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Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If we have learned anything during the veteran CW series “Supernatural’s,” tenth season, it’s that no character from the show can ever be considered gone forever. We’ve witnessed the return of the prophet Chuck Shirley, visited Benny the vampire in purgatory and got to visit fan favorite, Bobby Singer in Heaven, just a few weeks ago.  Earlier this year, we spent some episodes with Claire Novak, daughter of the late Jimmy Novak, the man whose vessel our favorite trench-coat wearing Angel, Castiel now inhabits.

Although Castiel’s benefited humanity in numerous ways, while walking the earth these past few years, Claire only focuses on the fact that the Angel took her father from her as a girl. She watched her family fall apart in front of her, as her mother Amelia left her years earlier to search for her husband and Claire’s father. Claire went to live with her grandmother, but found herself alone again two years ago, when her grandmother passed.

The sweet and innocent grade school girl that we met earlier in the series, evolved into a tough and independent young woman, now schooled in the tricks that allows one to survive on the streets. Manipulated by a con-man that showed her kindness, Claire nearly became the personal plaything, of a loan-shark her supposed benefactor was deeply indebted to. Although she got saved from the situation by Cass and the Winchester’s, Claire became even more resentful, as Dean killed the man she considered her surrogate father. Though Cass felt an obligation to protect the girl, they went their separate ways a few months back, although the girl told the Angel that she wouldn’t mind hearing from him via the phone, every once in a while.

The latest episode entitled “Angel Heart,” not only featured Claire, but we found out the fate of her mother Amelia, whose been held captive by a supposed faith-healer, who goes by the name of Peter Holloway. Although Holloway can and has healed people, his true purpose is to take prisoners and steal a bit of their soul each day, over an extended period of time.

Our first image of the evening, is the living room of a nicely furnished home, when we see a man walk through the front door it’s Castiel, or at least we think it’s him at first. A woman walks down the stairway as the man enters the door, it’s Amelia Novak and she asks the man if he’s truly Jimmy Novak. It is Jimmy and he can’t apologize enough to his wife, for disrupting their lives by allowing Castiel to use his body.

Suddenly Amelia’s arm starts bleeding so heavily, that the sleeve of her blouse gets saturated quickly. She screams out, oh please, not again and tries showing the wound to Jimmy who just continues talking, seemingly oblivious to the problem with his wife’s arm. The scene morphs into Amelia strapped to a table, while a strange man’s sliced open her arm, she starts to scream and he quietly tells her to relax, that everything’s fine. She soon falls back to sleep, reliving seeing her dead husband returning home.

We head to a rustic bar, frequented by a motley crew of Good Ol’ Boys and a bunch of guys who look like they’re rejects from a biker gang. Claire Novak enters the place, walks up to the bar and the middle-aged woman behind the bar looks at her and says she’s got to be kidding. Claire tells her the next day’s her birthday and the woman asks if she turns twelve? Novak then places a fifty-dollar bill in front of the bartender and asks her to point out Ronnie Cartwright, a sleazy-looking middle-aged guy sitting alone in a booth.

Claire sits down across from Cartwright and shows him a picture of her mom and asks him if he recognizes her. Looking slightly uncomfortable, he denies ever seeing the woman, Claire tells him that Amelia’s last diary entry stated that she was to meet with him the following day and he’d introduce her to the miracle man. Ronnie laughs at the statement, saying if he knew a miracle man he wouldn’t be hanging out in this dive. He tells Novak he’s never seen the woman and tells her to get lost.

Later that evening, Ronnie’s in the parking lot and gets surprised by Claire, who once again asks what happened to her mother. Cartwright screams that he told her he doesn’t know Amelia Novak, causing the teen to smile. She says she never mentioned her mother’s last name. Ronnie panics and pushes her away, she slips and slams her head against a dumpster, then crumples to the ground. Cartwright thinks she’s dead at first, then feels for a pulse and calls 911 requesting an ambulance.

We see Castiel standing outside the hospital, when Sam and Dean drive up. Dean asks if it’s really a smart move getting him involved as Claire detests him for killing her surrogate father. Cas says he wants them both involved, they were troubled teens and the may connect with Novak. However Claire’s not thrilled to see any of them, she asks Castiel how he knew she was there, he replies she has him listed as an emergency contact.

The teen’s reticent at first to tell the trio what she’s up to, but eventually reveals that she’s searching for Amelia. The trail’s she’s followed ends up in the town they’re in and Cartwright was supposed to introduce her to a man that Amelia was excited to meet. But she then disappeared and Claire’s hoping to find out what happened to her.

Sam heads to the motel to hit the laptop and try to dig up some background on Ronnie Cartwright, while Dean and Cas head to the bar and tell Cartwright they’re with the FBI. When he’s slow to answer their questions, Dean starts slamming Cartwright’s head into the table in front of him.

Ronnie tells the pair that Amelia’s being held by Peter Holloway, an actual faith-healer who restored Cartwright’s sight. However, part of the price of getting his vision back was working for Holloway, who put him in charge of bringing him lost people, who would be missed if they suddenly vanished, Amelia was the last person he brought Holloway, he then saw some of Holloway’s victims and quit.

After Cas and Dean takeoff, Cartwright calls Holloway on his cellphone telling him of the conversation. Holloway suddenly appears in the parking lot and tells Ronnie that the men he talked to were Hunters, then he says Cartwright needs to be punished for his loose lips. Peter first takes away Cartwright’s vision, then rams a sword through his back that goes clean through to his stomach.

Sam teaches Claire how to hack credit card companies to get information and pulls up all Amelia’s purchases before she went missing, when Dean and Castiel return and inform the pair about Cartwright’s demise and about Peter Holloway. The brothers try to determine exactly what Holloway is, when Sam discovers that he owns a farmhouse about 40 miles away. They tell Claire and Dean that they’re being left behind, Claire to protect her from danger and Dean because they don’t want him going dark-side.

After a few minutes of bickering in the motel room, Dean tells Claire to grab her jacket and he takes her to play miniature golf. The game comes to a quick conclusion and Claire drops her putter into the last hole. Dean suddenly realizes that Cartwright wasn’t killed by a blade, was run through with a sword. The pair rush back to the motel, to do some research on what that could mean.

Winchester proves that his computer skills have vastly improved over the last few years, as he discovers that Holloway is a Gregory, also known as a Watcher Angel. They were amongst the first Angel’s sent to Earth, assigned to protect humanity. However they went rogue and most off them got destroyed as the Angels started feeding off humans, rather than guard them. Claire assumes Dean’s going to make her stay at the motel, but he surprises her by handing her a pistol, wishing her a happy birthday and asking that she doesn’t shoot him.

Sammy and Cas arrive at the farmhouse, Sam tells the Angel to search the barn while he checks out the house. Sam hears a noise, but he reacts too late as Holloway hits him on the head and knocks him out. Castiel finds Amelia, she’s unconscious and back in her home, but she can’t see Jimmy, suddenly she comes to and screams when she sees Castiel.

Cas attempts to heal her wounds, but his powers aren’t strong enough. Amelia stares intently at the Angel, then says that her husband isn’t with him anymore. He tells her she’s correct, that Jimmy’s now in Heaven. She tells Castiel, that she left Claire to search for her husband, thinking if she could get him back that all would go back to the happier days they used to have. She then starts sobbing uncontrollably as she tells Cas that she should never have left Claire.

Sam wakes up handcuffed to a chair and he sees Holloway entering the room. Winchester says you must be Peter Holloway and his captor responds he has been for the last 50-years or so, before he took that name he was a Jenkins and his name was Miller before that. He tells Sammy that he’s a Gregory, a Watcher Angel and the reason he takes human’s captive is to feed off their souls. He says that a human soul is filled with tiny bits of Heaven and can provide delicious meals for years and even decades if cared for properly. While he’s telling Sam about himself, the younger Winchester’s in the process of picking the lock on his handcuffs.

Dean and Claire enter the barn and Amelia sees her daughter and she’s overjoyed. Claire’s animosity vanishes in a heartbeat and the two embrace and each start crying. Cas and Dean watch the reunion, then head to the house to look for Sam. Dean sees the chair Sam was sitting on and the handcuffs on the floor, the two nearly clobber each other as they each turn the same corner at the same time.

Claire helps Amelia off of the table and she tries to help her mother leave the barn, but Amelia suddenly grows very weak. Peter appears and he says to Claire that she realizes her mother will never be well again. The teen empties the pistol into Holloway’s chest, but it doesn’t cause him to miss a step. He says she should have realized a mere gun couldn’t hurt an Angel Of The Lord, then starts to push his sword through her stomach, but Amelia steps in front of her daughter and takes the blade.

Cas, Dean and Sam enter the bar right then and the three of them try to take down Holloway, but he’s just too strong. As he wrestles with Dean, we see the light pour out of his eyes and mouth, then we see a blade poke through his stomach. Claire’s standing there when Holloway’s corpse hits the floor, unfortunately though Amelia’s gone as well, but there is a bright side.

We see Amelia’s home again, however this time she walks through the front door and Jimmy comes down stairs and hugs her tightly. She asks if they’re in Heaven and Jimmy tells her they are. He says that he’s waited so long for her to join him and that he’s missed her terribly. He then asks about Claire and Amelia tells him their daughter’s beautiful and very strong, then they hold each other as tightly as they can.

Sam’s arranged for Claire to stay with Jodi Mills until Claire can get back on her feet. He tells her that Jodi’s good people and the arrangement’s temporary. Dean goes to talk to her next, revealing he knows that she’s got Holloway’s sword in her duffel bag. He begs her not to take up the life of a Hunter, that it’s a terrible existence and most times leads to an early death.

Castiel’s nervous and struggles to find the words to convey his feelings, but Claire makes words unnecessary as she hugs the Angel as hard as she can, expressing everything she felt, without uttering a word. Claire’s seemingly found closure and now she can get on with a fresh start and a new life.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A man in a suit races down a building’s stairwell. He gets to an office and arms himself with a big handgun. He unloads his clip into the elevator. A voice speaks to the gunman in Japanese asking about the “Black Sky”. The gunman makes a move and the unidentified man slices off the hand holding the gun. The gunman gives up the destination of “Black Sky”. New York City.

In the office, Foggy makes his feelings known about this masked vigilante who is being blamed for the explosions around Hell’s Kitchen. It’s fun watching Matt try to deflect this negativity being directed at Daredevil.

Leland arrives at a rendezvous to meet with Nobu. The funds have been allocated and redistributed for its arrival. Leland takes this opportunity to create an alliance with Nobu. Who does not take to Leland’s rhetoric. Nobu drives away leaving Leland alone. Matt walks up behind Leland. When asked about who he works for, Leland sticks to his law firm answer. Matt starts in with what he wants when he hears the sound of a ‘stick’ on pavement. This distracts Matt just long enough for Leland to taze Matt.

The man with the stick is familiar. Flashback familiar. This man was brought in to help Matt deal with the transition of Matt’s new world. Matt and the orphanage staff believe he is getting worse. The old man knows better. He tosses his keys towards Matt’s face and Matt catches them as if he could see. The man’s approach is cold to be polite, but effective. It directs Matt’s attention. He is able to use a vanilla ice cream cone to illustrate that there is a difference between knowing what vanilla is and sensing (through taste and smell) of what the ingredients are and where they came from. Moments later, Matt is able to figure out small undisclosed details about people passing by.

Back to present day, the interaction between Matt and this man known as “Stick” is less than cordial. Stick is here to save Matt and all of the people of Hell’s Kitchen against what he refers to as ‘the war’.

Matt brings Stick back to his apartment, where Stick jumps right into the luxuries Matt surrounds himself with. Like women and furniture. The conversation is never pleasant, but when Stick takes a shot at Matt’s Dad, the time for politeness is through. This sends us into another flashback of Stick trying to (in his way) teach Matt how to control the rage. When Matt keeps losing, he breaks down blaming himself for the death of his father. Insert the typical Bruce Wayne like cry-fest blaming himself. Then snapped right back to reality, where Matt quickly breaks Stick’s hold. The hostility ends only long enough for Stick to insult Matt’s beer preference.

The War he speaks of now revolves around the Japanese. Stick is not interested in Nobu or Fisk. He’s interested in the ‘weapon’ Nobu is meeting at the docks. No killing seems to be the undertone of this segment of the conversation. Stick believes it’s a line Matt will have to cross. Matt believes it’s the one line that doesn’t need to be crossed.

Karen is still trying to make a connection from anything back to Allied Construction. Urich can’t make a case for his editor without a few connections. Mr. Tully (slumlord) has been moved, a vacation of sorts. No Tully, but Mrs. Cardenas does give Karen the description of a man with a patterned tattoo that went up his arm to his neck.

On her way out of the building, Karen picks up she’s being followed. Before she’s ready, she’s grabbed by the tattooed man. Out of nowhere, a baseball hits one of the men and he drops to the ground. It’s Foggy wielding a baseball bat. One of the guys tries to stand up and Karen hits him with mace. The other tries to get up and Foggy hits him with a full baseball swing. Aluminum bat to the face.

At the docs, Matt surveys the surrounding men and artillery. Matt is to thin the herd while Stick takes out the Black Sky. When Matt is no longer near Stick, Stick pulls out the weapon intended for something he swore to Matt he wouldn’t do. Inside the container delivered to the docks is a single figure. A lone child sitting in the middle of the container. Black Sky is a child. A very heavily chained child. Stick takes his shot with his collapsible bow and arrow. Matt immediately springs into action preventing the arrow from meeting its target.

In another flashback to training, young Matt is much further along. Stick is teaching him the connection between mind and body. He even suggests Matt should take up meditation as it will make his mind stronger and even allow him to heal faster. Then young Matt makes a mistake. He gives Stick a bracelet he made out of the ice cream wrapper from the cone Stick got him on the day they first met. Sentiment is something Stick cannot allow. He’s not there to be Matt’s father.

Stick makes an effort to leave Matt’s apartment on good terms. When Matt tells Stick he won’t let him kill that kid, Stick informs him that he already has. Then the blind vs blind apartment match ensues. I’d say they fought the good fight, but good is now how I’d describe it. Both men take a beating and Matt eventually wins out with a dramatic move that ends with Matt flipping Stick and landing on top of him on top of his bottom step. Then Stick leaves.

In the final scene Stick kneels before a muscularly large man with visible scars on his back. Stick is telling him that the Black Sky will no longer be an issue. And that Matt Murdock is as much a pain in the *** as he has ever been. Then the mysterious man says something perplexing. Something that might be the itch that won’t go away long passed the conclusion of this season.

Mystery Man: Will he be ready when the doors open?
Stick (after a very long pause): I have no idea.

Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

This is another of the ongoing episode previews for the final batch of Mad Men episodes, as always, focusing on the Top 5 developments coming out of the previous episode.

Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We might be just a little over a week away from a brand new world, run by an Artificial Intelligence System named Samaritan, which will teach we lowly humans exactly what’s best for us. That is unless “The Machine,” can stop Samaritan from taking over the planet. This week’s episode of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” set the table for a reckoning to occur next Tuesday night, during the finale for the show’s fourth season. The stakes are extremely high, putting the lives of the team in danger and “The Machine” itself could get destroyed by its rival, a system created without any moral code.

While that fire blazes, John Reese and Lionel Fusco are handling the double numbers given to the team. The numbers are familiar faces, Dominic the gang leader of The Brotherhood and Carl Elias the head of the Five Families and Crime Lord Supreme in New York City. A simmering feud heated to a boil, as Elias took out four of the Brotherhood’s soldiers and Dominic’s ready to take down Carl and take the title as the head of the Five Families.

Elias set up shop in a former bank, connected to the pneumatic tube system that still connects most of Manhattan. Elias’ men use the tubes to send weapons to locations, so they are at the ready when the men arrive. That’s the way Carl undermined the Brotherhood’s security system, getting the rival gang pretty steamed.

However, the episode opens farther down the East Coast, in the DC Metro area to be exact, as we watch a female school teacher driving to work, while talking to her husband on her cellphone. She goes to pump the brakes and find they aren’t working, she crashes into a cement embankment off the highway. Seconds after she crashes, a SUV pulls up, a man emerges and puts a black hood over the head of the teacher and transfers her into his vehicle. Suddenly we see United States Security official Control in the back seat of the SUV, she tells the man to grab the body and he takes a dead woman out of his car and puts her in the teacher’s vehicle along with a bomb. They drive off as the teacher’s car’s blown to bits.

She’s taken to a facility and strapped to a chair, before the bag’s removed from her head. Control asks the woman if she recognizes the man tied to another chair? Control claims that the man’s one of her agents, who also worked for Samaritan and claims the teacher’s his handler. The teacher replies she doesn’t know what Samaritan is, she says she’s a teacher and mother who just wants to get home to her kids. Control shows the teacher her future, if she fails to cooperate, as she puts a bullet between the eyes of her agent. She tells the teacher to talk, or soon she too will be just a spot on the wall.

We leave Washington for a New York City court building, the scene of the murder of the four Brotherhood soldiers. Reese and Fusco are at the scene and John tells Finch he found some sort of plastic canister in a garbage can. Harold informs Reese that it’s a pneumatic tube and tells John that Elias recently purchased the former bank. Reese and Fusco head to the bank to pay Carl a visit.

Just as Harold’s about to end his conversation with Reese, Root’s cellphone rings. Sameen Shaw’s on the other end of the line, she asks if Root’s there then says she’s in trouble and needs her help. The team’s assumed for the last few months that Shaw got killed by Samaritan operative Martine, but the viewers have been aware she was being held captive by Samaritan.

Root’s ecstatic and angry at the news Sameen’s alive, angry at herself, Harold and “The Machine, ” for believing Shaw was dead and that they stopped looking for her. Although she agrees with Finch that the phone call’s likely a trap, it doesn’t dampen her desire to rescue her friend and comrade. Her plan is to force “The Machine,” to reveal where Shaw’s held, by risking her life.

She leads Finch to the top of a skyscraper, then looks into a surveillance camera and tells “The Machine,” they’re going to play a game of “Chicken.” Root’s going to walk along the ledge of the roof with her eyes closed, until the Artificial Intelligence System reveals Shaw’s location, or Root falls to her death on the street below. Root’s gamble pays off, as she’s given the location.

John and Lionel get to the bank and Carl tells Reese, that he warned him not to interfere with his conflict with the Brotherhood. However the sound of gunfire above them, is enough to convince Elias to take off with Reese and Fusco. Their escape’s thwarted, as Dominic and his right hand man Link, along with some other soldiers stop them in their tracks.

Root and Finch are at Steiner Psychiatric Institute, which is where the call emanated from. Root tells Harold that a couple of months earlier, this second-rate facility acquired a fiber optics system, far too rich for their budget. The system’s Samaritan’s and Harold’s able to hack into the feed, before receiving a message on his laptop, reading all forces on alert, we will soon isolate “The Machine.” They quickly disconnect and head towards the facility.

John, Lionel and Elias are all tied to chairs with zip-ties. Turns out that Dominic’s hired himself someone with knowledge of the team, as our friend Harper Rose tells Lionel and John that the Brotherhood’s offer was too good to turn down.

Back in Washington, Control asks the teacher how a girl from Greenwich that went to a prep-school, ended up working for Samaritan. The teacher once again states she’s just a teacher and mother and wants to get home to her kids. Control smiles, saying that the teacher’s trying to gain the security official’s sympathy because Control lost her mother at a young age.

She then shows the teacher some surveillance photos of herself, one with the agent that just got shot and one in a coffee shop. The teacher says the pictures are just coincidences, Control then shows the woman a picture of herself, roaming the White House halls. The tears suddenly stop, the teacher’s face turns had and she tells Control, she has no idea what’s coming for her.

Root and Harold sneak into the Steiner Institute, by pretending Root’s a doctor and Finch a homeless schizoid. A doctor questions him and Harold says you’re not paranoid if they’re really coming after you. The doctor asks Finch whose after him, he says an Artificial Intelligence System, the government and a New York City gang for starters. Asked his name, Harold replies he goes by many names all derived from species of birds, that’s enough to convince to admit Harold for 72 hours of observation.

Once Finch gets checked in, he’s taken to the patients common area and he asks one of the patients to point out Lenny. The man points him to a bald giant of a man, Harold goes up to Lenny as he’s working on a puzzle and tells the man, that the two orderlies stole Lenny’s spaceman. Lenny goes after the two orderlies as if he were King Kong, Finch uses the distraction to sneak into an office and access a computer.

He tells Root that Shaw’s likely on the ninth floor, as that’s where they house the most dangerous patients. He then tells Root that a compact female Persian sociopath’s in room 914, that maybe the way they’ve labeled Shaw. Root sneaks in a door and then her mouth drops open. She tells Harold to evacuate immediately, the facilities Samaritan’s base of operations, they’re in the belly of the beast.

Dominic tells Elias that if the older man declares that Dominic’s now head of the Five Families, he’ll let Elias, the two detectives and Carl’s men live. But suddenly that deal’s put on the back burner, as Dominic gets informed that there’s evidence that one of the Brotherhood members actually works for Elias. Dominic gives Carl an option, reveal the mole, or the Brotherhood will wipe out all of Elias’ men.

Root sneaks into room 914, finds Shaw’s coat, but she sees Shaw’s outside being put into a car, she hears Martine’s voice saying that Root just missed her. The two women square off, just when it seems Root’s got the advantage, two male operatives overpower her. She’s strapped to a hospital bed as Harold’s brought in. John Greer greets Finch, telling him he’s just in time to see them cut Root’s head open. Samaritan has determined that the ear implant that Root received has “The Machine’s” location on it. Greer tells her that she’ll be brain-damaged as a result of the surgery, but she’ll still be able to dress and feed herself.

Dominic tells Elias his time’s up and he’s going to take out his men, Carl relents and gives his rival the bank routing number of the Brotherhood member that Elias pays. Seconds later Dominic’s phone rings and he ends the call with a troubled expression on his face. Link comes over to ask him who the mole is and Dominic replies that he needs Link’s advice in how to handle the situation. His right-hand man tells Dominic he knows what he needs to do, put the mole in the ground, then asks who it is. Dominic replies with his gun, pumping five shots into Link.

Carl starts laughing saying the rival gang leader may have his title, but he can’t hold onto it. He says you can’t trust anybody and now his man’s dead. Dominic starts calling Link a rat and Elias admits that he may have misled his rival. There wasn’t a mole in the Brotherhood, Carl just tricked Dominic into thinking there was one, Link was loyal to the end.

Back at the Steiner Institute, Samaritan’s operatives are about to dissect Root’s head. She says Finch shouldn’t have to witness the carnage. Martine offers to kill Harold first, Root says if she lays a hand on Finch she’ll kill Martine. The Samaritan operative leans close to Root and Root grabs the former blonde and kills her. When Martine hits the floor, Root says now she’s ready to surrender.

Greer tells the pair that Samaritan’s making a final offer to save “The Machine’s” human operatives. Root screams out to the Artificial Intelligence System that Harold was right, that each of them are interchangeable. She tells “The Machine,” that she has to live and it can find new human operatives. Suddenly the facility’s power goes out, then we see a computer screen flicker and “The Machine” sends Finch and Root a message.







Greer tells his operatives to release the pair. He then bids Finch farewell until the next time they meet. Root tells Harold that they have to get to The Machine before Samaritan does. He asks her if she knows where it’s at and she says she doesn’t but they need to find her.

The teacher tells Control that Samaritan’s planning a correction, Control looks through the woman’s day-planner and realizes the correction’s set for Wednesday, May 6. The teacher then talks of the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah and mentions Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, for looking behind her as they fled the city.

She tells Control that she can survive the correction, by not impeding Samaritan’s plans. She says that Control’s good at closing her eyes to the truth, soon the planet will be on fire, so Control best look away. The teacher says that Samaritan’s creating a new age with the correction, Control tells the teacher it’s too bad she won’t be around to see it, then shoots her in the head.

The Season Finale Airs Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.


Courtesy of The CW

Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tonight’s Flash opens up like it has never done before. Dropping bombshell after bombshell. Alright, maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but they are tying up loose ends on a number of minor details. Thus, bringing into focus some things the casual observer had not put together yet.

The newspaper article that Gideon provides (regularly throughout the series thus far) is dated April 25, 2024. Barry then ties in that when he and the Reverse Flash fought months ago, he said, “We’d be fighting for centuries”. If the paper is from the future, that has to mean that Wells (Thawne) is from the future. Even Cisco picks up on the suit changes that happen between now and then. I brighter red and white incorporated into the logo. The name on the by-line is, wait for it, “Iris West-Allen”. When Cisco suggests “Mazel tov…?”, it wakes up Gideon. Gideon presents herself and greets Barry Allen. She also informs Barry that he, at some point in the future, becomes Director of Central City Police-Cyber division. When Barry asks a very basic question, Gideon has a very blunt answer.

Barry: Why did Wells come here?
Gideon: To kill you.

Wells has entered the building. There is a mad dash to ask all of the questions and still slip out before Wells discovers they’ve discovered him and his braille room. Wells killed Nora Allen because he was angry Barry escaped. Then Cisco (in the waning moments) figures that Gideon might inform Wells of their most recent visitors. When erasing Gideon’s memory is not longer an option due to the futuristic science used to create her, Barry just asks her a favor. “Could you just not tell Wells about this?” She informs Barry that she will honor any command given by him. Why? Because Barry created her. Barry runs Cisco and Caitlin out of there in mere seconds before Wells arrives.

Eddie wanted to meet with Joe in private. So naturally, they meet at the only meeting place in all of Central City. CC Jitters, the coffee shop. Eddie, I imagine thinking this would play out in his favor, respectfully and traditionally asks for Joe’s blessing to purpose to Iris. Joe does not give his blessing. Almost from the start, there is this air about the moment suggesting that not only is Eddie not good enough, but maybe no one not named Barry Allen would be. Joe’s actually kind of cold about it.

The group meet in Joe’s living room. They tell he and Eddie that they found Wells’ Braille room. Which leads into time travel. Which leads into Barry telling them of a time when he did it. Separately from the big battle that’s yet to happen when he goes back 15 years to prevent the Reverse Flash from killing his mother. This corresponds with Cisco’s dreams where Wells kills him. But what if they aren’t dreams, but memories?

Flashback to Barry in a coma. Iris comes to visit and finds her Dad dosing off. “I’ll go home when Barry does”. Barry begins to convulse and the doctors force Joe and Iris out into the hallway. Where ironically (or not), a middle-aged man sits in a wheelchair. Wells gives Joe the hard sell on his ability to do what these doctors cannot. “Save your son”. It’s the ‘your son’ part that sells it I’m sure. The real irony is that had Joe just let Barry die, it would have prevented everything that happened since. Gotta love the space-time/continuum.

For some undefined reason that we missed out on due to the flashback sequence, Barry’s great idea is to access Cisco’s memories by getting Wells to confess to killing Nora Allen. If that’s a little confusing, you’re not alone.

Caitlin lays out a plan and prototype for a pair of special sunglasses that could help to access lucid dream information. That’s when Wells rolls in. Caitlin makes a lame excuse work and Wells jumps in to help. Even suggesting a frequency that may work to bring the middle brain and higher brain in together. Then he rolls away, looking very suspicious of this new project.

Eddie runs into Barry as Barry tries to escape Iris. Eddie tells Barry of his plans to purpose and how Joe did not grant his blessing. Repeatedly. Eddie wants Barry to find out why.

The good guys rig the dream treatment in Barry’s lab. It begins to work in seconds. After some Cisco like side tracking, he gets back on task. He sees the Reverse Flash in the super capacitors. The man in yellow that was supposedly trapped in place was just a hologram. That’s when dream Wells enters walking upright. Wells tells Cisco that his name is Eobart Thawne. That grabs Joe’s attention. They get what they wanted, at least in dream form. Which I’m sure is inadmissible. Wells/Thawne did not want to kill Nora. He wanted to kill Barry. Barry’s phone rings. It’s Wells with three words. Where are you?

Wells needs Barry to respond to a building fire. The very building where Captain Singh’s fiance works. There are too many people to save conventionally. He needs to rotate his arms very fast in order to vacuum and suck all of the air out of the room. No air, no fire. Afterwards Wells rolls into where Barry is changing his clothes. He gives the very fatherly speech about the only thing preventing you is you.

The new idea is to recreate the circumstances from the previous timeline shift. Have Wells walk in on Cisco figuring out the hologram. Then hopefully, Wells’ tendencies will play out. Everyone has their roles in this and Eddie’s role is to keep Iris safe if it all goes sideways. Which prompts Eddie to roll his eyes and leave.

Eddie (slightly condescending): I’ll always keep Iris safe, Joe.

Barry pulls Joe aside to do his part on Eddie’s behalf. Joe’s answer to why he refused his blessing is simple and logical. She’ll get caught up in the moment and say yes. Then down the road, she’ll wake up and realize she married the wrong man. But she’ll stay married because she made a promise. She has feelings for Barry, even if she doesn’t know how to deal with them know. Then Barry gets a 911 text from Iris.

Someone needs to explain to Iris the nature of the ‘911’ text. She simply turned over a folder of all the strange occurrences in Central City and how none of it predates the particle accelerator explosion. The awkwardness of the meeting was a head fake to Barry hoping this was the moment when Iris figures out her feelings for him. Not the case.

Flashback to the coma, again. Iris talks to coma-Barry. She tells him that she accepted a date with Eddie, something she probably would not have done if Barry was awake. She also tells him how despite the awful circumstances that lead to him living with them, he’s the reason they were able to be whole again. Something happened to Mrs. West that they are intentionally keeping from us. This is the second acknowledgement of that in as many episodes. Just as Iris tries to pull her hand way there is an electric shock. A small one, but a noticeable.

Wells enters the cortex and asks Caitlin where Cisco is. She tells him that Cisco thinks he’s figured out what went wrong at Christmas with the Reverse Flash. Wells takes the bait hook, line and sinker. The reality plays out just like the dream or memory. With one major exception. The tweak he put on the super capacitors didn’t work. It repelled Barry but Wells can walk right in. With Cisco in real danger Joe reveals himself and fires on Wells. Barry runs after the bullets but isn’t fast enough to catch them all. The capacitors repel him again, but let the bullet pass. Directly into Wells’ chest.

The moment that Caitlin announces he’s dead, Dr. Wells morphs back into the “everyman” a meta human that can take on the likeness of anyone. Then remotely we hear Wells’ voice.

Wells: I told you this before. I am always one step ahead.

It’s all out now. Wells will not give a confession, but everyone in the room now knows with absolute certainty that whoever Wells is, killed Nora Allen, is not Dr. Wells, has bigger plans for everyone involved and that he and Barry will meet again very soon. Cisco claims he’s in the Braille room, but it’s actually just the wheelchair. In the Braille room Gideon is showing a series of video feeds showing all the places where Barry and others thought they was working in secret. Barry’s lab, Iris’ job, Eddie’s bedroom, Joe’s living room,

Barry: It was all a set up. We thought we were setting a trap for him, but he’s was setting one for us.

Eddie is attempting to purpose to Iris. Doing a fair job at it until the Reverse Flash appears and tells him that now is not the time. Just then The Flash shows up. He head vibrating enough to maintain anonymity he vows to get Eddie back. Directs Iris to stay at home and not to talk to anyone. As The Flash departs her company the same little electric shock Iris felt in the hospital over a year ago, she experiences again. In this moment.

Iris: Barry…?

Once they’ve stopped running, Eddie suggests the man in yellow cease with the theatrics as he knows its Wells. Or whoever Wells is supposed to be. The man in yellow then removes his mask and introduces himself as Eobart Thawne. Further informs Eddie that they are indeed family. Eddie makes the natural but incorrect assumption that all of this has been about him. No, Eddie is simply insurance.

Flashback again. This time, Wells and Barry (still in a coma). Wells talks to him as if he’s listening about how easy it would be to kill him this way. Wells has been there the entire time. Like an estranged father watching in the distance because of a restraining order. “All those science fairs and soccer games”.

Wells: No hint. No sign of the man you will be one day. For whom I have nothing but hate. I’m going to be clear. Nothing is forgiven. There will be a reckoning. I promise you Barry Allen. Then you will die.

Courtesy of The CW

Courtesy of The CW

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Raina wakes up abruptly following a vision of Coulson, Ward, Skye, Lincoln and Hydra. Jiaying is sitting at her bedside. Lincoln being in this particular vision was specifically alarming. Then the sound of Gordon’s return is followed by Cal’s angry voice. Gordon departs again to retrieve Lincoln while Cal throws his hissy fit. Gordon returns moments later, this time with a fresh wound. “It was Hydra”.

Coulson waits patiently in the honeycomb holding cell. Gonzalez continues to play the “I can’t trust you” card, but Coulson wins out over the mutual goal of stopping Hydra. That and knowing that both men have their secrets, Gonzalez included. Coulson mentions one of those secrets, an enhanced person held on Gonzalez ship, and offers to open the Toolbox free and clear if Gonzalez helps.

Coulson’s team (Hunter, Fitz, WARD, and 33) are given permission to doc the Quinjet with the Bus. Agent May is not prepared for a face to face reunion with Grant Ward, and she’s not the only one. The ranking members of SHIELD on both sides, look on from Deathlock’s retinal feed as Hydra removes his eye. Ward isn’t concerned as he has Bakshi on the inside. A notion that doesn’t instill calm with the others in the room. Coulson sees this is a necessary evil. Gonzalez puts the op to a vote. Agent May is the swing vote, but she wants a moment alone with Coulson before casting her vote.

May is hurt (in her own way) that Coulson kept from her the use of Andrew (her ex-husband). It wasn’t for anything official Coulson used him as his personal therapist during the alien writing segment of this season. May is taking this very personal. Yet no one stopped to consider that May was the one that forced Coulson out, to keep him safe. In that episode, she didn’t care about any such secrets. She knew that it was necessary for the Director of SHIELD to keep secrets. But she chooses now to get on her soap box of trust. Or lack thereof.

Skye wants to attempt a rescue mission for Lincoln and is trying to get assistance or permission to do so. Gordon is against it, very possibly because Jiaying would be against it. Then Raina charges is with what she knows. “Skye can save Lincoln, I saw her do it”. Then Raina says something that brings Skye on board with her ‘gift’s’ plausibility. Why was Coulson working with Ward?

While making preparations for the mission, Fitz and Simmons chat. Simmons brings up a portable bomb that they’ve developed that will vaporize it’s victim. Fitz is intrigued by the prospect of vaporizing Ward, until he realizes she’s not joking.

The team gathers in the payload of the bus when they hear a sound (familiar to us). May and Coulson both and quickly aim their guns on Ward. Ward didn’t make the sound. Gordon did. Skye walks out onto the catwalk, alone.

Skye: Hey guys…
Ward: This is great. Finally got the whole team back together.

Coulson reluctantly turns their meeting over to Ward. He tries to do his part in this debriefing, but the tension is thick. He attempts to address the elephant in the room. And even makes a heartfelt show of contrition. Not an apology, but contrition. The idea being that not being shot, not betraying Skye, not dropping Fitz and Simmons in the ocean, but breaking up their ‘team’ is what he will regret forever.

Deep in the SHIELD base, Hunter walks in on Mack trying to set up a link to allow the rest of the team to observe the op. Hunter forgives Mack for what he and Bobbi did to him in an effort to keep the ‘new’ SHIELD from being identified before they were ready. It’s awkward but works out in the end. They may not be friends, but Hunter is willing to work towards that end.

List and Bakshi watch on monitors as their doctors experiment on enhanced subjects. Bakshi doesn’t believe they will survive past this level of the experimentation. Then List says something that should pique the interest of those anticipating Avengers: Age of Ultron. “No one’s past this point of our experiments. Well no one, except the twins”. The twins of course being a nod to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Or Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. A Hydra agent runs in to inform them a cloaked ship is on approach.

Being spotted was always part of the plan. Hydra does successfully hit the SHIELD plane (#661, not the bus). The Quinjet disconnects and May flies it in a manner that would suggest they are just falling debris. They descend on the Hydra base with minimal resistance. Bakshi leads Ward, Skye and Simmons to a room where they meet some actual resistance. List is moved out quickly.

Ward: Just like old times…?
Skye: Not exactly.

Skye moves out ahead, raises her hand, and sends out a pulse knocking out all of the Hydra agents in their path. They find Mike Peterson who shrugs off his own condition to get them focused on finding Lincoln, who is in much worse shape. Skye finds where they are working on Lincoln. It is significantly guarded. Skye neutralizes the entire room like a female Jason Bourne. Without the use of her ‘power’. Lincoln is flat lining. As time ticks, Skye focuses and uses her ability to restart his heart and hopefully nothing else.

Simmons tries to confront Ward but is intercepted by Bakshi. In the struggle she places the ‘bomb’ on Bakshi. He lunges again but before he can get there, he disintegrates to dust. What follows is a Ward like guilt trip that includes yet another person claiming Simmons has changed and ends with “I’m disappointed in you.”

Coulson has broken off and May finds him accessing a computer. May claims that this “wasn’t the plan”, Coulson looks up slowly, “or was it”? Shades of the ocean op in the beginning of Captain America: Winter Soldier where Romanoff was executing something that Cap didn’t feel was the mission at hand.

Once securely in the base, Coulson receives a phone call from Ward. Ward slipped out as to not spend any time afterward locked up or spending time in “T.A.H.I.T.I.” This call is about Kara (Agent 33). Ward is leaving Kara there, with SHIELD, like an orphan on the steps of a cathedral. She deserves better. She was a good agent for SHIELD before Hydra took everything from her. Ward lays it on thick. All of this while Kara is being informed that Ward is not coming back.

As it turns out, Gonzalez really only went along with this plan as a way to secure enhanced people including Skye. Bobbi wants to discuss Gonzalez’ plans for Skye as Coulson walks up. Gonzalez quickly transitions into Coulson honoring their agreement about the Toolbox. Coulson unlocks it and hands it over as promised.

Coulson: There you go. Unlocked and all yours. Go nuts. At least until Fury shows up and asks for it back.
(Gonzalez looks up in disbelief)
Coulson: Ooo. Spoiler alert.
(Coulson’s phone rings, he turns it over to show that it’s Maria Hill calling)
Coulson: I have to take this.

Jiaying visits Raina again in an attempt to slow her down. She’s not pleased that Raina provided the information necessary to ramp up Skye into leaving to save Lincoln. Then this is where Raina questions why exactly Jiaying is the one giving the orders. Then in mid-sentence, Raina is struck with a new vision. Loki’s scepter.

Maria Hill, via video call, appears to be sitting in a room that seems to share a view with Stark Tower (let that marinate for a moment). The intel Coulson was copying from the Hydra base was specs on Loki’s scepter. In Hydra’s hands, it could be catastrophic. It’s location is the same as ‘The Twins’, Segovia. Before the end of call, Hill asks about Theta Protocol and it’s readiness.

Coulson: Yes it is. Time to bring in The Avengers.

The scepter was not the only thing in this vision. Not be awful with the puns, but “The Vision” might have been the only thing she didn’t see in this obvious Age of Ultron foreshadowing.

Raina: I see…a scepter. Beautiful. Dangerous. It isn’t finished yet. So much destruction. It’s terrible. Consequences are upon us. Men made of metal. Tear our cities apart. And the world will be changed forever.

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of Marvel

Photo Courtesy Of Giovanni Rufino/FOX

Photo Courtesy Of Giovanni Rufino/FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Even in death Joe Carroll gains another victory over Ryan Hardy. The FOX series “The  Following,” finally ended the game of cat and mouse that’s taken place between the psychotic serial-killer and the FBI Agent, committed to ending Carroll’s killings. However Hardy would not find himself rid of the disease that he stated the murderer infected him with, in an earlier episode, with Carroll’s execution. He instead realized more than ever the symbiotic relationship the pair shared, as Carroll forced Ryan to admit that Joe was indeed, the most important relationship in his life.

Carroll refused to go quietly into the night, staging one last escapade that cost at least two guards at the Virginia Correctional Facility to lose their lives. Joe used the sunglasses he stole from prison guard Gary Benson, in the previous episode, to take out the guards. He then locked the door of the facility, taking three hostages, including his attorney and the Governor of Virginia’s Chief Of Staff. He then informed the powers that be, that unless Hardy arrived at the prison within two-hours, he’d start killing his hostages.

Joe once again focuses the spotlight on himself, thus putting this season’s “Big Bad,” Theo Noble on a back burner, although he’d still figure into the episode. The first time we see him is in some junkie crash-pad, as he picks up a young woman from a mattress on the floor. The guy she’s sleeping with, objects and pulls a knife, he doesn’t put up much of a fight, before Theo kills him with his own knife.

The young woman’s Penny, Theo’s younger sister and the only person he has true feelings for. He’s kept them alive he says by being forceful and taking control, which he intends to do by taking down Hardy. He also shows Penny, Arthur Strauss’ codebook, it turns out Theo’s looking for a person that can get him his anonymity back. Penny says he better, as if they catch him she’ll soon be caught as well.

Ryan, Max and Mike fly down to the prison, Hardy gives up all his weapons, as he knows Joe will search him. Max tells her uncle that if he can kill Carroll, he needs to do it. He tells them if anything happens for them to take care of each other. He places a call to Gwen, to let her know he’s going in with Carroll. She says she needs to tell him something, he tells her to save it for later. He hangs up, so she doesn’t get to tell him she’s carrying his child.

Hardy arrives at the door of the room Joe’s holed up in, Carroll makes him remove his jacket and shirt, to prove he’s not carrying a weapon. Joe tells him to put on the handcuffs that are on the floor and cuff his hands behind his back. Ryan says he’ll do that if Carroll releases the hostages, Joe tells him he’s got no leverage. Hardy picks up his shirt and jacket and says have fun with the SWAT Team. Carroll agrees to release the doctor, Hardy puts on the cuffs and changes places with the doctor. Joe then jolts Ryan twice with the Taser unit he took from a guard, he says if Hardy accepted the invite to the execution, none of this would be necessary.

Ryan comes to a short time later as Joe’s now has a wire noose around the agent’s neck. He hoists him up from the floor with the noose, then tells him that Ryan will tell Carroll that their relationships the most important in his life, or the two hostages will start losing limbs. He then lets them both out of their nooses, then has the Governor’s Chief Of Staff tie the female attorney to the examining table.

The commander of the SWAT Team tells Mike and Max, that they’re being directed to break down the door to the room Joe’s taken the hostages in. Mike says that Ryan needs time to be able to negotiate with Carroll and to insure the hostages safety. He’s told that Hardy’s got ten minutes to work his magic.

Ryan tries to convince Joe that he’s nothing like him, that he’s tried to stop him. Carroll says that during that time he tried to stop him, he became Joe. He says Hardy’s his loyalist follower, that nobody else has the passion for Carroll that Ryan has. The agent tries to refute his point, but Joe loses patience and starts to go at the lawyer’s jaw with the scalpel he’s purloined.

Hardy screams for him to stop, then he tells Joe that he’s in Ryan’s dreams. Carroll asks what role he plays in the dreams, after threatening to cut the attorney again, Hardy says they’re friends in the dreams, they drink together and Joe teaches him how to kill.

Joe steps away from the examining table, he takes the wire from around Hardy’s neck. He asks the agent what he thinks the dreams mean? Ryan responds that Joe messed up his head, Joe says the dreams are telling him they are the same. He then asks Hardy the feeling he gets when he pulls the trigger, Ryan’s eyes tear up as he says satisfaction. He then admits that he is the same as Carroll, Joe takes off the handcuffs. After Hardy slugs Carroll in the gut, Joe offers his wrists to put the cuffs on him.

Right at that moment Theo hacks into the prison’s computer network, he tells Penny he can control everything, unlock any cell or close the place down. Just then Hardy Carroll and the two hostages leave the room, Penny releases the locks on all the cells on Death Row. Theo asks what she’s doing, she says she’s saving him from himself.

Hardy tries holding off the convicts with the Taser unit, but there are too  many and he’s soon overpowered. One of the convicts grabs Joe, four start kicking and beating on Hardy. Two more take the woman out to their yard and are about to have their way with her. Hardy somehow subdues all the inmates attacking him, then he saves the attorney.

He sees the convict strangling Carroll to death, he stands and stares realizing this guy could soon drain the life from Joe’s body. But he goes after the convict, whose far bigger than Hardy and soon he’s choking the agent. Carroll kicks the dude in the back and Hardy knocks him out.

When he’s reached safety he calls Gwen, he tells her he has to see things through at this point and will stay until Joe’s executed. A while later he goes to Carroll’s cell and asks him why. Joe tells him that Ryan’s his true legacy, once he admitted they were brothers, Carroll was ready for death. Ryan tells him they’re not delaying the execution, they will come for him in a few minutes.

This time the silence is deafening, nobody speaks until Joe’s asked if he has any last words. He says a quote from The Raven, Nevermore. They raise the window and some of his victim’s family members are in attendance along with Ryan. They start to pump the lethal toxins into Carroll’s body, his breathing becomes rapid and his face starts contorting and he has body seizures. He looks around helplessly, seemingly looking to say something but the words don’t come. His breathing starts to slow down, his eyes begin to glaze, he flat-lines on the monitor. The attending physician feels for a pulse, the warden announces the time of death as 12:11 am.

Hardy stops at a bar after he leaves the prison. He orders to shots of whiskey, the girl behind the bar pours the two shots, then says whoop it up. He pushes one of the shots to the next stool, then raises his glass and says here’s to you. Joe says no here’s to us, then Ryan realizes Joe’s just an apparition. He asks for another shot after he guzzles the first one.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 9:00 pm on FOX.