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Wayward Pines: Was It A Mistake?

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The true barometer of a good mystery is when the author sends you down one path and eventually deposits you in a place you never expected to reach. In what could arguably be the strongest episode of its second season, the FOX Network’s Summer series “Wayward Pines,” left this viewer rather shocked at its conclusion. We watch David Pilcher’s utopian community evolve from another perspective, that of the brooding CJ Mitchum, and we find out that Mitchum witnessed the fall of humanity. However, bearing witness took a tough toll on Mitchum, that he’s never truly recovered from.

We begin the evening in the cryogenic facility and a graphic informs us that it’s April 19, 2034, twenty years after the true-believers went into suspended animation. We watch Mitchum get revived for the first time, a process he’ll repeat every 20-years, until 4014. There’s a large blackboard divided into squares and CJ climbs a ladder to record the date in chalk in the upper left square. Mitchum puts on Classical music and opens the windows of the facility, allowing the sun to pour in.

We then watch Mitchum begin rituals he’ll carry out each time he’s revived. He breaks open a roll of pennies and tosses one into a glass container, likely to check oxygenation levels. He makes the first move on a chessboard, then works out on a heavy-bag. He then monitors TV and radio reports, we hear that North Korean refugees being welcomed into the United States and that each immigrant’s being screened for a virus. CJ watches the sunset and asks aloud was it a mistake? He then heads back into the chamber for the next 20-years.

Theo Yedlin storms into the lab where the Abbies are caged and asks Megan Fisher why she never told him about the brand on Margaret’s palm? Fisher says it’s just a tribal marking and Yedlin responds that to have tribes and to utilize the tools to create the brand proves the Abbies are intelligent beings. He then tells Megan that Hassler told him the brand signifies that Margaret’s a leader and says they need to find a way to communicate with her.

Theo grabs some flash-cards and sets up a rudimentary communications system with Margaret, teaching her concepts like yes, no, friend and leader. We can tell that Margaret’s pleased with these new tactics by the look in her eyes and perhaps a war can be avoided.

Mitchum’s revived again in the year 2514 and we can see by the dates on the chalkboard that he’s gone through this ritual every 20-years. Civilization’s crumbling as only one TV network’s broadcasting and the only signal Mitchum picks up on the radio’s an alert. CJ leaves the facility and starts exploring the area when he’s startled to find he’s not alone and he pulls out his gun. A young man stands in front of him, we can see that he’s started to evolve into an Abbie, although he wears clothes, has a  full head of hair and talks to Mitchum. He introduces himself as Griffin and tells CJ, he doesn’t carry metal.

The pair explore the area together and Mitchum’s pleased to find a river with potable water and he’s delighted when he sees a school of fish swimming in front of him. Griffin reaches into the river and we realize his hands are claw-like and he grabs one of the fish and then growls.

That night the two build a fire and Mitchum sits in front of it while Griffin sleeps. However we hear Griffin alternate between moaning and growling as he sleeps and CJ gets creeped out and tries to quietly sneak away. He doesn’t get far before Griffin catches up with him and pleads for Mitchum to take him with him. CJ attempts being diplomatic but Griffin grabs him and asks why Mitchum can be saved while he can’t. The two start to struggle but Mitchum breaks the other man’s neck pretty quickly. He then apologizes that he couldn’t save him and heads back to the facility.

The attempt to communicate with Margaret’s making progress as Fisher tries to give the female a cookie, but the Abbie points for Megan to give it to the three males caged beside her. Yedlin’s pleased to see Margaret’s reaction, as she’s showing empathy and more concern for others than herself. Megan scoffs at Theo’s excitement and asks Yedlin if he truly believes communicating with Margaret’s going to solve anything? Theo responds it better, otherwise it’s likely that a war’s coming that the Abbies will probably win.

We rejoin Mitchum in the year 3234 and the weight of the responsibility he carries has gotten the best of him. As he sits at the chessboard he suddenly sees a vision of his late wife Eileen in front of him. He tells Eileen he’s tired and wants to join her, but the vision tells him he’s got a job to carry out and he must fulfill his responsibility.

Adam Hassler comes into the lab and tells Yedlin and Fisher they have to release Margaret or the Abbies will soon storm the town. Megan goes off to get Jason, while Theo tells Hassler that he’s on his side. He then explains that Margaret wanted to be found, that she appeared in front of the carousel and he tells Adam he’s started communicating with her.

CJ reaches the year 4014, and revives the group of true-believers that will prepare Wayward Pines before they revive Group A. When all get revived Pilcher thanks Mitchum for getting them all safely to this point. The pair then leave the facility and start exploring their surroundings and quickly realize they’re not alone when they see they’re standing in the middle of an Abbie settlement.

Mitchum suggests they go back into hibernation but Pilcher decides that the Abbies are mankind gone wrong and says that they’ll push the Abbies back and build an electric fence around the town. We saw in the previous episode the methods Pilcher used to reclaim the land.

Megan returns with Jason and Kerry and Yedlin says that they need to negotiate with Margaret and Higgins says that he won’t be party to that. However Kerry thinks it’s worth a try, and then her and Megan start trading insults. However Yedlin gets his way and they start utilizing the flash-cards again. When Theo explains to Margaret that Jason’s their leader, the Abbie makes it clear she wants to negotiate with Yedlin. Jason of course gets disgusted by the suggestion.

Theo then tries to show Margaret he means the Abbies no harm and punches in the code to open the cage of the male next to her. With palms raised in surrender and repeating the word Friends like a mantra he enters the male’s cage. The Abbie tries to attack Theo, but Adam pulls him from the cage before he’s harmed. Margaret then snarls at the male who whimpers in response. Yedlin defiantly proclaims that proves Margaret controls the males, Higgins declares the experiments over and then kills the three males with one shot each. Before he can shoot Margaret, Theo wrestles the gun away from him. Higgins demands Kerry give him her gun, but she says if he still values her opinion that he’ll let Margaret live. Although he’s unhappy with the resolution he leaves the lab with Kerry.

We rejoin CJ in the year 4018, awakening day for Group A, and Fisher asks Mitchum to join in welcoming the group to their new lives, but Mitchum says he’ll pass on her offer. He tells Megan that he had 2000 years to adjust to the future and Fisher expects these people to adjust instantly. She tells CJ that all will adjust splendidly to their new reality. However her optimism proves unjustified as the people of Group A freak out which leads to their destruction.

Adam leaves the lab telling Theo that he’s Margaret’s choice to replace Jason, but the Abbies are humanity’s replacement. Megan’s visibly shaken by the statement and says she can’t accept the concept that the Abbies are superior beings. Yedlin’s just disgusted with what he’s witnessed and tells Fisher he’s heading back to the hospital to take a shower and try to clear his head and says he’ll return in a couple of hours.

Jason and Kerry seek out Mitchum and ask him if he thought the Abbies were intelligent when he first encountered them with Pilcher? Mitchum asks with all that’s going on why are they suddenly asking that question. Higgins ignores Mitchum’s question and says that he won’t allow the destruction of humanity to occur on his watch.

The final scene takes place in the lab as we watch Megan typing on a computer when she suddenly looks like she’s about to pass out. As the shot widens we see blood dripping down Fisher’s leg and the floor’s covered in her blood, she suddenly says Margaret and we realize the female Abbie released herself from her cage by punching the same digits Yedlin used to open the male’s cage. She then gutted Fisher with a scalpel and Fisher takes her last breath. Margaret walks through the pool of blood as she escapes from the lab.

The Flash: Feeling The Shame Of Losing

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW Network,
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This week’s chapter of The CW Network series “The Flash,” revolved around picking up the pieces, recovering from traumatic injuries and regaining confidence.  The pummeling the Scarlet Speedster received in his first encounter with Zoom left Barry Allen a broken man, physically and mentally. The monster from Earth-Two broke Allen’s back and humiliated him in front of the people he swore to protect. The Flash’s super-metabolism healed his physical wounds within a week, but it took a heart-to-heart talk with Barry’s hero before he regained confidence in his abilities and himself.

We join Team-Flash at STAR Labs a week after Barry’s spine got shattered, he’s slowly walking with the aid of a cane and Detective Joe West. He runs out of steam and says that it for that session. Caitlin tells him that the MRI results from earlier that afternoon show that he’s almost completely healed and he should be donning his suit shortly.

Harrison Wells tells Team-Flash he’s heading back to Earth-Two but Caitlin attempts to convince him to stay with them until they defeat Zoom. He walks off saying he’s going back to his dimension with or without their assistance. Cisco and Joe ask Snow why she’s so adamant about wanting Wells to stay and she says with Jay Garrick in the wind he’s their only source of knowledge on Zoom.

Cisco has his first date with Kendra Saunders and they’re going to see The Princess Bride in a cinema. They touch and Ramon goes Vibe and sees a vision of Kendra in her Hawkgirl uniform but he can’t process what he sees and it freaks him out. He tells her he hates to do this but he needs to leave and she stands there after he leaves confused and clueless.

Ramon’s not the only one with romantic problems as Barry has avoided seeing Patty since he got hurt and she knows he’s hiding something. She calls him and offers to bring over soup and take care of him but he tells her he’d hate for her to get sick. She hangs up confused and unhappy.

We jump to some scientific facility and we watch scientists and techs interacting when suddenly one of the top scientists Dr. Jeffrey Shore starts getting visions. One of his subordinates tries talking to Shore but he’s unresponsive then smashes open a plate-glass storage container and grabs a large canister inside it. The other guy tries to stop him, but Shore hits him in the head with the canister and flees the facility.

He gets down to the street and suddenly he becomes coherent as if he’d been sleeping. He asks himself what he’s done and then sees the creature that controlled his mind Grodd, the super-ape that gained his powers when the particle-accelerator exploded. Shore asks the ape who he is and the giant simian growls back stupid human I’m Grodd.

Barry gets on the treadmill as Iris and Joe watch and West keeps throwing out words of encouragement. Barry finally starts to let loose when he flashes back mentally to getting beaten by Zoom he freaks out trips and gets thrown from the treadmill. Iris tries to connect with Barry but soon walks off and lets Joe talk to him. Allen tells the detective that Zoom destroyed him, he beat him to a pulp and showed all of Central City how he mastered the Flash. All those people he pledged to keep safe saw that he couldn’t back up his words.

West talks to Iris and says that Barry’s healed physically but nobody can get through to him. She says then it’s time to get the one person that can get through to him. Joe smiles and says they’ll discuss that at home, Patty just called him about a new case.

Caitlin tracks down Wells at a diner as he’s in the process of making a map. She says he has to stay and help Team-Flash and he says he made a big mistake coming to Earth-Prime. He says he hoped that with the help of the Flash he’d  defeat Zoom, now he’s going back to his world to accomplish that. Snow says he’ll just get himself killed and how will that help his daughter? She says they should have concentrated on closing the breaches to Wells’ world and the light goes on in his eyes. They’ll close all the breaches except for the largest in STAR Labs and trap Zoom.

Patty and Joe work the death of Dr. Jeffrey Shore and they believe their suspect’s a Meta-Human. Spivot says there was a similar case at another science facility  a couple of weeks before and she’s going to check out the other case for similarities. She also comments they found lots of hair at the scene and she’s getting that identified.

Cisco and Caitlin are talking when she becomes unresponsive and we see she’s having the same visions that Shore experienced. She slugs Ramon in the jaw and runs out, Barry and Cisco watch Snow leaving the building as if in a trance and Grodd’s following her.

Joe arrives at the lab with news that Grodd’s returned and Wells says that his dimension’s also got a version of the super-ape. Just then the man Iris summoned to get through to Barry arrives, Henry Allen embraces his son as Team-Flash attempts to come up with a solution to save Caitlin. Cisco comes up and says they’ve got a solution to save Snow and Allen asks him how. Barry hears a voice behind say with me and he turns around to see the Reverse-Flash sneering at him. Allen’s about to start beating him when Ramon explains it’s Harry and they found this suit in the vault. Wells will attempt to convince the simian that he’s the man that raised him.

Caitlin wakes up on the floor and starts calling for Grodd, the ape hears her and jumps down from the rafters to greet her. Grodd tells her that she’d always been kind to him and he needs her help. He asks her how he acquired his abilities and she says it’s a long and complicated story, but the actual cause was Dark Matter. Grodd says to her repeat, she wants her to create more of his kind. She says she doesn’t know how and Grodd says learn.

Dr. Henry Allen gives his son a complete physical and says he’s completely healed physically, then Barry tells him what he told Joe. Henry tells his son that his life got destroyed and his reputation ruined when he got charged with killing his wife and Barry’s mother. He said he could see it in people’s faces in the courtroom during the trial, how they stopped  trusting him and he eventually lost them all. His son asks him how he survived and Henry says by embracing it, if he could survive the experience he could withstand anything. He says he believes in his son and he’ll win back the people’s trust.

Wells and Cisco track down Caitlin in Grodd in a church bell-tower and Wells walks in and says hey buddy to Grodd. The giant ape says that his father’s dead but Harrison says no buddy I’ve just been gone for a while. He says now that he’s back Grodd doesn’t need Snow so he’s going to take her out of there and then says please. Grodd growls and throws Wells against a wall saying father take not ask and asks who he is?

Ramon and Snow can escapee and Barry tells them to take off but Cisco says that Harry’s still in there. Allen tells Wells to inject the ape with large quantities of the drugs he stole from the facilities and that will knock him out. Wells grabs the implements to inject the ape with and then he says he is Grodd’s father and Grodd just struck his father. As he’s telling him he didn’t abandon him he injects the gorilla with the drugs and he passes out allowing all to escape.

Caitlin stitches up the gash in Wells’ abdomen when they return to STAR Labs and West says they’ve got to do something about Grodd. Snow asks if he means killing the great best Joe says yes and she says it’s not his fault and he’s lonely and he’s looking for others of his kind. Harrison says that one of the breaches in Central City contains a jungle-habitat on Earth-Two with other intelligent creatures. When someone asks how they’ll lure him there, Henry says my son will lead him right Flash?

Caitlin lures Grodd out to the street then Flash takes her away and tells the ape if he wants Caitlin he needs to catch him. Grodd leaps from rooftop to rooftop and surprises Flash who once again has a flashback of Zoom and freaks, Grodd’s stepping on him and asking where Caitlin’s at? She lures Grodd into the circle that the breach covers and then Flash pulls her out of there. The breach starts sucking in the giant simian but he’s fighting to break free.

Henry contacts Flash through the com-device and tells his son he can’t let Grodd get free. He needs to summon up his strength and courage and knock him through the breach. Flash does it and the portal closes.

Cisco has another date with Kendra and when they kiss he realizes she’s Hawkgirl and he says you’re awesome. She asks him why and he says because she’s such a great kisser.

Gotham: Desperate Times Amidst Machiavellian Madness

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Somehow I get the feeling that given his druthers, Oswald Cobblepot would prefer to go back to fighting Sal Maroni and Fish Mooney right about now. The positive that emerged from episode seven of the second season for the FOX Network series “Gotham,” was the realization by GCPD Detective Jim Gordon that Theo Galavan’s not the knight in shining armor that’s going to save Gotham City. The dominoes finally fell into place for Gordon in this episode as the realization dawned on him that Galavan’s not the city’s savior, instead he’s the most dangerous monster the city faces. The question’s whether Gordon’s revelation came too late as Galavan got elected as the new Mayor of Gotham City in a landslide victory.

The Penguin’s top lieutenant Butch Gilzean arrived bloody and breathless back to Cobblepot’s base of operations last week and told his boss that he found out where Galavan and his sister Tabitha were holding Oswald’s mother’s hostage. He said the pair realized that Penguin sent him to infiltrate their organization as a spy and tortured him but he escaped and if they acted quickly they can save Gertrude.

The two head to a warehouse along with two of Cobblepot’s henchmen and they find Penguin’s mother locked in a cell. Oswald grabs a set of bolt-cutters to free his mother, when the lights come on in the warehouse revealing Theo and Tabitha. Penguin orders Gilzean to shoot the Galavan siblings in the head, however he kills Oswald’s henchmen instead. He then reveals that the mind-control that Victor Zsasz used on him last year no longer functions as Tabitha “fixed” him. Theo tells Cobblepot that the bolt-cutters won’t work on his mother’s cell  and says the only way to free her is with the key in  his hand.

Penguin says to Galavan he can still be very useful to the man who within hours will get voted in as the next mayor of the city. Theo says he doesn’t think that’s true and Cobblepot says kill me if you must but please let my mother go free. He gets on his knees and begs and Galavan says to his sister she’s served her purpose and Tabitha opens the cell.

Gertrude walks out and embraces her son and Penguin says everything’s going to be fine now, when he feels his mother’s body shudder and realizes Tabitha stuck a large knife deep between his mother’s shoulder blades. The shock keeps his mother from realizing she’s dying but soon she breaths her last in her son’s arms. Penguin begins sobbing uncontrollably.

Galavan tells Gilzean to kill him and dump the bodies anywhere and the pair start to leave the warehouse, but Oswald’s words stop Theo in his tracks. He screams out that Galavan lacks the stomach to take him out himself. Then he says it’s no wonder his family got driven out of the city, he comes from a long line of gutless cowards.

Galavan doubles-back and takes the revolver from Butch then stands toe-to-toe with Penguin and asks if he has any last words and Cobblepot says yes, he’s going to kill him. He grabs the blade out of his mother’s back and slashes Galavan across the throat, then slashes Gilzean and runs towards the windows. Tabitha tries shooting him but the little man dodges the bullets and crashes through the window to safety.

Edward Nygma’s sitting by the side of his bed shaking uncontrollably and reliving his accidentally killing his girlfriend Kristin Kringle last week when he’s visited by his alter-ego “Dark-Nygma.” The sharper-dressed version of himself  that appears to Ed tells him he knows how to make a body disappear and when Ed looks on his bed he sees Kringle’s corpse’s gone. “Dark-Nygma” tells Ed that he hijacked his body when Ed fell asleep and disposed of the corpse, he says he’s left clues and we see a purple envelope with a familiar looking question mark on the front. He opens it and reads that the first clue’s hidden at his precinct and he should look for something with Kringle’s initials. “Dark-Nygma” suggests he heads to the precinct before somebody else finds the clue.

At the Galavan estate the TV’s on and a reporter states that Theo Galavan’s expected to win the day’s Mayoral election by a large margin. Tabitha turns off the set and sneers at her brother saying she can’t believe he’s going to be mayor of this “sinkhole.” His ward Silver St. Cloud asks if she can attend that evening’s victory party and Tabitha says her brother promised her fun and asks when they’re going to raise a little Hell? Galavan smiles and says there’s plenty time down the road for fun and parties, right now they have to remain focused.

Theo asks Silver how’s she doing with Bruce Wayne? She holds up her right pinkie and asks Galavan if he sees that finger, then says she’s got little Bruce wrapped around it. Galavan says she’s turned into quite the vixen and he loves it. He says that’s their next move getting Bruce to sign over control of Wayne Enterprises and then meeting his unfortunate destiny. He then says the other issue on the table’s Penguin and his sister  responds she’s on it. Theo waves her off and says he’s going to be mayor soon and will have an army at his disposal and he intends to use it.

We sit down with Bullock and Gordon at the precinct watching the election returns on TV talking about Galavan’s apparent record margin of winning and Harvey says that it looks like Jim backed the right pony. Gordon’s got that sick to his stomach look on his face, the one he always gets when things don’t seem to be on the up and up to him. He starts talking about Cobblepot and says to Bullock he’s still having a problem accepting that Penguin’s behind the fires that the Firefly set to Wayne Enterprises properties.

Suddenly Galavan and Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent walk  into the precinct and head directly into Captain Barnes’ office. Jim and Harvey get up and Gordon asks what the Hell’s going on? Barnes stands in the doorway of his office and tells the two detectives that the Penguin just tried killing the Mayor-Elect.

The five men gather in the office and Theo says that Cobblepot realizing Galavan would become the next mayor just arrived at his house and proposed they form an alliance. When Galavan says he politely refused he says Penguin produced a blade and slit his throat. Gordon doesn’t buy the story and says that reaction seems rash even for Penguin. Dent gives Barnes a warrant for Cobblepot’s arrest and a search and seizure order for the department to confiscate Cobblepot’s property.

Dent then says in light of recent events, Judge Turnbull’s granted the new Mayor special temporary powers. Galavan says as soon as he’s sworn in he’s imposing a curfew and having the GCPD Strike Force conduct a house to house search until the Penguin’s apprehended. Gordon’s face shows concern and he asks Galavan if he’s imposing Martial-Law and Barnes says that they’re conducting a manhunt for a dangerous criminal.

As the men leave Barnes’ office, Theo takes Gordon aside and says he seems hesitant and Jim says he’d describe it as cautious. He says they don’t want to alienate the city, he says people will understand the manhunt for Cobblepot, but they want to maintain their own personal freedom. Galavan says that all of Gotham City will realize that the mayor and police department are working in the public’s best interests. We can see by Gordon’s facial expression he’s not buying it. Just before Theo takes off  he says to Jim, remember Detective you’re the one who approached me. If Gordon felt uneasy before that statement took him to a whole other level.

Selina Kyle sneaks into the Wayne family library and Bruce asks her why she hates using his front door? She says it’s not the door it’s the gorilla that answer’s it and suddenly she sees their not alone as Silver St. Cloud enters the library. Silver introduces herself to Selena and then asks her to stay for lunch.

She tells Bruce to ask Alfred to set another place at the table. As soon as he leaves the room, we get our first taste of  the real Silver as she quickly threatens Kyle and says if she shows up there again, she’ll make things bad for the girl from the streets. Selena asks Silver who she thinks she is and she replies she’s Bruce’s one and only true friend. Wayne comes back and says Alfred will soon call them for lunch.

After Alfred leaves the three teenagers at the dining-table Silver starts asking Cat about herself and Selena’s blown away by her phoniness and calls her a two-faced slut. Bruce asks Kyle what’s going on and St. Cloud says perhaps she best leave. Kyle looks at her  and asks if Silver’s actually crying and then says she’s good. Silver runs out of the estate and Bruce asks Selena what she just did and Selena says she did him a favor, that girl’s no good. Bruce asks Kyle to leave and says he’s a bad judge of character as all this time he truly thought Cat was his friend.

Harvey gets a tip that Gilzean’s holed up  in this dive bar and he’s formed his own gang. The detectives drive to the place and surprise Butch and his three goons by walking in with the pizza delivery guy. Harvey asks Butch where Penguin’s at and he says he doesn’t know, Bullock says that Gilzean’s Oswald’s lap-dog and Butch says those days are over. Gordon asks why did Cobblepot go after Theo and Gilzean laughs and says he’s got nothing to say.

We hear a familiar voice shouting from the street outside the bar, it belongs to our favorite psychopath Victor Zsasz whose standing in the street with what looks like a ten-person gang. Victor says we’re here for Gilzean, anybody that leaves the building before we start firing lives, anybody still  in the building after we start dies. Gilzean’s three goons say bye Butch and beat feet out of their. Gordon handcuffs Gilzean to a pipe and he says either Butch talks or he leaves him for Victor.

Butch says that Galavan  pulled  all the strings, he forced Cobblepot to do his dirty-work by kidnapping Penguin’s mother. He then says he didn’t think he’d actually do it and the conversation’s interrupted by the gunfire entering the bar courtesy of Zsasz’s gang. Harvey says to Jim they’re out numbered but Gordon responds not outgunned and the two detectives pick up a pair of machine guns lying against the wall and let loose. When the two officers end their barrage, Victor says he’ll take that as a no and says he’ll see Gilzean later. Gordon turns around and sees that Butch had escaped during the gunfire. Jim asks Harvey if  he thinks Gilzean just told them the truth and Bullock responds this is Gotham, nobody tells the truth.

Bruce head’s to the Galavan’s mansion and he has a brief chat with Theo, then tells him he came by to see Silver. Seconds later the teen walks down the stairs and smiles when she sees Bruce. Theo says he needs to get dressed for the party and excuses himself. Silver smiles at Wayne and says, I knew you’d come.

Penguin addresses his soldiers as they prepare to attack Galavan at his victory party and tells them all that Theo Galavan’s his and for everybody else to stay from the Mayor-Elect. Gabe, the first foot soldier that joined Penguin’s gang and his most loyal employee begs his boss to let one of them take the hit on Theo as the cops will never let Cobblepot near him. Penguin says he’s got it handled then tells his men to get dressed for the party.

Ed shows up at the precinct and tries to decipher the message from “Dark-Nygma” that the clue’s hidden in or near something with the initials kk. He suddenly realizes it’s the snack vending machine and sees that selection’s Lady Fingers. Ed keeps shoving money into the machine until he sees Kringle’s hand’s the next one in the slot and he retrieves it without getting caught.

Jim and Harvey are talking at the precinct, when suddenly Jim realizes that Galavan’s orchestrated everything. He arrives in the city a stranger just before Mayor James disappeared then became a hero at the charity ball for the Gotham Children’s Hospital. Then he arranged for Penguin to take out any serious competition for mayor. Bullock says that’s just Machiavellian madness, but Gordon’s convinced he’s right.

Ed goes back to his office and finds a note in Kringle’s hand. Suddenly “Dark-Nygma” arrives and asks Ed isn’t this fun. He tells his alter-ego that he’s not only insane he’s got problems with grammar as he put a period between the letters m and e in the word me. Suddenly he realizes “Dark-Nygma” was referring to the Medical Examiner and he runs to the morgue. He finds Kringle’s corpse in one of the body containers just as Lee Thompkins walks in. Ed’s certain he’ll get caught but suddenly says he and Kringle argued and Lee suggests that she and Ed talk things out over coffee. Ed closes the drawer and the two leave the morgue.

Barnes addresses the precinct about the challenges awaiting them as they try to maintain order at the victory party for Theo Galavan and he tells his officers he knows they’re all up to the task. He then introduces Gordon who goes over duty assignments with the officers.

Harvey Dent introduces Mayor-Elect Galavan at the party as the GCPD try to keep all inside safe. Officer Martinez is on lookout and communicating with Gordon via walkie-talkie. He tells Gordon that Penguin’s gang’s heading  over on foot then looks through his binoculars and says he’s identified Penguin. Gordon tells Martinez to hold his fire when we hear the sound of a bullet and Martinez says target down. He tells Gordon there’s a sniper on the roof and the GCPD send an officer up there.

Tabitha’s on the roof and though she killed the man she aimed at it wasn’t Penguin. Turns out that every one of Cobblepot’s henchmen are disguised as the Penguin and walking with a limp so nobody can figure out which one’s the actual Penguin. An officer goes up to the roof, tells Tabitha to drop her rifle and turn around slowly with her hands raised above her head. She’s able to overcome the cop and kills him by stepping on her throat with her stiletto heels.

Fake Penguins dive into the mansion through the windows, killing officers and guests. Gordon, Bullock and Dent are  with Galavan and Jim says they need to get the Mayor-Elect to his car so he can get to safety. He tells Dent to alert the driver to bring the car around then asks Bullock to cover them. The pair sprint across the room dodging gunfire until they get to the car.

As Gordon’s about to put Galavan in the car, Penguin greets them holding a shotgun aimed at Theo and he says hello Jim. Gordon tells him that he needs to put down the gun, Oswald says perhaps Jim would feel differently if he realized what kind of man he’s really protecting.

Penguin’s looking only at Theo but he’s talking to Gordon. He says he killed my mother Jim and Gordon says he knows. Penguin then says she died in my arms I felt her take her last breath. That changes a person Jim and suddenly Bullock’s behind Cobblepot and he calmly says put down the shotgun Oswald.

Theo orders Gordon to kill Cobblepot and Jim just ignores him. Penguin says he’s more dangerous than you can imagine Jim. His endgame involves somebody you know  and care very deeply for. Suddenly gunfire splatters the area, it’s Tabitha shooting wildly and in the ensuing confusion, Cobblepot steals the limo and drives away.

Galavan shakes his head at Gordon and says he had such high hopes for him. He says I thought you were prepared to  do what ever it takes to rid Gotham City of the monsters that plague it. Gordon sneers at Theo and says he does feel that way, he’s just decided that the first monster he’s taking out is Galavan. Theo responds those are dangerous words, Gordon smiles and says desperate times.

Ed returns to the morgue after having coffee with Lee and opens the drawer that Kringle’s body’s in when “Dark-Nygma” comes back and he’s laughing. Ed tells him that “Dark-Nygma” put him in a very dangerous situation and his alter-ego says I wanted you to experience the feeling. He asks him how it felt staring into the abyss, knowing he might get caught and kill again. “Dark-Nygma” asks Ed how that buzz felt and then enters Ed’s body and seems to take over. Ed now with “Dark-Nygma’s” personality says it felt beautiful then gets ready to carve up Kringle’s corpse.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Tyrant: I Will Make This The Place You Dreamed Of

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The First Lady of Abbudin Leila Al Fayeed, summed things up rather succinctly in the latest episode of the FX Network’s Original Series “Tyrant,” as she responded to a doctor encouraging the Al Fayeed’s to stay positive, during a medical crisis. As the doctor left the room, Leila exclaimed “Clearly she doesn’t know the family.”

Abbudin’s second largest city Ma’an, is under control of the Caliphate Army and their mindset’s quite simple, you can either join their fight, or lose your life. However there’s a small band of resistance in the city, that includes Bassam  Al Fayeed, although he’s still hiding his identity and calling himself Khalid.

However we start the episode at the palace of the President, as Sammy Al Fayeed exits a taxi and is lead into an office to speak with his aunt Leila. He tells her that he’s there to talk with his uncle, she responds his uncle is the President and doesn’t see visitors. He says he’s family and asks that she please tell him he’s there, she says she already has.

Ahmed’s putting on a military uniform as his half-brother Rami Said’s going to introduce the country’s new military forces in a public ceremony. His wife Nusrat asks if she can skip the ceremony as she’s feeling some discomfort from her pregnancy. Ahmed convinces her to come to lend him moral support.

Jamal enters the room his nephew’s in and wants to know what Sammy wants. He pleads with him to allow him to  get the $100 million inheritance that his grandfather left for him. Jamal says that’s for the court to decide and Sammy responds that everyone realizes Jamal determines the court’s decisions. The President warns his nephew to watch how he talks to him.

Sammy smiles at him and says he’s not afraid of him. He says he’s his Uncle Jamal, the guy who used to take him out on motorboats when he was a kid, the guy who tried to teach him to fish. The guy that took him to Disney-World, his crazy Uncle Jamal, his favorite.

Now Jamal smiles, he says that he’s going to get funds from a Swiss bank-account, he says he’s not getting the entire 100 million at once. Jamal will give him $10 million and Sammy will leave the country, never to return. During the next few months Sammy will get the balance in installments. Jamal then quietly says, you’re my favorite too.

The resistance group in Ma’an meets and Siddiq tells them that the Caliphate Army has the city locked down and every day they wait, it will be harder to try to fight them. They discuss that they need a lot more people to put up a fight and weapons as well. Suddenly Bassam’s cellphone rings, it’s Ahmos son Munir telling Bassam that he’s found where the Caliphate are keeping Daliyah.

Bassam meets with Munir, who tells him Bassam must strike that evening as all the men of the Caliphate will be involved in a meeting that will go through the next morning. He says the compound will have minimal coverage, just a couple of guards on duty.

Sammy goes to the man who owns the gay-bar that knows Sammy’s friend Abdul and tells him he has the money for the ransom for the nine gay men that are being held captive by the Caliphate. The man says that they’re all dead, that the Caliphate blindfolded the men, then tied them to chairs and dropped them from the roof of a building to the pavement below. Another man tells Sammy, they’re having a memorial for the nine men that evening and Sammy should attend in memory of Abdul.

Attorney James Timmons and Molly are at an Abbudin bar and Timmons’ proposes a toast to Sammy, for handling his Uncle so well and securing his inheritance. Both are a little bit tipsy and Timmons seems like he’s going to make a move on Molly.

Bassam sneaks into the compound and finds Daliyah and tells her they’ve got to leave immediately. However before they can escape we become aware that there’s a woman standing behind Bassam holding a weapon. She thinks Bassam’s one of the soldiers and she calls him by that soldier’s name and asks what he’s doing in Daliyah’s room? He puts on a Middle-Eastern accent and says that Abu Omar told him to fetch her, but the woman says she doesn’t believe him.

She tells him to turn around, then realizes he’s not the soldier, but she knows his eyes and tells him to uncover his  face. At that point we realize that the woman holding the weapon’s Samira Nadal, the daughter of his childhood friend. Samira’s shocked when she realizes that it’s Bassam and he’s still alive.

Rami introduces the new Abbudin military to the country of Abbudin and the President. Jamal gives a speech praising the unit as the best fighting force the nation’s ever had. Just then Nusrat gasps and tells Ahmed she’s bleeding, she gets up from her chair then collapses on the ground. Everyone on the dais rushes to her.

Bassam tries to convince Samira to let them go, but she asks Bassam if he saw Ihab Rashid the next morning, would he try to kill him. His silence is the only answer she needs and she tells them to both sit on the floor. Bassam says he’s not going to let her make him a hostage, but Samira tells him that if he doesn’t cooperate she’ll kill Daliyah.

Timmons and Molly return to the hotel with their buzz on and Molly wants to check on Sammy, but the attorney says let him be. He then kisses Molly and she pushes him off her saying it’s too soon. He then says something like you never recover, referring to the death of his wife a few years before. She then says that was the first time she kissed somebody else in about 20-years and they kiss again, this time she goes along with it.

The doctor tells the First Family, that the placenta ripped away from Nusrat’s uterus and she needs to operate and deliver the baby, even though he’s only at 24-weeks. His chances of survival are between 40-70% but Nusrat will likely die without the procedure.

Bassam’s trying to form a bond with Samira in hopes that she lets them go. He tells her that her father used to send him her class pictures starting in kindergarten. He tells Daliyah that Samira’s highly educated and Nadal says that she attended school for almost 20-years to become a lawyer.

Her face lights up as she tells them a story about when she was 12-years-old, she and seven of her classmates were chosen to form  a model-debate team. She says they defeated all their opponents and they traveled all over, even to Lebanon. She then says that was just ten years before, but  now she’s the only one left, the rest of the team either died in the gas attacks or are living in refugee camps in other nations.

Bassam asks Samira if she agrees with the Caliphate’s methods and she says she doesn’t. When asked why she’s there then, she says she’s stopped caring about everything but one goal. To make the Al Fayeed family pay for what they took from her, she then says Bassam’s her enemy, because if he wins then Jamal wins.

The doctor lets Ahmed know that Nusrat’s fine, but they lost the baby and they had to perform a hysterectomy to stop her from bleeding. So they can never have children. Ahmed asks if he can see his wife and the doctor says she’s still knocked out, but he can see her soon.

They have the memorial for the nine men and none of the local men knew Abdul very well, so Sammy gives a tribute to his friend. He says that Abdul was torn, because he wanted to become someone important, but he knew if he came out that would never happen in Abbudin.

Jamal and Leila are still sitting at the hospital, when Leila says they should go home and get some rest and return the following day. Jamal says the reason that he can’t sleep, is every time he closes his eyes he sees Bassam’s face with a sad smile. He says that all the bad started after he killed his brother, now he’s losing Abbudin and he lost his  grandson. Leila says it’s all coincidence and as President he has to make tough decisions.

Bassam’s cellphone rings and he tells Samira that it’s the other soldier whose helping him free Daliyah. He says if he doesn’t pick up the phone and call him, he’ll soon walk  through that door. She doesn’t believe Bassam, but the soldier walks through the door and Samira shoots him dead.

Sammy’s about to  leave the memorial when this guy named Marwan says that his cousin was one of the nine killed  by the Caliphate. He knows he was willing to pay the ransom for the men and asks him to contribute the money to the resistance group in Ma’an that are trying to stop the Caliphate. Sammy says if Marwan takes him to meet this resistance group, and they ask for money he’d help. The young man agrees and Sammy sends a text to Molly saying he’ll be back for brunch the next day. Molly’s asleep in bed with James Timmons.

Leila summons Rami and tells him to order an attack  on Ma’an and lets him know that’s not a request. Rami calls the head of his Air Force and tells him to bomb the outskirts  of Ma’an, he doesn’t care if they kill one Caliphate soldier as long as all civilians remain unharmed.

Bassam’s patience has finally run out and he tells Daliyah to stand up and then he places his body between her and Samira and tells Daliyah to leave. Samira warns Bassam that she’ll shoot him and he says you do what you have to do and once again tells Daliyah to keep walking. Samira shoots him in the thigh and Bassam picks the knife up off the floor and stabs Samira deeply in the abdomen. She’s mortally wounded and he doesn’t have time to save her.

He bends down next to her and says he can’t fix this. He says he won’t leave her like that and then tells her that her father loves her. He says he promises that he’ll turn Abbudin into the place she and her friends dreamed of when she was 12. However, that will be for other little girls and not for her. He then stabs her again with the knife this time killing her. He says no more pain and then she starts crying, Daliyah says they have to leave.

Ihab Rashid finds Samira’s body when he gets back from the meeting. He picks her limp body up in his arms and holds her to him then lets out a cry of pure anguish.

Bassam returns to where the resistance are living with Daliyah and she stitches up his bullet wound. He tells her that Ahmos was a very special man and that he loved her deeply. She says she didn’t love him when she married him, but grew to love him as he was such a good man.

Suddenly a blast from outside blows them across the room. The explosion’s part of the airstrike that Rami ordered. Bassam holds Daliyah underneath a table and promises to protect her.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: Life Changing Decisions

Photo Courtesy Of AMC
Photo Courtesy Of AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This time it really seems that Joe MacMillan has his priority’s in order and he’s finally ready to follow what’s in his heart and do the right thing. So why did I finish the latest episode of the AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” with the nagging suspicion, that Joe will once again screw things up? Perhaps because we’ve witnessed the self-destructive streak in MacMillan, that seems to pop-up anytime his horizons look rosy.

This is the man after all that left IBM, by flooding their computer center. Last season we watched him destroy his romance with Cameron Howe, by dumping her vision of the personal computer she designed, then ended his relationship with Cardiff Electric, by setting a truckload of their new computers on fire.

Life suddenly got real for all the characters in this episode. Even the Coder-Monkeys got serious, as one of their own got badly injured and financial matters caused dissension in the ranks. Some of these young techies showed they can get quite capitalistic, when talk of big money arises.

We start the hour in the home of Donna and Gordon Clark, we realize something’s wrong as we hear a clock ticking quite loudly, which then morphs into a voice that sounds like it’s emanating from under water. We realize it’s Gordon’s voice when he tells Donna his medical condition isn’t a death sentence. Clark’s arrived back in Dallas after visiting his brother Henry in California and finally tells his wife his doctor informed him that he’s suffered brain-damage.

Donna volunteers to resign from Mutiny and stay home and take care of him, but he says that would break his heart. He tells her that he’s already contacted four of his former engineers from Cardiff for his new venture, his office will be just 23-feet from his bed and he won’t have to drive. It appears he’s come to grips with his medical situation and he’s overcome his fear and found direction.

Jacob Wheeler and MacMillan are discussing the offer that they’re about to make to purchase Mutiny, Wheeler suggests building them an office complex away from Western-Group Industries. Joe suggests that Western-Group purchase the house that Mutiny occupies, as well as the block to give them plenty of room for expansion. Jacob says he loves the idea and tells MacMillan to close the deal.

Tom Rendon brings his mother Karen over to Mutiny to meet Cameron, she tells Howe that it’s been a long time since she’s seen her son this happy. She thanks Cameron for that and then she thanks her for lunch and says goodbye. Tom kisses Cameron and thanks for having his mother over, when the phone rings. It’s Joe telling Cameron that Western-Group wants to acquire Mutiny, then he says this is good Cameron. She stands there silently while Joe asks if she’s still on the line.

MacMillan arrives the next morning and meets with Howe, John Bosworth and Donna, he hands a one page proposal to Cameron. She looks at it for a minute, then passes it to Clark, whose eyes grow large when she looks at the document. Bosworth has pretty much the same reaction that Donna has and they start discussing details with Joe.

Cameron starts to freak and says we’re not taking the deal, but MacMillan interrupts her and asks that they leave the past behind. He says the proposal’s great for her and her employees. He then says that she’ll run things and he’ll stay out of her way. That inspires her to present the deal to the Coder-Monkeys, however the way she describes the new situation sound terrible. They’ll be working for an oil-conglomerate and have to wear ties and jackets and punch a time-clock, all of which was untrue. However the Coder-Monkeys show their support by chanting Mutiny and she tears up the proposal and Joe walks out.

The four engineers come over to Gordon’s house and he tells them his plan’s to build a personal computer line, with the base model selling for an affordable $800, but the consumer could add all the buttons and whistles they wanted for an additional cost. He then tells the four engineers to bring in their most recent pay-stubs and he’ll match their salaries.

MacMillan has Bosworth in for a meeting at Western-Group and John tells Joe upfront, that what ever they discuss John’s going to tell Cameron. Joe says that’s exactly the reason he contacted Bosworth, as he believes in Cameron and in Mutiny and he realizes it’s a good deal. Jacob Wheeler pops in to introduce himself and tells Bosworth he’s looking forward to having him on board. Joe says to Bosworth that he’s got Cameron’s ear, but he shakes his head and says the girl’s in love.

Donna takes a couple of days off from Mutiny to spend time with Gordon, but the engineers are in the zone. She asks one of the engineers Larry, how her husband’s doing and she said he’s doing great. She then asks him to watch out for Gordon and make sure he’s alright, leaving Larry looking puzzled.

Rendon then shows up at Western-Group and tells Joe that his mother cried when she saw the proposal of what Tom would get if Western-Group acquires Mutiny and cried again when her son told her he wasn’t getting the money. Joe asks Tom why he came down to the office to tell him he was upset, when he could have just called. Rendon responds since MacMillan invaded his space, he wanted to return the favor, but Joe says that Tom came because he realizes it’s a great deal.

Back at Mutiny, the Coder-Monkeys are attempting to piece the proposal together, to find out what Cameron turned down. Each employee was to receive one percent of the purchase price along with a weekly salary, Howe comes out and tells them the offer was for five million dollars. Bodie demands a vote. He and Arky both vote to sell.

Wonderboy, Carl and Bosworth all vote not to sell and Cameron asks Tom his vote, when the phone rings. Lev’s in the hospital, he was set-up by some homophobes in Community and the guy he thought he had started a relationship didn’t exist. Instead they beat him bloody when he showed up for what he thought was a date.

Unfortunately the fake account also used a phony-address, so there’s no way of tracking who beat up Lev. Donna, Cameron, Tom and John go to the hospital, but Lev’s unconscious. Cameron of course blames the police for not acting, even though they are without any clues.

Sara Wheeler has lunch with Joe and her father and she tries to tell Jacob that she’s decided to break-up with Joe. Wheeler says she’s never had any patience and because of changing dynamics, she’s throwing away a relationship with a man who loves her and has her best interests at heart. MacMillan chastises his boss for talking to his daughter like that and says Sara sees the best in everyone.

Jacob decides that they’ll meet again at the same restaurant in a week and continue the discussion. MacMillan asks Sara what he has to do to win her back. She says he needs to get away from her father and start his own company. She then gets in her car and drives away.

At the hospital Cameron asks Tom how he was going to vote. He tells her he loves Mutiny and wants to be there for a long time, but he loves her and wants to be with her for a long time as well. He then says to her, Mutiny is her company and the decision’s hers to make. She says that Mutiny belongs to them all and says she’ll call Joe and take the offer.

MacMillan and Wheeler have a celebratory drink after Joe gets the call and MacMillan starts talking about the big rollout they need to have for Mutiny’s new game. However Wheeler disagrees with him and says the games are going to fade away while Community becomes the big draw. Joe says he promised them complete creative control and Wheeler says that was smart.

The engineers build the new computer in two days, one of them boasts that it took them a year to build the Giant, six-months to build the Giant-Pro and this time just two-days. Gordon tells his engineers how proud he is of them and how Joe’s going to be excited about their accomplishments. One of the engineers asks Gordon if he’s referring to MacMillan and Gordon’s clueless as to what the engineer’s talking about. The brain-damage playing games with his memory.

Cameron’s shocked to see Joe at the hospital, he says they told him at the house what happened. He then says to Howe not to sell Mutiny to Jacob Wheeler, he’ll ruin it. He won’t mean to, but he’ll take away everything that’s special about it. He then tells Cameron he’s removing himself from the equation.

MacMillan goes to see Sara and tells her he’s giving Western-Group, his two-weeks notice. He then asks her what she wants and she says she wants to get married that day and in two weeks, move to California. He smiles at her and says you got it.

The final scene takes place at Mutiny as Cameron walks back into the house. She says that Mutiny’s hers and she’s not selling.

The Story Continues Next Sunday Night at 10:00 pm on AMC.

The Blacklist: Everything Starts To Make Sense

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The good news is that the latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” ranked with some of the better episode’s of the show’s first season, and easily qualified as the most entertaining installment of this season. Unfortunately, the bad news is the series goes on hiatus after next week’s “Fall Finale,” until its replacement “Katherine Heigl Saves The Planet,” finishes its run.  However lets celebrate what took place in episode seven, rather than worry about the series absence for the next few weeks and there was plenty to celebrate in this episode, both in the short-term and long-term story-arcs. Information got revealed that will affect the dynamic of the show for at least the next few episodes.

Once again the show starts in a high-profile, foreign locale, this week in Dubai as Kian Nouri, one of the top scientists in the Iranian nuclear program’s drinking in a bar while on a mission to acquire assets to speed the growth curve for the Iranian’s to build a nuclear weapon. He sees a beautiful woman staring at him from the bar and approaches her, then buys her a drink. The next scene’s in the hallway outside Nouri’s hotel room, as the couple are groping each other before they enter the room. Nouri instructs her to grab the door key out of his pocket and they tumble into the room. The Iranian’s unaware that the woman’s Mossad and FBI Agent Samar Navabi and seconds later he would fall to his death, pushed out his window to the street below by Navabi.

A week later in Washington FBI Agent Liz Keen and Navabi get summoned to Red’s by Dembe and Samar tells Keen she hopes her coworkers not offended. Liz laughs it off and tells Samar her feelings aren’t bruised. Red’s dipping into his vinyl collection and thanks the women for rescuing him from his addiction. He then tells the story about Kian Nouri, who got assassinated last week in Dubai and Navabi says she heard he committed suicide. Reddington then tells her that he’s aware she killed him on a mission for Mossad and she replies she’s unable to discuss Mossad operations. Raymond then tells the women that Iran contracted “The Scimitar,” to kidnap an American nuclear scientist and force them to work for Iran. Reddington says that the mercenary’s already landed in the States.

Liz makes a detour before heading to the Task-Force’s headquarters, as she pays a visit to her former make-believe husband Tom Keen, whom she’s got shackled to the floor of the room he’s in. The agent for Red’s adversary Berlin, says he’s given Liz all the information he has, but she presses for a name of a contact to set up a meeting with Berlin. He tries to talk his way out of his prison, by saying he can only get the information she wants if she lets him free. Keen’s wearing a short-sleeved tee-shirt and Liz’s leaving with the blanket she intended to give him to stay warm in the unheated room. Tom says he’ll die of the cold and Liz displays no mercy, so he spits out the name Volkov. Volkov’s an arms dealer whose supplied Berlin frequently and has ways to contact him, Liz throws him the blanket and locks the door as she leaves.

Agent Keen tracks down Volkov, tells him she knows he’s an associate of Berlin and wants him to set up a meet, but the arms dealer tells her she’s nuts. She then tells him he’s got a choice, he can set up the meeting or he’ll be put on the FBI’s ten most wanted list and allowed to remain free. Berlin won’t let him live for long knowing that Volkov could turn on him. The arms dealer agrees to set up the meeting.

Task-Force Director Harold Cooper meets with the Government Official that secures the safety of the nation’s top nuclear scientists and he tells Cooper that there are three top scientists working for the Government and they belong to sort of a witness protection type program, all three got false names, social-security numbers and fake backgrounds and occupations. He says it will be easy to put two of the scientists under lockdown, but the third scientist’s scheduled to speak the next night at a banquet in a an area hotel and may arouse suspicion if cancelled.

Liz and Red talk in his car and she reveals the information concerning Volkov and Berlin, but won’t tell Red the source of the information. He looks her in the eye and says if he didn’t know Lizzie killed Tom in last season’s finale, he’d think Tom was the source. Keen replies that she did kill Keen, but we can see Red doesn’t fully believe her.

Aram receives information that “The Scimitar,” tracked a man identified as John Reese, whom the mercenary’s records stated was a member of Naval Security. They had pictures, his Government file and logs tracking his movements for the last several days. Keen and Donald Ressler drive to a shuttle stop, that Reese’s car’s parked at and keep him from “The Scimitar.” Reese gets off the shuttle and Liz and Ressler pull into the parking lot seconds later, identify themselves and tell him he’s been targeted and they’ve arrived to protect them, they haven’t gotten in their car yet when the bad guys arrive with weapons blasting. They pull away from the other SUV, but a motorcycle pulls up besides them and throws some gas that knocks them out and their vehicle flips, before Liz blacks out she hears a man speaking in Farsi.

Reddington’s sharing some of his delicacies with his new-found friend Zoe, the young woman that “The Tracker,” located for him, then he pours her some wine. She asks Kenneth (the alias he’s used with her) if he has children and he says he’s got a daughter and things “are complicated.” Zoe tells him that her father did terrible things and she hasn’t seen him in years, then the sedative that Red put in the wine kicked in. Raymond tells her he’ll do her no harm as she passes out.

Lizzie wakes up in a hospital bed, first sees other patients, then sees Ressler unconscious in the bed across from her bed, she attempts to get up and yelps in pain, noticing for the first time her left arm’s in a cast. A doctor introduces himself as Dr. Rivera and tells her she’s at Bethesda, that she fractured her arm in three places and that Ressler suffered cerebral injuries, they’re going to put him through an MRI to determine the damage. She asks for a phone, to call her director and Rivera soon returns with a phone for her. She calls Cooper and tells him that she and Ressler are in Bethesda and Cooper tells her he’s sending Navabi over to check on them. Liz says goodbye, but becomes suspicious because of some sticky residue on the phone, she suddenly realizes she’s not in a hospital and the guy she talked with lacks a medical license.

Aram and Samar realize that Keen and Ressler are being held by “The Scimitar,” and Navabi contacts Red and the two pay a visit to a man that Samar and Mossad have tracked for months, because he’s done business with the Mercenary in the past. They go to his estate and surprise him while he’s getting a massage, as Red starts whacking golf balls against the house. The man, Ali, comes out to his backyard wrapped in a towel and Samar comes out with her pistol pointed at him and tells him she’s violated Mossad rules by being there, so she’s got nothing left to lose and asks where “The Scimitar’s,” hiding. Red then threatens him with unthinkable torture and he reveals where the phony hospital’s located.

Keen’s realized her arm’s not broken and removes her cast, then overpowers the nurse who attempts to inject her with a sedative.  She wakes Don up and helps him walk as he’s groggy from the sedatives they gave him. Liz sees “The Scimitar’s,” two henchmen and is able to knock one out and take his gun, but the other one arrives and luckily so does Samar, who shoots the other gunman dead. The trio then head to the hotel that the scientist Dr. Collins is speaking at. Cooper arrives first and gets told the scientist’s in a safe room with guards posted at the door, but “The Scimitar,” knocked out the guards and kidnapped Collins. The three agents arrive and Cooper instructs them to get everybody inside the hotel, nobody leave until Collins’ gets found.

Liz and the others tell everyone to get back into the hotel, but a guy who looks like a bellman with a luggage cart keeps walking towards the parking lot. He turns around and of course it’s “The Scimitar,” who escapes in an SUV that comes at the perfect moment. But Keen’s saved Dr. Collins, who got stuffed inside the suitcase on the luggage cart.

Red takes Samar to where “The Scimitar’s” holed up at and then tells her that he’s the man that ordered the bombing that killed her brother and that nobody but them knows he’s there. They capture “The Scimitar,” and then Dembe tells Raymond that they need to leave, the meet with Berlin’s about to take place. Navabi tells her captive that he killed her brother and he tries to tell her that her brother was a suicide bomber. “The Scimitar’s,” body shows up a few hours later with a bullet between the eyes, execution style.

Reddington surprises Berlin when he arrives instead of Volkov, he tells him Liz gave him the info in hopes Red would kill Berlin, but he’s not going to do that. Instead his visit’s to prove that someone lied to Berlin that Red killed his daughter, he then introduces Berlin to the Russian’s long-lost daughter, Zoe.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 10:00 pm on NBC.

Ray Donovan: A Donovan Family Birthday

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Conor Donovan turned 14-years-old and his parents, Ray and Abby were so caught up in their own lives, that they completely forgot about it, which maybe a Cardinal Sin for a parent. When the teenager’s asked what he wants for the occasion he tells his father, he wants a family birthday party, with his three uncles, Terry, Bunchy and Daryl, along with his grandfather Micky. Ray tells his son that it maybe a problem for Micky to come as he’s restricted by parole violations, but he’ll see what he can do.

Ray’s phone rings and his new client motivational speaker Steve Knight’s on the other end telling Donovan he requires his services immediately. Ray tries to beg off, saying it’s a day for family and Knight responds for 100 grand a month in salary, Knight’s part of his family as well. He drives to the author’s house and finds out that his girlfriend Ashley’s stalker has returned and is taking pictures of her from the beach below. Donovan thought that the pervert had learned his lesson after their previous two encounters. The first time Ray made the peeping-tom dye himself green from head to toe with permanent dye. The second time, Ray shattered the man’s arm and his ankle, permanent injuries that cost the man the ability to drive a car.

Ray goes down to the beach and confronts the man, who tells Donovan that his intentions are to protect Ashley, as Knight’s hurting her. Ray, takes the chip containing the photos out of the expensive camera, then smashes it on the rocks, then tells the guy to beat it. When he gets back to the house the motivational-speaker asks for the chip, but Donovan informs him that he’s holding onto it.

Getting back into his car he finally gets Abby on the line; she’s about to embark on an affair with LAPD Detective Jim Halloran and they’re just kissing in their motel room when she tells the cop she has to take the call and steps out of the room. Ray tells her that it’s Conor’s birthday and she lies and tells her husband she’s at the bakery picking up the cake. After hanging up, Halloran tries kissing her again but she freaks out and says she has to go to get a cake, leaving the cop confused and frustrated.

Terry and Frances go to see the older woman whose the accountant/money-launderer for his brother, to talk about selling the gym so he and Frances can move to Ireland. The woman tries her best stall-tactics on Terry, but they fail and finally she tells the couple that Ray has to sign off on any deal, as he’s the majority owner of the gym.

Bunchy’s having coffee with a guy named Stan, he met at his counseling program a couple of weeks before, who gave the impression he was coming onto him at their introduction. Bunchy tells him about his date with his new lady-friend and how it got interrupted by her son unexpectedly came home from his sleep-over at a friends. Stan seems to disparage the relationship, saying it’s just one date and how much responsibility it takes to raise a son. Bunchy responds he can handle it and then Stan complains how lonely he is and Bunchy invites him to Conor’s birthday party.

Micky calls Ray and tells him that Conor invited him to his party, but if his son wants him to stay away, he’ll tell his grandson he’s sick, however Ray grants permission to keep Conor happy. The old man tells Ray he’s bringing a date and his son responds it better not be a paid escort, Micky replies he’s bringing a classy lady.

It turns out that Micky’s date’s Claudette, Daryl’s mother and the woman Micky cheated on Ray’s mother as she was dying of cancer. Daryl’s driving Micky’s car, a vintage Cadillac in perfect shape. Claudette jokingly reminds her son about the time he took the car when he was just 12-years-old and drove all over Palm Springs. Her son laughs and replies he’s always loved this car.

Bridget tries to leave the house as her boyfriend and another man have arrived to pick her up, Donovan rushes out of his house and tells his daughter to go inside and for Marvin to leave. The man steps out of his car, it’s recently released Cookie Brown, the guy that Marvin’s guardian told him to stay away from. He attempts to shake Ray’s hand but Donovan just stares at him, Cookie tells Donovan to tell his boss Lee Drexler he has some business to discuss, apologizes for the confusion and he and Marvin drive away.  Bridget tells her father she hates him as they go back into the house.

Terry and Frances, Bunchy and Stan are already at the house and Terry gives Conor his gift, a set of monogrammed boxing gloves from Terry’s gym. He tells his nephew, they’ll soon become collectors items as the gym’s name will change once he sells it.  There’s a car horn honking outside and Conor runs out to hug his grandfather, then greets Daryl and gets introduced to Daryl’s mom Claudette. Ray’s not happy to see her, but fakes being courteous.

Ray’s drinking heavily and it’s effects start to show on him as he’s glassy-eyed and slurring his speech. He toasts Conor and Abby and then Abby breaks up the room when she says it took 22-hours to deliver him. A song comes on that Micky likes and starts dancing with Claudette, telling Ray he should dance with his wife. Instead he raises his glass to Abby and smiles, while she looks back at him coldly.

Stan’s alone on the back porch when Bunchy goes out to check on him. After some small-talk, Stan tries to kiss Bunchy and Donovan stops him telling him he’s not gay. After trying to explain himself, he leaves the party and Bunchy asks Ray if he saw what happened and Ray starts laughing and says he did. Bunchy tells him he’s not gay and Ray replies he believes him but keeps laughing. His younger brother tells him it’s not funny, that Stan, Ray and he are all messed up and Donovan tells Bunchy to lower his voice. He instead breaks his sobriety, pouring himself a tumbler of booze.

Micky quiets the room as he’s about to present Conor his birthday gift, then hands him the key to his car. Abby says that he’s only 14-years-old, but Ray says they’ll garage it until their son’s old enough. The boy and his grandfather get into the car and Conor starts it up and gets giddy; however he doesn’t realize his Uncle Daryl’s incredibly hurt and angry as Micky had always promised to give him the car.

Bridget’s spent the evening closed off in her room, when Ray goes into talk to her about her relationship with Marvin. He tells her that he’s forbidding her to see him, that he hangs with a dangerous crowd and she’ll end up getting hurt. His daughter asks if he had ever loved a girl who was bad for him and he responds, that he did and she’s dead. However, he says that may have been a blessing in disguise, as after she passed he got Abby back in his life and they produced Bridget and Conor. She asks her father if Abby’s the best thing that ever happened to him and he responds that’s true. Bridget then tells him that Abby didn’t get home until 2:00am the previous night, the information hits Donovan like a sledge-hammer and he staggers from the room. The camera’s tight on his face as he makes his way back to the living room and he’s so buzzed he looks almost cartoonish. He sees Abby and tells her he’s onto her and she asks him what he means.

He soon gets into a fight with Micky and tells him to leave immediately and Terry says to Frances that’s why they’re moving to Ireland. Ray explodes and tells Terry he’s not moving anywhere and that’s when Micky informs his oldest son that his brother uses the gym as a front to launder his money. The brothers exchange some angry and ugly words, until interrupted by the sound of breaking glass in the street. The family runs to the doorstep to see Daryl destroying the car with a baseball bat while screaming the car’s his. That breaks up the party, Claudette tells Micky she can’t see him for a while. Shortly afterwards, Abby heads back to the hotel room to meet Halloran, while Bridget gets picked up by Marvin and they drive off.

With just Conor and his dad at the house, he puts the Aerosmith/Run DMC version of “Walk This Way,” on the stereo. Ray walks into the kitchen to find Conor eating birthday cake, looks perturbed at first but then starts rocking out dancing to the song and Conor soon joins him.

 The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Graceland: Los Malos

Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network
Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network

 Warning: Spoiler Alert

FBI Agent Mike Warren, refers to himself as the “Patron Saint Of Lost Causes,” as he attempts to put together enough evidence from the rubble of the task-force he headed, to put an end to the Solano Cartel and put the bad guys away for life in the seventh episode of the USA Network Original Series “Graceland.” The agent had everything lined up to show that Cal-Coast Bus-Lines was smuggling vast quantities of heroin over the Mexican border into the USA and had the syndicate’s leader’s son Carlito heading to implicate himself as well, before a call from a member of the task-force, warned off Solano and blew-up the evidence at Cal-Coast.

In the previous episode Warren had identified the Solano Cartel mole in the ranks of law-enforcement as LAPD Lieutenant Sid Markham, the head of department’s Gang Task-Force and this week, we find out that Warren’s suspicions were spot-on, as we relive the events of the previous 72-hours through his perspective. We see Markham’s second in command at the scene of the attempted bust of Cal-Coast, call his boss to alert him that Carlito needs warning, he’s being set-up and the Lieutenant tells his man that he’ll inform Solano and to make sure the other officer gets Cal-Coast supervisor Lawrence into custody, before anyone else grabs him. Although Lawrence was in the squad car, Warren took him to a safe-house during the turmoil of the explosion’s aftermath.

We then see Lawrence head to his house to grab cash stored there, before he hightails it out of the country, but Markham and his fellow officer surprise him inside. The supervisor tells the cops he gave up no information implicating them and Markham then shot him at point-blank range in the heart, instantly killing him. The second in command pulls out a chain saw to decapitate the corpse and make it appear as a gangland slaying.

Warren had two options at his disposal; one would be remaining silent and hoping Markham developed a false sense of security and the FBI could catch him in an illegal act. Instead, he went with the alternative, tracking the officer down to a diner where he’s eating breakfast. Mike tells the cop, that he’s making a courtesy call and for the Lieutenant to get his affairs in order as the agent’s aware he’s Solano’s mole. After playing innocent at first, Markham tells him that no kid from Washington will tell him how to do his job, Warren repeats his statement and leaves the diner.

All the members of the house have involvement in different aspects of the case, Paul Briggs is going undercover as a policemen on Markham’s team. The Bureau set up his cover as a cop transferring from the Texas border and a previous stint in Chicago, so his credentials are solid and beyond reproach. He will try to ingratiate himself with the Lieutenant and attempt to get involved with any business for Solano.

A quick aside on the dynamic of the house this season compared to the first year the network broadcast Graceland; Warren was a rookie fresh out of the Academy, whose assignment was to find out if Briggs was dirty. All the members of the house loved him except for Paul, involved in a hornet’s nest of illegal activities, culminating in the accidental shooting of Warren’s supervisor FBI Agent Juan Badillo. Briggs was able to pin Badillo’s murder on Cartel hit-man Jangles and though his conscience bothered him he got off scot-free. Once he and Charlie were able to get his widow Kelly Badillo her compensation from the Bureau, the storyline has gone unmentioned.

As pointed out on these pages previously, Mike’s lack of management and people skills, have him on the bad side of most of the house, however Briggs relationship with Warren’s vastly improved since Mike’s return. Whether he’s always there for Warren this season’s a charade on Paul’s part, or he’s actually gained affection and respect for his fellow agent’s unknown. Also what the show-runners have decided to do about Briggs past transgressions remains a mystery.

With Carlito gone without a trace, Johnny Tuturro’s assigned to investigate whether Lucia Solano’s involved with any of the criminal activities run by her family. Johnny goes to the house and gets greeted by a stranger who tells the agent to leave when he asks to see her and gets the door slammed in his face. He knocks again and he tells the guy he’s friends with Carlito and the stranger grabs him roughly and drags him inside. The guy and his partner have arrived to take possession of a military grade weapons shipment that Carlito had promised them and Lucia, told the duo, that a friend of her brother’s was on his way with the guns.

The pair beat the stuffing out of the agent and then one holds a pistol to his forehead, while telling his partner to fetch the girl. Lucia tells them that Johnny’s not the friend with the weapons and the guy with the pistol replies that Johnny’s unnecessary and threatens to pull the trigger. Tuturro tells Lucia to open the safe and offers the pair the brick of cocaine inside in exchange for their lives. But the one with the pistol tells them that the drugs are their price for waiting for the weapons and they still hold Johnny and Lucia prisoner.

Mike takes Dale to where Paige’s staking out the facility, where the sex-trafficking operation’s holding the group of foreign young women to sell into prostitution. Mike tells Paige that they need to keep the operation intact until they can prove the Solano’s involvement. Paige talks about what the girls are going through while being imprisoned and when the conversation hits an impasse Warren leaves.

Seconds later Jakes and Arkin recognize the red car that pulls into the building’s parking lot’s the one the operators use to bring prospective buyers to the facility.  A few minutes pass and the buyer and one of the young women wearing hoods get into the car to drive them back to the hotel where the meet’s arranged. After the operator leaves, Paige and Dale stop the man and the young woman for questioning and the buyer pretends the girl’s his daughter, but the young woman denies it. Dale takes away the young woman, while Arkin handcuffs the man, a large guy in his sixties wearing a suit sans tie. The man tells Paige the girl wanted a life with him and the agent punches him repeatedly in the face, until Jakes pulls her off.

Briggs gets introduced to Markham and his team by the precinct captain as Detective Paul West, and the agent sounds convincing talking with the officers. The second in command calls the contact number for West’s former department and Jakes puts on a Texas accent and praises the phony cop to the heavens. With everything checking out, Markham and company welcome their new colleague.

Simon, the man that Lucia’s father sent over to handle the gunmen finally arrives and the duo are coked out of their heads. He demands that the pair untie Lucia and Johnny, then takes them over to a suitcase filled with semi-automatic weapons and one pistol.  Simon pulls the pistol killing one of the pair then trading shots with his partner leaving all three men dead. Johnny tells Lucia that he’ll take her to a hotel, but she responds that the pairs associates will easily find them. He then tells her he has a place to hide her and they leave the house.

Briggs watches as Markham negotiates a deal with a low-level dealer named Randy, telling him that he’ll drop all charges if Randy sets up a buy with another cartel, the Santana family. He secures the dealer’s cooperation by talking about all the bad things that could happen to Randy’s young teenage brother, if the dealer’s in prison. In a follow-up meeting with his team, Markham asks for volunteers for the mission and Briggs eagerly raises his hand.

Johnny takes Lucia to his mother’s house, after being out of touch for three months and it turns out that Tuturro’s mom’s unaware that her son’s a FBI Agent. He asks if Lucia can stay at her house overnight and she reluctantly agrees. The three bond over dinner as the mother tells stories about goofy things Johnny did as a kid.

Warren’s trying to incriminate Markham by finding about money he’s salted away at banks and Charlie has narrowed his accounts to two banks in Los Angeles. One bank’s where the department direct deposits the officer’s checks and Warren believes the other bank’s where the Lieutenant has the money from Solano deposited. To gain access to the bank records, he passes a counterfeit hundred-dollar bill to a pizza shop that’s a customer of the bank, knowing that the Secret Service are investigating a rash of counterfeit bills in the area.

Markham’s ready to send Randy to make the buy from the Santanas, when he tells the dealer he needs to wear a wire and Randy refuses when he sees the listening device is a large old-school device. While they argue, Briggs volunteers to wear the wire and take Randy’s place, he tells Markham that he’s dealt with the Santanas in Texas and can pull it off, even showing the Lieutenant he can speak in the Spanish dialect that’s used where the family emanates from. Markham goes along with the plan and Paul takes off to try to make the buy.

When he gets to the store that’s a front for the drug business, he gives the man the password, but the guy refuses to talk with anybody but Randy and tells his bouncer to escort Paul from the store. The second man lifts up Briggs’ shirt and they see the wire and when he’s asked if he’s wearing a wire admits it and tries to arrest the pair. He gets into a hairy brawl with the first man, but overcomes him and cuffs the assailant. Markham later congratulates his new officer for handling the situation so well and tells Paul he wants him on his team.

The Secret Service contact Warren and he and Charlie go to the bank to allegedly investigate the counterfeit bill, but in reality want to access the bank’s records of Markham’s accounts. As Charlie asks their guide to have a look at the counterfeit bill, Warren accesses Markham’s information and prints it out. It turns out he owns a bunch of safety deposit vaults, most likely filled with cash. Charlie says that Markham’s probably cut off contact with Solano with such a large nest egg and Warren’s warning and Mike suggests that they set up a bank robbery by real criminals, apprehend them and make the contents evidence and unavailable to the Lieutenant, which could prompt him to team back up with Solano.

Jakes drives to Tuturro’s mother’s house to give Johnny something and he realizes that the agent’s hiding Lucia at the house. Dale tells Johnny he’s nuts and could be putting his mom in grave danger and to get her out of the house immediately Johnny, reluctantly agrees and Jakes drives away as the agent heads into the house. He sees Lucia sleeping on his childhood bed and touches her, startling her and waking her. The two then kiss as the episode concludes.

Graceland can be seen Wednesday nights on the USA Network.