4 comments on “Mr. Robot: Elliot Alderson Is Tyler Durden

    • You’re getting Mr. Robot already in the UK? Which channel’s running it? We came up with the theory pretty early on that Christian Slater was Elliot’s late father, as we kept seeing flashbacks with Elliot’s mom, but none with his dad, who Elliot said was his best friend. To stick with the “Fight-Club” analogy, Elliot would be in the Edward Norton role, while Dad would be Brad Pitt. Elliot couldn’t psychologically handle the responsibility of being in charge of the team that takes down E-Corp, so he came up with somebody that he believes has the right stuff to head the team. So who could personify an authority figure better than the man Alderson idolizes, his late father. I think in the final two episodes of this season, we’re going to watch reenactments of previous scenes, with Elliot in reality taking the place of “Mr. Robot,” I think we’ll see it was actually Elliot who pulled the gun on Romero last week and had the conversation with Wellick in his car this past episode. If “Mr. Robot’s” not just the embodiment of “Inner Elliot,” then how on earth does he knock on Elliot’s door, immediately after Alderson finds the disc?

  1. We watch it in Egypt, so I am pretty sure it’s everywhere now.
    Watched the whole thing.
    Waiting desperately for Season 2

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