.

He tells Penguin, that he’s got Maroni suckered, but not him, he sees him for the gutless little snitch he is and he could kill him then and now and blame it on the Russian. Cobblepot then tells Frankie about his problem, that Carbone’s a skinflint and Penguin now controls Carbone’s former soldiers, who grab Frankie as Oswald stabs him in the gut. As the life ebbs from Carbone’s body, Penguin bends over him says “That Love Conquers All,” and plants a kiss on top of Frankie’s head, drawing puzzled looks from the guards.

Allen and Montoya drive Gordon to the Wayne mansion and Allen leaves the car to try to find Alfred. The butler accompanies the detective back to the car with a dagger pressed against Allen’s neck, when he realizes it’s Gordon, he apologizes and brings them all into the mansion. Gordon talks with Bruce and says he may not keep his promise of finding the boy’s parents’ killer, but Montoya and Allen will. Before he leaves, Bruce hugs the detective as hard as he can and we see that Gordon’s touched.

Maroni and Falcone meet with Penguin and Mooney and arrange a deal, Maroni gets to keep Penguin and Falcone receives a toxic waste dump on the Arkham Asylum property in return. We can see that Mooney’s very displeased with the deal, but with Nikolai gone, she doesn’t possess the power to argue with Falcone.

Jim’s staying at Barbara’s apartment when there’s a knock at the front door, it’s Bullock, incredibly drunk with a female companion. He insults Gordon then tells him that since they’re both going to die, he’ll join Jim’s side. He tells his companion to go find a bed and wait for him and Gordon tells Harvey they’ll arrest Mayor James and Falcone the next day. Bullock thinks he’s nuts but they’ll go out in a burst of glory.

The next morning as the Mayor sits in his limousine, Gordon climbs in back with him carrying an automatic weapon, telling James he’s under arrest. The Mayor says that’s not funny, but Harvey reveals that he’s the chauffeur and he thinks it’s quite humorous. James gets them past Falcone’s guards and the three enter the house, Bullock capturing Falcone’s two security guys on the way into Falcone’s office. Gordon tells the Crime Boss they’re arresting him and Falcone responds they won’t make it down the street alive, but Jim’s already deduced that.

What he doesn’t know is Barbara came back to Gotham City to beg for Jim’s life and he’s got her imprisoned in another room. Bullock thinks he’s bluffing but Gordon believes him and both detectives drop their weapons. Barbara’s then brought out and Falcone says by all rights he should kill the two cops, Gordon believed him which shows he’s growing, he tells them all to leave before he changes his mind.

The final scene shocked this viewer, a rare occurrence watching television these days. Carmine Falcone’s in his chicken coop, seeing if any of his hens laid eggs, when Penguin arrives in the rain of course with his umbrella. The Don addresses Cobblepot as “My Friend,” and says he had just thought about the first time we met. Penguin set this whole thing up with Falcone before Gordon got set to shoot him, in fact he asked for Gordon to get the assignment, as Jim’s the only guy in the GCPD with a conscience and might spare his life.

Oswald then told the old man if he survives he’ll return to Gotham City and be a snitch for Falcone, earning Maroni’s confidence and reporting everything back to Carmine. Falcone agrees to the terms and then asks the Penguin what secret he’s hiding and he tells him that Nikolai and Mooney are lovers, plotting against him and Mooney, will ultimately grab the power for herself.

We realize that Penguin may have gotten rid of some of Maroni’s rivals, the two real big winners are Falcone and the Penguin.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Gotham: Deep Down Everybody Hates The Rich

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Now this was fun! The new FOX series “Gotham,” reached a new level in the sixth episode of its freshmen campaign, with one of the most entertaining episodes from any show in this still young television season. The episodes main storyline had viewers guessing, until the final few minutes, and interspersed throughout the show, we got some brief but telling glimpses into some characters relationships. The story concluded with an ending that’s got deep ramifications as the season proceeds, that might change the dynamic of power in Gotham City.

We open with a graphic informing us, that the scene we’re watching took place ten years previously. An unmarked police car, drives up to this dilapidated old building and Detectives Harvey Bullock and his partner Detective Dix, (Dan Hedaya) call in for back-up. The Bullock of ten-years-earlier still maintains his idealism and pride of working for the GCPD and wants to attempt to stop a serial killer from taking his third life. Dix, however tells his partner that the “GCPD Golden Rule: No Heroes,” Bullock nods, then runs into the building, causing his older partner to give chase.

Entering the building, they realize it’s too late for the killer’s latest victim, whom like the others came from one of Gotham City’s wealthiest families and was the first-born child. The man they’re looking for, Randall Milkie’s a maintenance worker whose got keys from his job for all the victims’ houses. He’s also got a history of mental illness, now believing he’s possessed by the “Spirit Of The Goat.”

The two detectives hear stirrings and Dix goes around to check the perimeter, while Harvey maintains his position, seconds later we hear a crash and a scream, Milkie pulled a trap door and Dix fell through, crashing to the ground and lying unconscious. Bullock then confronts wearing a full head mask with horns protruding through the top, who tells him that Milkie’s body might perish but the “Spirit Of The Goat,” carries on. Harvey empties his pistol into the man’s chest, then removes the mask, verifying its Randall Milkie. He calls out for Dix, finds his unconscious body just as back-up arrives, and tells them there’s an officer down.

Back in the present Bullock drives to a crime scene, horrified to see that there’s a copycat killer, emulating the murders of the “Spirit Of The Goat,” down at the waterfront. Harvey’s trying to obtain information from GCPD forensic scientist Ed Nygma and as always, he’s annoyed with the conversation and Nygma’s new riddle, which he ignores. One thing that the scientist tells him, however does interest the veteran detective, that he’s arrived before his by the book partner, Jim Gordon.

Gordon’s involved with his fiancée Barbara Kean, over the future of their relationship, after she left him for not sharing his job concerns. Kean tells Jim that unless he’s willing to trust her and confide in her, they’ve got nothing and should head their separate ways, but she wants to be with him, so she begs the detective to let him in. His phone rings, for the third time in their conversation, he tells her he needs to go, but will share everything with her.

Elsewhere at the waterfront, Detectives Renee Montoya and her partner Crispus Allen, interview a disabled man on the docks, on whether he witnessed the shooting of Oswald Cobblepot, ten weeks earlier. The man replies, he saw it perfectly and pulls out a small telescope, the detectives show him a picture of Gordon and ask if he was the shooter. The man replies that’s the man he saw and says he has ice water in his veins as he showed no mercy. Allen and Montoya will now charge Gordon with murder.

As we’re aware, Cobblepot’s alive and well, now managing Sal Maroni’s restaurant and finally heads back to his mother’s house after staying out of contact for the last ten weeks. His mother accuses him of being with a woman, but her son replies he doesn’t even date. He tells her that he got betrayed and almost killed, but he’s on the way back and will become a big figure in Gotham City one day. His mother responds, she always knew he would be.

Gordon arrives at the crime scene, Harvey busts his chops for being late. The Coroner arrives shortly later and Bullock asks the doctor, to check the base of the skull for an incision stitched up and as Bullock predicted the stitches are there, over a foreign object in the victim’s neck. Harvey then says the objects a penny, before the Coroner removes a stitch and Bullock’s proven correct again, which troubles the detective greatly. Bullock asks if the victim came from a wealthy family and the first-born and he receives positive responses to both questions. Harvey tells Jim they’re heading to interview the victim’s family.

The pair head to the woman’s parents home and find the mother so sedated, she can’t talk and the father’s beside himself with grief and keeps making a gripping motion with his left hand. The woman with them, the man’s psychiatrist, Dr. Marks, tells the detectives her patients too distraught to talk. Bullock and her exchange words and she asks the detective, if he thinks psychiatric treatment’s ineffective. Bullock replies that he’d gladly take some of the tranquilizers she gave to the mother and Gordon breaks up the scrum, as the pair head back to the station.

Barbara Kean heads to police headquarters to try to convince Renee Montoya to give Gordon a chance. Montoya tells her they’ve got a witness and will charge Gordon with murder that evening. She tells her former lover to leave Gotham City, until the arrest and trial are over. Kean tells her she’ll do just the opposite and stay and support her fiancée.

Bullock tells Gordon and Captain Sarah Essen, that the murder’s not a copycat, as nobody knew about the coin in the victim’s neck. Milkie planted an 1813 liberty penny in each of the victim’s necks, but the police kept that fact hidden, to discourage copycat killers. The only two people alive that knew that, Harvey and his former partner Dix, now crippled in a wheelchair and resident of a nursing home due to his fall that night. Essen tells the pair to talk with Dix.

When they enter the facility, Gordon tries to talk to Bullock about the emotions churning inside him as he prepares to see his former partner, but Harvey shuts him down saying nobody invades the “black-box,” otherwise known as the detective’s brain. When they enter the room, Dix gives his former partner a hard time, calling him the boy detective, whose honoring the poor broken down man with a bad liver. Bullock responds that, he just ruined his partner’s legs, he ruined his liver with his rotgut booze.

He then tells Dix that the killer who copied Milkie, put the penny in the victim’s neck and the older man says he never told a soul. He then says it’s a conspiracy, that there’s a ring of the “Spirit Of The Goat,” killers and they’ve been dormant for ten years. Bullock tells him that’s crazy and Dix says to Gordon that Harvey always believes he’s the smartest man in the room, which Jim agrees with. Bullock says that’s because he’s constantly surrounded by idiots and leaves the room. As Gordon starts to leave, Dix tells him to watch out for his partner, that Bullock pictures himself the White Knight and tries to save the day. Gordon’s flabbergasted and looks at Dix and asks Bullock and the retired detective says it like Jim’s dumb, yeah Bullock, Gordon then says Harvey Bullock, and this time Dix just mouths the words back. We find out in the hallway, that Harvey’s paying for his former partner’s care and supplying him with what the administrator calls the most horrible magazines. We see the shock on Jim’s face, but he knows better than to go there and remains silent.

We get our first view of Ed Nygma, interacting with someone other than Gordon or Bullock and it doesn’t go well. Nygma enters the quarters of the woman who keeps the case files for the department, Kristen Kringle, whose got a bit of the hot, repressed woman, hiding behind a lab coat and glasses. At first it seems she’s just a bit shy, but we soon realize, that Kringle finds Ed rather creepy. He berates her filing system and she suddenly grows a spine, telling Nygma that she knows where everything is and for him to leave it alone, then leaves her office. Nygma, thinks he’ll impress her and redo the system.

When she returns her files cover the floor and she freaks out, but Ed tells her his way’s far more effective. She then asks why he hates her, why he wants her to quit and he blurts out that he wants her, which makes her look more freaked out. He tries to cover saying he wants her to keep her job and stay right in her office. She looks at him and tells him he’s odd, and we see his face sag. He says he’ll leave but gives her a strange look as he passes her.

A second young woman’s been kidnapped, who fits the victims descriptions, first-born child of a wealthy family. Gordon starts cross-referencing suspects that have access to both homes and Bullock tells him to get Nygma involved as he’s amazing at puzzles.

It really had nothing to do with the rest of the episode, but we see the curtains billowing in the library of the Wayne mansion, and Selina Kyle sneaks in through a window, but gets startled by a noise. She regains her composure as she realizes, it’s the snoring of Bruce Wayne, asleep as normally in the room. She looks at his evidence board, smiles then just looks at Bruce and smiles brighter. She grabs a jewel encrusted box off the desk, then sneaks back out of the room, unheard.

Nygma and Gordon have narrowed it down to four suspects, but two have alibis. When Ed mentions the third guy, Raymond Earle’s address, Harvey says that’s the man and he and Jim head out trying to avert a murder. They wind up at the same building that Bullock killed Milkie in ten-years earlier and run inside. They find the woman’s tied up but she’s unhurt, Gordon rescues her while Harvey goes in search of Earle. He finds the maintenance worker, wearing the same mask that Milkie wore ten-years earlier and Earle says the Goat will never die and he and Bullock grapple, falling down a flight of stairs. Harvey gets tangled up in plastic, but Earle’s standing over him, the two grapple again and Bullock goes down, but Gordon knocks Earle out with a right to the jaw.

Watching Earle in lockdown once they have him in custody, Bullock compares the similarities between Earle and Milkie, same profession, both having mental problems, but all nonviolent, before the “Spirit Of The Goat,” crimes. He says it’s almost like it came looking for them. Essen tells him to enjoy the victory and leaves the room. Gordon talks about investigations they can do, but Harvey says tomorrow and tells his partner to head home. As Bullock watches Earle, he notices the killer’s also gripping and releasing his left hand, just as Dr. Marks patient, Robert Hastings did. Bullock’s solved the crime.

He heads back to the Hastings home to speak with the psychiatrist and tells her he found out she’s a hypnotist, she corrects him and tells Bullock, she’s a hypnotherapist. Bullock also says he realizes she does Pro Bono work and that she treated Raymond Earle and Randall Milkie and accuses her of hypnotizing both men to carry out the murders. She admits to it, then says you can’t hypnotize a victim to commit an act their against deep down, but deep down, everybody hates the rich. She then uses a code phrase and tells Hastings to kill Bullock.

Hastings’ attempts to kill Harvey, but the detective quickly subdues the old man, then shoots Dr. Marks’ attempting to escape in the leg. He takes her down to the station and attempts to explain to Essen, what the doctor did, but the Captain’s confused. Confusion increases as Montoya and Allen bring Gordon handcuffed into the precinct telling his Captain, he murdered Cobblepot, then start to put Bullock in cuffs as an accomplice, while Gordon keeps yelling he didn’t kill the Penguin. The station doors open, and guess who arrives but Cobblepot, and Bullock attempts to go after Gordon for the double-cross.

The Story Continues Next Monday At 9:00 pm on FOX.

Gotham: Vigilante Tries To Clean Up City

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This was the show I expected coming out of the gates, someone removed the training wheels off of the new Fox series “Gotham,” in its third episode and the result was a fun and exciting ride. The pace quickened, the writing seemed shaper, we met some new interesting characters and the main storyline could have emanated from a comic book. Hopefully, this episode’s where the series finds its footing and fulfills the hopes of Fanboys, Fangirls, and comic book readers as well.

The episode began at the station house as a youth services employee was giving custody of Selina Kyle to Detective Jim Gordon, as she told the young officer she had information on the murders of Martha and Thomas Wayne. She took Gordon to the alley they got shot in and schooled him not to trust juvenile delinquents, even if they’re as cute as young Miss Kyle. Selina tells the detective that she can prove she witnessed the murder as she threw the man’s wallet she stole that night down the sewer drain. Gordon handcuffs the girl to the railing of the fire escape while he raises the man-hole cover and goes into the sewer in search of the wallet.

What he didn’t bother to do was search the girl for any implements that could help her pick the lock on the cuffs. As soon as Gordon goes underground, she produces a pen and quickly picks the lock. Gordon’s naturally disgusted standing in sewage, but he quickly sees a wallet and it’s owned by the man who reported the robbery that evening. Just then Selina peers over the edge of the sewer hole, and throws the cuffs to Gordon, saying he’ll likely need them.

Gotham’s buzzing over the charges filed against a Bernie Madoff type of investment councilor named Arnold Danzer who fleeced people throughout the city. Our first view of him takes place while he’s on the phone with his lawyer, telling him to pay off who ever needs to get paid off to ensure Danzer never spends a minute in jail. He then tells his attorney, that he’s the lawyer and it’s his job to figure out how. He leaves the building and heads out into the street where a throng of reporters try to question him and he blows him off.

Suddenly a man wearing a children’s Halloween mask of a pig rolls a push-cart down the street shouting to all “Balloons, Balloons.” He rolls the cart over to Danzer and asks him if he’d like a balloon, but the investment banker ignores him. The masked man asks “Arnold Danzer?” and when he stops the masked man attached a handcuff to his hand, the other part of the cuff’s attached to a weather balloon and Danzer’s pulled into the sky by the helium balloon until he vanishes from site.

Back at the station Gordon’s appalled at the act by the vigilante, while Bullock’s amused. He tells his partner that Danzer’s a scumbag that got what he deserved, but Jim counters that citizens can’t take the law into their own hands. Harvey tells Gordon it’s a present and he should enjoy it, however Gordon does just the opposite.

Officers Allen and Montoya from the Major Crimes Unit pay Fish Mooney a visit to inquire on the whereabouts of Oswald Cobblepot and when they ask Mooney if he’s dead she admits he is, but tells them she’s not to blame. She then tells the cops that she’s heard that one of their own, Detective Jim Gordon sprayed Cobblepot’s brains all over the Gotham River. Allen asks why Gordon would do that, but Mooney tells him he’s asking the wrong question. She says what he should ask is whose powerful enough to get a young detective to kill someone for him and Montoya replies Carmine Falcone. Mooney tells the officer her deductive powers are amazing.

Of course Cobblepot’s not dead and we find out he’s back in Gotham. Unfortunately for him, so does one of Mooney’s thugs, whose ready to turn him over to her. But Oswald strikes first stabbing his assailant in the calf with his knife, then slashes him until he dies. He steals money from the corpse and asks the local food truck vendor for a tuna fish sandwich. He then heads to an Italian restaurant with a reputation for serving those who are “Connected.” He applies for a job in the kitchen, but the manager says Oswald doesn’t even have the right shoes. He then looks over at one of the kitchen staff and looks at his shoes. When the guy from the kitchen starts to head home Cobblepot approaches him at the bus stop and asks what size shoes does the man wear. The guy looks at him funny and tells him he wears size nine and Oswald smiles and says what a coincidence.

We head to Wayne Manor and witness a very peculiar site, the Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth’s trying to engage young Bruce in a sword fight using a pair of canes. Bruce tells him he doesn’t want to play, but Alfred starts parrying and thrusting and Wayne reactively blocks his shots with his cane. This goes on for a bit, then Bruce yells he doesn’t want to play and his anger puts him on the offensive and backs Alfred into a corner. They both smile when they realize what happened.

That’s a twist of the legacy as Alfred never encouraged young Bruce to learn to defend himself or send him down the path that lead to him becoming Batman. Was this an isolated incident, or will this Alfred play a different role in Wayne’s upbringing in this new telling of the tale? Although his past hasn’t been revealed, he’s portrayed as someone who looks like they can defend themselves and though he gets cross with Bruce, we know he loves him dearly.

Although nobody cared when “The Balloon Man,” sent Arnold Danzer into space, the reactions far different after he disposes of his second victim. This time it’s a dirty cop Lieutenant Cranston who’s stopped by the man with the cart. Cranston perceives him as a threat and disables him, emptying the contents of “The Balloon Man’s,” pockets, but he’s able to slip the handcuff on Cranston’s ankle and he sails off into space kicking and screaming.

Allen and Montoya, confront Gordon on what Mooney told them and asks if he killed Cobblepot for money or as deference to Falcone. Gordon just tells them they’re wrong and says if they find any evidence, come find him. Montoya won’t let it lie there however, as she heads over to Jim’s fiancée, Barbara Kean’s apartment.

When Renee and Barbara talked in the first episode, the body language between the two of them suggested they had a past together and we confirm that in this conversation. Montoya and Kean were a couple, apparently a dysfunctional one as there were lies and possibly both of them were abusing alcohol and or drugs. But Montoya says that she’s telling her former lover the truth, Gordon’s a dirty cop, just ask him where he was the night Oswald Cobblepot got killed.

The distributor of the weather balloons calls the police and then comes in and meets with Harvey and Jim. the guy’s named Gerrick and he says a former employee stole four of them from him, that means two more remain. They track the former employee down and bring him into custody, he admits he stole the balloons, but says he sold them to a man who concealed his identity. Bullock then says to the kid, it’s the perfect crime, no body no evidence. The kid laughs and says that Harvey doesn’t know anything about weather balloons, they reach a certain height then the air gets cold enough to make the balloon brittle and it pops, the bodies will return.

In a nice piece of black humor, we’re outside in downtown Gotham watching an elderly woman walking her little dog, when she suddenly looks up and all she says is “Oy!” The next scene has a tarp covering both bodies, we can see the woman’s feet sticking out and Cranston’s arm. Uniforms searched Cranston’s body and he had a form on him with Gordon’s name on it. Jim knows whose responsible, it’s the child services employee Davis Lamond, that handed over Selina Kyle at the beginning of the episode.

He’s not at work and officers search his home and find no trace of him or the remaining balloon. (The third balloon got cuffed to a Catholic Church official who molested children.) The two cops try to figure out where Lamond’s storing the balloons, when Gordon figures it out, since there’s a new child services center the old one’s no longer used.

They head to the building and find the last weather balloon and start searching for Lamond, Bullock instead gets found by him and holds a gun to Harvey’s head as he goes to talk to Gordon. Davis says that Jim should work with him not against him, they’re both trying to shut down corruption in Gotham. Gordon explains that’s why we have the criminal justice system and he pledges to Lamond to make it work, but  “The Balloon Man,” says the police’s time’s past and then attempts to shoot Gordon but misses badly. Bullock subdues Lamond then hooks his arm to the weather balloon and the vigilante starts to rise. Gordon jumps up and grabs his feet, but the balloon keeps rising, he tells Bullock to shoot the balloon and he does, they both drop from the sky and land on the roof of a panel truck.

Jim heads to Barbara’s apartment and he’s physically and mentally spent. He tells his fiancée, that more vigilantes will follow, that corruptions leaked into every corner of Gotham’s infrastructure and branch of government. He says there are dirty cops out there, that will gladly shoot a suspect to death rather than try them. Keane looks him in the eyes and asks him, if he’s like that and he asks her if she thinks he’s capable of that mentality. She smiles kisses him, responds he’s not and that’s why she loves him. Just then the doorbell rings and Barbara answers it, she then turns to her fiancée with a confused look on her face and calls his name. Standing in the doorway, Oswald Cobblepot who greets Gordon by saying “Hello  James, old friend.”

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 9:00pm on Fox. 

Gotham: Homeless Teens Abducted?

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The second episode of the new Fox series “Gotham” gave viewers a brief glimpse into the world of homeless teenager Selina Kyle and a far more in-depth view of the corruption that runs throughout the power structure in Gotham City, including the police department and the mayor’s office. After watching the first two episodes of the show, it seems that the only three virtuous people in power in the city are Renee Montoya, Crispus Allen from Gotham Major Crimes Unit and Detective Jim Gordon. Other than those three, perhaps every other public official pursue situations that can add money to their bank accounts, by “looking the other way.”

A middle-aged man and woman start abducting homeless teenagers and the Gotham officials show their true colors in reaction to the situation. Gotham Mayor Aubrey James knows the right things to say in front of the TV cameras, but beneath that thin veneer lurks a man that lacks any compassion for the citizens he serves, and he sets the tone for everyone else playing loose and fast with the law. Richard Kind plays the Mayor; Kind’s far better known for his comedic roles in series like “Mad About You” and “Spin City,” however in this series Kind shows his disdain for his constituents and any opinion that differs from his own.

In the pilot we quickly realized that Gordon’s partner Detective Harvey Bullock was dirty, from his flirtatious banter with mob-boss/femme-fatale Fish Mooney and the orders he relayed from Gotham’s crime kingpin Carmine Falcone to kill Oswald Cobblepot and dump his body in the river (Gordon actually faked shooting Cobblepot, telling him to leave Gotham forever when he threw him in the water.) Early in this episode we realize that the detectives superior Captain Sarah Essen’s just as jaded as Bullock, as we see when Harvey tells the Captain that Gordon gets uptight when he tries to get a confession out of a subject by beating them. Essen tells Gordon, she can’t force him to break the law, but he’s in Gotham where you either bend or break.

The episode once again opens with Selina playing the observer, although she’s far closer than she was last week when she witnessed the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne. A middle-aged couple identifying themselves as Patti (Lili Taylor, kind of resembling the Church Lady from SNL) and Doug (Frank Whaley, think Barney Fife) greet a group of homeless teens and an older disabled veteran in an alley and identify themselves as being with the Mayors Outreach Program For The Homeless. They offer the kids, sandwiches, soup, cake and chocolate and all join in except for the veteran and Kyle who backs away and says she’s not hungry. As the teens start eating, Patti starts sticking them in the back of the neck with a pin, knocking the teens out cold, they get two, the third teen, a rather hefty male gets stabbed but fights the couple off and runs away. Doug chases him down the street, where they scuffle in front of the picture window of a fancy restaurant and the teen ends up falling through the window into the restaurant. Doug shoots the vet killing him, however Selena escapes.

Gordon and Bullock go investigate the murder of the vet in the alley and get there before the squad car arrives. When the car and the uniformed officer arrive, Gordon asks why he wasn’t the first responder and the uniform replied that he just finished with the situation dealing with the teen who fell through the window at the restaurant. Gordon told the cop that he should have investigated the homicide first and the uniform responded he gets 50 a month from the restaurant, so that was his priority. He then asked if that made him a bad guy and Gordon replied, no just a bad cop, Bullock separated the pair to avoid a fight.

Bullock and Gordon interview the teen who tells them about Patti and Doug and his two friends getting kidnapped, but Bullock doesn’t believe him and tries to pin the vets murder on the kid. They head to Essen’s office and shortly after police scientist and the station’s “Mr. Creepy,” Ed Nygma shows up with the results of the blood test on the teen they’re questioning. The young man has “ATP” in his bloodstream, a drug specifically used to knock people out and used at the Arkham Asylum before it shut down 15-years earlier. Now that Essen realizes that someone’s kidnapping the city’s homeless teens, she wants to keep the case under wraps and tells Gordon and Bullock  not to leak the story to the press, which of course Gordon disagrees with.

Oswald Cobblepot, beaten, broken and tattered, tries to hitch a ride with bad results, finally however two teenagers pick him up. The guys tell him that he looks and smells like he just crawled out of a graveyard and ask what happened to him. Cobblepot rambles on how he got too greedy too soon, but he’ll be back bigger and stronger than ever. After the guys give him a bottle of beer, the guy in the passenger seat asks if anyone ever told him he walked like a penguin. Cobblepot manages a smile and tells him no one has, then breaks the bottle and slices the kids jugular vein.

Allen and Montoya visit Cobblepot’s mother (Carol Kane) to find out if she’s seen her son. Kane known for a variety of offbeat characters over the years, adds a new standout character, an older woman with powder white skin and a thick Eastern-European accent. She shows the officers pictures of her “handsome son.” She then forgets who they are and Montoya says they’re with the Gotham Major Crimes Unit and adds the honest ones as an aside. They believe Cobblepot got killed, but they don’t share that info with his mother.

We next take a trip to Stately Wayne Manor, where young Bruce’s trying to push his limits to the maximum. He lights a candle and holds his right hand over the flame, going lower and lower, until it leaves a scorch mark on his palm the size of a silver dollar. Alfred walks into the room just after Bruce stops, but realizes something’s wrong. When the boy shows him what he did to himself, the butler grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him, but then quickly apologizes and says everything’s fine.

Gordon heads to his fiancée Barbara’s apartment and as they eat takeout Chinese food, he tells her about the case and that Essen wants to keep it from the press. Of course she goes to her landline, calls the Gotham Gazette and reports it anonymously. Jim starts to get upset, but she tells him she did the right thing and he can’t argue with that. But the other shoe dropped the next morning.

Bullock and Gordon get summoned to Essen’s office once they arrive at the station and she greets them with the Gotham Gazette’s front cover story on the case. She asks both if they tipped off the press, Bullock denied it immediately and Gordon told her he didn’t contact the press, which technically was true. They then leave to investigate the three manufacturers of “ATP.”

Patti and Doug are at the manufacturer they’ve dealt with and that’s where they’ve hidden the teens they previously abducted. The manufacturer’s screaming at the couple, telling them they promised they wouldn’t arouse suspicion and now they’re on the front page of the paper. He tells them he wants more money, but Patti says the Toymaker wouldn’t allow that (The Toymaker’s a longtime foe of Batman.) She stabs the manufacturer’s aide with the pin knocking him out, but Gordon and Bullock knock at the door identifying themselves and saying they’re going to search the facilities. Patti and Doug get into a shootout with the two cops, but escape. As they search the basement they find the missing teens and rescue them.

Mayor James holds a press-conference at the police station the following morning, expressing outrage at the kidnappings, but saying the true problem’s the homeless teens. So he’s enacting a “tough-love” program, that will get the teens off the streets and into loving homes where they’ll receive the structure they desperately need.

James, Essen and the two detectives head to the captain’s office where the Mayor has a celebratory shot. Gordon asks what’ll happen to the teens and James responds the cute ones will go to foster homes, while the rest will get sent upstate. Jim asks if that means he’s sending them to a prison and Essen tries to smooth the waters, but the Mayor stays calm and tells Gordon that he appreciates his viewpoint.

School buses lined up, to transport the teens upstate and each bus has a line of teen entering it, including Selina Kyle. She tells the bus attendant, there’s been a mistake and she’s not supposed to head upstate and asks to speak with Detective James Gordon. The attendant refuses and forces Kyle to get on the bus. Once it’s loaded the bus driver and attendant come aboard, none other than Patti and Doug, Selina tries to escape through the bus emergency back door, but Patti pulls her pistol and orders the girl back to her seat.

Word soon gets back to James that one bus of teens got kidnapped by the pair and Bullock and Gordon work over the manufacturer trying to extract more information. The guy remembers the logo on the truck that they drove had a logo of a blue plate and a fork on it. After coming up without a match, Gordon realizes it’s a Trident, as in Trident International Shipping company. They recover the teens and all’s well and that’s where most shows of this genre would end, with that scene as the climax. That’s not the way Gotham ended though.

The teens are getting ready to get transported upstate, when Selina tells a male attendant that she needs to speak to Gordon and if he doesn’t get him, she’ll scream “he touched her.” Gordon quickly shows up and she asks if she had big enough information, could that keep her from being sent upstate and Gordon asks what she has. She grabs his attention by telling the detective she’s been observing him and he’s not like the other crooks, as she motions to his fellow officers. He sits down, and she says that she knows he gets along with “the boy,” and Jim asks her if she’s referring to Bruce Wayne and she confirms he’s correct. She then tells Gordon that she witnessed the murders and she saw the shooter plain as day and the camera goes black.

The Story Continues next Monday at 8:00pm on Fox.

Gotham: An Epic Tale Begins

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The overriding feeling this viewer got watching the premiere episode of the new Fox series “Gotham,” was every second of the pilot meant something to this episode and to the legend that started unfolding before us. Everything intertwined, making for a world familiar, yet strange. Of Art-Deco buildings and cell-phones, where one woman describes a man as a “cold drink of milk,” reminiscent of dialog from a Raymond Chandler novel, while another women asks that same man if he’s ready to rock and roll. The series that’s a Prequel to the career of Batman starts out with a unique look and an interesting opening episode.

The show starts off panning the skyline of Gotham City, then lingers on one roof and we soon see a young teenage girl gracefully running to the edge of the roof, then squatting down next to some statue of a gnome. Suddenly she stands off and leaps seemingly into nothingness, but lands lightly on the roof of a canteen-truck, then slides down its canopy to the ground below. This young girl’s not introduced to us, but we realize she’s Selina Kyle, (Camren Bicondova) who’ll grow up to become Catwoman. She pulls a knife out of her sleeve and slashes a woman’s plastic grocery bag, then grabs a quart of milk as it lands on the pavement. A bit further down she lifts a man’s wallet, but too clumsily as the man realized he got robbed. He runs after her but she grabs the ladder of a fire-escape, shinnies up it and escapes. She crosses rooftops and touches down again a few blocks away, where her black and white kitten is waiting for its milk. They’re interrupted however as Selina hears voices and climbs above street level, peering from a rooftop.

Strolling through the alley’s one of Gotham City’s wealthiest and most prominent families, Thomas and Martha Wayne, along with their young son Bruce, cutting through the alley to catch a cab after the movies. All three are well dressed and in good moods, when a masked man holding a pistol steps in front of them, demanding first Thomas’ wallet then Martha’s pearl necklace. Although the Waynes do exactly as the gunman asks, he shoots both parents, then aims the gun at Bruce before turning and running away. Kyle watches from the rooftop as Bruce, realizes his parents are dead and then lets out a wail that fills the city streets.

Over at a nearby police station, a criminal’s being put in lockup, but screaming he wants his pills he overpowers a female officer grabs her pistol and points it at her head. Fifty cops aim at the prisoner, while Detective Harvey Bullock, lowers the newspaper he’s reading to assess the situation. A door swings open from the floor above and a young detective jogs out of the doorway and tells his fellow officers he’s got this issue under control. He walks to right in front of the prisoner then asks him to look at him rather than the officers with their weapons drawn.

He introduces himself to the prisoner, telling him his name’s Jim Gordon and asks the man his name, but the man just repeats he wants his pills. Gordon sees a bottle of aspirin on one of the desks and says he has pills for the prisoner which the man ingests, then says they’re not his pills, but Gordon takes the moment to knock down the gunmen and retrieve the weapon. Instead of being congratulated and thanked by his fellow officers he gets chewed out by his partner Bullock.

The two start squabbling until interrupted by an officer telling them they have to investigate a homicide, one that Bullock soon regrets being assigned to. When they arrive at the alley, the Waynes covered by sheets, while young Bruce sits silent and shaking on the stairs of a fire escape, with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. They meet a uniformed officer who had arrived moments earlier and told the pair that the boy saw it all, but has yet to talk.

Gordon goes over to try to comfort the boy, telling him that he lost his father in a car accident at about his age and he understands what Bruce’s going through. This gets the boy to open up and talk with Gordon and tells the Detective what happened during the robbery, he describes the shooter as a big man wearing a mask, hat, gloves and shiny-shoes. Exactly at that moment Bullock realizes that the bodies are Thomas and Martha Wayne and asks the uniformed cop if he can make-believe they were never at the scene However the cop tells Bullock that they’re at the scene and his partner’s interviewed the only witness, so it’s their case.

The detectives stop at a diner and approached by two other officers that deal with high-profile crimes, Crispus Allen (Andrew Stewart-Jones) and Renee Montoya, (Victoria Cartagena) who asks Bullock and Gordon if they want them to take over the case. Bullock wanted no part of the case from the beginning, so the other pair might get their wish, but Montoya blows it but insulting Harvey. He tells them no deal and tells them to take off.

When they return to the station they’re called into the office of Captain Sarah Essen, (Zabryna Guevara) who reinforces how important the high-profile case’s to the department. Bullock asks for some time alone with the Captain and as soon as Gordon leaves the office he tells his commander he wants a new partner. Essen tells Bullock that Gordon’s a war hero and his father was an influential former District Attorney and Harvey’s no choice in the matter. The two go work the streets trying to find a lead but coming up empty. They meet with police ballistics expert Ed Nygma,  (Cory Michael Smith) an annoying man with a penchant for riddles. He reveals that the murder weapon’s not registered and the bullet extracted from Thomas Wayne’s chest, was a specialty bullet that’s quite pricey.

Bullock tells Gordon since all other leads came up dry, it’s time to check-in with Fish Mooney, (Jada Pinkett Smith) a female mob-boss who works directly for the man that runs the city’s criminal underground Carmine Falcone. They show up at her club while she’s out in back with some of her hoods, while she beats one of her associates bloody with a baseball bat as he stole from her. When she hears Bullock’s there to see her, she gives the bat to her toady Oswald Cobblepot, who some of the guys call Penguin. It’s his first time inflicting violence on someone and he’s having a grand time.

Gordon soon realizes what close associates Fish and Harvey are when they kiss each other on the lips. Bullock starts asking Fish if she’s heard any rumors and Gordon asks her if there’s screaming behind the club. She tells him what’s going on and Harvey tells Jim if he’s that concerned to go out back and see if anyone wants to press charges. When Gordon investigates, even the man being beaten says they’re just having fun. Gordon gets back inside the club just as Bullock’s ready to leave. He tells Gordon that she’ll put the word out and get back to them if she hears anything.

Jim goes to his fiancée Barbara Kean’s (Erin Richards)  apartment,  and it’s obvious she’s clearly been raised in a luxurious manner. They’re supposed to go to a society event, but she tells Gordon that she’ll let him off the hook and they can stay in and soon they start getting romantic. A while later while Barbara’s asleep Gordon’s cellphone rings, with Bullock telling him they have a suspect who got caught trying to fence a string of pearls like the one’s stolen from Martha Wayne.

They arrive at the home of the suspect Mario Pepper (Daniel Stewart Sherman) who owns a rap sheet as long as his arm. His daughter Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley) a little girl answers the door and Gordon asks to speak to her daddy and Ivy says they don’t want to talk to Daddy because he’s mean. Mario comes to the door and asks what the detectives want and Bullock asks where he was the night of the Waynes murders. He tells them he was with his wife and daughter and Bullock says than the guy shouldn’t mind them searching the house and he gets up and bolts. Carrying a pistol he takes some shots at Gordon but they’re far off target. Gordon could shoot him anytime he wants, but wants Pepper alive so they can question him.

Gordon catches up with Pepper, whose now slashing at the detective with a knife and gets him in the hand. Pepper overpowers Gordon standing over him ready to stab him to death when Harvey kills Pepper with a shot. As officer’s search Pepper’s apartment, they find the strand of pearls proving they got the Waynes killer.

The next day at the funeral, Bruce along with the family’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, (Sean Pertwee) walks over to Detective Gordon after the ceremony and thanks him for keeping his word and getting the man who killed his parents, then extends his hand to shake Gordon’s.

Later that afternoon Allen and Montoya pickup Oswald Cobblepot, who tells them that Pepper was setup by Mooney and the police, that he had seen Fish with the pearls and she was trying to figure out how to get the pearls in Pepper’s apartment. After that meeting, Montoya stops by Barbara Kean and it turns out the two have known each other for a long time. Montoya tells Kean that Gordon’s crooked that he and Bullock made Pepper the patsy, but Kean refuses to believe it.

When Gordon arrives that night she asks if he and Bullock setup Pepper and Jim’s truly shocked by the question. He finds out Montoya told his fiancée and confronts her, telling the officer he doesn’t play that way and if there’s been a cover up he’ll get to the bottom of it.

Jim heads to Mooney’s club to confront her with the information he has and she subdues the detective with three or her goons. They knock him out and bring him to a meat locker, where they hang him upside down from a hook just like a side of beef. When Harvey receives a call from a concerned Barbara he realizes that Mooney’s holding his partner prisoner and heads to the meat locker. He has one of her guys get her on the phone and Bullock tells Fish she has to let his partner go, otherwise he’ll have to after her, which he doesn’t want to do. She tells him all’s good and asks to speak to her man again, and tells him that Bullock threatened her and to hang him beside Gordon. Seconds later Harvey’s knocked out and when he comes to he’s hanging upside down.

Apparently Fish loves choreographed filmed executions and while one guy is taping the events this executioner comes out to kill the two detectives. Suddenly a garage door opens and a large car pulls in shooting all of Mooney’s men except for Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell). A man emerges from the car and Gilzean immediately recognizes that it’s Carmine Falcone (John Doman) who left Butch alive to deliver a message to Fish, if she wants to kill police she needs Falcone’s permission. He has his men cut them down then takes Jim aside for a private conversation.

Falcone resembles a Senator more than a mob boss (another role he plays, as he portrays Senator Ross Garrison on “Person Of Interest“)  and he tells Gordon that first, he’s a businessman that loves the city. He tells the detective that he knew Gordon’s father quite well, that they got along and were even friends, which Jim doesn’t believe. However Falcone tells Gordon that his father realized the way the system ran and they held great respect for each other, which is mainly why Bullock and Gordon are still alive.

The two leave the meat locker and Bullock drives them to a pier on a wharf. He tells his partner that he hasn’t been totally honest with him, they get out of the car and Harvey opens up the trunk revealing Oswald Cobblepot inside. Falcone knows that Cobblepot ratted out Mooney to Allen and Montoya and Falcone wants Gordon to put a bullet in Cobblepot’s head and dump his body off the pier, otherwise Gordon and his fiancée will also be killed. Jim marches the toady to the end of the pier, whispers to him never come back to Gotham and shoots the bullet wide left then pushes Cobblepot into the ocean. He resurfaces about a mile away, and murders a fisherman with his own knife for his sandwich.

Gordon arrives the next morning at the Wayne mansion and admits to Bruce that he was wrong and the mob and police killed an innocent man just to resolve the matter before his parents funeral. Jim pulls out his badge and lays it in front of the boy, asking for a second chance to find the killer, the decision’s Bruce’s. He gives Gordon back his badge and tells him to find the man who shot his parents.

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