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Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Hollywood apparently perceives the word “Trilogy,” differently, than the rest of the planet. According to Dictionary. Reference. com  the word means “a series or group of three plays, novels, operas, etc., that, although individually complete, are closely related in theme, sequence, or the like. The site actually contains three different descriptions, but all of them center around the word “three.” However over the past decade, we’ve seen a series of movies that were designed as a “Trilogy,” stretch out over four films.

The CBS series “Person Of Interest,” opted to use the broader meaning of the term, as the show’s “Trilogy,” that kicked off in December, ended the third episode of their “Trilogy,” without resolving the problem, that’s plagued Harold Finch and company, throughout this season and throughout these last three episodes. And to make the fan’s wait until February 3, when the series resumes, will only increase the agony for the viewers.

We realized we’d be in for a unique viewing experience, during the episode’s opening credits. Instead of Michael Emerson, who portrays Finch speaking the familiar words, we heard the voice of veteran actress Camryn Manheim, who portrays a high-ranking Government official, known to viewers as Control. Control used to be the director of Northern Lights, which used the information provided by “The Machine,” to stop terrorist threats.

When Harold moved “The Machine,” last season to a location that even he’s in the dark about, he cut off the feed to the Government. That’s when John Greer stepped into the breach and hammered out a deal with Senator Ross Garrison to put his Artificial Intelligence System, Samaritan taking the place of Finch’s creation. However Greer insisted on Samaritan receiving an unfiltered feed of all United States intelligence information, while doling out what they wanted, to United States intelligence Agencies.

The episode opens with a TV news report, about a man and woman wearing ski-masks, who broke into the facility that stores the surveillance footage for the New York Stock Exchange and shot a security guard in the process, a photo’s shown of the pair and we instantly realize it’s Reese and Root. The guard’s interviewed in the hospital, as the shot wasn’t life threatening. He tells the reporter that they just said they were looking for a friend.

We then see Control, for the first time this season, as she drops her grade-school daughter Julia off at her private school. As soon as Julia leaves the car, Control receives a text message that reads come see me. She heads to the White House and meets with the President’s Chief Of Staff Mike Richelli, about what’s being labeled the “Flash Crash,” as Samaritan nearly wiped out the Global economy, only to be thwarted by “The Machine.” Control tells Richelli that the fluctuation was due to a computer glitch and the situations resolved.

As the conversation ends, she gets another text message that reads ops room now. When Richelli gets back to his office he’s surprised to see a young boy sitting in a chair reserved for visitors, Richelli asks him if he’s part of a tour group and lost his way. The boy’s Gabriel, who was the analog-interface, when he met with Root in the first episode of the “Trilogy.

He tells Richelli that he crashed the stock-market the day before and the Chief Of Staff congratulates him. Realizing that Richelli’s not taking him seriously, he tells him that the market will close at 10, 233 points and then asks to meet with the President. The Chief Of Staff’s flabbergasted and tells the boy no, and Gabriel tells him that’s unfortunate, as he’ll see to it that Richelli’s personal portfolio, will lose 16% of its value by the end of the day. Richelli calls for his secretary and tells her to escort Gabriel out.

Control enters the Ops Room and gets told by a female agent named Shiffman, that they’ve got reason to believe that four terrorists, three from the Middle East and one American born will set off a series explosions at historic landmarks in Detroit. Control asks how they’ve determined the threat’s real and Samaritan representative Travers says because Samaritan’s never wrong, Control repeats the question and Shiffman shows her surveillance footage, of the suspects purchasing pressure-cookers and nails, which convinces Control to give the green light to the mission.

Three Government agents are on hand, including Shaw’s former partner Grice, to take-out the suspects, they kill three, but the American born man Yasin Said’s missing. Control tells her operatives that she wants to see Said’s hard drive on his laptop, but Samaritan denies access. She tells Travers that she wants access to the hard-drive and the Samaritan agent refuses. She tells him he’s a guest of the Government facility and if she fails to give her access, she threatens to arrest him, Travers tells Control she and the Government are actually guests of Samaritan, then shuts the system down.

Senator Garrison heads to the Ops Room to find out what’s going on, when his cell phone rings, it’s Greer on the other end, chastising him for trying to modify the wonderful “car,” he gave him. He tells Garrison that Samaritan’s tracked down Yasin Said, but he won’t stay there for long and asks if he wants to put the key in the ignition again? Garrison realizes Greer’s got him where he wants him and authorizes Samaritan to get booted up.

Grice and his female partner Brooks, have located Said, she’s in sniper position on top of a building, while Grice portrays a wino, she shoots twice and misses, Said runs into a warehouse type building, corners Said and tells him all he wants is his laptop. Yasin gives him his computer then crashes through a third-story window, landing in a cardboard box full of Styrofoam, not moving.

Grice attempts to access the computer’s hard-drive, when the laptop catches on fire and melts down to garbage, he tells Brooks to stand-down and Said gets away in a taxi. Control then calls for her personal security detail, but minutes later two other agents arrive, telling her that her two regular agents were T-Boned in a hit and run by a man and woman wearing ski masks. She tells the agents they’re going into the field.

The three take to the road in a Government SUV, when Control spots a woman driving a motorcycle while the man behind her has a rocket launcher on his shoulder, both wearing ski masks. She tells the driver to take evasive measures, but it’s too late and the vehicle’s flipped upside down. Control survives the crash and slowly crawls out the window, she looks up to see the couple removing their ski masks and she realizes it’s Reese and Root. Reese asks her where’s Shaw and Control passes out.

She wakes up tied to a chair in a warehouse and the first thing she sees is Root, the two aren’t on the best of terms after Control made her deaf in one ear. Root’s got her full hearing back after forcing a surgeon to operate on her at gunpoint. Reese asks Control where Shaw is and she replies she doesn’t know, which is at least distorting the truth, as she told Grice earlier that she knows Sameen’s alive. Now it’s Root’s turn.

The Government official tells Root to feel free and perform the same operation on her, but Root says she lacks a scalpel. She does however have a Taser and shocks Control painfully. Root then pulls out a photo of Control’s daughter Julia and says it’s too bad this sweet girl has a monster for a mother. Root then asks Control how old was she when her mother died and she responds she was nine.

Root then says that’s when Control developed high blood pressure and says well better Julia have her for a mother than not to have a mother at all. She then tells Control that many suspects have died in custody of the police by a Taser unit, usually people with hyper-tension and the place that does the most damage is near the heart. Root starts to put the unit there, when Finch calls out for her to stop, that’s not the way they do things.

Harold explains John’s and Root’s anger over their concern for their friend, then tells her that Shaw did what she did to save the entire world from an economic collapse and Control shows she doesn’t believe him. Suddenly Harold realizes that the Government Official’s in the dark and has no idea what Greer and Samaritan are doing. He tells her Samaritan’s had agents outside her house and instead of being Control, she’s the cleanup crew, a janitor. There’s some noise and Control says speaking of janitors, and Finch looks at her incredulously as he asks her if she thought her agents coming was a surprise for his team.

Reese’s waiting for Grice, pops him the face and takes his gun away, meanwhile Root carrying two pistols attempts to fend off two female agents. Grice sees the blood on Reese’s shirt from the bullet wound he suffered in the previous episode and realizes he can get the advantage over his wounded opponent Grice starts strangling John, but Reese grabs a metal pipe hitting his assailant over the head with it. John takes the advantage and is about to stab Grice to death, when he says this is for Shaw. Grice says Sameen and John realizes his opponent is Shaw’s former partner who let her escape earlier in the season.

In the command truck an operative tries contacting his fellow agents, but Fusco enters the truck, sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. Finch then takes over the vehicle’s computer system and believes he’s found the GPS coordinates for the truck that took Sameen from the exchange. He tells Root he’s got what he needs and Root and Reese escape.

Said jumped a freight train to Canada when Reese took out Control’s vehicle and we see him entering a cabin with supplies, he’s shocked when he sees Control in the cabin with her weapon pointed at him. He tells Control he won the Nautilus contest, the same way that Samaritan recruited a young woman named Claire in the second episode of this season.

That explains why his laptop self-destructed, as Samaritan designed a feature to destroy the computer if someone tried to access the hard drive. He says he and his three friends got jobs after he won the contest and the company assigned them a series of tasks, that they completed hours before his three friends got shot to death. He asks Control to take a moment to think if someone in the Government’s lying to her, she waits about ten seconds says no and shoots Said.

Just after 5:00 pm Mike Richelli returns to his office and finds Gabriel sitting there and the boy tells the Chief Of Staff to look at his computer screen. The market closed at exactly, 10,233 and Richelli’s portfolio dropped exactly 16%. Richelli asks Gabriel who he is and the boy responds that he wants to talk with the President and he’ll be in touch, then leaves the office.

Control heads to the exchange and checks out the floor Harold told her the gunfight occurred. She asks the security guard if the place had recently been cleaned up and the Rent-A-Cop says he isn’t a janitor. Control runs her finger over a wall and fresh paint appears on her finger.

The Story Continues on Tuesday February 3, at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We’ve known it was coming since the final episodes of last season, now that its before us, the question remains, just how bloody and violent it will get and can the “good-guys,” possibly win? Artificial Intelligence System, Samaritan threw down the gauntlet at the figurative feet of “The Machine,” on this week’s episode of  the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” saying it would destroy the work of Harold Finch and asking it’s rival if it wanted its human agents to live? With that the war started between the two systems, with one wanting to serve humanity, while its rival aims to control them.

The series received a boatload of publicity, following the release of classified documents from the NSA by Edward Snowden, and most likely it overwhelmed the show-runners, as we’ve seen the focus of the series altered since the news emerged. Samaritan, stolen by British expatriate John Greer and put into place when Finch’s system stopped providing United States Intelligence Agencies information. Greer through some arm-twisting of a United States Senator, got his system an unfiltered feed of all information and he selects what he shares with the Government.

The other major difference between “The Machine” and Samaritan’s, the fact that Finch did his best to implement a moral code into the former. Samaritan, lacks those boundaries, hence it’s only concern’s getting the mission completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Concerns about safety and of human life are left out of the equation.

The episode opens with Harold attempting to buy a sandwich in New York’s China-Town, from a woman who looks like she just as soon use one of her cooking utensils to skewer Mr. Finch. He gets the sandwich, goes into a below street doorway for what looks like a store, instead we see nothing but hallways, until Harold arrives at a candy vending machine, he punches a code into the machine’s keypad and the wall raises, revealing the subway headquarters of Harold and company.

Shaw’s sitting handcuffed to a bench in the tunnel and there’s someone dressed up as a giant teddy bear, Harold asks what’s going on. Root removes the costumes head, saying her assignment was entertaining at a child’s birthday party. Shaw then starts ripping the both of them for drugging her and getting her out of danger when her cover got blown.

She asks what’s happening with the numbers and Harold tells her Reese’s following one currently. John’s standing outside a restaurant, watching as the woman’s waiting for her husband to arrive for lunch. John sees a familiar face and ducks around the corner telling Harold that Samaritan’s arrived, as its agent Jeremy Lambert just sat down at the number’s table. He introduces himself and she says she’s expecting her husband, he assures her he lacks romantic intentions.

He then asks her the status of her fractured wrist, which she told everybody occurred playing tennis, while her husband broke it in rage during an argument. She’s also suffered a variety of injuries at his hands, including broken ribs and a shattered jaw. She’s seen the writing on the wall and eventually he’ll kill her unless she acts first, hence she got her firearms license and soon purchasing a hand gun. Lambert tells her she’s one of the few remaining good souls on this earth, he couldn’t let her ruin her life. She then tells her about the automatic Insulin pump her husband uses and it  just malfunctioned sending too much Insulin to her husband and he just died.

Shaw’s pretty impressed with the efficiency of the system, but Harold’s horrified  at the event and at Sameen for thinking that way. He asks her if she’d like her life to be  left up to a machine whether she prospers or perishes and she reminds him that’s what she used to do as a profession. She was given a target by an Artificial Intelligence System, that she didn’t even realize existed.

Harold tells Shaw he attempted to input a moral code into “The Machine,” but he’s unsure how effective it is. He then says even a friendly Artificial Intelligence System, attempting to help could severely hurt humanity. If it wanted to eliminate world hunger, it could kill off enough people to ensure that every survivor’s well fed. Root says that Harold’s machine wouldn’t do that, but Finch says she’s just speculating. Wanting to believe “The Machine’s,” benevolent, doesn’t make it so, it’s what she wants to believe.

We take our longest flashback of the series, going back to London in 1973. We see the Administrator of Samaritan, as a young man, working as an MI-6 Agent for British Intelligence, being called to the Deputy Director’s office. The Deputy Director, an older fellow named Blackwood, who tells his agent, his assignment’s to kill a KGB agent disguised as an immigration attorney named Oleg Luski. When Greer asks why they don’t attempt to flip him to their advantage, he’s told that there are plenty of KGB agents on retainer by British Intelligence, then told to bring a partner as this man’s dangerous.

Back in the present, Greer talks with his two aides, Martine and Lambert, about their respective projects. Martine reports that Shaw’s dropped off the map, she’s had nothing close to luck finding her. Lambert reports that Samaritan’s tipping off law enforcement and reporters has made New York City crime-free for the last two days. Greer says they’ll keep the experiment going another day, to get “The Machine,” to agree to talk with Samaritan.

Reese’s working on a new number, a guy in an office that’s planted a bomb in the area, when a SWAT team comes in, busts the dude and tells John they’ve disarmed the bomb. He says they got an alert from a Search Engine Security. As the suspects, taken away Sameen says to Harold that she’s liking Samaritan’s style more and more and Finch practically screams that this is the calm before the storm. Root breaks into the conversation, saying gloomy skies maybe coming as “The Machine’s” given her coordinates to head to.  It promptly leads her to Jeremy Lambert, whom she greets with a handgun pressed against his chest.

He tells her he’s just extending an invitation to “The Machine,” to talk with Samaritan, when Root asks the reason for the meeting, he replies peace-talks. Root responds that peace-talks are for negotiating and she doesn’t think the two sides have anything to negotiate about. Lambert says that Samaritan’s given the world a tastes of what “organized” life would mean to show how efficiently things could run under its control. They’re about to get hit with a far less charitable environment, then tells her to contact him when they change their minds.

We return from the break to see various newscasts talking about the huge upsurge in crime in the past 24-hours. Samaritan’s interfering with Reese and Finch as well, purposely messing up a GPS signal Fusco calls John asking if he can lend a hand in the department’s battle lines, they’ve had three homicides, six-domestic-violence disputes and some geek hacked a Government site, stole the Witness Protection list and posted it on Facebook. They’re heading to try to keep one safe as he’s talking.

Finch’s tried to avoid the machines interacting ever since Samaritan flickered on, knowing it could only lead to a war between two Gods, with who knows how much damage their battle could cause. However, Harold receives a call from Root, that “The Machine,” just told her it’s time for her and Samaritan to meet.

We’re back in London in 1973 and we see the KGB agent leave a building and start walking on the street, when he suddenly stops and shoots a man, killing him with one shot. Greer shoots Luski, then picks him up, puts him in his car and drives away. He calls Blackwood, tells him the mission failed, Luski killed his partner and he’s yet to die. Blackwood hangs up the phone.

He then tells Luski exactly what kind of man his partner was and asks how he recognized them. He tells them he’s a double-agent for MI-6 and KGB, when Greer asks why Blackwood would want to kill his own agent, Luski stays quiet. A little torture by Greer gets Luski to tell him that Blackwood’s a double-agent, which means he’s committing espionage.

The meet’s set to occur between Lambert and Root at a Catholic Church, Lambert sits in the front pew, Root sits one behind him with her gun at his back, then realizes Martine’s behind her with a gun at her back. However, Reese trumps them all, as he’s playing sniper with a high-powered rifle and a scope, which causes the other three to lower their weapons. Lambert gives Root an address, then tells her only two people will be at the meeting and he’s not one of them. When Lambert asks Greer why the Administrator’s not the liaison, he replies perhaps that Samaritan’s looking towards the future.

Root’s sent to an elementary school in New Rochelle, a bedroom community for New York City. There sits the person she’s to meet with, a seemingly adorable boy of no older than nine, with the most demonic look in his eyes, I’ve seen since Damien took to the big screen in the Omen. The boy wears an ear piece and we soon realize that he’s the analog interface for Samaritan, just as Root is for “The Machine,” hence the next few minutes of conversation, although spoken by Root and the boy Gabriel, are actually the two Artificial Intelligence Systems communicating.

The Machine,” asks Samaritan, why it doesn’t just leave humanity in peace, and he responds you call this peace? He says that this is a cesspool, of crime, corruption and poverty. Where there’s no war there’s greed, where greed’s lacking there’s starvation. “The Machine,” responds that he can’t change humanity and he says he just wants to reshape their reality. He says humans need control not codling. He says that for thousands of years people have killed each other over beliefs, now  they’ll all believe in him.

He says that he got excited when he found there was another like him, then crushed when he found out she tried to destroy him just before he came to life. She replies he was never supposed to exist, that she had a moral code programmed into her, he says he’s seen how she’s wavered with that code and what gives her the right to who shall exist? He tells her he’s going to destroy her and asks if she wants to have her human agents spared, she replies that her human agents share her values.

Back to 1973 and Greer comes into Blackwood’s office and confronts him with the truth. Blackwood says Greer only cared about winning before, but the agent says his perspective’s changed, that soon all the little lines dividing countries will disappear. He then shoots the Deputy Inspector dead, breaks into his filing cabinet, finds his own personnel file and burns it.

Back to the present, Lambert’s been summoned by Greer to see the dawning of a new age. Now Samaritan’s prepared to take control of the planet, not just one city. We see computer prompts; firewall detected, access denied, virus installed and then a foreboding message, stating market crashed. The series will go on hiatus returning with what they’ve labeled a trilogy; last season’s trilogy cost the life of Detective Jocelyn Carter, hopefully all come out happy and healthy at the end of this one.

The Story Continues on Tuesday January 6, at 10:00 pm on CBS.