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Photo Courtesy of NBC

Photo Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We’ve been introduced to some pretty creepy characters during the three seasons of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” including “The Stewmaker” in the show’s first year and Matthew the giant bald-headed taxidermist featured in the “Mombasa Cartel,” last year.  We can now add a religious order to the list of folks you’d want to avoid in dark alleys after meeting the disciples of “The Vehm,” a religious vigilante group that originated in the German territories in the 15th Century. Their first time around they tortured people for blasphemy and witchcraft, this generation of zealots have a new target, punishing others that committed the same crimes they served prison-sentences for.

I try to stay away from engaging in generalities, however I have to admit that I perceive any zealot with a mixture of fear and disdain. The only thing that troubles me more than a zealot would be a former sinner that’s now repented and become a zealot. If you’ve found happiness and fulfilment in conquering a bad habit, or you believe you’ve found the answer to secret of life in religion then I’m happy for you. However don’t try to push your agenda down my throat, or I’ll keep my distance from you.

Of course the previous episode ended with the bombshell of Lizzie Keen’s pregnancy coming to light and just like every aspect of the former FBI agent’s life, things are complicated. Will Elizabeth keep her child and if she does, whose she going to choose to help her raise her newborn, her former husband and the baby’s father Tom Keen, or Liz’s self-designated protector/controller Raymond Reddington? If she remains as an adviser for the FBI Task-Force can she be a good/nurturing/loving mother? If she decides to runaway with Tom and raise the child in a new life, can that family be safe?

The action opens in unfamiliar territory with a circus clown leaving a suburban children’s party. The mother throwing the fun-fest runs after the clown to give him a tip and thank him for the entertainment. He drives off in his car listening to Gary Lewis and the Playboys “Everybody Loves A Clown,” as he drives away and removes his greasepaint. Suddenly he realizes he’s gotten barricaded by about four other vehicles and he pulls to a screeching halt. A group of young powerful looking men break his car windows and pull him from his car screaming into their van.

We then watch the men go through what looks like a purification ceremony, they’ve all got shaved head and eyebrows. We see the clown tied up on the floor with some sort of iron torture-mask on his face and we watch as the zealots pour molten metal into an aperture on the front of the mask and the clown screams in agony.

Lizzie’s compiling a pros/cons list as she attempts to decide whether to take off with Tom and raise their child in a new life, or give the child up for adoption and maintain the life she’s living when Tom comes into her new apartment with breakfast for the two of them. Tom informs her he got an offer for a teaching job in Boston and wants Liz to join him, she starts to say she can’t and he asks her to think about it. She’s heading to work so he tells her he’ll tidy up before he takes off. Amongst the get-well cards sent to her from her co-workers for the three broken ribs she suffered when a stranger beat her up in a grocery-store parking lot and left her unconscious, Tom finds Liz’s pro/con list.

At the Post Office Raymond and Aram address the Task-Force about their new target. Red explains that an associate of his Edward Weston was murdered by an unknown assailant and by an unknown method until earlier that morning. That’s when authorities recovered the body of the clown William Dowd under the 14th St. Bridge. Aram says both victims got killed by the same instrument, known as a lead-sprinkler which can either burn a victim to death with external or internal injuries. Dowd was forced to swallow a bunch of molten-lead which lead to a painful end.

Reddington notices Ressler’s not paying attention and asks if he’s dozing off and Donald asks where Liz’s at, Raymond says she’s likely home recuperating. However he’s proven wrong seconds later when to everyone’s surprise she arrives apologizing she’s late and thanking them for their cards. She then asks what’s the agenda and Red says the Holy Vehm, disciples of a 15th Century group of religious vigilantes who punished those they thought guilty of high-crimes against the church. Keen suggests they contact lead distributors to see if they can track down the cult that way.

Liz tells Raymond she’s pregnant and he says he’s realized that for weeks, due to her appearance, eating habits and mood-swings. She says she knew in the back of her mind for a while but couldn’t face it with the Cabal out to get her. She brought home a HPT but threw it away without using it, Raymond says this could be an inconvenient time to have a child. She tells him she hasn’t told Tom yet as he’s trying to get his new life in order.

Time to praise one of my favorite young actors who played a guest role in this episode, as Anthony Carrigan portrayed one of the cult members Harris Holt. Anthony’s a regular on the FOX series Gotham, as he chews the scenery portraying my favorite psychopath assassin Victor Zsasz. Carrigan plays Zsasz completely over the top, as a man who truly enjoys the art of killing. He’s also displayed a ghoulish sense of humor, like when he used a freshly severed head as a ventriloquist’s dummy. (Bottle Of Beer Boss?)

Carrigan showed his range as an actor in this role, playing the cult member as far more restrained than the character he plays regularly but just as menacing. Holt puts on prosthetic eyebrows and a wig to blend into society and then goes to a church for confession. He enters the confessional booth and begs for forgiveness for murdering two men in the week since his last confession. The Priest praises the cult-member saying that the man’s the tip of God’s spear and through his hands God’s judgement’s witnessed. He then slides him a dossier and a photo of Holt’s next target Dr. Campbell Meyer.

Ressler and Navabi go to William Dowd’s home to interview his widow. His grief-stricken wife says that her husband was loved by all who knew him and was a good husband and father. Ressler asks how any children they had and Mrs. Dowd says they had a daughter. When they leave the house, Ressler says something’s hinky as with all the pictures on their refrigerator, there wasn’t one of the daughter. They decide to check things out.

Liz informs the Task-Force that it appears there about a dozen dead by the hand of the Vehm over the last few weeks. All murdered by some form of medieval torture, one man whipped so hard an artery burst, another man had his body crush by an instrument known as the Spanish boot. Navabi and Ressler track down the Dowd’s daughter Amy, she’s working in a restaurant and adopted a new name and Social Security number.

Liz meets her new neighbor a young mother with an infant named Stanley, whom she calls the Devil-Child, as he’s up all night/every night. Lizzie tells her she’s going to be having her own little Devil soon and the woman named Zoe tells Keen if she’s got any questions to just stop by as she’s home all the time.

Tom’s still in Lizzie’s apartment when she returns from work, having rescheduled his interview in Boston until the next day. He then lets her know he found her list and says we’re pregnant. She smiles and says they are but before he gets his hopes too high she may give the child up for adoption. He does his best soft-pressure sale to get her to think things through and puts the pro part of the list on her refrigerator before he leaves the apartment.

Two meetings then take place simultaneously, that start to give us an idea of the Vehm’s agenda. Samar and Donald meet with Lisa Neil, the identity that Amy Dowd’s adopted, at the same time Holt’s meeting with child-psychologist Campbell Meyer about Holt’s “son.” The daughter says she found her father raping a young boy at her family’s home when she came home swimming from a friend’s house when she was 12. Her parents tried to make her think she was crazy and finally the girl ran away from home, broke off contact and changed her name. She says whomever killed her father did the world a favor as he was a monster.

Holt’s asked Meyer how he treats his patients and the doctor responds that the first few meetings are just between him and the child to establish absolute trust. Holt then asks Meyer if he’d touch his “son’ during these sessions and Meyer says of course not, then Holt asks the doctor if he’d be thinking about touching the boy? Meyer’s clearly freaked out and asks him to leave and opens his door to the hallway. However other cult-members enter the office and they soon inform him they’ve arrived to carry out justice for him molesting little boys.

Raymond’s also decided to carry out justice himself and he and Dembe are in the home of the man who beat up Lizzie in the parking lot and he’s bleeding and secured to a chair. Dembe interrupts Red to take a phone call from Lizzie, she says that the Vehm seem to be targeting child-molesters. All the dead men had been tied to rumors that they molested children over the years. Reddington says that he knew Edward Weston well and of all the terrible things he did child-molesting wasn’t in his repertoire. Liz says then perhaps it had to do with something he’s aware Weston did do and Red has the lightbulb click on in his brain. He thanks Lizzie, hangs up the phone then shoots the assailant dead with three slugs to the heart. He tells Dembe to contact Mr. Kaplan when they get to the car about Gerald Sullivan.

They track down the lead distributor and find out the lead’s sold in large quantity to the religious order at the St. James shelter, the order makes religious jewelry. Navabi and Ressler get down there just after they’ve finished torturing Meyer whom Ressler finds with his entire abdomen burnt open. They shoot one of the cult-members and Samar bests one of them in a fight just before Ressler finds her.

The medical-examiner informs Navabi that the dead cult-member’s a eunuch and had castrated himself. They then find out all the cult-members are convicted child-molesters who castrated themselves to shorten their prison terms and now hunt others who commit the same crimes they did. At least that’s what they believe.

Red and Dembe track down Gerald Sullivan and Sullivan’s wife living in the woods out of their Bentley. Reddington accuses Sullivan of turning Weston and the others over to the Vehm, Sullivan says that he and his wife are trying to outrun them himself. Raymond asks whose directing the cult-members and Sullivan says if he gives Red the name he’s a dead man. Reddington soon makes it clear that both Sullivan and his wife will die immediately unless Raymond gets that name.

Cardinal Richards, a man recently working in the Vatican in conjunction with Pope Francis on the Vatican bank accounts, leads the Vehm and though he’s told them all their targets are molesters they were in reality money-launderers. The Church Official was trying to get rid of the competition, unfortunately for him Raymond’s decided to take over his territory. He then sends the Vehm to carry out justice and to give the Cardinal that misled them his just desserts, his body’s found later and he died from lead-exposure as well.

Raymond tells Navabi and Keen how he rectified the situation and Liz asks Reddington if the Cardinal’s death will benefit him. Red says it will as he needs to build up enough of a bankroll to finance a war. Navabi asks him what kind of a war and Raymond responds by saying our war.

Things are on the outs between Liz and Raymond again, as he made certain that Tom didn’t get the teaching gig in Boston. He’s bought Liz a new sofa for her new apartment which she doesn’t seem to want, he then says that if she misunderstood him earlier he apologizes. He didn’t mean she should give up her child when he said this was an inconvenient time for a child. He then tells Lizzie when her mother carried her she thought Liz was a curse throughout her pregnancy, but realized Lizzie was a blessing one she was born. Keen asks Raymond to leave and he tells her he arranged for her to receive a pregnancy massage later that evening.

Liz knocks on Zoe’s door, but finds Red’s man Baz inside the apartment. Raymond got Zoe a nicer apartment and set Baz up in there to keep Liz under constant surveillance. She walks back into her apartment and leaves a voicemail for an adoption agency to talk about placing her child up for adoption.

The Story Continues Next Thursday night at 9:oo pm on NBC.

Courtesy of The CW/DC Comics

Courtesy of The CW/DC Comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We begin tonight, still in 1975. This time Finland 1975. Despite Aldus’ passing, he did leave behind his Vandal Savage little brown book. Rip thinks Savage may be in Finland. Kendra and Carter inquire as to why they can’t simply go back in time and save Aldus. Rip seems to take some level of enjoyment giving them the ‘Doc Brown’ explanation on just how easily time can fold over on itself by messing with events they were directly involved in. His pleas fall on deaf ears and his sense of control falls apart as well once Rip realizes his deception was not a small thing.

There is a meeting of rather unsavory characters, terrorists and a like meeting with Savage. The unorganized version of the Legends of Tomorrow attempt to infiltrate that meeting. Cold leads with his by now typical flair, the door man isn’t buying it. Once he sees this, Stein walks over and using his knowledge of world history and I assume channeling some sort of bad spy movie, Stein gets in the doorman’s face and gains entry. Actually a very satisfying moment for Dr. Stein.

Heat Wave (whispering to Stein): You’re a special kind of crazy. And I like it.

Cold believes this will be a quick snatch and grab. To this point no sign of Savage. The MC of the festivities gets everyone’s attention as Vandal Savage walks onto the stage. Savage is not a buyer he’s a seller. The bidding begins for a nuclear warhead when Savage gets that tingly spidey sense that alerts him to Kendra and Carter’s presence. In the concern to maintain their cover, Heat Wave fires his gun in the air signifying a bid. 120 Million dollars. No one else bid.

A minor fracas begins when Heat can’t keep his attitude to himself. Savage comes over to defuse the situation and looks to Stein. The question of payment comes up and Stein quickly makes it apparent that he doubts the warhead is operational. He did slip up by using the term “in this era” which naturally peaked Savages intrigue. Savage mounts the stage again and offers a 25% discount to any group that takes down our team. It doesn’t take long before Heat Wave begins burning stuff. The battle cry as it were that signals the rest of the team to spring into action.

The Hawks approach Savage with their ultimatum. He activates the warhead. Atom shrinks and flies into the warhead triggering a fail-safe that drops the clock down to :30. Firestorm (merged) grabs the warhead and flies it to a safe distance then waits for it to go off so he can absorb the nuclear energy. Not all is well as a piece of Atom’s suit fell off during the fight. When they get back on the ship, Rip grandstands about the colossal damage they have already done. That one little mistake causes Savage’s men to develop a weapon and control with chaos Central City circa 2016.

Two new important details arise almost simultaneously. One, Aldus was carrying an article about an Egyptian dagger. The same dagger used to kill Kendra and Carter in their first life. Use it while reading the incantation inscribed upon it and take out Savage. Two, Atom’s suit piece is made up of a material that is easily tracked by 2016’s standards. Luckily Dr. Stein was education his 25-year-old self in just that field of study. Current Stein plans to visit 25-year-old Stein.

Cold, Heat and Atom venture out to steal the dagger. Atom thinks he knows what he’s doing until Cold and Heat inform him he just tried to hack a dummy box security system access panel. Despite the guards quick response time, they gain access. Inside they find the dagger relatively quickly. Cold and Heat’s agenda don’t exactly jive with Atom’s. Atom thought they were there to retrieve the dagger. Cold and Heat were there to steal whatever they felt like. There little tissy caused a metal cage to trap them with the ‘goodie’ they haven’t yet stolen.

Jax and Sara are blown away that Dr. Stein was ever ‘cool’. They enjoy younger Stein. After turning down a ‘hit’ from younger Stein’s ‘doobie’, young Stein leaves to secure some cookie dough. Old Stein finds the Alpha Particle Tracker just as young Stein finds him holding it. Young Stein quickly lets it be known that he and his considerable intellect don’t buy the trio’s cover story. Old Stein gives a story about a profile in a prestigious magazine. Then Sara hits young Stein over the head knocking him out.

The tracker takes Stein, Jax and Sara right to the tech. Then Sara dismantled what little defense they had and steals the tech almost literally like candy from a baby. There is a significant problem. Young Stein did not go to the mixer he was set to attend. Without going to the mixer, he doesn’t meet his future wife. Aboard the ship, old Stein notices his wedding ring vanish. Then young Stein walks onto the ship demanding an explanation.

While Heat tries to locate the fuse box to reverse the cage trapping Atom and Cold the homeowner arrives home. Its Vandal Savage. There is the witty back and forth one would come to expect with this good vs evil vs still kind of evil but playing on the side of good. Savage finds one of their coms and invites them to call their friends.

Firestorm arrives first and knocks Savage out. They meet up with the ‘Hawks’ outside. They hand over the dagger to Carter. Once again, as if they were telegraphing what won’t happen on purpose, they keep saying something to the effect of “let’s end this now, once and for all”. Which would make for a very short television series.

Savages men descend upon the property with big numbers while the ‘Hawks’ tend to Savage himself. Inside is a 2 on 1 fight that still seems to be favoring the 1, while outside is superhero destruction. Carter gets Savage in a compromised position. With the dagger in hand he recites the poem that Kendra had to translate, he stabs Savage. It doesn’t take long to discover that Savage is just toying with them. It was Kendra’s knife so Kendra has to wield it. Savage in turn stabs Carter. Carter looks at Kendra and says, “come back to me” before he dies in her arms. Kendra fights back but poorly. Savage stabs her in her side while delivering a nice monologue about the circle of death that imprisons them both. Before he can finish, he’s blasted out of the room.

The team gets Kendra back on the ship and Gideon begins working on her injury. Then that’s where Kendra goes hysterical. Rip talks her down until she falls asleep, rather quickly actually. Due to her condition, the ship cannot time jump for fear of worsening Kendra’s condition. In the meantime, Rip has something he’d like to show Dr. Stein. They return to the campus where young Stein spends his time. Rip made a call and convinced young Stein to keep his Faculty Mixer obligation, where he would inevitably meet the future Mrs. Stein.

They return to the ship and Rip puts the future of these Legends of Tomorrow in their own hands. Contrary to how the team felt early in last week’s episode, all are in complete agreement. Atom of course is on board as he can’t accept a life that doesn’t impact others. Both halves of Firestorm are voluntarily on board. And even the death of Carter seems to bring this group together. And even Cold adds his two cents with a little clever wordplay just for good measure.

Captain Cold: Look, we didn’t know Carter from Adam (Atom). But if you take out one of my crew, you’re going to pay the price.

With one strong display of solidarity, the team seems unified. And all of their mistakes not withstanding, Dr. Stein looks to Rip Hunter and as if he were speaking for the entire crew restored command control to Rip. “Where do we go next, Captain”.

Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Coming out of the starting gates last season The CW series “The Flash,” became a hit for the network by combining a well executed story and a winning and charismatic cast. In it’s sophomore outing the show’s tightened its formula and produced a series that will earn it credibility with Fanboys and Fangirls, while adding just enough pathos to retain non-comic book fans. They pulled that formula off flawlessly in the episode entitled “The Reverse-Flash Returns,” as a face that “Team-Flash” thought they’d seen the last of came from literally from out of nowhere. The show-runners added in some heartache and some bonding winding up with a satisfying hour.

Barry Allen’s heartbroken over his splitting with his girlfriend Patty Spivot, who told him at the conclusion of the previous episode she decided to leave him and “go to CSI school” in Midway City. Allen realizes that a huge part of the reason she’s leaving’s due to his reluctance to reveal to her that he’s the Scarlet Speedster. However Harry Wells convinced him that if he let’s Patty get close to him she becomes a target for Zoom.

Keeping his mind occupied The Flash becomes the ultimate Good Samaritan, speeding all over Central City and performing good deeds. Suddenly Cisco gets an alarm, an out-of-control chemical truck’s speeding through the city. Flash gets to the truck and realizes it’s set-up to crash and the explosion it would cause could take out a city-block. The Flash sees a tire-iron in the cab and removes all the tires on the eighteen-wheeler and it harmlessly skids off the road.

As the superhero discusses what just occurred with some uniformed cops, we see Eobard Thawne hiding in the background. He summons his hand-held computer/A.I. system Gideon who asks Thawne if his trip’s a success and the Reverse-Flash breaks into a broad grin. He says he thinks so as he’s just determined The Flash’s point of origin, now he just needs to find a way back to his time period. If you’re late to the party, Thawne hails from our distant future about three centuries from now and he ceased to exist when his ancestor Detective Eddie Thawne killed himself in the first season finale. So how is he back in Central City? We’ll get to that soon.

Harry and Cisco are sitting in command central when Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow enter as Garrick’s shooting daggers at Wells. Caitlin tells them they just discovered Meta-Human Russell Glosson dead in his cell according to the scanner he died of an acute brain aneurysm. Garrick believes that Wells’ maybe behind the mysterious and sudden death and though Wells realizes Garrick believes that, he refuses to admit he actually did kill Glosson and extract brain-tissue from him in the process.

We watch an uncomfortable scene play out between Patty and Barry, as she doesn’t want to leave and he wants her to stay but refuses to acknowledge that as it would stand in her way of leaving. (Young Love.) Iris comes in hearing the tail end of the conversation and tells Barry to stop Patty from leaving, but Barry says Patty’s wanted to be a CSI all her life. Joe then walks in and tells Iris that her mother Francine hasn’t got long to live and if she wants to say goodbye she should do it soon.

Cisco tells Wells that he needs his help in figuring out how to harness his “Vibe” powers and Harry agrees and tells him to meet him in the time-vault, the room that Wells/Thawne used to monitor the future from last season. Ramon enters the room which he dreads and starts calling for Wells but he realizes he’s alone.

Then Wells terrifies him by jumping out of the dark wearing the Reverse-Flash uniform. Harry tells him he realized that Ramon’s “Vibe” powers engage when he gets a rush of dopamine to the brain and the easiest way to do that’s through fear, then he grabs Cisco by the throat. Wells’ theory proves correct as Cisco goes into “Vibe” mode and he actually sees that Eobard Thawne’s in Central City and at Mercury Labs. However everybody’s obvious question’s how could Thawne be in Central City when they watched him disintegrate?

Harry says that the Eobard Thawne’s at Mercury Labs is actually a “Time-Remnant” and he then illustrates his conclusion with three circles. The circle to the left represents 2015 when Thawne ceased to exist, the middle circle represents the present and the circle on the right’s the future where Eobard Thawne’s eventually born. The Thawne that’s currently in Central City’s an earlier version of the man they knew, before he even killed Nora Allen. However because Barry’s mom’s death a fixed point in our timeline, stopping Thawne at this point wouldn’t prevent Nora’s death.

Barry arrives at Mercury Labs just after the Reverse-Flash knocks out two security guards and tells the Lab’s founder Tina McGee she’s coming with him. The Flash shows up and in shock he looks at his enemy and shouts Eobard Thawne, the man from the future’s shocked that The Flash knows his identity. Barry says you’re dead and Thawne says that’s good to know and even better, now he’s got the coordinate’s for The Flash’s time-period and says the speedster will soon be dead. He then lands a right on Allen’s jaw knocking him to the ground and when he gets up Thawne and McGee are gone.

Iris and Francine have their meeting in Francine’s hospital room and Iris tells her mother she forgives herb then has to leave the room as she breaks down into tears. Francine told Iris that Wally’s not been around to visit as he’s angry that she’s dying. Iris goes to her brother’s garage and tries to convince him to go see his mother and tell her he loves her before it’s too late.

Barry returns to STAR Labs and tells “Team-Flash,” that Thawne escaped and kidnapped Tina McGee. Wells realizes there’s only one man they can turn to, Cisco Ramon. Harry creates a pair of goggles that will harness Cisco’s “Vibe” power and he’ll soon access it at will. Once again Harry’s theory turns into reality as Cisco sees all sorts of memories and visions in front of him. Wells gets him to focus first on Thawne and then on him and McGee and Ramon witnesses Thawne killing McGee and escaping through some time-accelerator into the future.

Another uncomfortable scene between Patty and Barry as she basically tells him she’ll stay if he asks her to and he says he doesn’t want to cause her any regrets. Then we get an uncomfortable scene between Caitlin and Jay Garrick as she tells him she’s looked all over for his doppelgänger to try to save his life with a cell transplant. Garrick tells Snow he’ll explain everything to her the following day in a nearby park.

Wells and Allen figure out that Thawne had McGee build the accelerator out of tachyons and that they can detect them with their instruments had the machine been used. No readings show up on their scanners and they realize that Cisco’s actually seen into the future and they have 3:52 to stop the Reverse-Flash from killing Dr. McGee. At exactly 9:52 pm the tachyon levels are detectable and The Flash traces it to the source before Thawne can kill McGee. Catching his enemy by surprise he knocks him into a wall, tells McGee to run and destroys the machine and Thawne’s way home.

Thawne tells The Flash he’ll find another way home and Allen says he’ll need to get through him first. Thawne then challenges his enemy to catch him and takes off with The Flash in pursuit. Allen catches the Reverse-Flash and then starts pummeling him, Joe tells him not to kill him but to bring him to STAR Labs.

Thawne’s now in the cell at STAR Labs that they held Wells/Thawne in last season, he can’t phase out of the cell or escape in any fashion. Barry says he’s going down to talk with him and Harry tells him he’ll do no such thing as it will mess up the timeline in a major way. Allen agrees not to tempt fate and takes a phone-call. Cisco’s nose starts to bleed, a situation that any fan of “LOST” realizes is a very bad sign when dealing with the space-time continuum. Ramon passes it off as inconvenience, but we can see the look in Harry’s eyes he knows troubles brewing.

Cisco goes to the cell asks Thawne how he gets his suit to come out of his ring? The man from the future realizes that Cisco and he know each other in his future and that Ramon knows him very well. Cisco then tells him he wanted to inform the Reverse-Flash that he tracked him down and played a big role in his capture. Then he tells Thawne that he gave Ramon the power and tells him to chew on that while he’s in his cell. Cisco then leaves but his nose starts bleeding again.

Barry decides to pay Thawne a visit but he keeps his appearance hidden from his enemy. He asks Thawne just why he despises him so much. The man from the future said he was obsessed with him and wanted to be him so badly, he duplicated the accident and acquired the Scarlet Speedster’s powers. However once he became a speedster he had an epiphany, that his fate was to be the Flash’s mortal enemy and he did the opposite of what the original speedster did. For every person The Flash saved the Reverse-Flash killed just because he couldn’t be him. Caitlin’s voice comes over the intercom and tells Barry they need him immediately.

Allen finds Joe, Caitlin and Harry surrounding Cisco’s whose going through a bout of seizures. Joe and Wells struggle to hold Ramon still while Snow injects him with a sedative, the seizures cease but he starts to phase in and out making him see-through. Harry shows he’s actually human as he gets nervous and talks rapidly telling Barry that Cisco’s being effected by the change in the timeline. He tells Allen the only way to save Cisco’s by freeing Thawne and Barry has to push him through the time barrier back to his time period.

Wells releases Thawne from the cell at gunpoint and the Reverse-Flash asks Harry who he is and Wells responds nobody of consequence. Eobard realizes that Harry just told him an outright lie and lets the scientist know that. Wells then escorts the man from the future to the area that he’ll depart from.

Harry pulls Allen aside and tells him that this is the Reverse-Flash’s “Origin-Story.” This moment’s when he learns Barry’s identity and about STAR Labs and about Earth-Prime’s Harrison Wells. He tells Barry he can’t change any of that but he’s got the chance to save his friend’s life. Barry nods solemnly and then goes to Thawne who tells The Flash that he’s won yet again. Barry derisively informs him that he’s going to win in the end and that’s the only battle that counts. The pair speed away and we watch Barry nudge Thawne across the time-barrier and back to his time-period.

Turns out Patty Spivot’s a Hell of a detective as she determined by reading Barry’s incident reports on cases The Flash got involved in, that Allen’s indeed The Flash. She calls Joe on it and he tries his best to fib but she knows he’s lying. West tells Barry whose upset and still tells Joe he can’t admit it to her for fear of her safety. Barry goes to talk with her and she tells him she knows and realizes why he hid it from her. Just admit it and she’ll stay, he say’s he’s not The Flash.

Turns out that Garrick does have a doppelgänger on Earth-Prime, however his mother died in childbirth and he got adopted and has a different name. Jay then tells Caitlin that his DNA got altered when he became a speedster so the only way he can survive is for them to capture Zoom. Snow tells him they’ll do it.

Wally comes to visit Iris at Joe’s house and tells her he’s decided to take her advice and see his mom and his sister tells him she’s proud of him and his decision. Wally then asks if Iris will come with him to the hospital and she smiles and says she’d love to and they leave the house to visit their mother.

Joe and Barry talk about Patty being on the train to Midway City and West tells Barry that with all the great things he can do as The Flash, it takes sacrifice as well. Barry’s phone rings and Patty calls from the train and says there’s a man in the car with a gun, Allen says he’ll get her some help and The Flash arrives in the train-car asking if everybody’s okay. Patty stands up and says she’s sorry it was a false-alarm, Barry slows down enough that she can recognize that he’s in the suit. He says he just wanted to make sure everything’s okay before he leaves and she nods her head. As The Flash exits the train we hear Patty say goodbye to Barry.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00pm on The CW.

Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Two words. “Walter” and “Dating”. Walter is dating the coordinator from last week’s speed dating cold open. It is a train wreck yet a painfully cute. Toby pulls out his coms in a show of defeat. Back at the garage, Toby tries to prep Sylvester for his audition/interview to get on Jeopardy. He doesn’t actually want to go on Jeopardy, but Jeopardy money could be enough to buy the naming rights of the pediatrics ward of the hospital he and Megan would frequent when she was hospitalized.

NASA has scheduled an unmanned rocket launch. There is a problem with a sensor. Due to Walter’s experience with his last rocket project, they’d like Scorpion to do what they do in order to salvage the launch date. The Scorpion-centric part of my brain says to be skeptical about the weather excuse the NASA official just gave.

It seems NASA didn’t stumble upon Scorpion by way of the phone book or Google. The Homeland liaison is none other than former Director of Homeland Merrick. Merrick is not exactly pleased about the situation. He seems to take a little joy in reciting his recent resume to Cabe whom he holds personally responsible.

Walter, Paige and Toby do their part from the garage when Walter’s date Linda arrives. Flushed face with tears in her eyes, all she can say is “I’m here for Walter”. Walter greets her but now everyone can tell something is very wrong. She extends a flash drive and Toby identifies that she is in shock. He tells Walter to just put it in. The flash drive has a very straight forward message. Sabotage the NASA launch or face the consequences. Linda opens her jacket to reveal the consequences. She has a bomb strapped to her torso.

Walter does as Walter does. Citing the facts and losing all scope for the humanity of the situation. Paige tries to reel him in on the emotional side of this. Walter tries again. As he tries to put her at ease, we find out that she is in fact very flustered. Present situation excluded, she only reached out to Walter after watching the Notebook and compelled by the sense that she would just die alone. Walter vows to save her, he just doesn’t know how yet. Time is running out and Cabe is getting pressure from the NASA handler. In that moment, Walter decides he’s not going to let Linda die. They are going to sabotage that rocket.

Happy and Walter devise a plan around the fuel tanks. Fuel being the last thing that goes into or on the rocket. The NASA official buys into it but Merrick insists on playing babysitter. The man behind the threat on Linda’s life is on top of them, figuratively. Walter wants Toby to retrieve a couple of satellite dishes from the nearby diner. Toby’s not gone 30 seconds when Linda’s phone rings. The voice noticed Toby’s departure. Toby returns with the dishes and almost immediately Linda’s phone goes off again. This time it is not the bomber. Walter created some pre-made in the can text messages to be delivered to Linda’s phone in an effort to follow-up. This one reads “hope you’re having a blast”. Poor word choice. Linda makes it very clear that their date, despite what Walter thought, went very badly. Walter absorbs her little rant and suggest that yelling at him has no effect and he still plans on saving her. Clearly, it affects him though.

The team at NASA has accurately sabotaged the rocket. It will fire and launch but never reach the destination. Which is the good news. The colossal bad news is that Happy just noticed them unloading Nitrogen tanks. Nitrogen being used to recreate the atmosphere inside the rocket. Which they would only do if they expected to be transporting humans. They brainstorm a way to overcompensate for the fuel tampering they’ve done. But every scenario ends with either Linda dying or three astronauts dying. Walter decides to let the bomb go off, but he has a plan.

The plan involves the gel like the kind Walter used to prove Ray didn’t kill his partner, a skid plate, and a plexi glass case to hold it all. Regrettably for her, Linda is within ear shot and hears all of it. Toby and Happy figure out a way to use a technique from the movie Speed to loop surveillance camera footage. Shortly thereafter, Walter and Linda have a moment together. He apologizes for doing everything wrong on their date. He admits that as a genius he is disappointed in his inability to navigate basic social interaction.

At the launch site, Merrick gets word that Scorpion has not left the premises and they need to before they can lock down for launch. That’s about the time the Toby finds a match on the bomb’s wiring signature. An anarchist who died three years ago. So what’s the correlation? Merrick was the agent the put him away and consequently knows everything about him. Merrick is behind this issue. Both Linda and the rocket. Merrick has motive and means. And Merrick is currently headed toward the rocket. Not good.

Merrick walks up on Happy and makes no attempt to hide that he is in fact behind the whole thing. Happy stalls long enough for Cabe to arrive and engage Merrick in a good old-fashioned government agent fist fight. As it turns out, not exactly a galloping surprise, Merrick always was dirty. “On Beijing’s Payroll for years”. Now he has to pay the back in other ways now that he no longer has Director level intel. The fight continues and Merrick takes a fall. Off a NASA sizes launch tower. So no, he’s not alive. The rocket takes off on time but with Merrick dead they think they’re in the clear. that is of course until the heat from the rocket launch must’ve triggered the detonator they neglected to retrieve.

The bomb is going to go off. Thinking quickly and selflessly Walter grabs the skid plate and lowers it into the rig. Linda can’t handle the weight of it and Walter jumps in with her. He positions the plate they slowly moves around her. He begins to tell her their date was not the worst date he’s been on when the bomb explodes destroying the rig and sending the two flying. Despite a few broken ribs, Linda will be fine.

Outside, Linda and Walter share a romantic (not really) moment by Ambulance lights. Linda apologizes for saying some of the things she said, in part about her date and how weird Walter is. Walter offers to take her out again. Despite her newfound context for dates being scary after being blown up, she declines. She is gracious and mentions that Walter will make someone very happy, suggesting that Linda just isn’t that someone. This prompts Walter to share a little of his mindset that he should be sharing with Paige.

Walter has seen his friends find each other. Sylvester and Megan. Happy and Toby. Walter also fears he will die alone. He feels like he stands out as odd, even in the one setting where that should not be the case. One difference being, if he did die alone, it would be Ferret Bueller that would eat his body and not a cat.

The lasting theme at tonight’s conclusion is quite simply, “be yourself”. Cabe is going to be himself. An aging government agent that loves John Wayne movies. Sylvester is going to be himself and let his significant mind be his personality. And now Paige is even making it as clear as she can that Walter need to be himself. It’s not as off-putting as he thinks it is. There is even a long stare when Walter hears Paige place a to go order over the phone. Normally not odd. But this time in response to Walter feeling like he can’t even eat what he normally would and not turn off normal people, Paige orders fermented fish

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Picking up from last week, Emily and Ren search through Renautas to find Tommy. Ren mentioned the Master of Time and Space and Emily believed he was referring to Hiro. Semantics aside, they did not find Tommy as he has been trapped in Evernow. Inside is what feels like a never-ending series of corridors. Confused Tommy walks down one, then a Matrix like metal conducting cord stabs Tommy in the back of the neck. Erica executes the transfer and just to see if it worked, using Tommy’s power to transport all of the chosen, they step outside. Beyond their Gateway, is a barren wasteland.

With the present Gateway all but deserted, Phoebe walks alone. Understanding what her fate was all along, she begins to fill with rage. Emily and Ren stumble upon the holding area where Erica is keeping her comatose Evos. There they find Otomo and the real Miko. Ren recognizes her as his Miko, but she doesn’t remember him at all.

Tommy wakes from induced slumber to find himself chasing the image of himself. Meanwhile at present Gateway, Luke, Malina and Quentin walk the deserted streets. Quentin stops them and points to the sky. The first sun flare is getting closer (for context think of the Nexus from Star Trek Generations). Quentin points to a metal door, they move to hide. Malina refuses to do nothing. Then Luke makes his stand.

Malina: I have to do something. If that solar flare hits, there won’t be much left when Tommy gets back.
Luke: The prophecy, your prophecy, it’s not time yet.
Malina: I have to do—
Luke: This is not your fate. It’s mine.
(Long pause)
Luke: I cannot be forgiven for the things that I’ve done. But you saved my life. I have to believe there is a reason for that.

Luke makes Quentin promise to get Malina to the clock tower in time. He shuts the door behind him while Quentin begs the question, what about you? Luke walks out into the street. Looks up at the flare, then down on a trinket with a picture of his wife and child. Luke absorbs the heat from the flare and begins to levitate. Luke merges with the flare and effectively dissipates the flare completely.

Jose, using his power, removes the bullet from Farah’s body. Farah wakes with one concern. Where is Malina. Just as all breathe a sigh of relief there is the sound of new voices. An accident on the highway has brought the injured to the abandoned hospital they brought Farah to. Carlos, Micah and Jose stand to play doctors as best they can for at least the moment.

The image of himself that Tommy has been chasing is not a figment of his imagination. It is literally himself. His power is strong and Tommy can be in two places at once. Luckily for him, the second Tommy is aware of what this place is. He tells his other self that he has to remember. To dig deep and find the memories that even Casper couldn’t hide forever. The first memory is of a much younger Tommy sitting on a couch with Anne as they watch the world change. The day Claire jumped, landed and healed on camera. Tommy asks who the girl is, Anne replies that the girl on the TV is in fact Tommy’s real mother. Suddenly, the single shot becomes a cascading display of Tommy’s memories. The one’s he’d forgotten. From Anne, to Angela Petrelli, to Emily, to Hiro. The cascade goes grey and while Tommy is emotional, he appears to also be focused.

Quentin tries to get Malina to the top of the clock tower by way of the stairs. One problem. Phoebe is waiting for them. Phoebe grabs Malina with her smoky arm power. Phoebe tries to continue believing that Erica is coming back for her while Quentin tries to talk her down with his gun in her face. Despite his best efforts, Phoebe is adamant about what she needs to do. She tightens her grip on Malina, forcing Quentin to do the unthinkable. In order to save the world, he has to kill his own sister.

Ren and Emily remain confused about this new Miko they’ve found and why she doesn’t know Ren when Erica’s engineer shows up. Before he can take any of them out or restrain them Otomo stabs him in the back and through the chest. Otomo and Miko share an embrace. He has a great deal to explain. Then Otomo looks to Ren and tells Miko that “this young man risked his life to save you”. Emily breaches the question of Tommy being trapped in a game. Otomo looks to Ren with approving eyes.
Otomo: Now someone needs to enter the game. Someone who knows Evernow as well as its maker. (looks to Ren)
Ren: I’m just a gamer.
Otomo: You spent hundreds of hours in Evernow. The best player I’ve ever seen. And most important, you have the heart of a warrior. That’s why I chose you. Now Reckless Ren (in Japanese subtitles) Are you ready?
(Otomo reaches out and pixelates Ren who is transported into the game)

Ren manifests in the game to find game world Miko. The game world is dying, slowly deteriorating. When it dies, so will this version of Miko. But there is a new Master of Time and Space that needs to be released. Their final mission begins. Ren and Kitana Girl begin slicing through obstacles while trying not to fall through the eroding areas in the games infrastructure.

The second and larger of the two sun flares has already made its way to Gateway. This time sending Armageddon like meteor showers with it. Quentin kneels hunched over Phoebe. Malina says its time. Large meteor like rocks pierce the concrete and steel fixtures like a baseball shot through glass windows. Malina stands in the middle of it working against the sun flare.

Tommy continues to see memories. This next one he’s not a fan of. Angela Petrelli bringing he and Malina together to test their ‘symbiotic bond’. They take each other’s hands and the result looks a lot like a space shuttle lift off minus the space shuttle. Back in the prison, Tommy runs towards Tommy again claiming he knows what to do. The voice of Miko can be heard in the distance. Miko and Ren say their relative good byes. There isn’t enough time or infrastructure left to get Kitana Girl to Ren and unlock the door in time. If the game erodes completely with Tommy still in it, that’s game over.

The rescue is a success, but the exit point puts both Ren and Tommy right in front of Erica. Erica is done playing nice. She explains that if Tommy goes back in time to stop the event, everyone in the future Gateway (Emily and Anne included) will cease to exist. Now Tommy will have to choose between present Gateway with Malina or future Gateway with Emily and Anne. Erica raises her gun to Emily to speed up his decision.

Erica: Time is running out and one of these girls has to die. You can’t be in–
Tommy: Two places at once.
Erica: Even Hiro Nakamura couldn’t do that.
Tommy: Hiro Nakamura prepared me my entire life for this. And now, I’ve had an eternity in Evernow to practice. (Grinning now) Thanks to you.
Erica: NO! That’s impossible. (Erica fires a bullet at Tommy, he freezes time and effectively splits into two Tommy’s)

The first Tommy teleports to Malina. The second stays. With time frozen he starts teleporting guards out of the room. Then Ren. Then Anne. Then Emily, but does so by kissing her and not using his hand. First Tommy unfreezes time standing before Malina. “Its about time”. She extends her hand so she can share her power with Tommy. They join hands but the effect is not working like they thought it would. Its creating an energy field to be sure, but they can’t control it. They disconnect and Malina continues to fight the good fight while Tommy teleports back. Tommy teleports back to finish the memory of the first time they joined. The same effect happened. Angela instructs a man in a lab coat to break them apart. The instant he does, he becomes a conduit for their power. They need a human splitter. The conduit will not survive, but is necessary. Tommy teleports back to two days previous. Finds his conduit and teleports him to that specific memory so the conduit can see what is required. The conduit is Noah.

Noah watches as the memory plays out again. This time Angela knows who the third ‘faceless’ person from her vision was. She seemingly stares through the wall to where Noah is standing. Then Tommy appears. He explains that he’s tried everything. Followed Hiro’s instructions. Follow the smallest thread, the tiniest butterfly.

Tommy: (To Noah) Save you save the world….What do we do.
(Noah moves in towards Tommy and puts one hand on either shoulder)
Noah: Take me back to Gateway. To the end of the world.

Noah and Tommy fight the resistance caused by Malina’s power. Noah takes her hand while Tommy declares there must be another way. “You two have your destiny, this one’s mine.” Noah extends his right arm to Tommy. With tears in his eyes Tommy reluctantly takes it. The power works just like the memory displayed. Noah feels every painful second of it but holds strong.

The second Tommy has cleared the room except for Erica. With one swift stroke, he removes Erica’s white watch with the blade of a Kitana. With Erica still frozen, Tommy takes his position in the chair. He unfreezes time. Erica’s bullet finally lands in the wall before her. Her watch falls to the floor. She turns to find Tommy in the chair. He salutes her with two fingers, places his hand to his chest and teleports out of there. Queue the villain’s long NOOOOOOOOO scream.

The ‘super’ power that is created by Malina, Tommy and Noah appears to be cutting through the sun flare. As the camera pulls back, we see that the power really just insulated the earth, protecting it as the flare passed over it. The power breaks after all are safe. The two siblings come to and discover that Noah is not dead. He’s fading and fast, but not dead yet. Tommy apologizes again. Noah replies with how proud he is as his life force gradually leaves him.

Three months later. Quentin is handcuffed to a table in an interrogation room. Two government officials demand to know who the Evos are. Because, after all, no one just saves the world for the sake of saving the world without wanting something in return.

Agent 1: So who are they?
Quentin (leans in): You want to know who they are? They’re somebody’s sister. Somebody’s brother. Daughter. Son. Grandchild.
(We see a shot of Otomo training Ren and the real Miko)
Quentin: You people. You people want them to be extraordinary but they’re not. They couldn’t be more ordinary. The only thing extraordinary is that they had the chance to be Heroes.
(A shot of Carlos testing a new toy he’s added to his suit, with Farah and Jose in the shot)
Quentin: They didn’t think about themselves. Just did the right thing. And now, they just want to be left alone.
( A shot of Tommy/Nathan going forward and Emily in the ice cream shop)
Quentin: So they could scratch out some small purpose, that can give their life some meaning, community, hope.
(Nathan turns to see something under a glass as a figure departs the shop. That fades to Malina in a high school)
Quentin: Like all the rest of us. When that darkness rolls in, and it will, they’ll be here, ready for the call, equal to the task. Without us even needing to ask.
(Nathan removes the object from under the glass)
Emily: What is it?
Nathan: I don’t know.
Quentin: See this is just the beginning man. An awakening. Now my eyes are open. Wide open. They were here to save us. So you want to know who they are? They’re you, they’re me, on our best day. So there you go. That’s who they are.

Malina walks out of Union Wells High School (yep, they’re going there) and steps into a car. Angela is in the other seat. She asks about Malina’s first day. Then Malina produces a card like the one Tommy found. Malina got a feeling when she touched it. Angela knows exactly what it means. Her father is coming to get her and Nathan and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

. . .
End of Volume

Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We got to watch the long-con play out beautifully in the latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” the FBI Task-Force and their criminal informant Raymond Reddington reunited for the first time since last season. The deception was apparent from the moment the plan went into effect. However the reason behind the subterfuge remained a mystery for much of the night.

You can return home again however it’s rarely exactly as you left it, things change in your absence and those remaining likely have changed things since you left.  Elizabeth Keen returned to the FBI Task-Force after a public exoneration however she got somewhat flustered when she learned how her role got altered. Lizzie realized she’d lose her FBI shield and her service weapon, but she failed to realize that being a convicted felon her permit to carry a concealed weapon and her right to own a firearm no longer existed.

She’ll no longer serve in the field, her only contributions will be as a profiler and for her knowledge from her two years as a field agent. Although she told her boss Harold Cooper she’s fine with the restrictions we can tell by her facial expressions and body language she’s deeply disappointed. Keen also gives an unsolicited apology to all the others on the Task-Force, apologizing for putting them in the position she did and thanking them for their loyalty.

Reddington’s day was far from tranquil as some of his employees came under attack and the incident endangered one of his most valuable employees and closest friends. Our first image’s a house in which a hit just took place and Mr. Kaplan’s sizing up the situation. Three women arrive to help Kate clean the crime scene and get rid of evidence, she tells them there’s three victims in the living room and one in the master bedroom. She then tells them they’ve got 18-minutes to complete their task.

Mr. Kaplan’s got a Walkman with her and puts on her headphones and then cranks Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From.” She’s so engrossed in her work and the music that she fails to notice two gunmen enter the room and execute the three women. One of the gunmen then grabs her from behind and takes off her headphones. He calls her Sugar and tells her she’s the lucky one as she’s going to live to deliver a message to Reddington, that they know.

Red meets with Kate and she says she thinks he’s overreacting and he says given the circumstances he’s not. He then asks about the women and Mr. Kaplan assures him that all three women’s families know they’ll be well compensated for their loss. She then thanks Raymond and leaves the apartment as Liz arrives, she warns Keen that Red’s in a bad mood.

Reddington dispenses with social niceties and asks Elizabeth what she knows about Shell Island and she says she’s never heard of it. He asks her to sit down and tells her that Shell Island dates back to the roaring twenties and it’s a custom and tradition. Shell Island’s the platform for Marcus Caligiuri next in line to Espen Van Der Merwe who controls the Pater Dai Group, the oldest and largest weapons dealer on the planet.

When the criminal elite feel threatened the Pater Dai Group convene a Skull Island meeting, lifelong enemies temporarily put aside their differences to band together to take out a common enemy. Skull Island isn’t a place it’s the euphemism for the conference. Raymond says that they’ve put out the word that a conference will soon take place but he never received a call. He tells Lizzie that one of his competitors Howard Jasnuch transported the mystery man that called for the conference. He says if the FBI can find the guy who called for Skull Island they can catch an entire squadron of major criminals.

Keen shares the info with the Task-Force and Aram gets a hit on Howard Jasnuch and Samar and Donald head to the address to arrest him. Liz starts to join them when Cooper reminds her she can’t and she sheepishly sits back down. Aram says it’s not that bad and then confides to her that he’s uploaded season four of Doctor Who on the mainframe and he raves about Tom Baker.

Liz decides to pay Tom a visit at the docks and finds him outside working on some equipment. They start kissing each other and can barely contain themselves and Liz says let’s get to your boat. However Tom smiles and says he needs to show her something, he then gets on one knee and pulls something out of the tool box, it’s a washer. He slips it on her finger as a place holder and asks her to marry him he says he realizes he wasn’t a good husband but he can be and will be this time. Lizzie smiles and says one thing she learned on the road is she’s got no idea what she wants in ten-years or even next year. She only knows what she wants now. The two run back to Tom’s boat and get busy.

Ressler captures Jasnuch and asks him the identity and the address of the person he picked up. Howard says he doesn’t have a name but he gives Donald the address. Samar and Ressler go to the address and they find a man in his forties and when they ask him his name he says it’s Raymond Reddington.

Navabi catches Liz up to speed when she returns to the Post Office and Keen’s pretty incredulous and says he doesn’t even look like Red when she sees him on the monitor. Ressler says that they only had one picture of Reddington prior to him turning himself in and he’s got a passing resemblance to that. Samar says that they don’t have any DNA of Raymond prior to 1990, so they can’t prove this guy’s lying.

The man’s being held in the glass cage and they bring him out so that he can meet and talk with Elizabeth. He starts smiling as soon as he sees her face and when he gets in front of her he says he recognizes her, she’s Keen and she’s the one he saw with the impostor. She asks him how he knows so much about the case-files and he says they were people and his friends. He kept wondering why all his friends were getting busted but when it came out that she was involved with a fake Reddington he realized what was going on.

He says that he’ll tell her all about the case-files and Skull Island if she gives him  ten minutes with the impostor face-to-face. She says the FBI doesn’t have a relationship with Raymond Reddington. The man smiles and says that’s correct but they think they do.

The man who claims to be Reddington starts reciting Raymond’s Naval record and even talks about an off the books mission that Harold’s aware of. Cooper looks shocked when he hears him and asks how could he possibly know that. Red enters and when he’s brought up to speed he says the guy’s a probe, he was sent in to determine how strong the relationship is between the Bureau and Raymond.

The man realizes he’s being monitored by the Task-Force and looks at the security cameras and asks if his friend’s arrived yet. Raymond picks up the microphone and asks him how are the accommodations? The man says that if they meet he’ll give the agents the name of an FBI executive whose scheduled to get kidnapped in 45 minutes. Red agrees to meet with the guy.

When Raymond arrives the guy sneers at him and asks who he really is? He then tells the agents that the executive’s Janet MacNamara. She’s in charge of FBI Human Intelligence Unit and that Marcus Caligiuri’s behind the kidnapping. Aram does a quick search on the net and says that she’s with her son at a piano lesson. Ressler and Samar head down their to intercede.

The man tells the agents that if they let him walk he’ll lead them to Skull Island and Cooper says he’d need to wear a wire. The man says they do extensive searching and screening and Aram tells him that they’ve got a new prototype that he’s going to use. The bug’s are cufflinks and won’t turn on until four minutes after he puts them on so security won’t detect them.

Ressler and Navabi get to the center where MacNamara and her son are but the gunmen are already in the building when they find her. Two guys come down the hall and the two agents shoot them both and MacNamara and her son run for the exit. However there’s a third gunman at the front door and he grabs the woman and puts her in the back of a moving truck. They take off but Ressler actually chases down the truck and jumps on the bumper. He gets into a shootout with the two gunmen, but they backup into another vehicle and Donald falls off.

Turns out Red knew all along where Skull Island was taking place and when he arrives Marcus Caligiuri says that as always Raymond’s fashionably late. He looks around and says it’s good to see so many friends and even more enemies and raises his glass to toast Skull Island.

Reddington then says he’s incredibly angry because somebody that’s in the room executed three women who worked as service contractors for him that morning. He then addresses the “rumors” that he’s been an informant for the FBI for the last couple of years. He says that one of his enemies sitting in front of him sent the bureau an impostor and that man has given the Bureau information leading to losses among their ranks.

Just then the fake Reddington walks into the room and says that Red’s an impostor. Marcus Caligiuri says they should kill them both, however Raymond says that they wouldn’t have sent the fake Red in without a wire. Some hoods hold him down and start searching him and Raymond says he never wears cufflinks. The transmitters are found and disabled.

Red then says okay we can make this quick or painful and asks who hired him, the guy says Caligiuri and Marcus says he’s a liar. Raymond then stabs Marcus in the abdomen and as he twists the knife taking his enemy’s last breath he whispers in his ear that Marcus’ instincts were correct he’s the informant. He then tells Caligiuri to say hello to all their friends in Hell and tell them he’ll be joining them soon enough.

The FBI SWAT Team see choppers heading towards the roof so they charge en masse. Raymond says they’re leaving through the garage the choppers are just a diversion. One of the hoods asks what about the fake Raymond and Red shoots the guy in the chest and he dies immediately.

The fake Red turned out to be an old friend of Raymond named Gregory Devry and he was one of he greatest grifters who ever lived. Red says other than the late actor George Sanders he couldn’t ask for somebody better to portray him. Liz asked how he could kill him and Raymond explains he had inoperable stomach-cancer and he considered this euthanasia and asked for Red’s help.

Later that evening Tom arrives at Raymond’s and Reddington tells him he’s not marrying Liz again. Tom laughs and asks if it’s because he didn’t get permission? Raymond says you married her over my objections once it won’t happen again.

Liz goes shopping and she’s in the parking lot when this good-sized guy in his early thirties asks her if she’s Elizabeth Keen then proceeds to beat the stuffing out of her. He keeps kicking her and calling her a traitor. Lizzie winds up in the emergency ward as she’s suffered three broken ribs. However the doctor says her baby survived the incident perfectly.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Courtesy of The CW and DC Comics

Courtesy of The CW and DC Comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The newest inception of a Superhero narrative begins tonight with the series premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. If you’re one of the few uninitiated, Legends of Tomorrow is essentially a spin-off from both Arrow and The Flash, with what I at least hope will feed some very epic crossover episodes. The Atom-Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, Firestorm-Dr. Martin Stein and Jax, Captain Cold-Leonard Snart, Heatwave-Mick Rory, Carter Hall-Hawkman, Kendra Saunders-Hawkgirl, and Rip Hunter will plan to bounce through the fabric of time and space doing whatever they can to prevent Vandal Savage (an immortal and the bad guy) from becoming the villain he is to become.

Our story begins in London in the year 2166. Vandal Savage has journey through human existence acquiring skills and knowledge along the path of world domination. In 2166, he has conquered the known world. Our first glimpse into his terror comes at the field execution of a seemingly innocent mother and her son, Jonas. A relative Time Lord (Time Master in this realm) by the name of Rip Hunter does his level best to convince the Time Masters Council that he be granted permission to travel through time and change history when necessary to prevent Vandal Savage from reeking the havoc they know he will.

Rip boards his ship and we see our first crossover element. Rip doesn’t need a crew to fly his time ship, only a singular consciousness. Gideon. What follows is a series of short segments showing Rip ‘recruiting’ the previously mentioned team of eight. While Rip speaks with a certain gravitas, not all eight are on board.

As predicted Captain Cold and Heatwave (criminals in their own right)reject the idea of being heroes on spec. Jax, the youngest and newest hero, is logically hesitant. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are in based on their tie to Vandal Savage. Going back to a previous Flash episode, Carter and Kendra were the source of Vandal’s rage centuries ago. He must kill them, but due to a spell from Kendra’s previous self, they reincarnate every time he kills them. It begins to look grim when Rip pulls out the big guns.

Rip: I know its difficult for you to fathom but where…when I come from, the year 2166, you, everyone on this roof aren’t just considered heroes. You’re legends.

The not quite team has six hours before making their decision and meeting up with Rip, they individually try to come to grips with the weight of this venture. Ray is absolutely on board. He died once already (well, not really) and was instantly forgotten. He would like to leave an impact on the world. Kendra who can’t remember any of her previous lives, is scared. Assuming that Vandal is unbeatable, she is ready to run. Carter convinces her otherwise. White Canary and Black Canary spar while Sara explains to Laurel the proposition. Laurel convinces Sara to become take the mantle of the White Canary. Heatwave and Captain Cold were a little easier. They could bounce around time stealing things without the pesky nuisance of technology to stop them. The most difficult of all is Jax. He wants no part of this. So Professor Stein decides to go without him and offers a toast and a drink. Predictably, Jax passes out from whatever Stein slipped in his drink.

At the rendezvous point our team that isn’t yet, look around to find nothing. Ray even suggests they’ve been punk’d. Then Rip emerges and reveals his time ship. The imagery is shades of Star Trek IV when they decloaked the Klingon Bird of Prey. “It’s called the Wave Rider”. Inside, Rip explains that they cannot find or track Vandal, but they will travel to the man who can. A man with a unique connection to all of this, Dr. Aldus Boardman.

They catch Dr. Boardman asleep at his desk. He stirs awake but before he can wipe his eyes, he immediately recognizes two of the eight. Calling them by their original names, Dr. Boardman knows exactly who Kendra and Carter are. His mother and father from a previous incarnation of themselves. Dr. Boardman explains how Vandal Savage lurks in the shadows of nearly every bad event in human history. Nazi Germany, the Kennedy assassination, and on. Rip interrupts the story to suggest that Dr. Boardman is aware of Vandal Savage’s current whereabouts.

Dr. Boardman: I have an educated guess.

Sara Lance, Snart and Rory decide to enjoy a little of the 1970s. They aren’t in a bar two minutes before Sara decides to let off a little steam. Dancing alone in this dive bar, a large biker walks over and tries to ‘suggest’ she join him in the parking lot. What follows is Sara, Snart, and Rory taking out the entire bar. Outside, Jax tries to convince Gideon to take him back to 2016. As she rejects his idea, the Wave Runner begins taking on heavy fire from a bounty hunter named Kronos.

The team arrives just before Kronos gets tor breach the ship. Stein makes a move to enter the ship to merge with Jax. Kronos is getting of many shots as the team was not prepared for a fight. Kendra and Carter are the only ones in costume. Stein gets to Jax in time but now, Kronos is bearing down on Rip. At the last possible second Kronos gets tagged by a red muscle car.

Snart: We go out for one lousy drink you manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett.

Kronos gets to his feet as Firestorm and Atom emerge. Kronos is able to hit Dr. Boardman but that’s about it. On board the ship, Rip rants and raves about the colossal missteps that just occurred. Kendra ends that pretty quickly with a right cross and a demand of the truth considering her son is hurt because of this latest time jump.

It turns out that Rip ‘was’ under the employ of the Council of Time Masters. Kronos is one of theirs. The fabric of time and space is fragile. As it were, Rip lied about his standing with the council and the whole ‘legends’ part. He chose these eight because a hundred years from now, their lives will have no impact on the timeline. Still, Ray pushes further, suggesting there must be a more personal reason for this quest. Against the wishes of the council, Rip fell in love with a woman and they had a son. A son named, Jonas.

Rip shares his pain and its in abundantly clear that not everyone is willing to turn a blind eye and automatically return to their lives. It will take time. Dr. Stein suggests they weigh their options which is convenient since the ship must be repaired and a time jump would not be advised until Dr. Boardman stabilizes. Despite their initial instincts, all members of the team decide to stay on. If in some not so small measure to change their futures. Be the heroes (or villains) that would affect the timeline.

This moment is not without loss though as Dr. Boardman has passed away. Gideon plots a course to find Vandal based on a theory by Dr. Boardman. Meanwhile in Norway 1975, we see Vandal and his men secure a nuclear warhead. See how this pilot episode two parter concludes next Thursday here, at NJATVS.