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  1. Please Bring Back Forever. This show is worth saving and I love watching this show. Please do not take away this show. Please bring it back in the fall

  2. This show is just getting started! Allow “Forever” to blossom. Let it prove exactly WHY it has legions of fans. The seemingly calculated and deliberate lack of promotion is disturbing and, I believe, is THE reason why viewership of initial air dates were low. I respectfully lay that error at ABC’s doorstep. I fervently hope “Forever” is picked up by another company and brought back for the 2015-2016 season! #SaveForever

  3. #save forever we love the show and we are trying…do you have a Twitter acct? Lol

  4. Any other networks or streaming services considering to pick up the series just needs to watch one episode to see why it really is such a hit. It’s a fresh take on procedurals, and has more heart than any show that’s aired in a long time. Not sure why ABC not only did NOT promote the show well, the main actors and the show were not well promoted when they were guests on various talk shows on ABC, where you’d think they’d help drum up more support from their home base.

  5. This is such a quality show – very unusual in today’s TV! Forever needs to be saved! PLEASE! The concept is so unique and keeps me interested and looking forward to the next episode! Shows like this are hard to come by since reality TV has tried to take over everything! Forever is a rarity now! PLEASE, someone, SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Agreed, this was a shock. Forever is a great show and should go on… so sad at it’s cancellation…

  7. If money is an issue, I’m sure fans would help support crowdfunding efforts to secure the continuation of Forever.

  8. Spread the word, Foreverists will not stop fighting. This amazing show has so much potential. I honestly didn’t realize how attached I was until they cancelled it. I felt sick. Someone HAS to turn ABC’s loss into a LONG running series! PLEASE.

  9. This is an amazing show!!! I love this show. I am hoping that TNT picks this show up. Maybe USA would also be a could network for this. I don’t have Netflix and can’t really afford it right now. But we need to keep Forever going!!!!

    • There are “other” places to find Netflix shows if one simply cannot afford the $9 a month fee for the streaming service. (and it can be streamed to phone, tablet or laptop) I happen to know that all 13 episodes of Daredevil are out there currently.

  10. ThIs is a show that needs to stay. The acting is excellent, the stories are good and the main characters intelligent. This is not a mindless shoot’em up, you actually have to pay attention which in today’s garbage heap of programming is refreshing

  11. I have signed the petition to Save Forever. ABC has lost me as a TV viewer. It was careless in its thinking of not promoting Forever. There has been such a crush of fans to save it and my wish is that some other classy network will pick it up.

  12. Network knuckleheads have such itchy trigger fingers — they hit the “cancel” button almost during the opening credits of the first episode these days. I need to stop watching ANYTHING on network TV until the series is completely finished. I’m through investing my precious time in a good show — a decent show with interesting characters and an intriguing concept of time and death — only to have some ad-counter pull the plug. I wonder how many others with fatal conditions have watched this show with a keen eye and a deep appreciation for the moral tale.

  13. Jeff Sack, thank you for this wonderful testament to the magnificent series, “FOREVER”. We fans have been striving all season to show our love and support of the amazing ensemble cast, their characters and superior writing by creator, Matt Miller and his team that deemed this the BEST series on TV this year., Through a previous petition, letter writing campaigns, emails, Twitter, F/B and network contact sites, there was NO way that ABC wasn’t aware of the acceptance and popularity of “FOREVER”. Still they ignored our pleas for a better timeslot and better promotion of the show. If the numbers weren’t there, the fault fell directly on the shoulders of the network, because “FOREVER” was, and IS, PERFECTION.
    Now, we are appealing to Warner Bros. to listen to our fervent requests to keep “FOREVER” alive for a second season and beyond. We come to them with a faithful, committed fan base who will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of this series that has become such an important part of our lives. There is a NEW petition in place and Twitter is ablaze with messages from fans all over the world. PLEASE, WARNER BROS., FIND A NEW ‘FOREVER HOME’ FOR OUR BELOVED SERIES. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to loan Gruffudd, Alana De La Garza, Judd Hirsch, Joel David Moore, Donnie Kesharwarz , Lorraine Toussaint and the many supporting and guest stars who have made this such a delightful journey. We look forward to continuing the incredible ride with all of you.

    • Thank You MaryAnn, and we have the latest petition in this article. Until our friend Matt Miller tells us to give up the ghost, I’m staying on the front lines! Just the incredible response we’ve received on this article PROVES, that the show has a large and diverse audience. All Matt and WBTV need to worry about is finding a new home (preferably TNT)

  14. I really enjoyed Forever and was quite shocked when it was cancelled! I hope that somebody picks it up and then ABC can continue to wonder what the heck happened

  15. My husband & I nearly cried when we read Forever was being cancelled… It’s an epic tv show & it NEEDS to make a come back.

  16. Just want to add my two cents to thank Jeff Sack for the article and for continuing to spread the word on a GREAT program!! #SaveForever I have no doubt that WHEN the show gets picked up by people with brains (unlike those at ABC), that it will find a long-lasting home where fans can enjoy Henry’s and Jo’s stories… #RenewForever!

  17. Forever is a wonderful show. I hope it can be brought back for another season. There are many more stories to tell.

  18. ABC is going to regret letting forever go. Henry is such the perfect gentalmen. It’s just what TV needs these days with all of these crazy and non moral things are hapening. We need future generations to keep the values of please, thank you, excuse me and he lives all of that. Also he is very intelligent (of course he has lived for over 200 yrs), gets along with people, and he’s a hunk. What more can a Network ask for? Please bring back Forever!

  19. I would pay per the episode for this show. That’s the future of television. I hope some forward thinking service can understand that and bring forever back to life.

  20. We all make mistakes. When we do, the only right thing to do is to admit we got it wrong and fix the mistake. Not renewing “Forever” is a huge mistake, but it can still be corrected. The show was just that good. It was entertaining, intriguing, and classy. The cast was loaded with talent and I believe the program was on the cusp of catching fire and taking off in a big way. Time to reconsider, folks. Thanks for taking the time to read my humble opinion.

    • Reverend Lancaster,

      Unfortunately “The Mistake” ABC made in cancelling Forever, won’t get rectified, but there’s still hope! Warner Bros.TV has not given up on this wonderful series and they are looking for a new home for Forever. The off-the-record information I’ve been hearing is quite positive, the show has a rabid fan base and WBTV has listened. So hopefully you’ll be reading on these pages in the next few weeks that the tales of Dr. Morgan and company will continue! Thanks for taking the time to write and please feel free to leave comments at any time!

  21. Thank you Jeff for the wonderfully written and insightful article! Everything you said is 100% true and all of us ‘rabid fans’ want our show back! Keep spreading the word everyone, let’s show them that they can’t mess with us!

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