The Last Ship: Let Slip The Dogs Of War

Courtesy of TNT
Courtesy of TNT

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Slattery, Gator, and Foster brainstorm over what is the best course of action pertaining to the pursuit of Ramsey’s sub. These thoughts are tactical in nature, but after what happened last episode (Valkyrie), Tom Chandler is no longer interested in the slow strategic approach.

Chandler: NO. We’re not hiding any longer and we’re not waiting for Ramsey to make the first move. If that sub is waiting for us in the mouth of the river, we go around. Attack her on from the flank. This ends today.

Granderson, makes known in no uncertain terms that she is not exactly thrilled with Valerie’s attitude. Despite Granderson’s direct demands to knowing what side Valerie’s on, Valerie pushes through, attempting to reconnect to the Valkyrie network.

President Michener paces in his oval-like office as Chandler briefs him on the current situation. They will be monitoring everything Val does, but with the understanding that Chandler believes they have won her over to the good guys. They still have no sonar, but the Engineering team is working to fix that, even if it’s only temporary. When their fix is done, they will be running ten times the current the system was designed for. So, the system could burn out in as early as mere minutes. Michener is not exactly pleased. It should be noted, that I like others, are still somewhat skeptical of Michener. He may have the right intentions, but his body language at times suggests that he might not be all in.

Chandler takes this moment as an opportunity to present the next step of the immediate plan. The biggest factor of this plan is instituting Chandler’s own version of the “Designated Survivor”. Instead of picking someone in the line of succession to be absent from whatever this is, Chandler conveys to Michener that he, along with Slattery, Dr. Scott and a few other key people will be removed from the Nathan James, guarded by the ships most experienced operatives, to ensure that the line of succession (namely President Michener) stays intact.

Granderson and Val brief the leadership on what they’ve found from connecting back into the Valkyrie network. Several phones have been plotted to show a deliberate attempt at a blockade. Based on the chatter they’re hearing, Ramsey has the immunes and civilians working side by side. Burk suggests taking three operatives and some RPG’s and they could single-handedly take out the blockade. Michener interjects that no civilians are to be fired upon under any circumstances. There is a visible desire of retaliation behind Burk’s eyes, but Chandler jumps in to support the President’s comment. Val, of all people in the room, suggests another tactic. She can’t disable the network, but she could very easily, engage in a misinformation campaign to throw the civilians off their scent. With Val’s idea, the risky window of available sonar, this could be their only and best shot.

The team prepares to separate the “Designated Survivors”. Green and Foster meet in a hallway in the ship, seemingly alone. At first they are professional. If my experience with my own wife and multiple pregnancies are any indication, even the strongest of sailors could not possibly handle the rigors of what might be approaching third trimester pregnancy, the loss of friends, the pressure of sinking a sub and the prospect of losing the father of her child. I said out loud to my wife, what’s the probability she says “don’t let me raise this child on my own”? Just as they begin to part ways, cue the passionate retreat. Father at belly height, then a heart-felt kiss later, they depart in different directions successfully this time.

Chandler and Slattery share some parting words. Chandler standing resolute with the mission at hand. Slattery mildly disappointed he won’t be on board when they sink the sub. Then Chandler hands him a folded envelope and says only, “for my family”, on the relatively slim reality that Chandler may not make it out of this scrape alive.

Val sets up on the bridge and begins sending out her messages of misinformation. With Granderson watching her like a hawk. Within seconds, they get reply messages confirming the civilians are on the move to intercept the Nathan James in an area where the Nathan James does not intend to be. Not only are the civilians falling for it, it appears that Ramsey is as well.

With no civilians in sight, Chandler wants to test their new rigged sonar. Meanwhile, Tex tries to put a visibly stressed Dr. Scott at ease. Before there can be a response to this awkwardly accurate sentiment, Burk notices two civilians. One of which seems to be a sick child. Against her better judgment for the mission at hand, Dr. Scott jets out of the tent to help the child. Before she can get there, a father figure jumps out to prevent the help. Eventually, he lowers his rifle. This is the painfully awkward part. The breathing the cure on an infected person is just difficult to witness. The mother seems almost angry at the sight. “I thought you were going to cure her?” Dr. Scott looks up to claim that she has already cured the child, merely by breathing on her.

The family was not without gratitude and to show their appreciation, they offered up some second-hand intel. They heard a couple British people from the sub talking about bringing along a very large weapon to sink the ship. For fear of giving away the Nathan James’ position, the ground team has gone dark. Green suggests they try to take out whatever this is themselves.

Val has been flooding the network with her misinformation campaign. And while it seemed like a smart idea, it was too much too fast. And Sean Ramsey knows it. Garnett fires up the rigged sonar but only for a moment. The sub hears the ping but doesn’t recognize it as sonar. Chandler readies TAO for a firing solution. With no movement and the ship moving dangerously slow, Chandler channels his inner Zen. Chandler orders the ship to steer right at the same time Ramsey believes they are close. Chandler orders another quick sonar sweep. Ramsey orders prop movement. This allows both parties to realize that the Nathan James is literally sitting on top of the sub.

Chandler: We can’t fire with them right below us. COME TO FULL POWER. ALL ENGINES AHEAD FLANK THREE!

Both vessels move ahead full. The Nathan James is turning while the sub attempts to match course. Chandler is gambling on the sub’s inexperience in the hopes they’ll move too fast. As the sub makes for the trench with all haste, Chandler orders the engines in full reverse. Just then, the sonar gives out and Chandler calls for all engines full. The sub dives with fish in the water. Mid dive, it appears at least one of the fish hit something. No time to celebrate though, as the sub had fired its own. The Nathan James takes a hit. They need to seal affected compartments, which could involve locking down Garnett, Jeter and O’Connor.

With only surface weapons, the Nathan James is forced to make this a surface fight. The sub was hit, but the severity is unknown. What is known, is that they are forced to lift to periscope depth.

Slattery, Green and Tex find the big something the Ramsey’s hope to use to sink the Nathan James. What look like to this novice as a four pack of surface to air missiles at the ready. Slattery can see from their vantage point that the Nathan James is leaking black smoke. An indication they’ve already been hit.

Slattery: What’d you do Tommy? Ok, here’s the plan boys. Win.
Tex: Good plan.

Green creates a distraction that brings half of their seven out. In short order they are widdled down to half of their group. Green takes a shot to the middle of his vest, but Tex takes that guy out. It’s now three on three. One of their two hits Slattery in his left shoulder. One of their men circles around to finish off Slattery, who catches him by surprise. The annoying cockney usually on board the sub takes to the controls. A one-armed, limping Slattery takes out his cover. By my math, that leaves 3 on 1, with their one unprotected. My math was wrong. A fourth emerges, but Tex takes him out in close quarters. At that moment, Slattery , with his good arm removes the man at the controls.

The sub surfaces. The sub and the Nathan James will now commence the surface fight. Meanwhile, Slattery is in a fight of his own. The man at the controls fights back, ultimately getting Slattery in a defensive position. Green takes out a guy resurging and Tex snaps the neck of his combatant. With the bad guy’s finger pressing into Slattery’s wound, Slattery finds the focus to pull his knife and penetrate it into his opponent’s torso.

Chandler maneuvers but is unable to find a clear shot. Ramsey puts the sub into position and has a clean shot. Instruments indicate the sub is preparing to fire. Just as it seems like Chandler’s gamble will not pay off. Something big and destructive impacts the sub. How you like ‘dem apples Sean Ramsey? Slattery, injured but not without focus, took the controls of Sean Ramsey’s big secret weapon and pierced him with it. Chaos befalls the sub. Lt. Foster and XO Slattery take turns firing on the sub from their different vantage points. The sub sinks and it falls to pieces. And to that end, XO Mike Slattery gets his well deserved moment.

Tyrant: Molly And Leila Save The Day

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The mythical Middle-Eastern nation of Abbudin depicted in the FX Network’s Original Series “Tyrant,” has turned the tide in their war against the Caliphate Army, destroying the invaders central command post in a joint effort with the Red Hand. The mission that seemed doomed to failure, succeeded due to the efforts of two women Molly and Leila Al Fayeed, who put aside their personal differences to save Abbudin and Molly’s husband Barry. The penultimate episode of the show’s second season, moved quickly. The first ten episodes provided plenty of explanation to what led us to the decisions that determined the moves made in this chapter, hence a lean, tight and satisfying night that set-up the season finale to end the season in strong fashion.

We start out at the safe-house that the Caliphate Army leadership are hiding out, Ihab Rashid’s looking at photos of members of the Red Hand, that got killed in the attack by the Caliphate. Abu Omar walks into the room and asks Rashid what he’s doing and Ihab replies he’s trying to see if Khalil’s among the dead. Omar tells him to stop obsessing about Khalil and to get his mind focused on the big picture, defeating Jamal and taking over Abbudin.

Rashid responds that perhaps Abu would feel differently if his wife got killed by Khalil, Omar ignores the reply and tells Ihab Rashid that he’s going to visit his brother for a few days. This leaves Rashid in charge in Omar’s absence.

Jamal meets with Colonel Mahmoud about the military situation and Mahmoud says that things don’t look good for the home-team. He says the Caliphate Army’s bringing in reinforcements and Abbudin sits with less than half the soldiers they need to defeat the invaders. He then tells the President that he’s had conversations with his counter-part in a neighboring country and that nation’s President offers Jamal and his extended family political-asylum. Jamal asks the Colonel if he’s suggesting that he run away and Mahmoud says he’s just offering an alternative solution.

Other than having the ability to follow orders, it’s difficult to figure why Mahmoud chose a career in the military, as the man’s practically afraid of his own shadow. The thought of him being a brave leader on the battlefield’s rather ludicrous and if military strategy’s his strength, he’s yet to display it for the viewers. Perhaps his sense of self-preservation has led to his leadership position, causing him to smother any internal moral qualms and carry-out any orders given to him.

Jamal tells Mahmoud that he’s not a coward and they are staying in Abbudin. His secretary calls from the intercom, informing him that Molly’s here to see him. He tells the secretary that Mahmoud will show her in, the Colonel leaves the office as Jamal’s sister-in-law walks in.

Molly cuts straight to the chase and tells her that Barry’s alive and he’s the man that Jamal believes is Khalil. They are on their way to the Caliphate command center, to knock out their anti-artillery weapons. He needs to release Rami and send forces over to help Barry and the Red Hand. Jamal doesn’t believe her, even when she tells him that he substituted another man for Barry in the hanging and left Barry in the desert. He starts choking Molly and asks how General Said’s spreading these lies from his prison cell?

Leila walks into the midst of this and screams to her husband to let Molly go, which he does immediately. Molly storms from the room and starts to leave the palace when Leila pulls her into an office and asks if Barry’s really alive. She quickly convinces her sister-in-law that Barry’s still alive and then asks if Leila can get Rami released from his cell. Jamal’s wife starts to tear-up but she says she thinks she can, then realizes she doesn’t have the funds to pay Colonel Solomon’s soldiers. Molly says she’s got the solution to that problem.

Barry and the Red Hand get to the Caliphate Army command center and they overtake the guards at the base camp and are ready to take out the anti-aircraft artillery, when Barry gets a radio message from Halima. She tells them the military’s not coming to back them up, so return to camp. Unfortunately it’s too late to do that as they find Caliphate soldiers on all sides of them.

The soldier in charge of the base camp calls Ihab Rashid and tells them about the Red Hand attack and Rashid tells him to stand-down until he arrives. The soldier disagrees with Rashid’s tactics, but Ihab insists they stop shooting until he gets there. Abu Omar’s wife overhears the call and asks if Rashid should call her husband and ask his advice, Ihab Rashid says they don’t need to trouble him.

Molly heads to the military airport and talks to Colonel Solomon, whose in the process along with his men of leaving Abbudin and heading to their next mission in Africa. She presents him with a money-wire for ten million dollars, to pay for him and his soldiers to take out the Caliphate Army and save her husband. Solomon says as much as he’d love to take her money, with Rami Said in jail they lack a commander. Right then a car pulls up and Rami and Mahmoud come out, Solomon puts the money-wire in his bag and tells Molly it looks like he’s working for her.

Barry gets another radio message from Halima, this time telling him that Molly fixed everything and the military’s on its way. Sammy gets on the radio and tells his father he’s glad he’s safe and that he loves him, Barry has to get off the radio as Siddiq summons him. Ihab Rashid’s shown up at the base-camp and he calls out for Khalil to surrender and the Caliphate Army will spare the rest of his men.

Barry says if he gives himself up, perhaps he can buy some time for the military to arrive. Siddiq tells him that for them to succeed they need a leader and Marwan stands up and identifies himself as Khalil. He comes down to Rashid, who questions that such a young man could be a military leader. Marwan replies his generation wants to dictate their own fate, not have it dictated to them by barbarians.

Rashid grabs Marwan by the hair and pulls a knife out and says that Khalil killed his wife and left her to die alone and he dare call him a barbarian? Rashid realizes at that point that Marwan’s pretending to be Khalil, right then Abu Omar steps out of a car and asks Rashid what’s going on? He asks if Marwan’s Khalil and Ihab responds that he isn’t and Omar shoots Marwan in the face and has Rashid taken to a jail cell. He then orders the soldiers to resume fighting.

Abu Omar walks over to Rashid’s cell and Ihab apologizes for exceeding his authority and going after Khalil when Omar told him to ignore him. He says he won’t do something like that again and Omar confirms that he’s correct. Ihab gets nervous at that point and starts talking about his importance in any victory the Caliphate Army have in Abbudin. Abu Omar and his aide leave the cell as Rashid starts screaming, the aide says that most of the men support him. Omar smiles and says he’ll release him as soon as Rashid remembers whose in charge.

We arrive at one of those magical scenes, when we have to give the show-runners some creative license. Barry and Siddiq are alone in the remains of a shelter, with their backs to each other, wiping out battalions between the two of them, without even dodging a bullet. Lets remember that Barry’s a doctor from Pasadena approaching middle-age and Siddiq doesn’t resemble a soldier, but they look like skilled marksman. Barry falls backwards for a couple of seconds and then suddenly hears aircraft engines, choppers are overhead and knocking down Caliphate soldiers like bowling pins.

Leila meets with Ahmed and begs her son to forgive her for the way she’s lived her life. Ahmed at first wants nothing to do with her, but she reveals that Barry’s alive and she went behind Jamal’s back and got Rami released. She says she needs his help and wants Ahmed to replace Jamal as the President of Abbudin.

Abu Omar and his aide prepare to leave the base camp and they are about to release Ihab Rashid, when bombs start dropping all around them. The two men get back in their vehicle and leave, Rashid’s cell gets hit with a bomb seconds later and all we see is smoke and debris.

A plane lands and the first two men to exit are Rami and Solomon. Rami goes straight to Barry and says that they should regain control of the country by the following evening. Barry smiles sadly and says he arrived with 40 men and women and there’s just four of them left, so it doesn’t feel like a victory. He tells Rami he’s going to set-up a field-hospital to treat the wounded and have Sammy join him.

Jamal’s ignorant of all that’s transpired over the last few hours as he meets with Mahmoud and another high-ranking military official, who advises the President that Abbudin can hold on against the Caliphate Army for three weeks tops. Leila and Ahmed walk into the meeting and excuse themselves for interrupting, but tell Jamal they need to talk to him privately.

Leila tells her husband that Molly wasn’t lying and Barry’s still alive. Ahmed hands his father a cellphone with a message from Barry to Molly and Sammy in case he died in the battle. We hear Barry telling his family that when he decided to join the Red Hand, he realized that he couldn’t remain as Khalil, he’d have to reveal that Bassam Al Fayeed’s still alive.

Leila tells her husband that he didn’t kill his brother, but the guilt he felt poisoned his mind and kept him from trusting anybody. She then tells Jamal about releasing Rami and the battles they’ve won and soon Abbudin will be at peace and under his rule once again.

When Leila and Ahmed leave Jamal, Leila says they did a great job. She then tells Ahmed that it’s time to get Jamal out of the mix and for Ahmed to rule Abbudin. She tells her son she’ll come up with a plan.

Barry and Sammy are treating patients at the field hospital, when they bring a man in on a stretcher that looks near death. He’s lost an arm and an eye and he tells Barry to keep his hands off him. It’s Ihab Rashid and Sammy says they should just let him die, for all the people he slaughtered. Barry looks at his son and says they’re going to save him, he says I’m through with killing.

The Season Finale Airs Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on FX.

The Last Ship: Here. I. Am.

Photo Courtesy of TNT
Photo Courtesy of TNT

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Nathan James and their Cobra team try to pick of the proverbial pieces in the aftermath of Sean Ramsey’s little charade in New Orleans. Cobra team continues to pull bodies out of the water who would prefer to be saved by anyone else. The Nathan James is picking up audio from all around and the overwhelming consensus is the Ramsey ploy has worked…for now.

Shortly thereafter, the Nathan James picks up a broadcast intended for everyone. Sean Ramsey himself spewing more and more deliberate lies in an effort to win the loyalty of the people suffering. Every sentence is a lie. The message is difficult to take and all those on the Nathan James observing it seem to have a difficult time keeping their cool. He does however, reference that the Commander of the Nathan James has ‘stolen’ the President. This prompts President Michener to volunteer to speak to the people about the truth. The truth about the Ramsey’s, Chandler, and the Nathan James. Just as soon as they take over Ramsey’s network that is. Like most of us, I am giving President Michener the benefit of the doubt, even if he’s given numerous small hints to the notion that he might not be completely on-board.

Cobra team continues on the beach tending to the wounded. Tex uses a handheld device to measure the strength of the network’s signal. Flea claims the signal is strongest based on whose phone is closest by. Suggesting that each phone works as a signal extender. Tex finds the signal to get stronger near Flea. Then quickly realizes the signal is 100% off shore behind Flea. Off in the distance is a ling of seagulls sitting in the water in a perfect line. I’d love to think it’s the sub, but that would be too easy.

The Nathan James sends out a UAV to search for the source of the signal. Meanwhile, President Michener begins recording his address to the people. FDR’s Pearl Harbor Address or JFK’s Inaugural it is not, but it is a moving address considering the circumstances.

The UAV reports back that the signal is emitting from an oil rig in the middle of the water. From all appearances, there is no one on the rig. Cobra team descends on the rig quickly and quietly. They find the communication center in short order. However, there is a snag. While plenty is can be sent this way, Granderson has found no existence of the use of Bluetooth. Then a figure pops out of a hatch and tries the run. The truly funny part is that she pulled a handgun on Cobra team. Each member of which could take her out before she even decided to do something with her little handgun. The girl in the red hair is Valkyrie.

With weapons at the ready, Chandler begins to question Valkyrie (or Valerie) about what she thinks she knows. Why is it always the brilliant ones who think they need to spread the ‘truth’? Valkyrie believes that Ramsey is right and that there is a great conspiracy enacted by the U.S. Government. Chandler laughs it off as a ridiculous conspiracy theory by suggesting she left out the part about the aliens from space. Eventually, she listens long enough to hear Chandler ask her to upload the video on the flash drive, where she will hear the truth. This brilliant tool of a wasted mind refuses to assist. So, with the help of Engineer Chang and Lt. Granderson, Chandler gives the order to tear it all down.

Meanwhile on the beach, the transition of the doctored video has been released again. Flea sees it, then notices someone else in the crowd seeing it. He quickly runs over the crowd and points out that the men helping are Navy. This nonsense does exactly what it was intended to. Draws men with guns to turn their attention towards the Viper team and gives Flea an opportunity to escape. The team does what it has to in order to escape, but as Tex put it, he did get “shot in the ***”.

An unidentified civilian boat approaches the rig at some speed. They don’t have much time to react once they’ve discovered a guy in the back with a shoulder mounted RPG. The RPG hits causing a huge explosion with someone engulfed in flames. It then circles the rig. The Nathan James redirects the hero towards the rig. The explosion has even affected the group holding Valkyrie. Granderson looks like she’s in bad shape, Walker appears to be dead and Valkyrie makes a run for it with Chandler on her heels. To make matters worse, there is a natural gas leak that needs to be dealt with. Just as the boat makes its third pass and the man with the RPG reloads for another shot, the helo arrives and takes out the boat with minimal effort. The entire rig is acting like the meteor in Armageddon. Explosions at random all over the rig.

Back on the Nathan James there is chaos as the injuries start coming in. Chang and Ravit on stretchers. Granderson bleeding from her head. Tex shot, but more than happy to get in the back of the line. Granderson and Garnett had a front row seat to watch the lights go out on Lt. Andy Chung. Along the way, Chandler observes all of this under a delusional haze…then he collapses. Chandler took some shrapnel and is bleeding internally.

Sean Ramsey hears the news that some random Americans caught wind that there were Navy personnel on the rig and took it upon themselves to blow it to Kingdom Come. Sean is not angry or even disappointed. In his mind, the message is out and the tide is turning.

Dr. Scott has Chandler stabilized. How long he’ll be out is uncertain. But there are bigger issues of immediate concern. Ravit has some sort of metal shrapnel that’s lodged in her abdomen. The body language alone from those tending to her is not good. Burk hobbles over in time to see it protruding through her back. Regardless of what her intentions for him or his intentions for her may have been, it seems this story of flirtatious resistance might just come to an early end. Burk doesn’t hesitate to attempt to put her frantic concerns at ease. The flirting continues but without the resistance. They all know it’s over, they fight it when her shortness of breath kicks in but eventually the realization washes over everyone. Starting with Ravit. When Dr. Milowsky calls it, the emotions wash over Burk and Wolf.

Dr. Scott tends the Captain’s wounds after he’s come out of his haze. She makes a comment about still possessing the ability to use her skills for good, I rather liked that moment. Then Chandler asks about Ravit. She informs him that he almost became the fifth Sailor lost on this day. His progress from then to now, was a little touch ‘n go. The Captain refuses to go under for surgery for obvious reasons. His stubbornness only opens the door for a human moment between these two. A sentiment that has been missing since the Niels investigation. Chandler thanks her sincerely and she departs.

Everyone able, Chandler and Valkyrie included, attend a ceremony headed by CMC Jeter. In reverence to the fallen Sailors. Jeter puts their memory and their service front and center and finishes each line with the same three words, “and still we answer the call, here I am. Today we grieve, but tomorrow we answer the call. Here I am.”

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Valkyrie stands up and approaches a clearly wounded Captain. He went back for her because they need her. And in some way wanted her to see firsthand who they are. She admits that despite her hubris, there is still a lot she doesn’t know. Chandler formally asks for her help. Fade to black before she can answer.

Mr. Robot: What Is Real?

Photo Courtesy Of USA
Photo Courtesy Of USA

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We begin with a flashback to 1994. Elliot’s Dad is working in a small store front repairing computers and selling hardware. A customer comes in to accuse young Elliot (who is not present) of stealing money from him. The customer is insulting to put it bluntly. When he demands to get his money back, Mr. Robot declines. The customer has some ugly things to say but eventually leaves with nothing. Dad calls young Elliot out from the back. After a quick denial, Elliot produces the missing $20 bill. Instead of punishing him, Dad offers to use the money to take him to see either Time Cop or Stargate in the theater. The bad deed in Dad’s mind was outweighed by bad nature of the customer.

Back in present day, Father and Son attempt to have a conversation about what is happening and what happened 20 years ago. Dad’s concerned. Once Darlene’s name’s brought up Elliot snaps, tossing the table and then his father against the wall. Elliot is irate, but Dad tries to calm him. It doesn’t work. Too much bad has happened in the last 20 years to just brush this off. The truth that Dad is clinging to is that there are people who don’t want him alive, if they even knew he was alive.

Dad: Come on…
Elliot: Where?
Dad: If you want answers, you’ve got to stop asking questions and follow me.

At Angela’s lawyer’s office, there is a bit of commotion. After the news of the confession, the office is a buzz trying to get everything ready for the next step. All is not peachy though, it seems Angela thought she could just leave All Safe and jump right in to help out with the Washington Township case part 2. Her lawyer doesn’t see it that way.

Darlene reaches out to Angela hoping to find Elliot. Angela in her current state of stress is not completely inclined to help. Clearly, there is more familiarity between Angela and Darlene as there is between Elliot and Darlene. Angela knows there is something going on. She knows Elliot has not been honest. She’s also getting the impression that whatever Elliot is hiding, Darlene is in on it.

Father and son reflect on a small piece of nostalgia. Elliot used to play a game with himself when they’d wait for the train to come. He’d calculate which car had the best probability of safety and take that one into the city. Then on the way back, choose the most dangerous. Because he hated going home. Elliot is beginning to remember more and more as time passes.

Mrs. Wellick reflects on the birth of their son by telling Tyrell she had a little girl when she was fifteen, but she gave it up for adoption to a couple. Despite her cold demeanor, this may be that singular moment that haunts her and motivates her. She opens up just enough to Tyrell, just to shut him out again. She tells him that he is no longer the man she wishes to be married to. This comes back around to whatever their agenda is. If he wants to be around, he needs to fix whatever ‘this’ is.

Gideon stops by the computer supply store where Elliot met with White Rose. The store got blown up or burned down. Either way everything is gone or damaged. The more interesting question is why would Gideon go there to pick up drives, when he could have sent anyone?

One of the high-ranking board members of Evil Corp is waiting in Wellick’s office when he walks in. Initially to congratulate Tyrell on his new baby. The conversation take a turn for the worse when this superior of Wellick’s informs him that the police consider him a person of interest in the death of Sharon Knowles. Then the walls come crashing down. Scott Knowles will remain while Tyrell Wellick will not. This incites a loud outburst. Phillip’s (the board member), disappointed by this reaction. Wellick eventually even begs to keep his job, but Phillip just walks out.

Father and son take a walk through their old house, a place of bad memories for Elliot. He stares out of the famous window. Dad tries to convince him they should leave. Elliot then grabs him and almost throws him out of the window. Mr. Robot tries to convey that what happened was a reflection of Elliot’s own guilt. He says that Elliot needs to let go of the guilt. Elliot’s eyes gloss over and admits that he was angry at himself and that he was ready to let go. Then he literally let’s go. Letting his father fall from a second story window.

While Gideon tries to undo Elliot’s reversal of the ‘honey pot’, Angela hears from her father that he saw Darlene recently. Angela finds Darlene in the Alderson’s old house. They escape the eye of the new homeowner, then Darlene admits she should be more transparent with Angela as they are in some manner of speaking, family. That’s when they notice they are walking over broken glass.

Elliot helps his Dad limp across a large cemetery. You can hear Darlene and Angela in the distance. Darlene and Angela somehow provide a threat to whatever this is. Dad tells Elliot that ‘they’ are going to try to separate them again. He needs Elliot to not let that happen. Then he repeats, “I will never leave you alone again”. Mr. Robot sits down on the grass, his back supported by a tombstone. As the girls approach, he quietly says he wants to know. He wants to know about whatever this is. Eventually, he yells it out.

Elliot: I WANNA KNOW!!!
Darlene: Elliot? Who are you talking to?
(Edward Alderson isn’t there)

Elliot is in full breakdown mode. He creates space between himself and the girls. They notice that he’s bleeding. He begins to notice that he’s experiencing what looks like bone or joint pain. The kind of pain associated with a fall. Then Elliot and Inner Elliot start to spin the ‘we’re crazy’ thing again. Inner Elliot suspecting that Elliot knew all along. Then Angela asks who Elliot thought he was talking to.

Inner Elliot: You’re gonna make me say it aren’t you? I am Mr. Robot.

Angela tries to reassure Elliot that he’ll be alright. He doubts her claim. She explains that she’s slightly jealous, even if his Dad wasn’t really there. They share an embrace and Angela is off. On the train, Darlene asks if Elliot remembers any of it. Referencing the beginning of f_society. Elliot plays dumb even though the damaged wheels in his brain are spinning.

Gideon drops in to Wellick’s office presumably to get the honey pot back in place, only to discover that Wellick has been let go. This makes Gideon almost frantic. He asks Wellick’s former assistant if she can get him a meeting with Knowles. Apparently, Gideon was out of the loop on the whole Sharon Knowles news.

Angela returns to her father’s home to find Terry Colby and associates in his dining room. Her father looks up at her and with a disapproving look leaves the room to let them talk. Colby has done some digging after being impressed with their last encounter. Colby has something he thinks Angela might want. A lucrative position in Evil Corp. The very company she is currently suing. Angela is resentful towards this offer, but Colby persists, suggesting that there are no grudges in business.

In Elliot’s apartment, Darlene tries to get him thinking straight while all he can do is question what is real and what is not. Furthermore, operating under the assumption that Mr. Robot never was really there, Darlene confirms that all of this f_society stuff was Elliot’s idea.

At the peak of this quandary between what’s real and what’s not, Elliot’s front door begins to slowly open. Elliot almost jumps out of his skin when he discovers the person at the door is none other than Tyrell Wellick. He very calmly tells Elliot that he knows he’s behind everything. The one constant in a sea of variables. Wellick doesn’t have all the answers but wants Elliot to give them to him. Wellick even walks him through the first person experience of what it’s like to strangle a woman to death.

Then, maybe the second most surprising part of this episode, Elliot takes Wellick to the f_society HQ. Elliot proceeds to tell Wellick as much as he ‘knows’. The details do nothing but increase Wellick’s desire to be involved. Elliot takes all of the credit and blame. Wellick says that now there are two. With no job at Evil Corp, it’s not that crazy to think Wellick would want to help.

Wellick: I have to ask, what were you hoping to accomplish with all of this?
Elliot: I don’t know…I wanted to save the world.

Proof: Searching For What Comes After Death

Photo Courtesy Of TNT
Photo Courtesy Of TNT

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Over the last few years the TNT Network’s created original programming, resulting in some surprisingly good shows, that can hold their own against most series presented on broadcast networks. Tuesday night marked the conclusion of the first season of “Proof,” a medical drama with a twist starring Jennifer Beals who stole American’s hearts in the movie “Flashdance” back in the early eighties. Her character Dr. Caroline Tyler’s a highly respected heart-surgeon, who’s just gone through the toughest year of her life. Tyler survived a car accident, that took the life of her teenage son Will and she blames herself for his loss. Soon after Caroline survived a plane crash and had what is known as a “Near-Death-Experience.”

The crash caused Tyler’s heart to stop briefly and while her life hung in the balance, she saw her son Will near her and tried to grab his hand. She also recognized someone else in her vision, an elderly woman with short gray hair, wearing a green scarf. Caroline got revived before she had a chance to talk to her son or the woman, but the vision’s haunted her ever since she had it.

Tyler’s estranged from her husband Dr. Len Barliss, portrayed by veteran TV actor David Sutcliffe and both doctors work in the same hospital. We’re under the impression that their marriage fell apart due to Caroline’s accident, that killed their son, but we find out the reasons are far more complicated than that. They have a teenage daughter named Sophie (Annie Thurman,) whom like most teenage girls can be both adorable and incredibly frustrating, depending on her mood.

The stars from the Eighties keep arriving as Caroline’s life gets altered forever when she meets Billionaire Industrialist Ivan Turing. Matthew Modine, who as a young man starred in the movies “Vision Quest” and “Full Metal Jacket,” as well as a score of other films, takes on the role of the brilliant visionary diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wanting to find out what, if anything awaits us on the other side, he offers to build a new wing for Tyler’s hospital if she consents to help him in his research.

Yet another actor who came of age in the eighties, Joe Morton who portrayed “The Brother From Another Planet,” plays Dr. Charles Richmond, who encourages Tyler to work with Turing, so the hospital can get the new wing, but he’s unaware of the nature of their research. Caroline enlists the help of a young doctor Zed Badawi (Edi Gathegi) a young man from Kenya that Tyler’s taken under her wing and expresses passion for the project.

Throughout the series ten-episode run, the show explored topics such as reincarnation, receiving messages from the dead and in one episode, a young woman who woke from a coma without any memories of her own had distinct memories from the lives of the other patients she shared the coma ward with. Although the series left open the possibility, that there could indeed be an afterlife, they also presented the full spectrum explaining that there could be very logical reasons, behind the seemingly paranormal events.

The characters are empathetic, the writing’s strong and the episodes seem to pass quickly, all benchmarks of mine for an enjoyable viewing experience. TNT has yet to announce whether Proof will get brought back for a second season next summer, but the finale ended in a way that gave the viewers closure, while leaving open the possibility for another season. TNT’s currently streaming the show on its website, it’s a show worth checking out.

Tyrant: The Monsters In The Palace

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

One of the things that separates the truly powerful from the rest of us, is when they mess-up, the ramifications can be huge. Abbudin’s President Jamal Al Fayeed once again allowed his paranoia to dictate his decisions, in the latest episode of the FX Network Original Series “Tyrant.” The President thought his son Rami, the commandeer of the Abbudin military was setting up a power-play to overthrow him and take over the country. Jamal decided to strike first and kill Rami with a bomb planted in the road, to get detonated when the military leader’s car drove over it. However, once again the President’s plans did not produce the desired results.

The action begins with Colonel Mahmoud walking into the indoor swimming-pool in the palace and finds Jamal lying face down in the pool wearing pants. Mahmoud calls to him three times, before he jumps into the pool wearing his full military uniform, only to see Jamal raise his head from the water, looking surprised.

We move to the locker-room as Mahmoud’s now wrapped in towels, as he and the President discuss their plan to assassinate Rami. Mahmoud’s nephew Zaher’s already planted a bomb in the road that the military commander’s motorcade will take later that morning. He will detonate the bomb via remote control as soon as Rami’s vehicle rides over the explosives. Jamal tells the Colonel, that he blames himself for being so ready to trust Rami, hoping he could make up for all the years when he didn’t realize he had a second son.

Rami’s on the phone with Khalil/Bassam/Barry as they make final arrangements for the Red Hand to take out the Caliphate Army’s anti-aircraft weapons. When Barry hangs up, Sammy arrives back at Red Hand headquarters after escaping the Caliphate Army attack the night before and the two hug each other.

Molly calls Barry’s mother Amira and asks for her mother-in-law to get hers and Sammy’s visas extended. Amira asks Molly why she wants to stay longer in Abbudin and Molly replies she has something to tell her, but doesn’t want to talk about it on the phone. Amira says she’ll drop by Molly’s hotel later that morning.

Rami and Nusrat meet in the palace’s garden and General Said jokes they have to stop meeting like this. Nusrat says this will be their last meeting, as the doctor’s cleared her for air travel and she’s moving to London the following day. Rami says that he loves London and after he defeats the Caliphate Army, he’ll come visit her and show her some of his favorite spots.

Nusrat smiles and tells her brother-in-law that he should find himself a good woman and raise a family. Rami smiles and says he’s a military man and the last thing he wants to do is bring a child into this world. He takes Nusrat’s hand and says don’t be surprised to see me in six months. Ahmed watches from a window in the palace and we see the jealousy on his face.

Jamal’s outside the palace on horseback and watches the motorcade leave the palace, he rides along for a bit until it fades out of sight, then rides his horse back inside the palace. Just after he dismounts, he hears Rami’s voice calling him and he turns around and looks as if he sees a ghost. The President says he thought he left for the battle and Rami said he wanted Jamal’s approval on the battle-plans before he engaged. Jamal says he saw the motorcade leave and Rami tells his father that Amira used the car to head into the city. The President’s face loses color and he tells his military commander he has to handle something.

Jamal calls Mahmoud first but gets his voicemail, we find out later the Colonel was in the bathroom when the call came. Then he calls his mother and tells her he needs to talk to her and have the driver turn the car around and head back to the palace. Amira asks her son what he’s talking about and Jamal wastes more time repeating the same words. Once again his mother asks him why and he says there’s a bomb in the road, we hear Amira says a bomb and then the car explodes, killing her instantly.

Mahmoud’s slapping his nephew in the next scene, saying that Zaher was supposed to get visual confirmation, before detonating the bomb. The young man replies, he had the itinerary, saw the cars and the windows were tinted. The Colonel asks him if he realizes what they’ve done, they killed the President’s mother. Mahmoud gives his nephew a bankbook and says he set up an account for Zaher in Zürich and his nephew needs to leave the country immediately. Then his phone rings and it’s Jamal, he tells the President he’s on his way to the palace.

Mahmoud enters the palace and asks the President to grant him just one request, that he’s allowed to choose his own form of death. He says he doesn’t want to go out the way that Tariq did. Jamal says to him that Mahmoud need not fear him any longer, he’s the only one he can trust. He says he loved his mother with all his heart and she loved him, despite all the evil he committed. However, he says she was the one to bring Rami to the palace, as if he’s trying to justify her death.

Leila’s heard the news by now and she bursts in on the meeting and starts berating Mahmoud for allowing the Caliphate Army to bomb the car. She asks how they got so close to the palace and then she asks if any of them are safe? Does she have to worry about being attacked in her bedroom. Jamal tells her everything’s fine and to calm down and he and Mahmoud have to talk. When she leaves the two men decide to blame Rami for Amira’s murder.

Nusrat and Ahmed are sitting with Leila and Nusrat asks permission to stay until after Amira’s funeral and Leila says that’s fine. Nusrat shows Ahmed that she’s wearing the bracelet his grandmother gave them for their wedding and Ahmed spits out a response and avoids eye contact.

Rami’s talking with his commander of the Air Force Solomon and the man from Africa asks how did the Caliphate Army plant a bomb so close to the palace. Said says it wasn’t the Caliphate and then Mahmoud enters the room with soldiers and tells the General he’s under arrest for the murder of Amira. Rami screams that’s crazy, why would he kill the person he loves most in the world, Mahmoud remains silent as the soldiers take Rami into custody.

Barry gives a pep talk to the members of the Red Hand before they invade the Caliphate Army base to try to take out their anti-aircraft weapons. He mentions all the members they lost in the attack the night before and says they’re going on this mission in their names. He and Sammy walk back to his tent and Barry tells Sammy he wants his son to go back to the city and be with Molly. Sammy refuses and says he’ll be by Barry’s side when they attack the Caliphate, so Barry says he’ll have Siddiq get Sammy a weapon.

Jamal meets with Solomon, whose devouring a chicken dinner when the President walks in, Jamal says they have excellent chefs at the palace and Solomon responds he never passes up a good meal. The President then starts to talk about the military without Rami running it and Solomon responds he’s a mercenary, he works for money not politics.

Jamal laughs and says that’s good and to increase Solomon’s loyalty he’s offering him a 90% raise to take out the Caliphate Army. Solomon laughs and says he’s greedy but not foolish and he refuses to work for someone without military experience. Jamal says he’s not a fool either and realizes that he and Rami have a battle plan, then offers Solomon another 50% increase on-top of what he already offered him.

The Air Force commander stands up from his chair and walks away from the table, he says he’s got three jobs waiting for him in Africa and he’s heading there. However before he leaves he offers some free advice, he says you’ve imprisoned an innocent man, nobody’s trying to kill you except for the Caliphate Army and then leaves the room.

Just Nusrat and Ahmed are siting in the room for the family to grieve in, when Nusrat starts crying. Her husband says you’re not crying for my grandmother, you’re crying for Rami. He then tells her he saw them in the garden that morning and he saw him take her hand. Nusrat says he did that as a brother, but Ahmed says she’s lying and he’s the reason she wants the annulment, so she and Rami can be together.

Nusrat loses it, telling Ahmed that she didn’t want the annulment, that it was forced on her by his parents. His mother told her in the hospital that it was Nusrat’s job to convince her husband to annul the marriage so he could marry another and have an heir. Rami was just being kind to someone whose being cast-off. She then said your parents are the real monsters and your family’s a terror and she says I haven’t even told you the worst of it.

Ahmed bursts into his mother’s office and demands to know if Leila forced Nusrat to ask for an annulment and Leila says that Jamal needs an heir. He screams that Nusrat was correct, they’re both monsters and that he believes that Jamal tried to kill Rami and failed, rather than the other way around. He says he wants nothing to do with either of them again and storms out of the room. Leila breaks down in tears.

Leila goes to the cell where Rami’s locked in and he says he’s got nothing to say to her. But she asks him that if she can take Jamal out of the equation, can Rami defeat the Caliphate Army and save Abbudin for her and Ahmed. Rami never says yes, but implies that he could. Leila heads back to her bedroom.

She grabs a pistol from Jamal’s nightstand and then goes looking for her husband, she finds him with Amira’s shrouded corpse and he slams his head against a cement pole, until he opens a deep gash in his forehead. He then starts asking God for the chance to see his mother one more time. Leila comes up from behind him and cocks the pistol and puts her finger on the trigger, but she starts crying and can’t pull the trigger. She walks away and her secretary comes and tells her that Molly’s in the security office, she’s come to see Amira.

Back at the building where the Red Hand are gathered, Sammy’s having difficulties loading the cartridge into the automatic weapon he’s supposed to use in the battle. His father comes over to him and says he just needs some sleep and Sammy says suddenly he feels really tired. Barry drugged Sammy so that he’d sleep through the groups departure to invade the Caliphate camp. Daliyah tells Barry she’ll watch over Sammy while he’s gone and tells him to make it back, but she says this in case you don’t and she kisses him.

Leila goes to the security office to meet Molly and  Molly says she has nothing to say to her, that she refused to contact her family once in the last year. She says either let me meet with Amira or kick me out, Leila starts crying and says Amira’s dead. She then says she saw the wrong brother die and she thinks it’s all her fault.

Sammy wakes up realizing it’s daylight and he’s angry and frustrated that his father drugged him and left him behind. Daliyah tells him that Barry did it for Molly, that it would be too great a loss for her to lose a son and a husband and he did the same thing for other families. Sammy’s phone rings and it’s Molly on the other end saying that Sammy needs to contact Barry, as there’s no military support on its way and they have to turn around. Halima tries contacting them through the radio, but they don’t hear her over the sound of the sandstorm.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on FX.

The Last Ship: Protocol Amidst The Chaos

Courtesy of TNT
Courtesy of TNT

Warning: Spoiler Alert

In a short flashback, we discover what may have been Dr. Rachel Scott’s ‘calling’ moment.  Her sick and dying mother on a cot with her Dr. father refusing to let her die.  Meanwhile, back at present day, Dr. Scott seems to be harvesting organs.  That would reference back to how last week’s episode ended.

Chandler returns to the Nathan James (with Ray) and is greeted with bad news from Slattery.  Niels is dead.  All three doctors are in agreement, the test results all point to a natural bad reaction to the blood transfusion.  Chandler goes down to Dr. Scott’s lab to follow-up.  His expression says he’s not buying what she’s selling, while her expression says she doesn’t even believe what she’s slinging.

Slattery ventures into what has become the Nathan James’ residential holding cell.  Three unsavory men sit handcuffed to various parts of the room.  Slattery wants to know about the cell phones.  The phones that correspond to no working cell towers, that have no text messages, pictures or anything else that might suggest use.  For the moment, neither of the three men say anything.

In the briefing room, Chandler and Michener lead the meeting.  Michener outlines the specific detail about the plan for New Orleans.  Tankers and barges equipped with diesel and solar power.  Enough to transport 5-10 thousand.  Assuming the Ramsey’s still plan to build their army, the prevailing thought is that yes, the sub is still planning on getting to New Orleans next.  Michener asks if there will be enough doses to save all of those people.  Chandler responds that if Dr. Scott’s aerosol is ready, they can just drop the cure from the air.  The problem is, Dr. Scott has abandoned the aerosol approach, in favor of using Niels’ lung tissue in the hopes of reverse engineering the cure so that it could become ‘contagious’.

Garnett sits in a room questioning Miller.  A typical formality.  As Miller runs back through what he can remember, his story piques Garnett’s interest.  Specifically, “Dr. Scott changed his IV then he began to bleed out.  Like the ones with the virus.”  Garnett delivers this room to Chandler and Slattery.  Only Chandler and Slattery.  Chandler orders them to gain as much evidence as possible and conduct a by the book investigation.  Garnett and a few others swoop into the lab like feds to collect as much pertinent evidence as they can.  Dr. Scott does not interfere.

Wolf talks about the ‘Niels’ situation, but Burk reserves judgement.  Before he can get to the line sink ships in the adage “Loose lips sink ships”, Ravit walks in.  She needs to take a shower but there is an issue with the women’s facility.  She gets a predictable reaction from Wolf and shrugs it off, suggesting maybe he should stand watch outside.  Wolf tells Burk he’s going to call for a rescue team if he’s not out in three minutes.  Burk stands shirtless trying to finish shaving.  On his way out, Wolf leans into Ravit and says, “be gentle”.  Once Wolf has left, Ravit continues to undress Burk with her eyes.

Ravit:  Guess this isn’t the place…

Burk:  What place?

Ravit:  Where people have sex.

Burk (slightly stunned by the conversation he finds himself in):  People don’t have sex on the ship.  It’s against regulations.

Ravit references Foster estimating how long she’s been pregnant.  Suggesting that conception had to have occurred on the ship.  She hops up on the counter positioning herself between Burk’s torso, and the sink he was using.  She loosely straddles the back of his legs and continues.  Burk reiterates that there is no sex on the ship.  She dispenses his after shave while making suggestions to where sex could happen on the ship.  He’s impressed with her suggestions but again, says there’s no sex on the ship.  She then softly slaps the after shave on his face.  When he opens his eyes, their faces are about an inch apart.  Burk adds that they will be in New Orleans soon.  And as she’s done before, she flips the light switch and returns to typical Ravit.

Ravit:  Well, if there’s no sex on the ship…then get out.

Lt. Chung and Lynn accidentally stumble upon just how the Immunes are using their phones.  There is a texting app disguised as a game.  It utilizes Bluetooth and not a cellular signal.  The catch is that they can send and relay as many messages and content as they want as long as the next phone in the chain is less than 90 yards away.

Cruz escorts the prisoner they call Fleet.  He’s the Joe Dirt looking gentleman.  Fleet apparently demanded to speak to someone in charge, so Chandler introduces himself as the Captain, then turns to his right and introduces the President.  Fleet recognizes Michener from “the videos”.  Fleet immediately regrets mentioning the videos.  Chandler plans to hang the death of Ray’s friend around Fleet’s neck.  Michener claims he can grant a pardon for the murder of a child, but not until he explains how the phones work.

The investigation is beginning to point even more suspicion Dr. Scott’s way.  It may not have been obvious to those involved, but we the viewer know better.  Especially if you caught this week’s promo.  Dr. Scott barges in on Milowsky to discover that he’s looking through her computer that she seems to have lost.  What he was able to find suggests that Dr. Scott introduced a “DNA Scissors” ripping the antibodies from his DNA.  Thus, forcing the virus to kill him from within. Milowsky asks her to leave as he’s under strict orders not to talk to her.  Before she does, he offers up something intriguing at the very least.

Milowsky:  Even without this evidence, all fingers point to you.  So, if you’re planning on doing what I think you are, I suggest you do it soon.  Before they lock you out of the lab.

After an awkward locking of eyes with Chandler, Dr. Scott does exactly that.  She heads down to the lab quickly.  Even quicker starts injecting various liquids into other liquids.  Then she fills a syringe and injects herself.  Then seconds, later blows on an infected rat, as if it would really work that fast.

Another flashback to young Rachel.  The nurse tells her to use her anger to do something good.  Tex interrupts her flashback as the only person on the ship who just wants to chat.  No agenda.  Despite what this dark cloud hanging over Dr. Scott, Tex takes a moment to remind her that without her, no one on this ship would still be alive.

In the mess, Miller and O’Connor sit while sailor after sailor come by dropping off candy bars and coins.  Both men are confused as neither one believes they said anything they shouldn’t have.  Elsewhere, Jeter informs Chandler that a growing number of the crew believe that not only was Niels murdered, but that senior leadership knew about it and potentially signed off on it.

Chandler summons Dr. Scott.  He’s hoping to get an update on the aerosol method.  Dr. Scott explains that she’s trying something else.  Adapting the vaccine the way the virus adopted in Niels.  Then like an illegal u-turn, Chandler flat-out asks Dr. Scott if she did it.  She says a bit about the deaths he’s responsible for but brings it right back around.   “Yes, I did it and I’d do it again.”  Moments later, Chandler briefs the President on the latest turn of events without a final decision on Dr. Scott’s fate in place.

Cobra team heads out into the water with “Fleet” to send or receive a message from the game app.  The New Orleans civilian fleet is within view.  The message comes in, “They’re here”.  Lt. Green radios the Nathan James all but ordering them to stand down.  Just then one at a time, the civilian fleet begins to explode.  Chandler orders the bridge to pull back. POTUS even seems sincere is his dismay.

In all the chaos, Lt. Foster identifies and an inbound torpedo.  The sub is hiding under the fleet debris.  A second torpedo is inbound.  Chandler and Foster collaborate on a countermeasure to evade the torpedoes.  The trick works beautifully…until the second fish reacquired the Nathan James amidst the countermeasures.  The second torpedo makes impact with the Nathan James.

There is no significant damage to the hull.  Cobra team is given permission to search for survivors.  While the crew assesses damage control, the bridge is being hailed.  Naturally, the voice on the other line is none other than Sean Ramsey.  Using what little technology they have, they took video of the Nathan James, then edited the video to make it seem like the Nathan James fired on the civilian fleet.  Crafty.  I would like to mention that whether or not it is skilled acting or convenient coincidence, President Michener’s body language in the second half of this episode is not doing a lot to instill confidence that he’s 100% in the game or even playing for the right team.  I’m not suggesting a conspiracy theory, just that he makes me uneasy.

Dr. Scott meets in Chandler’s quarters to deliver the news that it appears her little experiment worked.  The vaccine has attached to her lungs as the virus did to Niels.  Chandler is not enthused as it appears Dr. Scott was kind of expecting.  Even if she says the opposite.  The civilian fleet and the impending ‘propaganda war’ as Sean just made it look like the Nathan James is the enemy may be weighing more heavily on his mind that the notion of breathing the cure on people.

Chandler has reached a decision on Dr. Scott’s punishment.  She will continue to do her work (in the lab) as circumstances dictate moving forward.   After her work is done each day, she will return to her quarters.  She has no more access to communal rooms, and absolutely no access into rooms that otherwise would require clearance (i.e. the bridge, CIC, etc).  And finally, if they ever make a safe port, Chandler himself will turn her over to the local authorities so she can pay for her crimes.

Mr. Robot: The Last To Know

Courtesy of USA Network
Courtesy of USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Darlene apparently spent the night with someone far better dressed than anyone we’ve seen her interact with to this point. On the surface, it feels very casual in nature. This new ‘suit’ leaves Darlene in his shwanky Manhattan apartment. Once he’s gone, Darlene searches for his safe. It seems she was only after his gun. Darlene walks into a dance studio and begins to stretch along side Angela. They are familiar. There’s something very unsettling about Darlene in a ballet class.

Mr. Robot has the team back together. Elliot shows them what he’s been doing since Steel Mountain. Their reaction to him now is dramatically different from the Steel Mountain job. Everyone in the room shares a sense of wow.

On a subway car, Darlene sees two Asian men staring in her direction. She slowly puts her hand in the front pocket of her book bag, presumably to have the stolen gun at the ready. The men get invading space close to her. She doesn’t look up. The larger of the two says in her general direction, “Tell him to follow the proper commands. Then the sequence will initiate”. Then they both walk away.

Darlene finally shows up. She intercepts Elliot at the door and safely presses a gun into his torso. Darlene suspects that the meeting with White Rose may not go the way they want it to. Elliot turns down the gun. Darlene is visibly concerned and they even share a hug. The hug is eerie on two levels.

Darlene is not the only one shaken. Tyrell Wellick walks through his office building with that crazed look of a man trying to get away with murder. He instructs his assistant to hold all calls and cancel anything on his schedule. She jumps in to say that Gideon Goddard is waiting on him. His mood seems to change after hearing this news.

Gideon shares the news that one of his employees confessed to doctoring the file that removes Colby from Evil Corp. Keeping that under wraps is important, but Gideon focuses on the efforts All Safe has put forth to try to catch the real hackers. Tyrell stops him short and asks to look over All Safe’s findings when they get them. Meanwhile, Gideon is getting rapid text messages that the entire system is down. He keeps that information to himself for the moment.

As soon as Gideon leaves, Tyrell jumps on his computer, plugs in headphones and starts searching for something on his own. His assistant comes in and he barks at her about not being disturbed with his headphones still in. She informs him that the police are here. Tyrell ducks the issue and politely asks his assistant to make an appointment with the police and he’d be glad to speak with them then.

Gideon instructs his team on what to do regarding this latest attack. He almost turns to head into his office when Elliot walks in. Both Gideon and Ollie display an expression and body language towards Elliot that is both cold and new.

Elliot gets to his desk and begins working on this current hack. Inner Elliot identifies that this attack different. Whoever it is, isn’t trying to get anything. A distraction to the bigger heist perhaps. Then Ollie suspiciously approaches Elliot’s desk. Ollie’s holding a couple drives and asks Elliot to stop what he’s doing and deliver the drives. Something I imagine is considerably beneath Elliot’s job description. Then Ollie pulls rank. Clearly, this hack has something to do with Ollie, Cisco and probably the Dark Army as well. Ollie is trying anything and everything to get Elliot away from his terminal. One quick search of Ollie’s email and now Elliot knows Angela is involved.

Elliot heads straight for Angela who is waiting outside. She is unremorseful and very matter of fact about the entire conversation. Elliot has been incrementally but increasingly more distant. That’s when he realizes that the chaos at All Safe isn’t about the hack. This is about him. Angela barks at him to say something. He manages only to mutter, “You’re right, we don’t talk anymore.” She replies to that with a typical guilt trip. Elliot doesn’t cave. This is his wall. She can never know exactly what is going on nor can she be let in to who Elliot is or has become. He can’t let her in and they both know it.

Elliot walks into a run down looking data recovery store front. Walks up to the front counter asking himself, “Is this why the infamous White Rose is such a legend? Because he’s more paranoid than the rest of us?” Elliot introduces himself by his full name and is escorted downstairs where he finds a clean room, designed to prevent any electronic signal from entering. A woman enters the room and asks for the drives. She is very articulate but also very meticulous and is only permitting Elliot three minutes of her time.

The woman eventually takes control of the conversation. This entire time, Elliot was under the impression that the Dark Army simply pulled out at Steel Mountain for some trivial reason. She quickly puts together that they pulled out because Elliot displayed a vulnerability when he went after Terry Colby. A vulnerability to put Gideon Goddard on the trail. And since this latest All Safe hack, they have monitored Gideon’s movements and discovered that Gideon turned Elliot’s infected server (S30) into a honey pot. Whether it was planned all along or Elliot’s demeanor inspired something, she agrees to give them some time to get their house in order. 50 hours and 23 minutes to be exact. If by then everything is the way it should be, they will continue with the hack.

Inner Elliot’s thoughts are racing as the ticking time is the issue. His urgency is calmed when Inner Elliot asks, “I wish I could just observe like you”, then the Elliot we see, downshift his whole world. The frantic expression is gone and there is a calm that washes over him. Elliot needs Gideon’s phone. He places a call soliciting some help, but Inner Elliot is still going and right about the time they both come to the ‘conclusion’, we find Elliot seated at his desk.

Whatever was done has drained Gideon’s phone’s battery. He plugs it in, then Elliot texts someone one word. “Go”. Moments later, a new f_society PSA takes over the All Safe televisions. Everyone files in, including Gideon. This creates just enough of a distraction for Elliot. This message is directed at All Safe and Gideon specifically. Any attempt to shut off the television fails. They’ve hacked All Safe’s smart TV and uploaded the video clip to All Safe’s website and YouTube just to be safe. Elliot slips out just before Gideon notices he’s not in the conference room. He’s got 60 seconds to secure the password from Gideon’s phone before it recycles. He’s not at his desk for 10 seconds before Gideon gets there demanding to know what is going on. His absences and reappearances are becoming conspicuous. Before Elliot is forced to answer, Ollie interjects that Evil Corp is on the phone.

Even though he wasn’t able to secure the password due to Gideon’s interruption, he is able to email IT from Gideon’s phone instructing them to remove the honey pot and restore CS30. Elliot reflects on his hack of Gideon which predates the pilot episode. Gideon is an honest working man, nothing nefarious. Maybe the best thing is for Elliot to leave. He’s not good for Gideon or All Safe.

Speaking of nefarious intentions, Tyrell Wellick sits in the back of an SUV. He suggests to the other person in the vehicle that Wellick knows he’s been busy. They are supposed to be allies. Wellick wants to be in the loop just in case these two are after the same thing. The other person in the vehicle is Mr. Robot! Mr. Robot tries to leave when Tyrell grabs him by the now famous Mr. Robot jacket.

Tyrell: Aren’t you forgetting that I know you’re dirty little secret?

It doesn’t shake Mr. Robot. He centers himself and suggests that if Tyrell looks at everything and really thinks about it, the only thing left to do in regards to Mr. Robot, is nothing.

Wellick returns home. He quickly chugs a decent amount of vodka before addressing his wife. He tells her that they’ve been focusing on the wrong players this entire time. He goes on about a tech he met a few months ago. And how he misinterpreted simple revenge for something much more significant. I think Tyrell is mistaking Elliot’s handy work for something more divine. There is a knock at the door.

Naturally, it’s the police Tyrell blew off earlier. Mrs. Wellick does a good job acting shocked at the news of Sharon Knowles murder. Inside, Mrs. Wellick offers to get the detectives a drink and excuses herself into the kitchen. She lets out a scream and (with I’m sure tap water) insinuates that her water broke. Then just to Tyrell eyeballs a metal tool of some sort that is already bloody. The insinuation being that Tyrell needs to ‘take care’ of the cops.

Elliot sits with Darlene with the Ferris wheel as the backdrop. Darlene has finished a task but is her typically bitter self towards Elliot. Then Elliot suggests they celebrate, considering in 43 hours, the honey pot will be an infected server again and Darlene’s root kit is going to take down Evil Corp. He utters the words, “We did it”. Now not to be an alarmist, but the last time Elliot celebrated a hack, the men in black suits took him to see Tyrell Wellick and a whole new ball of wax starting rolling down the hill. Darlene lets out a very loud scream of excitement.

Right around the instant I became uneasy at the way these two were gazing at each other, Darlene said something I really wish she hadn’t. “Elliot, you are the best person I know, you know that? I love you so much?” Then Elliot went in for the kiss and Darlene immediately pushed back. Not in an angry or repulsed way, but in a ‘we don’t do that kind of way’. Then Darlene starts to get emotional, and asks if Elliot forgot who she was. It doesn’t take much to figure out the next move. Elliot won’t say it. Just repeats, “You’re Darlene” over and over. Then just before she says it, he lets it out.

Elliot: You’re my sister.

Inner Elliot and Elliot trace back. The girl humming on her scooter outside his house, the one that said “we aren’t friends”, childhood memories, her name, the fact that she tried to run away all come crashing back. Then Elliot looks directly into the camera and asks Inner Elliot if he was in on this from the beginning. Elliot believes for the moment that he’s going crazy. He tries to make sense of things but it only exacerbates the issue. Elliot hides from himself. There is an interesting shot with him facing his own bathroom mirror seeing everyone from Darlene to Shayla to Mr. Robot in his reflection. Then he punches the mirror.

It’s time to hack. Elliot needs to hack Elliot. Bloody knuckles and all, he is unable to find himself at all. Not through search engines or social media. Elliot Alderson does not exist. The next step is to find out if he erased himself. In his cd collection the very first one is blank. What he finds when he inserts the disc and decrypts the files, is incredible. It is a series of photographs that validates a theory myself but more directly NJATVS partner Jeff Sack considered as far back as the second episode. Mr. Robot is Elliot’s father. Elliot stands up and retrieves a loose photograph from on top of his bookshelf. It’s a picture of all four of them. Elliot, Elliot’s Dad (Mr. Robot), Darlene and their mother.

(A loud knock at the door. Elliot slowly walks over and opens the door)
Mr. Robot: I think we need to talk.

Tyrant: Accepting The Truth

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The whole tale of the FX Network Original Series “Tyrant,” revolves around brothers, fathers and sons and the problems that exist between them. The Al Fayeed family, that lead the mythical Middle-Eastern country of Abbudin, is a clan that’s filled with a history of betrayal and being unable to properly express their love for each other. The former President Khaled Al Fayeed, got betrayed by his brother Tariq who commanded the country’s military. The General went behind his brother’s back and attacked rebel forces with Sarin, over 20-years-ago. The attack resulted in a victory for the government, but Khaled lost the trust and faith of his people, including his youngest son Bassam.

Bassam left his homeland and reinvented himself in the USA, renaming himself Barry and became a husband, father and a physician in California. Last summer Barry took his family to Abbudin for the first time, so they could attend the wedding of his brother Jamal’s son Ahmed. Things got complicated when Khaled passed out at the reception and subsequently died, making Jamal the new President of Abbudin.

Barry agreed to remain in Abbudin as his brother’s adviser, while Jamal was getting used to the job. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out too well, as Barry tried to engineer a bloodless-coup to replace his brother. Jamal caught wind of the plan and ordered his brother’s execution for treason. However Jamal couldn’t live with the thought of his brother’s blood on his hands, so he abandoned Barry in the middle of the desert, giving him a chance to survive.

Barry did far more than survive, he once again took on a new name Khalil and became the leader of the Red Hand, a counter-revolutionary group determined to destroy the enemy of the regime, the Caliphate Army. Once again Jamal turns to him for advice, unaware that Khalid’s really his brother. However Barry’s son Sammy, wanting to help the Red Hand financially, goes to the headquarters of the Red Hand and finds out that the father he thought dead, actually leads the movement he wants to help. The reunion between father and son was far from joyous. Sammy insists on joining the movement to avenge a friend’s death and Barry can’t convince him to leave.

This week’s episode opens with Barry watching his son sleeping, he takes Sammy’s cellphone and calls his wife Molly and tells her he’s still alive. Molly doesn’t believe it’s him at first, then she realizes it’s true and tries to make sense of all she’s been through in the last few months. She drops the phone as Barry keeps asking if she’s still there.

Jamal’s wife Leila enters his office in the palace and tells her husband she’s concerned about him, that he hadn’t gone to bed the night before. The President’s paranoia has overtaken him and he tells his wife about his meeting with the religious figure, who told him that there’s an enemy within the palace. He then says that his son and the head of the Abbudin military Rami Said, had the chance to destroy the Caliphate Army’s leadership, but he didn’t act on it. He asks his wife if Rami could be the enemy within.

Leila, tells her husband that Rami’s trying his best for Jamal and the country and tells her husband it’s ridiculous to think that the General’s working against him. Jamal nods his head, but we can see by the expression on his face, her words haven’t soothed him.

Jamal’s other son Ahmed’s in his room with his wife Nusrat and he asks her where she wants them to head to for vacation, so she can heal from her miscarriage and hysterectomy. Nusrat follows the instructions she got from Leila and tells Ahmed they must have their marriage annulled, so he can marry another woman and produce an heir. Ahmed says he loves her and will fight to the death for her, but she tells him she doesn’t want him to, she just wants it all to be over.

The President holds a meeting with his senior advisers and Rami tells the group his plan to win back Ma’an. He says that meteorologists predict a huge sandstorm in three nights. His plan involves the Red Hand destroying the Caliphate Army’s anti-aircraft weaponry, then his troops will come in and destroy the rebels. He asks Jamal to share Khalil’s phone number with him, but the President says he’s the only one to make contact with Khalil.

The leaders of the Caliphate Army Ihab Rashid and Abu Omar, talk with Kasim Al-Yazbek about surviving the bombing during their raid of five Christian homes, the night before. Rashid says that Kasim must have been blessed to survive the bomb and asks him what he believes saved his life. Kasim says it was likely timing, Ihab Rashid says that timing’s critical, especially when coupled with information. He then accuses Kasim of collaborating with the Red Hand and when Kasim claims innocence, he starts asking about his brother Munir. Kasim remains silent.

Rami and the chief of his Air Force meet with Colonel Mahmoud and General Said tries to get Khalil’s phone number from him. He tells Said that he works for Jamal and if he were to disobey orders, he’d get tried for treason. The Air Force commander says it’s not treason to try to save the country. Mahmoud advises Rami not to try to get Khalil’s number as it will lead to trouble.

The Red Hand have a meeting and Halima asks about Barry’s progress with the palace. He tells the group he’s waiting for a call, but he’s encouraged due to earlier conversations. He tells them he’s sure that things are going to work out the right way and then asks Sammy if he’d like a tour of their living quarters. As soon as the two are alone, Barry hugs his son, but Sammy’s still angry and hurt. Barry tells his son he contacted Molly and let her know he was okay. The call for prayer sounds and Barry invites Sammy to join him, but the teenager declines the offer.

Barry’s cellphone rings while he’s praying, he sees the call’s from Jamal and steps out of the group to answer his phone. Jamal greets him by asking how his favorite counter-revolutionary’s doing and Barry responds he’s anxious. He tells the President he’s glad he called, he wants to speak with Jamal’s military leader and solidify plans. The President replies that he doesn’t trust his military commander and then tells him that Rami’s actually his son. A son he never knew he had, who came to him with a distinguished military career.

Barry asks Jamal why he doesn’t trust him and Jamal replies that God hates him for refusing to forgive his brother. Barry responds that the President’s a very wise man, but he shouldn’t presume to know God’s thoughts. Jamal asks if the Red Hand could storm the Caliphate Army base and destroy their anti-aircraft artillery, Barry replies that without explosives or trained soldiers it would be a very tough mission. Jamal says that’s fine they’re just exploring options.

He then asks the man he knows as Khalil, his thoughts about just giving the Caliphate Army Ma’an. He admits that would give up the nation’s oil resources, but he says that oil’s not the energy of the future. Barry tells him that’s a bad plan, that Jamal’s people are there and counting on the government and the Red Hand to save them. Jamal chortles and says that Khalil’s a warrior and he likes that and trusts him. However at that point he looks out his office window and sees Rami talking with Nusrat and says he’ll call back the next day.

Rami tells Nusrat she looks as if her world’s falling apart and she says that happens to be the case. She then tells him about her conversation with Leila and he asks what’s Ahmed’s reaction. She says he’s devastated, because he’s willing to give up everything for her, but she’s not willing to do the same for him.

Ihab Rashid’s torturing Munir, trying to get information about where the Red Hand are located. Kasim’s sitting and watching his brother getting tortured and tells Munir to tell them the truth. Munir cries to his brother that he saved his life and Kasim responds he’s trying to do the same for Munir.

Rami pays Leila a visit, she’s pouring water in with the liquor in Jamal’s decanters, in an effort to cut back her husband’s drinking. She tells Rami that Jamal’s drinking too much and not sleeping, he then asks her for Khalil’s phone number.

Molly calls Barry and unloads all her frustration and anger on him, she says that she’s found herself wishing he really was dead, since she heard from him. She can’t comprehend what kept him from contacting her and she says he’s a horrible person. Barry lets her vent without defending himself.

While Jamal’s taking an afternoon nap, Leila takes his cellphone into their bathroom and copies Khalil’s number onto her phone, to give to Rami. Jamal wakes up shouting her name, when she arrives at the bed he tells her he had a nightmare. He says he was in the ocean and developed a cramp and started to drown, he saw Leila standing on the shore but she just watched dispassionately, making no effort to help him.

She tells Jamal she will always be there for him and would do anything to save him. She tells him he just had a dopey dream and then gives Jamal back his cellphone, saying he left it in the bathroom.

Barry’s asleep when he’s woken by his phone, Rami’s on the other end and asks Khalil if they can meet that evening, at a safe-house not far from Ma’an.

Kasim comes back to visit Munir holding food and water and Ihab Rashid cuts off the bonds that have secured him to the chair. Kasim says that he knows his brother’s hungry and thirsty and all he has to do is walk over to the map and point out where the Red Hand are hiding. Munir says he doesn’t know, and that Kasim’s his only friend. Ihab Rashid puts a gun against Kasim’s head and tells him he’s going to shoot Kasim if Munir refuses to give up the Red Hand, Munir gets up and walks over to the map.

One of the female members of the Red Hand has a crush on Sammy and keeps trying to flirt with him. Suddenly the members of the Red Hand get excited as they hear that Khalil’s meeting with Abbudin’s military leaders that night. One man starts pounding the table and chants assassinate the Caliphate. Soon almost all are banging and chanting, while Sammy looks on.

We cut to a jeep and see Ihab Rashid, Abu Omar and Kasim riding along. Abu Omar says it would have been alright for Kasim to sit out the attack on the Red Hand as he just witnessed his brother getting killed. Kasim says he admitted his crimes and got the punishment he deserved.

Barry, Siddiq and a few other soldiers from the Red Hand meet with Rami, the commander of the Air Force and other military leaders. We join them as their meeting’s finishing up, Rami tells the man he knows as Khalil that he’ll be given enough explosives and goggles to take out the anti-aircraft weapons. He then asks Khalil to not mention the conversation to Jamal and sound surprised when Jamal tells him the plan. Barry nods his head and says he understands.

Just as the meeting breaks up, the Caliphate Army arrive at the Red Hand headquarters. They start by bombing the building, then send in soldiers to engage in a fire-fight. The girl who has a crush on Sammy, grabs her machine gun and him and they take off. She shoots back at the Caliphate Army soldiers, then the two of them hide under a truck as the soldiers run past them. She then kisses Sammy and when he asks her why she kissed him, she says she was tired of waiting for him to kiss her. She tells him to hang tight, crawls out from under the truck and gets killed by gunfire. Sammy stays under the truck hyper-ventilating.

As Barry and his men get closer to their facility, they see flames shooting from the structure into the night sky. He tries calling Sammy but keeps getting his voicemail. When they arrive back at their camp they see all the dead and Barry starts screaming for Sammy. Just then he gets a call from Molly and he starts crying that he doesn’t know where Sammy is. She tells him she spoke to their son 20-minutes ago, he’s battered and bruised but otherwise alright and he’s heading back to fight with Barry. She then tells her husband she’s glad he’s still alive.

When Rami and the Air Force commander return to the palace, Jamal and Mahmoud are waiting for them. Jamal says he’s gotten a report that they met with a group of armed men and asks if they met with the Caliphate Army. The Air Force commander says they met with Khalil to try to save the country, Jamal asks his son why he disobeyed a direct order?

Rami’s frustration gets the best of him and he calls Jamal a drunken old fool and tells him to stand down. He says allow me to do my job and save yours in the bargain. Jamal asks his son if that’s the way he talks to his President and his father? Rami apologizes and says somehow I’ve lost your trust, but I swear on the soul of my dead mother that all I want to do is help you. He says everything’s in place and they’ll take down the Caliphate Army, the night after next. Jamal smiles and says excellent job and dismisses the two men, but holds Colonel Mahmoud back to talk to him. As soon as the two men get out of earshot, Jamal says he wants Rami dead.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00pm on FX.

The Last Ship: Rufio And His Lost Boys Complicate A Simple Mission

Courtesy of TNT
Courtesy of TNT

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Niels finally wakes to find Chandler standing over him. He proceeds to give Chandler most of what he’s looking for. How has he survived. Not from the virus that he is carrying, but how did he get from point A to being the Immunes secret weapon. Niels only makes one request. He wants to speak to Dr. Scott. A proposition Dr. Scott wants nothing to do with. She plans to do everything the hard way, the good old-fashioned scientific method way. Then Chandler says something that should lessen her resistance.

Chandler: He killed my wife! And I was able to talk to him. So unless you have a better idea…What if he can help. You have to talk to him.

Chandler ventures to the President’s quarters (I feel like there should be some cleaver name involving the word ‘Oval’, but chambers will have to do for now). Michener has accepted his role conceptually. It’s clear that his practical duties of Commander-in-Chief have not fully sunk in. Chandler explains that he will be consulted on anything strategic or military as they pertain to the purview of the office of the President. Michener still is visibly overwhelmed by such a thought.

Dr. Scott does her best to stay civil. It’s difficult but she is able to chew back her anger. Make slightly more complicated after Niels tries to assure her that his intention was never to spread the virus. As much as it must’ve pained her to do, she extends an invitation to take a look at her research and see if he can’t help with the mass production issue. They both look over the images of the failed attempts to turn the vaccine into an airborne delivery system. By the way, Niels stroking his neck beard is not exactly comforting to watch. Dr. Scott leads him in a direction she wants to pursue and he arrives at the same conclusion. They need untarnished, freshwater mussels. The mussels produce a spore that could get them one step closer to viability.

CMC Jeter, who has been tasked with bringing the President and his confidence of his office up to speed, accompanies the President to the mess. Bacon is very eager to flex is culinary chops for the President who is again overwhelmed by the mere attention. Lt. Mejia follows suit but it only adds to the awkwardness Michener is dealing with. After some forced small talk, he asks Jeter if they should head over to ‘that briefing’ as a means to get out of this situation he finds so difficult.

Out on the deck, Michener stands hunched over for fresh air. Jeter circles around him. Michener is surrounded by twenty year-olds who know exactly what to do at all times, while as he puts it, he can’t decide what to eat for lunch. Jeter starts in calm and transitions into his leader voice.

Jeter: The Navy’s been studying leadership since 1775. Between the Captain, the XO and myself, we have 67 years of experience. Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. And we believe in you, sir. Just give yourself time.

Dr. Scott and Niels’ collaboration is about to hit a snag if he doesn’t give up the stabilizing sequence. Niels begins playing dumb. She tells him that she already has samples of his blood and can find it the hard way. Niels then changes the direction of the conversation by inquiring about a picture on her desk. The mystery man photo. Niels probes and profiles Dr. Scott.

The Tact team arrives in a harbor presumably to find mussels for Dr. Scott. They begin to secure the marina when Burk spots a runner. The runner leads Burk into a hallway. He removes his mask to reveal he’s just a kid. Then more kids emerge from every door in the hallway, weapons drawn. This was a trap. Apparently there is a bounty on Naval personnel. Just before it gets hairy the rest of the Tact team arrive. These are kids who have no real experience or know-how in this area. The leader orders the other kids to put down their weapons.

Chandler comes inland to hopefully get more answers from “Ray” and the other kids. A real Lost Boys of Neverland situation. Chandler talks to Ray as if they are equals. Leaders of men. After the initial reaction, Ray shrugs it Chandler’s gesture. The step aside to speak privately. All indications are that the bounty was laid out by the Immunes. Chandler explains very plainly that the Immunes are a cult. Naturally immune to the virus and therefore see the cure as a detriment to their belief structure. Chandler offers to take all of Ray’s people on board the Nathan James and take them to a safer place to settle if they help locate the bounty hunters.

Ray confers with his numbers and tells Chandler they have a deal. Food and shelter for the bounty hunters with one condition. Ray gets to stay and fight alongside the Nathan James soldiers. A condition that Chandler rejects immediately. Ray insists based on the fact that he’s only six months away from the enlistment age and they still need information he has. Ray=Rufio.

The President summons Jeter. With a plate of food at his side, the President has a couple of requests. He’d like to view the return of the Tact team from the combat center and he would like to see any intel retrieved from the White House and anything they have on the Immunes. Jeter, stands at attention, agrees to everything and leaves. This is the first time President Michener displays the body language of a Commander-in-Chief. Let’s hope that’s all it is.

The Tact team with help from Ray set up an ambush for whoever these bounty hunters are. Some other Lost Boys try to befriend Tex and solicit his help in convincing the Captain to let them fight as well. Tex has no interest in any part of this conversation, especially the part about recruiting young boys to fight.

Niels’ blood is doing nothing to infect the test subject mice. Dr. Scott believes the virus adapted and migrated exclusively to Niels’ lungs and therefore, his blood would do nothing. Might also explain why he’s so contagious. She goes down to where Niels is being held and asks for a moment alone. She starts doing a thing all to recognizable. Dr. Scott is attempting to appeal to Niels’ humanity and dare I say, his urges to not remain alone. The very hint at sharing herself with someone who just might understand is enough to break him. He doesn’t give her the sequence but tells her how to get it. Afterwards, she begins showing effects of someone with the beginning onset of the virus, just by getting that close to his breath. That or she’s just that repulsed by him.

In a stunningly stupid move, Ray fires a flare into the air when asked how to signal the bounty hunters. Ray is afraid of getting ‘benched’ once the Nathan James has what it wants. As it turns out that little stunt with the flare gun got him benched immediately. The Nathan James relays to Chandler that Cody (one of the Lost Boys) was not on the transport. This is the same time that Ray busts out of the trailer. All of this happening while the Tact team is executing their ambush on the bounty hunters. Chandler goes out on his own to find and secure Cody.

Chandler continues to search and eventually finds Cody. Laid out on the floor, visibly dead. There is a click. One of the bounty hunters has his rifle on Chandler. “The boss wants you alive. Unless you put up a fight. Please put up a fight.” Then something long pierces the bounty hunters torso. That something was a harpoon gun at the hands of Ray, who is currently experiencing his first casualty of war, Cody.

Chandler, Slattery, Jeter, Garnett, and Granderson debrief the President with what they’ve found. Three Immunes carrying what look like three smart phones, despite no indication of cellular use. Just as one would hope from an installed President, Michener hears the update and charges right into what needs to be done next. He begins with convincing the American public that they are not the bad guys and moves into how to best find and help the survivors before Ramsey’s men get to them all during a lovely gradual audio fade out.

On board the Nathan James, Ray reflects on his loss. Chandler offers to take him along to check out a nearby safe zone. Ray doesn’t hear much of that as he’s too busy blaming himself for Cody’s actions.

Ray: I knew Cody was amped up to join the fight. He never would have stayed behind if I went along like you said.
Chandler: Little old saying. Anyone can hold the helm while the sea is calm. Being a leader is not about being perfect. It’s about weathering the storm and carrying on.

Niels believes he’s having a nice moment with Dr. Scott reflecting on the good team they make. Dr. Scott slowly and methodically begins to change her tone. She plans to use gene scissoring to remove one very specific gene from Niels. Since the virus resides exclusively in Niels’ lungs that would be difficult but doable. Here’s that moment when it clicks in Niels’ own brain. By removing the gene it would essentially open Pandora’s box inside Niels body allowing the virus to run free like it would any other host. Killing Niels with extreme prejudice. Once the concept sinks in, Niels begins bleeding from his eye socket. Dr. Scott, O’Connor, and Miller all have front row seats to witness the death of “Niels: Carrier of the Apocalypse”.