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Photo: Jeff Neuman/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Photo: Jeff Neuman/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The creator of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” Jonathan Nolan has shown the ability to keep his show adaptable and ever-evolving, over its four seasons on the air. The series changed it’s focus during the third season from wide-spread corruption in the NYPD, to the growing threat, that an Artificial Intelligence System could become in our society. Nolan’s also showed an amazing use of the medium, brilliantly displayed in the eleventh episode of this season, as “The Machine,” tried plan after plan before settling on what to tell its human operatives.

Shows that strive for quality, tend to err in being overly ambitious, a sin I can easily forgive. Trying to shoot for the star’s preferable than aiming for the lowest common denominator. However I’m afraid what the series did with this week’s episode, entitled M.I.A. as the show attempted to fit far too much information and action into 54-minutes of television time. Unfortunately in doing that, they really didn’t give justice to the individual stories attempting to get told. Attempting to tell a story of a “Too Perfect,” town in upstate New York, looking to take out a Jersey City hit-man in Brooklyn and references to “Schrödinger’s Cat,” was too much to process in one sitting.

Here’s the basics; Harold Finch believes that Samaritan abducted Sameen Shaw in a refrigerator truck, after shooting her at the New York Stock Exchange. That truck wound up in the small upstate New York town of Maple, that’s when the tracking stopped. Reese and Root are up in Maple trying to find Shaw and they soon realize that the seemingly All-American town’s involved with an all too familiar entity.

They arrive on Founder’s Day as Mayor Dowd and a woman named Miss Thompson tell all the residents,  how proud they are presiding over the town’s 212th birthday, then tells everyone to have a good time. A brass band plays on the town square and Root and Reese head to Police headquarters

With nobody else in New York City, Finch imposes upon NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco, to take the next number. The man’s named Albert Weiss, he’s a sales associate at a hardware store in Jersey City, in New York to visit his young niece. Fusco watches him in the park and says the guy’s a beat-up puppy-dog of a man, why would anyone want to hurt him. He soon sees a former number, NYPD Internal Affairs Officer Dani Silva, watching Weiss as well and soon Silva approaches Lionel. She’s no longer with Internal Affairs, she’s now in gang’s division and Weiss appears on two witness lists.

Root and Reese pose as two NYPD homicide detectives, looking for surveillance footage. The Chief comes out and he’s pretty brusque at first, but Root’s flirting warms him right up. She starts going through the footage and finds corrupted images and asks the Chief where are the DVD backups, he says he’ll show them to her if she has dinner with him. He then gets overly frisky, and winds up bound and gagged in a suitcase by Root. Harold tells Reese and Root that he’s located the truck, it’s impounded in Maple.

Fusco starts thinking that instead of the victim, Weiss’ the hit-man that’s made a bunch of witnesses disappear. He checks into the hardware store that Weiss works for and they reported a robbery of a 100-pounds of lye a few years ago. Silva says that could make a lot of bodies disappear.

Root’s driving and Reese starts looking at scenery and she snaps at him to stay focused, he needs to keep his eyes on the road. John looks at her and asks, you really believe she’s alive, don’t you? She asks him if he’s ever heard of “Schrödinger’s Cat,” and gets met with a blank stare in return. The theory poses the following exercise, there’s a box with a cat and a lethal substance inside it, there’s an 80% chance the cat’s dead. However, “Schrödinger’s Cat,” states that until you open the box the cat’s neither alive or dead, it’s both, once the box opens reality sets in.

Fusco and Silva meet at a restaurant and Silva’s dressed to the nines and Weiss’ having dinner a couple of tables away. Finch calls Fusco and says one of the employee’s a gang member and he’s probably Weiss’ target. The man starts to get up and Fusco follows him into the kitchen. Weiss sees the gang member and starts to pick-up a meat pounder when Fusco asks him what he’s doing in there. He says he was looking for the restroom and Lionel arrests him for trespassing and puts the cuffs on him. The suspect then slams his head twice into the metal-counter opening a gash in his head and starts asking Fusco not to hurt him.

Root and Reese find the truck but it’s abandoned, there’s a gurney in there and it looks like an operation took place there, but Reese says it doesn’t look positive. Root tells Harold she wants the Hospital’s Director of Surgery and he texts the address. They burst in to Doctor Victor Haskell’s house and Root starts asking about the surgery he performed and he says he got suspended by the hospital and hadn’t operated for months. He says he did receive a call the other night asking about a brain operation, that didn’t sound positive. They hung up and the number was blocked, Reese asked if he called the police and Haskell responded that if you asks questions in Maple you get into trouble.

Then we find out the real story, Maple was on the verge of bankruptcy, manufacturing had fled overseas and people couldn’t find work. Suddenly a corporation came in and bought the town and brought prosperity to all, they started producing transponders in one of the factories and people went back to work. But then strange things happened, the Mayor “committed suicide” and he was a City Council Member, suddenly had his seat taken and arrested for medical malpractice and lives under house arrest with an ankle alarm. He tells them the person that runs the town’s Miss Thompson and she calls all the shots.

Weiss gets released by the police and Lionel will get suspended is he gets within 100-yards of him. He gets a lead from Finch and hands it off to Silva, it’s a home owned by Weiss under an assumed name. He tells her to show caution, it looks like Weiss took out a Jersey City officer.

Silva heads to the house and breaks in, it looks abandoned then she sees all the packages of lye, a huge tub and a chain saw, bullets  start flying as Weiss caught her down there. The two trade bullets and then we see another shooter as a window’s shot out, Lionel joins Silva downstairs, but Weiss escaped.

Back in Maple tells Reese and Root that the police will immediately start searching for her, but her hopes drop when she sees the chief’s already imprisoned by the pair. She then tells the duo that all she does is follow orders. She said her real name’s Mary Anne Holt, six months ago she worked in a CVS in Pittsburgh had a heart-attack. She woke up in Maple’s hospital with a new pacemaker and they told her this was her second chance in life. Reese still believes she knows more and is about to hand her off to Root, when Harold asks if he can have a try talking with her.

Finch asks her about the former mayor and Dr. Haskell and she responds the blonde haired woman told her some needed to get sacrificed for the common-good. Harold explains to all of them that Samaritan bought this town to study it like an ant-farm. First it made everything wonderful then shook up the ant-farm to watch how the ants reacted.

Root says enough playing and pulls out a surgical drill and tells Thompson that this is what they used on her friend and she’s going to use it on her, when she admits she saw them wheeling a dark-haired woman into one of the factories and she can show them where. Root then drills a hole in Thompson’s hand and says if she lies on this question, the next one will be through her skull. She asks if she was alive and Thompson says yes.

They head into the factory and they find all these tracking devices that Samaritan plans to plant everywhere, on everything and in effect everybody. Then Root sees an implant, they’re planning to put in someone’s head. They ask where Shaw’s at and Thompson points to a sign stating secure area, she says she has no authorization for there and they’re on their own. Reese grabs her and says remember to duck when the shooting starts.

Silva heads back to her apartment goes into her bathroom and closes the door, Weiss appears out of the shadows opens the door and Silva’s standing there, with her gun aimed for his heart, then Fusco shows up with his weapon aimed behind him. Weiss says he never gets caught, pushes Silva in the bathroom and pulls the door shut, knocks down Lionel and has Fusco’s weapon pointed at him when Silva kills him with two to the chest.

Reese and Root take out the guards and see a woman in a hospital bed, with dark hair, her head facing away from them. Root runs over and shouts Sameen, but it’s another woman a secretary at the NYSE, that they were going to put the implant in. They rescue her and then leave.

Root and Reese are back in New York and Finch and Root are together, he tries to get her to accept they may never find out what happened to Shaw. Root looks at a surveillance camera and pleads for “The Machine,” to help and a payphone rings and it’s sending them a message. Sierra, Tango, Opera, Poppa, STOP, “The Machine, ” told them to stop searching. Finch says to Root that maybe it has a plan.

He then says For our own survival, our sanity, we must reconcile ourselves to never knowing the truth. Otherwise our pursuit of this will consume us entirely.

Root says goodbye to Harold  and walks away.

We see Samaritan Administrator Greer and we hear a familiar voice say, if this is the after-life it sucks. Greer chuckles and says rest up Sameen, you’ll need it.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and CBS

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

When they find themselves with their collective backs against the wall, the team from the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” have overcome the odds and wound up on top in each situation. In the latest episode, the team and the viewers, realized just how overwhelming those odds are this time, as they take on two adversaries on two different fronts. As the episode concluded, we witnessed while one situation, gives the team enough time to prepare, the second threat’s imminent and immediate and imminent.

The episode entitled “Point Of Origin,” has Reese in his guise as NYPD Homicide Detective John Reilly, as a temporary instructor at the Police Academy, with the latest number, a young woman named Dani Silva’s one of the recruits in the class he’s teaching. A training session’s taking place, we hear John’s voice yell from outside a door, that he’s going in alone and he bursts through the door wearing a combat uniform, complete with helmet.

He quickly takes out three of the four recruits, but Silva’s hiding upstairs and gets him with the paintball in his calf. She jokingly apologizes that he didn’t mention using the fire escape, so she took advantage of the loophole. He smiles and says he can’t blame her for coloring outside the lines. One of her classmates threatens her for cheating and making the class look bad, but another recruit named Ortiz, intercedes and tells the dude to chill. Two guys leave and Ortiz asks if she wants to join them for a beer after class, but she says she’s got a date.

We move to Samaritan’s headquarters and the Artificial Intelligence System alerts the administrator  John Greer, that ISA Agent Rice, allowed two criminals to escape with the virus he coveted in the previous episode. The crooks, were the gang’s leader Tomas and Shaw, Samaritan attempts to recover an image of Shaw but isn’t able to get it clear enough to identify. Greer’s operative Martine, enters the room and Greer tells her the new information and wants her to track the woman, who he believes is a member of Finch’s crew. Since Martine’s the former investigator for the Hague, Greer thinks she’ll nail the assignment.

Shaw and Fusco relieve Reese of babysitting Silva and they follow her to the street, where they assume she’s waiting for her date, but they’re soon surprised when they see the members of her class head into the pub near where she’s standing. As they enter and get seated, she takes pictures of all of them and a beat-up Oldsmobile drives up and she climbs in. She shows the pictures to the driver and he asks if the pictures are “them,” and she replies they’re the targets. He asks if she’s ready to move and she says give the word and hands her a pistol. She climbs out and Shaw and Fusco tail the driver home.

They’re outside the guy’s home the next morning, with Fusco’s snoring getting on Sameen’s nerves and she punches him. He wakes up and the guy gets in his car and leaves. Fusco says they should follow him, but Sameen says, they’ll likely learn more breaking into the house. Lionel tells her to wait for him.

Martine heads to Ryker’s Island, posing as Katya’s new Public Defender, Katya’s incarcerated due to Fusco planting drugs on her in order to get Shaw on Tomas’ team. Martine’s pressing the woman on information about how she joined Tomas’ gang and who recommended her, Katya tells Martine she’s fired, hangs up the phone and starts to walk away. Martine raps on the glass and signals for Katya to sit down and pick up the phone, then shows the prisoner a picture of Katya’s daughter. She gives up Romeo as the guy who recommended her and Shaw.

Reese starts following Dani, but he’s grabbed by Police psychiatrist Dr. Iris Campbell, who reminds Detective Reilly he missed that morning’s session. John tells her this is a bad time, but she threatens to pull her recommendation that allows him to instruct at the Academy. He puts his hand on her back to steer her and says lets walk and talk. She’s flustered but agrees, then she brings up Reilly’s hero-complex, which she states usually a result of being bullied as a child. John responds there weren’t bullies in his school as he kept them in line, she replies that’s proof of a hero complex.

Shaw gets on his earpiece and tells John, that Silva’s the victim not the perp, she’s actually an officer from Internal Affairs looking for the mole in her class. Lionel chimes in according to her last report, she’s identified him. Just then Reese realizes Dani’s heading right into a shoot-and-run and he starts to sprint, Iris asks why he’s running from her, he replies he’s not, he’s trying to save a life then whistles. Silva hears the whistle and dives for cover, while John shields Campbell from the gunfire, while she’s freaking. He puts her in a cab and goes after Silva. Reese tells her he knows she’s a cop and she admits she’s from Internal Affairs and needs to contact her handler in person, John says he’ll tag along as her backup. Harold tells Reese to act carefully, as an IA officer could blow his cover.

Somehow, Shaw and Fusco tracked the shooter’s phone and he’s at an elementary school and texting back and forth with the leader of the Brotherhood, Dominic. A young woman’s giving out tough-love and money to some of the youngsters, she’s looking to recruit them young for the Brotherhood. She takes him into another area to meet up with Dominic and Sameen recognizes him as Mini, who she believes is an enforcer for Dominic. However when he orders the shooter’s execution, Finch informs her, that Mini’s actually Dominic, some kids enter the area and Dominic tells them to do the hit elsewhere. Shaw wants to take him out, but Lionel points out the kids.

Turns out Ortiz’s the mole and planted by Dominic, to hack into the Academy’s computer system and get Dominic access to the NYPD computer system. Dominic pulled strings and got Ortiz’s uncle out of a drug conviction and this was the repayment, a one time deal. He says he can’t show up at the Academy while Silva’s still alive and Dominic reassures him that matter’s on its way to getting rectified. The young woman tells Ortiz that he’ll hide out in an abandoned school-house in Spanish Harlem, for a few days.

Dominic and the young woman talk about how important the flash-drive that Ortiz brought him actually is, bringing up Edward Snowden, saying he worked for a satellite office of the NSA. The young woman catches on that the leader of the Brotherhood used the Academy as a satellite office for the NYPD. He explains it’s all about taking down Crime King Carl Elias, the man whose keeping him from being the top of the heap.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Martine walks into Romeo’s bar while his back’s turned and he shouts out they’re closed. She asks can’t a girl get a shot of whiskey in this town after hours and Romeo, turns around likes what he sees. They each have a drink and she gets down to business asking about his crew, he tells her he’s not giving up any of his boys. She says it’s a girl his former driver, he tells her she quit and she asks where she is. He tells her he doesn’t know everything’s compartmentalized for a reason, but tries to text her, only to find out his signals blocked. A heavy-set man with a pompadour and mutton-chops comes out of the back with a shotgun, she says that Elvis forgot to load it, knocks the guy out and grabs the weapon and fires at Romeo, but it’s just buckshot. She pulls out her pistol and stands over Romeo as he’s lying on the floor behind the bar, she sees he tried to text “Nadya,” Shaw’s cover name and takes the phone and leaves.

Reese and Silva reach the safe-house and see the place’s lined with cruisers, someone killed her handler Detective Howard and used her training weapon to murder him. She wants to go inside and get her files proving her identity, but John tells her they’re not in the house. They head somewhere safe and she explains that she got forced to join a gang in school, got arrested and the judge gave her a choice to clean up her act, go to college and make a life, or do time in prison. She got her master’s in Criminal Justice and Internal Affairs recruited her before she graduated, Howard’s her surrogate father and taught her everything.

Lionel shows up and John introduces him, then Fusco says he’s got bad news and worse news for her. Ten thousand dollars got transferred into her account the day before and they identified the weapon as her gun and she’s wanted for murder. Silva tracks Ortiz to the school in Spanish Harlem and her, Reese and Bear, wearing a collar of grenades, drive to it, while Fusco returns to the precinct. Ortiz meets the gang members that run Spanish Harlem and he tells him he did a one-time-only favor for Dominic.

The Latino gang leader pulls an old-fashioned compass, used to draw circles and says if it’s a one-time-deal, the Brotherhood no longer needs him and tries to stab him with the tool. Reese and Silva arrive just then, knock out the two guys and tell Silva they’re getting him out of there, but the leader comes to and presses an alarm that brings gang members for ten-blocks rushing the school. Finch directs them to the schools swimming pool area, but the door they wanted to use got blocked. Harold tells them there’s an exit underneath the pool and John throws all the grenades in, creating a chasm in the bottom, he throws Ortiz first, Bear’s trained to swim he jumps next then Silva and Reese, they enter the street via a manhole cover.

Dominic’s at the school and picks up the compass and talks about circles and the reason he’s not running the city’s due to Detective John Reilly, whose circle keeps intersecting his. The young woman’s about to take out the leader, but Dominic gives the gun to the leader’s number two and has him take the leader out. Harold and John back at their underground lair and Finch informs him that “The Machine’s” got a new number, Carl Elias.

Martine tracks Shaw’s cellphone signal to the department store she works at, but Samaritan says she’s not there, so Martine asks for the latest update of the image from the robbery and it’s clear enough to identify Sameen, who she sees about 250-yards directly in front of her and she grabs he weapon. Shaw and she make eye-contact and Sameen’s grow wide with recognition as the screen goes black.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.