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  1. Except that this has nothing to do with a zero sum game, which would be a scenario where the gains and losses of all parties sum up to one for each possible outcome. Like when we share a pizza, the amount of pizza I eat is the amount that you lose. Zero sum isn’t about losing in every possible outome – that is the exact opposite of a zero sum game.

    • Any,

      Mr. Robot told Elliot that Shayla was gone and even if he helped Fernando he’d never get her back. He said best case scenario, Elliot would still be alive after freeing Fernando, more likely he’d be dead. However Mr. Robot said that even in a best case scenario, Elliot would still not get Shayla back, so why put himself in danger and risk their grand plan to bring E Corp to their knees? Elliot would never get Shayla back, if he helped Fernando or called the cops on the brother and the other hood. What ever option he chose, Shayla was gone to him forever, hence ZERO SUM GAME. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

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