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Gracepoint: Another Missing Boy Rocks The Village

Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX
Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After setting their stovetop on simmer, through the first four episodes of the FOX mini-series “Gracepoint,” the show runner’s turned up the heat during the next three-episodes, resulting in the show coming to a boil in episode seven. While trying to come to grips with the suicide, of a friend and neighbor, they mercilessly hounded, the seaside village suffered another blow, with a second missing child, this week. Although Danny Solano’s death hit close to home for the Gracepoint Police Department, this time it involves one of their own, Detective Ellie Miller.

Our visit to the Northern California Community, begins in the office of Detective Emmett Carver, reading the Sacramento Post, with a headline asking “Is This The Worst Cop In California?” with Carver’s picture below the blurb. Miller walks into his office with a black tie, that she suggest he wear if he’s attending Jack Reinhold’s funeral. He tells her that he’s going, as Danny’s killer will attend, feeling guilty about another death on their hands. He asks Miller if she agrees with the headline and she replies, maybe top ten.

Every person from the town seems that they’re jammed into the church for the funeral and the Reverend Paul Coates, doesn’t waste the larger than normal  audience in attendance. He berates those in the pews for smearing Reinhold’s name and intimidating him to the point that he took his own life. He says they let Reinhold and Danny Solano down and infers they should do more to find the boy’s killer.

The wake’s at Gemma Fisher’s Inn and once again, it seems all are in attendance. Beth and Mark walk up to Gemma at the bar and Beth politely, but coldly, asks for a white wine for her and a beer for her husband. Ellie and Carver are scouting the wake for any guilty looking people at the wake, when Carver sees Coates put his hand on Tommy Miller’s knee. He starts heading that way, but his illness hits him and he almost hits the ground, but someone grabs him and asks if he’s had one too many. Trying to regroup he sits next to Tommy, while he’s catching his breath and looking quite pale. Carver asks Miller’s son how he’s doing, then asks if he gets along with Coates, the boy responds kind of. Then Carver starts asking about Danny and the Priest and Joe Miller comes to breakup the conversation.

He tells the detective if he wants to question his son, ask him first, then calls him a sick individual. He says he’d feel sorry for Carver if he wasn’t making the town miserable, especially his wife. Tommy comes over to Ellie and she asks him if he’s alright and her son asks why everybody keeps asking that question? She replies there are many in the room who love him, then she asks her son if he’s sad and does he miss Danny? Tommy gets quite upset and says of course he misses, him why wouldn’t he. He then says Ellie doesn’t even know him any longer. He’s feeling defensive and guilty since his best friend’s death and we realize, he knows more than he’s told.

The next scene opens with a whale breaching the ocean and the return of the backpacker, Lars Pierson, who Reinhold told Carver and Miller they saw him talking to Danny a few weeks before he got killed. Joe Miller and his toddler son in his stroller, are accompanying Tommy to school, who’s riding his bike. The little guy dropped his stuffed animal about 500-yards behind and Joe looks at his watch and says it’s 7:58 am, he tells Tommy to stay with his brother and he’ll get the toy. Tommy says it’s only three-blocks and he can make it without his father, even though Joe and Ellie have a pact not to allow their son to be unaccompanied while outside, Joe says okay. Not a great move.

Back at the station, Carver says he’s done some digging and that Paul Coates, Mark and Beth Solano all attended Gracepoint High School together, with Mark graduating in 1999 and Paul and Beth graduating in 2000. Ellie says that sounds about right and Carver asks why she didn’t tell him earlier? Ellie says she told him that Coates grew up in Gracepoint, where did Emmett imagine he went to school. A female uniform, interrupts their conversation and tells Miller she’s got a call and Ellie asks if they can transfer it to her desk.

It’s Tommy’s school and the boy never arrived. She hangs up and calls Joe, who says he walked Tommy until they were three blocks from the school, then he rode his bike the rest of the way. She hangs up and starts to head to Tommy’s school, but Carver tells her he’s joining her. They arrive and talk to the principal, Mr. Conroy’s wife called in the morning and said he wouldn’t be in, but hung up without a reason. Carver asks to talk with Tommy’s friends and each one looks sullen and disaffected.

Susan Wright shows up in line at a local grocery, with a box of brownie-mix, the cashier says how good their new mix is and Wright asks if she said something.  The cashier says that Wright will enjoy the brownies, she responds they’re not for her. We quickly switch to Vince Novik washing his hands and arms, covered in blood. Wright’s told Novick she knows he’s in trouble, could the two incidents be related?

Emmett heads to the Solano’s to inform them about Tommy, then ask about Fred Conroy, Danny and Tommy’s teacher, who they listed as a suspect. Beth says he’s quiet and Danny got unnerved at first as he always had female teachers. Carver tells them he’s tried reaching Conroy and his wife Heather all morning, without any luck.

Chief Morgan and Carver hold a press conference to announce Tommy’s disappearance and stresses, they are handling this as a separate case than the Danny Solano murder. After a few questions from reporters, that Morgan dances around, he says that’s it for now, when they receive any updates or any more information, they’ll inform the media members. While the press conference takes place, a teenage girl arrives at the station and asks to speak with Emmett Carver and the officer asks her name and if the detective knows her. The young lady responds her name’s Julianne and she hopes he does as Detective Carver’s her father.

The next scene opens with Vince Novick locking the padlock to the gate of his workshop, scoping out to make sure nobody sees him. He enters his house and sees his mother standing in the kitchen with a plastic tray, filled with brownies. He asks his mother if she’s okay and where did she get the brownies and his mother asks him why he’s in trouble again. Novick dodges the question and once again asks where the brownies came from, and his mother replies they’re from his friend at the park. After getting stumped for a few seconds, he asks his mother if she was the women from the trailer park? She says yes, and that Wright told her that Vince’s in trouble. He throws the brownies in the garbage, tells his mother to stay away from them and says Wright’s the one in trouble. His mother asks if there’s blood on his face and he responds he went hunting earlier.

Morgan meets with Carver and tells the Detective he should step down from the case, he came to Gracepoint to put Rosewater behind him, instead it followed him to the village. Carver refuses, saying he’s the only one equipped to handle things, that Ellie certainly, can’t handle it, being her own son. There’s a persistent knock on the door, that Morgan ignores, Carver throws a pen at the door and says come in. Morgan reminds him it’s the Chief’s office and Emmett asks why didn’t he respond. The female uniform, says someone’s here to see him and in steps his daughter, who he looks less than enthused to see.

He tells her that another boy turned up missing that morning and he’s involved in hundreds of projects, when Miller walks in and tells Carver he’s needed elsewhere and asks if the girl’s his daughter. With his usual lack of social skills they wind up introducing themselves as Carver leaves. Julianne, said her father said another boy’s missing and Miller’s eyes well up.

Ellie heads home and Joe perhaps says the stupidest thing he could choose to say, don’t blame yourself for this. Miller truly must adore Joe, as she should have jumped all over him, but lets it slide. She then says Mark Solano’s organizing a search party and he’s joining them, Owen’s coming over to watch their younger son. Joe finally blurts out that Ellie blames him and she just says we had a pact, that we’d always be there with him.

When Miller gets back to the station, Carver informs her that they found the backpacker, Lars Pierson and he’s in a cruiser near his house. When Ellie shows up she sees the guy with the bandanna in the back of a cruiser, gulping down a burger. She asks if they can talk to him and the officer says that Pierson waived his rights, just asked for something to eat. They found him with a service revolver, a rifle, two shotguns and an anti-psychotic drug, that he appears not to have taken him in months.

While Carver and Miller are getting the backpacker, Julianne searches through her father’s desk drawers and find a vial of medicine and a syringe, she looks it up on the internet and finds out it’s medication for a heart condition. This is the condition, that Emmett’s hiding from Morgan and the rest of the village, if they realized his condition, they’d remove him from the case.

Carver and Miller interview Pierson, whose on another planet, lacks a filter from his brain to his mouth, but also a clarity in instances, that’s sharp as a diamond. Carver asks why he’s stopped taking his medication and he responds that he hates the way it makes him feel. The detective asks him if he’s aware the drugs are an anti-psychotic drug and Lars responds he’s heard that. Emmett asks him if he’s aware, it’s also used for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Pierson asks if they want to borrow some? Carver asks why and Pierson responds, because he looks stressed and she looks traumatized.

Then he looks into Ellie’s eyes intensely and asks if she’s feeling traumatized, does she feel it throughout her body? It makes her feel bad and she doesn’t like it does she? He says he doesn’t either. Nobody likes that feeling. Carver tells him to look at the picture of Tommy and the backpacker says, he’s a good-looking boy and Carver asks if he knows him? He then says not that he can recall, followed by he’s a good-looking boy and a look of revelation as he looks at Miller and says he looks just like you, breaking Miller’s dam of restraint. She starts threatening Pierson, telling him that if he did something to her son, she’ll punish him so badly, he’ll never forget it. (Whether she didn’t want to blow the case by police harassment, or just got flustered, the threat was far from intimidating.) Carver restrains her and gets her out of the room.

Novik heads to Wright’s trailer and she says she thought he’d drop by, Novik tells her to stay away from his mother. She replies, he’s in trouble and they need to talk about it, he hands her an envelope filled with money and she asks what’s it for. He tells her to take it and move away, everything was fine until she arrived. She says she doesn’t want the money and Vince grabs her around the throat and slams her into her trailer. She says he’s hurting her and he says that’s nothing, then backs away, throws the envelope at her and drives off.

Mr. Telephone Man,” Raymond Connelly, the telephone repairman that hears voices, arrives at Beth Solano’s door as she’s leaving with a box of sandwiches for the volunteer search team and she’s startled. He says he realizes he’s not supposed to get near her but he’s got an important message about Tommy. He says the voices told him that Tommy’s hurt and bleeding.

Beth takes the sandwiches to Joe Miller, who says someone spotted Tommy on his bike that morning, so Mark and a group have gone on to explore. Beth then attempts to explain Raymond Connelly to Joe and that some of his information has proven accurate. She then tells Joe what Connelly said about Tommy.

Carver’s been interrogating Pierson and neglecting Julianne all day and she confronts him in the lunchroom. She asks why he’s taking heart medication and if that’s the reason her mother didn’t want him to take on this case? He says he’s fine, he just gets dizzy sometimes and the medication prevents that from happening, but she’s not buying it. He says he needs to finish interrogating the suspect and it should take 20-minutes, is that okay? She agrees if he gives her money for the snack machine.

Emmett goes back in to question Lars and this time pulls out the picture of Danny and Pierson says, that’s a different kid. Carver affirms that it’s a different boy and asks if he’s ever seen this boy. The backpacker intensely looks at the picture and then says that’s messed up, Budapest. Carver asks him what he means and Pierson tells the detective, that a couple of months back, he walked early in the morning and came across Danny whale watching. He enjoys watching them, so he sat down and joined him, then Danny asked what’s the capital of Hungary? Lars tells Carver he’s usually unaware of things like that, but he served in Hungary, so he told him Budapest. Then Danny wrote it in his crossword puzzle.

He says Danny told him he wanted to travel the world, see the sights and leave his small town, so Pierson wrote down his cell number on a piece of the crossword puzzle and told Danny to call him if he ever wanted to talk. Then he looked Carver in the eye and asked if it’s bad, is Danny dead and Carver asked why he asked that question? Lars responded, that he’s been around people who know others are dead and they look like the detective.

Miller’s in the woods talking with the officer that captured Pierson, when a crowd led by Mark and including Joe head towards them and they’ve come up empty. Joe goes over to Ellie and this time does the right thing, takes responsibility for what he did and apologizes. Miller hugs him and says it’s not his fault, but she’s terrified.

Carver heads back to his office and can’t find Julianne, he asks another detective if he’s seen her and he tells her she took off 20-minutes ago. Carver asks if she left alone, but the detective tells him she told them she needed to catch a bus, so one of the other officers drove her to the bus station.

The search continues and somehow Paul Coates and Mark Solano wind up together in the woods. Solano made it abundantly clear he doesn’t like the Priest earlier in the series, when he told him to stay away from his family. But Coates’ tries to compliment Mark on his leadership of this search party and goes on how different people handle adversity. Solano asks him what he’s trying to say and Coates tells him he’s a good man. Solano nods and says he needs to check in with someone, but as soon as he turns away Paul yells for him to come back, Tommy’s bike’s on its side 20-yards away, with the boy nowhere around.

The Story Continues Next Thursday at 10:00 pm on FOX.

Gotham: Penguin Winds Up On Top

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

James Gordon became a marked man, in the final scene of the previous episode of the new FOX series “Gotham,” when Oswald Cobblepot, whose now referred to mainly as Penguin, showed up at Detective Gordon’s station-house, announcing the Gotham City, he’s alive and well. We found out in this installment, that there indeed was a method to Cobblepot’s madness and got a chance to glimpse just how, devious, manipulative and back-stabbing he is. If there lay any doubt, whether young Cobblepot could morph into the future Super-Criminal, seeing the Penguin playing one side against the other, with an unexpected twist at the end should put those fears to rest.

The episodes over the last few weeks, have grown more complex, making them more entertaining for the viewers, the first couple of episodes framed the story, the last few have fleshed out the characters and our understanding of how Gotham City works. New alliances formed in this episode, older ones revealed and in the words of the Penguin we saw at the episode’s conclusion “That Love Conquers All.”

As we join the action, Harvey Bullock and Gordon are in the station locker room, when Bullock knocks his partner to the ground with a punch to the jaw, then pulls out his weapon, intending to take his partner out, bring his corpse to Falcone and beg for mercy. Two uniforms enter the locker room, see what’s occurring and Bullock screams at them to just walk away, as he does Gordon kicks the gun out of Harvey’s hand and knocks him to the floor while Jim rises. Bullock tells his partner he better never see him again.

Gordon’s leaves his station-house, attempting to reach his fiancée Barbra Kean on the phone, to inform her she need’s to leave the city immediately. However, Fish Mooney’s aide Butch and an associate brandishing a pistol are keeping Barbara company in her apartment. Realizing that something’s amiss, Jim has his weapon drawn, as he enters the apartment and tells Butch to have his guy drop his gun, or Gordon will start shooting, the hood drops his piece on the rug. Butch informs the detective if he joins him and goes to talk with Fish Mooney, Kean won’t get hurt, if there’s a second trip needed she’ll get tortured, Gordon throws the two thugs out of the apartment. Jim convinces Barbara that she needs to leave the city immediately, he’s got things to wrap up and he’ll join her in a few days if all goes well. If not she’s to stay out of Gotham City. He takes her to the train and they go through their tearful goodbye.

Mooney and Nikolai meet with Falcone about Gordon not killing Cobblepot and Fish wants gallons of blood, Cobblepot, Gordon and Bullock, all dead and if necessary Sal Maroni. Falcone asks her if she’s overreacting, letting a nobody like the Penguin start a war, but Fish answers that it’s a matter of respect. Nikolai tells Falcone that he agrees, but the Crime Boss tells Mooney to talk with Maroni before they consider other options. He also tells Mooney that he’ll get his enforcer Victor Zsasz to bring in Gordon. Nikolai whispers to Fish that it’s time to take Falcone out, but she believes the timing’s wrong.

Gordon arrives at the station-house the next morning and gets met by momentary silence as everyone stares at him, then resume their conversations. Jim walks over to another detective’s desk and asks if he’s got those blank warrants pre-signed by a Judge and the detective gives him some, then Gordon walks into his Captain’s office and Sarah Essen’s shocked to see him there. He tells her he’s going to serve warrants on Mayor Aubrey James and Carmine Falcone and she responds he’s nuts, as nobody in the city will work with him. She says she wants the corruption cleaned up also, but she’s got a family.

The station-house doors open and in walks a guy looking like a young Lex Luthor on acid, accompanied by two Amazonian women in short skirts with bad attitudes. The man introduces himself as Victor Zsasz and he’s there to deal with Jim Gordon and everybody else can go about their business. He then starts calling for the detective until he and the captain enter the squad room, then Zsasz informs him he’s taking him to meet Falcone. Gordon replies he’ll meet with Falcone but not that day, Victor then says he’s sorry to hear Jim say that, as now he must get rough. Jim responds there’s 50 officers in the room and Zsasz asks them to leave, when he adds an anguished please, they scatter, leaving just Gordon and Essen, whom Jim tells to leave.

We then go through the obligatory three-on-one shootout, that the hero somehow survives, though takes a hit, he then makes it out to the garage as he attempts to elude the trio. He’s just about to get caught when Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya of MCU, drive up and rescue Jim, as they finally realize Gordon’s an honest cop.

Mooney comes to Sal Maroni’s restaurant to discuss him handing over Penguin, but Maroni’s not taken with the idea and wants to know why Mooney demands this. Fish replies it’s a matter of respect, so Maroni calls Cobblepot over to the table and has him apologize to Fish for any lack of respect he displayed. Maroni thinks that should settle the score, but Mooney tells him the war’s on, she then slaps Penguin and says she’ll enjoy torturing him. She leaves and while Sal and Cobblepot laugh, Maroni’s top aide Frankie Carbone looks less than pleased.

We see one of Maroni’s trucks hi-jacked by Falcone’s soldiers, a loss to Maroni of about $4.5 million and Sal wants to strike back hard. Penguin tells him he knows the perfect spot and Maroni sets up Carbone and Cobblepot to pull the job off. Turns out to be the headquarters of Nikolai the Russian, one of Falcone’s gang-leaders and possible threat. Carbone and his two soldiers shoot them all dead and Penguin says that he knew things would go smoothly, but Carbone decides to express his dislike of Cobblepot.

He tells Penguin, that he’s got Maroni suckered, but not him, he sees him for the gutless little snitch he is and he could kill him then and now and blame it on the Russian. Cobblepot then tells Frankie about his problem, that Carbone’s a skinflint and Penguin now controls Carbone’s former soldiers, who grab Frankie as Oswald stabs him in the gut. As the life ebbs from Carbone’s body, Penguin bends over him says “That Love Conquers All,” and plants a kiss on top of Frankie’s head, drawing puzzled looks from the guards.

Allen and Montoya drive Gordon to the Wayne mansion and Allen leaves the car to try to find Alfred. The butler accompanies the detective back to the car with a dagger pressed against Allen’s neck, when he realizes it’s Gordon, he apologizes and brings them all into the mansion. Gordon talks with Bruce and says he may not keep his promise of finding the boy’s parents’ killer, but Montoya and Allen will. Before he leaves, Bruce hugs the detective as hard as he can and we see that Gordon’s touched.

Maroni and Falcone meet with Penguin and Mooney and arrange a deal, Maroni gets to keep Penguin and Falcone receives a toxic waste dump on the Arkham Asylum property in return. We can see that Mooney’s very displeased with the deal, but with Nikolai gone, she doesn’t possess the power to argue with Falcone.

Jim’s staying at Barbara’s apartment when there’s a knock at the front door, it’s Bullock, incredibly drunk with a female companion. He insults Gordon then tells him that since they’re both going to die, he’ll join Jim’s side. He tells his companion to go find a bed and wait for him and Gordon tells Harvey they’ll arrest Mayor James and Falcone the next day. Bullock thinks he’s nuts but they’ll go out in a burst of glory.

The next morning as the Mayor sits in his limousine, Gordon climbs in back with him carrying an automatic weapon, telling James he’s under arrest. The Mayor says that’s not funny, but Harvey reveals that he’s the chauffeur and he thinks it’s quite humorous. James gets them past Falcone’s guards and the three enter the house, Bullock capturing Falcone’s two security guys on the way into Falcone’s office. Gordon tells the Crime Boss they’re arresting him and Falcone responds they won’t make it down the street alive, but Jim’s already deduced that.

What he doesn’t know is Barbara came back to Gotham City to beg for Jim’s life and he’s got her imprisoned in another room. Bullock thinks he’s bluffing but Gordon believes him and both detectives drop their weapons. Barbara’s then brought out and Falcone says by all rights he should kill the two cops, Gordon believed him which shows he’s growing, he tells them all to leave before he changes his mind.

The final scene shocked this viewer, a rare occurrence watching television these days. Carmine Falcone’s in his chicken coop, seeing if any of his hens laid eggs, when Penguin arrives in the rain of course with his umbrella. The Don addresses Cobblepot as “My Friend,” and says he had just thought about the first time we met. Penguin set this whole thing up with Falcone before Gordon got set to shoot him, in fact he asked for Gordon to get the assignment, as Jim’s the only guy in the GCPD with a conscience and might spare his life.

Oswald then told the old man if he survives he’ll return to Gotham City and be a snitch for Falcone, earning Maroni’s confidence and reporting everything back to Carmine. Falcone agrees to the terms and then asks the Penguin what secret he’s hiding and he tells him that Nikolai and Mooney are lovers, plotting against him and Mooney, will ultimately grab the power for herself.

We realize that Penguin may have gotten rid of some of Maroni’s rivals, the two real big winners are Falcone and the Penguin.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Forever: Some Memories You Can’t Out Run

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There are moments, events, in all of our lives, that haunt us all our lives, the pain doesn’t fade with time, or how successful we become, even the number of toys we acquire in our existence. In the middle of the night, when we’re alone with just our thoughts, those memories return, just as sharp and bright as the moment they occurred. For most of us, those moments involve minor transgressions, that we’ve never forgiven ourselves for. However there are some folks that we interact with daily, that hide heinous and unspeakable acts and eventually the guilt and weight of bearing that secret, overcomes them.

This week’s episode of the ABC series “Forever,” deals with that subject on a number of levels, involving the crime Detective Jo Martinez and New York City Medical Examiner Henry Morgan, attempted to solve, as well as secrets that Morgan and his companion Abe, keep from others. Henry, of course is used to carrying secrets, as he’s hidden the fact that he’s over 200-years-old from the world, except Abe.

The episode opens at a gala banquet, honoring a young selfless doctor, named Tyler Forester, awarding for his efforts in his free clinic, in the inner city and throughout the community. He’s introduced to the audience, by his best friend since they were nine-years-old, Carter Pilson, however Forester sitting at his table, looks more agitated than proud sitting at his table waiting to approach the dais. When Pilson introduces the doctor, he whispers in his ear to do the right thing, as he always does. The applause starts and Dr. Forester’s face fills the screen.

The next scene’s in a skid-row apartment in Harlem, the award-winning doctor’s apartment, who got killed shortly after the ceremony in his apartment, by a blow to the back of his head from the trophy he received. Detective Martinez and Doctor Morgan, investigate the scene, as Henry tells the detective that the apartment lock’s broken from the inside, so Forester likely knew his murderer and let him in his apartment. Martinez questions why Forester lived there, as his father’s a famous Wall Street Billionaire?

When they get the body back to Morgan’s office and examine Forester’s corpse, they’re shocked to see large Roman Numerals tattooed across his chest. They meet with Forester’s father, whose clueless about the tattoo, then tells the officers that his son distanced himself from he and Tyler’s mother, since he graduated high school. He wouldn’t accept their money, he got completely wrapped up in his work, even donated his meager salary to charities, some the Corporate Titan, never heard of. He then tells them to join him the next morning at his son’s memorial service, and possibly speak with others that knew Tyler better.

Morgan and Martinez arrive at the service and notice three young people, about Tyler’s age with the same class ring as Tyler wore. One, is Carter Pilson, who introduced Forester at his banquet, the other young man’s named Paul Gould, (whom Martinez believes looks high) and the young woman’s an attorney named Cassandra Mueller. All three were best friends with Forester in high-school and there’s a framed picture of the four of them at the memorial, dated June 10, 2005. Martinez and Morgan, start questioning Gould, after Jo identifies herself as a detective, but Gould’s pretty sketchy with details, to their questions. Mueller then approaches and asks if she can help them, and Martinez identifies herself, the attorney says she doesn’t think Mr. and Mrs. Forester would appreciate their presence and Morgan tells her, that Mr. Forester invited them to try to get answers. Cassandra then says she’s a lawyer and Martinez asks if Gould needs an attorney, but Henry spirits them out of there.

Back in the chapel, Pilson approaches them and apologizes for his friends behavior, and says they’re still shaken by Tyler’s death. Henry asks Carter if the date June 10, 2005, has any significance and Pilson turns ashen, says no and excuses himself. Henry realizes that the date on the picture’s the mirror opposite of the tattoo on Forester’s chest.

Mr. and Mrs. Forester got divorced five-years earlier, so she wasn’t present during the interview with Tyler’s father. She told Martinez and Morgan that her son changed irrevocably, after the summer of 2005, Tyler seemed haunted and always sad. He got accepted to Harvard and planned to go there, but after the summer went to State University and paid his own way.

Henry heads to Abe’s shop and asks him his deepest secret. Abe admits when he first opened the shop, he sold a fake antique for the price of a real one. He’s ashamed to this day, but without that sale, he’d gone out of business.

Back at the station, Jo and Henry find out, that they’ve recovered data from Tyler’s cellphone, specifically a rather cryptic video. The pair watch, as Forester apologizes to the parents of a Robert Meachem, for what “we,” did to their son, but stops talking when Paul Gould enters the frame. They put out an all points bulletin on Meachem and reported missing on June 12, 2005 and was never found.

Martinez and Morgan lead a search near where Meachem lived for his remains and Henry finds the spot, due to a particularly lush, young, tree. They find the bones and a DNA match confirms the bones are Meachem’s. Confronted with the evidence, all of Forester’s classmates admit to running over Meachem and burying him, but all three deny killing Tyler.

Henry and Jo meet with Meachem’s parents, who bring a photo of their son wearing a cap from the local service station, where they said he worked part-time and walked to the night he went missing. Morgan realizes that the owner of the gas station, witnessed the accident, had received payoff checks by Forester, (one of the unknown charities) and since Forester was going public the hush-money train, would stop running. He tried to convince to stay quiet and keep paying, but they argued and the station owner killed the doctor.

The pair head to the gas station, ask about Meachem and then ask to look at the owner’s bank records. He pulls out a drawer from his filing cabinet, but pulls out a pistol, shooting Morgan in the arm. Henry tells Martinez he’s fine and she chases the owner down but freezes with her gun and the two hold each other at gunpoint. Morgan tells the guy to shoot him instead and when he aims at Henry, Martinez shoots him and arrests him.

The Meachem’s are finally at peace knowing the fate of their son and Forester’s classmates will all serve time for their crimes.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on ABC.  

Tonight: Legends-Quicksand

Photo Courtesy Of TNT
Photo Courtesy Of TNT

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After spending the last two episodes in Houston, attempting to discover his true identity, FBI operative Martin Odom’s (Sean Bean) back at DCO headquarters and once again under-cover, in Wednesday’s episode “Quicksand.” Odom’s latest assignment, guarding a Saudi Arabian Prince in Los Angeles from an assassination attempt. Odom and fellow FBI agent Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) encounter a beautiful activist fighting for female rights.

Are former antagonists Odom and Rice now working together? Will Odom make any progress into finding out his true identity? Join Jason Jones after the episode, for all the action and insights on the latest episode of “Legends,”  here at Not Just Another TV Site.

Tyrant: Preventative Medicine

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Lion Tamer’s transformation into the new King Of The Beasts, took a giant leap forward on the seventh episode of the FX Original Series “Tyrant,” as Barry/Bassam Al Fayeed, allowed the end to justify the means in making some major decisions. This episode had many revelations, about events taking place currently, as well shocking information about the past. During the hour Barry went from telling his brother Jamal, that he and his family were flying home; to believing Abbudin may need him far more than he ever considered.

The episode began seconds after the previous one, as Jamal allowed his emotions to overtake his common sense, when Sheikh Rashid told the President of Abbudin, that he’d fear a race for the Presidency far more if he ran against Barry instead of Jamal. The elderly opposition leader went into a coughing jag and Jamal attacked him, knocking him onto the floor of a bathroom stall with a blow to his back, then grabbing his head and slammed it into a toilet. Al Fayeed walked out thinking, he’d soon be dead and all would think that the Sheik collapsed and hit his head on the porcelain when he fell.

Before security discovered the Sheik, Barry and American Ambassador to Abbudin John Tucker had a brief conversation, in which Tucker brought up the nickname he had given Barry, the lion tamer. Al Fayeed asks why everybody’s making a big deal about that and the ambassador responds, that all Barry needs to know is certain people may have tried to start a regime change if he wasn’t by Jamal’s side. Right then Molly appeared and told them that the Sheik had collapsed and they rushed to where he laid.

Jamal felt far less secure when Barry and Molly examined the Sheik and Molly found a pulse and performed CPR on him, then transported the old man to the hospital. The attending physician told his two sons that they had stabilized the Sheik’s condition, but had to induce a coma because of the brain-swelling, but there was hope he would regain consciousness. Jamal walked into the room as the doctor announced his prognosis and told the Rashids that he would help them in any way possible and he postponed the ceremony signing the document calling for free and open elections, due to the situation. He then asked to talk to his brother and the two went into an empty room.

President Jamal Al Fayeed’s in reality a very simple man; had he been born to any other family in Abbudin, he’d probably live like a peasant. He’s strong and tough, but lacks any cunning or finesse; although raised from birth to become the President of his nation upon his father’s death, he’s overwhelmed at the situation he’s in. He feels like a caged animal and reacts in the same manner, lashing out at all he perceives a threat.

After clumsily trying to find out, whether the Sheik would regain consciousness, Jamal admits to Barry what he did and tells his brother that he needs him to make sure he doesn’t wake up. He wants his brother to inject Rashid so that the Sheik can’t tell the world about what Jamal did to him and Barry’s appalled at what he’s hearing. He tells Jamal, he won’t grant his request and when the President asks him what Barry thinks should happen, he says that he and Molly and the kids are heading back to California. He tells his Brother he’s broken and that Barry can’t fix him.

Jamal feeling abandoned heads back to the palace and starts drinking. Leila enters their bedroom and asks Jamal what’s wrong and he responds that they have a compound in the Maldives, where nobody lives and he and Leila could lie naked on the white sand beach and nobody would know them. She asks her husband why he’d desire anonymity when he’s been trained for his position of power since childhood? He tells her what he did to the Sheik and says he did a very bad thing.

Leila’s ecstatic instead of being upset and tells her husband that his actions are those of the man she married. He replies that Barry told him he’s broken and she says that Barry’s been poisoning his mind since his arrival, he should call off the elections and show his people he’s in charge. Leila then says they can do anything together and Jamal responds then they should get on a plane and fly to the Maldives that evening. She tells her husband, that he can’t up and leave in the middle of a crisis and he replies that she just told him they could do anything together.

Barry’s also back at the palace and his mother Amira, comes to talk about whether her son believes that the Sheik’s collapsing was in reality foul play and he asks why she would think that. She then confides in her youngest son, information only a handful of people are aware of. The Sheik’s supporters were not responsible for the bombing of the army barracks that broke off negotiations between Rashid and his father 20-years earlier. She then tells him that his father was not responsible for the gassing of his own people; his uncle General Tariq Al Fayeed committed both acts. He bombed his own soldiers to break off negotiations and when the President refused to gas the province the Sheik controlled, Tariq gave the orders to gas the people.

All the information that Amira told Barry, overloaded his senses and he lost it; first accusing his mother of lying, then asking why his father never revealed the truth to him, knowing his youngest son despised him for the atrocity. She replied that her husband feared for his son’s lives if they found out and Tariq would stop at nothing to get his own way. She asks if thinks Tariq’s responsible and her son responds with a derisive laugh and then told her the Sheik would have died immediately if Tariq did it. Barry asks who else knows, beside her and Tariq and we find out in the next scene.

Naturally the other individual’s the former President’s Chief Advisor Yussef and Barry asks him how he could even hold a civil conversation with Tariq and the old man says a line that succinctly surmised the rest of the episode “You do what you have to do to survive.” He explained that Barry’s father fought to get people together, while Tariq’s only concern’s been to keep the Al Fayeed family in power. Yussef then told him that the brothers’ differences in philosophy, made them a powerful duo; with the former President a visionary who wanted his people to prosper and Tariq the hammer that disposed of any threats to the regime. Barry then asks about the man he shot at the age of ten, a political prisoner that their father wanted young Jamal to shoot, but the boy lacked the nerve to pull the trigger, so Barry did the deed to end his father berating his brother. He asks Yussef to get the man’s address so he can talk to his widow and family.

Rebuffed by Leila, President Al Fayeed heads to the home of his American mistress Katerina, who’s surprised to see him as he had told her he would come by later in the week. After the couple have sex, they lie in bed together and Jamal asks the woman, if she’d share her bed with him if he was not President of Abbudin. She responds that if she was unattractive, Jamal wouldn’t want her, it’s the entire makeup of each of them that drew the couple together. Satisfied with her response, he asks her about running away to the Maldives together and describes the beauty and serenity of the islands.

Barry drive’s to one of the poorest sections of the capital and knocks on the door of the home his victim lived in before dying from the pistol shots. A young woman answers the door and tells Al Fayeed that the family moved away shortly after the father got shot and killed for being a traitor. She then says that moving when they had, saved the family from certain death, as all the residents of the neighborhood died in the gas attacks. We see by the expression in Al Fayeed’s face that perhaps some good came about as the result of his heinous act as a boy, if the family hadn’t moved out of fear the government would come after them as well, they’d been killed 20-years earlier.

After leaving the home Barry drives to a place he thought he’d left forever, a mosque and joins his fellow Muslims in prayer. As he puts on his shoes after the service, in walks his childhood friend Fauzi Nadal, quite surprised to find Barry in a mosque. Al Fayeed tells his old friend that he reached his tipping point earlier in the day He laughs at his own naiveté, believing he could make a difference in a country bound by tradition and fear. Fauzi, tells his old friend that the game just started and tells Barry not to diminish what he already accomplished, getting Jamal to agree to free and open elections was a move beyond exceeding any fantasy the people had. He then told his friend that he’s found himself waking up with hope for the first time in 20-years.

Barry’s mindset has turned 180 degrees in the last few hours, with the revelation that the man’s family was alive as a result of his inexcusable actions and Nadal’s conversation and realizes he can be the catalyst that sends Abbudin on the right course. He drives to the hospital the Sheik’s in and asks the Sheik’s older son Jamir how his father’s doing and Rashid responds there’s been no change, which the doctors take as a positive. He then asks Jamir and his brother Ihab for permission to spend some time with the Sheik, as he would like to tell him some things and the brothers grant his request, however first Ihab tells him that he’s always despised the Al Fayeed family, but thanks Barry for bringing his father back to Abbudin.

Barry pulls up a chair to the Sheik’s bed and he tells the unconscious opposition leader about the information he had learned from his mother earlier and that his father truly wanted to negotiate a peace agreement with Rashid. He then tells the old man, they have another chance to reach the agreement that eluded the Sheik and the former President, but for that to occur they must sacrifice Rashid and then injects him in the hand with some sort of chemical, which would result in a painless death in a few hours. He then tells the old man that he’s dying the way he lived, for the good of his people.

Back at Katerina’s place Jamal’s walking around her bedroom with a towel around his waist while she sleeps. His phone rings and he’s surprised at the number that shows up is Barry’s. The younger brother’s drinking at a bar when he tells the President he granted his request and the man he’s concerned about will be gone within others. Jamal thanks his brother and tells him he loves him as he comes to the realization that he dodged a major bullet, but his regime’s now safe.

Katerina wakes up, just as he disconnects and she asks him if that’s the pilot that will fly them to the Maldives that evening. She tells Jamal that nobody ever game up anything for her previously, especially not an entire country. The President climbs back in bed, kisses her and then puts a pillow over her face suffocating her to death. Apparently the President felt she’d be a threat now that he decided to stay in power, so he eliminated the threat.

Barry’s left the bar, but he’s walking the streets of Abbudin carrying a bottle wrapped in a brown bag and swigging from it. He stops to call John Tucker and tells the Ambassador he needs to meet with him, but Tucker responds it’s 4:00am. He then asks Barry what he’s so anxious to talk about and Al Fayeed says he wants the names of those who would like to see Jamal deposed, as his brother’s incapable of running Abbudin.

The story will pick up again next Tuesday on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: Giant

Photo by Tina Rowden/AMC
Photo by Tina Rowden/AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We have reached episode seven of the first season of AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” and although the personal computer designed by Cardiff Electric is near reality, the project has caused collateral damage for all involved. The episode opens with Gordon Clark back on that rainy street where he stole the Cabbage Patch Kids for his daughters and he once again approaches the dead body he saw that night. Clark however gets close enough to identify the corpse this time and he realizes the dead man is himself. He wakes up in bed startled to find his wife Donna standing at the foot of their bed and his daughter’s calling out for him. Donna tells him that he was screaming at the top of his lungs, waking the girls and perhaps the neighborhood.

Cardiff Sales Manager John Bosworth is talking with their accountant about the dire financial straits that threatens the company. With the loss of revenue due to the accounts lost to IBM and the money going towards building their computer, the bottom’s about to drop out. Bosworth tells the accountant to keep the information between them, as he leave’s John’s office, Bosworth sees Joe and Cameron laughing together before he closes his door. As he sits back down he opens his desk drawer and we see a divorce declaration, filed by his wife and waiting for his signature. There’s been no mention of Mrs. Bosworth since the series premiere when John told his secretary his wife fixed him pork chops for dinner. Apparently the hours he’s put in destroyed their relationship.

MacMillan and Cameron are eating TV-dinners and drinking wine when Joe grabs a live circuit telling Howe that it was just a few volts and then cranks up the power and says he’s turning himself on. He offers her his hand and she tentatively takes it and feels the electricity surge through her body and the two embrace and make love on the office floor. They are still recovering when Joe’s office phone rings, he heads to the office and expresses surprise at hearing whose on the other end of the line. As he gets involved in the conversation, he shuts his office door closing the conversation for Cameron who looks confused.

Back at the Clark’s home, Donna’s getting ready to leave for her overnight business trip telling Gordon last-minute instructions, but he’s seemingly oblivious as he rehearses a conversation he expects to have at the office. However when Donna, asks him if he understood what she said he repeats back the instructions exactly. He leaves the house still talking to himself as Donna tells him she loves him too.

Joe walks into his office and finds Cameron in his chair reading a trade magazine and then summarizes the stories as Joe walks in. He’s not happy as she drove off with his car while he was on the phone and after he tells Cameron that he realizes there’s someone else in the room. Joe’s old friend industrial designer Simon Church, the man on the other end of the phone has sat on the couch in the office and MacMillan’s totally flustered. He trips all over himself apologizing and welcoming him, Church realizes Joe’s caught off-guard and just plays it off.

The pair sit down in the conference room with Gordon Clark, who freaks out when he sees Simon’s designs. The look is revolutionary but Clark complains that the machines specs would need radical alteration to work in the proposed package. Church and Gordon engage in a battle of words, Simon calling the engineer pedestrian while Clark counters that the designer’s unrealistic. MacMillan tries to restore order by telling Clark that the design is the future and that they are naming their new product Contrail. Gordon becomes unhinged, telling Joe the name’s a terrible idea, that Contrail’s the vapor and dust from a plane’s exhaust.  He sarcastically says they should name it Cardiff’s Giant and with that Simon packs up his designs and prepares to leave the building. Joe follows him out to the lobby which Cameron witnesses and she soon hears Church asking MacMillan what’s up with the girl? Joe asks if that’s why the designer is leaving and Simon walks into the elevator silently.

Joe heads to Gordon’s office and blasts him out, then returns to his own office and finds Cameron waiting there. Pulling no punches as usual, she asks MacMillan if he had slept with Church. Joe confessed the two were together in Europe ten-years previously, but Simon left thus ending the relationship. Cameron tells him that she’s not bothered that Joe’s been with men in the past, but we can see that she looks threatened. MacMillan tells Bosworth that his designer dropped out and asked John to reach out to his local connection. Bosworth sets up a meeting for that evening at a strip club with his guy, when Cameron finds out she asks Joe if he’s still going to the opening of a photography show by a friend of Simon’s and Joe tells her he’s not.

Donna and Hunt are at company headquarters of Texas Instruments for a presentation to the company’s executives. Their superiors ask Hunt if the latest fix they are proposing will be the cure-all for the company’s personal computer “The 99,” and Donna speaks up saying that it’s not a permanent solution, the machine’s flawed and they should stop producing it. Hunt grabs the opening and backs up his employee stating that the machine’s not making enough of a profit to deal with the problems and surprisingly the executives agree.

Entering the elevator after the meeting Hunt praises Donna for speaking her opinion and getting the executives to come to the correct conclusion. He suggests they celebrate on the company’s tab at dinner at seven and she agrees. When she arrives back to her room she sees a message from Gordon, whose drunk and has the kitchen sink in pieces trying to fix the leaky faucet. He starts unloading on Donna about his problems with Joe and Simon and she tries to get him to see the situation more optimistically. Gordon at that point slices open his thumb with a screwdriver and starts bleeding profusely and drops the phone. After he wraps a towel around his thumb he picks up the receiver and tells his wife he has to go and instead of putting the receiver in its cradle he throws it on the dish drain.

Clark goes into his daughters’ room and they ask for a bedtime story. Gordon tells them about a farmer in Cardiff, New York in the 1800’s who built a ten foot giant and buried it on his land for ten-years. He then had his men help him dig it up and all of his workers thought the giant was real and that the farmer should show the giant at his farm and charge admission. People from near and far came to see the giant and the farmer was making a tidy sum from the admissions. He then met Circus Impresario P.T. Barnum, who became the farmer’s partner and would change the farmer’s life forever. Barnum broke up the partnership, then built his own giant which he told people was real and soon they flocked to the circus and the farmer was soon forgotten.

Bosworth, MacMillan and the designer named Kenny are sharing drinks at the strip-club and Kenny’s sleaziness soon becomes apparent, through the comments he makes about the girls and trying to jack up his price with Cardiff. He tells the pair he’s aware that he wasn’t their first choice and his feelings were hurt. Joe tries to sweet talk him, but Kenny’s too sharp to fall for the compliments.

On the other side of town Cameron and the girl she met on the street earlier in the season walk into the exhibit, with Cameron rocking the young professional look. She’s asked at the door if she’s invited and tells the attendant she was and drops her friend off to drink free champagne from the bar while she goes to talk to Simon. The two trade banter and Simon tells Howe he can see why Joe likes her, but tells her to inform MacMillan that his second chance idea didn’t work. Cameron tells Church that Joe has no idea she is there.

The designer then asks her if Joe had revealed their past and she confirmed he did, he then asks did Joe tell her Simon left him and she replies that he did. He then reveals the reason he left, because he told MacMillan he loved him and could immediately sense that his statement ended the relationship and left the next morning to avoid embarrassment. He tells Cameron that he believes Joe grew bored with him and warns her the same fate awaits her. Cameron wants to leave but her friend talks her into staying and drinking champagne.

Donna and Hunt are sharing dinner in the hotel’s restaurant and Hunt is praising his employee to the heavens. They suddenly become aware of the live pianist and wish there was a more talented player at the keyboards. He finishes his song and goes to take a break and Hunt convinces Donna to play, which she eventually does and the diners enjoy her playing. A man comes and puts ten dollars in the tip jar and asks her name and she replies Susan Fairchild, her mother’s maiden name and the name she’s quoted by in the Wall Street Quarterly article on Cardiff.

Hunt and Donna are laughing as they enter the elevator and he once again starts complimenting her, he says he likes Susan Fairchild because she’s fun and bold. He then gets off at his floor telling Donna he would see her in the morning. Clark’s caught up in the moment and she toys with the idea of going to Hunt’s room when he knocks on her door. She mistakenly misinterprets his reason for coming and kisses him passionately, saying she’s taken his advice and acting bolder. Hunt is clearly uncomfortable as the reason he came to her room was a fax from Gordon had been accidentally delivered to his room. Donna wants the floor to open and swallow her whole, while Hunt tries to play it off as no big deal although he’s incredibly uncomfortable and wishes her a good rest of the night.

Donna calls the local car rental center and arranges to rent a car so she can head home immediately. Meanwhile Gordon’s attempting to fix his sink when he hears his daughters voices outside even though they were in bed. Clark goes out to find out what’s going on and the girls tell him they’re digging for the giant. He tells them there’s no giant on their property, that the story took place long ago and far away, but then tells them to hold on and he’d show them something.

Negotiations are wrapping up between the trio at the strip bar and they are about to part company, when Kenny decides to say the wrong thing at the worst possible time. He says that MacMillan never smiled at any of the strippers and then asks him if he’s “queer.” Bosworth knocks the designer down with a blow to the jaw and Kenny screams to John he’s pressing charges and Bosworth will get arrested for assault, As Joe and John leave the bar Bosworth asks Joe if there’s still any chance with Simon and Joe replies he’s about to find out.

MacMillan drives to the photo exhibition and confronts Church on what exactly his problem is, Simon responds that Cameron reminds him of Joe at her age and we see her and her friend are still at the bar. Joe replies that she’s light years ahead of where he was at her age and tells his former love that she’s the future and that he and her are now a couple, that Simon and his time had ended ten-years earlier. Cameron now sufficiently drunk and her and an attendant get into an altercation and she falls to the floor, Joe comes over gently lifts her up and escorts her out.

Donna arrives home to find the house in shambles and her daughters asleep on the living-room floor. Panic stricken she wakes one of the girls up and she tells her mother that Gordon’s in the backyard digging. She kisses her daughter good night and heads out to find Clark in a hole likely ten-feet deep. When she asks him what he’s doing he tells her he’s looking for the giant.

A cab pulls up in front of a hotel with Cameron and Joe in the backseat and Simon up front with the driver, as the taxi stops Church exits the vehicle. Joe tells Cameron he’ll walk his friend into the lobby and approaches Simon. He tells Joe he’s very ill and that the design belongs to Cardiff, then kisses Joe on the cheek and they embrace. Cameron witnesses this all, starts to cry and tells the driver to leave, but MacMillan chases down the cab and climbs inside Howe tearfully asks Joe if he’ll get bored with her and he responds he doesn’t know, but puts his arm around her and pulls her body next to his.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on “AMC