Once Upon A Time SpotLight: Rumpelstiltskin

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Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

[Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of NJATVS Spotlights, a series of columns in which we’ll explore a character in-depth, from one of the shows we recap. These pieces give us a chance to explore an iconic character in great depth, as we attempt to determine what makes them tick. The first article of the series, focuses on the ABC Sunday night show “Once Upon A Time” and the author’s the woman we refer to as “MS. SUNDAY NIGHT,” Chelle Figler.]

These first 5 episodes have not contained nearly enough RumBelle and it is beginning to make me twitchy.

We all saw it coming, I think. Their wedded bliss was probably not going to be a focal point in the Frozen storyline, which is fine, because the multi-narratives this show runs are always fantastic. There’s just a self-indulgent part of me that wanted to see a whole lot more. It appears that next week might be what I’ve been waiting for all season, and so I’m excited! But even in their brief time together, this season hasn’t been full of happiness for The Golds, and I’m a bit concerned that next week could end messily.

Season three ended with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle married, it follows that season four should begin with their honeymoon. And, since they can’t exactly go to the Bahamas, Belle brings Rum to a giant mansion in the middle of the woods that “came over in the last curse and has been empty.” Belle doesn’t know who the house belongs to, but Rumpelstiltskin’s eyes immediately catch an odd-looking object laying out on a table in one of the front rooms. We know now that it’s the dumpling-basket-thing that held The Sorcerer’s Magic Stealing Hat.

It’s not a stretch to say that he knows who the house belongs to. Yet, he decides to go ahead and, ahem, honeymoon the hell out of it anyway. The Imp either has balls of brass (not a Rumpelstiltskin-like trait), or he thinks that he can get a leg up on the owner so that they’ll have no choice but to accept the situation (which The Dark One would do without blinking an eye). Belle has been around briefly, but kind of only when she’s being tricked about the dagger by Rumpel. I am a teensy bit unhappy about this because I don’t like to see women characters as accessories, and I’m willing to overlook that for now because it also makes a ton of sense that she isn’t a main character at the moment. But, I feel like the writers threw us a bone early on with the Beauty and the Beast dance scene so we wouldn’t notice that there isn’t much story between the two of them to start the season. Tough cookies, Writers! I noticed!

Even before they found their honeymoon suite, we found Rumpelstiltskin confessing to Baelfire’s grave that he had proposed to Belle with a false dagger, then used the real dagger to kill Zelena, then altered the security footage to make sure it looked like she magically committed suicide. All of this after he promised Belle that he wouldn’t go after Zelena. Belle’s going to get so angry she’ll change colors when she finds out. She very well may leave him again. And, she would have every right to.

He proposed to her with a lie. He killed someone he said he wouldn’t. He’s swapping the dagger back and forth presumably from under her nose. He’s running around Storybrooke doing all sorts of wicked things—like taunting The Snow Queen (who he obviously is quite familiar with), denying that he knows anything of Elsa or Anna when we know that isn’t true, as well as forcing Hook to play Smee to Mr. Gold’s Captain Hook, so that he can track down The Apprentice and trap him in The Sorcerer’s Magic-Stealing Hat that he’s had all this time. All of this while he’s sworn on the love of his wife and the memory of his dead son to become a new man and never engage in dark magic again. That’s quite a list of sins for someone married for approximately fifteen minutes.

But, I love Rumpelstiltskin, and I don’t want to believe this is all just a power grab on his part. He might be a little obsessed with power, but I think he really believes that it’s his only shot at protecting the people (well, person) he loves. He refused to part with his powers for the love of Baelfire, all along claiming that he was trying to protect him. Once Bae was gone, he needed his powers to find him. He brought magic back to Storybrooke after the first curse ended. Belle thought he wanted magic back because he is afraid to live without his power. He admits that he is, but only because he’s still looking for Baelfire. It might be easy to dismiss this as some sort of self-gratification justification, but let’s think of Rumpelstiltskin’s history.

He’s brought up as the son of a man who is known to everyone as a bum, a cheater, and a coward. He tries his very best to make a new life for himself and his papa. That blows up in his face, leaving him fatherless and with the scorn and spite of a very powerful magical being. Rumpel figured out quite early on that one must regard magic carefully, because it is a truly dangerous and powerful thing.

After he returns to his native land, ravaged by war with horrific ogres, and goes on to marry a woman named Milah and tries to make a good life for the two of them. He’s excited by his conscription into the army because he’ll have a chance to prove himself once and for all. Except then he encounters a Seer before he ever steps foot on the battlefield, who tells him that not only is his wife knocked up, but that his impending actions will leave his son fatherless. Considering that he was already King of Daddy Issues Island, the thought of leaving his son as alone in the world as he was as a child is enough to drive him to the madness it requires to smash one’s leg with an axe.

Then, he gets home, weeping with the agony of his ruined leg and the joy his son brings him, only to find that his wife is kind of pissed that he’s back. She would rather he died a hero than live as a coward. She’s not a very nice lady. That he shunned his duty to fight ruins his marriage, leading Milah to leave Rum and a seven-year-old Baelfire to sail off with Killian Jones (who will later become Captain Hook). Rum, of course, tries to save her because he’s lead to believe that she’s been kidnapped. Jones offers to fight Rumpel for Milah. Rum won’t fight, but begs for his wife back for the sake of their son. Jones refuses, Milah becomes a pirate hooker, and Rum spends the next several years being humiliated at every point imaginable, never once attempting to defend himself, because he’s afraid of doing anything that might cost him his son. And let’s not forget, he wasn’t looking to become The Dark One, either. He was trying to save Baelfire from becoming cannon fodder for the Ogre Wars, and got tricked by the previous Dark One (Zoso) into killing him and taking on the power.

His ruthless behavior, despite the life of misery and loss that he’d experienced up to that point, is still his responsibility. He’s finally in a position to not just protect himself, but to inflict suffering on to those who have caused him to suffer. He did not make responsible decisions with that power. There’s no denying that, or excusing it. He overindulged, and it frightened his son, and he should have behaved more honorably to bring himself in line with his son’s wishes. It’s absolutely true that he should have followed Bae through the Blue Fairy’s portal to go to a land without magic. However, given who his daddy is and his experiences with jumping through portals, I think that he’s earned the right to be completely terrified of that kind of that particular situation. It was not the right thing to do. But maybe you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t have made similar choices with the options he faced.

But even through all the dark magic and grief, he hasn’t lost his ability to love. He dedicated himself to finding Baelfire after he was lost through the portal. It took him a long time, and it was a pretty desperate plan to begin with, but you can’t say the man isn’t devoted. His son meant everything to him and he literally moved heaven and earth to try to find him again. Through all of that drama, he found romantic love again as well, even after having his heart completely shattered by Milah’s betrayal (getting even with her and Hook may have helped him get over that, of course). I don’t believe he meant to fall in love with Belle, but (especially in the Enchanted Forest), True Love can find its way to anyone. (And, I dunno, it seems like fact that she was wearing a gold dress when she met him, and he spins gold thread, seems to make it fairytale-perfect fate. Symbolism, folks!)

Even though he loved her, he still acted abominably when Belle kissed him and his curse began to break, and I believe that he was just as terrified of losing his powers because that would mean never finding Bae as he was that he and Belle were in love with each other. It’s not unreasonable for a man who has rubbed elbows with truly evil people and who has had his heart thoroughly broken so many times to be afraid of being in love. And, if Regina hadn’t lied to him and told him that Belle was dead (when really Regina had kidnapped her and was holding her captive in a tower), he would have tried to find her just like he was trying to find Baelfire.

And so, chewing on all of this, what do we really know about him, and what can we speculate the future holds for him in season four?

We barely know anything about The Sorcerer or His Amazing Magic Stealing Dream Hat, but it’s obvious that the story will circle back to its importance at some point. Magic-stealing-or-otherwise-containing objects have factored into the Frozen storyline as well, and it’s possible that the two seemingly unrelated elements may cross paths once either a) the Sorcerer returns, or b) The Snow Queen begins to really wreak havoc on Storybrooke. Specifically to Rumpel though, I’m sure that Mr. Sorcerer is not going to be happy that Rum and Belle had a party there while they’re supposed to just be watering the plants while he was out-of-town. Plus Rumpel stole his hat. And cursed his junior partner. A couple of times.

The Snow Queen is still a mystery, too. Sure, we know she was Emma’s foster mom for a while and that she said she’s Elsa’s aunt but Elsa doesn’t remember that, though that doesn’t tell us as much as you’d think. She and Rumpelstiltskin had a quick tete-a-tete in the woods when she first built the ice wall around Storybrooke. All we gleaned from that, though, was that she wasn’t happy to see him (no one ever is), and that he’ll be waiting to deal with her when she’s ready (which he promised he wouldn’t do!). Rumpel knew Anna in The Enchanted Forest but he denied knowing her in Storybrooke, even though it seemed like he was trying to hide behind a technicality as he spoke.

Supposedly, The Dagger Situation is NOT a mystery—there are two, and Rum has been switching them back and forth from Belle. Captain Hook knows this and tried to blackmail him, but it turned out that Hook, uhm, overplayed his hand (I couldn’t help it!) and now Hook is schlepping for him. I think there’s a whole lot going on with The Dagger Situation that we don’t know about. This show has a tendency to blow open story arcs and add a ton of subplots and far-reaching tie-ins, or even detailed explanations

for subtle plot points that were merely mentioned and dismissed much earlier. This feels like the perfect opportunity for OUAT to do its thing. I hope it does.

But, that’s not the only nagging, another-shoe-is-going-to-drop problem that I feel like Rumpelstiltskin might face. Remember when he and Belle broke up at The Dark Castle because she kissed him and it broke the curse of the dagger? Well, the two of them have swallowed each other’s tongues for four seasons now and he hasn’t lost his magic. He didn’t even physically turn into The Dark One when the first curse ended. There are shenanigans at work here, I know it!

Rumpelstiltskin may not have reverted back to The Dark One all over again, but he’s certainly using every sleight-of-hand trick with the truth. He knows his wife values honesty above all other things between them, and he certainly must know that she’ll be devastated if she discovers his lies. She will inevitably find out, though, so perhaps the real question is, will he be able to give her enough of an explanation to keep her from leaving when she finds out?

The Story Continues Sunday Night at 8:00pm on ABC.

Gracepoint: Did “Captain Jack” Reinhold Kill Danny?

Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX
Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

They took the gloves off in the fifth episode, of the FOX mini-series “Gracepoint,” and blows landed on bodies and faces, all throughout the Northern California sea-side community as neighbor turned on neighbor and wives turned on husbands. The episode concluded, with the spotlight directed on “Captain Jack” Reinhold, as news from the old man of the sea’s past came to light in the village. However, there are two other prime-suspects in Detective Emmett Carver’s eyes, psychic/psycho telephone repairman Raymond Donnelly and Reverend Paul Coates, who grew up with Beth Solano, as neither can verify where they were the night Danny Solano got murdered.

The network’s pushing the “Captain Jack,” angle hard right now, (also the reason this recap’s got the title you read) but the first suspect’s rarely the culprit in most detective stories. It’s also likely that the show runners will throw some “red herrings” out there to keep viewers guessing and likely, that “Captain Jack,” winds up in that category. Although things looked bleak at the end of the episode, there are too many residents of “Creepy Town,” to believe it’s Reinhold.

Other bombshells exploded during the episode, Beth telling her husband Mark, she knows about his affair with Gemma Fisher, just before heading out to address the media as a family about the death of their son. Carver’s health’s so bad, if the department realized how sick he is, they’d take him off the case. Beth deciding to give San Francisco Globe reporter Renee Clemons an exclusive interview, asking for justice for her son. Connelly’s shady past gets exposed, including his bouts with mental illness and Susan Wright seems to have another name (and gets creepier with each appearance.) They also held a memorial service for Danny in the episode, with Reverend Coates chastising his parishioners for looking at each other with suspicion.

This episode begins with the scene that closed the previous one, a boat burning in the water off shore of the town and a uniform called for Carver to head to the beach. The detective, still a newcomer’s unaware of whom the department uses to assist in this situation, but he orders the uniform to contact the harbor master to get the boat brought to shore, rather than waiting for the tide to wash it in.

The man who heads the CSI team for Gracepoint, comes across as a friendly, likable guy, but we get to see little of him as Carver dispenses with social niceties. The CSI leader tells the pair, that a piece of the boat’s covered with hair fibers, which he’ll soon analyze, they believe the boat’s the place where Danny got murdered. Carver and Miller head to the Solano’s to inform Beth of the burning boat and Connelly’s in her living room and asks why the detectives didn’t use his vision of Danny dying in a boat as evidence. Carver, grabs him by the lapels, throws him out of the house and follows him to the street. He tells “Mr. Telephone Man,” that if he sees him again, he’ll arrest him, then has Pete the officer guarding the Solano’s house follow him until he drives far away from the house. When he finally pulls over, Connelly displays his frustration, smacking his dashboard and steering wheel.

Ellie stays with Beth and tells her, that Donnelly’s intentions aren’t necessarily altruistic, he could seek publicity and a possible book deal if Beth confides in him too much. Solano falls apart, breaks into tears and tells Ellie she feels all alone in this. Miller asks if she’s told Mark that she knows he slept with Gemma, but Beth says she can’t.

It’s the morning after for Renee Clemons and Owen Burke and he’s clearly unused to having a woman in his apartment. Burke’s done some digging on the Internet, finding out that Jack Reinhold’s an ex-con, having served a sentence for statutory rape of a minor, decades before. He contacts Carver and the detective calls “Captain Jack,” to the station for questioning. The man who owns the kayak shop and works each morning with youngsters, teaching them about the ocean, thinks he’s there to discuss the stranger in the bandanna he saw Danny talking with.

Reinhold’s less than pleased when Carver asks him about his crime and subsequent prison term, asking the detective if he’s getting a little desperate. Carver wonders how he’s gotten clearance from the state to work with children since he’s a convicted sex-offender and “Captain Jack,” says that he’s not a sex-offender. Carver counters with that Reinhold’s not on the list because he committed his crime before the list came to exist. He then says he hears “Captain Jack,” enjoys photography and inquires if he takes lots of pictures of the kids he teaches?

Reinhold’s face registers disgust and he asks if they’re going to charge him or accuse him of anything and Carver asks where the old man was the night Danny got killed. “Captain Jack,” replies he read a book but doubted Carver would enjoy it as it lacked pictures, the detective asked if anyone could verify that and Reinhold responded just the book, then left the office.

Burke asks Clemons’ if she wants to join him in interviewing Reinhold on his prison conviction and she turns him down, saying “Captain Jack,” made it quite clear he didn’t like her the first time she met. She also says she’s working on other leads, declining to tell her only ally in town, she’s got an exclusive interview with Beth Solano, that Chloe arranged.

Owen grew up as one of the kids in Reinhold’s oceanography group and he’s got mixed feelings about approaching the old man on ancient history, but if “Captain Jack’s,” a suspect, he’d blow a possible exclusive interview. Reinhold’s happy to see Burke at first, but he gets angry quickly when Burke asks about his conviction. I didn’t get the feeling from this scene, that Reinhold did anything to advance him as a suspect, it seemed that he felt betrayed, by a young man that had known “Captain Jack,” all of his life. He tells Burke he was a good kid, but he’s twisted and tells him to get lost.

Renee gets far more success with the Solano family, as Chloe tells how Clemons’ rescued Danny’s stuffed animal from the memorial site. After some talk back and forth, Beth consents to talk to Clemons’ for the interview. The interview’s the front page headline for her paper and is the first thing each resident wakes up to the next morning.

Detective Carver shows up at the Miller’s for dinner, wearing a suit, bearing a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers and a box of candy. Ellie says she’ll call her superior Emmett for the evening, but Carver hates his first name, then goes off on a tangent about first name’s only purpose is for making people seem more personal and friendly. We also find out Carver’s divorced with a 17-year-old daughter that lives with her mother.

There’s a bit of awkward silence and Ellie’s husband Joe asks Carver if they’ll solve this case and Carver looks him right in the eye without doubt and says yes. Ellie takes that as a cue to leave the room for a minute, but tells her husband that’s the end of police talk. When she leaves, Carver asks Joe if Ellie likes him, then says he thinks he irritates her. (you think?) Joe tries to cover by saying you’re here for dinner and Carver responds by telling Miller he’s a terrible liar. Miller smiles and says, yeah, but you’re an awful boss and the unthinkable occurs as Emmett Carver laughs. Ellie asks what’s so funny when she returns, but they decline to tell her.

As Carver’s heading back to the Inn he’s staying at, he gets woozy and light-headed and sits on a village bench, seeing the sign for the Inn just feet away, he got up and went to his room. Still sick when he gets there, he looks in a bureau drawer for something, then collapses face down on the floor. He wakes up in the emergency room, with Inn-Keeper Gemma, sitting in a chair by his bed, reading the day’s paper.

The detective freaks out when he awakens and asks Gemma to promise not to tell anyone, as they’ll take him off the case. She tries reasoning with him, saying he needs to get well, but he gets dressed and has her take him back to the Inn. By the time Detective Ellie Miller arrives at the station, Carver’s sitting at his desk and explains the bandage on his forehead, to a slip in the shower that morning.

She asks if she can get permission to share the drifter’s picture with the parks department and Carver says that’s a good idea. She then asks if she can attend Danny’s memorial service that afternoon and Carver thinks she’s going on duty, but she informs him she’s not. They then discuss the interview Beth gave to Clemons and that they’ll soon be inundated with reporters from across the country.

If you’re looking for nightmares, you might want to spend an afternoon with Susan Wright as her face might frighten Dracula and the personality to match. She heads over to Gemma’s Inn, attempting to get a job, saying that Chloe Solano’s not much help with what her family’s going through. Testifying to how nice Miss Fisher is, as she maintained civility and a friendly demeanor throughout the conversation. She thanks Wright for applying and says she’ll get back to her. However, when she runs Wright’s Social Security number it shows it belongs to a Ruth Ehrlich. She visits the editor of the Gracepoint newspaper Kathy Eaton and shares the info with her and Eaton says she’ll do some digging.

Eaton soon runs into Wright, as she’s putting a flyer advertising she’s looking for jobs cleaning houses, in the village square along with all the other public notices. Seeing Eaton watching her, she asks if she’s allowed to do that, as everybody else does and Eaton replies, of course Susan, or should I say Ruth? Wright fixes her with a glare that could crack a mirror, she and he dog then slink away.

Vince Novick stops at the Solano house on the way to Danny’s memorial service and drops off his venison dinner for all to eat after the ceremony. Mark’s the only family member not going and he puts the dinner in the oven to stay warm while all the others go to the church.

It seems that most of the village’s shown for the memorial and Coates thanks them all for attending, but then proceeds to berate his parishioners and the town in general for all the suspicion since Danny’s murder. He blames the suspicion on outsiders, but it’s clear that he’s blaming Carver for the community’s lack of unity. Carver tells Miller that he’s holding a press conference including the Solano family that evening and Ellie and family head back to the Solano’s home for the venison dinner.

We still see the pain on Beth’s face as she attempts to enjoy the dinner and all their friends, she catches Ellie’s son Tommy looking at a picture of Danny and looking sad and she relates to his pain. After the meal, she and Tommy talk and she asks her son’s best friend for a hug.

The front door rings and Mark lets  “Captain Jack,” into their house. Almost crying he tells Mark and Beth that he would never hurt Danny and despite the terrible things they’ll soon hear about him he didn’t kill their son. Ellie tries to get Reinhold out of the house by restraining him, when we notice through the picture window the front lawns covered with news photographers, one pressed up to the window, snapping away. Mark runs out to his yard, grabs the came and throws it on the sidewalk smashing it, Novick screams for the photographers to leave.

That night Kathy Eaton’s sitting in her office and she hears a noise and walks into the newsroom. After checking around and seeing nothing, she starts to head back to her office, when she’s startled to see Susan Wright in her path. Wright tells Eaton that she’s going to stop asking questions about her and Eaton asks why she would consent to that? Wright glares at the editor and says “I know men who would rape you.”

The press conference in which Carver and the Solano’s address the media’s about to begin but as they’re walking out to the table they’ll sit at, Beth tells Mark she knows about him and Gemma Fisher. He’s stunned and Carver has to push him to get going. As Carver heads to the table, Miller stops him. She tells him that Oregon police just contacted her, this case reminds them of one in their town 15-years earlier and Jack Reinhold used to live right near there. As Beth starts talking to reporters, we watch  “Captain Jack,” burning pictures of kids including Danny Solano in a barrel.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on FOX.

Supernatural: A Regular Psycho Brady Bunch

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Supernatural,” fans are well aware that the series features two different types episodes that air throughout each season. There are the shows that advance, the major storyline of the season, which the series used in the first, three-episodes of season ten. (Although with the Demon-Dean Dilemma solved and Castiel, juiced up on stolen grace, this season lacks a major storyline right now.) The other episodes, referred to as “One-Offs,” as Sam and Dean Winchester, step away from their latest mission, to hunt down the monster of the week.

Most times “One-Offs,” perturb longtime fans, as it slows down progressing the main plot, however some of them have been amongst the most entertaining shows, during the series’ run. Some, such as “The  French Mistake” and “Changing Channels,” or the “Ghost-Facers” shows are incredibly funny, with lots of meta-humor and inside-jokes. Favorite characters such as Charly, Sheriff Jodi Mills and Garth, have entered fans homes in these type of episodes. Then there are the poignant examples, such as a show from early in season eight, entitled “Bitten,” a departure for the series in many ways.

The Winchester brothers, appeared as peripheral characters in that episode and it’s one of the few episodes, that the viewer experiences the show from a view other than the brothers. The pair enter an apartment, finding two dead bodies and a laptop with a film on it set to play. The film’s basically the diary of three college students, two guys and a girl, and the relationship that develops among the trio, Michael and his new girlfriend Kate and Michael’s roommate and best friend Brian.

The situation gets a bit complicated when Michael’s turned into a werewolf, at first it seems a blessing, his senses are greatly enhanced and he’s got super-strength. However the blood-lust soon kicks in and Michael doesn’t know how to control it. Brian’s a nerd and strikes out consistently with women, so he asks Michael to turn him, but his best friend refuses to do it, due the bad effects. Brian figures out the original werewolf’s a professor at their college and he confronts him and gets him to turn him.

Brian goes nuts with his new powers and he’s harbored a huge crush on Kate since the pair met her together, so he challenges Michael and wins the battle killing his best friend. Kate freaks out, but Brian tells her she’ll soon understand and turns her. Kate understands but doesn’t forgive and kills Brian, leaving a message at the end of the film, that she’ll live out her days feasting on small animals and never chow-down on humans. Dean and Sam, decide not to give chase. Kate came off as an empathetic and sympathetic character and I waked away from that episode wondering what would happen to her.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that I grew quite pleased, when Kate returned in the latest episode entitled “Paper Moon,” but it seemed as if she broke her vow at the end of the film, as three guys in the last month from the same town, got ripped apart and their hearts got eaten by the “Animal,” that attacked them.

We start the episode joining “THE BOYS,” enjoying some rest and relaxation, trying to recharge the batteries after Dean rejoined humanity. They’re sitting lakeside, sporting shades and drinking some cold long-necks. Dean, remarks how great things are, they have some “We Time,” and no concerns or impending doom to fret about. Just as the brothers clink bottles, Dean asks Sam if he read the article in the paper and Sam, lamely tries to pass it off as an animal kill, but Dean says that it’s the third in the same town in a month. The younger brother says they should call some guys and get it taken care of, but Dean suggests they handle it. Sammy agrees, on the condition that if his older brother feels the least bit off, they stop.

The Winchesters ditch their usual gray suits and FBI ID’s, opting to come to the town in Washington State as Game Wardens and town officials are happy to see them. The local sheriff says he’s seen some strange things over the years and then remarks the pair must truly have seen everything over the years. Dean, clearly off his game begins  babbling about bit-coin and the President, but Sam cuts him off and asks the Sheriff to describe the killings and he says all three got ripped apart and had their hearts ripped out.

The last attack took place at a local bar and they spoke to a witness whose reliability’s in question. He says that his buddy went out back of the bar with a blonde and she ripped him apart. But then he says he saw her again and believes she’s a ghost. The Winchesters, thank the guy, then head out looking for a female werewolf, but the search doesn’t last long as they find dead chickens scattered in a shack. The woman’s talking on the phone arguing with the other party, then hangs up. Her senses heightened, she feels the brothers and tries to run but Sam catches her, looks at her face and shows his shock, he turns her around facing Dean and we see it’s Kate. They tie her hands with a rope, hanging from a rafter.

She asks them why they’re in town and they turn the question back on her, asking what happened to her vow. She unconvincingly says things are tougher than she expected and perhaps she’s evolved. She then tells the pair if they’re going to kill her get it over and Dean points his pistol at her, but his younger brother wants to talk. He tells Dean to let him take the shot, clearly he’s worried about his brother killing someone, perhaps due to the “Mark Of Cain.” By the time they finish talking, they see she’s gone, she used one of her fangs to cut the rope.

They did grab her cellphone while they imprisoned her and hit redial, and they get the front desk of a local front desk. After they arrive and speak to the desk clerk, they find out a blonde checked in two-days earlier and give them her room number. Wearing a hat a woman leaves the room and the pair follow staying back about ten-yards. They think she’s going for a jogger, pull their pistols and shot Kate, but another blonde young woman turns around and screams. Dean tells her to calm down and tries to touch her with silver but she screams in terror, then we realize she’s faking as she’s a werewolf and starts attacking Sam. Kate shows up, pulls the woman off Sam and the other woman bolts into the night. Kate explains it’s her sister Tasha.

Kate then explains that she’s stuck true to what she said on the tape and has led a lonely existence on the run. However her younger sister lay in a hospital, dying after a car crash and rather than allowing Tasha to die, she turned her. She then explained to her sister what they were, and they could never be normal, but they had each other. Unfortunately, Tasha refused to control her compulsions and soon started feasting on humans. Kate tracked her down to this town in one last-ditch effort to save her, if not she told “THE BOYS,” she’d take her out.

Dean flat-out lies to Kate and says they can cure her and Tasha and if she can find Tasha, they’ll cure them both. Kate tells them her sister’s at the beach-house her family owns, that’s their rendezvous spot if they get separated. Sam and Dean talk shortly later and Sam says that there’s no way to cure a werewolf and Dean pulls out his silver blade. They get into the Chevy and drive to the beach-house. When they get there, Dean locks Kate to the steering wheel with silver handcuffs and go in to kill Tasha, but the younger sister’s prepared with an ambush. Two guys she turned, Travis and Brandon and she tells Kate when she’s brought from the car by Tasha, they’re her new family, to which Dean responds, “Yeah, a regular psycho Brady Bunch.”

Tasha tells her sister she can walk out on her, or join her and Kate tells her younger sister, she’s not leaving. Tasha tells her to prove her loyalty to eat Sam’s heart but she refuses, so she them gives to Brandon and Travis to play with. Unfortunately for them, Dean and Sam have plenty of experiencing killing werewolves and the two soon join the list.

Kate tries to talk sense to her younger sister, but realizes she’s too far gone. They tell each other they love one another, hug and Kate kills Tasha plunges the silver blade, through her back, then leaves before the boys return. She calls them on her cellphone from a payphone saying she’ll try her best to stick to her vow and hopes never to see them again, as it likely means she broke her vow.

Leaving the town, Sam asked Dean if they rushed back to working too quickly. Dean responds that’s possible, but he wants to do good, as he did such bad things as a demon.

The Story Returns Tuesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Forever: Some Memories You Can’t Out Run

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There are moments, events, in all of our lives, that haunt us all our lives, the pain doesn’t fade with time, or how successful we become, even the number of toys we acquire in our existence. In the middle of the night, when we’re alone with just our thoughts, those memories return, just as sharp and bright as the moment they occurred. For most of us, those moments involve minor transgressions, that we’ve never forgiven ourselves for. However there are some folks that we interact with daily, that hide heinous and unspeakable acts and eventually the guilt and weight of bearing that secret, overcomes them.

This week’s episode of the ABC series “Forever,” deals with that subject on a number of levels, involving the crime Detective Jo Martinez and New York City Medical Examiner Henry Morgan, attempted to solve, as well as secrets that Morgan and his companion Abe, keep from others. Henry, of course is used to carrying secrets, as he’s hidden the fact that he’s over 200-years-old from the world, except Abe.

The episode opens at a gala banquet, honoring a young selfless doctor, named Tyler Forester, awarding for his efforts in his free clinic, in the inner city and throughout the community. He’s introduced to the audience, by his best friend since they were nine-years-old, Carter Pilson, however Forester sitting at his table, looks more agitated than proud sitting at his table waiting to approach the dais. When Pilson introduces the doctor, he whispers in his ear to do the right thing, as he always does. The applause starts and Dr. Forester’s face fills the screen.

The next scene’s in a skid-row apartment in Harlem, the award-winning doctor’s apartment, who got killed shortly after the ceremony in his apartment, by a blow to the back of his head from the trophy he received. Detective Martinez and Doctor Morgan, investigate the scene, as Henry tells the detective that the apartment lock’s broken from the inside, so Forester likely knew his murderer and let him in his apartment. Martinez questions why Forester lived there, as his father’s a famous Wall Street Billionaire?

When they get the body back to Morgan’s office and examine Forester’s corpse, they’re shocked to see large Roman Numerals tattooed across his chest. They meet with Forester’s father, whose clueless about the tattoo, then tells the officers that his son distanced himself from he and Tyler’s mother, since he graduated high school. He wouldn’t accept their money, he got completely wrapped up in his work, even donated his meager salary to charities, some the Corporate Titan, never heard of. He then tells them to join him the next morning at his son’s memorial service, and possibly speak with others that knew Tyler better.

Morgan and Martinez arrive at the service and notice three young people, about Tyler’s age with the same class ring as Tyler wore. One, is Carter Pilson, who introduced Forester at his banquet, the other young man’s named Paul Gould, (whom Martinez believes looks high) and the young woman’s an attorney named Cassandra Mueller. All three were best friends with Forester in high-school and there’s a framed picture of the four of them at the memorial, dated June 10, 2005. Martinez and Morgan, start questioning Gould, after Jo identifies herself as a detective, but Gould’s pretty sketchy with details, to their questions. Mueller then approaches and asks if she can help them, and Martinez identifies herself, the attorney says she doesn’t think Mr. and Mrs. Forester would appreciate their presence and Morgan tells her, that Mr. Forester invited them to try to get answers. Cassandra then says she’s a lawyer and Martinez asks if Gould needs an attorney, but Henry spirits them out of there.

Back in the chapel, Pilson approaches them and apologizes for his friends behavior, and says they’re still shaken by Tyler’s death. Henry asks Carter if the date June 10, 2005, has any significance and Pilson turns ashen, says no and excuses himself. Henry realizes that the date on the picture’s the mirror opposite of the tattoo on Forester’s chest.

Mr. and Mrs. Forester got divorced five-years earlier, so she wasn’t present during the interview with Tyler’s father. She told Martinez and Morgan that her son changed irrevocably, after the summer of 2005, Tyler seemed haunted and always sad. He got accepted to Harvard and planned to go there, but after the summer went to State University and paid his own way.

Henry heads to Abe’s shop and asks him his deepest secret. Abe admits when he first opened the shop, he sold a fake antique for the price of a real one. He’s ashamed to this day, but without that sale, he’d gone out of business.

Back at the station, Jo and Henry find out, that they’ve recovered data from Tyler’s cellphone, specifically a rather cryptic video. The pair watch, as Forester apologizes to the parents of a Robert Meachem, for what “we,” did to their son, but stops talking when Paul Gould enters the frame. They put out an all points bulletin on Meachem and reported missing on June 12, 2005 and was never found.

Martinez and Morgan lead a search near where Meachem lived for his remains and Henry finds the spot, due to a particularly lush, young, tree. They find the bones and a DNA match confirms the bones are Meachem’s. Confronted with the evidence, all of Forester’s classmates admit to running over Meachem and burying him, but all three deny killing Tyler.

Henry and Jo meet with Meachem’s parents, who bring a photo of their son wearing a cap from the local service station, where they said he worked part-time and walked to the night he went missing. Morgan realizes that the owner of the gas station, witnessed the accident, had received payoff checks by Forester, (one of the unknown charities) and since Forester was going public the hush-money train, would stop running. He tried to convince to stay quiet and keep paying, but they argued and the station owner killed the doctor.

The pair head to the gas station, ask about Meachem and then ask to look at the owner’s bank records. He pulls out a drawer from his filing cabinet, but pulls out a pistol, shooting Morgan in the arm. Henry tells Martinez he’s fine and she chases the owner down but freezes with her gun and the two hold each other at gunpoint. Morgan tells the guy to shoot him instead and when he aims at Henry, Martinez shoots him and arrests him.

The Meachem’s are finally at peace knowing the fate of their son and Forester’s classmates will all serve time for their crimes.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on ABC.  

The Flash: Felicity Holds The Team Together


Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Barry Allen has graduated to multitasking at high speeds. Which does prove helpful in tonight’s ‘caper’. An armored truck gets robbed by professionals. However, Barry gets there in time take care of four armed robbers, two security employees and prevent the robbers for getting what they came for. Meanwhile Thawne doesn’t quite understand the parameters for dating the bosses daughter. And Joe is giving Iris the silent treatment. Which Barry (and I) are perfectly fine with. And if that’s not enough, Iris has started a blog covering “the Streak”.

In better news, we have a Felicity citing. That’s right, another Arrow crossover. Why is Felicity showing Barry Allen this flirty attention? Full disclosure, I’m behind on Arrow, but this seems a little odd. Odder still is the tie in with Dr. Wells. Who knows who Felicity is because he “keeps his eyes open for promising talent”.

Joe is taking at least some level of joy in telling Thawne that he has no interest in hearing anything about he and Iris. I’d go so far as to say, Joe would prefer Thawne keep the name Iris out of his mouth when in Joe’s presence.

Side note. At the double date trivia night thing, the team of Iris, Thawne, Barry and Felicity (sans Felicity at this point) is introduced as E=MC Hammered. May sound cute enough. However, that phrase or line is all but ripped directly from the movie Beerfest. Not saying they stole it, just saying it’s not completely original.

Leonard Snart the ‘bad’ of this episode (and maybe beyond) makes a deal with a very sketchy individual about tech stolen from Star Labs. A gun that will slow the victim down. It burns cold. As it turns out, Cisco developed it and it has been missing for what Cisco thinks is two days tops. Snart decides to take it for a test run. He does hit Barry as Barry attempts to save Joe. And then Snart shoots it at an innocent and Barry tries to beat the substance from the gun. But he fails and the man is left like charred stone.

Wells informs Barry that the gun was made in Star Labs. It was made to slow down Barry before he knew that Barry was a good guy. And now, Barry is flying off the handle actually getting angry about mistrust when the issue should be about how to retrieve the gun.

Iris attempts to strong-arm Joe into dropping the silent treatment. And while I don’t think it’s the Jesse L Martin scene of the week we’ve grown accustomed to, he does make it clear that it’s not about being angry with Iris. It’s about losing focus and what would transpire between the two of them (Iris and Joe) if something bad were to happen to Thawne.

Barry has not left Star Labs yet. Instead he’s pushing himself hard to get faster. He’s still angry about the Cisco lack of trust. However, Felicity comes in to add some perspective. In the end she tells him that it wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t Cisco’s fault. This life is a lonely path and he should not make it any lonelier than it has to be.

Cisco has a way to get a location on the gun by sending a fake system update. With Felicity’s help they are able to get that location in under a minute. Barry suits up, still angry, and turns off his ear piece. Another sign of this Superhero’s lack of maturity in one area. But hey, it’s an origin story.

It seems that at this point, Felicity’s purpose in this episode is to lend guidance and experience in this sort of endeavor because this young team is experiencing its first sense of trouble. Meanwhile Joe chases after Snart. In doing so, out of fear, Joe insists Thawne stay and wait for backup. He is now making decisions based on the probability Thawne will survive and not the best case scenario for catching the bad guy. Thawne disobeys the order and after shooting (and missing) Snart, he says, “I’m your partner, not your assistant”.

Until now, the imagery of the small lightning bolts at Barry’s feet when at top speed seemed arbitrary. As if he sparks when he goes fast. Earlier, Wells told Felicity that Barry has not yet reached his top speed. Then, after the Cisco trust issue, Barry began to train harder in order to go faster. Snart sets a trap for Barry. He will endanger and entire subway train full of people and make his getaway while Barry saves everyone. The train derails and begins to topple over. Barry begins racing in and out saving people. Here’s the tie in. As he’s doing it, the lightning or static electricity (whichever it is) is now surging all around him. As I am a fan of the Flash and not a historian by any stretch, I cannot accurately place the relevance of this. But something tells me that Barry just graduated to the next step of his physical abilities.

While all of that was happening , Snart had no intention of making his getaway. He ducked out of sight in order to shoot Barry with the gun at point-blank range. While Barry sits there listening to how his actions forced the bad guy to improve the way he approaches his craft, Cisco shows up holding a prototype ‘cold gun’ that looks more like he half sibling to the gun Phil Coulson used to kill Garrett at the end of Agents of SHIELD season 1. Yeah, I just connected DC to Marvel, what of it? Turns out the ‘prototype’ is just a fancy vacuum cleaner with L.E.D. lights on it. Friendship and trust renewed.

Felicity said her goodbyes and heads off to return to her team in Starling City. There is an embrace before she goes. Just not the type that leads to anything. If you can’t tell, I’m pulling relatively hard for Iris to be nothing more than a friend Barry grew up with. For now.

There is a painful attempt for Joe and Iris to start again on the Eddie Thawne situation. Joe feels he underestimated Thawne’s ability and Iris never considered the work implications of dating him to begin with. Pretty mundane detail in the scope of thing except… Iris says, “from now on no more secrets”. Which is fun because Joe can agree to it all he wants. A father is going to keep the Flash’s secret because of the potential harm that could come to his daughter. Superheroes need their anonymity because if not, loved ones become collateral damage.

I was expecting the next scene to be our weekly ‘Harrison Wells is shady’ scene. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to discover Felicity on a train by herself. In an instant, Barry appears in the seat facing her. She ‘yelps’. They talk about pining for people they can’t have and then opposites attract and what not. Then Barry says “goodbye Felicity” then leans in just a little and she does the same. The first kiss of the series does not belong to Iris. This is a much better match. Long term, I’d be skeptical that this is where it stays. However, it does create the potential for repeated Arrow/Flash crossover episodes.

Instead of the Harrison Wells scene we get a different scene that plays to a future episode. If you didn’t notice, the Snart character is played by Wentworth Miller who is probably best known for his work on Prison Break. In this scene he partners up with a man he calls “Mick”. Mick uses a match to see the weapon that Snart insists he will like. The prevailing speculation is that Mick is a character named Heat Wave and that some further digging reveals that Heat Wave will be played by Dominic Purcell. Yeah, the other guy from Prison Break (and Blade Trinity). Sometime CW, you try too hard to be cute.

Agents of SHIELD: New Changes With Big Implications

Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

In this week’s episode, the assumption is that Hydra will step up their efforts to turn everyone against SHIELD, publicly. The news is just coming down of an attack on the UN where the assailants are masquerading around as if they are SHIELD agents when they are so absolutely not.

Side note. Bobbi Morse is wearing a strategically tight-fitting ‘Star Wars’ shirt. Which I believe needs a mention. Not because of the fit (although I am certainly not complaining) but because Disney recently bought the rights to Star Wars (and of course owns Marvel) and has been in production for a third trilogy for a little while now. Lovely product placement.

Following the attack on the UN, Talbot meets with a Senator who not only has a brother we should be concerned with, but also thinks he can “put SHIELD into the ground for good”. Also, it may have slid under the radar, but Talbot did say that he doesn’t think this attack was SHIELD. Following the break we learn that the Senator’s brother is Grant Ward. Wonder how Ward feels about that. If memory serves, Ward was so easily manipulated because of the abuse he received from his family.

The Bobbi/Hunter thing is getting very awkward, but in an entertaining way. While I have enjoyed every interaction that involves Hunter talking about his ex or Hunter and his ex (Bobbi) talking to one another, their body language just suggested that there actually is a real issue they will have to work through at some point.

Speaking of relationships either former or yet to be realized, Fitz and Simmons have a moment. It’s not the moment you might be hoping for. Simmons is reaching out. Fitz is trying to resist. He’s trying to not care, but he’s tipping his hand that he still does. And the most telling part is the banter. Before they could finish each others sentences. With Fitz’ current situation she’s trying to guess and is doing so incorrectly. She’s just now starting to get what Fitz has been going through.

Just as I predicted, Ward’s impulse when asked about his brother was almost fear. This was the same brother that threw him down a well. His brother always has an angle and Ward knows that. He was also very much afraid that his brother knows of his whereabouts.

May, Bobbi, and Hunter all head out to Okinawa to meet up with a contact Bobbi has that may shed some light on the UN attach. Watching her do here thing is clearly upsetting to Hunter but he hides it well. Meanwhile, this source is the creator of the weapons used in the attack. And as he put it, he “hopes it was enough to earn his way in to work on the Diviner”, which is a reference to the Obelisk Diviner. The alien 0-8-4 that Whitehall has been chasing and now has.

The Fitz and Simmons moment we’ve been waiting for has come. Just didn’t end the way I wanted it to. Fitz has a mild explosion at Simmons for leaving. But instead of working through it, she said that she didn’t leave for the reasons Fitz thinks. Then she decides she can’t handle it and walks.

Coulson pays a visit to the elder Ward brother. Senator Ward paints a different picture of what went on in the past compared to how Grant Ward tells it. Coulson and Senator Ward strike a deal. It’s a deal Grant Ward will not like. Coulson is going to turn Grant Ward over to Senator Ward and in return, Senator Ward will change his position on treating SHIELD like a terrorist group.

Ward: Listen to me, you can’t trust him.
Coulson: Three and a half weeks. I sat in this chair everyday for three and a half weeks and you never said a thing. But now you want to talk. Well its too late.
Ward: Everything I told Skye was true, you know that. I have not given you one bad piece of intel. Is that worth nothing?
Coulson: You will never see Skye again.
Ward: I thought we were rebuilding trust Coulson. I can help you. I’m still a part of your team.
Coulson: My team? You th– (Coulson is so angry he actually cut himself off mid sentence). You are not nor will you ever be on my team. You dropped FitzSimmons out of a plane. You murdered Victoria Hand and Eric Koenig. You betrayed every one of us you deluded Son of a BITCH. The only reason you are alive is because you were of use. And the only reason you are being transferred is because your brother is of more use.

Earlier, the Belgium Government offered safe haven to SHIELD agents. It’s at this point in the timeline where Coulson discovers that is not the case. It was a setup to get SHIELD agents in one place. Coulson tries to get the word out but it is too late for 6 SHIELD agents. It was a beautiful scene.

Hunter walks in to the safe house overtaken by Hydra. Offers beer and acts very Hunter-like nonchalant. Offers to get them closer to high up the ladder SHIELD agents as said SHIELD agents bust through the windows. What follows is a lovely fight sequence. May chases down the head guy and fights him one on one. Hunter and Bobbi take on everyone else in tandem. And I really do appreciate how Bobbi’s fighting style and choice of weapon is direct throwback to her role as Mockingbird in the comics.

Before I even go into this, it is essential that I express my sense about two people going forward. Of the top 10-15 recurring characters on SHIELD. I have a certain regard for half of that more above the others. Since day one, Fitz and Simmons were key. They continue to be key. I’ve always liked Skye but I’m skeptical of what her long-term involvement is. I love Hunter’s character. From the accent to the personality makeup. I’ve like Tripp since the moment I knew he wasn’t in Hydra’s pocket. This leaves us with Mack. Mack is easily the character whose worth to me has grown the fastest in this season. He’s an ideal team member in every way. But most importantly, he is key to the progress of Fitz. I need two things to absolutely happen. 1) Fitz and Simmons need to not only return to their previous working relationship, but they also need to escalate the as of yet not realized romantic relationship. 2) Mack needs to be for Fitz the male friend equivalent of what Simmons was to Fitz minus any romantic implications. Mack needs the be the guy Fitz can BS with. Tell stories too. Be a bro, essentially. Which will help bring Fitz along and remove some of the burden from Simmons to be both.

Simmons: This is where we used to keep the hazardous biologic materials.
Mack: Guess not everything changes. What can I do for you?
Simmons: I just wanted to thank you. For helping Fitz. Well, for being his friend.
Mack: I don’t help him. He doesn’t need any. You know that guy you wish he could be? I never met him. I only know this guy. And uh, he’s a little weird, but I like him.
Simmons: I don’t want him to be anyone but himself.
Mack: You sure about that?
Simmons: Yes.
Mack: Because I heard he told you how he felt and you bailed.
Simmons: That’s not what happened.
Mack: I know you two have a past. But from what can see, the only thing that makes him worse, is you.
Simmons (with tears in her eyes): I know. Why do you think I left?

You’d think I might be disappointed. This is the most satisfying scene of season two in my opinion. Any guy, would have to really enjoy Mack sticking up for Fitz. Maybe it wasn’t necessary, but from Mack’s perspective, Simmons is counterproductive for Fitz. And saying it the way he did, very matter of factually, speaks to where that friendship should be headed. Simmons’ responses also tell a story. One that we don’t fully grasp yet. Is she emotional because she shares the feelings for Fitz that Fitz confessed to her? Or is it simpler. Maybe she doesn’t (in which case she should be punished until she does), and she can see how her presence adversely affect Fitz. And the last thing here I’ll mention. Simmons is making an effort in a hugely awkward situation. But the interesting fact is that when Fitz speaks to Simmons, it’s difficult. He can’t find the words. He gets flustered. And even her gaze throws him off. Yet on the same day, when Fitz talks to Mack, he is as clear as he was before the escape pod situation.

The transfer of Grant Ward begins without a hitch. They handcuff him and march him out as if he were Hannibal Lecter. Under the circumstances, not a horrible analogy. As they march him through the halls, he makes eye contact and calls out for Skye. Simmons steps in front of her and say, if I ever see you again, I’ll kill you. During this, the audio is of the Senator changing his views on SHIELD and confessing his brother’s involvement in Hydra. And the creepiest turn of events, General Talbot being gracious and even shaking May’s hand. To steal a line from Toby Ziegler of the West Wing, “…and you know how crazy that makes me. So that can stop as soon as possible.” Coulson gives the security team explicit instructions to not give Ward an inch. Shortly thereafter, Ward dislocates his own wrist to free one of his hands and fight his way out.

The final tease, is a familiar man walking into a tattoo parlor. Familiar as an actor not as a character on the show. Familiar actors normally indicate at least a recurring role. He takes his shirt off and shoulders to hips are covered with tattoos resembling the alien writing that Coulson keeps carving. He claims the pain helps him remember.

Person Of Interest: Big Guns, False Names And Corporate Spying

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There’s a reason they put up graphics, saying “Don’t Try This At Home!” John Reese can pull off pretending he’s an NYPD Homicide Detective, named John Reilly, but your average businessman’s not up to the task, as an insurance worker named Walter, learned in the latest episode of the CBS series, “Person Of Interest.” Walter, a nondescript, quiet man, who basically keeps to himself, got inspired listening to the police scanner about the so-called vigilante, known as “The Man In The Suit,” who seemed to disappear a few months earlier. So when a woman in his office Elena, whom he’s got a crush on, lost her brother earlier in the week in a suspicious looking suicide, Walter decided to investigate the case.

That lead to Walter coming up as the latest number “The Machine,” supplied to Harold Finch and Finch got Sameen Shaw a job in Walter’s office and Reese to follow him when he hits the streets. When Walter sees Elena weeping, he offers his condolences and some tissues. She thanks her office-mate and says the thing that bothers her the most, is that her brother Abel, neglected to leave a suicide note. Walter says he’s working on that and in tandem, Elena, Shaw and Finch all say what? Walter then mumbles something and heads to his desk, Shaw realizes that Walter’s got the phone data card from Abel’s cell phone and put it in a burner phone, which Sameen quickly copies.

He puts on an ill-fitting fedora and leaves the office, John takes up the chase and Harold tells Shaw he needs her back at headquarters. When she arrives he tells her via speaker-phone that he needs to attend a conference in his guise as Professor Whistler and asks Sameen to take over monitoring the computers until he returns. She begrudgingly agrees and asks if the conference’s in Boston and Harold tells her its Hong Kong.

John  follows Walter to Abel’s apartment as he inspects the room and then the fire escape, Reese and Shaw start to think that Abel’s death wasn’t a suicide and it appears Walter knows that too. He heads to the office of the truck driver’s boss, dispatcher Banks Van Hess. He tries to gain access into the building, but it’s locked tight, suddenly a security guard appears and asks if he can help. Walter tells him he’s trying to see Van Hess and the guard replies, he’ll just radio to the dispatcher, but Walter pulls out a badge, identifying himself as Detective Hodges of the task-force. He tells the guard if he alerts Van Hess, he could blow his case, so the guard lets him in the building.

Walter walks around looking for the dispatcher and luckily sees Van Hess first, as he’s tied to a chair and being doused with gasoline by two thugs. The dispatcher swears he doesn’t know where it is, the thug says he finally believes him, then shoots him between the eyes. He then sets the room on fire and the pair take off, leaving Walter alone and stunned, until he hears a voice, he turns around and gets knocked out by Reese.

Harold arrives at the conference and gets greeted by an attractive woman his age, who identifies herself as Beth Bridges and tells Professor Whistler, his topic, which centers on operators maintaining control of the machines they create is  the antithesis of everything she believes in. She’s not nasty in the least, in fact she seems delighted to debate him and the pair hit it off, although their philosophies differ. Harold believes Beth’s another professor, then realizes she’s the head of a new tech firm that’s sponsoring the conference.

Reese/Reilly, wakes up Walter with a vial of ammonia under his nose, then plays along that Walter’s really Detective Hodges and asks him to compare notes, then brings him to the station. Reilly tells Walter that he believes the homicide he’s investigating’s connected to the case Reilly and his partner are working. Fusco walks in and Reilly introduces Walter as Detective Hodges, but Lionel quickly realizes something’s off and Reilly asks to talk to him privately. John tells Fusco that Walter’s not a cop, but he’s the latest number and could help them. When they finish their discussion, Walter’s vanished.

Walter’s back at his office and his cell phone rings and a hardened voice greets him as Detective Hodges. He nervously disconnects and he picks up his office phone and the same voice addresses him as Walter. He runs out of the office and a group of thugs attempt to kidnap him, but Reilly and Fusco, save Walter, overcome the bad guys and pick up a huge gun in the bargain.

When they meet up with Shaw, Walter smiles at Reilly and asks if he’s a super-hero and John says no. Fusco and Shaw arrive, Lionel sporting shades and Sameen wearing a little black dress and Walter says, to John he is a super-hero, then tells Fusco he’s a lucky guy. Shaw identifies the weapon as being a next-generation prototype, that can shred armor vests and easily pierce armor-coated limos. John grabs Walter and puts him in a locked room at the precinct for his own protection.

Professor Whistler and Beth Bridges, finish lunch and about to return to the conference, when they’re mugged and a thief on a motorcycle takes all their possessions. When they return to the conference, Bridges tells Harold she’s calling the police, but he begs her not to, as the thief got his passport and he’s got visa troubles. He’s also able to draw out the characters on the back of the motorcycle, the name of the restaurant he delivers for, they decide to get back their property on their own and Harold grabs an umbrella.

Walter’s room gets opened with a key by a man wearing an FBI windbreaker, identifying himself as an agent and saying Detective Reilly, said that Walter might help with a gun running case they’re working. However, the guys a thug trying to kidnap Walter and he and Reilly get into a standoff, until he pushes Walter  away and escapes.

We hear John’s voice ask where New York Gang Lord Carl Elias’ at and we see an address that the other man in the conversation identifies as a communal address. Reese draws his weapon when he enters the building, but a well dressed, attractive , young woman, assures him that’s not needed. He enters a vault that’s labeled Fort Knox and filled with racks of high-tech state of the art automatic weapons. Elias walks in and Reese talks about the cascade of weapons and what it took to acquire them, then threatens to take Carl out, but Elias says that three snipers placed directly above them would stop that. He then tells Reese that they should take a walk.

Elias and Reese had problems early in their relationship, when Reese saved the Crime Bosses life, thinking he was a New York City School teacher. But after two or three run-ins, they established an understanding between them, Finch even visited Carl regularly in prison to play chess with him. Reese told Elias, that he wanted the Gang Leader to work for him earlier this season. However bad feelings exist on both sides in this situation, as Reese believes Elias’ gang’s responsible for bringing one hundred of those next-gen weapons to NYC and trying to kidnap Walter.

Elias tells Reese that he indeed sent the phony FBI agent into the station but the Armorer, a guy from Chicago’s responsible for the weapons and the other kidnaping and he tells Reese, that Walter knows where the truck’s at that Abel abandoned, holding the weapons. The reason he knows is he’s got Abel’s cell-phone.

The Professor and Miss Bridges wait outside the restaurant the thief works at and finally he gets on his bike and starts to ride off, but Harold smacks him in the front of his helmet with the umbrella and the thief falls from his motorcycle. Beth and Harold recover their stuff and run away.

Walter gets kidnapped again while John’s away and the Armorer’s gang follow the route on the phone to the truck. Shaw locates the truck from the copy and texts it to Reilly and Fusco. They arrive just as the armorer’s about to kill Walter and they get into a shootout with Walter in the middle. Things look tough for Reilly and Fusco, but Elias’ man shows up with the prototype and the three take everyone out, but Walter sees John’s in the sights of a shooter, knocks down Reilly and takes the bullet.

Elias then appears as the Armorer’s the only member of his gang breathing. At first Carl congratulates the Armorer, for his plan, but soon realizes that he’s not pulling the strings. He offers to trade the Armorer’s life for who his boss is, but the gangster tries to shoot Elias and gets shot by Carl’s aide.

In Hong Kong, Beth Bridges and Professor Whistler exchange goodbyes and she tells him she’ll be in New York soon and would love to meet him for coffee. Harold smiles and says he’d love that, she gives him her card and kisses him on the cheek, but when she leaves Harold’s smile disappears. He walks down an alleyway and we realize he hired the mugger to put a tracking device on her laptop, as she’s soon going to be doing business with Samaritan.

The final scene’s a meeting with Elias and his aide and Dominic of the “Brotherhood,” and his aide. Mini asks Carl, where the guns are, and Elias informs him the NYPD destroyed all one hundred of them. Dominic then tells Elias, that’s the second time he’s interfered with his affairs and Elias isn’t a king. We know this war’s only going to get more heated this season.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS. 

Tonight: The Flash-Going Rogue

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tuesday nights are jam-packed at “NJATVS,” as we recap five shows, however today we’re highlighting just one, that should get Fanboys hearts racing. Tonight’s episode of the new CW series “The Flash,” features familiar faces from the TV universe, as well as the first appearance in the series, of one of the Flash’s oldest enemies from the world of comics.

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW --
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW —

The first face’s a welcome one indeed, as Arrow cast member Felicity Smoak, heads to Central City, to check out Barry Allen’s new powers. Allen got introduced in a two-part Arrow episode, which led to Grant Gustin getting his own series as the Scarlet Speedster. There was chemistry between the pair the last time they met, will it still exist when she arrives in Central City?

Photo Courtesy Of DC Comics
Image Courtesy Of DC Comics

The other new character in Central City’s a very familiar face to readers of the comic series back in the Silver Age Of Comics, as former Fox star Wentworth Miller portrays “Captain Cold,”  a foe that the Flash’s battled many times over the years.

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Once again his origin story differs from the comic’s as this Captain Cold gets his Freeze Ray, by stealing it from Star Labs member Cisco, who built the weapon without authorization or permission. Needless to say chaos ensues and Barry’s once again called upon to save the day.

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The Blacklist: The Blacklist Halloween Special

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although the actual title of the sixth episode of the second season of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” is actually “The Mombasa Cartel,” it’s doubtful that you’ll find a network show with a creepier episode, this week of Halloween. And the episode concluded in rather shocking fashion, which we’ll discuss later on. Realize however, that of all the strange things we’ve experienced in the world of Raymond “Red” Reddington, you weren’t prepared for what you encountered in this episode, including a family that most likely would unnerve Morticia and Gomez Adams.

The episode begins in a flashback, as the graphic on the screen informs us that we’re in Koidu, Sierra Leone, 29-years earlier. We see a family working their land including a cute little boy, of about six-years-old. An open Jeep filled with men brandishing weapons, arrives and the men exit the vehicle, they ask the father if his name’s Samuel, he responds it is and he’s told he’s got a big mouth. The men start shooting his livestock, then all the men, finally Samuel’s wife and the boy’s mother. The little boy’s terrified, as one of the men picks him up and puts him in the Jeep.

Back in the present, we travel to Paris, where an African businessman’s served his meal by his waiter in his hotel room. When asked if he needs anything else, the businessman replies no, but the waiter accosts the guest, knocking him out on his bed, then putting a yellow clip on tag on his ear. Once again we change locations, this time in a small Russian seaside town as a boy and his grandfather stroll along the beach. The boy calls for his grandfather, who comes over to see a corpse washed in from the sea that’s skinless.

We’re now at Red’s apartment as Raymond and FBI Agent Liz Keen, watch a TV show about endangered species, Reddington shuts it off angrily, grumbling that soon tigers and lions, will disappear and thought of as mythical creatures like the winged Griffith of the Unicorn. He then tries to pitch a new number to Keen, the Mombasa Cartel, traffickers in rare and endangered animals, when the agent says the Bureau, may not find the case worth pursuing, Red weaves a tail of villages and individuals wiped out, and all sorts of heinous actions take place for profit, he says the cartel deals in blood-money.

Don Resller’s at a local pharmacy trying to get his prescription for pain pills replaced, as he claims they got stolen from his car, the pharmacist clearly thinks he’s lying, he finally says he’ll call his doctor and come right back, instead heads for his office. He’s late as Keen’s already telling the task-force about the Mombasa Cartel, and the amount of harm Red claims they’re doing to the planet. She gets a text message and tells the other’s it’s from Red and she needs to call him. Instead, she leaves the office and heads to a door with a keypad and types in the code, then opens the door, we see a man that appears dead on the floor of the room, then we see Red’s sniper whose been the tail she can’t shake. He says to her, are you telling Red or am I?

Raymond’s sitting outside the “Roach-Coach” operated by Zoe D’Antonio, the young woman Red got “The Tracker,” to locate in the previous episode, eating and reading the paper. He takes off his hat and puts it on a stool next to the table, then gets up and starts to walk away, but the woman shouts and gives him his hat back. Reddington, expresses his gratitude offering her money, but she tells him it’s not needed. He asks again and she says she’s good and Red smiles and tells her he likes that, then asks her name. She replies its Zoe and he introduces himself as Kenneth, then tells her it’s his favorite hat, she tells him to model it and compliments him.

We’ve joined Red and Liz in the park and he informs her, he’s set her up for a meeting with Jeff Pearl to have drinks. Pearl’s not only the 33rd richest man on the planet, he’s played in the series latest bit of out of the box casting, by “Easy Rider‘s” Captain America, Peter Fonda. Keen’s going to go undercover as a animal-rights blogger and try to obtain information on the cartel from Pearl. She doesn’t grasp the information as quickly as she usually does and Reddington asks if everything’s alright, (she’s nervous about the sniper) and tries to cover by saying she’s blown away that Pearl’s Red’s buddy. He snaps back he doesn’t have buddies, they share some interests including protection of endangered species.

Keen arrives at the club she’s meeting the magnate at and he’s playing drums with the band onstage, then heads to her table when he’s finished playing and tells her he likes her blog. He then says that his friend told him she’s looking to take on the Mombasa Cartel and tells her to take caution, as they’re insidiously dangerous. He says his foundation’s targeted them from the start, without success, but he mentions one guy she could investigate.

The next day the Task-Force learns about the body that washed up in Russia as well as one caught in a fishing net off Japan. Tech wizard Aram’s done a series of tests to find out where the bodies emanated from and he’s discovered its Sitka, Alaska, the former location of a group of Radical Animal Rights Activists known as the “Sitka Seven.” They got busted back in 1971, with one member doing a federal stretch and the rest broke up and moved on. There’s a camp that they lived in but the land rights’ owned by a corporation.

We meet the residents of the camp, Skye Kincaid and her two grown sons, Peter and Matthew. Turns out Peter’s the guy who knocked out the African businessman, whose body got dumped off the shore, after his brother Matthew skinned it. Matthew, then stuffed the body like any taxidermist would an animal, when he puts in the eyes his mother says that’s his best job yet. We find out the bodies are from poachers, that the boy’s father tells them to capture, kill and stuff and Skye tells Peter, that their work’s important.

Matthew’s played by Carel Struyken, Lurch from “The Adams Family,” movies and he’s what they used to refer to in the movies as “a bit touched in the head,” we’re not even sure he can talk until the last few minutes of the show. However, he’s gifted as a taxidermist, setting his victims up at a campfire scene not far from their camp.

The FBI bring in Lee Chung, the lead Pearl gave Liz for questioning then let him go, but he’s reported missing a short time later. Meanwhile, Ressler’s in Sitka, but out of his painkillers and going through withdrawal, so he purposely slams his thumb into his car doors hinge, breaking the bone and getting him a refill. Liz contacts him and tells him to check out the camp.

Donald drives to the camp and knocks on the door, but gets no reply, then gets startled by Skye Kincaid telling him it’s private property and he responds he’s an FBI agent and shows his badge. He asks if she knew the “Sitka Seven,” she replies they moved over forty years before. He asks whom she lives with and she said her son Peter, who soon shows up in his truck with a cage attached under a tarp. The two men introduce themselves and Skye tells her son that Ressler’s with the FBI. Don asks what’s in the cage and Peter says goats, Ressler says the “Sitka Seven,” kept goats and Peter laughs lots of people keep goats. The agent asks to have a look and Lee Chung’s in the cage, Peter whacks Donald over the head knocking him out.

Skye’s on the phone with the boy’s father, Jeff Pearl and tells him they’ve got trouble as an FBI agent’s there. Pearl tells Skye to make sure that Ressler’s not skinned and left in the forest. He then grumbles he should have stopped Matthew years before and Skye says he wouldn’t have lasted a day in an institution as Pearl hangs up.

Aram does more digging and realizes that the plane’s that transported both victims to Sitka’s owned by the same corporation that owns the camp, so Liz calls Reddington to find out if he knows anything about the corporation. She tells him she’s heading to Sitka and meeting Alaskan agents from Anchorage to try to locate Ressler who’s out of contact. Red tells Liz to take caution.

Ressler wakes up in a field in a cage next to Chung, trapped in another cage, both having the yellow tag on their ears. Peter takes Matthew out and tells him to have fun hunting, but only kill the animals that got tags on them. They’re both released from their cages and Chung starts to run, when Don asks him where he’s running to. Ressler looks for his pills and Chung tells him the Kincaid’s took them, then asks if Ressler’s a junkie, and Donald responds no, Chung says that’s what all junkies say. Those are the last words he says as Matthew put an arrow through his heart. Don rips off the arrowhead and takes off.

Pearl arrives home and gets surprised to find Red standing in his foyer, Raymond figured out that Pearl’s behind the killing of the poachers and the Mombasa Cartel, as he owns the corporation that Liz asked him about. He then asks how Pearl had morphed from an idealist to a murderer and now stands for everything he once deplored. Pearl offers his explanation of controlling the monopoly saves the animals and the planet and Red tells him he’s full of guano.

Red then tells Pearl about the first scene we saw of the episode and the fate of the young boy taken away. At the age of 14, they left him to die tied to a pole, after serving them for eight-years, but Red found the teen and rescued him. After the boy got well Red educated the teen and the young man graduated college, speaks six languages fluently and has a working knowledge of a dozen more. The boy of course’s Dembe, who tells Red to let Pearl live, he’s past the pain, but Red’s not and shoots the billionaire dead.

Matthew takes a break from tracking Ressler and sits down with his stuffed “Friends” around the campfire and he listens to the music being played. Ressler’s disguised as a corpse but he’s holding a metal coffee cup, which starts shaking, so Ressler tries running. Matthew picks him up in the air, but Ressler slices open his chest with the arrowhead.

The agents arrive and stand outside the camp ready to burst in, when Matthew comes in with his chest a mass of blood and Skye screams. They burst in, take out Peter by gunfire then head to the bathroom where Matthew and Skye sit in a tub filled with water, turning red from the blood. Rather than surrendering, Skye throws the phonograph into the tub with them, electrocuting them both.

Loose ends; Liz shows Ressler his painkiller bottle showing she knows he’s got a problem and he breaks down. Liz gets Red’s sniper arrested so he can’t tell Red what he knows and Red realizes she’s hiding something.

Keen enters the door in the final scene and tells the occupant, she almost told Reddington, but changed her mind. If you have any doubts, the Halloween Episode concluded with a man back from the dead; Tom Keen, whose been her prisoner since she nearly killed him in last season’s finale, now with overgrown hair and an unruly beard. He tells her he’s answered all her questions and she starts to leave, but he says she can’t keep him imprisoned forever.

The Story Continues Next Monday at 10:00 pm on NBC.

Scorpion: The Team’s Future At Risk, Walter Catches Feelings

Courtesy of CBS.com
Courtesy of CBS.com

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This week’s Scorpion starts from a familiar place. Homeland security director attempting to unwad his panties. And threatening the team again. This time with psychiatric evaluations. Something tells me that the best head doctor they government can find is still outmatched against this crew. Especially Toby.

Toby: Okay. But first I should mention that I also have a PhD is clinical psychology, perhaps our time would be better spent talking about you.
Doctor: I don’t think so.
Toby: Talk more about that.

The team has been recommended for a job by the Governor and Director Merrick has signed off on it. At the same time, Paige is trying to convince Ralph to participate in a school Halloween party. She reaches out to Walter who is no help. This new job seems like a simple one. Upgrade a security system that will protect a very valuable painting on loan from a German museum. On the ride over, Paige convinces Walter, using very basic logic, that if he tried to be more human they could get more jobs and grow the company. Watching Walter try to be more ‘human’ is almost painful, but pretty funny at the same time.

Walter walks around the gallery looking awkward. Almost like a man trying to walk like a flamingo. He gets very close to the painting in question and swiftly cuts two long slices into the painting. One on the right side, one on the bottom. Should’ve seen the forgery angle minutes ago. Naturally when the security team jumps in like SWAT we are left with four geniuses attempting to convey their evidence of said forgery to ‘normals’ who cannot comprehend what just happened. FBI confirms that it is a forgery. And while the gallery curator kicks them out, the FBI agent for Art Crimes wants them to stay on.

For those of you who may have missed last week’s episode, I did something I don’t always do. Tease the promo for the next episode. This is a cross over episode. A little soon in the life span, but I’ll take it. I am not a steady viewer of the second part that makes this a crossover. However, I did get a little excited at the prospect of what this should be. Agent Gallo claims he knows someone who can help. Here’s a hint, they are in Los Angeles, Scorpion is a CBS show, and the person in question is a she.

Enter Henrietta “Hetty” Lange, the Operations Manager for NCIS Los Angeles. She provides the means and the account number to access high res scans of famous paintings. Which the team turns into a quick suspect list. Then Sylvester goes complete nerd on the toy manufacturer who they believe employs the forger.

The suspect in question jumps out of the building while the team is still in the van. Walter decides to jump out of the van and chase him on foot. Sylvester goes to get Cabe, running faster than he ever has ignoring Paige because Cabe is in the toy factory. Walter gives chase despite being very bad at it. Eventually Cabe stops the guy with a serious clothes line. Sylvester comes running shortly thereafter. Wearing a t-shirt from the factory.

After detaining this suspect, Gallo comes up empty. They have one hour and nothing even resembling evidence much less the painting itself. Now Toby decides to try. Considering he can read any tell or form of body language, have Toby in there actually seems like a smart idea. As predicted, it took about 30 seconds for Toby to (figuratively) paint the picture of this artist’s journey through life and get a name.

Gallo gives the typical, don’t move until I tell you to, bit and Walter replies with his typical, that will cost us an opportunity bit. The team is going full National Treasure here, crashing a party in order swipe the painting themselves or gain enough intel to intercept it at a later date. They need gear and Paige has nothing to wear. Toby knows who to contact. Hetty.

Hetty gets the team into ‘costume’ with an array of attire that will allow them to fit in. Toby and Happy dressed as wait staff. Walter and Paige as guests. Sylvester get’s nothing as he will just be in the van. Slightly depressing for Sylvester still wearing his “Super Fun Guy” superhero t-shirt.

Hetty: Wow, sometimes I even surprise myself.
Paige: Is this okay?
(Paige does a 360 turn while Hetty quietly claps)
Paige: Really?
Walter: YES.
Toby: You silver-tongued devil you.
Sylvester: What about me?
Hetty: Well, you’re in the van. So you can wear you’re stupid shirt.
Sylvester (under his breath, making a fist): Yes.

Clearly, Walter is developing something for Paige. I’d call it a feeling, but that would be too close to emotions, which Walter claims he does not possess. But it’s fun to watch it unfold. They pull up to the party and Paige is nervous. Walter tries to put her mind at ease claiming that she will fit in fine. He gets out of the car and walks toward the door. Until he realizes Paige never got out of the car. Take it from me, a woman does not get dressed to the nines and open her own car door. As well she shouldn’t. Once out of the car, Walter looks around at the other guests to see exactly how much physical contact is required to sell their cover.

They need to get a device within 5 feet of the host in order to clone his phone. Paige’s (as pretty much every woman’s) first thought is to dance near him. Walter thinks this is a horrible idea. As his body language mimics that of a toddler when they are asked to do something they don’t want to. He’s inches from turning into a full on ‘jello-child’. Instead he presses on as it is the most efficient way. It is awkward to say the least. But Paige expects it and before you know it, Walter is selling the cover well and enjoying it. I don’t care how smart you are, an attractive woman tells you where to put your hands, and you will enjoy yourself, on some level.

The download for the clone failed. They have to start again. Only this time the host cuts in. Walter quickly slips the device down the back of Paige’s dress. He walks toward a wall in the room and asks Sylvester how much longer. Walter may have successfully suppressed his emotional side his whole life. But Paige changes things. He asked how long because he’s uncomfortable with this strange man dancing with Paige. It’s almost cute really.

Toby and Happy are looking for the painting in what they think is not a wine cellar. Turns out that is exactly just a wine cellar. Before we get to that conclusion, Toby keeps rocking a fixture. Then the whole thing comes crashing down. Thanks to Sylvester, everyone gets out without being made.
Back at HQ, Sylvester begins hacking the cloned phone to find the identity of a frequently called number. The identity belongs to the museum curator.

Walter gives Paige something to give to Hetty and the rest pile in Paige’s car (to use the built-in Wi-Fi, lovely product placement for Chevy don’t you think?). They tail the curator and remotely kill the engine to his car. Gallo arrives just in time. In time to see the car with the painting explode.

In the final scene involving the psychiatrist, Walter attempts to leave. She makes some claim (quite founded I’m sure) that Walter reset the cloning device in order to keep dancing with Paige. Assuming he risked the mission. He makes a lovely stand defending his team and asserting that if she passes them they can continue to do work that no one else is capable of. They pass.

The note Walter passed to Paige intended for Hetty leads us to what really happened on the bridge. The team switched the real painting for the fake in the curator’s trunk. Then when they followed him and killed the engine, they exploded the car burning the fake. Then returning the real painting to the rightful owners without Gallo’s permission. Which they didn’t need to worry about. Cabe questioned Walter and Walter stuck to his story. But once Cabe knew it was BS, his face bore a sense of approval.

Paige shows up with Ralph hopefully for his school’s Halloween party. Toby is dressed as Sigmund Freud, Happy as the laziest cat costume ever, Sylvester as Super Fun Guy (surprise surprise), and Walter simply puts on a pair of aviator sun glasses and says he’s Agent Cabe Gallo. While 3 of the team take Ralph into another room to put him in his brain costume, Paige tosses Walter some softballs (figuratively). Any non-genius would see this as Paige’s attempt to make the first move, inviting Walter to open up. Perhaps even escalate the situation because she is giving him permission to.

Walter: You know Ralph, Halloween started off as a day to ward off evil spirits, isn’t that stupid?
Ralph: Yeah.
Walter: Yeah, but who cares, let’s go get some candy.