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Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Rest up, we need you ready for battle

John Reese to Root, Search And Destroy.

That’s what it’s come down to on the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” it’s time to put up or shut up for “The Machine” and her human operatives. Artificial Intelligence system Samaritan’s on the offensive, seeking to find “The Machine’s” location, destroying the life of a software pioneer in the process. Samaritan’s administrator John Greer’s seen his wishes fulfilled, Samaritan’s a system without a moral code, willing to do what ever takes to get the mission accomplished. The only thing standing between it and global domination’s, Harold Finch’s creation and the strength of John Reese. What they found out in this episode however,  was they can’t save a man who wants to find out the truth, despite the costs.

Sulaiman Kahn, founded Castellum Security Inc. in his garage, he starts out the episode of the CEO of the planet’s largest manufacturer, of anti-virus software. However, Samaritan hijacked his company out from under his nose. He wakes up to find his picture on every network, newspaper and information website, as all his private information got leaked by a hacker. The released documents also show that he’d been embezzling company funds and that he has outstanding warrants for arrest in six states. All of that information, got planted into his files by Samaritan.

Kahn’s also the latest number given to Finch and Reese, they watch as piece by piece, Kahn’s life’s torn apart. Fired and escorted from his business, by his own security guards, he gets a call from his wife Linda, saying she’s humiliated as photos of him with other women in the Middle-East have gone viral.

Reese follows Kahn to a neighborhood bar, where Kahn meets his associate and longtime friend Mark Lee. He tells Lee that he’s gotten targeted by an Artificial Intelligence System and he needs Lee to check the power meters in the company’s building. Mark replies that either Kahn’s insane, or correct, either way he wants to get away from him, but Kahn swipes Lee’s swipe-card to enter the building.

John follows Kahn into the building, watching as the CEO removes a fastened metal screen, obstructing the meters. He gets to the meters, when Finch tells Reese that the NYPD is on the way and John’s cover identity Detective John Reilly, shouldn’t be seen there. Samaritan will surely discover him, putting everyone in danger, he watches from the shadows as he’s arrested.

Fusco finds out they sent Kahn to Riker’s Island, he and Reese go there to get him released, but the officer at the desk says Kahn’s being held on warrants from six states. Samaritan contacts one of Kahn’s fellow inmates, offers him 100 thousand to kill Kahn, then disables the video-cam feeds. Kahn’s getting strangled, when Reese dressed as a prison guard, takes out the attackers and pulls Kahn out to freedom.

Reese has a NYPD SUV, and drives away from Riker’s, going through red lights, to escape their pursuers. However, Samaritan activates the Street Bollards, which are like six-inch little poles, emanating from the asphalt. Reese hits the poles and the SUV flips over, Kahn’s knocked out, but John climbs out, aiming a pistol at an oncoming vehicle. Root’s driving and asks if John wants a ride?

Finch, Root and Reese, eating Chinese Take-Out while Kahn’s still passed out in a chair, his head on the table. Root asks if Harold’s forgiven her, he says we have other pressing matters, as long as he’s here, this safe-house, won’t be safe for long. Root asks how can you hide, when a God wants to find you, then says we should blow his mind and tell him there’s two of them.

Kahn wakens, sees the three of them and tries to flee, unaware there are manacles on his feet. He asks who they are and Reese responds, they’re the folks keeping him alive. Harold says that if he answers their questions they’ll release him, while Reese puts him back in his chair. Reese asks why he wanted to see the meters so badly, Kahn responds that they registered using ten times more power, than his company ever utilized. He says that’s powering an outside system, Then he says that an Artificial Intelligence System’s destroying his life, he believes the reason’s for his research, he’s about to get into biotech manufacturing. A digital immunization chip, that he believes the system wants to make a prototype of without him.

Root’s able to locate an IP address of the facility that’s siphoning off the power, Kahn insists on going with them. She picks up signals from video cameras in the wooded area they arrive at, which John destroys with some quick shooting. They find a set of metal doors that lead to an underground facility in use. John and Root takeout the terminal operator, but Harold gets alarmed at the code he sees on the screen, Root does as well as she says they need to leave.

Martine Rousseau and a squad of Samaritan assassins are on scene when they emerge, a shoot out engages as John and Root take out a bunch of operatives. Root then goes for Martine, they’re both out of bullets, so they start walloping each other, Root’s nearly choked the life out of Martine, when Reese pulls her off the Samaritan operative. He later says he should have let Root kill her. Kahn runs away in the confusion.

However we find out his fate in the episode’s final scene, when he’s presented to Greer and Rousseau. Greer tells him that Samaritan did hijack his company, but for different purposes than he suspected. Samaritan used the software to find “The Machine.” Khan says he wants to see Samaritan, wants to look it in the eye, Greer says alright then and shoots Kahn in the chest, he dies instantly.

The Story Returns Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.


Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Times are trying for Harold Finch and John Reese currently as they went into this week’s installment of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” with just a skeleton crew. They are living under the assumption, that Sameen Shaw’s dead, even though she’s alive and kicking, held as a captive by Samaritan. Samantha Groves, better known as Root, left the reservation, when Finch told her they might never find out what happened to Shaw and Harold told Reese it’s a good idea to keep NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco out of the loop, for fear he ends up badly injured or killed. So just like the early days of season one, Reese and Finch decide to operate once again as a two-man-team.

Unfortunately, Harold’s been called for jury duty in his guise as college professor Harold Whistler and he fears avoiding it, because it could mess up his cover-story. So Reese’s is on his own, trying to catch up on numbers “The Machine,” gave them over the last few weeks while they were preoccupied with staying alive. Finch tells John that all the numbers he’s looked into that they couldn’t help are either dead or in jail as they couldn’t stop the people they got assigned to monitor, from committing foolish acts.

Finch’s pulling out all the stops trying to avoid serving on the jury, he tries hacking the court’s computer system, but the attempt fails. He tells the judge and the two presiding attorneys that he believes a giant computer runs this nation, without most citizens being aware it exists. That almost gets him off, but he ends up replacing a previously selected juror, who’s cellphone rings in the courtroom.

As if Finch doesn’t have enough on his plate he’s joined by a former high-school English teacher named Emma, played by veteran actress Blair Brown. Depending on your age, you may know her from her younger days when she starred in movies such as “Continental Divide,” with the late, great, John Belushi or her TV series which was the first show referred to as a Dramedy, by Television critics, entitled “The Days And Nights Of Molly Dodd.” Or if you’re younger you might remember as Nina from the FOX series “Fringe.”

Turns out that Emma’s “The Machine’s,” new number, both Reese and Finch believe her problems stem from the trial and they’re correct as someone’s threatening the former teacher via text. She needs to ensure a guilty verdict in the trial or people will get hurt and their blood will be on her hands.

Lionel sees three missing person’s files on John’s desk at the police station and realizes that he’s working on a “side-project,” and offers to help, but Reese brushes him off, which only arouses Fusco’s curiosity. He knows he’s being shut out by Finch and Reese, but can’t understand why.

The trial that Emma and Harold are on the jury for, is a murder trial as the State of New York has charged Chad Brice with the murder of his wife Caroline, a high-flying executive with a tech-company. The prosecution states that Brice was jealous of his spouse’s success and worried she’d leave him high and dry, so he murdered her and the evidence points in that direction. Finch believes that Emma’s getting pressured by the defendant and he vows to convince the rest of the jury to convict Brice.

Reese’s standing in the courthouse when he runs into an old friend, Zoe the executive fixer. A woman whose job description’s cleaning up messes left by wealthy individuals. Her arrivals not coincidence, she realizes John and Harold are involved in the trial and came by to give Reese some assistance.

Finch sees Emma grab another cellphone out of her purse and links his phone to hers, and soon sees the texts being sent between Emma and the person who’s threatening her. She tells her stalker she can’t do what they asked of her and we read a text for her to follow the instructions she got or someone will get badly hurt. She says Kill Me, but the fixer says they know they’ve got her vote so she won’t be harmed.

Things look gloomier for Brice with every witness who testifies, as all speak of Caroline glowingly as if she was Mother Theresa, while barely hiding their contempt for Chad. Numerous witnesses state the marriage was troubled and that Caroline had been talking about divorce right before she got murdered.

Zoe and John spend an entire night coaching Harold, to become a man who can convince the other jurors to follow him. He’s far too polite according to Zoe, when they first start, but Finch practically screams at John and Zoe when they portray opposing jurors at the end of the session. Zoe pronounces Harold ready to do the job.

The lawyers give their summations the following morning and then the Judge calls recess for the courtroom so the jurors can start deliberating. There’s a challenge for the foreman, as this Type A, female business executive wants the slot, but so does Emma. They put it to a vote and just one juror raises his hand to support the executive.

Emma asks if anyone has comments and Harold stands up and says he believes the evidence against Brice is so overwhelming he must be guilty, he’s shocked seconds later when Emma says she agrees with Harold completely. They take their first vote and all the jurors vote to convict, except for Finch. A sports fan named Tim asks Harold why he changed his mind and he replies he think his decision was too hasty and they should examine all the evidence piece by piece. The rest of the jurors groan. That night they’re told they’re sequestered and have to give up all their electronics, so Finch’s connection with John and Zoe’s over.

When Emma gets into her hotel room she sees a message on her bed, from the fixer. There’s a picture of all the jurors with a red-bubble around Finch’s picture saying he’s going to die and it’s her fault. She finally snaps and climbs out on her balcony and gets ready to jump off and end her life. Reese and Finch, communicating with Morse code as John tells Harold to get out on his balcony now.

Finch sees Emma ready to jump and climbs over the railings so he joins her on her balcony. He tells her that he’s aware she’s getting pressured to have the jury convict Brice, by an agent working for the real killer but he says he’ll help her and they’ll catch the guy.

The two of them go into Emma’s room and suddenly Tim bursts her door open, he’s the fixer and he’s going to take Harold out and make it look like a suicide. He doesn’t factor in Reese showing up and the two duke t out with Harold and Emma helping John however they can. Tim trips and slips over the railing and he’s holding on with one hand when his grip starts to loosen. Reese grabs his hands and hoists him back up, when Tim asks why John saved him, Reese tells him he wants him to stand trial, then knocks him out with a punch to the jaw.

Charges against Brice get dropped, it turns out that it was Caroline’s assistant that killed her as the project she created was dangerous to people and she planned on alerting the country. Lionel cuffs him and takes him to jail.

Fusco confronts John in the next scene and says he knows what Reese and “Glasses,” are doing, because Shaw’s status is unknown they’ve decided to protect him. Well he knows the risks and he’s not giving it up, he’s part of the team and it’s his choice what he’s willing to sacrifice his life for.

Finch and Reese meet for breakfast at the same restaurant the next morning and John lets Harold know that Lionel’s back on board, he tried to get rid if him but he’s like a fungus. John looks at Finch and says to Harold they can’t do this alone. Harold smiles and says he’s well aware of that, that’s why he hired John.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.