Tonight: Person Of Interest-Nautilus

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Reese, Finch and company reunited in the first episode of season four of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” which means the team’s back to investigating the numbers supplied to them by the Machine. The number that comes up in this episode belongs to what the network’s labeling a brilliant college student involved in a complex scavenger hunt.

Although the team will try to stay focused on the mission at hand, they have their collective guard up, as they realize that John Greer and his Artificial Intelligence system, keep searching diligently for them. They realize that one false move could literally cost them their lives.

Join us after this episode for the recap, as we discuss the short-term and long-term ramifications of the events that take place.

Tonight: Forever-Fountain Of Youth

Photo: Courtesy Of ABC
Photo: Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Searching for eternal youth’s intrigued humanity since our species started to think; who among us wouldn’t want the energy, vitality, strength and speedy recovery time like when we were younger? To have the experiences of a person in their fifties, but the face and body of someone in their mid-twenties sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

 Henry Morgan, the protagonist of the new ABC series “Forever,” does realize the advantages and pitfalls of eternal youth, as he’s over 200-years-old, but looks like he’s in his mid-thirties. If you’ve followed the series so far, you’re aware that Morgan although killed numerous times over the years, always comes back to life, naked and in a body of water, like a lake, river or an ocean.

The plot of the third episode of the series revolves around a product called Aterna, that promises it reverses the aging process. Naturally older folks are scooping up the product, but the product may have led to a recent rash of deaths. Troubling on a personal note, Morgan’s companion Abe wants to try Aterna himself.

Join us after the episode for the recap, as we summarize the episode and find out the true story behind this so-called miracle elixir.

Tonight: Agents Of Shield-Heavy Lies The Head

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The once proud organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D’s now in tatters, infiltrated by HYDRA last season they’re down to a skeleton crew, as most of the operatives got killed, defected to the enemy or took their talents elsewhere. For the organization’s new director Phil Coulson, it’s a mixed blessing. He’s in the position he longed for, however he couldn’t have inherited it at a worse time. Coulson’s down to relying on his crew from the bus, the ever-increasing Koenig family and a handful of agents with their own agendas.

The premiere episode of season two ended badly for “the good guys,’ as an enemy operative known as Creole, stole the advanced weapon of mass destruction, handing it over to a former Nazi officer who looks exactly like he did in 1945. The first order of business for the team’s recovering that weapon before being used for nefarious purposes.

The show dropped a bombshell on the fan-base last week, when they revealed that Leo Fitz suffered brain-damage, due to an extended period without oxygen in last season’s finale. The once brilliant scientist’s hallucinating, thinking he’s carrying on conversations with Jemma Simmons, while she’s not in the facility.

We’ll meet a new character in this episode, a doctor whose got a strong connection with one of the team’s members.

After the show, join Jason Jones for the recap, as he breaks down the episode and offering insight and analysis.

The Blacklist: The Formula

Photo Courtesy Of  NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Why did Raymond “Red” Reddington elude authorities all over the planet until he struck a deal with the FBI last year and why’s he remained one step ahead of all his adversaries on both sides of the law for so many years? Reddington’s intelligence’s a major factor, the man’s virtually a walking Wikipedia of knowledge, but there are plenty of really smart bad guys who get caught. The gift that Raymond possesses, that sets him apart and above all who challenge him, is his ability to take emotion out of the equation, it unnerves his opponents when Reddington starts spinning one of his tales to a man who’ll probably die within minutes.

That wasn’t the case when we first encountered the former government operative who shed his skin and turned into a master criminal in the second episode of the second season of the NBC series “The Blacklist.” His emotions frayed due to his adversary Berlin holding his former wife prisoner, Red’s lashing out and not finding out anything by his actions. However, we jump ahead. Let’s get back to the beginning of the episode.

We find ourselves in Warsaw, Poland, witnessing the robbery of a branch of the Monarch Douglas Bank. A group of men enter the bank in haz-mat suits and carrying automatic weapons. They scream to all the occupants to get down on the ground, then one of the crew gets on a laptop and apparently disabled all the electricity in the facility. One shouts to the others they have six minutes and the crew swarm through the facility emptying safety deposit boxes and most likely cash. As time gets close, the same man tells the others it’s time to go and they escape the bank undetected.

Now’s when we get our first glimpse of Reddington and he’s without his usual charm and good humor as “The Cleaner,” (Think of Harvey Keitel’s character the Wolf in “Pulp Fiction“) the oddly named Mr. Kaplan, (odd because Mr. Kaplan’s a woman whose first name’s Kate and played by Susan Blommaert) shows up to clean up the mess from Raymond’s latest temper-tantrum. She tells him that since his wife got kidnapped he’s been going in directions she’s uncomfortable with and he snaps at her telling her to just do her job.

As Mr. Kaplan goes about erasing evidence of the three men Red just killed, he receives a call telling him about the bank robbery in Poland. The news seems to put things in perspective for him and he apologizes to Mr. Kaplan, telling her that he’s pretty far out on a limb right now. Reddington calls his liaison with the FBI, Agent Liz Keen and tells her about the robbery and says they’ve got to meet and discuss the ramifications of the event.

When Reddington sits down with Keen, he explains that Monarch Douglas Bank’s headquartered in New York, which puts them under FBI jurisdiction. He tells Liz that the branch that got robbed is the biggest laundering center on the planet, that underworld kings, dictators and powerful people all over the world use the facility. He also says that the bank will attempt minimizing the event, she asks Reddington how much is the bank reporting being stolen and Red replies nothing. When she asks him how much he believe they lost in the robbery he responds everything.

Task Force Director Harold Cooper, limping but back in command orders Keen and agent Donald Ressler to Warsaw to investigate the robbery. When they arrive they meet an FBI agent stationed in Warsaw, whose been on the scene since the robbery got reported, they also meet a man named Strickland, the Vice President of the bank who flew out from New York, after receiving the news on the robbery. He apologizes for the original report from branch management that nothing got stolen, he says the bank got hit hard by the crew that pulled the job. He walks away with the bank manager and they speak in Polish; Strickland berates him for issuing the report that nothing got stolen. The manager says the only thing their customers only concern is “The Formula.” The executive agrees but tells him “The Formula’s” gone.

Although the crew disabled the banks video cameras Liz and Don discover there are city cameras on the corner directly in front of the bank and they get Amar to send them the video feed. The odd thing they notice, is while five crew members enter the bank, six exit and when they’re able to zoom the camera in on the added member, they realize it’s a woman who appears scared.

Reddington’s heading to Warsaw with Dembe, however before checking out he receives another present from Berlin, this time one of his former wife’s teeth. On the plane he checks in with Keen and Ressler and they tell him their latest discovery, Red replies that he’ll be there in three hours and for the two agents to keep digging.

They realize the woman who joined the crew on the way out’s a bank employee named Padra, as she’s the only one who punched in for work but neglected to punch out. The bank manager quickly says she had left the bank earlier as she got sick, but the local FBI agent shows his disdain with what the manager says. Ressler and Keen investigate the apartment building where Padra lived and spoke to the building manager, he told them she seemed nice but was always accompanied by guards. Donald’s phone rings and he’s informed authorities found the getaway van.

Through one of Raymond’s connections in Warsaw, they’re able to track down the apartment where Padra’s at and bust down the door with a SWAT Team, while she asks the agents why they are there? They tell her they came to rescues her, but she explains that’s what the crew did, they rescued her from being the bank’s prisoner. Padra’s “The Formula.”

Liz and Donald transfer Padra to a safe-house and tell Cooper that the FBI agent stationed in Poland’s going to meet them there. Padra tells the agents that if the police know where she’s hiding, Strickland will as well. The Vice President’s in New York while she’s being shuttled, as he’s meeting with Berlin, whose afraid he’s not going to access his funds for a pending deal. Strickland assures Berlin nothing will interrupt the transaction and the one-armed man responds, that if anything goes awry, he’ll peel Strickland like a grape.

Padra possess a gift, a truly photographic memory, she demonstrates it to the agents by having them pick a random date and she tells them what happened to her and what events took place in the world on the day. The bank uses her brain instead of having a paper or digital trail, she’s able to memorize every transaction and account number for the bank. The only place the information’s stored is in her brain, there’s no backup, so eventually she went from being an employee to a prisoner of the corporation.

Liz monitoring the conversation in a separate room gets joined by the FBI agent stationed in Warsaw and he tells her he’s turning Padra over to the local police. Keen starts arguing with him and the other agent slugs her in the jaw, the two pummel each other, then the other agent pulls out his weapon. Liz bites his hand holding the pistol and he accidentally shoots out the one way mirror between the two rooms, finally alerting Ressler. They stop the agent, who says they don’t understand this involves national security. Mossad agent Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò) who we met in last week’s episode suddenly shows up, tells the agents they’re outgunned but she’ll hold off the attackers while Liz, Donald and Padra flee the house and jump into a taxi, however Padra gets hit with shrapnel in the abdomen and starts bleeding heavily.

They soon realize the cab’s stuck in traffic and will not help them escape. They run out of the cab and Red and Dembe meet them, take Padra with them to get medical assistance on his private jet and tells the agents they have first-class seats back to the States with the airlines. When the agents return to Washington and meet with Cooper, they realize Red engineered everything to get his former wife back from Berlin. At that exact moment, Red calls Berlin from his plane and tells him it’s time they meet.

When Red met the man claiming that he was Berlin in last season’s finale, he told the man although he prides himself on his memory for faces, he couldn’t place the man. He doesn’t make the same statement to the real Berlin, instead he asks him if all the killing and bloodshed was worth it and his adversary responds, yes as it fueled his passion, revenge. Raymond told him that revenge was a disease not a passion, that eventually it would kill him. Berlin then glares at Red and tells him his wife’s coming apart, very well.

We can see Red just about to start to lose it and give into his temper, but he masters the moment, allowing just his lips to move slightly, before telling Berlin they’ve got a common enemy, the person who told Berlin that Reddington killed his daughter. He then tells Berlin that he’s going to give Red back his wife and Berlin starts to smile and asks why he believes that. Raymond informs Berlin that he’s got  “The Formula,” and right now Red’s controlling all of Berlin’s assets in an account where he can never access them. So Berlin can release Red’s former wife and the two can keep fighting each other, or Berlin can kill the former Mrs. Reddington and wind up dead broke. Berlin agrees to make the deal.

Red finally contacts Lizzie and she tells she knows his plans, they’re with Padra right now and they’ll freeze all of Berlin’s assets rather than allow him to get them back. She tells him that his former wife’s life’s not worth all the people that will get killed by Berlin’s actions. Red says he’s still going to the meeting, but Keen yells that Berlin’s going to kill him when the money’s not there, however Raymond already hung up.

Red and Dembe meet Berlin and his men, they release Red’s former wife and Dembe gives them the laptop with all the routing information and the transaction completes. Red’s former wife’s blindfolded, so she doesn’t see him, he just stares at her for a few seconds then gives her to Dembe to return her to her husband. Berlin blows Reddington a kiss and gets in his vehicle and off they go.

Liz and Raymond meet in the final scene and he thanks her for transferring the funds. She responds, he’s a Federal asset and her job’s to protect him, but anyone killed by Berlin’s actions will be on Red’s head.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 9:00pm on NBC.

Scorpion: Hitting Too Close To Home


Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This episode begins with a flashback. Just like the last one. Let me impart one of the few little sticking points for me. I love flashbacks, especially if they are done right. However, you cannot be a little bit pregnant with flashbacks. When they are used in the same manner in the same juncture of two episodes in a row, it NEEDS to be a staple of the show. We can’t have 4 episodes start with a flashback and have the fifth episode sans flashback. Just a little nerdy issue I have.

In this flashback we find Walter schooling a teacher four times his age. Which I imagine happened often for a guy like Walter. However, just before getting a little corporal punishment on his hands, his sister comes to the rescue, pulling the fire alarm.

Let’s fast forward back into present time. A number of things happen in a short amount of time. If this is your first exposure to Scorpion, I strongly suggest you brace yourself for the tempo. Very quick. Checks from the government come. Sylvester makes a joke about Mo Money Mo Problems. Then Toby makes a joke about 99 problems but misplacing a check ain’t one. And Walter discovers that Ralph re-calibrated the digital thermometer so that Paige would think he always had a fever. Then we are introduced to the presence of Walter’s sister. Who it seems, according to a letter he received, has MS.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoy anytime Sylvester is placed in a situation he is not comfortable with. Last episode it was the disorder of chalk and referencing the frequency in which he speaks to his parents. This week (so far) its showing up in response to arriving at the Governor’s house and finding a van from the Centers for Disease Control parked outside. Once inside Walter and Paige see a young girl in a bed clinging to life. Which sends Walter into a short flashback (not to be confused with the setup flashback in the cold open) of seeing his sister in a similar predicament.

Walter asks for details and none are given. He then upon meeting the Governor, lays down the law about governmental proprietary information being a hindrance. Shortly after his ‘stand’, Paige interjects with the sentiments of a mother offering her sympathy. Which seems to break the ice nicely. After revealing some details about the Governor’s daughter’s laptop, Walter starts to make some connections. The long and short of it is that there is computer hacking and bio hacking going on here. The child’s laptop is the only device in the house infected and the child is the only person in the house infected. Walter grabs the laptop and outlines that there is no hope until they find the hacker responsible. Then attempts to leave with the laptop.

Governor: Where are you going? You can’t just drop a theory like that and leave.
Walter: Governor, the helplessness that you feel will incline you toward irrational behavior. So please resist the temptation to do anything stupid like getting in my way and let me do my job.

Back at the Scorpion think tank they are coming up empty. They have nothing on the computer virus itself as of yet. Gallo comes in with printed emails for Toby to look over. Toby says to keep digging because what Gallo has isn’t what they’re looking for. Gallo is still confused on the bio hacking concept. Irritated Walter throws out a scenario that seems quite logical. Then Walter goes back to Toby who has nothing. Walter smashes a coffee cup against a desk in frustration. Something tells me that Walter’s frustration is directly related to this girl’s predicament. Walter gets the most frustrated when he feels like he can’t figure something out.

Megan O’Brien did survive a child hood illness. However, the doctors overseeing her in her assisted living situation believe that her multiple sclerosis is progressing faster than they’d like.

The team catches a break when they discover that the emails aren’t bouncing from a few servers around the world, it’s on an endless loop. And like a card counter, Walter sees their tell. He thinks he knows the source.

They enter a hackers den, I really have no other way to describe it. A large room with computers spread out like a college computer lab. Gallo identifies himself and says he wants the person who sent a viral email to the Governor’s daughter. Immediately Toby surveys the room. You don’t need to be a brilliant profiler like Toby to notice the guilty party. The guy slowly gets up and attempts to run. A large body comes out of nowhere and drops the kids like Ray Lewis playing a JV team.

Paige: Um…Since when does Walter get physical?
Sylvester: Um… … …Never.

There are actually 4 victims of this. All trace back to four people (the Governor included) that worked for a pharmaceutical company. They developed a drug for clinical trials to work against spinal muscular atrophy. But instead it worked well against Athsma, so they pulled the plug on the clinical trials leaving the spinal patients out in the cold.

Their endgame it appears has to do with revenge, naturally. And to execute that instead of demanding a ransom, they will plan to inform the victims families of a cure, that they can’t have. So they can watch their children waste away as the perpetrators of this crime were forced to do.

The first play is to get the pharmaceutical company to release the records from the clinical trial. Which they are not willing to do for another 12 hours. Sylvester, who has seen the girl, doesn’t believe she’s got 12 hours. When that plan falls by the wayside, Walter is inspired by a takeout restaurant coupon.

Walter: Cabe, call the Governor and ask if Vlaxco keeps hard copies of the clinical trials.
Gallo: Why am I asking?
Walter: We’re going to break in.

The break in is pretty slick. They set up outside Vlaxco for proximity sake. Then Walter hacks the local sub shop and plants a harmless virus in the pdf of the sub shop’s daily specials. Once someone from Vlaxco clicks on it, they can bypass the firewall. Then step 2 is to get Sylvester in. While Sylvester complains about disease (namely the plague) everyone else gets in position. Toby and Happy find the marks car. Then Happy uses a pickup truck to get intimate with the mark’s parked car. While this happens, Sylvester (with Walter in his ear) makes his way to the entrance.

The only real question yet to be answered is if Walter knows what he’s looking for, and Walter needs to guide Sylvester while Sylvester freaks out the entire time, why isn’t Walter the one going inside? Anyway, the plan depends on Sylvester getting in and out before the real Mr. Howser returns. Which depends on Toby and Happy stalling him. Which they were unable to do. The security team has been alerted to Sylvester’s presence. Walter has an alternate route for Sylvester to slip out of. One problem. Previously Walter assured Sylvester that he would go nowhere near any bio hazard rooms. The back door for Sylvester’s getaway clearly has a bio hazard sticker on it.

The short version is the Sylvester has an all time great melt down. His fear of any sort of disease is heightened when he finds himself, literally, in the middle of his worst nightmare. Eventually Paige is able to distract his mind long enough to get him to exit the lab. After Sylvester gets in the truck, Toby jumps out to zip tie the door shut from the outside.

Back at the think tank, they have 50 names. Which puts Toby clearly in his element. They start removing names based on no improvement, placebo, and other such criteria. As Toby starts to zero in on a subject, Gallo jumps in and declares he’s got the guy. Lost a child almost immediately after the trial was scrapped. As it turns out this gentleman is a Micro Biology professor. Ding Ding Ding, and the survey says!

The team scours Richter’s (the suspect) office. Happy discovers that with his equipment and the right intelligence he could be, as she puts it, be a modern Typhoid Mary. With that, Walter focuses on the modern part. He is able to find the genetic sequencing off Richter’s computer and he hands the printout to Gallo. Then explains that the CDC can reverse engineer the virus to easily create an antidote and cure anyone who has been infected.

At the 40 minute mark, the victory celebration is premature. After all, Scorpions (thus far) have not adopted the Legend school of thought on story line closure. There is a fifth victim yet to be infected. Someone who didn’t receive and email. The Governor himself. Nothing like watching your daughter die just to see yourself meet the same fate. The one wrinkle to this is that the strain sent to infect the Governor will not make him suffer, it will make him dead. Instantly. Seems easy enough. Keep the Governor away from Richter. But the Governor just ditched his security detail to meet with Richter secretly. Note to all parents. Never circumvent those charged with helping because you think you can make it all better by essentially accepting the bad guy’s terms. Which is TV 101 stuff.

The team plus reinforcements enter the mall that was set as the meeting point. The Governor and Richter make eye contact just before Gallo yells out “Homeland Security”. In a rash move, Richter sprays an aerosol sprayer in the Governor’s direction. Apparently you can render an airborne pathogen useless by simply making it rain.

Gallo is in what looks like the think tank with the lights down low or some unidentified shady location so that Gallo can exercise his power by way of some Patriot Act loophole. Or so it seems with Richter tied to a chair. Gallo drops his coat onto the conference phone device, which naturally turns it on and calls the think tank. I really did expect some sort of Guantanamo Bay style beat down. But instead, Gallo delivers a very heart-felt story about watching his child slowly die. Then Richter speaks out refusing to accept the finality of his attempt.

Richter: That man deserved to die. They all deserved to feel my pain.
Gallo: No they didn’t. No one deserves it.

In what I hope becomes another staple of the show, Paige swoops in to try to add clarity to cluttered minds. The result of which is Walter figuring out that Paige knows about Megan. Her response is that it’s ok to not know the answer. To which Walter replies that in his mind every problem has a solution. Now, that would be fine. If the credits rolled there, I would have conveyed yet another successful episode for Scorpion. But that’s not how it ended.

Gallo is about to leave. Had you heard the heartfelt story he told Richter earlier about watching a young girl slowly die before him this next bit would be more telling. Paige invited Walter to come set up a new telescope for Ralph on the roof and that they’d be grilling. After hearing the pain in Gallo’s voice Paige turns to him and makes a similar but much more profound invitation to Gallo.

Paige: Ralph and I are going barbecue some burgers up on the roof.
(Paige tilts her head as if to indicate that she knows something that has prompted her to ask what she’s asking)
Paige: It would really help if you could keep an eye on him while I work the grill.

For reasons too personal to mention on this open forum, that gesture and non verbal response forced me to walk away for a moment. Suffice it to say, that it is a nice warm moment for most. But for me, was much, much more.

Sylvester walks into what must be an orphanage and presents a nun with a cashiers check. He says that all of it is for the kids. But not the biology department. And that it should be spent on something fun. And safe.

Happy, after telling Toby that tools don’t disappoint you only people do, is working on a motorcycle when a flat-head screwdriver breaks. Oh, the irony.

Toby is seen playing cards against some unsavory characters. The voiceover is his ex-fiance claiming that she’s moved on and he should too. Just before he goes all in without even seeing his cards. Because he was able to read the goon across the table.

Walter visits his sister in the assisted living complex. She is not well, but the meeting is a joyous one. Megan asserts that MS is not Walter’s fight. Walter, stubbornly rejects her premise. “I will fix you”.

Back on the roof the team (minus Toby and Sylvester), Gallo speaking to Walter says how a family can make you vulnerable, but it could also be a good thing. Then he looks toward Paige and Ralph. Walter gives a very slight grin and says, I know. Walter walks over and hands Paige a folded piece of paper. On it reads something about the curvature of the moon and what it makes Orion’s belt do. Which gets a great response from Ralph. Which in turn gets a great response for Paige to Walter. Gallo looks on admiring what I think he hopes is a family beginning (in some context). As is expected, Gallo is not the only one hoping for some sort of eventual union creating a family of some sort with Walter, Paige and Ralph.

Gotham: Homeless Teens Abducted?

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The second episode of the new Fox series “Gotham” gave viewers a brief glimpse into the world of homeless teenager Selina Kyle and a far more in-depth view of the corruption that runs throughout the power structure in Gotham City, including the police department and the mayor’s office. After watching the first two episodes of the show, it seems that the only three virtuous people in power in the city are Renee Montoya, Crispus Allen from Gotham Major Crimes Unit and Detective Jim Gordon. Other than those three, perhaps every other public official pursue situations that can add money to their bank accounts, by “looking the other way.”

A middle-aged man and woman start abducting homeless teenagers and the Gotham officials show their true colors in reaction to the situation. Gotham Mayor Aubrey James knows the right things to say in front of the TV cameras, but beneath that thin veneer lurks a man that lacks any compassion for the citizens he serves, and he sets the tone for everyone else playing loose and fast with the law. Richard Kind plays the Mayor; Kind’s far better known for his comedic roles in series like “Mad About You” and “Spin City,” however in this series Kind shows his disdain for his constituents and any opinion that differs from his own.

In the pilot we quickly realized that Gordon’s partner Detective Harvey Bullock was dirty, from his flirtatious banter with mob-boss/femme-fatale Fish Mooney and the orders he relayed from Gotham’s crime kingpin Carmine Falcone to kill Oswald Cobblepot and dump his body in the river (Gordon actually faked shooting Cobblepot, telling him to leave Gotham forever when he threw him in the water.) Early in this episode we realize that the detectives superior Captain Sarah Essen’s just as jaded as Bullock, as we see when Harvey tells the Captain that Gordon gets uptight when he tries to get a confession out of a subject by beating them. Essen tells Gordon, she can’t force him to break the law, but he’s in Gotham where you either bend or break.

The episode once again opens with Selina playing the observer, although she’s far closer than she was last week when she witnessed the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne. A middle-aged couple identifying themselves as Patti (Lili Taylor, kind of resembling the Church Lady from SNL) and Doug (Frank Whaley, think Barney Fife) greet a group of homeless teens and an older disabled veteran in an alley and identify themselves as being with the Mayors Outreach Program For The Homeless. They offer the kids, sandwiches, soup, cake and chocolate and all join in except for the veteran and Kyle who backs away and says she’s not hungry. As the teens start eating, Patti starts sticking them in the back of the neck with a pin, knocking the teens out cold, they get two, the third teen, a rather hefty male gets stabbed but fights the couple off and runs away. Doug chases him down the street, where they scuffle in front of the picture window of a fancy restaurant and the teen ends up falling through the window into the restaurant. Doug shoots the vet killing him, however Selena escapes.

Gordon and Bullock go investigate the murder of the vet in the alley and get there before the squad car arrives. When the car and the uniformed officer arrive, Gordon asks why he wasn’t the first responder and the uniform replied that he just finished with the situation dealing with the teen who fell through the window at the restaurant. Gordon told the cop that he should have investigated the homicide first and the uniform responded he gets 50 a month from the restaurant, so that was his priority. He then asked if that made him a bad guy and Gordon replied, no just a bad cop, Bullock separated the pair to avoid a fight.

Bullock and Gordon interview the teen who tells them about Patti and Doug and his two friends getting kidnapped, but Bullock doesn’t believe him and tries to pin the vets murder on the kid. They head to Essen’s office and shortly after police scientist and the station’s “Mr. Creepy,” Ed Nygma shows up with the results of the blood test on the teen they’re questioning. The young man has “ATP” in his bloodstream, a drug specifically used to knock people out and used at the Arkham Asylum before it shut down 15-years earlier. Now that Essen realizes that someone’s kidnapping the city’s homeless teens, she wants to keep the case under wraps and tells Gordon and Bullock  not to leak the story to the press, which of course Gordon disagrees with.

Oswald Cobblepot, beaten, broken and tattered, tries to hitch a ride with bad results, finally however two teenagers pick him up. The guys tell him that he looks and smells like he just crawled out of a graveyard and ask what happened to him. Cobblepot rambles on how he got too greedy too soon, but he’ll be back bigger and stronger than ever. After the guys give him a bottle of beer, the guy in the passenger seat asks if anyone ever told him he walked like a penguin. Cobblepot manages a smile and tells him no one has, then breaks the bottle and slices the kids jugular vein.

Allen and Montoya visit Cobblepot’s mother (Carol Kane) to find out if she’s seen her son. Kane known for a variety of offbeat characters over the years, adds a new standout character, an older woman with powder white skin and a thick Eastern-European accent. She shows the officers pictures of her “handsome son.” She then forgets who they are and Montoya says they’re with the Gotham Major Crimes Unit and adds the honest ones as an aside. They believe Cobblepot got killed, but they don’t share that info with his mother.

We next take a trip to Stately Wayne Manor, where young Bruce’s trying to push his limits to the maximum. He lights a candle and holds his right hand over the flame, going lower and lower, until it leaves a scorch mark on his palm the size of a silver dollar. Alfred walks into the room just after Bruce stops, but realizes something’s wrong. When the boy shows him what he did to himself, the butler grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him, but then quickly apologizes and says everything’s fine.

Gordon heads to his fiancée Barbara’s apartment and as they eat takeout Chinese food, he tells her about the case and that Essen wants to keep it from the press. Of course she goes to her landline, calls the Gotham Gazette and reports it anonymously. Jim starts to get upset, but she tells him she did the right thing and he can’t argue with that. But the other shoe dropped the next morning.

Bullock and Gordon get summoned to Essen’s office once they arrive at the station and she greets them with the Gotham Gazette’s front cover story on the case. She asks both if they tipped off the press, Bullock denied it immediately and Gordon told her he didn’t contact the press, which technically was true. They then leave to investigate the three manufacturers of “ATP.”

Patti and Doug are at the manufacturer they’ve dealt with and that’s where they’ve hidden the teens they previously abducted. The manufacturer’s screaming at the couple, telling them they promised they wouldn’t arouse suspicion and now they’re on the front page of the paper. He tells them he wants more money, but Patti says the Toymaker wouldn’t allow that (The Toymaker’s a longtime foe of Batman.) She stabs the manufacturer’s aide with the pin knocking him out, but Gordon and Bullock knock at the door identifying themselves and saying they’re going to search the facilities. Patti and Doug get into a shootout with the two cops, but escape. As they search the basement they find the missing teens and rescue them.

Mayor James holds a press-conference at the police station the following morning, expressing outrage at the kidnappings, but saying the true problem’s the homeless teens. So he’s enacting a “tough-love” program, that will get the teens off the streets and into loving homes where they’ll receive the structure they desperately need.

James, Essen and the two detectives head to the captain’s office where the Mayor has a celebratory shot. Gordon asks what’ll happen to the teens and James responds the cute ones will go to foster homes, while the rest will get sent upstate. Jim asks if that means he’s sending them to a prison and Essen tries to smooth the waters, but the Mayor stays calm and tells Gordon that he appreciates his viewpoint.

School buses lined up, to transport the teens upstate and each bus has a line of teen entering it, including Selina Kyle. She tells the bus attendant, there’s been a mistake and she’s not supposed to head upstate and asks to speak with Detective James Gordon. The attendant refuses and forces Kyle to get on the bus. Once it’s loaded the bus driver and attendant come aboard, none other than Patti and Doug, Selina tries to escape through the bus emergency back door, but Patti pulls her pistol and orders the girl back to her seat.

Word soon gets back to James that one bus of teens got kidnapped by the pair and Bullock and Gordon work over the manufacturer trying to extract more information. The guy remembers the logo on the truck that they drove had a logo of a blue plate and a fork on it. After coming up without a match, Gordon realizes it’s a Trident, as in Trident International Shipping company. They recover the teens and all’s well and that’s where most shows of this genre would end, with that scene as the climax. That’s not the way Gotham ended though.

The teens are getting ready to get transported upstate, when Selina tells a male attendant that she needs to speak to Gordon and if he doesn’t get him, she’ll scream “he touched her.” Gordon quickly shows up and she asks if she had big enough information, could that keep her from being sent upstate and Gordon asks what she has. She grabs his attention by telling the detective she’s been observing him and he’s not like the other crooks, as she motions to his fellow officers. He sits down, and she says that she knows he gets along with “the boy,” and Jim asks her if she’s referring to Bruce Wayne and she confirms he’s correct. She then tells Gordon that she witnessed the murders and she saw the shooter plain as day and the camera goes black.

The Story Continues next Monday at 8:00pm on Fox.

Sleepy Hollow: Time to Even the Odds

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A great deal happened last week in the Sleepy Hollow season premiere. Needless to say, not all is well in Sleepy Hollow. Katrina is still in the possession of the Headless Horseman. Frank Irving has yet to be seen in season two. Finally, Henry was given essentially the Horseman of War avatar to control.

Ichabod Crane awakens from a nightmare that had Katrina shackled to two posts and Abraham (the Headless Horseman) attempting to remove her head. Upon waking, Ichabod and Abbey jump into what is next. The conclusion is that with this ‘ritual’ looming, they need to find Abraham as soon as possible. Abbey has narrowed the search to a small area. And with Ichabod’s familiarity with Abraham, the hope is that he will be able to find a place befitting a man of Abraham’s former social status.

Ten seconds in and I already NEED Frank Irving to come back. Sheriff Reyes plans to bring ‘order and sanity’ back to this town. Good luck with that. I put the over/under on Reyes’ delusion at 2.

An awkward conversation begins in Abbey’s car. Ichabod inquires as to something that was weighing on her mind earlier. Her trepidation seems to be rooted in whether or not to pursue the Katrina rescue. Concerned it might distract from bigger plan. Of course everyone (maybe even including Ichabod) would speculate that the bigger plan may have nothing to do with it. It could be the smaller plan Abbey is worried about. Abbey looks like half a heart beat from losing it at the mere mention from Ichabod of “my wife”. But I could be reading too much into it.

Despite seeing not only the Headless Horseman and his horse, but also Katrina, Abbey and Ichabod leave to devise a plan. Abbey, Jenny and Ichabod work independently until Jenny sees a drawing in a book. The Kindred. A creature of whose makeup is that of an amalgamation of many dead soldiers. Thought to be the match to the Horseman of Death. Also believed to be the creation of Benjamin Franklin.

We also find out that George Washington’s network also reaches as far as to include The Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, the same coven that Katrina belongs to. They apparently have the spell to conjure the Kindred. While the limbs of fallen soldiers were assembled, The Kindred was never conjured. They lacked an important ingredient. A body part from the Horseman. A problem Abbey, Ichabod and Jenny don’t have. They still possess the skull of the Horseman.

It is abundantly clear that Abbey and Jenny are opposed to raising this monster that very well could tip the scales in their favor. They why is pretty obvious. Just because it can rival the Horseman and is a monster in his own right, there are no promises that they will be able to control it.

Abraham, alone with Katrina, works his ‘deceptions’ to potentially create a rift between Katrina’s real feelings for Ichabod and Katrina’s insecurities. Abraham claims that Moloch has a plan for them all. And that even if Katrina doesn’t come willingly, it won’t matter.

We have a Frank Irving sighting. Abbey goes to pay the former Sheriff a visit where he is being detained complete with an orange jumpsuit and the bruises consistent with what happens to former police in prison. Frank easily gives up the location of the Horseman’s head but wants to know what really going on. Now I’ve watched a portion of the prison visitation scene and I’m still not quite sure of what I heard. I think Abbey just casually suggested Frank attempt a guilty by insanity plea on the appeal. Because visitation at the psych ward is a lot easier than visitation in the prison.

What follows in the next scene is easily my favorite bit of writing by way of dialogue in this short season. The beauty of some of Ichabod’s great lines come when he is appalled at the evolution of things in present day America. Like cell phones, the abundance of coffee shop locations, skinny jeans, etc.

Abbey: Just stay in line and go with the flow.
Ichabod: Two statements that mean the opposite.
Abbey: You founded a country, figure it out.
(Abbey departs. Ichabod notices a pen attached to a fixture with a small chain. He repeatedly yanks on it, perplexed at why a pen would be attached to anything)
Banker: Hello sir, welcome to Sleepy Hollow Savings and Loan.
Ichabod: These people entrust you with their fortune and you cannot entrust them with an inkwell?
(Ichabod gestures to the attached pen)
Banker: Can I interest you in our All-Terra Credit Card?
Ichabod: Credit? Without collateral?
Banker: So that you can get that special someone in your life everything her heart desires…Maybe an engagement ring?
(Ichabod perks up-in a bad way. Recalling a previous conversation about the wedding industry)
Ichabod (looking with disapproval): Are you part of the Wedding Industry?
Banker: No sir, I’m just here to offer you the lowest rates of the year. You could get a $5,000 credit line with no fees.
Ichabod: It is this kind of gross invitation to indulgence that mocks the power of the invisible hand to foster the true wealth of nations. A boom to your industry, I’ll grant. Its cementing your…pains me now to say it, OUR LOT as an insolvent flock of debtors destined…
Abbey (approaches and interupts): Alright, come on…
(Ichabod tosses the restrained pen and credit card in front of the Banker)

Yep, loathe this new Sheriff already. Jenny attempts to meet Abbey and Ichabod in the archives as suggested earlier. As soon as she arrives, she is met by Reyes, who does her best to be a thorn in everyone’s side. And she promptly arrests Jenny Mills for illegal possession of a firearm. Or many firearms depending on how you choose to see it.

Please hurry Frank. There is nothing worse than a tough, play by the rules and establish order type of law enforcement agent who has literally no concept of the evils at work around him or her. Reyes is going to get herself killed or worse if she keeps up these Gestapo tactics.

I have found that on a personal level, the success or failure of an actor/actress trying to effectively play a less than likable character is directly related to how often I say profane things to my television. Sakina Jaffrey is doing a phenomenal job. My profanity meter is in the red each time she’s on camera.

Nice to know even a man from the 18th century has a problem asking for directions-Abbey Mills

I will spare you the transcript of what transpires when Ichabod and Abbey are underground searching for Franklin’s monster. The important part is that there is a moment when Crane asks Abbey to share her experience in purgatory. It follows very accurately the scene we saw the last week with Abbey almost drinking from demon Crane’s flask. The critical part is that at some point the conversation transitioned from her being happier to see him than any person ever (which teeters on going in a direction the IchAbbey shippers want to see) and landing firmly in the Katrina might be your weakness region.

Once the refocused, they were able to deduce the Kindred’s location. Or ‘Kind Redding’. Meanwhile back at the carriage house where Katrina is being held, Henry describes the urgency of the situation to Abraham. He then manifests himself behind Katrina who was eavesdropping. They (Henry and Abraham) are wise to Ichabod and Abbey’s plan to rescue Katrina.

Ichabod with the skull of the Horseman in place on the body of the Kindred begins the incantation. Inside the carriage house, Henry tinkers with a fountain pen. When he finishes, he closes his eyes for a moment. Then opens them to reveal the solid black eyes, signifying the channeling of his inner demon. Or in this case, controlling the Horseman of War.

Back inside, Katrina changes the direction of the narrative between herself and Abraham. We’ve seen this trick before if it is indeed the same trick. She puts the blame of their situation on Abraham being too hasty. Thus attempting to buy Ichabod some time.

Ichabod attempts the incantation again. And right about the time The Kindred begins to awake, the Horseman comes flailing his ax on horseback. Right about the time I begin to feel good about this Horseman v Kindred fight, the Horseman of War appears with his sword of fire. 2 on 1 and The Kindred is holding his own. Then there are gunshots. Abbey is trying to even the odds. The Horseman of War turns his attention to Abbey. Once The Kindred gains the upper hand on Abraham, he senses that Abbey is in danger. And like a good little Frankenstein’s monster, comes to her aid.

In the house Katrina hastily lays out the reasons why she cannot leave. How Abraham will surely scorch the earth. And more importantly that she has heard talk from Henry and Abraham of a bigger plan. Her idea is to stay back and gain a strategic advantage. And to attempt to save her son. The bigger problem I fear is around the corner. The Royal Rumble battle of the unholy’s is going on outside and Ichabod and Katrina find time for a lovers embrace.

Back in the safety of Ichabod’s residence, they accept the victory. Which is a nice way of saying they risked life and limb to engage the Horseman in order to steal Katrina back. And now that it’s over, they don’t have Katrina (as she is now a mole on the inside), they don’t have The Kindred, Jenny is still in jail, Frank is being transferred to a psych ward, but hey, alls well that ends well.

At Irving’s bedside, Reyes attempts to strong-arm him again. He begins to give her the vague story of being just like her. Thinking he had it all figured out. Then Henry enters, masquerading around like he’s Irving’s lawyer. {NOT GOOD} It seems as if Irving is buying it. Henry pulls out a form for Irving to sign accepting his services. Then he pulls out the same pen he was tinkering with earlier. Irving pricks his finger on the pen and eventually signs the document….IN BLOOD!

Tonight: Sleepy Hollow-The Kindred

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX

Last Week Sleepy Hollow followed up what I believe to be a very strong Season one with a Season two premiere not to be missed. To say they tied up all the loose ends would be irresponsible of me. However, what they did do was complicate conflict and introduce new threats before the previous ones could be dispatched with.

In “The Kindred” (episode 2), we find Ichabod Crane and Abbey Mills pursuing an attempt to resurrect an Frankenstein’s monster type of creature that Benjamin Franklin created previously. This will be done in an attempt to pry Katrina from the Headless Horseman’s clutches.

Frank Irving, whom we did not see at all in episode one, still must find a way to clear his name after falsely confessing to a crime he didn’t commit in order to save his daughter. I’m sure it won’t be that simple.

The conclusion of the Frank Irving line will go a long way to create character stability as Jenny Mills in this episode will find issues with the ‘interim’ Sheriff.

Many issues from Sleepy Hollow to tie up or at least make headway on. Join Jason Jones following the show for his recap and speculation.



Tonight: Gotham-Selina Kyle

Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox

Tonight on Gotham we will delve further into the motivation and drive behind Fish Mooney. And perhaps, get a better grasp of the power struggle between Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone..

Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman for those of you who are just now discovering the Batman/Gotham universe) is the namesake of the episode. While the speculation is that the episode will center around child trafficing, one has to believe Selina Kyle will play a major role. We only saw about 20 seconds of screen time from the young Selina Kyle in the pilot.

The other major development that has to be addressed is that of Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin). Last episode Gordon graciously exiled Cobblepot from Gotham. Most Bat-lore has Cobblepot establishing a base of operations away from the heart of Gotham. It will be interesting to see exactly how these showrunners decide to paint that particular picture.

And finally, it wouldn’t feel right (even if we’ve only seen one episode) if Detective Gordon’s steadfast pursuit of justice isn’t challenged by the powers around him.

Stay tuned tonight to Gotham on Fox. Following its conclusion come back here and join Jeff Sack for his recap and insight.

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX



Ray Donovan: Victory, But At What Cost?

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

As the season finale of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan” concluded, the network announced that the show’s renewed for a third season and that wasn’t much of a surprise, given the way the episode and the season turned out. The “Fixer For The Stars” still stands, while those attempting to cross him either got mortified publicly or killed. The episode ended with Donovan sitting in his house, after pouring himself a drink, attempting to process all the information that took place over the last few months.

Donovan and Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson got locked into an incredibly strange relationship, adversaries with a very deep emotional connection, which caused Ray to threaten anybody attempting to silence her, despite the fact she could send him to prison for a very long time. The book she plans to write’s an expose on  former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan, that includes bad deeds done by Ray, his father Micky and a cover-up by the nominee as Federal Bureau Chief of the FBI James Cochrane. Her stories could also inflict damage and possibly criminal charges on the two attorneys’ that employ Donovan Ezra Goodman and Lee Drexler.

Near the end of the previous episode, Ezra sat down with Donovan’s right-hand man Avi and discussed the dangers that McPherson posed to Ray, his family and all his associates and put the matter in Avi’s hands to resolve. The resolution came quickly in the season finale, as Avi waited for the reporter to return to her apartment then put a bullet through her heart and one into her head, made sure he left no evidence and left the apartment.

Ray spent the previous evening as guests of the LAPD, after getting busted last week when he attacked Micky twice in front of a pack of uniformed officers. Lena posted bail and got her boss out, however she told Donovan that his brother Terry refused the bail and remains in jail after getting caught during Micky’s botched attempt at a big score, robbing the local Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Ray heads to the jail to talk with Terry and the older brother says that bail’s a promise that the person won’t flee, but he’s a flight risk so he’ll remain in custody. Ray tells his brother he’s just punishing himself for listening to their father and getting involved in the scheme. He infers that he can likely get a deal for Terry in which he wouldn’t serve time in jail.

He then tells his older brother that he may head to Leavenworth, due to McPherson’s book and if so he wants Terry to take charge of the family. Terry says he doesn’t want the responsibility, but his younger brother tells him that if Terry steps aside, Micky will step in to fill the void. He then tells his brother, when he gets sick of jail to call Lena and she’ll get him out.

Ray gets on the phone with Cookie Brown, who left ten voicemail messages on Donovan’s phone while he slept in the Graybar Hotel, Brown tells him he’s seen the tape of the shooting of Marvin and Rekon and the two have to sit down and talk. Ray tells him he’ll stop by Cookie’s house a bit later.

The two remaining members of the “Over The Hill Gang,” that messed up the robbery of the dispensary, Micky and his son Daryl, finally split open the safe and find there’s just $20 thousand, when they were expecting close to a million. Daryl’s finally had it with his father and says he wants nothing to do with him. But Micky sweet-talks his son, telling him he can have the entire twenty grand. He then tells Daryl that they should head to Palm Springs to talk to Daryl’s stepfather Alan, as he wants to apologize for the trouble they had the last time they got together.

Per usual Micky lied to his son about the reason to visit the man who married the mother of his son. The agent told Donovan when he first arrived in Southern California, that he’d pay Micky half a million dollars for him to go away. Donovan says he wants his money and Allen tells him to get lost, then insults his step-son.

Micky starts talking tougher and Alan tells him to come into the house and he’d write Donovan a check, then in an attempt at misguided machismo, attacks Micky with a tennis-racket. Micky soon gets the better of the matchup and flings the agent through his plate-glass doors and into his swimming pool. Daryl’s mother Claudette hears the commotion and finds Alan sputtering in the pool, telling his wife to call the cops. Micky tells her that if she does that Alan will get arrested as well. She tells Micky to leave and she never wants to see him again.

Ray shows up at Cookie’s house in the midst of a birthday party for Brown’s son. After getting frisked, he’s ushered in to see Brown and we soon realize that Cookie’s indeed seen the tape, as he mentions that Bridget’s on it and asks what she said to the police. Ray told Brown his daughter told the police the truth, Rekon was getting high and she didn’t like his driving, so she asked to get let out a couple of blocks before the incident occurred. Cookie says to Donovan that he’s glad that both of their children will grow up with their fathers alive. Ray tells Cookie he’ll be back later with the million dollars that the Gang Lord gave him.

Back at the office, Ashley’s waiting for him and she’s quite distraught. She says that she thinks he might be following her and suddenly her fiancée Steve Knight walks into the office. Knight starts talking about Ashley’s stalker Bob’s been lurking about and this time he struck Ashley. Ray asks her who actually assaulted her Knight or Bob, when Lena walks into his office and says she needs to talk to him immediately.

They head into her office and Lena shuts the door and tells Ray he should sit down, but Donovan blows her off and just tells her to spit it out. She takes a deep breath before telling Ray that somebody murdered  Kate McPherson earlier that day, shot down in her apartment. Donovan gets the wind knocked out of him and has to sit down, then tells Lena to get rid of Ashley and Knight which she does. Ray goes into his safe gives a video to Lena and tells her to bring it to Stalkerrazzi, a sleazy celebrity gossip site, immediately.

Ray drives to Tom Cochrane’s office, barges through the door and starts assaulting the Los Angeles FBI Bureau Chief with a hammer, two agents enter the office immediately with guns drawn. Cochrane tells the agents he’s fine and to allow the two of them some privacy. As soon as they leave, Donovan accuses Cochrane of setting up Kate’s murder and the director replied he wasn’t involved, he’s too busy heading for Washington. Donovan spits out that Cochrane’s not going to Washington and storms from the office. Cochrane yells after him asking if Donovan’s threatening him.

Abby gets a call from her boyfriend LAPD Detective Jim Halloran, asking her to drop by his house. He apologizes for not being able to set-up Cookie, but he tells her he can offer her and her children protection if they’d move in with him. Although the dwelling’s half the size of the house she lives in, she’s overcome with gratitude at the offer.

Daryl and Micky are driving south down the highway when Micky’s cellphone rings and it’s his parole officer Ronald Keith on the other end. Keith was part of the gang for the heist, but bailed and turned them in when he got informed by the facility’s security guard that the safe held very little money. Keith and Donovan swear at each other over the phone, but before Keith hangs up Micky hears the trumpet from a racetrack. He and Daryl turn around to give Keith some payback.

If Cochrane didn’t arrange Kate’s murder, Ray realizes that Ezra sent Avi to Boston to kill her, one of the reasons he and Lena have gotten his voice-mail all day. Donovan walks into Goodman’s office and Ezra, admits immediately that he sent Avi to kill McPherson. He tells Donovan, that he’s lost himself, forgotten who he is and Ezra had to step up for everybody’s good and clean up the mess. Ray then picks up the phone and calls the police, alerting them that a body’s buried in the building’s foundation. The body belonged to the Catholic Priest that raped Bunchy and Ray when they were children and Donovan killed in a fit of anger last season. The adverse publicity that finding the body will cause will the death of Goodman’s dream, a cancer center dedicated to his late wife.

Daryl and Micky show up at the track and see Keith shortly thereafter, chase him down to the men’s room and take turns pummeling the stuffing out of him. Keith, says he can make it up to them, he has a sure thing in the next race with 7-1 odds, they put the twenty grand on that and they can walk away with a nice jackpot. Daryl wants no part of it, but ever the con-man, Micky wants to go down and look at the horses.

Keith’s horse’s number one, but as number seven walks past Micky, he hears the voice of Linda, the woman Sully murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time last year. In the season opener, the voice came from a dolphin in the ocean with him in Mexico, telling him he’s not a sailor but a Captain. In the middle of the season, the dolphin on Shorty’s Miami Dolphin’s cap told Micky, that she was wrong he’s just a sailor after all. However when he heard the voice from the horse she said she’s in a better place now, that she forgave him and he’s indeed a Captain. Micky asks Daryl what’s the name of the seven horse and of course it’s Captain. The pair put the wad on the horse and Keith puts all his money on it as well.

Although, I truly expected the opposite Lady Luck rode with the trio and Micky ended up with a million dollars. He heads to Terry’s gym just as Terry’s getting back after having a change of heart of staying in jail. Mickey goes into his office and tells Terry that he won a million bucks and starts to give Terry his share, but Terry glares at him when he tries to short him, because he wasn’t at the track. Terry responded that he was in jail instead then tells Micky to leave the gym and never return.

Ray heads back to Cookie’s with the gym bag carrying the million in cash, the two bodyguards pat Donovan down, but don’t check the bag. Ray enters the office and Cookie’s sitting at his desk and a pistol’s sitting in front of him. Ray asks if Cookie’s going to shoot him and Cookie tells him he’s not sure, he’d like to live without looking over his shoulder all the time. Ray, tells him he can relate and starts taking the money out of the bag and stacking it on the desk, Cookie tells him he trusts him but Ray keeps piling the money on the desk. Ray then asks Brown how he can be sure Bridget’s safe and Cookie responds, he can’t. Ray replies I thought so and grabs the pistol in the gym bag shooting Cookie first in the heart and then between the eyes.

The two bodyguards enter, but Ray gets the drop on both and they give up their weapons. Donovan puts the guns on the desk and tells the two guys there’s a million in cash on the desk, if they split it it’s 500 grand each, or one gets a million. Ray leaves the house and at the ten count, we hear one pistol fire.

Donovan gets a call from Ashley, pleading that he come to her and Steve’s apartment immediately. Steve’s sitting outside on the steps when Ray arrives then follows him up to the apartment. Ashley points to the ground below and we see the corpse of her stalker Bob in a heap on the beach. She tells Ray, that he tried to stop Steve from beating her and Steve killed him by throwing him off the balcony. Steve’s clearly insane and Donovan talks him into lying in the trunk of his car until the police arrive. Ray leaves and tells Ashley to tell the police everything.

Abby, Conor and Bridget are home watching TV, when a news bulletin interrupts the program to announce that Cooke Brown was found shot to death in his home. Abby looks so happy she’s about to burst.

As Tom Cochrane leaves his office to head home from the night he hears moaning coming from his secretary’s computer, she’s watching the now viral tape of the Cochranes and the Volchecks involved in wife-swapping.

Ray enters his house pours a drink and sits in the dark in his living room. Abby’s upstairs in her bed with both kids, she goes down to see her husband, but asks if he’s alright when she sees the expression on his face.

Ray Donovan will return next summer for Season Three on Showtime.