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Scorpion: Heroes Of A Different Kind

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Megan breaks some difficult news to Sylvester as gently as possible. It’s not what you think. She has to undergo a procedure that involves a needle and her brain. Her seizures are getting worse. Sylvester knows exactly what this means. Megan asks for him to be there when she wakes up. Assuming the father/husband figure, he does not hesitate to be the strong one, even though it clearly has shaken him. Then she adds a special request. Don’t tell anyone, especially not Walter.

The team has a job, and just at the right time. This time, something straight out of a bad movie. Someone has come into possession of a 1970s era nuclear war head and plans to sell it to the highest bidder. Scorpion has to go into Kazakhstan under the cover of a film crew. Yes, you’ve heard of this plot before. This would almost feel like a train wreck in waiting, but that was until Sylvester discovered that their cover is a film crew shooting bonus footage for a Super Fun Guy live action film.

All would seem to be working out great for Sylvester, but that was until he got a call from Megan. The doctors have moved up her procedure. Right into the window when Sylvester is expected to be in Kazakhstan. Sylvester wastes no time telling Walter that he cannot go on the mission. Walter is hesitant and believes this is stress over the flight. Sylvester will not specify the nature of his personal issue.

With Sylvester at home and the rest of the team on location, the mission begins. Trying to portray a fake film crew, shooting footage about a character only one of the team knows anything about. And he’s the one at home. It takes a while, but using a rigged camera and boom mic to measure wi-fi kick back and a sort of x-ray video, they find the nuke and related accouterments. They report back with that intel and Cabe hopes to send the coordinates in so the government can send in their Navy Seal team. But anyone who knows this show, knows it’s not going to end around the 11 minute mark.

A location scout, or someone posing as one is let in to the team’s room for fear of bringing in local authorities with the attention he’s causing. Once inside he grabs Paige and puts a gun on her. He believes they are spies.

Walter offers to let him inspect the equipment due to the fact this ‘scout’ saw nothing recording when he walked in on them earlier. Walter takes this opening and shines the camera’s light in his eyes. Cabe takes him down easily.

Cabe gets a call from Cooper. It’s not good news. They have picked up chatter of this ‘scout’ reporting to his superiors about an American film crew. He was set to report back in ten minutes, which he won’t be able to do. This chatter has grounded the Seals. Furthermore, the buyers set to bid on the nuke have thrown their weight around convincing the Kazakhstan government to lock down the borders. Nothing in or out.

Walter’s next plan in the progression is to utilize acid. Plutonium submerged in the right type of acid for two minutes will neutralize the plutonium’s effectiveness. Thus making the nuke a dud. At a nearby munitions plant (where they will find the acid), Walter spots what look like water towers. Instead, they are filled with sand. Happy climbs in, Walter hacks the alarm, easy entry into a munitions plant.

The execute the hack, Happy falls through. But at the last moment her boot gets caught at the end of the chute. Despite Toby’s contention that they are just friends, anyone could have and should have predicted that Toby would go in after her. After getting no where with a broom stick, Happy gets an idea. She’ll slide out of her pants.

Toby (to himself): Dear diary, it finally happened.

Once freed, Happy finds the storage where they keep the acid. Toby reluctantly grabs two lab coats. Despite his carnal urges, he recommends that Happy (and himself) don the lab coats for an inconspicuous getaway.

Once they arrive back at the set, their entire plan seems to have gone by the wayside. They need to enter building 28 in order to utilize that building’s underground tunnel that leads to building 33, where the nuke is. One problem. The Super Happy Fun Guy nerds are already out of their proverbial woodwork. This makes sneaking in virtually impossible. However, Sylvester has a plan. They need to acquire Super Fun Guy costumes, mimic the cosplayers and no one will even notice them walking where they’re not supposed to be.

(The team emerge one at a time in their Super Fun Guy cosplay)
Toby: I’m starting to think we should just let them have the nuke. (picks a wedgie) With great responsibility comes a great wedgie.
Cabe: This is just wrong.
Happy: Don’t say anything.
Paige: I don’t know how the actors move in these things.
(Walter walks out as Super Fun Guy, rubber chicken and all)
Walter: I want Homeland to double our fee. I feel absurd. And I don’t like feeling absurd.
Sylvester: I can’t believe I’m not there with you guys.
The Scout (still tied up): I can’t believe I got caught by you people.

They make their way over to building 33 with little incident. However, there was an ominous shot of a recording camera as they explain their plan. On the other side, Walter extracts half of the uranium core and submerges it. Happy takes three strips of duct tape, folds them in half and braids them together to prevent the door from opening and exposing their efforts. Toby apparently inhaled the acid which is an active ingredient in laughing gas. The bad guys have heard Toby’s outburst and are coming through, whether Scorpion is ready or not.

With at least four guys with guns vs Cabe and his one mag in his on sidearm, Happy and Toby make for the front seats of the flatbed truck the nuke is attached to. Can’t disarm it, steal it. They get the truck off of the base or set and race away with Walter and Paige still trying to neutralize the other half of the core. Problem is the bad guys never gave up the chase. Happy is driving a nuclear warhead at highway speeds, Walter is trying to neutralize a nuclear core using acid, and the bad guys are still shooting at them.

Cooper and Homeland cannot intervene, starting to feel like Director Molina all over again. Instead, Cooper thinks quick on her feet and suggests that if NATO was made aware of the situation, they would in fact, intervene. Cabe texts Sylvester a picture of Cabe holding a badge while riding on top of a nuclear war head. But Sylvester has to get the pic to NATO, which means driving a car.

Ray of all people jumps in riding Happy’s unrestored Knucklehead (yeah , she’s probably going to be ticked about that). Ray, playing essentially Sylvester’s inner voice over telling him to grab control, be the hero his friends are being, and take this like a super hero. Then Sylvester spends the entire ride screaming with his eyes closed.

They are running out of options and time. Toby searches for Kazakhstan’s mineral deposits (mines) and Walter’s plan is to arm the nuke and detonate it in a mine shaft underground. This plan is not well received by the group.

Paige: Are you sure about this. (Walter gestures) Maybe it’s the suit, but I’m with Walter.

The effectively fire off the nuke into the mine shaft with precision. Problem there is, the bad guys arrive just in time to see their investment fly away underground. With guns drawn, the team knows everything is in Sylvester’s hands now. But the probability of survival lessens with every passing second.

It takes a moment or two but the missile’s underground explosion occurs at just the right time. The blowback knocks the bad guys down. Cabe grabs one of their AK-47’s and points it on them. One guy gets up to lunge toward the group. Toby, with all of his fight training he’s been getting from Cabe, knocks the guy out cold with one shot. Happy notices and is considerably impressed. Paige adds that it might be the suit. Just then, Walter notices the chopper overhead. The camera pulls back to reveal five people in cosplay standing in formation, hair and capes flapping in the wind.

Toby: I can’t imagine how awesome we must look right now.

The shot fades in from black to reveal Sylvester standing over Megan in time for her to wake from her procedure. Sylvester made it. As he said he would. Then Megan notices Ray, someone she’s never met, and Sylvester holding a motorcycle helmet.

Sylvester and Ray return just in time for Happy to ask where her bike is. Walter is floored that Sylvester rode a motorcycle. Sylvester trying to brush it aside just replies with, “I said I’d get the job done”. Walter knows better. He offers to be a friendly ear. Sylvester wants to tell him but can’t. Then Walter offers a consolation. His Super Fun Guy costume.

Paige finds Walter tinkering with his rocket and decides to praise him for his gesture with Sylvester. She then moves in with the super hero analogies, claiming that Scorpion is or at least act like a super hero team. Walter shrugs it off. Even after the ‘he is Clark Kent and Paige is Lois Lane’ analogy. He does manage to compliment Paige in how she fit in her costume. And of course nothing becomes of it.

Walter finds Sylvester and as frantically as Walter can, almost begs Sylvester to tell him how it ends up with Lois Lane and Superman. When Sylvester tells him that sometimes they end up together but it never lasts, insert self-loathing super hero story line wear the hero cannot get the girl, you can see Walter’s eyes screaming.

Scorpion: Logic Is Not Always The Best Course

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Toby has still not warmed to Happy bringing her new fling around, throwing it in his face. But team Scorpion has bigger concerns. Namely, Deputy Director Kathleen Cooper. Director Molina no longer wants any part of interacting with Scorpion after last week’s reaction from Cabe Gallo. If you follow the ‘inside baseball’ aspect of network television, transitioning from Molina to Cooper was really not new information.

Cooper has a mission. A black ops mission that only requires three specific members of the team. She seems somewhat guarded and is not accustomed to the personality and approach of Scorpion. Operating under the sense of need to know, she is tight-lipped. It doesn’t take Toby long to piece together the big details of this mission just by reading Cooper’s reactions to things he says.

Cabe (to Cooper): Welcome to Scorpion.

Someone is intercepting communications from a Naval Nuclear Sub. Happy will need to build and extension of an arm on the sub to tap into, using Walter’s computer as the way into the mainframe, exactly who is listening. On-board we discover that Lt. Green from The Last Ship makes an appearance as an officer aboard this nuclear attack sub. He doesn’t exactly sign off on the team using their coms.

Happy accesses a device with the sub’s arm with ease. They attach the cable to the access port with ease. And Walter hacks the mainframe with ease. Those three things add up to something Walter is not comfortable with. It was too easy. His instincts are right as usual. Before they can get the go ahead to abort, what they thought was a listening device exploded. In short order they brace for impact as the sub makes impact with the ocean floor.

Naturally, the sub sitting on the ocean floor is not the big problem. There is potential flooding in other compartments. Thus the fail safe of a sub is to contain such an issue to only the affected compartments. Bigger problem than that, based on Walter’s math they have a little over an hour of oxygen.

With little options, Walter and Happy use deflated rafts to construct a suit for Cabe to wear that should protect him in sub freezing temperatures as he ascends to the surface to get help. As per his words, he does look like the Michelin man. The suit works and Cabe narrowly makes his way to the surface. Even with Paige lobbying for Cooper to intervene a rescue mission, time is taking its toll. They are running out of time and Cabe is minutes from full on hypothermia. Just then, Cabe hears the glorious tones of a US Coast Guard ship. Shortly thereafter, Cabe gets in contact with Toby and Sylvester. Cabe reads off Happy’s grocery list. Having no idea where to get these obscure and some large items, Happy left special instructions.

Toby and Sylvester race over to Happy’s father’s garage. They give only the important details and he doesn’t even think of stopping them as they start pillaging his garage for supplies.

As oxygen becomes less and less abundant, Walter is struck with a brainstorm that eventually gets shot down. If they flood their compartment with exactly the right amount of water, it will cause the sub to list just right in the other direction. This will move the escape hatch doors from contact with the silt on the ocean floor and making them usable again. Allowing the other 9 sailors to escape and potentially bring help. Walter’s approach has the CO and Happy escaping to the surface while he is left with more time to breathe but not the best chance for survival. Happy refuses to go as does the CO. Walter’s robotic adherence to math and science take over and he agrees that they three of them increases their probability for success.

The three below attempt to execute their plan while Mr. Quinn works on Happy’s rig. The hatch door opens more than they’d like knocking all three down. They are able to get the hatch closed without letting in too much water and the ship slowly rocks back to upright. While Paige tries to talk Cooper off the ledge about her first time in the field, Toby notices approximately nine men in protective suits popping up out of the water. A nice follow-up to confessing his love for Happy to Happy’s father. All that’s left is for Mr. Quinn to construct Happy’s device and somehow get it down to them. One of these days Happy’s going to realize she can depend on Toby.

Happy (sarcastically): So, our lives are in Toby’s hands. Terrific.

Minutes from certain death, Happy takes this opportunity to reflect on the idea that she is not completely a robot. For the first time since last season, she opens up about the gravity of finding her father. This prompts Walter to also open up slightly. Admitting that saving the nine sailors may have just been a decision made at least slightly out of sentiment. Just as despair almost sets in, they begin to hear the angelic tones of a gloating Toby Curtis. The tank is right outside the hatch ready for their departure.

Before they can attempt to depart, the lone sailor notices a specific smell even though he misdiagnosis it at first. He believes its sulfur. Walter insists its chloride. This new piece of information gives them five minutes. They execute a protocol to ensure no nefarious parties can seize the ship once they’ve gone. By blowing it up.

The risk inherent to the next amended plan beats sitting in the sub. They enter the tanks now affixed to the outside of the sub. The sailor plays the ‘my duty to go down with the ship’ garbage but Walter isn’t buying it. The sailor is too wide to fit in the tank, so thinking quickly, Walter pops his shoulder out of socket so he’ll fit.

With a rescue sub ten minutes out an Mr. Quinn watching from the deck of a smaller ship, the explosion from the sub is visible in that water spews upwards like a mushroom cloud. A parent’s worst fears are realized in Mr. Quinn’s eyes. Mr. Quinn, Toby, Paige and even Cabe all believe for a moment that they’ve died. By the time Happy emerges from the tank, there is a monumental sigh of relief.

On the roof, Walter opens up further, this time to Paige about making decisions differently than he used to. Evaluating that variables to his decisions he once thought were detrimental turn out to add to the success of Scorpion. And maybe he should reconsider some other previous decisions. And in typical network television fashion, they cannot just allow the moment to happen. In runs Ralph excited to share his decision of choosing robotics as his major for when he starts college at ten years old.

Scorpion: Sylvester’s Worst Fear Realized

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While on community service detail, one of the group tries to befriend Walter. Walter does not seem too thrilled at the notion of getting friendly with a guy he doesn’t ever plan to see a week from now. Even with his offer of listening to Eddie Money tunes. Meanwhile, Sylvester is having a difficult time saying what he wanted to say to Megan. He makes up an excuse to get out of there to avoid the socially awkward situation he has created for himself.

Molina arrives at the garage right about the time Cabe decides to teach Ralph how to fight to avoid a bully. Harrison prison is a hot bed for Chinese gang activity. Last week a federal judge got assassinated and a CI inside the prison pegged it. Yesterday that same CI delivered 3 sheets of paper showing a very intricate code. Those codes correspond to the name of three more judges to be assassinated soon. Today, that CI is dead. They cannot remove the books checked out by the head kingpin inside without drawing attention to what they are trying to do. They need someone inside to view, memorize and report back. They need Sylvester on the inside.

The greatest ‘unimportant’ scene that is only window dressing or the moment in the history of this young show might just be watching the Scorpion team get Sylvester ready for his undercover prison job while Geto Boyz’ Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster plays in the background. Everyone on the team including the warden of this prison try to get him ready. Sylvester’s matter of fact nature doesn’t take to this too quickly. He is without question hesitant about every aspect of this job. But could not live with himself if he let innocent people die.

When Sylvester enters ‘gen pop’, his reaction is exactly what you’d expect. In the library, Sylvester is not finding anything that helps. Then he realizes that acetate is missing from medical text books on the list. The team deduces that Shimma (the leader) spends 3 hours a day in the infirmary. The conclusion being, that the infirmary is where the manual is and that’s where the kill orders get made and distributed.

Sylvester needs to get into the infirmary. How do you get sent to the infirmary in any prison movie or show you’ve ever seen? Provoke the biggest guy in the yard and get hit. His initial insults don’t do much other than entertain the king of the yard. Who, consequently is the man who played Terry Tate: Office Linebacker during a Reebok campaign of the early 2000s. It wasn’t until Sylvester pulled his gang colors from his waistband and use it as kleenex for his allergies that this king of the yard laid Sylvester out with one shot.

Courtesy of Reebok
Courtesy of Reebok

During the altercation, ‘Terry Tate’ gets a clean shot. That shot cleanly removed Sylvester’s tooth coms, thus creating a very real problem with their plan. Inside the infirmary, Sylvester creates a reason for the doctor to leave. Sylvester takes this time to scour the room looking for the manual. He finds it after some basic and not genius investigation. Sylvester walks out in front of the cameras he knows the team is watching. He mouths that he cannot decipher the code. Then there is some commotion. The warden, the only person on the inside that knows Sylvester’s real identity is seemingly unconscious on a gurney.

With this new emergency situation with the warden, Sylvester’s escorted back to gen-pop in the prison cafeteria. There before he can sit down, everyone at the table gets up at once to present an opportunity for Sylvester to be alone with the King of the Yard. In no uncertain terms, the large gentleman informs Sylvester that with some assistance from a guard, Sylvester’s lights go out by 10:02 tonight.

Getting little to assistance from Director Molina, in part because any assistance would tip-off the prisoners to the notion that Sylvester isn’t a typical prisoner and thus adding more risk to his life, the team decides the only way to save Sylvester is to break him out of prison. Their plan involves slipping Sylvester a drug cocktail designed by Toby to present the appearance of death. Then they will somehow extract him using the biohazard water main. Problem is how do they slip him the drug? Enter Ray Spiewack.

During maybe the worst first strategic meeting in the history of bad ideas, Ray introduces the “Ray Way”. The initial plan involves 6 weeks, they don’t have 6 hours. Plan 2 involves Ray and Paige playing lawyers. Inside, Sylvester is not as excited to see Paige as you might think . That feeling’s made more complicated when she tells him he has to almost die to get rescued from actually dying. While he is resistant to the idea, Toby left a note.

You can’t tell Megan that you love her if you die in prison -Toby

Sylvester has a hunch that the legend or key to the entire manual’s stored somewhere in Shimma’s wheelchair. With the drugs beginning to take effect, Sylvester makes a play on the wheelchair. Problem is that the drugs are taking effect quicker than he can get to the wheelchair. Sylvester passes out before he can get to the wheelchair.

Sylvester wakes up as predicted. Right on cue, Walter and Cabe show up to break Sylvester out. Whether it be the drugs, the desire to see Megan again or something else entirely, Sylvester’s motivated to find that legend. Toby does his part to deactivate the security cameras while Sylvester decipher the code. In the chaos of trying to escape, Terry Tate grabs Sylvester from behind his cell. He tries to choke Sylvester to death but Sly isn’t having it. He bends the man’s finger back then pulls his arm through the cell door, knocking him out in the process.

Sylvester: I have a limit of one death per day.

After pulling this off, Molina pays them a visit to congratulate them on a job well done. A sentiment that Cabe will not extend to Molina. Cabe stands tall asserting that he no longer trusts Director Molina and will never again put a member of his team in harm’s way again. His job or any other consequences pales in comparison to leaving man down. She says nothing, turns and leaves.

Ralph finds himself on television commenting to a reporter about how he got accepted to Harvard, MIT, and Cal tech at the age of 10. Thus, becoming a school celebrity and using his new-found fame to avoid attention from his bully. This clever move impresses Walter because he has tried to warm Ralph to the idea of going to college. Just like Paige has tried to warm Walter to the idea of social interaction with someone outside the garage. Walter rejects the idea of spending any more time with Ray than he has to.

Sylvester finally gains the confidence post prison fiasco to tell Megan how he feels. He uses the analogy of a lifelong faithful bird. Then plays the birds mating call and even acts out the birds mating dance. His risk’s rewarded when Megan replies, “I love you too”.

Walter makes his way onto Ray’s job site where they have been given the day off on account of their truck being tampered with. (Wink, wink) The same truck Scorpion used to bust out Sylvester the night before. Ray invites Walter to join them as they will get down to their underwear, cover themselves in oil and ride down an adult scale slip ‘n slide of sorts. Walter has zero interest in such a proposition, but agrees to be their ‘timer’.

Scorpion: The Cuban Extraction

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Walter reluctantly and obstinately meets with a lawyer to discuss a strategy for Walter’s part in the car accident that almost took his life and cost the city dearly. Walter rejects the plea bargain his lawyer has presented. Walter claims he was not in an ’emotional’ state at the time of the accident. Walter still refuses to accept that he is susceptible to emotional influence.

Happy has ‘benched’ Toby makes Toby restless. Or at least his mind restless. He redirects his attention to Sylvester who is trying to express his feelings to Megan in a card. Toby is all too pleased to commit his attention to providing Sylvester with a ‘therapy day’. One that Sylvester desperately does not want.

In walks a small blonde with a noticeable eastern European or Russian accent. She looks glowingly towards Cabe. We discover that 20 years ago Cabe Gallo rescued this small child from the ravages of genocide. I’m not going to lie, for half a heart beat I wanted to believe that his daughter never actually died. But this was too abrupt and out of character of the show for that to be the case. Speaking of cases, Sonya (the girl turned lady from Cabe’s past) has done her homework. She wants the men responsible for killing her entire village brought to justice, and has a relative plan to do it. General Zorich may very well be the top of the food chain and Sonya knows his present location.

Interpol and The Hague will not levy an international warrant without DNA proof. Sonya has secured a bloody uniform in the hopes of matching said DNA. Next big part of the plan is an electronic ledger. A record of everything. Get a statistical match on Zorich’s DNA, get the ledger, put away 24 agents of genocide.

Sylvester: Are you suggesting that we extract a known war criminal out of a communist country?
Cabe: That’s what I’m suggesting, yes.

Cabe attempts to shore up support for this mission by appealing to Director Molina. She watches a video, nods her head then says no. But while she’s saying no, she quietly moving around the room. Removing a recording device from her lan line phone, closing the blinds, etc. Then she changes her tune. Typical black ops debrief. Do it, but if you’re caught the United States government will disavow any knowledge of your mission. As for how to get in and out, she knows a guy.

The guy she knows is a former drug runner with a plane. An idea that Sylvester is not at all comfortable with, but, it’s about to get much worse for him. It’s clear that this Sonya is almost the anti-Walter, nothing drives her other than emotion. Then Sylvester gets his next bit of bad news. They are about to make the drop.

Sylvester: I’m not going. I can’t do this. You go on without me.
Cabe: Son, have I ever put you in an unsafe situation?
Sylvester: All the time.
Cabe: Then you should be used to it.

The team emerges from the ocean like an awkward scene from a James Bond movie. Walter reaches land first and slowly turns in time to see Paige walking behind him wringing out her hair and looking rather ‘clingy’. Walter goes through about 4 facial expressions before she looks up to say, “what?”

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

He quickly collects himself and tries to brush it off, deflecting towards something he would almost never say. Just then an official truck pulls up. It appears to be Federales, but we learn that these were some other guys Director Molina knows. Double agents there to assist team Scorpion.
Both teams are in position when Zorich appears. One of the Cubans gets out of the other truck. As he walks away, Cabe and Walter watch to see what he’s trying to do. Then in a flash, the entire truck the Cuban team was in explodes, completely engulfed in flames.

The team convenes in a nearby hotel room. Toby, Happy and Sylvester reflect on the predicament of being trapped in a communist dictatorship with 1955 technology. Cabe walks in to announce that Adriana Molina is true to her word, they are officially on their own. All Sonya can focus on is not missing this opportunity to get Zorich. Toby begins to profile Zorich while Sylvester cross references Toby’s criteria with the travel guide he just memorized. The target intercept is Ernesto’s, a two chair barbershop in the upscale town of Miramar.

Ernesto is diligent with a straight razor. While Zorich gets a shave, Happy has no luck extracting a blood sample from the shop’s drainage system. Ernesto doesn’t make mistakes. Getting the blood sample without stepping foot in the barbershop is a notion that gets thrown out pretty quickly. Inside as they sneak in, Walter and Cabe don’t notice Sonya sneak in behind them. With Ernesto out-of-the-way, she grabs the straight razor before either of the men can. Instead of slicing him ear to ear, she does just enough to get the blood sample. Walter tests the sample, identity confirmed. However, Sonya still has the blade at Zorich’s throat. That’s about the moment Zorich does some math.

Zorich (in Spanish): Ernesto, you must be tired my old friend. You’re slow today. And in three years you’ve never cut me before.

Zorich springs from the barber chair attempting to take on anyone and everyone in the room. He gives a valiant effort. He gains the upper hand momentarily. Walter, on his knees, uses his intellect to regain control of the situation. He spins the barber chair and the leg rest comes around knocking Zorich to the floor and knocking his gun loose. Walter picks it up and places Zorich under arrest under the authority of The Hague. Which he is not empowered to do just yet.

Cabe plays good cop trying to get Zorich to give up the location of the ledger. He doesn’t flinch, predictable for a criminal from a war/genocide type of scenario. Sonya lashes out again and Walter has to ask her to get her emotions in check. During Paige’s attempt to reel Sonya, the two find Walter picking flowers. This is to be used as part of a natural relaxing agent concocted by Toby. Later, Toby slides in to pry the info from Zorich. Zorich thinks he’s standing firm, but Toby reads the body language.

The ledger is in a bank. They have a typical plan. Walk Zorich in at gunpoint to open the safety deposit box. One problem. Toby’s flower cocktail mixed with Zorich’s prescriptions combines to make quite the sedative. The team is going to have to sneak in, all bank heist style. Walter and Happy create a device using an electrical saw, a wooden box and a cell phone which allows them to quietly open a hole in the roof directly above the vault. Once inside, Happy discovers that there is a secondary box that will require Zorich’s finger print scan.

Toby: Holy Bratwurst! I have an idea. Hold on ‘Hap’, I’m gonna save ya.

Using cigarette ash, a registration sticker, water, Zorich’s thumb and a street vender sausage they are able to transpose Zorich’s thumb print on a warm sausage. Inside the bank, Sylvester sees that Scorpion has made the Cuban news. The trick worked and Happy has the ledger. They begin to pull her back up through the hole when she is spotted by a bank manager. Makes little difference as the team escapes the town unscathed.

Using a Sylvester special shortcut, Cabe takes the 1980’s conversion van off-road right about the time Zorich wakes up from his flower induces haze. Going unnoticed, Zorich flings himself from the van. With the evac plane in sight, the team has to decide between a safe return home or getting Zorich. After their slight detour retrieving Zorich, they hustle to get to the plane in time. The team takes on police gunfire as the plane flies off to safety and ultimately back to the garage.

Toby: Another day, not another dollar, but somehow…I’m alright with it.
Paige: That’s because you’re a decent human being.
Toby: No…that can’t be it.

Walter asks for a moment with Paige where he tries to display how emotion almost killed the mission and logic saved it. She retorts with a lovely but somewhat sad anecdote about when she and Ralph got evicted once. Knowing she couldn’t lose it in front of Ralph, they walked until she stumbled upon a diner who was hiring. Long(ish) story short, there is a time and a place for emotion.

Toby (not wanting to be alone with himself) and Cabe go out for good old-fashioned American burgers. Toby shares that he’s felt pretty rotten since Happy put him on ice. Then Cabe points to something that should turn that frown upside down. The sight of Walter O’Brien picking up trash off the side of the road in a bright orange vest.

Here’s a little spoiler, well…episode math if nothing else. During Walter’s trash collection community service event, he meets a man who is also tending to this detail. The man’s name is Ray Spiewack who is played by Kevin Weisman. You may know Mr. Weisman from about a million guest star appearances on a million different shows. But I remember him most notably from Clerks 2, as the guy defending the Lord of the Rings to Randall. A slight rule of thumb. If you can visually recognize the guest star, you can take it to the bank that his stint with the show will last longer than the 30 seconds he was on-screen tonight. According to IMDB, Kevin Weisman will stick around for 5 episodes. The scope of his character should be temporarily significant. Anything beyond that would be speculation on my part.

Scorpion: Emotions Rise As A Satellite Falls

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The highly anticipated premiere of Scorpion season 2 did not disappoint out of the gate. 20 seconds in and we already have a car chase and Gene Simmons. As it turns out, Gene Simmons is shooting a movie and Cabe Gallo is the ‘tech adviser’. Gene Simmons takes some exception to being instructed to, just then Cabe’s phone rings.

Cabe: Gallo…
Voice on the phone: Mr. Gallo, I’m calling from Homeland Security. The Director wants you and Team Scorpion to assemble in the garage in 45 minutes.
Cabe: Hold on…We got a case? I got my job back?
Voice on the phone: The answer to both questions is yes.
Cabe (hands a headset to Gene and walks past): Hold this for me Gene. WARDROBE. I need a suit.

Walter struggles with rehab from injuries sustained in last season’s finale. Another patient with a prosthetic hand attempts to play chopsticks on the piano. Then quickly switches to something considerably more difficult. It takes a moment or two, but the physical therapist turns to look at Walter trying and failing to hold in his smirk. “We talked about you re-wiring the prosthetics”. Clearly Walter is not a fan of the beginners song, Chopsticks.

Cabe enters the room and informs Walter that he’s been reinstated and they have a case. Walter goes to tell the therapist who is not as enthused. When asked about his last dizzy spell Walter lies and says he can’t even remember the last one. I do, it was about 45 seconds earlier in this episode.

At the garage, we find Paige daydreaming of the horrors of her previous job as a waitress, Sylvester has a new toy/collector’s item (Mr. Fun Guy statuette), Happy has tweaked the mechanics on a paintball gun and Toby applied his behavioral skills to the animal kingdom all since the last case. Paige also managed to hook up an intercom system. There is a tangible awkwardness in the air between Walter and Paige. Paige looks to have a new-found attraction to Walter, while Walter tries to avoid the awkwardness at any cost.

Paige tries and almost succeeds at conveying her desire to ‘share information’ with Walter that he almost doesn’t see it coming. With one hand in a metal rehab contraption and the other hold a large stack of papers, Walter seems prepared for this interaction. Then Paige mentions that while he was under, she kind of, well, kissed him. Walter is not longer holding the stack of papers. With him in a rare frozen moment, Paige charges in chattering like a squirrel. She tries to throw it all out at once, stumbling over her own words in the process. Walter, once he’s collected himself, follows suit. Stumbling wise at least. Paige leaves an opening for Walter to ‘share’ when the intercom clicks on.

Toby: The intercom works great by the way…

Adriana Molina, the new Director of Homeland Security should look familiar, especially to our readers. She is none other than Alana De La Garza of the recently and prematurely cancelled show, Forever where she played “Jo Martinez”. Director Molina is as she puts it, very much not Director Merrick. Thank the TV Gods. She pulls the stern but effective, he wanted you to fail while I want you to succeed.

There is a satellite that is about to fall out of orbit and plummet to the earth. Normally this would not be noteworthy. But this particular satellite is nuclear powered. Thus, it falling to the earth makes it a very fast falling atomic bomb. The Director needs Scorpion to somehow hack the satellite and adjust its trajectory so that it crashes into the ocean and not into downtown Los Angeles.

Due to Walter’s hand injury and Paige’s ability to type 100+ words per minute, Walter’s hack job will look slightly different. Walter tries to dictate to Paige. The expressions on both of their faces say that this ‘keeping it professional’ will be harder than it seems. Only a few minutes in and Walter already has an issue. He can’t access the satellite. He stands up and insinuates that the Director has not given them all of the pertinent information.

Paige jumps into action removing Walter from the situation. Walter experiences one of his dizzy spells and Paige sees it up close. This is no headache. Walter opens up to her and assess himself honestly. With both parties having too much on the line, they agree to support each other for the betterment of the team.

A new approach has to be taken because they are running out of time and can’t exactly hack the satellite. Toby and Happy depart to try to gain access into the Russian Consulate. Toby tries to pull a charade where he is the doctor and Happy is the Japanese cliché who doesn’t speak English. When the Russian woman at the security desk speaks Japanese to her, the jig is up. That is until Happy begins speaking fluent Japanese back. Toby knocks over some pens, goes to pick them up as a distraction to allow him to plug-in Happy’s latest contraption into a nearby electrical outlet. This device will allow Scorpion to read every key stroke from within the building.

The not so warm Russian Security Guard immediately began typing the moment Toby and Happy left. The password was almost gift wrapped. Quickly, Sylvester calculates the satellite’s trajectory and any variables that could alter it. Director Molina quickly calls it in. Walter gets a bad feeling and predictably (at the 22 minute mark)the missile intercept misses. Instead of blaming Scorpion for any failures, Molina easily accepts that there is something missing. Walter questioned her about getting all of the information and now she is believing that something has been left out too. She gets on the phone and speaks to the President of the United States in the direct and unapologetic way that nobody does. While Toby is concerned about the IRS auditing his unreported gambling winnings, the rest of the room is in awe of their new boss.

The truth of the matter is that the satellite wasn’t just nuclear powered. It had enough plutonium to make it functional as a weapon. So, the U.S. Government sent another non-nuclear satellite to intercept it and knock it off course. Now the satellite is too close to blow up, nuclear winter and all. Walter directs Paige to a new task on his laptop. She inadvertently hits the wrong keys and Walter cannot intercept the task fast enough. Walter has hacked the hospital’s security camera footage from last season so on some level he might get to experience ‘the kiss’ he was unconscious for. This video is now shown on the large (NASA large) monitor for everyone in the room to see.

Paige: You hacked the hospital’s security footage?
Toby: Guess that satellite can’t get here fast enough for ya, huh pal?

Moments after Director Molina decides it’s about time to jump ship and chopper the team out of the blast radius, Walter gets an idea. They are too far away. Molina will stay back with Sylvester while the rest of the team take the chopper to a military base using their computers to get closer to the satellite. The theory was sound, but Walter’s hacking of hospital footage apparently contracted a virus. Don’t worry, Toby makes the comment about the irony of catching a virus from a hospital. The latest intercept plan misses due to technical difficulties. Attempting to reel Walter in, Paige repeats that no one is dying today.

New idea. If they could build an EMP whose own blast radius was precise enough, they could in fact alter the satellite’s trajectory without destroying the satellite. This issue of how to get it up there comes back to a meteorology division on the base. They’ll use a weather balloon. Now all Happy needs are a few microwave ovens.

Molina (looking at Sylvester): Microwave ovens?!
Sylvester: Well how would you build an EMP?

The team and their respective pieces to the puzzle convene on a runway. Happy tries to test her EMP and gets flung 10 feet away. She managed to hit her eye and it is filling with fluid. She no longer can go up in the weather balloon. Paige volunteers as the closest thing to Happy’s weight. Walter resists at first, but she reminds him of their little pact to support each other.

In the balloon as it ascends, Walter apologizes for the hospital hack. In the sense of open communication, Walter admits his feelings for Paige. Professing his undying love for her is still WAY outside Walter’s comfort zone, still. However, it would be way too soon for the show runners to let this happen now. They both agree to let their feelings lie for the betterment of Team Scorpion.

When they find themselves in range of the satellite, Walter heads out to the top of the balloon to set the EMP. He loses his grip on the EMP and falls, getting snagged at the bottom of the balloon’s rig. He climbs out to retrieve it with his close hand being the one in a metal rehab rig. The parachute pack is restricting his range of motion so he decides to lose the parachute with nothing securing him to the balloon. Regardless of the MASSIVE drop from what looks like above the stratosphere, he pushes on. He passes the EMP to Paige and drops the parachute pack. It lands feet away from the rest of the team on the ground. That’s about the moment when Walter suffers another dizzy spell. He’s trapped on the outer edge of the balloon.

Paige gets the device in position, but the thinness of the air at that elevation is making her loopy. Walter from his compromised position is able to get her focused. At the precise moment that Sylvester needs to take advantage of the satellite’s computers going into safe mode, the Department of Defense breaks in to break up the fun. They are there because of an unauthorized missile launch. Director Molina is very much not pleased with their intrusion over such a comparatively small infraction.

Molina (pulls out her badge) Adriana Molina, Director of Homeland Security. Who the hell are you?
DOD Agent: DOD. Norad said there was an unauthorized missile launch from this site.
Molina: It was authorized by me! You keep away from this man or I will see to it that you are tried for treason. Sylvester, start typing.

This still leaves the relatively important detail of getting Paige and Walter down from the weather balloon. Also why two parachutes were sent up. Against his wishes, Paige scales down the side of the balloon carriage attempting to strap both of them to the same parachute. As if that were the only last issue. Sylvester was able to successfully changes the satellite’s trajectory. The problem with that is the satellite’s new trajectory places Walter and Paige directly in the line of fire, so to speak.

Paige is able to take the carabiner and rabbit’s foot she jacked from a locker on base and attached it to Walter’s metal hand rig and they both release at the last possible second. Walter pulls the ripcord shortly thereafter. Allowing for the romantic but not practical slow descent to earth.
Molina coordinates damage control and Toby makes his way back to Happy. She pushes back in her typical violent way. Toby doesn’t retreat. Happy admits that she’s scared. To which Toby replies, “there is a better chance of a nuclear apocalypse than there is of me hurting you.” I couldn’t help but to think, well today there was a pretty good chance of a nuclear apocalypse…

Toby offers to take the team out afterwards to some place I’ve never heard, but based on their reaction I assume it’s a decent spot. Naturally, Walter and Paige decline. Walter starts in with theories and how they are only theories until they can be tested. Changing the subject but not really, redirects back to the two of them not engaging in anything unprofessional. Paige stands up and suggests that they never really ‘tested’ their own theory about their attraction.

They both lean in equally and a very awkward but passionate kiss ensues. The kind of kiss where the anticipation and buildup far outweighs either person’s desire to keep the actions measured. A moment before the kiss becomes a second kiss, Walter jumps backwards. They both play it off as if their ‘test’ of their ‘hypothesis’ was just proven wrong. They both fumble over their own words. Paige leaves out the front door and Walter sits at Paige’s desk. Both of them dramatically affected by what just took place.

Scorpion: Walter’s Life Hangs In The Balance


Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Toby begins the episode assuming Walter’s role filling the “leadership void”. Happy is already anticipating the disillusion of Scorpion. Sylvester is holding out hope that Scorpion will persevere without Cabe or Paige. Not a very likely outcome.

Cabe in Cabe fashion told Merrick to shove his new assignment. Merrick of course enjoying the destruction of Scorpion a little too much. Toby can’t get a hold of anyone when Sylvester scurries over. Walter missed his weekly visit with Megan. Something he has never done. Even Ralph attempts to get a hold of Walter to no avail.

Happy calls Paige and that conversation does not go well. Paige thought maybe Happy was Walter. Then Happy deliberately blames everything that lead to this predicament on Paige. Neither one of them is completely right, but my personal opinion, Happy is more right than Paige in this specific instance. Paige is letting one detail overpower everything.

Toby and Sylvester make their way to Elliot’s Headquarters (the rich tycoon who offered Walter a job and loaned him his Ferrari) in the hopes of getting the vin number to his Ferrari or catching Walter in the act of transitioning to work for this high brow think tank.

Toby: You know what this place doesn’t have? Us. ‘Tobes’ and the ‘Sly-Dog’, and that’s what’s going to keep Walter with Scorpion. Where he belongs.
Sylvester: That guy’s going down the hall on a hover-board.
Toby: Hey! Don’t look, don’t be seduced. Happy should be in position now.

Happy lands on Elliot’s conference table in the middle of a meeting. She gives him the cold shoulder and insinuates that Elliot attempted to poach their boss. With the VIN number they are able to trace the coordinates to find his location. They get out of the truck and see no Ferrari. They call his phone again, this time they at least can hear a faint ring. They race to the edge of the road where the hillside drops off. They’ve found Walter, who is as of now not awake, but is still in the Ferrari on the side of a steep cliff.

Toby duct tapes a cell phone to Sylvester’s old wooden bird/drone thing that he was unaware Happy was fixing for his birthday. The camera/drone gives them some critical information they didn’t already have. Most notably, Walter has been slightly impaled by a portion of a metal guard rail, thus pinning him to the seat.

Toby: The wound is dangerously close to his spleen.
Happy: I thought we didn’t need the spleen?
Toby: We don’t. But it’s basically a giant sack of blood. Never good to lose a giant sack of blood.

Toby called for fire and rescue and instead gets two squad cars. They are used to the immediate cooperation that comes with having the full weight and support of Homeland security. Both Happy and Toby give this officer ‘the business’, he in turn arrests them.

Sylvester gets to Cabe who arrives shortly thereafter. No longer working for Homeland Security, Cabe flashing his scuba diving license, barks some orders, and gets the local police moving in a better direction. This has to come back to bite him, but we’ll hold on to that for a moment.

In a matter of minutes, Walter goes from being completely indignant with Cabe’s presence on scene to desperately needing to speak to Paige and Ralph before his time runs out. In this moment of clarity embracing a demise that is not ideal, Walter tells a story to Cabe that did not know and would bring any parent (especially one who has experienced loss) to tears.

Walter: Cabe you told me that when your daughter passed away, you’d visit her grave every Sunday?
Cabe: Yes…without fail.
Walter: The grass on her plot…was always green and healthy? And the others were brown. I hacked the sprinkler system. I, uh, watered it twice a day. The others were once…a…week.
Cabe: I always thought that was the groundskeeper, taking pity on me because I was there alone.
Walter: No it was me.
Cabe: Fifteen years ago you were so mad at me about Baghdad. Why would you do that for me?
Walter: That’s not the point. The point is I don’t want there to be any more secrets between us.

At the peak of the emotional moment Toby notices the engine has begun to smoke. There are flames and an imminent danger to any suitable end to this predicament. Meanwhile, Paige is trying to convince Ralph that leaving for the weekend is a good thing. Ralph knows something is wrong and Paige is content to stay angry at that situation. They depart the apartment and take the stairs. Half a second later the cops sent to retrieve Paige and Ralph arrive by way of the elevator.

Smoke is billowing into the passenger area of the car. They are going spray from the fire hose a ‘dart’ which seems to be a fist full of syringes in the hopes of draining the car’s oil and preventing a complete blow out. Naturally, it works beautifully. But now the car is shifting. Walter leans the seat back to counter balance the weight distribution which jolts him. He is no long impaled, but now the clotted blood that was helping the injury situation has now been ripped out. He may have as few as 4 minutes. However there is about 37 minutes left in the episode.

As Walter begins to slip away, Toby pleading to not close his eyes, Walter sees dangling wires. Walter essentially hot wires himself waking himself up quickly. Now that Toby can see the wound, Walter will have to cauterized it himself. Here comes another MacGuyver moment. Using a silver pen and a cigarette lighter. Walter does this effectively, but the pain is significant. The car shifts slightly but nothing catastrophic. During this Walter tells Toby a story about a time Toby forced Walter to go to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker and they ended up getting chased for nine blocks by men with crowbars. “That was one of the best nights of my life” said Walter.

At the airport, Paige continues to move forward with her plan to fly to Maine. Ralph makes a b-line for a television running a news report about a rescue mission on Mulholland Dr. As Paige walks up, you can hear the broadcast report audio say, “a cliff side rescue attempt to rescue Walter O’Brien, head of the genius problem solving team known as Scorpion”.

Walter continues to eulogize stories of him with this friends. This time Happy is not having it. She cuts off his story and finishes it just to say she does not accept letting him die. Then a crow lands on the hood of the car. A bird about 1-2 lbs could be the determining factor. If the bird flies away, the car will most likely fall the rest of the way down the cliff.

Racing in their car to get to Walter, Paige looks for a news story on the radio that might get them up to speed. She finds one where the voice of the report claims there is no scenario he can think of that ends with Walter O’Brien alive. Paige tells Ralph not to listen to the man. A teary eyed Ralph turns to his mother to reply.

Paige: Ralph, don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know what Scorpion is capable of. Ralph?
Ralph: But he’s my friend.

Happy has an idea. She has stolen a crane attached to a truck from a nearby construction site. The plan is to lower Cabe down by way of a cable line to the car. Then hopefully if all goes well, pull them both up. Paige arrives, her and Ralph sprint to where the team is at about the same time Walter refuses to do anything further until he gets to speak to Paige.

The crow begins to shift and prepares to fly away. Cabe is being lowered to hopefully attach himself to Walter so that in the event the car plummets, Walter would be attached to Cabe and not the car. That is the moment, Paige arrives and yells out for Walter. There is a momentary sense of relief on Walter’s face. He says, “I just want to say”, then the bird flies away and everyone yells out. Commercial break.

Cabe is low enough to reach out for Walter as the car continues to shift. Cabe slowly pulls (with one arm) Walter out of the car as the car plummets to the ground, each turn and flip pan caking it more and more.

Elliot arrives at the hospital to a distinct cold shoulder from the group. Happy stands up to inform him that his car is destroyed. Toby sits comfortably and says, “it’s family only” (a shot at Elliot’s receptionists’ policy on interrupting meetings). Even Sylvester sends a jab of his own suggesting this is yet another opportunity for Elliot to try to steal Walter away. Refusing to leave well enough alone, Elliot suggests that while he has no interest in breaking up this ‘family’ he’d like them all to consider working for his think tank.

Elliot: I’d be crazy not to want a group like you to work for my think tank. Food for thought?
Toby: Nope.
Sylvester: Uh-uh.
Happy: No way.
Paige: Scorpion appreciates your offer but, um, we’re not corporate material. We’re a team. We work out of a garage. Not a tank. And we work alone.
Elliot: Fair enough.
Toby: Um, what’s this ‘we stuff’ pilgrim?
Happy: What about Maine?
Paige: I don’t know Ralphie, what about Maine?
Ralph: It’s cold and wet.

The group are invited to an after visiting hours quick visitation. Walter is very happy (comparatively for Walter, could be the drugs). They share a nice moment then the nurse informs them that its morphine time. They all disperse. Paige decides she’s going to stay back in case Walter needs anything. Paige asks Happy to watch over Ralph for a few hours. Happy then asks Toby if he’d like to “babysit with her”? The first sign of any kind that the Quin-Tis ship can be reconciled.

Paige walks back into the room, but Walter is effectively out cold. She slowly builds into what’s coming. It would be a shame if our last memory together would be of us fighting. Because…(you’re waiting for the phrase ‘I love you’) I care about you. Then she kisses him. On the lips. At least once.

The Kiss
Courtesy of CBS


Scorpion: Our Worst Fears Are Realized. Literally.

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Happy is still treating Toby like his date night mistake was equal to the A-bomb over Hiroshima. The wealthy tech tycoon whose daughter was saved by Scorpion arrives with a gift. A rare engine part Walter needs for his rocket project. That, and a Ferrari Testarosa. A ‘loner’ gift that Happy believes comes with strings.

Ralph comes to the shop at Walter’s peak of giddiness. It was picture day at school so Ralph picked his outfit. Paige doesn’t see it yet. Then Toby asks Ralph to take off his jacket so that he won’t get grease on it. Then Happy suggests he roll up his sleeves. The camera pulls back to reveal that Ralph intentionally dressed himself so that he would look like Walter. It’s like Walter has a little ‘mini-me’.

Toby (to Paige): Congratulations. You’re raising Walter.
Paige: Oh God.

The mission centers around a lab the does research on very dangerous chemical agents. The lab is computerized to the hilt. If the trapped scientist keeps his helmet on, he’ll run out of oxygen. If he removes it, the Sarin gas they’ve released into the room will kill him. This is a negotiation. The party behind the hack, wants all pertinent information released about the 1997 Baghdad bombings. The same bombings that Walter inadvertently aided in and Cabe wants to keep buried.

The hacker gave them ninety minutes to comply or “something bad will happen”. While they try to regroup, the time ran out. Our guy with little oxygen, loses all of it. His fiance, another scientist on the other side of the glass had the privilege of watching her future husband pull off his helmet and die of Sarin Gas poisoning in a matter of seconds.

The new solution is to release all of the documents, without the President’s involvement, pertaining to the Baghdad bombings. This will inevitably create a big problem for Walter as he doesn’t have all of the information from the Baghdad bombings. The big missing piece is that Cabe was informed that the software Walter designed was to be used for dropping bombs not food and supplies, three days before it happened. Just knowing that and not disclosing it to Walter until now is visibly a huge problem for Walter, as we would have assumed it would be.

Cabe: Walter, say something…
Walter: If you’re finished, I have a job to do.

Sarah (the fiance scientist) finds the source of the problem. The hard lines have been cut. This was an inside job. This discovery causes Sarah to ‘lose it’. Cabe jumps on the phone and starts throwing around the word trust. Not a great idea considering what Walter is now dealing with. Walter explodes like he hasn’t before this point. What he ultimately says to Merrick, shakes the entire team.

Walter (talking to Dir. Merrick): I want Cabe Gallo off of Scorpion or I quit.

They have pinpointed the inside man. He has access to the Sarin, video surveillance and lost his fiance 16 years ago when a certain piece of software designed by a kid was used to bomb his town. Cabe has left the room, but Walter won’t let it go and it is beginning to affect his decision-making and the clarity of this thinking.

The next step is to send a pair down to access the natural gas within the building, shut it down, so they can get in through the incinerator. Paige runs out to appeal to Walter. They need Cabe for this. Walter resists, but Paige’s logic wins out. This ought to get interesting. Sylvester is able to cut off the gas. Covered in fire suits and holding magnets in their hands, Walter and Cabe try to descend the incinerator. Then remotely the gas is turned back on. All the while Cabe and Walter keep arguing. As they try to climb out, Cabe’s magnets start to lose their strength and Cabe begins slipping downward.

Feeling he is ‘part of the team’ only because Walter told him so, Ralph has snuck out of school and made his way on site.

Once inside Walter changes the role. Walter will address the bad guy face to face and Cabe will have to get the hostages out. Cabe disagrees with the plan but complies. In addition, Walter was able to get the control of the building’s computers back to Sylvester. While Cabe tends to the hostages, Walter approaches the room with the trigger man.

Walter claims to be from SWAT, which forces the hand of our bad guy. He runs to manually release the Sarin Gas. Walter yells out that he is who this man wants. Walter killed his fiance. Then Walter explains how he designed the tracking software for the bombs.

With Ralph stuck in a police cruiser, he decides to use the police issue computer and hack his the Chief of Police’s texts, sending the policemen standing nearby to vacate, quickly. Then Ralph, feeling like a part of the team, breaks into the building. Moments later, Sylvester first but more importantly Paige, see Ralph running in the building.

With Walter at gunpoint, Cabe with the hostages, and now Ralph trying to plug the incinerator hole to prevent the Sarin from billowing out into the Los Angeles air, Merrick attempt to evacuate all personnel. Sylvester refuses to budge. In the incinerator vent, Ralph is able to take the Happy Fun Guy action figure that Sylvester gave him and seal the hole. Problem is, Paige is not interested in plugging the hole. Only to get Ralph out.

As Walter is being led towards the exit, he keeps repeating “no more bloodshed because of Baghdad”. As they reach the door, Walter says “I’m not talking about my life, I’m talking about yours”, then shoves the guy, cuts the wires nearby and leaps out of the sliding glass doors just before they close again. The mastermind behind this plot of revenge just keeps shooting towards Walter at bulletproof gas. Then Walter watches as the Sarin Gas deprives the man of his life.

By pulling the wires upon his escape, Walter reset the system. That includes the gas for the incinerator. Watching Ralph slip slowly, Paige demands Toby and Happy lower down. Once lifted to safety, Paige does what all Mothers do and yells at her child with the tone of fear. Ralph simply replies with, “I’m part of the team”.

Merrick and Walter speak about his ‘personnel change’ but the details of that conversation are not given to the viewers. Cabe follows soon after. Thinking maybe that the success of the job might have cooled Walter’s head, Cabe tries to lighten the mood. Walter isn’t fazed. Cabe then offers his resignation from Scorpion, effective immediately.

Paige returns to HQ and asks for a word with Walter. Walter thinks this is about Cabe’s removal. Walter reminds Paige that she is the one that keeps this team together, not Cabe. To which she replies, “I don’t think I can be a part of this team anymore”. What follows is an emotional exchange that at least I didn’t think I’d see from either one of them prior to this episode. Paige is going to recommend that Drew take a pitching job in Maine, Paige and Ralph will move to Maine with him. Walter let’s her leave.

Walter: I don’t need her and I don’t need Cabe.

Walter grabs the keys to the Ferrari and takes off. Racing faster and faster around curves in the Los Angeles night sky. Eventually driving the Ferrari off the road and down what must have been a ravine at minimum. Credits.

Scorpion: The Team Individually Considers Risk


Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Toby slept through the dinner date he’s worked so hard for. To apologize, he brings happy a bouquet of wrenches and chocolates with nuts, as in bolt nuts. Totally not kidding. Happy is not going for it though. Suffice it to say, Happy is not happy.

Tonight’s job deals with an attempted homicide of a mob accountant trying to testify against her former employer. An organized crime group commonly referred to as “the DL”. The issue comes from the transport of this witness. Sylvester and Walter suggest a new strategy that flies in the face of the U.S. Marshall’s standard operating procedures.

En route, Walter questions why there is an empty school bus in a bad neighborhood. It’s an ambush. They successfully take care of most of the decoy vehicles. Then out of nowhere the bad guys t-bone the one specific vehicle with the target they’re looking for. My first instinct is to say the driver is in on it as he is unfamiliar to me. After shooting bulletproof glass, a hammer is the next tool to remove the accountant.

Walter uses shotgun shells in a plastic bag, stuffed in the air duct of the dashboard. Then by flooring the gas, it warms the engine enough to create an explosion. Knocking out the driver, US Marshall and the mob enforcers outside the vehicle.

A new vehicle, specifically a non-government issue vehicle is required. Toby takes to negotiating with ‘Earl’, who looks exactly how you might expect running a used car lot. Toby then does his thing breaking down Earl’s situation and at the same time paralleling Earl’s remorse for a one time love and turning that towards Happy. Toby eventually convinces Earl to swap his $2000 1970’s conversion van falling apart at the seams for a brand new government issue Suburban.

With a lull in the action, Paige tries to convince Happy to give Toby another chance and it’s not going well. Elsewhere the enforcers pull up on a used car lot with brand spanking new black Suburban. They squeeze Earl for information.

The van overheats and barely makes it to a gas station. On the way in, the accountant (who has been a pill the entire time) swipes a box of chocolate covered pretzels. Paige follows her into the ladies room where she lays out that this Maya (the accountant) is pregnant. 11 weeks. While the two ladies are safely in the restroom, Hector and his goon enter the store. Happy recognizes them and yells out to Cabe. A gunfight ensues.

Happy pushes Maya and Paige into a dark corner. Then utilizes a CO2 canister, a paper towel roll, and a package of urinal cakes to MacGuyver a cannon sending the urinal cake straight into Hector’s partners Adam’s Apple. At the same time Walter and Toby rig a temporary fix for the coolant issue using malt liquor and a random hose. Then drive the van into the convenient store, knocking Hector out.

As it turns out, finding the bathroom supplies was one of multiple examples that leads Sylvester and Walter to deduce that Maya is actually a genius, like them. Thus, the poor attitude or at least social shortness she’s exhibited the entire episode.

Maya guides them to a location of a DL hacker who spends all of this money on exotic cars. Lamborghini’s are nice but not big enough to carry seven passengers. Then Happy notices an Aerosmith type tour bus. Breaking in is not an option. They need muscle, but instead Walter suggests that Lambert (the owner of the cars) doesn’t know that and they proceed accordingly.

Guard: Mr. Lambert, these men claim to have some business with you.
Lambert: Who the hell are you?
Walter (in a cool, calm light L.A. Hispanic meets his natural British accent): The organizations that hire me call me Mr. Green. This is my associate (Walter gestures to Cabe and intentionally doesn’t give him a name).
Unnamed Cabe: Afternoon…
Walter: I’ve come on behalf of Hector Menjivar. I believe you know him. Someone you owe in a substantial way, I suggest you invite us in.
Lambert: Yeah, sure thing. I don’t want any trouble.

Using their coms, Walter says exactly what Maya tells him painting the picture that Lambert owes Hector a quarter of a million dollars. The two geniuses bounce back and forth effortlessly. In the end, Walter gives the ultimatum of collateral or Lambert’s left hand. He gives up the tour bus quickly. As they try to leave, Lambert calls Hector. At which point, Cabe backs the bus into a rock. Eventually they get out just as Lambert’s security give chase.

Maya continues to play the “this will never end” card. Walter and Sylvester come up with an idea. The feds need Maya to testify because of what’s in her head. Instead, they will fabricate a ledger whose contents will reflect everything in Maya’s head, thus removing her from testifying.
With Happy at the wheel Toby decides to take this opportunity to try to patch things up with her. Meanwhile Lambert, with Hector in the room, hacks the bus’ on-board computer and takes control. The bus is not accelerating on its own. In this Speed scenario they are approaching 90 mph and a long straight away followed by an abrupt turn that they will not successfully make at that speed.

Naturally, Walter’s mind goes to regaining control of the on board computer. Happy can’t access it from inside fast enough. So now we employ the skateboard and a rope trick at 90 mph. Happy and Walter separately use the skateboard to get under the bus. By accessing the computer manually they can remove Lambert’s ability to control the bus.

Safely stopped on the side of a rural highway in the California mountains, Cabe puts in a call to the local Sheriff’s department. Hector and his goon race towards them. The bus swerves at a high-speed but they don’t lose the pursuers. The bus leans left, allowing Hector’s truck to pull right. Revealing a police barricade. The two thugs are arrested immediately and Scorpion + Maya walk away unscathed.

With the ‘ledger’ built and a promise to keep her safe, Cabe and Scorpion are letting Maya walk. Technically she’s getting in a Sheriff’s police cruiser and being driven to Vancouver where she will assume a new Canadian identity. Then she will receive and turn over a package, the ledger. As well that ends well. I get the impression this is not the last we’ll see of Ms. Maya.

Back at HQ, risks are being considered. Happy says goodnight to all at once and Toby is alright with that for now considering the risk he took in trying to make things right. Sylvester found another container of his expired yogurt. Toby takes it and eats half of it recklessly then slams the container down to illustrate that Sylvester needs to take risks.

Toby (pointing his finger in Walter’s face): If you don’t take a risk my man, Drew is going to take Paige.
Walter: Paige is not yogurt.
Toby: No she’s a risk, one you need to take. So you need to get in your car, drive to her house, knock on her door and tell her how you feel.

Surprise, surprise. Walter hesitates for a second and then runs off, car keys in hand. Just at the moment when all of your feels and motivation to see this romance begin, the show runners from Scorpion drop the Acme anvil on your head. Walter walks up to see Paige feeding Ralph. Then you get the distinct displeasure of seeing Drew walk into the frame.


Scorpion: Fire Sparks New Versions Of The Same Men

Courtesy of CBS.com
Courtesy of CBS.com

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A church group and their adult guides, seem to be lost. Deeply lost in the a forest. Not to put that aside, but Happy and Toby stand on a rooftop arguing about the validity of Toby’s sailor talk when a bet is proposed. Happy wins, he does her laundry for a month. Toby wins, they go on a dinner date. Happy intends on flying a paper plane safely across the street and into a window. Just as it appears headed to safety, a big rig runs right through its path.

Toby: I’m thinking…Greek? Or maybe TexMex.
Happy: The bet is null and void on account of that truck.
Toby: You said you’d get it in the window and it ain’t in the window. I’m the gambling expert. We be datin’.

Back at HQ, Toby asks for a minute of Walter’s time (once Paige has left the building). In another room, Toby lifts a sheet off of a dry erase board. On said board is sloppily written but scientific and mathematical approach at proving, not theorizing, that Walter indeed has feelings for Paige. Walter is skeptical, but Toby appeals to his scientific mind. Walter resists all of it, except the admission that Toby doesn’t like Drew.

Cabe calls with the debrief of the mission at hand. Very straight forward, except before Cabe can suggest the idea, Walter is already reaching for the Baghdad tracking software. For those just joining us, that particular tracking software is what created the rift of distrust between Walter and Cabe years ago.

Scorpion does what they do and begin to deduce the details of the situation with nothing more than their own knowledge and a tweeted picture from before the group got lost. The Baghdad software camera unit is mounted on the helicopter. Sylvester, apparently, is petrified of helicopters, but like B.A. Barracus, they always find a way to get him on.

Mike Birbiglia, a standup comic once said, “the worst thing you can do to a hypochondriac is to tell them they have something.” If this chopper goes down Sylvester will spend the rest of this season saying NOPE.

With the helicopter 40 feet off the ground in a tree, Sylvester is doing surprisingly well. A plan and some math later they devise a plan to exit in a particular order as to not allow the chopper to fall and for everyone to find safe footing. All while the pilot has a big piece of metal through his thigh. Side note, adding another factoid that supports Toby’s theory on Walter’s affection for Paige. Walter insists Paige goes before him thus negating the mathematically derived order. The helicopter almost pancakes Walter on the ground.

Sylvester is strategically left behind with the pilot who can’t walk anyway. Sylvester will attempt to fix the damaged radio. Just before they cut away, we see (while Sylvester does not) that the helicopter is leaking fuel. Anyone who’s ever seen an action flick knows what’s up next.

The rest of the team advances. Toby takes a friendly shot at Walter’s chivalrous move earlier, then Happy informs them that the scientific approach just hit a snag. Then Paige silences everyone and tells them which direction to head in.

Happy: How do you know?
Paige: It’s very scientific. I heard them.

They find the hikers shortly thereafter. Back at the crash site, Sylvester works to fix the radio. And it works for a moment but then fades. While Sylvester attempts to apologize to the pilot, fire is revealed. Behind Sylvester but dangerously close to the helicopter. Our primary group also finds fire. A series of brush fires spread out around them.

Happy and the group plan to rope swing it across a ravine en route to the basin that has become the next rendezvous point. Meanwhile Sylvester has rigged a ‘litter’ to drag the pilot. Problem is, the fire is moving faster than they are. Plan B is to use the titanium helicopter door to shield them from the fire as it passes. The pilot on multiple occasions has employed the drill sergeant approach of motivation, which absolutely will not work with Sylvester. Eventually Sylvester gives up the information that his father was very military. They press on until the pilot decides there’s nothing left to do. He wants Sylvester to leave him.

The group is trapped within the walls of the fire when Cabe’s helicopter arrives overhead. The chopper leaves the area. Then Walter, knowing one guy was planning to propose, grabs his engagement ring. Then takes the large boron rock out of the backpack of the rock hound kid. When combined and thrown into fire, it creates dark green smoke. For our military/war movie fans, think “Pop green smoke”.

Believing that Cabe has left for good, they begin to embrace the inevitability that this might be where it ends. But we know better. The newly engaged couple pull in closer. Then in a moment of self-realization and bracing for the finality of it. Walter needs Paige to know how he ‘feels’ before the end. He slowly extends his hand and clutches hers. Just before the cavalry arrives, Toby decides to make his own emotional statement.

Toby: Happy, I’m not going to apologize for what I did earlier, because I wanted to protect you and I thought you’d know why but in case you don’t know, I want my last words to have some meaning, so, Happy Quinn…I am in love wi—(gets sprayed in the face with fire extinguisher foam)

All seems well until Walter realizes Cabe does not have Sylvester. Both Walter and Cabe refuse to leave him behind. They are frantic for his safety and Walter even suggests that he thinks like they do. Then the camera focuses on a wall of smoke. Moments later, Sylvester emerges from the smoke. HOLDING THE PILOT OVER HIS SHOULDERS (‘fireman’s carry’ for those playing at home).

Before the Paramedics can fly the pilot out of there, Sylvester runs over. And the predictable yet beautiful exchange we’ve been subconsciously waiting for happens.

Sylvester (to the paramedics): Please, be careful with him!
Pilot: Sylvester…
Sylvester: You’re going to be OK.
Pilot: You’re one tough son of a bitch.
(Sylvester looks on glowingly)
Pilot: I’d be proud as hell to call you my kid.

In the aftermath of tonight’s events, two of the three parties of romantic interest have dealt with it. The newly engaged (by way of Paige’s ‘costume jewelry’) and Happy and Toby wagered another bet. This time no matter who wins, they both end up at dinner. Walter, in typical Walter fashion continues to reject the idea. He sits alone with Toby’s dry erase board and erases all of it. Except the image of a male and female stick figure outlined with a red heart shape.

Scorpion: A Ferret And A Selfless Act May Prevent World War 3

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

An air traffic controller spots a collision waiting to happen and just before it does, one of the planes disappears. It didn’t really disappear. Sylvester, just changed its colors so it blended in with the background on the computer screen. All because that plane held specific world leaders traveling to the United States in the hopes of reaching a peace settlement. Sylvester is not comfortable with the deception, regardless of the upside.

There is still a decent amount of tension between Happy and Toby despite what happened in the last episode. Toby is progressing forward and Happy is still reluctant to bring down her defenses.

The team travel to a site of an old western movie that will be used for the negotiations between Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania. Merrick introduces a woman named Renee to Cabe. Paige observes from a distance. Her interest is peculiar, especially considering the interest and college course she’s taking on European History.

Walter’s program that places seamless images against a green screen to make it appear as if these world leaders are still in their home countries, is being utilized but not taken seriously. After Walter attempts in his way to focus their attention to detail, Renee interjects and reveals that she is, shall I say, not nice. Paige jumps in again, this time using her knowledge of Eastern European customs. Renee is incensed. She demands that Cabe removed her from the grounds.

Renee: I want her off the grounds. Now.
Cabe: Like hell. She just did your job for you. It’s just pouring drinks, but she’s got them working together. She stays.

The moment the drink hits the lips of the Lithuanian President, its apparent he’s been poisoned. Pointing fingers and guns soon ensue. Walter jumps in to show how many people would die if no one lowers their guns. Then Merrick steps in and turns this into Clue: The Movie. The compound is on lock down and everyone’s a suspect. Paige and Toby are sent to hopefully diffuse some of the tension and perhaps pick up on some guilt markers.

The next most pressing issue is any outbound correspondence. Walter and Sylvester will create a ‘cyber noose’. Then Sylvester will respond to any emails, texts, etc. Which of course he is uncomfortable with.

Toby is getting nothing. Hard to read deceptive body language from politicians. An actual fist fight breaks out and Paige gets an idea. There is a singer who is popular in all three countries based on the lineage that spans all three countries. “Hard to keep fighting while listening the lullaby your mother sang to you”. This has a two-fold benefit. Stops the fighting and should calm them enough for Toby to get a read on the group. Instead, Paige thinks she knows what the poison was. The UN doctor is about to give the President an injection to buy them some time. Toby comes from nowhere fast, and tackles the doctor.

After Toby proclaims that the adrenalin shot would have instantly killed the President, Paige explains. Earlier one of the leaders before the fist fight made a reference to a snake. One referenced the ‘dust storm’. Both references relate back to a very old incident the sparked a 4 year war and a temperament that is still seen today. Merrick, naturally, takes shots at Scorpion and is prepared to dive in head first into a move that could kill the President immediately. Next step is to find the appropriate snake, then make an antidote from it. But that would include leaving the grounds.
This is where Walter’s software comes in. Toby kneels down posing as if he’s taking pictures. That image is applied to the green screen and hacked into the surveillance feed. It works beautifully, but Merrick catches them cleaning up. While they are alone, Merrick almost verbally attacks Cabe in his condescending sort of way. However, he does reveal to us the viewers, that there is some piece of information pertaining the to the software Walter made that first caused their rift to begin with. Then Cabe, in no uncertain terms, let it be known that if Merrick disclosed any information to Walter directly, they would have problems and rank would play no part in it.

Walter gets a plan to ‘jack’ a taco food truck to speed up their search for the right snake.

Back on the compound, Sylvester is intercepting texts and Toby is trying to interpret them. Then the President’s top aide (Miko, a large bearded man) sends a text that simply reads, “Everything is in place, moving forward.” They’re smarter than I am, but with all of Miko’s outbursts, being the culprit doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. After a short bit of research, Sylvester pins the identity of the text recipient. An arms dealer. If the President signs the peace treaty, no war. No war, no weapons sales. Thus, motive.

Toby tells Sylvester to reply to the text, apparently they had a code word. Miko ‘asserts’ himself. A 2 on 1 fight breaks out. Toby and Sylvester lose. Miko makes a break for it.

At a reptile house down a few miles away, Paige runs interference with a lovely southern accent to distract the tour guide while Walter and Happy get by. The tour guide asks a child to press the red button on the wall that applies a rain like mist to the venomous snakes exhibit. Problem is that Walter is directly under the mist. He falls into the venomous snake pit. Walter ultimately decides to let one of them bite him to see if he can mimic the President’s symptoms. Process of elimination. They grab the correct snake and a ferret while Walter slowly loses control of his motor skills.
Cabe pursues Miko and engages in a gunfight in the movie sets referenced at the beginning of this recap. A movie set that Cabe is ‘fanboy’ familiar with. While being shot at, Cabe takes out a ‘saloon’ sign, knocking out Miko in the process. He gets up on Miko and grabs his gun. With both guns fixed on Miko, Cabe channels his inner fanboy.

Cabe (in a John Wayne like voice): Next time, let your horse do the thinking. He’s smarter.

They successfully get Walter next to the President, but Paige dropped the ferret dismounting the taco truck. She tries to go out to help Happy secure the ferret when Walter starts babbling. “I’m sorry. I had a reservation. I’m sorry I never took you to dinner.” Before Paige has a chance to react, Happy arrives with the ferret. A problem remains. They don’t have the proper equipment to separate the healthy antibodies from the ferret’s blood. Without a centrifuge, they opt instead to use a salad spinner from the taco truck.

When Walter wakes, the images he sees (from his own software) was used to show these leaders what would happen if they didn’t come to a resolution. While Walter was out, the team was able to use his software exactly the way he designed it to be used. Image on top of image. Merrick tries to make a government agency version of an apology to Cabe for hanging the Baghdad information over Walter’s head to intimidate Cabe. A notion that Cabe isn’t buying.

Back at Scorpion HQ, the team is settling in. Paige can’t find something and Sylvester is reading something. Then Happy calls for Toby. Toby answers her call the second after he asks, “what’s up”, she plants a very passionate and long kiss on Toby. I was hoping for a permanent removal of her defenses, but as it turns out, just a response to putting the UN doctor in his place.

Cabe and Walter chat. It looks and feels like Cabe is compelled to tell Walter something that could cause another rift. Then Walter asks about Paige and why she would feel the need to take night classes. Cabe says something about not understanding why someone would conceal something. Code for this secret Cabe’s been holding onto. Before Cabe can say anything Paige discovers that there is a water main issue and she’ll never make her final in time, and consequently fail the course. Walter asks Cabe for a favor.

Paige gets a full police escort in order to make her final in time.