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Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Miko found a way to free the Master of Time and Space. In just the nick of time as Hiro Nakamura froze time just as Harris’ bullet almost met Noah’s temple. In June 13th part 1, Hiro teleports Noah back to the morning of June 13th under the strict requirement to harm as few butterflies as possible. This is a reference to the fragility of time. The more of the past that’s changed, the more volatile the consequences are.

Once they arrive one of the organizers working under past Noah tells him that Claire has arrived but is flying under the radar. Future Noah hurries to find her. Elsewhere, at a dirt covered four-way stop on the outskirts of Odessa, a black Suburban pulls up and stops before a lone man standing on the side of the road. The passenger of the Suburban is none other than Angela Petrelli. The man on the side of the road is Mohinder Suresh. Angela informs him that Erica Kravid has a nefarious agenda in mind that will in fact contradict his research. Mohinder’s research proves that if the planet is to be saved from the incoming Extinction Level Event, it will be with the aid of Evos. Erica Kravid has every intention of letting the world burn.

Naturally, Mohinder rejects this idea as another of Angela’s ploys. But before he storms off she tells him that Erica had his research team killed and will change the schedule preventing him from giving his speech, and then plans on having him killed. Before her driver can pull away, Angela gets a call from Claire’s phone, but it is not Claire.

Erica Kravid arrives with Harris outside a suburban Odessa home. On the inside, it doesn’t exactly resemble a typical residential home. The doctor is inside monitoring something with a command center type computer set up. In the basement, there are security measures including a massive security door leading to an empty room where Phoebe tries to build her ‘darkness’ as part of Erica’s plan. She must be able to control a mass large enough to cover the entire summit. Her motivation is the threat that Quentin will die with everyone else if she can’t figure it out.

Luke, Joanne and Dennis make the trip to Odessa to experience the summit. Dennis has a vulnerability to sunlight. Or so his parents think. Simple exposure to sunlight and he breaks out in serious burns. Or for anyone who’s been watching the entire time, Dennis is an Evo. His parents just haven’t let the power materialize. As we saw with Luke who has the same power. They aren’t burns. They are the beginning of his power trying to expose itself.

Back at the Summit, past Noah runs into his organizer. He asks about Clair and Hiro. The organizer is under impression he already told Noah this information. But that was Future Noah. He also tells Noah that Erica moved a portion of the security detail off the west entrance. News that infuriates Noah.

Hiro sits in an elaborate office when a man arrives. The man in question has helped create Evernow. He claims that humanity needs help and suggests that Erica Kravid needs his ‘power’ to aid that effort. It appears that Hiro is business partners with Kravid. When he refuses to use his powers, the man puts his right hand on Hiro’s shoulder and his left hand on a laptop screen. This pixelates Hiro and sends him into the game. Then the man steals Hiro’s Katana, which as we’ve learned is the key to open the door Hiro’s trapped behind.

Future Noah and Hiro make their way to Primeatech, the last place Noah thinks Claire might be. They hear voices and duck out of sight. Past Noah walks in with Erica. He’s indignant over the security change. Then she starts in on the dangers of Evos. He comes back with the notion that the point of the Summit is to prove that Evolved humans are still humans. This is all Erica needs to see that Noah is on the wrong side of this. She has him escorted out by security.

Future Noah and Angela arrive at the hospital before the Summit event looking for Claire. A nurse comes in and informs Noah that Claire did not make it….but the babies did. I’ve had a theory about the Claire story line and will share it the moment I think I’m right. For the moment, Claire essentially died in childbirth. The curious but somewhat telegraphed detail is that the nurse Noah is speaking to is actually Anne Clark. The perceived mother to Tommy.

Suresh arrives at the Summit unable to contact his research team. Molly Walker runs into him and to say they seem ‘familiar’ would be a dramatic understatement. Suresh hands her his thick book of research that Angela returned to him only a few scenes earlier (if something happens). Harris approaches, Erica requests his presence. It doesn’t take long for Suresh to show Erica her cards to her. She does indeed plan on taking Suresh out. Harris hits him with a tranquilizer dart.

Future Noah and Angela wait in a nursery room when the doctor enters. Noah’s effected by news of being a Grandfather but he is still more concerned with seeing Claire. Something the doctor is not willing to grant. Nurse Anne walks in with a baby in each arm. It is a lovely distraction but only works momentarily.

Harris has rigged Mohinder with a device around his neck and tube up his nose to prevent him from accessing his power. Under his suit jacket, Harris reveals he’s strapped with explosives. Harris is going to make Suresh famous, just not for any reason he’d want. Just then, Hiro appears wielding two swords. Harris recognizes him but he’s perplexed as he believes Hiro’s trapped in Evernow. They engage in a sword vs fist fight, which Hiro wins rather quickly. And of course, the dead Harris was only a clone. As are the other five surrounding Mohinder and Hiro. The plan is not to kill Mohinder, but to somehow implicate him in the bombings. The various Harris’ will spread out and blow the roof off this Summit.

Suresh gives chase to the Harris he think s might be Harris Prime. Hiro is left to fight the remainder. One of the clones insists that Hiro cant defeat the all. So Hiro says, “Let’s find out”. Then he freezes time. We see him teleport out and snap back in, never the same spot twice. This is Hiro playing out scenarios. Every single one of which creates a bigger fallout than saving the people of the Summit.

Luke’s family take in the Summit. Dennis watches an Evo turn water of almost any form and turn it into snow and ice as a fun little parlor trick. Dennis gets blown away.

Meanwhile, elsewhere Casper is let into the detainment room holding his now familiar brief case. Noah already assumes that he is in Erica’s pocket. They share some nostalgia of old times, favors and saved lives. Just before Noah is about to lose any hope that Casper is on the side of good, Casper references San Francisco. This immediately triggers something in Noah’s mind. With a guard listening, this was the code that Casper chose to use to tell Noah that his circumstance was about to change for the better.

Future Noah finally gets to Claire. This may be a little too ‘inside baseball’ but not surprising that Noah could not even pull back the sheet to verify that it actually was her. It doesn’t advance the story, it’s just that Hayden Panettiere was too busy with Nashville to make an appearance. Otherwise this scene is difficult to watch. The show runners clearly went for the cheesy, predictable, cliché dialogue instead of keeping to tone of the situation. “I thought we’d have time. To say all the things that needed to be said.” Is a little too high on the cheese meter for me.

Hiro arrives in the hospital room after Noah’s cliché monologue to tell Noah that he could not do it. He could not stop the events from the Summit. There were too many bombs (Harris clones) and too many butterflies (negative consequences). No matter how many scenarios he ran, the consequences always proved to be more catastrophic than the pain and loss suffered at the Summit. Hiro attempts to teleport both of them out of there, but can’t.

Phoebe in a matter of hours has learned to control and grow her darkness. From her location in the suburban house, she raises her darkness vast enough that it covers everything between there and the Summit. Blanketing most of Odessa. Any Evos under that covering will be unable to use their abilities for as long as their covered.

When the explosions start Hiro and Future Noah are still in the hospital. The destruction from the Summit is complete. Molly Walker, past Noah and Casper make it out of their together. Still waiting to see what Noah did that made Molly Walker hate Noah so clearly a few episodes ago.

In the nursery Angela rocks the twins while Noah tries to convince Hiro to try again. Angela has seen it, there is no saving the Summit or Odessa. All that matters is the future. If I’m right on my theory, I think it’s going to come out in this scene. Angela mentions the ELE and that two Evos will save the world. Can you feel it? The big theory creeping into your mind. Erica knows about the ELE and that is why she’s sending ‘things’ into the future. She also knows that the only thing that can stop the ELE is…wait for it…Claire’s child. Noah asks which one? Angela speculates it might be both. Are you there yet? Have you made the connection I hypothesized two weeks ago?

This is where Noah figures out that this is what he wanted to forget. This is why he had the Haitian wipe his memory. They are going to hide the kids until such a time that they can do their part and save the world. If he doesn’t remember, he can’t give up their location. It’s just now that Angela figures out that the Noah she’s been talking to is actually future Noah. Noah hid the children from Erica. With a little help from his friends. And Angela volunteers to care for the children until they are needed. Just based on the Tommy/Anne situation, I’m guessing there’s another hiccup in the road.

One year from now, Erica Kravid will be looking for a one year old child. But if they send them back, say 15 years then there is a great chance their powers will manifest like Claire’s did. And Erica won’t see it coming that the child(ren) she’s worried about are actually almost adults. Hiro prepares the boy infant to “party like it’s 1999”, but before they go there is one major detail yet to be ironed out. Here it comes… The Children need to be named. The boy, Nathan, after the son Angela lost. Remember last week a character said, “I don’t even know if that’s my real name”. And the girl, Malina, after Noah’s mother. Malina and Nathan, or more specifically, Malina and Tommy. Malina and Tommy, the one’s who will save the world are Claire’s children sent back 15 years to grow up before the ELE. Doesn’t hurt that it feels like a Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker situation.

Nurse Anne returns home, present day. The day of the Odessa Summit carnage. She comes home for a quick break because, wait for it, it’s Tommy’s birthday. She hands him a cupcake with a candle in it before she has to run back out again. And yes, Tommy appears to be somewhere around 14 years old.
Past Noah sits on a gurney with Casper waiting to be seen or medical attention. He asks Casper to get him some water. Then he notices Erica walk by. As he pursues, he crosses Future Noah who sees this whole thing play out. Now we have one Noah following another Noah who is following Erica with the intent to kill. Future Noah yells out to past Noah in the hopes of preventing this assassination attempt.

To be continued…

Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” served up more red herrings than a Norwegian fishing trawler  likely catches in a day’s excursion. What exactly is a “Red Herring“?  It’s a clue given to readers and viewers from the author of the piece that purposely leads the audience astray. The show-runners loaded this chapter up with them, some easily detected by the viewer while others weren’t quite as obvious. The device led to an episode that had as many twists and turns as the road to Haleakala on the island of Maui.

The first person we see is Mr. Kaplan meeting with Raymond Reddington in an airplane hangar with corpses and blood all over the floor. Red tells Kate she’s got 30 minutes to clean up and document the evidence, Mr. Kaplan starts taking pictures of an apparently dead Elizabeth Keen lying near a pool of blood.

Suddenly we’re in somebody’s living-room as an excited teenage girl runs in with a huge smile on her face and telling her dad they got her. She turns on the TV and she and her father watch a breaking news-report from a network anchor announcing they’ve received reports stating former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen died earlier the victim of a gunman who  killed several people in an undisclosed area outside of New York City. We watch the report from a number of venues and we see Ressler’s reaction while he’s waiting for testimony to resume in a Presidential Committee hearing. We also see Samar, Aram’s and Harold Cooper’s reactions as they watch the report.

Kate turns to Red and she asks him if he’s sure this is what he wants? Red emphatically tells her to get the pictures to Sandquist at the Chronicle as he wants everybody to see these. Simple common sense tells us that Keen can’t be dead or the series ends with this episode. We then see a graphic that tells us we’re going back 12-hours to show us what lead up to this moment.

Tom Keen’s endeared himself to Asher Sutton, a trust-fund baby with a taste for the wild side and he informs Harold Cooper about their meeting. Sutton saw right through the con Keen put on at the underground gambling joint and that intrigued him. The two go out for some dinner and Sutton asks the guy he knows as Wainwright what’s his actual story. Keen’s utilizing a pretty convincing New York City accent and tells the rich-kid he used to make money cleaning toilets at Bronx University. He says he got raised by a single mom and he’s got a brother in prison then says he’s a townie, a nobody.

Sutton shakes his head and laughs and he says his great-grandfather was a hustler, a townie and just like Keen. He says the only interesting person in his family’s lineage was exactly like Tom then he invites him to his engagement party. Keen tries begging off saying he doesn’t want to impose and Asher insists on it saying he’ll be the only guy at the party he’ll look forward to talking to. Keen smiles and extends his hand and tells Sutton his real name’s Matt Buckley and  he’s pleased to meet him.

Tom tells Cooper that Sutton’s paying some debt to the Russian mob and Harold says he’s been withdrawing 20 grand amount from his bank account. Keen plans to use Asher to meet his Russian connections then he can eventually meet Karakurt the spy that Cooper wants him to find.

Red returns to his friend’s theater where he and Liz are hiding and tells Keen they need to move. Lizzie asks if the Cabal’s tracked them down and Raymond says it’s worse than that Wendigo’s after you. Keen’s got no knowledge of  who Wendigo is and Red tells her that he’s a nameless assassin and vigilante. Wendigo’s a lone wolf who dispenses “justice” to those he believes deserve it. Red says he’ll call her later and arrange for her to get picked up, she asks him where he’s going and he responds for help.

The AA support group that Donald Ressler attends is breaking up when Ressler feels a gun pressed to his back and a voice he knows all too well saying he needs Donald’s help. They walk to another part of the building and Reddington tells the agent he can turn around then tells Donald he’s impressed with his commitment to remaining sober. Raymond tells Ressler that he tried a stint with Alcoholics Anonymous, but he could accept that there was a more powerful being out there than him. Ressler smirks then takes out his cellphone and calls in an officer down report at the address they’re at. He tells Red that he’s got four minutes, Reddington replies he needs less than two.

Ressler’s back at the Task Force headquarters briefing Samar and Aram about Wendigo saying he’s allegedly responsible for some unsolved murders on the Bureau’s docket. Wendigo apparently executed a Guatemalan strong-man and some heinous character from South America. Navabi says the reason the cases aren’t solved is because both guys were monsters. Donald says as despicable as they were, both men became the subject of massive searches and no law-enforcement agency found them. However Wendigo found them and he’ll find Keen as well.

Reddington calls Lizzie to know that he’s got a car and two guys waiting for her downstairs. As she walks out of the building one of Raymond’s guys get picked off by a sniper, the other guy tries to take out the sniper but he never gets a shot off. Keen’s able to get to a car and hot wire it then pulls the rearview mirror from the windshield and holds it above her head so she can drive while lying down on the seat. She abandons the car ten blocks away and escapes.

Raymond calls Aram and asks what’s going on and the tech-expert says that two bodies were found at the scene and Lizzie escaped. Red then asks what Aram knows about Wendigo and he replies he’s really not supposed to talk about that with Reddington. Raymond says he’ll give him five seconds and by the time he gets to three Mojtabai’s sputtering that they found the master gunsmith that creates guns for Wendigo. His name’s Zachary O’Toole and he goes by Zed, Raymond disconnects and starts researching the gunsmith. Amar’s asking if Red’s going to count down to zero unaware Raymond’s hung-up.

One of the best aspects of this series remains the people they bring in as guest-stars and reoccurring characters and another great choice appeared on the screen in this episode. Veteran Screen and TV actress Christine Lahti portrayed the President’s Chairman of National Security Laurel Hitchin, longtime friend of Deputy Attorney General Reven Wright. We meet Hitchin as Wright and Ressler arrive for Donald to testify in front of a Presidential Commission on trying to capture Elizabeth Keen. Hitchin tells Donald not to be nervous the commission just wants to hear the truth.

The President’s adviser asks Donald if he’s attempting to interfere in the search for Keen and Ressler responds absolutely not. She then asks him if he’s sharing information with the CIA and Ressler admits he hasn’t. She says after 9/11 the Intelligence Agencies in the United States adopted a policy of working in cooperation with each other and asks why Ressler’s not adhering to that policy. Donald says because the CIA Director’s rumored to be the head of the Cabal that could be the actual source of the attacks blamed on Keen. She responds that’s just rumor and asks if the Director deserves the benefit of the doubt and Donald asks her in return what about Elizabeth Keen?

Hitchin asks Ressler if he believes Elizabeth Keen’s innocent and he responds his job’s to capture her not to determine guilt or innocence. She says he’s avoiding the question and he goes back to saying his only thoughts on the case involve apprehending the fugitive. She stops and smiles and asks him to give her his honest opinion, he knows Keen does he believe she’s innocent. Donald looks her in the eye and says he does that Liz Keen’s not a terrorist.

Liz realizes Navabi’s likely scouring the scene of the shooting for clues and as she walks to the park to meet Red she calls Samar and tells her she believes the sniper fired from the roof of a certain hotel. Navabi and a forensic guy find the bullet inscribed on the back of the casing Psalm 1:1, she tells Keen that Wendigo found her once and he’ll find her again. Lizzie hangs up and keeps walking to the park. The forensic guy asks Navabi what’s Psalm 1:1 and Samar quotes “Blessed is he that walks not in the council of the wicked.”

Red picks her up and Lizzie’s terrified, she tells Raymond the bullets were so close she heard them whizzing past her head. He tells her he’s got good news that Dembe contacted him, Lizzie asks if he called and Reddington explains they’ve got a protocol set-up and Dembe’s put it into motion. He says Dembe will meet them later that day, but we know that it’s actually Vargas that responded instead of Dembe.

They drive over to Zachary O’Toole’s place and burst down the door both brandishing weapons. Red asks where’s Wendigo and the guy asks who they are. Red asks again and this time Zed says he doesn’t know. Reddington laughs and says would you look at that a 416 Rigby Mauser and fully loaded, he then says that weapon can take out an African Bull Elephant and it came in handy on a trip to Africa. Liz asks him if he shot an elephant and Red exclaims God no, he shot a  poacher who tried shooting the elephant. Suddenly Zed provides them with an address that Wendigo stayed at before.

They head to the apartment and there’s a radio playing country music as Wendigo’s producing more of his unique bullets. Lizzie tries picking the lock and the assassin hears the sound above the music picks up his rifle and fires it through the front door then he climbs out the kitchen window and onto the fire-escape. Keen tells Raymond to take the stairs while she follows the suspect. He climbs up to the roof and starts running and he tries to use another door to escape but it’s locked.

He jumps down to a lower roof and Keen follows him, he then attempts to leap between two buildings and he’s got a tentative grip on the edge of the other rooftop. Red reaches down and braces him and tells the assassin to grab his arms. Suddenly the guy says I’m not the only one, there are lots of us and they’ll all be coming. Reddington asks him what he’s talking about and the killer says even if you kill me she still isn’t safe one of the others will get her. Raymond asks him whom he’s referring to and the vigilante just starts laughing and Red lets him fall to his death on the streets below.

Wendigo spoke the truth with his last words, Keen’s problems were far from being over as there’s a bounty of over 700 grand on her head. Aram tells Samar that he was just sent a link from the NYPD that shows a Dark-Net site DeadNotAlive.Org is a crowd-sourcing site that’s funded by haters. The more hated a figure is the more crowd-funding they get for the bounty. He says every nut-job’s going to be trying to collect that bounty and Navabi asks how they get the money. Aram says that the killer has to give the time, the place and the method of execution plus leave a signature marker, Wendigo used Psalm 1:1 as his.

Keen’s sitting on a bench in the park with a laptop looking at the site and she looks around her and imagines everyone she sees is a potential assassin. Red puts his hand on her shoulder startling Keen and he says it’s time to meet Dembe. They walk towards the street and Mr. Vargas gets out of the car they expected Dembe to emerge from. Reddington asks where’s Dembe and Vargas somberly shakes his head and Raymond asks what happened?

We join “Matt Buckley” at Asher Sutton’s engagement party as Sutton’s fiancé Gwen Hollander says to Keen that he must be Asher’s new BFF. She says she fell in love with her fiancée at first sight and she puts up with him collecting unusual personalities even at her engagement party as long as she’s assured of one thing. That he’ll never cause any harm to the man she loves and Matt gives her his word. She gulps down her last sip of wine and says get started then I need a refill. He laughs and says she’s got it.

When he arrives at the bar to get Gwen her refill he sees Asher’s dealing with some low-level enforcer sent by the Russians. Sutton says to the guy he’ll get the money Friday and the goon responds the money’s due right then. “Matt Buckley” asks if  everything’s alright and Sutton quickly says all’s good, the enforcer then says he said no problem. Keen smiles and says he heard him and it’s time for the goon to leave. He glares at Sutton as he walks away and says this not over. “Matt Buckley” says it looks like he made a friend and Sutton replies he wished he’d stayed out of the conversation.

Back at the park Mr. Vargas lies to Reddington saying he stayed with Dembe until the end and that if he attempted to bring back Dembe’s body they both have gotten killed. Camera strays from the three of them for a moment and we see a well dressed man appear to make eye contact with Reddington and leaves something among the flowers. Red grabs Vargas face between his hands and says we will avenge this good man’s death. Something seems off Red would be far more devastated if he truly believed Dembe died. Lizzie suddenly gasps and tells Red she’s seen the symbol from the website that’s got the bounty on her head.

They return to Zed’s the gunsmith’s place and Liz says he gave up Wendigo because he plans to kill her himself and she points to the doodle of the symbol on his desk blotter. He stammers and stutters and Reddington asks who created the website and he says he doesn’t know and Raymond shoots him in the thigh. He screams in pain and says all he knows is the creator goes by the name of Gavrilo Princip, Raymond politely thanks him and then shoots him dead.

The Task Force arrest Gavin Delgado, Princip’s actual name and confiscate his computers. He tells the agents they’ve got no right seizing his computers as their his intellectual property. It doesn’t stop the agents for locking up the laptops or Delgado.

Red gives Vargas the  keys to the car and tells him to call Edward to get the jet ready. Vargas makes a call and says this is Mr. Vargas. Mr. Reddington would like you to meet us at Garden Avenue Airfield. Matias Solomon’s actually on the other end of the phone and says he likes the name Edward, then tells his assistant to get the car ready.

CIA Director Kotsiopolus give his testimony to the commission and Hitchin’s asks him why he believes that the FBI hasn’t shared information with the Agency. The Director replies because the case involves Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. She asks him if he shares Donald’s belief that Keen’s innocent and he almost chortles as he says she’s a Russian Sleeper Agent. He says she admitted as much to Ressler when she scaled the wall of the Russian Embassy and asked for asylum.

She asks Kotsiopolus about the Cabal and he says it’s a discredited relic and mentions an article debunking it in the Washington Post. Hitchin says she doesn’t rely on columnists for information, the Director says the Fulcrum got published by Raymond Reddington getting it to the media. He says Reddington lacks any credibility and says the attacks in Washington emanated from Russia and the cold-war has re-escalated. He says in times of trouble people look for simplistic explanations and the idea of the Cabal suits that purpose. He says he’s flattered to be accused of heading up a shadow-government that controls world events but that isn’t true. The Cabal simply doesn’t exist.

Vargas, Keen and Reddington arrive at the hangar and as soon as they leave the car Red asks Vargas where’s Edward and then asks him what he did as gunmen start to surround them. Once again this just feels wrong, Raymond Reddington didn’t elude capture from every law-enforcement agency on the planet by being this dumb.

Matias Solomon walks out of the jet and asks what’s the story with you too anyway, that’s what everybody wants to know? Some think it’s a daddy/daughter thing while others believe it’s a May/September romance, I like to think of it as a bit of both.  Liz and Raymond are still holding their weapons though guys are encircling them with guns aimed at their heads. Mr. Solomon says that at best Red might kill one or two and Keen might do as well, but they’ll still both die. Raymond tells Keen to drop her gun and the second time he says it she does. Once again something seems wrong, Raymond Reddington’s going out with a whimper instead of a bang?

Navabi’s over her head trying to question Delgado so Aram goes into talk to him. He tells Delgado to take Lizzie’s name off the site and he refuses to saying the masses control the process. Aram threatens to knock out the site with a virus and Delgado laughs at him and says that people put millions into  the site because he’s thought of every bad case scenario. Aram says they realize he can’t run with the money and suddenly realizes Delgado needs the person to put the bounty on Keen’s head to remove her name from the site.

At the airfield Matias has one of his thugs bring over a metal table and  two other guys try putting Liz on it. She kicks one of them in the face but they finally pin her down. Raymond says to Matias to call the Director if he allows Liz to live he’ll give up all the incriminating documents on him that he possesses. Solomon’s eyes grow wide as he gets in Reddington’s face and says not to concern himself with the director any longer, he now belongs to him.

Back at the engagement party, Gwen and Asher are discussing his problems with the Russian’s when “Matt Buckley” comes over and wants to help with the situation. Sutton asks him if he know of underground boxing tournaments and Keen replies that’s like human dog-fighting and advises him to refrain from betting on that. Asher says he fought in one and was supposed to throw the fight but he won. Lots of bad people lost lots of money. Gwen then says Sutton paid them all back but when they found out about his family they demanded 20 grand a month. Asher says it will never stop but “Matt Buckley” says it ends now as I’ll stop them. Sutton says no, however Gwen tells him to shut-up and asks Keen his proposal.

Matias Solomon pulls out a long knife and says the reason people fear him so much as he keeps going more and more over the top in his crimes. He says he’s going to carve up Keen artistically, like a great chef would fillet a salmon. Lizzie screams and suddenly there’s the sound of machinery in the hangar. A dead man’s at the controls of a forklift which confuses everybody. Suddenly Dembe struts in carrying an automatic weapon in each hand and then either kills, wounds or scares away all the gunmen. Vargas sits on the floor with a bullet wound in his side and Red walks over to him and shoots him at point-blank range. Dembe’s shirt’s covered in blood and when he and Red embrace he sinks to the floor.

Next scene opens with Dembe on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on his face and paramedics are going to put him in an ambulance and Raymond gives them the address of a safe-house he secured to treat Dembe. He tells Dembe that they’re going to get him well and he kisses him on top  of his head. Red calls Aram and asks if Lizzie’s names off the website and Aram responds that until the person that set her up as the target thinks she’s dead her name will remain  on there. Hence the reason that Mr. Kaplan faked Lizzie’s death.

Raymond’s able to get the address and name of the person that put Keen’s name on the site, he’s Arioch Cain the father of the teenage girl we saw early in the show. Red and Liz arrive at his door and he looks at Lizzie and says your dead. She asks him why he put her name on the site and he’s totally clueless. Suddenly we hear his daughter Blair says she’s responsible that she wants Keen dead.

Blair’s mom died in the explosion that Karakurt created and pinned the blame on Liz last season. She promises the teenager that she had no involvement in the explosion or the death of Blair’s mom. She tells her that she lost her mother when she was a little girl and she still  dreams about the sound of her voice and the way she smelled. She looks Blair in the eyes and says that she’ll do what ever she can to bring her mother’s killer to justice. Blair removes Lizzie’s name from the site.

The Russian enforcer drives up and Sutton gives him an envelope filled with cash. When he takes off “Matt Buckley” steps up to the drivers window and tells the thug that’s the last payment his people will get from Sutton. From now on they deal with him. The guy responds they will come for you and Keen says he’s counting on it, dude draws his pistol and “Matt Buckley” grabs it  and kills the driver.

Reven Wright comes to get Ressler and Laurel Hitchin has also arrived. Donald says he hopes the President’s adviser’s stopped by with good news when we hear the Director raving about the lollipop that Laurel gave him. She says that from that point onward they’ll share information. Ressler says he disagrees with the way she’s resolved it and she smiles and says the President favors it.

Asher and Gwen go to meet with “Matt Buckley” and he says he took care of it. Sutton asks him if that’s blood on his  collar and Gwen asks  him for the keys to his trunk and he tells her please not to  look in there. She takes the keys out of his hand and opens the trunk and sees the enforcer’s corpse, “Matt Buckley” says he told them he’d handle it.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network

Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Since The CW Network series first aired their veteran series “Supernatural,” only three characters have appeared in all 223 episodes. Most of the screen time’s dominated by the Winchester Brothers Sam and Dean, raised as Hunter’s since childhood by their late father John. Although the third character’s yet to utter a word of dialogue, the show just wouldn’t be the same without “BABY.” If you find yourself asking who “BABY” is, I’m frankly surprised you’ve read down this far as “BABY’S” the 1967 Chevy Impala first owned by a young John Winchester and passed down to Dean  when their father died.

BABY’S” far more than a car to the Winchester brothers, she becomes symbolic to THE BOYS for a variety of reasons. A constant reminder of their father and their childhood as they’ve likely spent nearly half their lives in the Impala, first with their dad and then on their own. In many ways “BABY’S” the closest thing either one of them has to a home.

Executive Producer Jeremy Carver and the writer’s paid tribute to the Impala in the latest episode entitled “BABY,” the conceit being that the entire episode got presented from the Chevy’s point of view. All the action got confined to inside the vehicle or action visible through one of the Impala’s windows. Despite putting the self-imposed restraint on range of movement, the episode remained fast-paced and kept the season’s storyline the “Darkness” prominent throughout.

Our first image’s the car’s windshield and the camera pans down to the steering wheel, then we see the upholstery as the camera widens the shot. We see blood smeared on one of the windows then we see a blood covered knife then we see Dean unconscious and handcuffed in the backseat with the rear window blown out.

A graphic informs us we have jumped back to 48-hours earlier and Dean’s washing the Impala, soon Sam arrives and the two of them soap down the windshield. After a quick conversation about Castiel’s and Sam’s health status, Dean says he’s got cabin-fever and asks Sam if he’d like to join him investigating a case in Oregon. He says it’s likely nothing but they found a local sheriff’s body drained of all his blood, Sam says let’s hit the road. Castiel keeps in contact via phone updating the brothers on the lore of the possible creature.

Dean pulls up to some honky-tonk called the Roadhouse and Sam asks why he’s stopping. Dean looks shocked that his younger brother doesn’t remember the joint as Dean had a one-night stand with a hunter they met there named Heather. He says he texted her but she’s working on a case, however this place screams good times and they both need some. Sam tells him to knock himself out he’s going to find a nearby diner.

The pair leave the car but we stay inside, getting the perspective from the driver’s seat. We watch night turn into dawn and Dean stumbles out and into the Impala as the place shuts off their lights. Dean says out loud mistakes were made and suddenly this beautiful blonde rises up from the backseat, apparently just wearing a smile and asking Dean who he is. We hear Sam’s voice saying he’s sorry and introduces him as his brother Dean and asks his older brother if they could have a minute. Dean says he’ll get out of their way and we see by the uniform she’s putting on that she’s a waitress from the diner. She asks Sam if he sees her hairpin and though we see it on the backseat she doesn’t find it.

The brothers get back in the car ready to hit the highway and the younger brother says he can explain but his older brother tells him to remain quite and drops in a cassette of Bob Seger singing “Night Moves.” The brothers laugh and start singing along, then we see them later in the trip eating Tex-Mex food and laughing together.

The conversation turns serious when Sam asks his brother if he’d like a permanent relationship with a woman and his older brother responds while laughing they’ve struck-out at every attempt they ever made. He says that given the life they lead there will never be long-term relationships for either of them. Dean tells Sammy to go lie down in the backseat as Dean’s wired and ready to keep driving.

Sam wakes up in the front seat hearing Judy Collins singing “Some Day Soon” and he asks Dean what he’s playing, but his brother’s not driving the car. Behind the wheel’s a young John Winchester the way he looked when he first married their mother. He says your mother used to love this song and he smiles as Sam freaks. As Sammy tries to make sense of the situation, John says it feels great to be driving the Impala and Dean took good care of it and took good care of Sam as well.

Sam asks if this is another vision and John asks you’ve been having visions son? Sam tells John not to call him son and he asks what’s wrong with a father and Sam cuts him off. He says you’re not my father my father’s dead and John asks him when did death ever stop a Winchester?

He starts talking about his sons’ conversation earlier about relationships and he says he never wanted this kind a life for them. Sammy responds they turned out all right and John says they turned out great but that’s on them not due to anything he did as a father. Sam says this got to be a dream and John smiles and says he never could fool him.

John’s face turns somber and he says call this a dream or a vision but there’s a message and it’s the same. The “Darkness” is coming and only you boys can stop it. Sam responds then tell us how we need help and not visions of dead people. John smiles and replies God helps those that help themselves and Sam asks who he really is?

The horn of a passing train actually wakes Sam up and he finds himself in the backseat with Dean sprawled out on the front and he says to his  younger brother welcome to the Winchester Motel. They don’t have cable but they’ve got room-service and he reaches into the cooler and hands Sammy a beer. He says that Sam sang in his sleep, the song their mother liked that their father used to play for them.

Hearing that clears any remaining haziness from his head and he asks Dean if he remembers that he said he wasn’t sure his encounter with the “Darkness” was a vision or reality? He then tells his older brother that he’s been having visions and he just had one involving their father. Not the John Winchester he remembers but a younger version when he was their age.

He recounts the dream and tells Dean that John’s last words were God helps those that help themselves and he asks his brother if he thinks the visions are coming from God? Dean says pump the breaks here and Sammy says he had the first one while he prayed. The older brother asks him why he suddenly turned to prayer and Sam finally reveals that he’s been infected by the “Darkness” and that’s how he found the cure.

Dean tells Sammy he’s having fever-dreams not visions from God, he says they caused this problem and they need to solve it. He says nobody’s going to help them especially God but they’ll handle it like they’ve handled every situation that’s crossed their path.

Next day they arrive in Quaker-Town, Oregon and they speak with the deputies about the sheriff’s death. They find out that the body had been drained of blood and several organs were missing. Dean says their dealing with a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid, a WEREPIRE. Sam refuses to use the word his brother just invented. They ask Deputy Donnelly where they can find a motel and a place to eat. He suggests a motel a couple of miles away and tells them Aunt Meg’s steakhouse has the best stakes in the state.

They get to Aunt Meg’s and Dean barks about there being valet-parking, he gives the parking attendant a young woman named Jesse the keys and tells her not a scratch. We stay with Jesse in the car and she picks up another teenage girl and they drive the Impala to a dirt parking lot and start doing donuts at about 90 MPH. Screaming and laughing and taking dozens of selfies until her phone rings and she tells her friend she’s got to get the car back before she gets fired. She drives back to the restaurant and opens the door and Dean says nicely done and hands her a couple of bucks.

The brothers decide to split-up as Sam heads to the sheriff’s widow’s house to find out what she know while Dean goes back to the crime scene. When he arrives Cas calls him and says he believes the creature they’re looking for are called Whisperers. He says that likely silver will destroy them but better decapitate it to be safe. Dean’s got Cas on speaker-phone and tells him to hold on but the Angel doesn’t hear him and keeps on talking as Deputy Donnelly drives up. He gets out of his car and he starts attacking Dean, the two slug it out until Dean grabs his pistol and brings the creature down by unloading silver bullets into him.

Castiel hears the gunfire and starts asking Dean if everything’s okay not realizing Winchester’s outside of the car. Dean finally hears the Angel’s voice and he says all’s fine when Donnelly starts to rise up in front of the car. Winchester cuts his head off with an axe but both parts remain active. Dean pumps more silver bullets into the torso empties the remaining beer from the cooler and puts the head in it while the head keeps growling. Castiel says he’ll do more digging on the lore and Dean sees there’s a message from Sam. He calls his brother and finds out two more of the creatures jumped him but he scared them off with silver bullets. Sammy says they knocked out the sheriff’s widow Lily Markham and he texts Dean the address.

The brothers drive into town with Markham still passed out on the backseat and Castiel tells them he’s identified the creature and it’s actually a hybrid of a Ghoul/Vampire. He tells them they have to find the Alpha-Male stick a copper coin in their mouth and then decapitate the creature. When they do that all the others possessed by the creatures will revert back to themselves.

Sam goes into a convenience store to get some pennies minted prior to 1982, when the coins were still mostly copper. He starts flirting with the girl behind the register when Markham wakes up and asks what’s going on. Dean tells her who he and Sam area and tells her they rescued her when she starts hearing the head growl in the cooler. She opens it and her eyes grow wide as she sees the head, Dean apologizes and puts the cooler in the trunk. However Markham soon reveals herself to be one of the creatures and she knocks Dean out and handcuffs him and puts him on the backseat. She gets into the driver’s seat just as Sam looks up he runs out to the parking lot and shatters the Impala’s rear-window with his shot but Markham escapes.

Dean comes to briefly and he sees that Markham’s taken Donnelly’s head out of the cooler and tries to reattach it to his torso. It works and the two drive away. Winchester regains consciousness and Donnelly starts talking to him and telling him he knows he and Sam are Hunters. Dean identifies the creature Donnelly is and the deputy tells him he’s smarter than he looks. Turns out Lilly killed her own husband as he refused to join them, Donnelly puts the blame on himself for not training her better. He tells him he’s building an army to fight the “Darkness.” He says his army won’t win but it will buy them some time.

Winchester finds the waitress’ hairpin on the backseat and picks the lock on the handcuffs then grabs Donnelly by the neck forcing him to lose control of the steering wheel and the car crashes. Dean comes to and thinks he’s alone in the car and sees the blood covered knife and the waitress’ Hello Kitty purse.

As he’s going through the contents Donnelly gets up from in front of the Impala pulling a hunk of glass out of his face that belonged to the now shattered windshield. Lilly comes to lying on the front seat and tries to attack Dean but he wins this round. As Donnelly heads into the back seat Dean shoves a penny in his mouth and decapitates him by slamming the back door over and over against his neck and the head falls off and the creature dies. Markham becomes human again and tells Dean her children are with the others.

They find her children standing next to Sam she runs to her kids as the brothers throw their arms over each other’s shoulders. Sam says they were building an army and Dean says he knows and the younger brother says even the monsters are scared of the “Darkness.” Dean says that ends now and Sam asks if they can wait until tomorrow, the older brother laughs and says let’s go home and Sammy pats the dashboard and says we are home.

Dean steps on the accelerator and the Impala grudgingly turns over. As they pull away Dean puts back on Seger and we see that “BABY’S” truly beat-up. Her grills smashed in the headlights and both the windshield and the rear window blown out. The hood’s bent but she keeps straight and keen on the highway,  kind of like “THE BOYS.”

The Story Resumes Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW Network

Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The CW network series “The Flash,” opens its latest episode with a graphic telling us the scene we’re about to watch took place two years ago. We’re on  the football field of Central City High School at the end of a victorious game by the home team. One of the player’s stands alone on the field basking in the moment when he’s approached by two of his teammates congratulating him on the victory. One of them on crutches tells the teenager he knew he could do it, but their conversation’s cut short when the team coach throws the game-ball to the young man and says congratulations Jefferson.

As his two teammates head to the locker-room the coach tells the player that the stands were loaded with scouts for collegiate programs. When he scored his touchdown leading to the victory all the scouts grabbed their cellphones, the coach tells his player that he’ll be able to attend any college he wants.

As he walks away the player spikes the pigskin in excitement, but a second later he sees a large explosion across the city. It’s the particle-accelerator exploding and Jefferson watches as a wave of energy approaches the field and he screams to those remaining on the gridiron to run inside the locker-room. He’s about 20-yards from the door when he stops to help his teammate on crutches get inside. As he tries to close the doors he’s hit by a bolt of energy and thrown against a brick-wall. He lies on the floor unconscious as the energy enters his body.

As we return to the present, we join Caitlin, Cisco and Barry in STAR Labs as they try to  keep Professor Martin Stein alive. He had a seizure at the end of the previous episode and started emitting flames from his head and his hands as he did when teamed up with Ronnie and became Firestorm. However since Ronnie died closing the Singularity and saving the planet, Stein’s had nobody to bond with and his powers are out of control. Cisco attaches an electronic device to the professor’s chest which stabilizes him. Cisco says this is just a short-term fix as the device will run out of power within a few days.

Caitlin tells Cisco and Barry that she may have found a permanent solution as she’s found two suitable candidates to bond  with Stein. Both underwent the same process as Martin and Ronnie did when they got blasted by the particle-accelerator. She says they also both have the same blood-type as the professor, but she’d need another blood test to  determine if they’d make suitable physical matches. The Flash takes off and he’s back in seconds with a test-tube of blood from each of the men, he took the samples at super-speed so each thought they got bit by an insect.

Barry runs into Joe’s new partner Patty Spivot and she asks for Barry’s help with a case she’s working on. She gives Allen a plastic bag filled with teeth, she says she believes they’re shark’s teeth as she’s interviewed a bunch of people from a neighborhood who claim to have seen a land-shark. In fact they all said the shark walked on two legs like a man. Barry says he stays away from Meta-Human cases usually but he’ll run some tests for Patty. Joe arrives and greets the pair and asks Patty how her man-shark case’s progressing. Spivot smiles and says Barry’s going to run some tests for her.

Iris sits in Joe’s house looking at pictures of her and her mother before she took off on them. Joe tells Iris he’s very proud that she’s decided to meet with Francine, but we can see by the expression on his daughter’s face that she’s a little creeped out by the situation.

Back at STAR Labs Caitlin says the new blood samples seem to verify her previous information and she believes both  men are suitable candidates to converge with Stein and become the new Firestorm. She does however favor one man over the other, he’s Henry Hewitt and he’s a scientist so she thinks he and Stein will have more in common. The other candidate’s Jefferson Jackson the former high school football player we saw earlier and he’s now a car mechanic. Barry says perhaps he’s the better fit as he  averaged a 4.0 grade-point average in high school and he’s got an athletic background. Caitlin says she’s going to invite Hewitt to STAR Labs while Martin and Barry go down to the garage that Jackson works at. Cisco says he’s going to keep working on a new stabilizer for the professor and as they scatter we see a figure emerge from the shadows it’s Earth-Two’s Harrison Wells.

Allen and Stein meet Jefferson Jackson at the garage he works at and the first thing he asks them is if they have a car that needs repairing. Barry tells him no, then introduces the two of them telling the mechanic they’re from the Department Of Safety. The mechanic says everybody calls him Jax and asks if the garage’s violated some safety regulations?

Allen smiles and shakes his head and says they want to talk about his encounter with the particle-accelerator. Jax says he refuses to talk about that night as that’s when his  dreams went South. He woke up in the hospital with a crushed leg and torn ACL and he could tell by the expression on his mother’s face that his aspirations to play in the NFL had ended.

Barry apologizes for opening up a mental-wound but tells him they’d like to take him to STAR Labs as he thinks they can help him. Jax tells the pair that unless they’ve got a car that needs repair their conversation’s over and tells them to have a nice day.

Francine and Joe are sitting and waiting for Iris to arrive and Francine thanks her former husband for arranging the meeting. Iris walks in shortly later and Francine’s excited to meet her now grown daughter, but Iris looks skeptical. Francine starts saying the speech she likely prepared for months if not years but Iris cuts her off. She says to her mother that she can start by apologizing for abandoning them over 20 years before. The older woman says she’s sorry but Iris has to understand she’s been through a lot.

Iris stops her right there and says to her mother that this might be a good time for Francine to have Iris back in her life, but she never considered whether it was a good time for Iris to have Francine in her life. She says she doesn’t hate Francine, in fact she wishes her the best. However they’ve spent the last 20+ years apart and she’s got no desire to change things and she leaves.

Henry Hewitt meets with Caitlin and Cisco at STAR Labs and he’s strutting like a peacock telling the pair he always knew he was destined for greatness. Barry and Martin walk in and Hewitt immediately starts toadying up to Stein, saying he’s a big fan and he’s read all his papers. Stein’s quite pleased by Hewitt’s flattery and Caitlin tells Barry that Henry wants to converge with the professor. Allen’s a bit taken aback that Caitlin revealed the project to him but she says he’s perfect. Cisco says he’s got an ego bigger than Texas, but other than that he seems fine.

Stein’s informed that Henry’s excited about the merging of the pair into one being and Martin says no time like the present. Cisco gets out a device like the one Ronnie wore and straps it to Henry’s chest, Stein and Hewitt shake hands and some energy passes between them but there’s no convergence. Martin asks him to try again but this time there’s no reaction. Henry asks what that means and Caitlin says they’re not a match.

Hewitt gets belligerent and tells Caitlin that she should be prepared before she builds up somebody’s hopes. Professor Stein assures Hewitt that nobody wanted this to work more than him. Hewitt says he wouldn’t bet on that and storms towards the elevator, we see a small bolt of energy emanating from one of his hands but he’s unaware.

Next scene takes place at Dr. Tina McGee’s facility, as she goes over last-minute instructions with her assistant. Suddenly an alarm sounds in the building and McGee quizzically says applied sciences? She recognizes the man who escapes from one of her labs carrying a weapon and we can hear the shock and disbelief when she says Harrison Wells?

Dr. McGee calls the CCPD and asks them to send Detective Joe West to investigate. Joe and Patty arrive and West introduces Spivot to the doctor, who then said she’d  been sorry to hear about Eddie’s death. She then thanks them for coming as she admired his discretion the last time they met, she says this is a very sensitive matter. West knows that he’s investigating  a robbery and asked what got taken? McGee says it’s not so much as what got taken as who took it, she says she’s sure the man was Harrison Wells.

Patty says that’s impossible as Wells died, Tina says that’s what she thought and asks Joe if there’s any way he survived? West looks shaken and he tells her that Wells died, no questions about it, McGee says the other strange thing was Wells was walking.

Leaving the facility Spivot says they need to inform Barry as he’d be a huge help on this case and Joe tells her that she’s not to mention this case to Allen. She asks why and West tells her that Wells killed Barry’s mom and he doesn’t want Barry reliving that again. She says she’s a bad liar and Joe says she’d better become a good one. The pair go separate ways when they enter the station and West sees Francine waiting to talk to him.

His patience gone he tells Francine to leave and never come back that she heard their decision. She tells Joe she’s dying of an incurable and her doctor’s say she’ll be fortunate to make it to the end of the year. West looks at his former wife’s face and intuitively realizes she’s telling him the truth. She says she doesn’t want to die without getting to know her daughter and asks him to convey the message to Iris.

Jax arrives unexpectedly at STAR Labs and he’s under the impression they can fix his knee and he can start playing football again. Barry tells him that’s not something they can do, but he can become a superhero and save Stein’s life in the bargain. Jax says he’s not interested in any of that and Caitlin gets ticked off. She says that’s the kind of person he is, he’s allowed one setback to stop him from progressing. She tells him to leave as he’s not worthy of the opportunity, Jax says that’s fine with him and he leaves.

Barry tells her she handled the situation badly and could’ve blown their last opportunity to save Stein. She says she’ll go find Hewitt and bring him back and they’ll find a way to make things out. They’ll all soon realize that utilizing Henry Hewitt’s no longer an option.

Joe and Barry have a father and son conversation starting with West telling Allen that Francine’s dying and now he needs to tell Iris. Then he asks Barry what’s the story with Patty and Barry laughs and says she’s adorable and funny and just about perfect but she’s not Iris. Joe smiles and tells Barry that Iris was his first love and nothing ever replaces that, but you’ve got to go on have the courage to explore new situations and opportunities. The look in Barry’s eyes show that the man who raised him got through to him.

Henry’s sitting at his work station in the lab that he works for when his supervisor walks over and asks Hewitt if he’s finished his project his boss assigned him. Henry says he’ll have it in the morning, the supervisor tells him he said he needed it by tonight and Hewitt says well you’ll have to wait until morning and the lights in the room start to flicker.

Now the supervisor’s angry and he tells Hewitt he may think he’s smarter than everybody else but that doesn’t excuse him from doing his job. He tells the scientist if he pulls this act again he’ll terminate him. Henry starts screaming at the supervisor to get off his back and he’s sick of the way he’s treated. The supervisor’s face reflects his fear as fire’s emanating from his head and hands.

Joe tells Iris that Francine’s dying and the first thing she asks is how can he be sure she’s telling the truth? West tells his daughter that he knows Francine and she’s telling the truth. Joe says that what ever Iris decides he’ll back her decision totally.

The next morning Barry, Stein, Caitlin and Cisco watch a newscaster report a story about some major electrical disturbance at the facility that Hewitt works at and police are searching for Henry to question him. Caitlin says that when they attempted to converge they awakened the dormant gene within him. Cisco says that his history of violence makes him an imminent danger. Caitlin says she didn’t see anything like that in her search and Cisco says his juvenile record got expunged but he hacked into it. Henry’s got quite a few incidents of destruction and assault recorded on the hidden documents.

Martin tells Team-Flash that Hewitt’s not the only one suffering with his abilities and says he needs to lie down. Cisco says he’ll help Stein get there and the professor expresses his thanks. Once they leave Caitlin says this is all her fault that Martin’s dying and she chased away their only chance to save him. Barry basically gives her a shorter version of the speech Joe gave to him, to start thinking outside your ordinary boundaries and it can open up a new world for you.

Caitlin heads down to the garage to talk to Jax and the first thing she does is apologize and says she should never have talked to him the way she had. She says she just got frustrated that Jax failed to realize the life-changing opportunity he turned down. She says that her husband and Martin teamed up as Firestorm and Jax asks the guy who flew into the hole? She smiles and says yes and says he died during that incident, but she says she couldn’t stop him and looking back at it she realizes he’d have been miserable if she had.

Henry Hewitt’s tracked her down and arrives at the garage, he says she did this to him and it’s nothing like she promised. He starts to go after her but Jax tries to stop  him and Hewitt tosses him against a wall. He then starts going after Caitlin again but Jax quickly recovers and chucks a metal car-part against the back of Hewitt’s head knocking him out. Snow grabs Jax by the arm and they jump into her car, he asks where they’re going and she tells him STAR Labs.

Iris and Francine meet and Iris tells her mother that she really thought Francine made up that she’s dying but Iris checked it out and confirmed it. She says she hoped that could get her to forgive Francine and allow them to have a relationship but she says she found out that Francine’s still lying and keeping secrets.

Iris tells Francine she’s an investigative reporter and she did some digging on Francine and found out that she gave birth to a boy eight months after she left them. She asks if the boy’s Joe’s and her brother and then says she doesn’t want to know. If Joe found out he had a son that grew to manhood without him knowing about him it would kill him. She tells Francine to never contact them again and leaves.

We’re aware that the character Wally West will get introduced at some point this season. Is Francine’s son Wally West? Wally got introduced to the DC Comics Silver-Age as Iris’ nephew but it’s not much of a stretch of Wally being her brother in this retelling of the tale.

Jax and Caitlin walk into STAR Labs and Cisco tells him that Stein’s dying he’s got a fever of 142 degrees and it’s still rising. Jax says he’ll do it he’ll converge with the professor. Barry asks him if he’s sure and Jax smiles and says his coach used to say in football you leave yourself and enter the team.

Caitlin and Cisco get Martin and tell him that Jax has agreed to converge with him, they help him over and then Cisco puts the electronic device on Jax’s chest. He asks what he needs to do and Stein says they just need to touch however the match’s so perfect that just getting close to each other sets off the convergence. Jax’s eyes turn white and energy emanates from his body. Caitlin asks if Stein’s with him and he says he’s unsure and asks how to check, but we hear Martin’s voice reassuring him he’s with him. Firestorm’s reborn.

He asks when’s their first assignment and Cisco asks if he feels up to taking on one now? He tells Firestorm that Hewitt’s charging himself on the Central City High School football field, he fails to notice that Barry’s slipped off to go there as the Flash. Jax says that’s where he got zapped by the particle-accelerator and Firestorm flies off.

Flash tells Cisco to cut off all the power to the football field so Henry’s power-source get’s cut off. Firestorm arrives at the field and goes after Hewitt but Henry tosses him into the stands. We hear Martin’s voice telling Jax to focus to utilize his athletic ability and the discipline he learned on the gridiron.

Flash tells Caitlin that it seems the angrier Hewitt gets the more powerful he becomes and she says that’s how we defeat him by getting him so angry he blows his circuit. Flash asks Jax if he’s alright and he responds that he’s a quarterback and he can take a hit. Flash smiles and asks him if he’s up for playing a game of you can’t catch me?

Flash darts all over the field at super-speed taunting Hewitt and Henry’s frustration keeps getting greater. He hurls energy bolts at Flash and Firestorm he misses Flash but Firestorm blasts back at him stopping the energy in midstream. He flies over to Henry and hits him with a right to the chin knocking him out and causing Hewitt to pop his circuit and his energy vanishes.

Hewitt’s powers are permanently disabled and Flash says they’ll keep him in the tunnel until he forgets about STAR Labs. Martin says this is goodbye for a while for Jax and he as they’re heading for Pittsburgh to study with a women that helped train Ronnie and him. He says they had a lot of unexplored territory to learn. They converge and fly off and Jax lets out a whoop to express his excitement.

Flash stands outside of CC Jitters and watches Patty inside and he starts smiling and the smile gets bigger until he feels a hand around his neck and pulls him off the ground. He turns to see it’s the man-shark standing in two-legs and likely 14 feet tall. He growls at Flash he’s going to kill him when Spivot runs out of the coffee-shop and tells the creature to release Flash. She empties her service revolver into the creature but he feels nothing. He tosses Flash aside like a rag-doll and grins as he advances on Patty. Suddenly a blast of energy hits him in the back and destroys the creature, when he hits the ground Flash sees a man in a hoodie holding a weapon but he runs away. Flash quickly overtakes him and pulls off the hood revealing the man’s Earth-Two’s Harrison Wells.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm on The CW.

Courtesy of ABC/Marvel

Courtesy of ABC/Marvel

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We begin tonight’s highly anticipated “Jemma” episode reliving the moment that Jemma gets pulled through the portal and onto a foreign planet. Once on the planet, Jemma shows signs of optimism. By hour 13, realism begins to set in. No sign of intelligent life as o yet. But neither are there signs of water or vegetation. By hour 71, Jemma begins to get a little crazy as she has not seen the sun yet. At hour 82, Jemma collects herself and begins outward to find food or at least water. Talking to herself along the way. Not in a going crazy sort of way but in a nervous woman before an important date sort of way.

At 99 hours the lack of water is beginning to affect her. That’s when she sees a dust storm coming over the horizon. After surviving said dust storm, Jemma finds a water source. She drinks from it then she swims in it. It’s not until she swims in it that she discovers it’s not a typical water hole or small pond. Something grabs her leg. It essentially resembles a very large tongue or tentacle. She swims frantically to the edge and severs it with a rock. At the 111 hour mark, she eats the tentacle.

Her only source of food, is the tentacle. So she goes in for seconds. Three weeks in and she still has the use of her phone. At least as far as recording goes. She talks to it as if Fitz can hear her. She needs him to read her mind and come and find her. She knows he won’t give up and neither will she. She stops short during one of her messages to Fitz when she hears something. What appear to be bamboo like stalks jetting out of the sand. She walks through them and the sound generates a smile. Until she falls through a hole in the sand landing feet below on her back, just in time to see the hole get covered.

761 Hours in Jemma wakes to find herself in a cell that seems to be constructed of those same bamboo stalks she admire moments earlier. Whatever put her there is at the very least humanoid. It’s first words to her are, “You’re still here?” as if she could just wish herself out of there. She tries to reason with him, but it appears whatever his plans, they are not as obvious as Jemma might think. She manages to trick him with a ‘you poisoned me’ ploy. She’s able to hit him with a food dish of sorts, grab his sword and run out of there.

The stranger doesn’t say much but he is clearly human. As she runs he chases after her. She manages to trip and cut herself. When he runs up on her she tells him he can kill her but she won’t accept being his prisoner. He’s more concerned with her slight bleeding.

Stranger: You’re bleeding.
Jemma: What do you care?
Stranger: It smells blood.
(He stands up and looks off into the distance)
Stranger: It’s coming. We have to go.

The “it” appears to be the dust storm Jemma has already experienced. This Stranger, or Will, seems to have been here long enough that events have clouded his judgment. He believes the storm is evil. The planet is evil. And the planet, which would be unlike anything Jemma’s ever considered before, has moods. Their social behavior towards each other starts to loosen. Will asks about Jemma being a doctor. Jemma asks how long he’s been here. He explains that keeping time is difficult without a sun. Then he asks what year is it. She replies with “2015”. There is a depressed look on Will’s face as he ventures to a different part of the underground cave. Will stands before what appears to be old NASA gear. Will arrived in 2001. Space Odyssey reference anyone?

NASA possessed the Monolith 15 years ago and they planned to use it as the ‘affordable’ new next step in space exploration. Will was only one of a team of people sent through the portal using the Monolith. A team of four were sent to map the terrain, take samples, study the stars. Will was the only one that wasn’t a scientist. Will’s job was to keep the other three alive until NASA returned to bring them home.

Will believes the planet has a way of getting inside your head. One threw himself off a cliff. Another set himself on fire. The last came after Will with a hatchet. Everything to this point has gone rather civil until Jemma revisits the notion that the planet is not evil and that there may be a psychological explanation. Will in generally pleasant and even polite until Jemma suggests by some extension that he may be crazy.

Looking over what evidence and resources Will had cultivated, Jemma found a map of the surrounding terrain. There is one area titled the “No Fly Zone”, which deems off-limits. We later discover that is where his team went, and the basis for his theory that they went mad and off’d themselves. Jemma has become stir crazy and disobeys him and ventures out to the no fly zone anyway.

She crosses a clearing and finds a messenger bag and a tool of sorts in the sand. Before she can really enjoy the spoils of her find, another dust storm comes. This time the storm is accompanied by a figure in the distance. Another humanoid figure but this one seems to have long hair and controls the dust. When she returns (fast) Will opens the hatch and they both descend. At first she’s indignant about Will keeping this information from her. Will and Jemma were not the first ones through. In the end all of that doesn’t matter, because the tool she found will help her to navigate the stars, and she thinks, help them get home.

Jemma says goodbye to Fitz and her ability to access videos on her phone as her next plan is to use the remaining battery power in her phone to power Will’s ancient computer tech. Jemma works feverishly. Before the phone finally dies, Jemma was able to find predict the next event. The Monolith creates a wormhole. Whose exit points seem to move, but its the planet that moves. Using the old computer Will brought in 2001, she was able to predict the next location. 18 days from now…in the no fly zone.

Jemma: Eat, sleep or shower. Which one are you doing first when we get back?
Will: Eat! Please. Who are you talking to? What are you gonna do?
Jemma: I’m going to eat in the shower, then fall asleep while doing it.

When they arrive at the canyon, the gap is three times larger than it was the last time Will was here. They arrive just in time to see the portal open. There is no time to get to it. But, as a backup, Jemma created a message in a bottle that would give Fitz all the information he would need to come and get them. They attach the bottle to rope connected to a gas-powered harpoon gun. They fire it off. It is on track to hit the mark when the portal closes a couple of seconds before the bottle arrives. The portal has closed. Despair immediately consumes them.

In the cave Jemma begins to accept that there is no going home. That this is in fact the embodiment of hell. Then Will shows that Jemma has turned around his own despair and hopelessness. Then we have the event that for the moment I will just refer to as ‘the event’. Jemma, not Will, instigates a kiss. They venture out like they are going on a date to watch the sunrise. A sunrise that occurs once every 18 years.

Before the sun, something bright appears. Fitz’ flare. During a moment when Will is hearing that Jemma thinks her father would have liked him, potentially embracing life on this horrid planet made brighter by Jemma’s presence. He is immediately reminded of Jemma’s desire to return home and the perceived concept that Fitz won’t stop trying to get her back. They run towards the flare. Will seems to tail off or Jemma’s just running too fast.

The evil doesn’t want them to leave. The evil appears amidst the dust in the form of an astronaut. Will runs back to tell her that is the evil and not anything to be trusted. The dust engulfs everything. Then she hears a single gunshot. The lone bullet Will saved to use on himself if it ever got to be too much. The assumption is that either he killed the evil, or he tried to and missed. Leaving us with the Schroedinger’s Cat like conclusion. Will is either alive or he’s not. And there is no way to know for sure until they open the figurative box.

At that moment, Jemma can hear Fitz’ voice. This brings us back to the moment Fitz brings Jemma back. She has been reluctant to see her rescue as completely great, and now we know why. This entire episode, it seems, was Jemma telling Fitz the story. When we are pulled back to present time and present planet, Jemma has become slightly emotional telling Fitz that story. That’s about the moment I realized that all of what we just saw was in the story. Including the ‘event’ and the assumed event that followed. Jemma begs Fitz to say something. Fitz just gets up without a word and leaves.
Jemma follows him to the lab, tears in falling down her face. She again, begs him to say something. A few keystrokes later, Fitz gestures to the computer screen. Jemma can see loads of research and even what appears to be another monolith sighting. Then once again, Fitz delivers a line that confirms my assertion that Fitz might just be the most deserving character (for whatever he desires) maybe in the history of fictional television.

(Jemma looks at the screen then up at Fitz with tears running down her face)
Fitz: We’re gonna get him back.

Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If a TV show compels me to repeatedly yell to a character to keep their mouth shut, it automatically passes my litmus-test. That actually occurred several times while watching the latest episode of the FOX series “Gotham,” much to my wife and our dogs’ consternation. That sub-plot was one of many that kept this viewer glued to my seat throughout the evening, indicating that in an era when the industry’s embracing comic-book shows, Gotham just maybe a cut above the rest. A war’s taking place in Gotham City and there are wolves masquerading as sheep, while others get pushed into situations they originally wanted no part of.

The blood-feud that’s developed between Theo and Tabitha Lucas and Oswald Cobblepot’s keeps boiling as the Penguin attempts to get Butch Gilzean deep within the Galavan organization. Cobblepot whacked off Butch’s hand with a meat-cleaver near the end of the previous chapter, this week opens with Gilzean telling Theo, Tabitha and Barbara Kean that Penguin’s lost his mind.

Butch tells the trio that Penguin blamed him for the bust at his counting-house and accused Gilzean of plotting behind his back and being a traitor. Butch told them that Oswald then grabbed the cleaver and chopped his hand off, he said that Penguin tried to hit him again but he slipped on the blood and Gilzean escaped and then woke up in a hospital. He then asks Theo for a job, but Galavan doesn’t think it’s a good match.

Butch says he’s got brains and nobody knows Gotham better than he does. Theo asks the women their opinion and Tabitha says she thinks he’s cute and reminds of a sad bear. Kean says that they had an incident last year as Gilzean held her prisoner in her own apartment. Butch says that’s true and he apologizes, Tabitha suddenly gets animated and says them can put a hammer or a knife on his stump. Kean  suggests a mini chainsaw and both women giggle which convinces Galavan to welcome Butch aboard.

We watch a guy running as fast as he can through a seedy Gotham City neighborhood with Jim Gordon in hot pursuit. The suspect knocks over a homeless man  trying to slow Gordon but he sidesteps him. He reaches the end of the alley and two members of the Strike-Force take him down. Gordon slugs the guy and says he’s looking for a firebug, and he knows the guy’s one. The dude says he’s been out of arson for years.

Gordon says he’s looking for a girl who wears a costume and uses a flamethrower, the guy responds he doesn’t know any female firebugs, he says they’re Mad-Rare like unicorns. Gordon punches the guy in the gut and leaves him sprawled among the garbage in the alley. The male Strike-Force member says to Gordon that Captain Barnes’ demanded that any breaking of policy must be reported even if committed by a superior officer. Gordon barks back you do that and stomps away.

Bridget Pike’s staying with Selina and while Kyle’s sleeping she starts cleaning up the condemned apartment. Selina wakes up and asks what she’s doing and Pike replies she can’t sleep she just killed a cop and she’s unwelcome at home. She says she can’t go to the police and asks Kyle what she should do, Selina responds she needs to leave town. Bridget responds she’s got no money and Kyle smiles wickedly and says she knows a way to solve that problem, they’ll pull a heist. Pike’s against the idea but admits it’s her only option.

Just how depraved is Gotham City? How about holding what appears to be a nightly auction where the clientele bids for sex-slaves held against their will? Selina tells Pike this is the place they’re robbing and tells the teen to go in through the back door but to remain hidden until Kyle makes her move.

Both girls enter the building and Selina gets the crowd’s attention by shooting her gun towards the ceiling. She says that the crowd’s getting robbed and some of the folks start to laugh until Bridget shoots a flame into the audience. Pike  wants to free the women who are caged but Selina says they don’t have the time. They gather the money and run out of the place after Bridget shoots another burst fire from her flamethrower to keep anyone from following them.

Back at the precinct Barnes’ reads the riot-act to Gordon telling him we don’t ever beat suspects. He then shows security-cam footage to Jim of the girls entering the auction house, Barnes identifies one of the teens as the firebug but says he’s got no idea whom the other girl is. Gordon realizing it’s Selena says he knows her.

Alfred’s continuing Bruce’s boxing lessons in the cave under the library and he keeps telling Wayne he needs to focus that distractions will lead to his death. He tells Bruce to throw a left at him but it’s a tap and he gets Wayne in a headlock as Bruce struggles to get free. Alfred tells him he needs to fight dirtier than that and his ward bites down hard on his hand making Alfred pull back his arm and Bruce gets free. After complaining about the pain he smiles and tells Bruce good job.

The two resume sparring and Wayne says to Alfred he’s ready to take on the board of Wayne Industries. Pennyworth tells Bruce that Silver St. Cloud called and invited Bruce to the Galavan’s for dinner. The teen drops his hands and stands flat-footed as he processes the news and Alfred knocks him to the ground as he hits him flush in the nose. Pennyworth smiles and says you’re far from ready and extends a hand to help Wayne up.

Kristin Kringle and Lee Thompkins stand in the station engaging in some girl-talk, specifically Kristin saying how sweet and gentle Ed’s been to her. She says she kind of wishes he’d be a little less gentle, says she likes a little fire in a man. Ed’s been standing in the adjoining hallway listening and at that point walks in and invites Kringle over for dinner that night.

Harvey Bullock’s an old-school detective and that’s what makes him so valuable on the Strike-Force. While everybody else runs around like their hair’s on fire, Bullock relies on the same things he’s always done working leads and interviewing people with connections to others. Harvey’s got Ivy Pepper sitting at his desk as he tries to track down Selina Kyle and asks Ivy where she’s living. Ivy looks back at him blank-faced having never heard of Selina Kyle and she’s surprised that’s her friend Cat’s real name. Harvey says if she doesn’t tell him he’ll have child-services take her away, but if she tells him he just might grab a candy-bar and forget she’s at his desk.

Bullock’s chewing on a candy-bar when he finds Gordon and tells him Uncle Harvey knows where Selina lives and gives Jim the address. Gordon says he knows the place thanks his partner and takes off to find her on his own. Bullock advises he take back-up but Jim says with Kyle the quiet way’s more effective.

Selina’s taken her cut of their bounty, leaving Pike with enough money to leave Gotham and start a new life. Kyle says to her when she gets to the bus station to take the first bus heading south and ride it to the end of the line. Bridget asks what she does then and Selina says she’s got plenty of money so she can do what ever she pleases. Suddenly a van drives up to them with Bridget’s brothers inside, the oldest one Joe grabs Bridget and shoves her in the van. Selina tries fighting the younger brother and though she wrests his rifle away, they take off with their sister.

Kyle goes back to her place for more weapons and ammo and Gordon busts down her door holding his pistol aimed at Kyle but she’s holding a twin-barreled shotgun. He tells her to lower her weapon and she gives him a look like get real. Jim says she’s running with a really dangerous girl who could get her killed and Kyle says she doesn’t know who Gordon’s referring to. He says he saw the two of them together on surveillance footage and then says she torched six buildings and killed a cop. Selina says that Bridget didn’t want any involvement but her brothers forced her to, she says they’ve physically abused her and have kept her in chains for years.

Jim holsters his pistol and says to Selina then let him help her. He gives his word that he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe. Selina puts down the shotgun and gives Gordon Bridget’s name and address. He reassures Kyle that he’ll handle everything and save her friend.

Bridget’s in handcuffs as her brother’s count her take from the robbery and it’s six grand and Bridget says they can keep it. Joe says he’s going to keep it but what he’s upset about is she was about to leave them. As he berates her he starts chucking firecrackers at her which she manages to dodge. Joe then comes right up to her and asks if she wants to be part of the family again then lights an M-80 and holds it under her chin and she screams yes.

Joe releases her from the handcuffs and tells her if she ever tries it again he’ll kill her and her fiend Cat as well. He asks if she understands and she says yes. Then he shoves her and tells her to fix their dinner. Bridget’s seething washes her hands and then goes into another room.

Butch pays Penguin a visit with a mallet attached to his stump. Penguin says well at least it’s useful and Butch tells him not to start. Penguin then asks how things are going and Gilzean says he’s in and he’s got Galavan’s trust. Cobblepot asks if he’s located his mother and Gilzean says not yet it takes time. He says if he pushes too fast and too hard he’ll blow his cover. Penguin then starts controlling Butch via the brain-washing process that Victor Zsasz put him through last year. He asks Gilzean if he’s his lord and master and Butch responds he is and then he agrees when Penguin says  he has to follow every order Cobblepot gives him. Penguin then spits out for Gilzean to locate Oswald’s mother or he’ll cut off Butch’s other hand.

Bridget comes out of the other room wearing her costume and carrying the flamethrower. Joe asks if she intends to kill them with a sneer on his face and Bridget says yes then turns on the flamethrower and barbecues them both. She then grabs her money and takes off.

Minutes later Gordon and Bullock walk into the apartment and sees the two bodies on the floor. As Harvey goes over to examine the remains one of the brother’s sits up and grabs Harvey by the ankle and starts talking. Harvey’s scared out of his mind and kicks the guy until he lets go. Gordon then feels for a pulse and he’s dead, Jim says nice going Harvey. Bullock looks at Gordon like he’s insane and says oh my kicking him killed him? Perhaps it was getting roasted extra-crispy style that ended his life.

Ed and Kristen are just finishing dinner at his apartment and she says he’s got to stop spoiling her. He says he intends to spoil her for the rest of his life. They start kissing and she asks if that’s his bedroom, they both smile and head in there.

Gordon and Bullock head back to the precinct and Barnes’ tells Jim he wants that girl and he wants her now. Gordon tries to explain to Barnes that Pike’s brothers forced her to commit the crimes and they abused her and held her prisoner for years. Barnes basically says he lacks any pity for her and she’s going down.

Butch heads back to Galavan’s office and while he’s alone in there he turns on a monitor and sees Mrs. Cobblepot. Galavan walks in and greets Butch, he quickly shuts off the TV. Theo says that Gilzean’s hard-working and the most loyal man he’s ever met, then says it’s too bad that it’s Penguin that Gilzean’s loyal to. He asks Butch why he allowed Oswald to cut off his hand and Gilzean says that Penguin’s his lord and master.

Tabitha enters the room and Theo says we might be able to do something about that. He tells Tabitha that Penguin brain-washed Gilzean and asks her if she can reverse the process and she says she thinks she can. She wraps her whip around Gilzean’s neck until he passes out. Theo reminds his sister that dinner’s in an hour.

Theo, Silver and Bruce sit at the table in the Galavan’s dining room when Tabitha enters and apologizes for running late. She has a spot of blood on her cheek and Theo motions to her to wipe it off. He then proposes a toast to family for in the end that’s all we’ve got.

Kyle goes to Bridget’s building and finds her friend on the roof next to her pigeon-coop. Selina tells Pike she’s got to run, but Bridget says she’s not afraid anymore. She’s going vigilante and she pledges to rid Gotham City of all the scum and pervs that came after them. Selina says nobody ever came after her and once again says she needs to run, Bridget says it’s nice realizing somebody cares. Kyle says she doesn’t care she just thinks Pike’s stupid and starts to walk away but then rushes back to Bridget and hugs her telling her to be careful. Selina then calls Jim and says she thinks she knows where her friends going.

Pike returns to the auction house and after she burns one of the employees to death, she opens the cage and frees all the women. They all run out to the street just as the Strike-Force arrives, when Bridget walks out of the building Gordon tells the other officers to hold their fire and then starts to walk over to Pike with his hands up.

He tells the teen he’s aware that she got forced by her brothers to pull the heists and to kill Officer Garrett. He says if she puts down the flamethrower and comes with him they’ll work things out. Bridget says she’s not going to jail and Gordon says she’s a minor and there’s other options. She gets scared and turns on the flamethrower just enough to push Gordon  back, but a uniform fires a shot hitting one of her tanks and soaking her costume with the accelerant.

Barnes’ repeats the hold your fire command but the shot put Bridget over the top and she starts incinerating a cruiser. Gordon calls out to her to stop, but the cruiser explodes and the fire ignites her suit and she bursts into a ball of flame.

Back at Galavan’s mansion Theo and Bruce have a private conversation and Galavan asks Bruce if he knows a Wayne Enterprises executive named Sid Bunderslaw. Bruce responds that he does and Theo tells him that he’s missing and presumed dead. He then says he’s done extensive research on Wayne Enterprises and he discovered Bruce’s father was a very good man but Wayne Enterprises has a lot of sketchy deals under their control. He tells Bruce he realizes how mature he is and says when he becomes Mayor he’d like to help Bruce clean up his family’s company. Bruce thanks him and they shake hands.

Butch arrives at Penguin’s with his face cut-up, he tells Cobblepot that he’s found Oswald’s mother but they realized he’s a plant and Tabitha tortured him. However he says he escaped and they can save Penguin’s mother if they move now. Penguin says Butch’s loyalty will get rewarded and to sit down while everybody gets armed. Has Gilzean really returned to lead Penguin into a trap.

Gordon tells Selina he tried his best but Bridget didn’t make it. She immediately blames him but Jim says it seemed like she wanted to die and then asks Kyle again who ordered the Pike’s to set the fires? Selina says like you’re going to  do something about your little friend? Jim looks shocked and asks why Penguin hired them. Selina advises Gordon to talk to Cobblepot as she’ll never speak with the detective again.

Ed and Kristin are  basking in the afterglow when she shows concern, Ed asks her what’s wrong and she says she’s afraid her former boyfriend Officer Dougherty’s going to come back and kill her. Ed smiles and says she’s got no reason to worry. Kringle says that’s sweet but Ed’s too gentle to take on Dougherty and then Ed blows it all by telling Kristin he killed Dougherty. Kringle’s immediately repulsed and gathers her clothes so she can get dressed and leave, she says he’s psychotic and he’s going to prison where terrible things will happen to him.

Nygma pleads with her not to talk like that and attempts to calm her down and he puts one hand over her mouth and the other grips her neck. He says he fell in love with her at first sight and she just wanted to protect her. He says Dougherty beat her and he wanted him to stop, so Ed stopped him. Suddenly he realizes she’s not breathing, he accidentally killed her and starts crying cradling her corpse. Looks like the Riddler’s on his way.

We watch two orderlies pushing a gurney with a heavily bandaged body on it. The talkative one says she’s not dead, they said the suit melted onto her skin. She’s fireproof now, that’s right she can’t burn. That’s why we brought her down here with the rest of the monsters so they can perform tests on her. Bridget opens her eyes and sees that every room contains a heavily guarded “patient’ within.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Taking advice from Ray would never be advised. I’m guessing especially tonight. During another community service bonding experience, Ray writes three letters on the palm of Walter’s right hand. “WWRD” what would Ray do. Walter gives a lecture at a Tech conference and finds himself getting unsolicited attention from an attractive woman at a bar. Now is not the time to think WWRD. Accepting a drink offer from a strange attractive woman at a bar would definitely qualify as not the time to think WWRD. And no Walter, a Long Island Iced Tea is not a caffeinated beverage.

Meanwhile, no one can reach Walter. Not Paige, not Cabe, not Mr. Elia. That latter name will carry more weight as Walter is almost always trying to impress Mr. Elia and this latest job will be no different. However, circumstance got in the way. After being unable to reach him, Cabe and Paige drive to his hotel where they find him passed out on the floor next to his bed. When they asked what happened, he claimed he only had one “Rhode Island Iced Tea”.

Team Scorpion has been hired by Mr. Elia to see to the tech side of a roll out of the first smart building. A large corporate sized office building that will leave a zero carbon footprint. However, during their roll out, the building is experiencing ‘glitches’. Walter gets to work. Moments after connecting his laptop, all of the building’s systems begin to fail.

Happy checks on the geothermal pumps for the building. One is already burning releasing embers into the air and the HVAC system. A second pump explodes with Happy in the room. Next goes the elevator grid. The sprinkler do not engage. Walter instructs Sylvester to get the kids out of the building but this worm (computer virus) has infected the building. Sly can’t get the kids out because all of the doors are locked remotely.

It doesn’t take long to deduce that the worm must be inserted into the system directly. A diagnostic check shows the building fully operational at 6:23 and infected at 6:25. In those two minutes, Walter was installing software. This worm came from Walter. Finding the woman from last night becomes paramount. Paige and Cabe leave to find this ‘Stella’. While they leave to find Stella, the elevator that Toby’s in begins to fill with smoke. The geothermal room Happy’s in begins to fill with smoke. And the room Sylvester is in with all of the kids begins to fill with smoke.

Paige calls to get more information on Stella. It would be obvious to a child that Paige is not alright with the notion of Walter spending an evening with some floozy. While Happy and Walter struggle to put out the fires, Toby catches a break and is able to completely remove a ceiling tile in the elevator. Walter is willing to risk his own safety to put out the fires. They may be more riding on this job than the others are aware of. They believe the fire is out. However, the burning embers moving through the air ducts created multiple fires elsewhere. As the smoke begins to fill varying rooms, Sylvester’s stress level increases. Eventually he tries to put himself in the team’s respective shoes. Happy would build something. Sylvester goes head first into a large fish tank to retrieve the large in water carbon filter in order to make breathing masks for the children. He is remarkable cool under pressure for the sake of the children.

Toby finally breaks out of the elevator just to find the room he’s now is engulfed in flames. Toby finds insulation in the walls and covers himself with it strapping it down with duct tape. Armed like the Michelin man, Toby prepares to take on the flames. Toby actually gets to the server room before Walter and Happy, something he wasn’t sure he’d be able to do. Now the worm has the servers spinning too fast. If they reach a certain speed, they’ll explode. As Walter and Happy arrive, Toby is still in the server room. He didn’t notice the door lock behind him. A safety precaution to contain the fire. So now what we have is a Star Trek 2 moment. Toby (Spock) trapped behind the glass exposed to the elements with a frantic Happy (Kirk) banging on the glass thinking there is still a chance to save him. Just as I’m falling straight into a Wrath of Khan moment, Walter decides to engage a safety protocol that will suck the oxygen out of the room. This will likely at the very least knock Toby unconscious if not kill him. Happy looks at Walter as says what we’re all waiting for.

Toby: You cannot suck the air out of this room Walter!
Happy: You even say the words ‘greater good’ and I swear…

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Cabe and Paige find Stella looking much less impressive. She claims to not know anything about the nefarious plot to upload a virus to Walter’s computer to sabotage Richard Elia’s big day. Paige is naturally skeptical. Meanwhile, rejecting the a Spock like fate, Toby jumps back into the fire attempting to put it out with the use of his insulation suit. Time is running out and Walter makes the decision to pull the oxygen. The look Happy gives Toby as the oxygen rapidly leaves the room almost makes up for dating a tool and flaunting it in Toby’s face for the last couple episodes.
Toby makes a great claim that he will rise again just a moment before he passes out. Walter quickly turns the controls to pump oxygen back into the room but the control panel is unresponsive. As Toby slowly suffocates to death, Happy’s sense of urgency goes through the roof. Slamming her small frame against the glass repeatedly, screaming that Toby’s dying, while Walter tries to think of another way in. Using a pen of a certain density, Happy constructs a sling shot. The pen pierces the glass and the door shatters. Walter goes for the server blades while Happy attends to Toby. She doesn’t hesitate and begins administering CPR. Toby and Happy are more than slightly disappointed in Walter’s lack of concern for Toby.

Walter’s risk with Toby’s life is not sitting well with Toby. They step into the next room to have words. Walter is desperately trying to undo the events at the bar the night before and willing to take unnecessary risks to do so. All to hopefully look good to Richard Elia. Before Walter can acknowledge or dispute the claim there is a new problem. With the team on the 5 yards line (figuratively speaking), the worm somehow has reinstalled itself and is taking the building down all over again. One trip through this nightmare is enough for Sylvester. His composure cracks when the fire eats a hole in the floor and Sylvester is inches from a full-scale meltdown.

Cabe and Paige discover that Stella has been using a dating site that sets up rich ‘sugar daddy’s’ with hookers (Paige’s words, not mine). They gain access to the site’s home office. Now they just need to access the private customer files to find out who Stella has been talking to. Her last correspondence was less than a half hour before meeting Walter.

Sylvester has effectively blown out a window in the hopes of climbing out with the children on a fire and rescue rope latter hanging from the helicopter above. The helicopter cannot get close enough. The rope ladder needs an anchor. Walter has a plan. They break out the window of the room directly below Sylvester’s location. Walter hasn’t yet shared his plan and for good reason. Walter gets in a sprinting stance and runs towards where the window used to be. He jumps out catches the ladder and brings into the window he just jumped out of. Just as the kids are being rescued, Elia’s #2 informs him that Walter is not the savior, he is the problem. Whatever was on that phone, Elia seems to believe.

Sylvester’s harrowing act is not without its own sacrifice. The helicopter has all the children but most pull away leaving Sylvester alone in a room whose floor is about become fire food. Happy is able to rig a device using emergency lights. This will simulate the light from the sun. The right angle and that light will trigger the retractable solar panels the building is equipped with . Then Sylvester can just use them as steps. To scale the wall of a massive building. The plan reluctantly worked to get Sylvester to the second panel, then the power cut out.

Elia’s man received an email implicating Walter in a malicious attempt to steal the building’s tech and plant malware. Both men refuse to listen to Walter so with Sylvester’s life in the balance, Walter does the only thing he can do and the one thing he probably never thought he would do. He overpowers them. He drops Elia’s #2 where he stands and shoves a blade keyboard into the side of Elia’s head. #2 comes back pulling Walter from the server room. Walter puts up his hands and all but begs to save his friend’s life. Consequently the friend who saved #2’s kid’s life.

The email was clearly sent by an anonymous source and Walter convinces toolbag here to let him save Sylvester. He is literally beside himself at the notion of not being dead. Paige and Cabe follow a lead to a satellite office belonging to Richard Elia’s company. Inside the office of an executive, they find the burner phone used by whoever is behind this. One of Elia’s employees. One of the three introduced in the beginning of the episode as one of Elia’s associates. Angered by taking money from his budget to triple the tech budget for the smart building. He has the software literally embedded in his arm. As long as he’s close to the building, he can reload the worm whenever he wants. Paige takes out the perp with Cabe’s truck after Cabe told him to freeze and he didn’t. Then using a tazer, Cabe fried the chip. All systems restored.

Our ‘closure to the job’ scene this week holds a little more weight than normal. One is story line related, the other is a reference that not everyone will catch. Walter comes to embrace (or reject depending on how you interpret it) that as Toby said, he can’t unring the bell. Meaning he can never return to the Walter O’Brien he was when this series started. The other comes from Cabe. “Need a ride John McClane”. Naturally, Walter has no idea who John McClane is. Here’s the beauty of the reference. Walter acting irrationally to save people he doesn’t even know amidst a terrorist like plot. That would be enough. But the reference is made even sweeter knowing that it’s Robert Patrick saying it. Because before Robert Patrick played the T1000, he was one of the armed bad guys disguised as worker in the Annex Skywalk who take out the SWAT team escorting John McClane down the concourse. And he even has one of those great Die Hard lines. When asked, “What do I look like to you?” Robert Patrick turns points his gun and says quite matter of factly, “Like a sitting duck.” Well player sir, well played.

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Carlos begins “Game Over” by questioning or interrogated depending on your definition, detective Dearing who took Jose and the Father and was consequently outed as an Evo last week. Eventually the detective gives up the name of the location housing kidnapped Evos. Sunstone Manor.

Noah puts Harris through an interrogation of his own. Despite being dunked under water repeatedly, Harris makes it very clear that they will not see their loved one again without his assistance. Taylor takes off to find Francis before they move him to another site, leaving Noah and Quentin to find Hiro Nakamura.

Miko gets in Evernow again pursuing the rescue of her father. The problem with that plan is that Erica’s lead scientist/engineer has his team reprogramming the game in real time to keep her off the scent. They have also coded a new ‘guardian’ of the fortress. Also, Miko can’t rescue her father from the fortress if she can’t find the fortress. Miko and Ren quickly deduce that everything in Evermore corresponds to something real in their world. And the fortress corresponds to a Renautus building.

Luke makes his way to a yacht marina. He makes a call to Joanne which she absolutely doesn’t answer. He leaves a short but telling message. He then chucks his phone into the water. Luke turn to walk down the pier when he is greeted by a yacht salesman. The man asks if he can interest Luke in a boat. Luke extends the model he and his son made, “I’ll take this one…only bigger”.

Luke: Hi honey. This is your loving husband. You know, the one you almost shot in the face? I guess there really are things you can fix with couples therapy. I was just calling to touch base. Thought I’d let you know I sold the practice. And to tell you that I burned down the house.

Back in the game, Miko is met by a massive Shogun warrior easily 2-3 times her size so she solicits Ren’s help. Together they take out this giant relatively easily.

Taylor is too late. Francis has already been moved.

Tommy feeling overwhelmed asks Emily to ‘get out of here’. She hesitates, but the pictures and trinkets in her room give him an inspiration as to where they should go. Tommy teleports both of them to a street (during a bike race) that leads to the Eiffel tower. The desired next step is to take the young woman he is very much into, up to the top of the Eiffel tower. One problem. They are scanning for Evos. He pushes forward and tries to strong arm his way in without using his power. This macho display rarely impresses the lady in question and Emily is no different. This prompts their first little puppy love fight until Tommy explains that he is destined to help save the world.

Malina finds a vending machine and attempts to jar something loose with her power. About halfway through her attempt, Luke appears. Instead of avoiding the situation, he gives it a try with his own power, but neither attempt works.

Miko materializes just in front of Harris leading Noah and Quentin through the Renautus building. She attempts to fight the trio using her sword. Eventually, she has Noah dead to rights when he begins speaking in Japanese. The conclusion of which has Noah explaining the same ‘Master of Time and Space’ that she is sent to rescue for her father, is a friend of Noah’s. Her enemy is his enemy. Alliance formed.

Luke boards a sailboat that is the actual life size doppleganger of the one he and his son made. He reveals a backpack loaded with bricks. He puts on the backpack and jumps overboard. Malina sees the whole thing go down. She instantly snaps into action using her powers to pull his body from the water. Its big and not subtle at all, drawing attention to themselves.

Noah and Quentin (and eventually Ren) walk in on the Engineer. A warning shot prompts him to yell out something to his staff. They immediately huddle up and get zapped to wherever this portal is taking those crates. The Engineer quickly spills the beans. Erica is building a better future for the select few. Hiro is not there, well not technically. Hiro is trapped in a video game.

Inside the game, Miko comes across the greyscale version of herself. The classic, ‘how can you defeat yourself’. The engineer explains how Miko isn’t real. She was built for the game. She can’t rescue Hiro because to do so she must sacrifice herself. Just before she takes a sword to the back of the skull, she sheathes her sword and returns to where Ren, Noah and Quentin are. Then they hear traffic coming down the elevator. Out walk Harris clones and a strange woman from an earlier episode. Very dark hair and pale skin. It’s Quentin’s sister, Phoebe. They quickly retreat behind a bulletproof glass wall.

Quentin decides to talk some sense to Phoebe while Noah and the rest create a distraction. They collectively take out the two Harris clones. Quentin’s words fall on deaf ears. He starts to walk away they quickly turns back to tackle her. Phoebe does not appreciate his efforts. She claims he has ruined everything. She has a purpose now. And if they release Hiro Nakamura, they all will die. As she says this she sends her Medusa like smoke tentacles down Quentin’s throat. This will eventually kill Quentin but not before Noah has his “you done good son” moment. At that moment, Miko travels back into the game.

More Harris clones and security guards appear. They all raise their guns and the first Harris clone fires. Meanwhile in Evernow, Miko uses her grayscale enemy’s arrogance to her advantage. She power slides like a 1980s hair band front man past the nemisis rises and slices her head off. With little hesitation, she drives the sword into the slot in front of a massive door. Everything in Evernow including the fortress pixelates and disappears. The bullet slows and stops inches from Noah’s head. Everything is frozen in time except Noah. He slides the bullet to the side and stands up. All the big original Heroes fans are probably squeeing at the anticipation of what comes next. A very long haired Hiro Nakamura stands before Noah.

Noah (extends his hand to Hiro’s shoulder): It’s good to see you old friend.

Hiro stands by his assertion that bending time has lasting and potentially catastrophic consequences. A short speech from Noah about what Erica Kravid has done and plans to do, turns Hiro’s opinion quickly. “I will take you back to June 13th”.

Taylor freshens up in a motel room after sneaking into her mother’s office and stealing evidence against her. She tosses a laptop on the bed an kneels in front of it. There she uploads a video of herself exposing her mother and what she’s really trying to do.

Carlos drives detective Dearing out to the Sunstone Manor. They stop short. If Dearing is to pass Carlos off as a bounty (captured Evo) they will have to switch places. Carlos agrees believing that Dearing is on board. Before they get back in the car, Dearing tells him that he needs to drink this small amount of liquid. The liquid will create the illusion to the scanners that Carlos is an Evo, which he isn’t. Seconds after ingesting the liquid, Carlos experiences intense pain. All part of Dearing’s plan .

Malina walks up on Luke who is seated at a park bench, still wet from his suicide attempt. She offers him some of her vending machine score. She asks why he tried to kill himself. He lost that thing to believe in. His reason for living. This latest act, was his way of looking for a sign. She mentions that she’s looking for something to. A person. Tommy Clark. Luke recognizes Tommy instantly. This is the sign he was looking for. When he asks why she needs to find him, she replies with, “because together we are going to save the world”. Luke sighs, stands and turns as he walks away.

Luke (walking away): We better get going.

Erica sits in her office watching Taylor’s video on a small tablet or large phone. Harris calls and Erica is already barking at him. And he hasn’t even delivered the bad news yet. She tries to convey her anger at what her daughter has done. Then Harris says something that triggers Erica to scream and throw her portable device against the wall in anger.

Erica: Where have you been Harris? We have a problem with my daughter.
Harris: We have an even bigger one. They’ve released Hiro Nakamura.

Hiro teleports Noah back to June 13th a year ago. The Odessa Summit.

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The NBC series “The Blacklist,”  could never be described as a light and breezy show, but in at least one episode per season they ratchet up the “creepy factor.”  The latest episode entitled “The Djinn” certainly qualifies for that category for a myriad of reasons, displaying how low humanity can sink when provoked by bigotry, greed and vengeance. However we also witnessed just how much these characters care for one another and that in times of need who can be counted on and who can’t.

The action begins with a middle-aged man wearing hospital scrubs marking a man’s torso displaying where all the major organs are located. An attractive young woman with a British accent climbs down a staircase and informs the man she’s got good news, his funds have cleared and he can use the facility until 9:00 am the next morning when the clean-up crew arrives.

The man starts to express his gratitude, but the woman cuts him off saying no words are necessary and then expresses sorrow for the man’s loss. The man says that the guy on the table destroyed his son by selling him drugs and the woman responds he can make the man pay for his crimes and then asks if they should wake him up? The man nods and the woman pumps something into the man on the table intravenously and says goodbye to the man in scrubs. Seconds after she leaves the man on the table wakes up and we see he’s strapped to the table and the man in scrubs grinds a carving knife and fork over him as the victim screams.

Red’s meeting with Leonard Caul the man who helped Raymond obtain the Fulcrum and he’s identified the man holding Dembe prisoner. He says the guy’s named Solomon and was born and raised in Ethiopia and for a time used as an asset by the CIA. However Solomon committed such atrocities that the Agency disavowed him and broke off contact and he’s been MIA for decades. Reddington tells Caul he needs to locate Solomon and the former CIA agent expresses his sorrow over Raymond’s associate but says the chances are between slim and none of finding them. Red tells Caul that Dembe’s far more than an associate and stresses he needs to find him.

Caul walks out the door and we realize that he and Raymond met in Aram Mojtabai’s apartment as Aram’s standing in the hallway when the former spy leaves. Mojtabai enters his apartment uneasily and doesn’t feel any relief when he sees Reddington in his living room. Aram asks if Agent Keen’s in any trouble and Lizzie walks out of his bathroom drying her hair and saying how good that shower felt. Aram runs over to her and embraces her and says he’s so glad to see her and she looks great.

Raymond halts the reunion by telling Mojtabai they need his help tracking down a woman known as the Djinn. She specializes in wish-fulfillment, usually he client’s are looking for vengeance and it’s said that if the client’s got enough money she can make any wish come true. Aram tells Red that if he helps them he’s got to inform Ressler and Raymond tells him Donald should welcome this information as the Djinn would be a huge bust for the Bureau. Mojtabai  reveals that Ressler turned down an offer of assistance by Tom, surprising Liz who didn’t realize her ex-husband’s back in the States.

Aram heads to Task Force headquarters and tells Donald of his meeting with Lizzie and Red and Ressler sends out an APB looking for them in the area. He tells Mojtabai he’s proud of him for reporting the meeting and Aram tells him Reddington wanted Ressler to know.

He then meets with Ressler and fellow agent Samar Navabi and tells them about the Djinn. He says at least two of the Djinn’s clients took vengeance on the same corporation, leaving it barely standing. We  leave that conversation and go to the building the Djinn operates in and we see her client’s a Middle-Eastern woman. The Djinn’s people bring in a man trussed up like a turkey and the Middle-Eastern woman softly says you got him, but the Djinn corrects her and says you caught him. The Middle-Eastern woman removes the bag covering the prisoner’s head and we see an elderly bald man look at the woman and we see the recognition and shock in his eyes. The woman says somethings just aren’t forgivable.

We see Dembe and Mr. Vargas on the floor of the warehouse they’re imprisoned in and Dembe’s making a scraping sound. Vargas asks him if he’s trying to torture him like their host’s are and Dembe says he’s fashioning a weapon for an attack. Vargas looks at Dembe as if he was insane and asks if he intends to attack them with a spoon, when Red’s right-hand man shows that he’s honed the spoon’s handle into a sharp  blade.

Vargas says he counted four guards and at best Dembe will take out two of them before they kill him. Dembe says so be it, once Solomon realizes he can’t break Dembe he’ll go after his daughter and granddaughter. If he’s dead they’ll have no reason to harm them.

Samar and Donald have connected the Djinn with Azeri Financial, a corporation facing a hostile takeover, whose CEO Bahram Bakhash just got kidnapped at gunpoint. We see security video of the kidnapping and it’s the same bald man that the Djinn handed over to the Middle-Eastern woman.

Raymond and Keen are hiding in a Broadway theater owned by an old friend of his. He tells Lizzie that the woman that owns the theater convinced Red to bankroll a play she wanted to direct and star in back in 1991. Unfortunately the subject-matter was far too deep for a Broadway audience captivated by the musical Cats. Lizzie’s cellphone rings and the Djinn sets up a meet for the next morning at 9:00 am. Raymond and an associate will try to tail Lizzie and intercept the Djinn, but the process doesn’t work out as easily as Reddington hopes. Before they finish talking Red makes Lizzie promise that she won’t contact Tom as it will put her in great danger.

Tom’s back at the Chinese restaurant studying the file Harold Cooper gave him on the Russian spy Karakurt. Cooper told him that the spy’s allegedly had extensive plastic surgery since he set Lizzie up last season and Keen’s studying photographs with a magnifying glass.

The next morning Liz arrives at the park bench in Astoria that she’s supposed to meet the Djinn at, when she hears a phone strapped to the underside of the bench ring. Keen picks up the phone and the Djinn tells he to walk across the street and slip through a gap in the fence then follow the trail till she reaches a group of port-a-potties. Keen follow the instructions and steps into one of the portable toilets, when Reddington and his associate arrive seconds later they find the structure has no back wall and Lizzie’s now in a car on a way to meet with the woman.

Samar goes to Azeri Financial to interview Hannid Bakhash the old man’s son and in charge of the company while his father’s missing. Hannid tells Navabi his father’s a very religious man and well-loved in his community and he can’t imagine why anybody would want to harm them. He tells Navabi that they emigrated to the States after their mother got killed during the Iran/Iraq war. He and his sister were very young and he raised them single-handedly.

We head to the woman whose holding Bakhash as a prisoner’s home and we see her nailing the old man’s arms to a wooden cross. She says you may consider this barbaric father, but it’s no worse than what you did to me.

Liz meets with the Djinn in a very ornate tent and the Djinn’s aware of whom Lizzie is and says you’re our first client who’s a wanted fugitive and then asks Keen her wish. Liz tells the Djinn she got set-up and she wants vengeance on all who wronged her. The Djinn says that’s not her real wish and if she can’t reveal it then their meetings over.

Navabi interviews Bakhash’s daughter Nasim and she tells Samar that she knows nothing at all  about her father’s company. Navabi asks her if her father discussed a hostile takeover bid and Nasim says that her father never discusses business with her and she expects Samar to relate to how Arabic women get treated as second-class citizens in their culture. Navabi admits she’s aware but says she took control of her life long ago, Nasim tells her that Samar’s far braver than her and the meeting ends.

Vargas comes back from a torture session and the two guards say it’s Dembe’s turn but first they want him to pull up his pant’s leg and show them his weapon. Dembe turns to Vargas who says I had to give them something and Dembe grabs the far smaller man and whacks him in face twice before one of the guards pulls him off Vargas. However Vargas then removes a stone from the wall where the spoon’s actually hidden and stabs one of the guards with it while Dembe snaps the other guards neck. The two leave the building and steal a truck to escape.

Red and Liz have used the tracking device that Keen attached to the Djinn’s shoe and they’ve located where she lives. The home’s a middle-class dwelling far less expensive than what a woman of the Djinn’s financial means should be living in. When she comes to the door Raymond looks at her and says she’s not the Djinn.

The woman actually named Alice tells Liz and Red that she used to be a model and spokesperson at car show’s but she caught the Djinn’s fancy. Most of their clientele are men who like dealing with an attractive woman and soon Alice became the face of the company. Reddington says that if she gives them the name of the Djinn he can arrange for her to take over the operation.

Back in Nasim’s bedroom she’s telling her father how long she dreamed of this moment to repay him for what he did to her. He says he did it to save her life, but she says he did it because she disgusted him. She then tells the old man about her escapades as the Djinn and she says she saved enough money to buy her own company. That company New Castle Financial just got approval of Azeri Financial to buy out his company.

Reddington and Keen arrive at Nasim’s home but she’s not on the premises. They do however find the old man and remarkably he’s still alive. Lizzie tells Red to call 911 while she frees the old man from the wooden structure.

Vargas sits in the passenger seat of the truck as Dembe returns to the vehicle with a newspaper in his hands and starts flipping through it as soon as he sits down. Vargas asks what he’s doing and Dembe tells him he’s looking at the classifieds. Dembe zeroes in on an ad from somebody selling a tuba-valve and says that’s it now we can contact Reddington. Vargas smiles and says that’s what I’ve waited to hear and shoots Dembe in his side with a pistol, then grabs the paper and exits the truck. A crowd realizes Dembe’s wounded and starts crowding around the vehicle.

Liz is bandaging the old man’s wounds when Nasim enters the room, Raymond asks her to join them and the pistol in his hand convinces her to down. Reddington then reveals the heinous act her father committed. Nasim was born Nasir, Bakhash’s oldest son but he was gay. The old man was so repulsed he kidnapped his son and forced him to undergo a sex-change operation. She says because I liked men you made me a second-class citizen in our culture.

The 911 operator recognized Red’s voice and a software voice recognition confirmed it was him so along with  the ambulance, police and the FBI arrive trying to capture Liz and Raymond. However Red’s arranged for a helicopter to fly Keen and Reddington to freedom. He tells Nasim that there’s room for her in the chopper in exchange for the leather binder she keeps all the Djinn’s client-base in.

The three of them walk to the chopper with Reddington holding the binder. Raymond and Liz join Alice and the pilot in the craft. but Keen tells Nasim she’s not going with them. She cries out she kept her end of the bargain, but Lizzie says her deal was with Red. He looks at her smiles, shrugs his shoulders and says women then throws the binder on the ground as the chopper takes off.

Tom’s done some digging and found out that one of Karakurt’s associate’s a wealthy young man named Asher Sutton. He says Sutton’s a trust-fund baby with a taste for low-life criminal types, he says to Cooper if he can intrigue Sutton with a story the two will become fast friends and he hangs out late-nights at this underground gambling joint.

Keen hones his story and arrives looking sharp at the gambling joint and shares his story with the crowd. Sutton realizes Keen’s lying but that only intrigues him more and he invites Tom to go and have something to eat with him.

Red’s sitting in the theater with the woman who owns it laughing and sharing a bottle of bubbly when Leonard Caul arrives with a grim expression on his face. He takes Red to the warehouse where they had held Dembe but it’s abandoned, but they see Dembe’s blood on the concrete floor.

Our last scene’s Vargas on his cellphone. He calls Solomon and tells him now they’ve got a way to track down Reddington. The screen fades to black.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

An Angel approaches a demon in a bar, after each displayed threatening gestures towards the other guy they sit down together and share a drink.  Both express disdain at how ineffective their management’s been at combatting the Darkness. The demon says that the King Of Hell’s just dithering about doing who know what and the Angel complains that since Hannah died Heaven’s been a “Suck-Sandwich.” That succinctly sums up the state of affairs in the “Supernatural” universe in the third episode of season eleven. Because to borrow from Bob Dylan something is happening and you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Crowley?

Once again the King Of Hell tries to exploit a situation only to see it become far too complicated for him to handle. Last season Crowley attempted to guide Dean Winchester when he went dark-side, before he realized he couldn’t control the man he claimed as his “Bestie.” As the series’ new campaign gets rolled out, Crowley’s trying to cultivate an alliance with Amara the little girl who embodies the Darkness. By the conclusion of this episode the King Of Hell’s starting to realize he’s dealing with a lot more than he bargained for.

We  start out the evening with the first appearance of Crowley’s mother and the self-proclaimed most powerful witch on the planet Rowena. She lights a candle and then dramatically says

“They shall know us far and wide and fear us and we’ll be known as the Mega-Coven”

The camera pans back to reveal three witches standing in front of her. She explains to the three women that she’s attempting to one-up the Grand-Coven that’s been stuck in neutral since their High Priestess disappeared last year. The other three witches are far from impressed by Rowena and she tries to dazzle them by saying she killed her own son the King Of Hell. The three women laugh and one says that a friend of hers struck a deal with Crowley the previous afternoon. Rowena’s furious when she hears the news.

The trio tell their hostess they don’t think much of her or her idea of a Mega-Coven and start to leave. Rowena recites an incantation and soon the women’s skin starts getting blotchy, they scream and then disintegrate.

We see Dean back in the Darkness with the adult version of Amara, it’s just a flashback as he thinks back to seeing the tiny Mark Of Cain on the baby and on the woman. He recalls her telling him that they’re bound together, he helps her and she helps him. Suddenly Sam’s voice brings him back to the present as they’re in the Men Of Letters Building talking about the Darkness with a manacled Castiel.

The spell that Rowena cast in last year’s season finale’s getting tougher and tougher for Cas to fight off, hence him being in chains. They’ve got two beings they’re trying to locate, Rowena so she removes the spell from the Angel and Metatron whom they hope has some knowledge of the Darkness as he was God’s scribe. Suddenly Castiel goes into a seizure and falls on the floor. He blacks out and he’s back in control when he comes to he says he felt like he was a tomato in a blender set to purée.

The King Of Hell’s informed by one of his minions that they’ve located Rowena and Crowley sends the lackey out to execute her. Amara’s sitting at a desk with a laptop, her nanny informs Crowley that the girl’s watching Hitler’s speeches translated into English. She says it’s remarkable how much she’s picked up considering she was in diapers a week before. Crowley asks the child if she wants anything and she says she just wants the King Of Hell to protect her from God. She says the last time he locked her away, when Crowley asks her how he did that she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Crowley tells her as long as she’s with him she’s safe from God.

Rowena tries a recruiting lunch at a restaurant with two more witches from the Grand-Coven they’re just as unimpressed with her plans as the three other women were. Then Rowena asks if she mentioned she owns the Book Of The Damned and the codex? Their interest now piqued one woman asks if Megan-Coven members get use of the Book while the other asks if she could be an officer in the Mega-Coven? Rowena starts to smile but it’s short-lived as Crowley’s lackey dressed as a waiter slits one of the witches throats. Rowena utters an incantation then runs into the kitchen blocking the demon from following her by clogging it with tables and chairs and she escapes.

Little Amara stands in front of a full-length mirror and her adult self appears on the other  side. The grown-up Amara tells the youngster she must remain focused and that she represents what the child will become. She then tells the child that they’re mightier than God, Crowley walks into the room and just sees Amara staring at her reflection.

Dean and Sam read about Rowena’s incident at the Café Elta in Denver, and use their FBI  shields to interview the remaining witch that the police got in custody. Once they’re alone with her in the room they cut right to the chase, telling the woman they know she’s a witch that she’d been at lunch with Rowena and the King Of Hell’s looking to execute his mother. They coerce the woman to use a tracking spell to locate Rowena and she sees her packing her bags as she’s trying to flee town.

Crowley tells Amara that he’s got two gifts for her, the first’s a frilly pink party-dress in her size with a blood stain on the front. The other’s  a children’s pop-up book about a bunny, the child smiles and says she prefers the book she got from her Nanny. Dante’s Inferno in the original Italian.

Amara tells Crowley she’s hungry and the Nanny comes over with a pastry cart full of treats. The child gets up from her chair and holds out her arms to hug her Nanny and the young woman bends down to hug her when Amara sucks out the Nanny’s soul leaving her meat-suit lifeless on the floor.

Rowena’s wearing a platinum-blonde wig as she waits in the parking lot with her suitcases for a taxi. The cab arrives and the driver’s wearing a cap that’s pulled down but it doesn’t  take Rowena long to realize its Dean and she flicks her wrist and he’s thrown against a wall. Just then Sam arrives and puts witch-proof handcuffs on her, she says he knows these don’t hold her for long and he responds they’ll hold her long enough for their purposes.

Crowley’s trying to endear himself to Amara and keeps providing a series of demons for her to consume their souls. The King Of Hell sits next to her looking pleased and the child says that God created a world where people suffer and they die and asks why people would want to live like that? Crowley says that together they can reconstruct the world and turn everybody evil. Amara looks at him quizzically and asks if that’s what he really wants? Crowley contemplates that for a minute then says his greatest satisfaction’s watching greed and want turn people evil. Amara says it’s more than about Heaven and Hell and people and Crowley asks her what else is there? She says he’s missing the big picture and says she’s hungry again.

Rowena and “THE BOYS” arrive the Men Of Letters building and Dean tells Sam to grab Castiel so Rowena can break the spell. When Sam leaves the room the witch says to Dean that he forgot to thank her for removing the Mark Of Cain from his arm. Dean’s eyes get dark and she asks what’s troubling him so  and what did Dean Winchester unleash upon the world? We realize she’s clueless about the Darkness.

Sam returns saying that Cas escaped and the three of them get into the Impala and track the Angel via the GPS on his cellphone. Rowena says that if Sam kept his word that they wouldn’t be  on this ridiculous chase and Dean asks what she’s referring to. Always enjoying stirring up a hornet’s nest the witch tells Dean that Sam promised to kill Crowley if she rid Dean of the Mark. It looks like the brother’s are going to get into another argument about keeping secrets, when they locate Cas.

The Angel’s looking rough as he walks through an alley. We see a young woman walking through the same area and she turns around to see Castiel standing behind her and growling. The woman tries to flee but every door she sees is locked until she’s lucky enough to find a steel-reinforced door to  a warehouse unlocked and she hides in their and locks the door. Castiel soon realizes where she’s hiding and he’s able to bash down the door and get into the building.

The lackey that failed to kill Rowena’s now Amara’s new nanny complete with apron. Crowley tells him he’s doing a remarkable job, but the lackey tries to get reassigned. The King Of Hell says his choices are staying in his present position or roast on a spit for all of eternity. He then tells the nanny that they’re going to cut back  on Amara’s soul-intake as they don’t want her growing too fast. He tells the lackey that it’s his job to break the news to the child.

Sam Dean and Rowena are in the alley looking for Cas when they hear a repeating banging sound coming from one of the building’s and Dean takes off to investigate it telling Rowena and Sam to follow him. The witch says she can’t do any running in heels.

Castiel finds the woman and at this point the Angel’s lost  all  control and he’s like a raging animal. He grabs the young woman by the throat and starts choking her but Dean shows up a couple of seconds later and somehow talks Cas into letting the woman go. After she runs away Dean tries to calm the Angel down but Cas starts mercilessly pummeling Dean until we hear Rowena’s voice utter the first word of her incantation.

She stands there silently and Sam holds a pistol to her head saying the gun’s got witch-killing bullets in the chambers. She completes the recitation and Cas falls to the floor unconscious. As Dean rushes to his side Rowena makes her escape.

Back in the Men Of Letters Building Dean’s holding an ice-bag against his bruised and swollen face and trying to kill the pain with beer. Cas says that there aren’t words to express how sorry he is. Dean says none are needed as it was the spell that Rowena cast on him that made him attack Dean.

The final scene’s in Crowley’s throne-room as he walks in and sees the dead body of the nanny lying on the floor. He walks into Amara’s room and she’s morphed again this time into a teenager of about 13. She tells Crowley that she’s hungry and he says she’ll get fed soon, but first they need to talk. Amara glares at Crowley and repeats that she said she was hungry and the screen fades to black.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.